UPDATE: Romney sweeps – Primary Night: Wisconsin, Maryland, and Washington DC

***Fox News already projecting a sweep for Mitt Romney tonight***

Romney has won everything tonight. Starting to look like Romney’s going to take it all the way.

Tonight we have the primary for Wisconsin, Maryland, and Washington DC. Lots of delegates are up for grabs and they are almost all winner-take-all. You can see all states and territories on this Chart, but here are tonight’s delegates:

Dist of Col — 19 Delegates — 16 Bound, 3 Unbound — Winner-take-all
Maryland — 37 Delegates — 34 Bound, 3 Unbound — Winner-take-all per statewide vote
Wisconsin — 42 Delegates — 39 Bound, 3 Unbound — Winner-take-all per statewide vote

Here’s the election widget for tonight’s results:


Here are a few links to election tallies around the web:

Google Elections: WisconsinMarylandWashington DC

Fox News: WisconsinMarylandWashington DC

CNN: WisconsinMarylandWasihngton DC


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  • Exit Poll, Wisconsin voters relieved the Romney robocalls have stopped for now.

    • Very telling how many in DC want romney money! Sad that money buys elections through dirty ads run by liberal from MA AGAINST conservatives! Liberals win with either obama or obamney! Work hard to turn this around in Texas and PA!

  • Crossing fingers for miracle……..

    • xam3991

      If he does win, it truly will be a miracle, because I just can’t see him being able to pull it off with Romney spending record amounts etc etc..

      • Your right, I don’t see it ether. One more thing to consider is if Santorum can’t win against Romney and his money, how would he possibly win against Obama and his 1 billion dollar campaign.

        • xam3991

          I can see you’re a Romney supporter. I want a conservative.

          • That’s why I support Romney. The Real Fiscal Conservative.

              • keyesforpres

                Agreed! He gave me a good belly laugh last night and now this one as well!

                Steve, you never answered my question last night…do you believe the gov’t has the right to force you to engage in commerce for simply breathing?

                • iKant

                  I missed the discussion last night. To which government are you referring?

                • TJ

                  Any government.

                • iKant

                  Federal, no. State, yes. However, I think the more relevant question with regard to the states is not whether they can, but should they. And to that, I would answer, emphatically, no.

                • TJ

                  keyesforpres question: “Steve, you never answered my question last night…do you believe the gov’t has the right to force you to engage in commerce for simply breathing?

                  So, the question is, do you believe government has the right- and it sounds like your answer to that for the U.S. should be what you said last, emphatically, no. Because should they equals do they have the right… if you are talking about a nation of freedom. Say no to tyranny!

                • iKant

                  Whether a legislature has the power to enact a law does not mean they should enact that law. Congress certainly has the power and authority to raise my taxes. That doesn’t mean they should.

                • TJ

                  Power and the right to do something are two different things. This was supposed to be a government of the people, for the people and by the people. If people choose to give their freedom away, the Congress will take all the power you give them.

                • keyesforpres

                  State gov’ts do not have a right to force you to engage in commerce either. Car insurance is not the same thing. Now if the state forced you to buy a car, then that would be tyranny.

                • iKant

                  What prohibits them from doing so? Admittedly, I have not read every state’s constitution, but I am aware of enumeration of powers in a state constitution similar to those set forth in Article I that would limit so limit a state legislature.

                • keyesforpres

                  You don’t honestly believe state gov’ts have the authority to force you to engage in commerce do you? If they can force you buy health insurance, they can force you to do anything.

                  Remember, the Constitution is the supreme law of the land. At the top of that “supreme law” is the Bill of Rights. The power is supposed to rest with the individual, not the federal gov’t, not the state gov’t, and not the city gov’t. No gov’t has the right to force us to engage in commerce for simply breathing.

              • I stand by that claim, But I’m glad a could make you laugh, Your going to need it when Romney wins 90% of the delegates tonight.

                • TJ

                  His money won’t buy a win in the general- he’ll be like Santorum in that money ratio respect, I believe with Obama’s huge ‘war chest’, but with this difference- Romney will be without the conservative record and without the enthusiasm from the conservative base he needs for a win.

            • 3seven77

              Yeah. A real fiscal conservative. When he’s not taking taxpayer money to pay for his Bain, Olympic and Massachusetts boondoggles.

            • xam3991

              If Romney is a conservative then what does that make Obama? a moderate republican?

              • keyesforpres

                He still hasn’t answered my question.

                • Romney is to the Left of Obama.

            • Linky1

              Don’t you mean a “Severe” conservative? (Sarcasm intended, as that is how Romney described himself.)

            • Steve, you obviously know nothing about Romney’s Leftist track record on economics in Massachusetts.

            • TJ

              That is very, very amusing. The latest example of his being ‘the real fiscal conservative’ (jesting) is the money he’s been pouring in like water to negative campaigning to try to buy an election.

          • B-Funk

            Me too, but we may end up with Romney. Question is, can we get the Congress? If we do, Romney can be forced right. It will be difficult, but it can be done if we replace Boehner with someone with a spine, and install a senate leader with a spine as well.

        • well, being outspent 10 to 1 on average and still making it a close call is amazing. but let me throw that question back at you, if Romney can’t decimate Santorum and can only squeak by victories with his 10-1 money advantages, how is he going to fair again Obama who’ll out spend HIM 10-1?

          • Check out Maryland, he is doubling up on sanatorium. Not to close there is it

            • Check out Wisconsin! Santorum is only 8% behind using your figures! And it has yet to be called!

