@Reince Priebus: RNC not giving any money to Akin if he stays in

Priebus is putting the RNC’s foot down saying that the Senate race in Missouri won’t get any money from the RNC if Akin stays in:

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  • SurfinCowboy

    So if the GOP loses the race, and the Senate – is this a wise choice? Is letting the MSM push you around wise?

    I mean, the Dems are having a man accused of multiple accounts of rape and harassment as their keynote speaker – but this incident causes collapse of the GOP?

    I think somewhere the narrative was lost.

    If I lived there, I would still vote against Sen. McCaskill.

    • In the eyes of liberals-whether they have an r or a d, accusations of rape and impeachment are not so bad as speaking stupidly about abortion. Heck, their darlings of the d party include splash kennedy and sheets byrd, but our guy said a repugnant thing, so he needs to go.

      • stevenbiot

        Thata girl!!

    • The MSM isn’t pushing around the GOP. It’s time that candidates actually know how to run a campaign and not need to be defended at every turn. Akin’s comments are indefensible anyhow. To say that a woman can essentially walk it off if they get pregnant from rape earns you a spot on the short bus.

      • “To say that a woman can essentially walk it off if they get pregnant from rape earns you a spot on the short bus.”

        Exactly right, period.

    • You need to be more careful throwing around false accusations about the keynote speaker Julian Castro who is a decent family man with impeccable moral character.

      If you meant Bill Clinton, then you should have said so.

  • They haven’t given any money to Michelle Bachmann either, so what’s his point?

    • stevenbiot

      GOP wankers. All pro-life, until the media get a sound bite. They are political opportunists, not conservatives.

      • Ever since I “met” you steven, I’ve used the word ‘wanker’ more than I have in the past ehm, years of my life lol. 😉

        • Love the word “wanker”. An old friend of mine, a Brit, grew up in Hong Kong, and it just kills me to hear her call somebody a wanker.

          • JohnOfPhiladelphia

            It means a compulsive masturbator.

            • Ew! That’s too much information. Eek.

              • JohnOfPhiladelphia

                LOL! Just saying.

            • Patriot077

              Glad to know that John as I kinda liked the “ring” of it too! I guess I won’t be adding that one to my vocab. 🙂

            • Yes, that is the literal meaning — but it’s used figuratively, in the same manner as you’d call someone an asshole. And I think wanker has a more disgusted ring to it than asshole.

              • JohnOfPhiladelphia

                PUN-FEST with your last 6 words or what?!! LOL

              • Tosser is another one! LOL!

        • poljunkie

          Tosser is a good word too.

          • Yes, tosser is excellent.

          • Darn it! I just posted up above here with that word! LOL! I gotta learn to read more posts before I chime in!

        • stevenbiot

          It is a conversation starter of a word. Hahaha! You are awesome, ABC.

      • JohnOfPhiladelphia

        Apart from the wankers bit, I fully agree! I would also change ‘political opportunists’ into ‘crypto-socialist wolves in sheep’s clothing’. 🙂

    • JohnOfPhiladelphia


  • SpikeT

    No flip-foppin’ now!!

  • Joe


    I will BET

    They will give him $$ to get OUT! – “Old Fashion HOLD UP”

  • jethro

    I despise the GOPes …I start disliking Priebus as much as Akin.

  • opinionatedhermit

    Hey Moron Republican Leadership: When they ask you about Akin, you say two words: “Bill Clinton.”

    If they ask you again, you answer them again, “Bill Clinton and Ted Kennedy.”

    Encourage this process as long as they are willing to continue.

    Always remember, these clowns are Democrats. You have a long history of whack job names you can go through before they finally shut the hell up.

    • YES!!

      I’m not new in thinking that the gop machine don’t much about winning any kind of majority.

  • stevenbiot

    I’m donating to his campaign as we speak. The GOP would literally roll their own mothers off a cliff if it was politically expedient.

  • toongoon

    What would we do if we didn’t have democrats to jump all over republicans who misstep?

    Oh right, we’d still have republicans to do it.

