Putin Sings “Come Back When You Grow A Pair”; Awesome Limbaugh Parody Song

Poor President Obama. Vladimir just won’t seem to cut him any slack, no matter how many messages Obama transmits to him. In this parody from Rush Limbaugh, the Russian President croons and chides to hilarious effect.

Rush adds: “I don’t know what’s more hilarious. That song, or Obama saying that Putin just annexed another country out of ‘weakness’!”

See? Even horribly depressing failures can be funny sometimes.

h/t IJReview.

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  • marketcomp


  • fishmonster


  • Gene White

    This is the first time since Reagan, that an American President has put us in such a position. I agree with both fishmonster and marketcomp. Hilarious and Priceless, if not for the fact that so much is at stake, and we have an imbecile for a leader.

    • SPELL9

      Please don’t insult imbeciles!

  • HalBkr

    Jimmy Carter grew peanuts On a farm. Obama Grew two peanuts.

    • I was guessing raisins.

      • Gary Dickson

        I’m figuring more like two periods, the kind Mr. Obama uses at the end of his sentences.

        “You can keep your doctor. Period.”

        You know, those tiny little thangs.

        • Hah! Full stop!

          Good one.

  • $12112543

    That picture of LInbaugh looks like it was taken a hundred pounds ago.

  • Yazz55

    In response, the obamessiah and all senior members of the regime will hold hands and sing the Beatles “Back In The USSR”.

  • timerunnersc

    Funny skit! Way to go Rush, spoken by a true patriot of which Barry Obama could never be, not in his wildest Islamist Kenyan African dreams.
    “The only pair Obama has ever had, is Crack filled pipe in one hand and a Marijuana cigaret in the other hand while reading Saul Alinsky on his teleprompter” Oh sorry shame on me I forgot about his pen, phone, and his 2-hand main man Larry Sinclare.
    May God Bless America and drive courage through the hearts and minds of America’s leaders to Impeach Obama.

    • Crassus

      It’s actually Paul Shanklin who does the parodies for Rush’s show. He’s the one who deserves the credit.

      • timerunnersc

        Yep I know but played by Rush Limbaugh on Mr Limbaugh’s radio program. So thanks to Mr Limbaugh for using the parody that we got the opportunity to hear the it.
        You know every time Mr Limbaugh play’s any one of Mr Shanklins parodies Rush always gives him the full credit.
        Mr Shanklin does a great job on all his parodies I’m sure that’s why Mr Limbaugh’s use’s so many of them and I’m sure Mr Shanklin is compensated for their use during the program.
        But your point is well made and appreciated.

  • Lovelives

    When I first heard this, I couldn’t stop laughing. During the breaks on his show, subscribers are treated to some great parodies. If I can’t laugh, I would probably cry. I also love the Levin rap, “Everything he touches turns to Crap”, very funny.

  • Sentinel

    Nothing funny about Obama. He’s our mortal enemy.


    If obama did the job he was elected to do , things like this would never have happen , because he is a

  • Army_Pilot1967

    Isn’t this part of obama’s pledge to have “…more flexibility” after his election? Those were his words to the outgoing Russian President Medvedev in March 2012, who in turn told our loser president that he would forward those words to Putin.
    If one compares a jellyfish to obama, the jellyfish would look as if it had a spine of steel….not like our loser president.

  • nc

    Rush and Shanklin keep us sane during these trying times. Pure genius!

  • Bill in Tennessee

    Actual headline on Fox News last week:
    “Obama fills out basketball brackets; Putin redraws Russia’s borders.”
    That says all you’ll ever need to know about Vladamir and Sissy Boy.

  • Laurel

    First new parody in awhile.

  • SNuss

    It is funny, and yet sad, because it is SO true. Obama, and through him, the USA, are no longer trusted by our allies, nor feared by our opponents. That is a recipe for triggering the next World War, IMHO.

    As Pres. Reagan so profoundly stated: “Of the four wars in my lifetime, none came about because the U.S. was too strong.”

  • John Kenner

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