            • The ONLY places he has doubled up on Santorum are in blue states, which he won’t win against dear leader.

            • TJ

              Check out how blue a state Maryland is and think about who they tend to go for in generals.

        • JohnDoe_FormerlyLOGICandREASON

          The question you should ask is if Romney couldn’t win McCain who lost shamefully to Obama, how could he then defeat Obama now an incumbent president,1 billion dollar campaign, and 95% of the media on his lap?

          If you look at it logically, the only one who can defeat Obama is the one who looks least like him in terms of ideology and policy. McCain and Romney are not too far from Obama, Santorum is a deeper contrast, therefore stands a better chance by giving the electorate an alternative, rather then making them decide to stick with the devil they know already: Obama. Another vital question you should ask is: if Romney cannot be trusted by conservatives who are fellow Republicans, how then should independents or democrats trust and vote for him as they did with Reagan? Look at the maps of the primaries, the Reagan democrats and blue collar demographic in rural America voted Santorum.

          Romney is even worse than McCain because of his inconsistency and political expediency, which will be Obama’s(and his loyal media) main attack weapon this fall. As usual it’s the independents(swing voters) who decide elections;they mostly have no core ideological beliefs, while some are outright ‘apolitical’ and like to be told who to vote for by the media. But believe me, the swing voters will rather sail with a bad captain on a wrong route, who promises to stir the ship to the right course if given the opportunity,rather than an untrustworthy EtchaSketch captain. Santorum makes a better case for Swing voters, most of whom might be curious to see how another Reaganisque president will govern, being a deep contrast from Obama.

          Listen to me carefully, Romney Nomination IS an Obama second term; CASE CLOSED! Quit dreaming.

      • keyesforpres

        Because Rick would then have money if he’s the nominee.

        • Guest1776rcp

          The money, the organization etc… One of the lame Romney talking points is how Santorum and Newt were unorganized and missed state ballots, precincts and Romney has organization in place everywhere etc… Silly stupid argument because it has nothing to do with the general unless one believes there is no RNC etc..

          • keyesforpres

            Excellent point.

        • TJ

          More money to get his message out and a winning message!

      • TJ

        If you belong to Christ, look up- He is still on the throne. If Romney is not to be the nominee, he will not be. And don’t give up praying.

        Fight, fight, fight, for our country!

  • Exit poll: 89 percent of Wisconsin tea party voters approve of Gov. Scott Walker

    It should be 100% tea party support.

    • Stehekin912

      Agreed – Walker and Kleefisch are heroic and should be supported!

  • Stehekin912

    Please don’t force Mitt Romney down my throat. I have had it with that kind of politics, and I find it especially repulsive from my own party.

    • TJ

      Will you help Santorum/ help him even more to try not have Romney forced down your throat?

  • As expected Romney projected to win DC.

  • Asian_chic

    I heard a few people say that there were massive Newt supporters voting for Santorum. I asked how he knew and he said polling person gave him the info and added that the polling person was right in every state. Also heard 70,000 calls were made to the voters of Wisconsin in support of Santorum. Another thing, 75,000 doors knocked.

    • keyesforpres

      That’s good to hear. It sounds like they understand that it is time to throw the support to one conservative, not two.

      If enough Newt supporters voted for Santorum, there is a chance Rick could win.

      • wodiej

        It’s almost too late for that. They have been splitting the vote too long.

        • Stehekin912

          Maybe Newt and Ron will throw their delegates to Rick…they can do that, yes?

          • keyesforpres

            I hope they can.

        • keyesforpres

          Pray about wodiej. Pray about it. We must not get Mitt. Pick Rick….not Mitt!

        • keyesforpres

          Pray about wodiej. Pray about it. We must not get Mitt. Pick Rick….not Mitt!

        • keyesforpres

          Pray about wodiej. Pray about it. We must not get Mitt. Pick Rick….not Mitt!

          • Stehekin912

            Dear Lord God, please remember your servant, Rick Santorum, and remember us, Your children, who seek to preserve and protect the freedom You gave us in the form of your Word, and the government You gave us in the form of our Constitution, based on Your principles.

            • keyesforpres


          • wodiej

            I am voting for Gingrich in Indiana next month if he is still in the race. They have been splitting the vote too long for it to make a difference in the primary now.

            • keyesforpres

              Not so wodiej. Think very carefully about your vote….make it count.

              • wodiej

                nope, I’m voting for Gingrich.

                • keyesforpres

                  LOL, by saying “nope”, you’ve just admitted you are going to make your vote count!

                • wodiej

                  give it a rest.

              • 3seven77

                Every votes counts. No matter who it’s cast for.

                • keyesforpres

                  Splitting the conservative vote is only helping Mr. Money Bags.

                • wodiej

                  It’s too late for that-that was 26 states or so ago. One would have had to drop out long ago.

                • TJ

                  North Carolina, a tight race, is still coming and Newt’s dropping out in polling would give Rick a 6 point lead over Romney.

                • keyesforpres

                  Just think if the Paul and Newt supporters in Wisconsin had decided to make their vote count by voting for Rick, Rick would have won. They are wasting their votes. Many of those supporters say they like Rick. So why don’t they vote for him at this point? Paul and Newt don’t stand a chance now.

                • TJ

                  I guess for Newt because he’s still holding out a carrot of hope in an open convention that he could be president. For Ron Paul, probably various reasons. I do think if both were to drop out, a large chunk of Newt supporters could go to Rick and perhaps some of Paul’s supporters would go for Rick.