    Biden says; “They gonna put y’all back in chains” and didn’t apologize, where the hell are the the republicans with that?

    Isn’t it funny how republicans get all animated when a republican drops the ball?
    ONLY when a republican drops the ball?


  • Crash_Davis

    Exactly, Vorlath. Akin’s interview with Hannity today was excruciating. He essentially explained his statements by saying he had “read a couple articles somewhere a long time ago.” Well that’s just idiotic. I can’t believe you can make it to this level and not have the self-awareness to know how stupid you sound.
    This is NOT about standing on principle or standing up to the liberals and the MSM. It’s about realizing you made a huge mistake and having the situational awareness to know that you must step down for the good of the party and the country. It doesn’t matter if he made a dumb comment about abortion, or rape, or race, or anything else the liberals use as a dog-whistle. What matters is the mistake itself. He should have realized it and stepped down.

    • I don’t agree with what he said, I think it was repugnant and incredibly stupid. BUT what he said is not NEAR as bad as what McCaskill has DONE. She’s the one that needs to go.

      • I agree she needs to go, but if Akin can’t do it, then he needs to go also.

      • JK

        Agreed, but there is no way in hell he is going to beat her NOW, not with all the money the GOPe can throw at him,….so he should get the hell out of the way and let someone else up to bat. Steelman is the answer, his hubris is going to be our downfall.We NEED the Senate in order to repeal O-care.

        • I agree too. If they can definitly get Steelman in there, by all means, do it.

  • serfer62

    Hey, maybe the GOP ought to correct the situation they caused by closing the primary?

    Open primaries are why we got dole & mcnasty

  • JohnOfPhiladelphia

    What is most interesting about this whole matter is that Mitt Romney is not worried about what he should be worried about.

    What is disturbing about Akin’s comments is that they came from a man that conservatives were hoping to send to the Senate to defend and articulate the arguments for the rights of the unborn. Akin’s comments proved that he was nowhere near up to such a task, precisely because his comments are characteristic of the kind that have in the past and could in the future do considerable damage to our cause for life, by misrepresenting it in the most ghastly manner.

    However, Romney is not bothered about the fact that this disastrous show of ignorance and stupidity from Akin does damage to that cause as he does not truly believe in the cause himself, as demonstrated by his countless failures and unwillingness to articulate a well-reasoned and moral argument on behalf of such a cause.

    What Willard and the likes of Priebus are most interest in is an election of Romney to the WH, at whatever cost (including throwing under the bus whoever needs to be thrown under the bus: Bachmann; Boy Scouts of America; Akin and so forth)!

    So, while I disdain Akin’s decision to remain in the race also, it is not for the reasons I suspect Romney and co are:

    They (the Romney/RYANO ticket) are merely interested in business and politics as usual, ie Power and prestige at all cost.

    I (and others like me) are seeking to make sure that the most articulate, knowledgeable, wise, prudent, sober and persuasive warriors for the right of the unborn are elected to our public positions of power. Akin is not amongst these.

  • brazen_infidel

    Supporting this moron, Akin, is like handing a loaded pistol to an Afghan policeman. He obviously has little or no loyalty to the cause, or he’d have dropped out already, and you never know when he’s going to go off again. Sarah Palin needs to drop whatever she’s doing, get her butt down to MO and gin up a write-in campaign for Steelman.

  • MaxineCA

    Good grief, and to think I was really taking a liking to Priebus, just hoping we can take our country back. So, does he want McCaskill to win?

    Akin misspoke. He realized how his comments were taken out of context vs. his intent, and has apologized many times and has asked for forgiveness. What the heck else do you want from this man?

    What angers me the most, is when rape or incest is politicized. We can have an honest debate about how best to handle and reduce those crimes, but they shouldn’t be tossed about so irresponsibly by anyone.

    • Well said as usual Maxine!

    • I have to agree. He won the nomination, he should of stepped down but didn’t, which is his choice.
      RNC needs to rally behind him and win the seat because anything else is cutting off one’s nose to spite their face. He said he was sorry and he isn’t the first to make a gaffe nor the last.

