Project Veritas: Another video where the Obama campaign laughs off admissions of voter fraud

These people really don’t care if people are voting twice for Obama, and they work for Obama’s campaign:

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  • Yep, don’t care as long as you vote for the “correct” candidate. If for the other one, VOTER FRAUD, VOTER FRAUD.

    By the way, why is the delay of implementing Voter ID okay in SC? Logically, if it is not a good law than complete discard it right? The striking down of ID law after law should be extremely concerning for all, except for the dead of Chicago.

  • We all knew it was going to happen, will happen. I know it doesn’t make a whole lot of difference, but there are many older folks voting for the first time in this election. I don’t think they will make up for all the illegals, dead people, pets, cartoon characters and those voting multiple times, but it’s good to know there are people awake out there.

    • Sober_Thinking

      We may not be able to stop the flood… but each leak these guys plug is at least a start.

      This crap makes me sick.

  • Joe

    These videos should be used in the courts for appeals

  • Don

    Obama was legal representative of ACORN whose very existence was based on voter fraud. He was selected by the Daley machine of political thugs and that has been his only experiece in American politics. Raised in his formative years in a madrassa in Indonesia, this allowed him to form his basic education on the Islamic religion which is so evident in his actions today. Voter fraud, to Obama, is just part of the election process.

    • Sober_Thinking

      That makes him qualified to be President to the slimes in the Democratic party.

  • Sober_Thinking

    They’re all so casual about breaking the law. Lovely. This is all a big joke to them.

    This makes me sick… damn crooks. Obama cannot win unless they cheat.

    Project Veritas is on the job – again. I’m so glad they are doing this. These cannot be televised enough.

    This crap must end though.

  • sjmom

    RS, thank you for exposing this.

    I would like to know why the only place I have heard about this is here at Right Scoop. This should be all over the news.

  • wodiej

    This is why liberals do not want purging of voter rolls. You can’t rely on election workers or supervisors to do the right thing. Just wondering…haven’t heard of any voter fraud with Republicans-only Democrats.

  • In our feature length documentary “One Nation Under Fraud” The Documentary, Obama is on camera during a 2008 debate laughing about voter fraud! Go to

  • In our feature length documentary “One Nation Under Fraud” The Documentary, Obama is on camera during a 2008 debate laughing about voter fraud! Go to

  • Ubelievable. Humm if this is being done still I’m sure that explains how Obama won in 2008. Why are not these people being held to voter fraud? They need to be held accountable and to make sure they are prosecuted. What is wrong with our country????

  • The lame stream media has no interest in illegal activities especially of voter fraud. If this is exposed for what it is with the lame stream media then they will be exposing there “Golden Boy” and that would be a disaster. They can’t allow OB to fail because the media are in OB’s back pocket. This media bows down and allows this man and his administration a free pass for everything and anything illegal.

  • Pyrran

    The Mickey Mouse shirt is a nice touch.

  • dontdrinkthecoolaid

    Funny how Florida is sending out all of these absentee ballots. Is anyone awake in Florida, or is the State just so corrupt that no one can do anythng about it? Can you say hanging chad.

  • Disgraceful, but true to form with this communist regime!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 12grace

    obama wouldn’t laugh if HE was the one losing votes due to fraud.