      • Asian_chic

        I’m hoping it’s true too. I hope it can get him across the finish line. The only thing I’m worried about is it’s an open primary. (I believe so)

        • keyesforpres

          Well, Rick has been getting a number of Dems to cross over for him, like Reagan did…pray they vote for Rick.

        • mischief democrats are voting for Rick

          • Asian_chic

            You could be right. I thought I saw CNN exit poll saying more Dems voted for Santorum. Just don’t quote me on that.

            • I saw that… I think they are mischief democrats.

          • Stehekin912

            Don’t say that. I know it is hard to not be cynical, but I know Democrats who are voting for Rick because they believe their party has been hijacked by Progressives and Marxists, and they truly believe Rick is the conservative who can restore our country. These Democrats believe they are voting for a Conservative and for freedom, not GOP or Dem. I hope there are lots more like them.

          • keyesforpres

            Works for me.

          • TJ

            oops- accidently clicked like. I know of one registered democrat who posts on We Pick Rick who is not mischevious about his support- he is a social conservative and says he’s actually an independent, though not registered that way. And there are a number of like-minded Jews in his community about Rick.

      • Or if enough Newt supporters voted the common sense God Gave them, Newt could win.
        A brilliant maneuver! /s

        • keyesforpres

          He’s only won two states, so it’s too late for him.

          • You’re kidding! Why, I had no idea.

    • sDee

      Santorum is gearing up in NC. We plan to hit the streets knocking on doors. I will have no qualms, as I do on the calls, telling people this about stopping Romney. That we will not get another chance to elect a conservative.

      To all reading here: Please sign up for canvassing and calling. Please! This is grassroots. Turn out is everything. If you have not done it before – it is great fun!

      • Constance

        Yes, I agree. Grassroots work is invigorating. I have really enjoyed it in recent years. I’ve met some great people. Sure, I’ve run up against some idiots, but that’s just life anyway. Without the loudmouth idiots, who would we talk about?! Making calls, knocking on doors, attending rallies. Good for the political soul.

      • Asian_chic

        I have a chance to do that here in the East in the end of the month. Looking forward to doing it.

    • What pollster? (who?) Why would Newt supporters do this? Maybe more Santorum dirty tricks like Missouri?
      Since when is gaming a system (cheating) because “the end justifies the means” a Christian value?

  • Asian_chic

    This is really outrages! The RNC have already anointed Romney the nominee. They will be fundraising together. http://www.nationaljournal.com/2012-presidential-campaign/report-romney-rnc-to-raise-funds-jointly-ahead-of-expensive-general-election-20120402#.T3pPiAryjjA.twitter

  • Polls closed in Wisconsin, CNN not yet projecting winner. Romney leading 43-35 over Santorum in early exit polls, Paul at 11%, Gingrich 6%

    • I guess all that Santorum bowling and beer drinking in Wisconsin ain’t going to pan out like he hoped for tonight.

  • Check out cnn exit polls!!!! Romney 43 Tantourm 35.

  • 2 out of 3, and Wisconsin is soon to be Romney’s

  • Based on Exit data, Romney won the very conservative vote in Wisconsin by 3 points.

    • Of course most of those are seniors and people over age 50 who don’t have access to the internet and don’t research the candidates. The majority are TV couch potatoes. Too many people don’t have the facts about liberal Mitt because Mitt’s liberal record has not been exposed on TV channels such as FOX or CNN.

      • those couch potatoes were still able to get up, get out, and vote.

        • wodiej

          I hope they didn’t strain themselves.

      • sDee

        kinda like McCain all over again?

    • StrangernFiction

      These people are very conservative in the same way that Mitt Romney is severely conservative.

      • if Santorum won them I’m sure we wouldn’t slam them.

      • TJ

        I think they don’t know the full extent of Mitt’s liberal record.

  • It even sounds like Sarah Palin on Hannity right now agrees that Romney is the likely nominee

    • Yep and hopefully the people will come together to throw out O

      • sDee

        Count me out. I fight Progressives, elephant and donkey varieties.

        • What? will you sit out and let O be re-elected? That is so foolish. I will continue to support Rick and hopefully be able to vote for him in the general but if it is not him I will vote ABO but not 3rd party.

          • sDee

            I did not say I would sit out. I did not say I would vote for Obama.

            I said I will fight Romney. I will fight him if he gets the nomination and even if he installs himself in the white house. Men like Romney have ruined the Republic. How could I support a man who is 100% committed to building government that destroys individual liberty?

            Compromising ones principles always serves those without them.

            • I do not support Romney. If he is the nominee I will have to slow down the distruction of this country until we can heal it

              • sDee

                No one will save us, Bill. No one. Not even Romney.

                No One Is Coming To Save You

                • I know that and have been saying all night…SLOW it down…if O is re-elected we are doomed…I still support Rick! Some of the things you say sound like I want Romney…NO…I want a conservative

                • sDee

                  Well I guess the differences between us is that any scenario of supporting Romney does not enter my mind Bill.

                  I just absolutely cannot imagine doing that. Romney is the enemy. Different enemy than Hussein – but still the enemy of liberty and limited government.

  • One of Romney’s last acts as governor was providing full taxpayer funding for a new Planned Parenthood abortion clinic. Here is the original Boston Globe article from 2007.


  • Romney is to the Left of Obama. Just look at his liberal record in Massachusetts including his one term as governor.


  • Byron York: In Wisconsin, Romney wins Protestants, Catholics, men, women, college educated, non-college. Exception: Romney wins marrieds, Santo wins singles.