      Enough already with this story.

      • No the RNC owes HIM NOTHING…he ignored everyone of honor telling him to get out…NOW HE CAN PLAY IN THE DESERT!! He needs to FUND HIS OWN CAMPAIGN!! Let GOD give him money since it is DIVINE PROVIDENCE…You can pound salt. He thumbed his nose at every single person from Romney to Ashcroft to Danforth to others…NO LET HIM LEARN HIS LESSON!! I agree with RNC CHAIRMAN…HE IS ON HIS OWN!! Run an Independent against him…this JERK and his LEGITIMATE RAPE CAN TAKE A FLYING LEAP AS FAR AS I AM CONCERNED….Do not even give that CRAP ABOUT THE MAJORITY!! HE DID THIS NOT ME!! He is not a MAN BUT A BRAT WITH A GOD COMPLEX UP HIS BUTT LET HIM ROT!!

      • Bingo! Well said. Why so many Conservatives in the media jumped ship is beyond me.

        Although I don’t agree that one verbal blunder is grounds for him to be thrown under the bus or for him to turn tail and quit.

  • Rob

    Thanks to Aiken, the spotlight is on the extreme position on women’s health adopted by the Republicans both on a state level and as part of the Party Platform. Now we get to hear about all the other ways Republicans want to insert government control into the Constitutionally guaranteed privacy rights of Americans. Aiken has put the spotlight on what many people already know — the Republican position is hurtful, oppressive and dangerous for women. It’s not American to have the government involved in every pregnancy or potential pregnancy. Most women fear a roll-back of basic rights and this fear is reflected in the polls. Myself, I smell a nasty morning-after coming for Romney and Preibus.

    • “Aiken has put the spotlight on what many people already know — the Republican position is hurtful, oppressive and dangerous for women…” Gee, I must have missed the memo on that. Republicans positions of being a majority of pro life is oppressive and dangerous to women?
      “It’s not American to have the government involved in every pregnancy or potential pregnancy…” But I guess it is American, at least according to progressives to involve government in every other part of pregnancy or non pregnancy through “free” contraceptives and sterilization, and healthcare of every individual American?
      “Most women fear a roll-back of basic rights..” Only those who see the right to murder a baby, have as much sex as they want without having to take responsibility of buying their own birth control are afraid.

    • What in the heck are you talking about? Extreme positions in regards to women? Really? Who is it that supports the genocide of women through abortion?! Oh yeah that would be the Democrats. You don’t want government involved in every pregnancy or potential pregnancy? Me either that is why I don’t want my tax dollars funding it or the law supporting the interference. Roll back of basic rights? Like a good little lefty you characterize every single thing as a right in a rather emotional argument that lacks intellect. So show me where in the Constitution or Bill of Rights that it says you have the right to kill the innocent, and where you have right to tax payer funded abortion and contraception. I will wait over here why you go look for that answer.

      Like the typical prog male you want all the sex and none of the responsibility. So tell us again who is abusing women.

    • JK

      Protecting innocent life is NOT the extreme position, advocating the dismemberment of unborn babies who feel pain for the convenience of their mothers is the EXTREME position. Relegating the value of life to whether or not ONE person wants you alive or not is the EXTREME position. Abortion is dangerous and hurtful for women, not the protection of life. Google Kermit Gosnell, and then TELL ME that advocating abortion is not hurtful and dangerous for women. G’head. It IS American to advocate for LIFE and liberty regardless of whether or not your own mother wants you dead. LIFE is the fundamental right of all people, it must be advocated for and protected, and to characterize the Republican position of protection of innocent life as “extreme” is on its face nonsensical. Violence against innocent, DEFENSELESS human beings is the extreme position here. In this day and age it is utterly anti-science to claim that a pre-born baby is not a “life”. Arguing that mere LOCATION determines one’s personhood, or lack thereof, is a throwback to pre-emancipation days. Good for you.

