Rand Paul: Poor people are richer because of Walmart and free trade, not ‘Made in America’

In a really interesting part of Rand Paul’s interview this morning, Tapper asks him to defend Trump talk on buying “Made in America” when Mar-A-Lago is calling for more immigrant labor.

Instead of defending Trump, Paul launches into a defense of free trade, globalism, Walmart, and cheap shirts.

Watch below:

Tapper says it’s not really relevant to the foreign workers that Trump is hiring at Mar-A-Lago. He’s right. Paul just wants to avoid criticizing the clear hypocrisy from the president.

And it IS complete hypocrisy. When asked why Trump makes his ties and other products in Mexico, he says that he couldn’t turn a profit if he made them here. But he’s demanding other companies be forced to turn a profit?

Trump is a hypocrite, but he’s just reflecting the hypocrisy of many Americans, so he’s on really safe ground here. Americans SAY they want to buy American to preserve American jobs, but they never actually DO it. The free market has given Americans many many opportunities to pay twice as much for jeans made in America, and t-shirts made in America, and other products. And they don’t.

But they want to really BELIEVE that it’s a good and economical idea, so they support demagogues like Trump telling them it can be done. And that’s why we’re in the state we’re in. And it’s gonna get worse…

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