    Rick won the singles? must have been all that bowling and beer drinking…

  • wodiej

    44/37 Santorum over Romney in Wisconsin so far.

  • Interesting stat in exit polls. Romney leads those that strongly support the Tea Party Movement 52 to 37. Santorum leads in those that strongly oppose the Tea Party 34 to 18. I wonder which one is the Tea Party candidate

  • wodiej

    40/38 Santorum/Romney in Wisconsin

  • wodiej

    41/38 Santorum over Romney in WI so far

  • wodiej

    40/40 Romney and Santorum tied in WI

  • wodiej

    41/41 tie in WI but race being called for Romney

  • Mitt Romney was the first governor in U.S. history to install gay marriage in a state. In fact, Mitt Romney is the father of gay marriage in America. The Goodridge decision did not force governor Romney to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples since the Massachusetts state constitution requires a bill be passed by the state legislature. The court merely issued an opinion, but the state legislature never passed a bill. Yet governor Romney unilaterally began issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples, violating his state’s constitution in the process, and the gay marriage ball was rolling.

    See full timeline here…


  • wodiej

    42/40 WI for Romney. This really sucks.

  • Foxnews calling Wisconsin is for Romney

    • Constance

      Well, crapola. I just can’t be happy about Romney. Oh, I’ll vote for him over Obama, but I won’t be happy about it.

      • I won’t vote for liberal Mitt – period.

        • So you allow a 2nd term for the Marxist? I’m gonna start calling this out…DAMN fool for that…O will have no restraint if he cotinues as Pres

          • sDee

            So you think that a lying radical Progressive is somehow better than a lying radical Marxist? Their policies and big government initiatives are nearly identical.

            Romney is being forced on us by the same political establishment and same globalist financiers as Hussein. Only a fool would expect different results.

            • When they have an election over their head they have to slow down as O has said…”after my election (reelection) I will have more flexiblity”…SLOW them down until we can re-take the country.

              • sDee

                I said intend to fight. I do not intend to live a slave to the government. I would like to win but slowing them down would be a short term victory.

                “They” are the Progressives, Communists, Marxist and Statists who are destroying the Republic. “They” include marxist Hussein Obama. “They” include progressive Romney. That’s all the difference.

                • I agree but if we keep the election over their head they can only do so much damage until the sheeple wake up, if they ever will….sigh

                • sDee

                  Only 20% supported the American Revolution. 3% took up arms. Tyranny is a powerful motivator.

        • Hope you feel good voting for Marxist Obama.

          • Romney is a Marxist and probably to the Left of Obama.

            As governor, Romney raised taxes and fees by $740 million dollars including a hike in the state gasoline tax. Mitt personally invented 33 new fees for residents to pay and increased 57 existing fees. Mitt signed legislation raising commercial property taxes by $100 million. Under Mitt, private property taxes rose by 26% the highest level in 25 years.

            Romneycare is Marxist healthcare and was the model for Obamacare.

            “Seeking Taxes, Romney Went After Businesses”

            Alan LeBovidge, Mitt Romney’s revenue commissioner, said the governor “wanted us to go after the big game” to find income.


            Romney is as much a Marxist as Obama is and probably more so.

            • I don’t like Romney, I can’t stand him, I don’t trust him, I don’t even think he can beat Obama, but I know a 2nd term Obama will be worse than his 1st term, so have to roll the dice and vote for Romney because I won’t feel better by defaulting my vote to Obama directly or indirectly.

          • 3boojums

            I donned the clothes pin and vote for the reublican last time. NO MAS. i’ll write in the candidate i want and vote for repub congressional candidates

  • As governor, Mitt Romney forced private Catholic hospitals to administer the morning-after (abortion) pill. Here is the original Boston Globe article from 2005.


    And Mitt claims the Catholics were issuing the abortion pills “voluntarily.” What a pathological liar! Need more proof that the man is a liar and a liberal deceiver?

    • crosshr

      Mitt has lied one too many a time, aside from flip flopping. For many of Mitts crowd, do you forget now you are allowed to change position and have a new heart. America understand and are forgiving what happen in the past if we truly remorseful and sincere with our new adopted position.

  • wodiej

    It’s a sad day in America when the choice for president is between a race baiting, socialist, anti American and a wealthy, blueblood elite who made his millions off of corporate raiding, spending millions to smear and lie about his opponent and further the liberal agenda.

    The WI race is neck and neck but it’s winner take all and they’ve called it for Romney.

    • Yes a sad day but if the blueblood wins the nomination he will get my support over the marxist

      • wodiej

        I agree.

      • stage9

        How can you tell them apart?

        • It is hard but the blueblood may slow down the process until “We the People” can get the right man in there if we ever can again…..

          • stage9

            My friend, you are more objective than I. I don’t think he will do anything but repeat his disaster in MA. People don’t change with more power, they only get worse.

          • sDee

            You will never get the chance again.

            • So your just giving up? I want to get O out of office. In the nomination process I started with Michelle…went to Herman…and now Rick..I don’t like Mittens but like I said previously, the destrction of this country will slow down. Can NOT allow a second term for O.

              • sDee

                I never said I will give up. I will fight the Progressives even harder if Romeny wins.

                I followed the same trail but would stop at the anti-liberty progressive, that is all.

                For example if Romeny were President, I would get behind any and every Congress critter who will stand up and fight any and every Progressive policy Romney puts forward.

                Make no mistake it will be hell under Romney – just look at Massachusetts – would you have wanted to live under him as governor?

