Powerful speech from Rafael Cruz at America in Distress Rally

Two weeks ago Rafael Cruz spoke in Dallas, Texas at an America in Distress Rally and he gave an amazing speech on ‘taking back America’ that can be summed up in this verse he quoted from the Bible:

Weeping may endure for a night, But joy comes in the morning. – Psalms 30:5

Rafael Cruz is an incredible, fearless speaker and to hear him on the campaign trail with Ted Cruz would be fantastic.

Watch the full speech below:

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  • doofuschmartz

    Fearing the worst POTUS bans fans in the US to prevent collisions with certain waste products.
    Susan Rice claims actions of IRS against TEA Party caused by anti-tax You-Tube video that was insulting to their faith.
    Jay Carney to critics: Pinocchio never said anything inconsistent!

  • DonnaWhite1

    Rafael Cruz!!! Thank you so much for the truth spoken by you! I can see where Ted gets his courage to speak out!!

  • doofuschmartz

    I, for one, would be very glad to tell them the contents of my prayers. It’s quite obvious by the very fact that they are asking that they have probably never prayed or even read a prayer…it might actually do them some good. But that’s JMHO…

  • marketcomp

    Rafael Cruz is the best! Unrelenting!

  • Orangeone

    I cannot wait to see Rafael Cruz, a LEGAL immigrant that escaped the dictatorship in Cuba and came to the US to live free and honor and respect our laws and Constitution, standing along side of his son Ted Cruz, sworn in as the President of the United States in January 2017!

    • BS61

      @Orangeone I pray that you are right and that the establishment GOP doesn’t take him out!

  • SwTkthe1

    Salt and Light.  Amen.

  • doofuschmartz

    Both the Libtards and the RINOs (not a whole lot of ideological difference) are going to be on the offensive against Ted Cruz from now on because they know that he is OUR MAN! They realize that he is the man to beat in 2016. He is hard-core conservative (and that’s what wins us elections), articulate, well-educated, charismatic, undaunted in the face of attack (i.e…Feinstein, McCain, Graham, etc…), AND, the Coup de’ Grace? He is a Latino minority who will kick Hillary Clinton’s ancient old haggard ass up one side and down the other in a debate. Old Peter from New Yawk doesn’t know what he’s yapping about…a Cruz Missile will not miss it’s target!

  • ryanomaniac

    I’ve been saying for a long time on here that Christian’s are responsible for the moral decay of this country. Doing nothing in the face of great evil is like doing it yourself and especially when you have the most powerful force in the universe on your side. What is the price for his help? Ask. Ask and it shall be given unto you. Its getting to a point where there will be no return because even the Christian’s have given their children over to Satan by letting public schools indoctrinate them. Doing nothing is the same as you doing it. The outcome is the same.

    • Stehekin912

      I think I understand what you are trying to say.  Let me know if I am wrong.  As Christians, we are taught to be humble, to be meek, to love our enemy and turn the other cheek.  Living by the sword is dying by the sword, and render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s.  Some think this makes Christians weak and compliant.  But these are not the same as being bowed, cowed and voiceless in the face of evil, and not the same as complying with wrongs and allowing them to continue unchallenged or unresisted.  Christ was not prideful, was patient, was not violent, and was law abiding, yet He changed the world.
      “Silence in the face of evil is itself evil: God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak.  Not to act is to act.”  Dietrich Bonhoeffer