      • JK

        Add to this the fact that liberal men wish to keep women available for free and easy sexual USE void of actual consequences or obligations, and it is a real stretch to say that advocates of killing the natural product of sexual intercourse ( a BABY) are on the side of protecting women. They are on the side of being able to USE women’s bodies for their own gratification without worrying about what will come later.

  • Sober_Thinking

    Akin put himself before his party and in a way, his country… it’s really just that simple.

    I would still vote for him over the deplorable and disgusting McCaskill… but man, there has to be a day when we don’t have to hold our nose while we pull the lever…

    • This man lives in a COCCOON AND THIS WILL NOT BE THE FIRST THING HE DOES…it was published today he received 1.5 MILLION from DEM groups in the PRIMARY QUOTE” Because of the three they figure he will say something that will cause him to implode” this FROM A DEM OPERATIVE back in the PRIMARY!!

      Jerks here that think STAND BEHIND HIM!! Well there you go GO VOTE FOR THE CANDIDATE THAT RECEIVED 1.5 million from DEMS because they knew he would SELF DESTRUCT….WELL DUH PEOPLE…YOU JUST SAW IT PROVEN!!

      But stand behind the guy…especially when in two weeks he will be in the miod 30s and in the 20s by Oct….BUT STAND BY HIM FOOLS!

      No the GOP needs to fund an INDEPENDENT WRITE IN AND TAKE HIM OUT!!! Give him NOT ONE RED PENNY and let him and that know it all wife PRAY TO GOD for MILLIONS SINCE it is DIVINE PROVIDENCE!

      • The Dems didn’t give him money because they KNEW he’d self-destruct. That statement is even more ludicrous than what Akin said.

        You act like HE raped someone. You’re over the top.

        He’s a good Conservative who said one dopey thing. Get over it!

        • He cited a “study” that women who are traumatized by rape lose their babies.

          He is implying that pregnant women who want to abort because they were raped don’t need to because 1. they’re lying or 2. they enjoyed it and were not “traumatized.”

          That is a statement of his belief system…. not “one dopey thing.”

          The left will bang on this drum forever… why? Because he gave them this wonderful present.

      • Sober_Thinking

        Michael, I appreciate your anger… I was there too a day ago.

        At the moment, Akin is the challenger and the only choice against McCaskill. We need that Senate seat if we are to win the Senate back. Akin would have my vote… but not my heart necessarily. He said something REALLY ignorant. And then he apologized (more than once).

        I don’t like Romney… Jim DeMint would have been a MUCH better choice imo… but we’re stuck with Romney – and with the Ryan pick, he’s starting to pan out.

        Don’t let this hurt your soul anymore. If Akin isn’t able to raise money, he will likely leave the race. And Missouri and America won’t let Claire survive this election… Try not to all caps out my friend.

  • brazen_infidel

    It’s obvious from looking at these posts that, among Akin’s other fine accomplishments, he has succeeded in getting us quarreling among ourselves instead of focusing on the Democrats. Great job!

  • SaraPFan

    Akin isn’t even an issue we have to deal with every time a Republican gets interview!!! We should be talking about Obama, Obama and his weak economy, Israel trying to dispose Iran’s nuclear arsenal, etc. Instead the media has gotten their magic wish and they’ve been talking about Akin, rape and abortion since last week.

  • I think it came down to this :

    Mr. Akin would rather see himself the Senator from Missouri under Majority Leader Harry Reid…
    than see the Republicans retake the Senate, repeal Obamacare and stop dead-cold the most massive power grab in the nation’s history…

    He is either stupid or he doesn’t care.

  • chatterbox365

    What Akin said was down right stupid, but when you look at the turd democrats in the Senate, he doesn’t seem all that bad. Just to name a few there is Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Al Franken, Barbara Boxer, Diane Feinstein, Barney Frank (caught running a gay prostitute ring), etc. Don’t even get me started with the nutty dems sitting in the House of Representatives.

    It would be something if the guy wins…

  • People here need to be more careful throwing around false accusations (rape or sexual abuse) about the keynote speaker Julian Castro, who is a decent family man with impeccable moral character.

    If you mean Bill Clinton, then you should say so.