                If you support Rick why are you even dreaming of a Romney scenario?

        • Linky1

          Other than the colour of their skin and the thickness of the hair, there’s not much difference.

  • Amen

  • stage9

    lol. no one in DC is voting for a Conservative? I’m shocked!

  • How can Sarah Palin say the most important thing is getting Obama out of office? That’s just false. The most important thing is getting a true traditionalist/conservative/constitutionalist in the office of President of the United States. I’m so sick of Republicans and Tea Partiers selling out their soul. Is there still hope for this country?

    • wodiej

      well we aren’t going to get a true conservative this time and whoever we get is better than Obama. Who said life was fair?

      • Amen to that!

      • And that’s my point. The premise that anyone is better than Obama is just false. Electing an Obama-lite candidate is still Obama. Romney is not severely conservative. His past record proves it. I will never support a leftist/liberal/moderate with a (R) next to his name, not even if his opponent is a leftist/liberal/moderate President.

        Those who settle for Romney will just give the GOP establishment encouragement to prop up another moderate/leftist the next time around.

        A traditionalist/conservative/constitutionalist is better than Obama.
        Anyone but a leftist/liberal/moderate is my mantra.

        • Guest1776rcp

          Those who settle for Romney will just give the GOP establishment encouragement to prop up another moderate/leftist the next time around.

          Worse even, see 06 and 08. Romney with the GOP rubber stamping him will be a repeat of 06 in 10 and 08 in 16 with Clinton winning or worse as the GOP makes themselves unelectable again. No thanks! ABO is short sighted and very dangerous IMO. Anybody but Clinton meme delivered Obama and ABO is going to deliver Romney? NUTS as it goes full circle and we get Hillary in 16. I hope Levin and Rush rethink the short sighted ABO.

    • StrangernFiction

      Rearranging deck chairs.

  • Foxnews has better coverage this time with Sarah Palin in studio.

  • StrangernFiction

    As the saying goes, be careful what you wish for. Mitt Romney, IF he makes it to the White House will be in for a hellish four years.

    • Worse than a second O term?

      • StrangernFiction

        IMHO yes. A statist with an R before his name does a lot more damage to America long-term than a statist with a D before his name. It wasn’t conservative presidents that gave us Obama, it was statist Republican presidents.

        • sDee

          well said. sobering reality

      • Yes. Romney would be worse than a second “O” term, because Romney means there is no longer a conservative opposition party! It has ceased to exist! Social conservatism — gone! Fiscal conservatism — gone! In its place a big government establishment party of liars in suits led by a liberal deceiver.

        • So we all here at TRS just disappear? You really think we will still not call for conservative values?

          • Gtrjag

            deleted was trying to respond to Mark

          • sDee

            Yeah, like Bush listened?

            • stevenbiot

              Bush was such a freaking liberal.

        • Gtrjag

          There is alot of truth in what you say. A Republican Congress will be pressured to follow their President just like they did with Bush, and Romney is worse than Bush. If it were not for Obama’s foreign policy I would probably stay home.

        • sDee

          Exactly. Obama turned up the flame and the frogs jumped out of the pot. Romney will turn it back down to a simmer and the frogs all jump back in.

          • Conservative_Hippie

            That sounds like some nasty frog soup!

  • Rick Santorum might only get 9 or 10 delegates tonight.

    • Conservative_Hippie

      I guess that’s beter than nothing. Anything to keep Romney from taking it all!

  • WOW! Romney won liberal states like Maryland and Wisconsin! Not to mention D.C! He should be the next nominee! I’m sure those Republicans speak for the entire nation!

    I bet Santorum’s conservative values were a major turn off for the RINO’s in those states.

  • stevenbiot

    After what happened to us with McCain, we are about to nominate Romney!?! That is like burning yourself on the stove once, learning your lesson, and then jumping head first into the oven. Dear allah, what the hell are we doing?

    • Conservative_Hippie

      It’s a comedy of errors these GOP primaries.

    • Perfect analogy!!! SANTORUM 2016!! cause lets face it, the last time a Republican has taken the WH from an Incumbent President was Ronald Reagan, and Romney is NO Ronald Reagan. Most i’m hoping for this election is a fully Conservative House and Senate to keep Obama in line till we get a Conservative in.

      • I was hopeing that Rick was the next Reagan.

        • very similar race between Reagan and Ford and Santorum and Romney in 76, Reagan got 11 states and brought it to a broker convention and lost (then the only “electable” guy Ford lost to Jimmy Carter….) Then four years later Reagan came and swept the primaries and saved America. only difference between Reagan and Santorum this election is that we need a Reagan NOW, it’ll take a miracle for America to survive four more years. But we’ll see.

          • Guest1776rcp

            A GOP controlled H&S and Obama is a four year lame duck instead of the typical two years of a second termer. There is nothing to fear but fear itself. If Romney and the GOP deliver us 06 in 2014 and 08 in 2016 then ABO is all for naught as Republicans are unelectable again. History repeats if one refuses to learn from it. IMO an ABO vote for Romney now delivers Clinton or worse in 2016.

    • StrangernFiction

      I’m hoping that Obama completely implodes in spectacular fashion (ie exits the White House in handcuffs) and does more damage to the statist cause on the way out than President Romney can do to the conservative cause while in the White House. A guy can dream, and who knows with Il Douche.

    • StandingGround

      …“Dear allah, what the hell are we doing?”…

      Our nation is following Obama’s dear allah straight off the cliff and into hell if BO gets a second term, that’s what we’re doing.


    • crosshr

      Thank you stevenbiot, never laugh so loud alone ! excellent parable ! may be allah answer, “welcome to hell, all shall be very very uncomfortable ! lol

  • This election is officially all about the senate, get a conservative senate and house, and use it to keep the WH in check, wither under a Obama or Romney administration it doesn’t matter. It will all be about the congressional elections. Santorum 2016/2020!

    • Conservative_Hippie


    • stevenbiot

      I like your optimistic style.

    • Guest1776rcp

      You put Romney in now and a Republican won’t have a chance in 2016 and we’ll get Hillary or possibly even Obama again. No thanks! And until Boehner and McConnel are chased out they can’t be trusted with Romney in the WH as they’ll rubber stamp him and at least oppose Obama. ABO is short sighted and a GOP controlled H&S can keep him in check and Obama cant veto every Bill they send him. I do not fear a second term lame duck as much as I fear Romney and the establishment tarnishing the GOP brand so badly again that we get a repeat of 06 then 08 in 2016. NO thank you!

  • Should we be expecting a Romney gaffe tomorrow after a big win again?

    • StrangernFiction

      ha, no kidding

  • Karl Rogue

    If you think being a conservative in the GOP is frustrating in 2012, just wait until Romneycare takes over the party.

    Remember voting for Bush and then having to fight Bush and Rove about Medicare Part D, Amnesty and TARP?

    That’s what you’ve got coming in the new and improved GOP with Romneycare at the wheel. Except this time you’ll be fighting with him on Cap N Trade, taxes, the Dream Act, liberal judges and government healthcare. Sound good to you? Then by all means, jump on board the Romney bandwagon and enjoy the ride. Me, this is where I get off.

    • Least our military might would not go to shitland…… we hope……

      • StrangernFiction

        Bankrupt countries don’t have great militaries.

    • sDee

      You left off the Patriot Act and his nomination of liberal Harriet Meyers for the Supreme Court.

    • StrangernFiction

      Yup, ‘rats filibuster and Mitt (not that it will take much convincing) and the GOP critters go bipartisan.

      • Guest1776rcp

        Then the House and Senate flip back to Dems in the midterm and Romney is feeling more comfortable. Hillary wins the presidency in 2016. Oh the irony that would be. I can’t vote ABO for Romney. Anybody but Clinton meme gave us Obama and ABO is giving us Romney which comes full circle back to Clinton. NUTS! I WILL NOT SUBMITT nor be blackmailed! Gridlock is underrated and I trust Romney about as much as Obama on judicial nominations.

  • Of the 76 delegates that has been called so far Romney has a clean sweep, winning 76 to 0 for Santorum

    • After Santorum looks at the numbers, I’m sure that his Math skills will put him in the lead for tonight. So there is still hope for the delusional

    • oh shut up and crawl back into your little hole, we’re going to have to listen to that kind of crap blasting at us at all angles non stop all week, (there goes my happy Easter…)spare us at the very least this Conservitive blog for peace from you’re kind for goodness sake……

      • Just take cover in Mark Levin’s Bunker and you should be ok. I will leave you in peace, for now.

    • Steve’s a liberal.

      Only a liberal can look at Mitt’s left-wing record on social and fiscal issues and continue supporting him.

  • If 50% of Newt and Santorum supporters stated their refusal to vote for Romney in the general, the establishment would get the message real quick and the RINO would be out.

    • don’t bet on it, these guys don’t learn. why else do they keep nominating Moderates?

      • Have you taken a long hard look at the USA? We are not a far right country-we are indeed more moderate than far left or right, you may not agree but I am just hoping and praying that we aren’t more left now. Moderates appeal to more people-and if you appeal to more people than you win and if you win you get to implement your vision for America-I would rather have the businessman Romney than Obama who believes everything should be equal except for him and his family and friends!

        • Linky1

          Cheryl-you either have to stand for something or fall for nothing. It’s all black and white thinking in this situation-no shades of grey here. Moderation gets you nowhere in politics-look at Obama. He is as “far left” as you can get, call a spade a spade, a socialist a socialist. Give him credit for sticking to his policies, bas and divisive as they are. As another poster alluded to, the progressives have been at it for over 100 years and this is the culmination of all of their hard work. I have Glenn Beck to thank for cluing me into all of this and yes, it is happening now.

          A moderate ain’t gonna cut it here, the candidate who will beat Obama has to stand for something you can call “far right”-I call it right and just.

          What’s far right about a candidate promoting the family unit, of believing in the sanctity of marriage, of having a strong military, standing by your allies, of patriotism, of loving your country, not apologizing for it? What’s far right about believing in free enterprise, capitalism, personal responsibility? If that’s far right, then I’m as far right as you can get, as are a lot of other posters here on TRS.

          That’s what the frustration is, of seeing Romney who, in my opinion, can’t articulate or speak out sincerely on anything like this. He’s too interested in himself, his agenda, his progressiveness, his liberalism, his moderateness, to do nothing more than pay lip service to these ideals.

          Yes, I have taken a good, hard long look at the USA. I should, I’m a Canadian who was raised in a border town, spent a lot of time in the US, have many American friends and unlike some elite Canadians, embrace my neighbour to the south, knowing what a good relationship we have had, up till Obama took office.

          We have also fought against this tide of moderates, having lived under liberal rule for over 40 years. We broke free of it; our so-called Conservative government are very moderate by anyone’s standards. They are not doing anything to disturb the status quo here, to repeal policies that have created havoc here in Canada. That’s what being moderate gets you, a lot of lip service, but no real action.

          This will be a Romney presidency and with the precarious situation that the US is in right now, financially, spiritually and politically, I’m afraid his presidency will be fraught with a whole new set of problems. Remember Hope and Change in 2008?

          2012 is producing its own version and what you hope for ain’t gonna change.

        • toongoon

          Unfortunately, When you choose a man who has no convictions, which is proven by Ol’ Mitts ability to take both sides of every issue.

          “Moderates appeal to more people-and if you appeal to more people than you win and if you win you get to implement your vision for America” As a moderate the implementation you get will not be what you want, it will be whoever he needs to pay back.

          The meaning of the word moderate in political terms is an individual who is not extreme, partisan or radical. Therefore, he will go with flow, and in these times someone who is without strong convictions is without any convictions. Mitt will lose all of his credibility before the elections, Obama and his combined team of media, Marxists, Leftists, and Alinskyites will see to it. Obama is a moderate only in the sense that he sounds reasonable, but he is filled with conviction, which is why we are a dying nation under his presidency. If Romney should by some miracle escape the attacks he will be susceptible to the same puppet masters, not necessarily because he shares their views (maybe?), but because he hasn’t any of his own.

          • An empty suit can be filled with anyone. Well said Toon. Moderates try to please everyone to “get along” but end up pleasing no one.

        • Is_Sense_Common

          The moderate John McCain did a great job of picking up all those highly desirable Independents back in 2008, right? He was clearly the least offensive & least right-leaning one in the field, and a war hero at that! Surely he would have been a shoe-in by the establishment’s logic. Yes, let’s do that again.

          What’s the definition of insanity? (doing the same thing over & over and expecting a different outcome…)

          I think many of us here at the Scoop are just Americans lookin for our country.

          • Linky1

            Look where nominating McCain got us-President Obama. Romney is the new and improved McCain – the scenario is already written; the up and coming star VP candidate has most likely been picked.

            A lot of so-called conservatives and moderates/independents will “hold their nose” to vote for Romney and in doing so, will sink the US into four more years of insanity-whether it is Obama that is re-elected or Romney who defeats Obama.

            Either scenario is bad;people are now saying “let’s concentrate on the Senate and Congress; get conservative candidates in there.” How did that work out in 2008? How did that work out in 2010? How’s that working out now?

            Yup, the definition of insanity is definitely in play here, it was in ’08, ’10 and seems to be in ’12.

            Everything in moderation works well for what you eat or drink, but, in politics it’s an either/or scenario. “either you elect a true conservative OR, you end up with a pale imitation of one.” Romney sure fits that bill.

    • so you want to teach them a lesson at the expense of re-electing Obama? Obama says thanks.

    • RINO’s and Libs are similar in this; when they fail, it is never because of their faulty line of thinking. The blame is always on somebody else.

      Likewise, as with Liberal policy failures, the RINO’s believe that it is never their message but the messenger. They did not learn this in 2010, and they will not learn it in 2012. The Wisconsin exit polls indicated that the two endorsement (Ron Johnson & Paul Ryan) was a major factor in how conservatives voted for 6 out of 10 conservatives.

      Either a complete takeover of the GOP by conservatives or a third party are the only options.

  • ApplePie101

    Maryland is one of the most leftist states in the union, Washington DC is big government central, and a majority of Wisconsin voters want to get rid their fine conservative governor, Scott Walker. No one should be surprised that these states went for the most left-leaning candidate.

  • I know that I need to keep my perspective, and that is keeping my eyes on Jesus, but I am weeping for this nation right now. How the people who were born and raised here be so blind, and ignorant is beyond me. I am not that smart! HOW can they do this to themselves AGAIN?! If mittens gets it, America is finished. At least until I join up with sDee and others, but even then, I fear it’s too late. America has been the best, most incredible nation on the face of the planet, and I am grateful to God for every minute I have spent here, and was able to have the dream if even for a few years. What the elites on both sides have done to “we the people” is an evil travesty. They have succeeded beyond their wildest dreams with the past 3 years of dictatorship- an occupant of the White House who does what he and his masters want, without a peep from the establishment on the “right” side. It’d be nothing more than a coup if it weren’t for the fact that the sheeple fell for it with McLame, and have done the same damned thing this time.

    • kim

      I feel your pain.

      • Linky1

        So do I. As a Canadian, I have no vote but I do have a voice and to see my dear neighbor to the north on life support, caught between keeping Obama or going with Romney, both choices are the worst possible scenario.

        Romney can cal himself a “conservative” till the cows come home – he is no better than Obama with his progressive viewpoints.

        I will remain as optimistic as possible for a better outcome, will refrain from watching the lame stream media (FOX Included) and pray to God that something positive will happen.

    • I hear your pain ABC. We have been infected with pragmatism to the extent that principles are regulated to a second tier. Pragmatism has infected the church, the community, and our political system to such an extent that ideals and values are no longer a necessity but more of a punch line.

    • The country could be finished if OBAMA gets another term, NOT if Romney becomes President! The country is coming out from a horrible 4 year extreme with Obama-Romney IS more moderate but moderation can be good especially when there has been such extremes. Did you really think the pendulum was going to swing all the way RIGHT? The majority of the country isn’t there!

      • Cheryl, I’m not responding in order to argue or try to be disrespectful to you or anyone else here- but I know the country would never swing back all the way to the right, I knew that when so many people spewed such hatred at Sarah Palin when McCain chose her to balance out his own ticket. I knew it when people said they were voting for dear leader because he’d give them free stuff or because they wanted to show how unracist they were by voting for a “historical” black man. I knew it when they ran Herman Cain out of the race, mocked Rick Perry and treated Michelle Bachmann with contempt.
        My first pick has never been Santorum, but out of those left, he is the one whose values and principals most mesh with my own. He is not the most Conservative guy in the Republican party- so no, I didn’t think he was far enough for the pendulum to swing to, but closer than any of the others.
        Romney is so much like dear leader, that there is not much difference at all between the two. I have read and studied what his record has been and what he had done in Mass, is basically the same darned thing dear leader is trying to do to the rest of the nation. And I’m not just talking about government health “care” either.
        Mittens has been in this and fighting dirty for one reason and that’s because he feels that it is “his turn”, because he didn’t get it last time. He feels entitled to it because he had to give it to McCain last time.
        Dear leader has done what he promised to do- energy prices are necessarily sky rocketing, and he had transformed (although not done yet) America into the dreams of his marxist muslim father. He is a disasterous and extremely dangerous puppet who is leading this nation into a marxist/islamic/elitest version of a totalitarian utopia, one in which he has the media in his pocket. He has ties to some extremely powerful and wealthy people whose sole dream is to see America collapse. Do you really think they will allow Romney to win? Does anyone really expect Romney, who lost to McCain, who lost to dear leader to win? Do you think the establishment GOP cares if he does or not? They are all progressives, and while some may not be as marxist as the chief, they do not care what he does as long as they hold on to the power they have. They didn’t care the last time, when we had true Godly Conservative people running in elections all over the country yet they backed the good ol’ incumbants or a “moderate” who was modelled after themselves. They actually worked AGAINST those who were running and actually had a shot at defeating some of the worst of the liberals! Yes, this country is finished if Romney gets the nomination. He might not be a marxist, and he might not be an “insider” but he knows how the game is played- learned that from his good ol’ Saul Alinsky lovin’ dad. As for moderate, all I can say, is once upon a time, people who believed in God and guns, who did duty to God, family and country, those who prayed in public in the Name of Jesus- they, we were the mainstream. They, we were the moderates. They, we were the majority. Moderates now are nothing but those who are willing to give up any of their values in the name of compromise, and when you’re willing to give up your morality, well, there’s nothing left for you to stand for. Gee, reminds me of someone… oh yeah. Romney.

        • ApplePie101

          AmericanborninCanada, I wish you’d been born in America so I could vote for you!

        • Mike

          Very well said. I know you speak for the true conservatives. I stand on keeping my morals and I’m very tired of people telling us to give into Romeny because the polls are the polls and we can’t afford another four of Obama. I don’t care, I’m not selling out. The more I’m told to just vote for Romeny because he is not Obama is making me more and more unlikely to vote. Being told what to do is what the left does.

        • toongoon

          ABC, you have an amazing capacity for expressing in words not only how you feel, but you are able to capture the feelings of so many others. You are blessed in expressing yourself non-offensively and we are blessed in having the privilege of saying…… WOW, that’s exactly how I feel!

          The only thing I can add is, lets not put our faith in men, our Lord puts men in positions for a purpose, and He isn’t finished yet.

    • ApplePie101

      You beautifully describe the way I feel. We are reaping what was sown almost a century ago, when our grandparents and great grandparents voted for constitution-hating leaders like Wilson and FD Roosevelt. Did they realize that they were selling their grandchildren into slavery, by instituting progressive programs that could never be paid for? They were lazy, and we were lazy about protecting our liberties. We let government grow and encroach on our rights. It’s going to be a long, hard fight to beat it back, but we will if we are relentless. ‘Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph.’ [Thomas Paine]

      • You said it better ApplePie. Thank you.

      • sDee

        Well said. Might I add that we have done a pretty good job of it ourselves with the exception of Reagan?

  • Josh

    Here is a startling conclusion, though. Almost all of Santorum’s victories (8) are red states. Most of Romney’s victories are in blue states and in the small districts that do not vote in the general election. It is critical that people wait for May when the majority of the states are conservative. The Santorum/Newt numbers will swell to where Romney’s lead becomes much less significant.

  • So far, the results with 78.8% in, Romney only has a 5% lead not the 10% that exit polls seem to deem. However, the 22% left are in areas surrounding Milwaukee.

    Anyway, if Romney is the nominee, I thought about what the “October Surprise” would be as a interview of Romney with MSM. It can be found at http://ponderingpuritan.blogspot.com/2012/04/october-surprise.html

    I hope I am not “breaking” the rules here, trs. If so, please feel free to delete this post and accept my apologies.

    • Yeah, Rick seems to able to outperform his polls numbers but not by enough this time.

    • Well said Puritan. I left a comment there.

      • Thanks ABS! I hope to do a bit more blogging in the future…however only time will tell.

    • stage9

      I’m more concerned about him having the ear of the liberal caucus than the mormon church frankly.

      • this may surprise you but they may be more one and the same than may be realized.

    • Gee, got on Scoop this morning, and what do ya know, it’s started already with Lawrence O’Donnell.

      • Tell me about it….it will only get worse. Does anyone know when the last time we had a major party nominee run as a non-Christian?

  • If Rick’s and Newt’s votes were combined, Mitten would have lost. Ugggh

  • StNikao

    SO – how many democrats and Obama operatives voted in these primaries in order to shape the outcome?

    This is sickening.

  • MiketheMarine

    I hate my frigging union run, democratic controlled state of MD.

    • Indiana, Right to Work State, has room for you :-))))