Rand Paul responds to supporters handling of Liberal protester

via Fox News Insider:

Obviously he comes out against it and the discussion continues on some more interesting topics regarding his debate last night.


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  • I wouldn’t have made too many friends in certain quarters, because if I was in his position, I’m not going to be a squishy sissy and mince words. I’d flat-out say that this is wrong, and this is precisely the kind of things LIBERALS do, not Constitution-supporting Conservative Americans. She had the right to her free speech, and they should’ve protected that, even as they protected him from her. Liberals do not believe Conservatives are entitled to Freedom of Speech, and even the Dalai Obama, himself, says that, when he says that Republicans and Conservatives that he points fingers at should ‘not talk’. Union thugs (the Dalai Obama’s chief supporters) resort to violence and brutality to shut anybody up that does not follow their groupthink, not Conservatives. Liberals and union thugs rely on intimidation and violence to get their message out, and suppress everybody elses’; Conservatives don’t do that, and those that participated in this crime have shown themselves not to be supporters of a republican government, but in mob-rule liberality, with a side order of violence. Liberals tend to be criminals that travel in and with the dregs of society; Conservatives that do that cannot be called Conservatives, anymore. The lot of them, including the female, should be hauled in by the local or state police department, interrogated, and the results should be forwarded to the state prosecutor for consideration of criminal charges. I’d tell them their kind of BS is not welcome around me, and they should vote for Jack Conway, because they seem to have more values in common with him, than with me.

    • Conservative Hippie

      Hear Hear!

  • Anonymous

    MoveOn.org Supporters Physically Threaten Rand Paul: Head Stomp Smear Campaign Follows

  • Anonymous


    UNHINGED LEFTIST Who Lunged at Rand Paul Is Paid Far Left Activist
    Posted by Jim Hoft on Tuesday, October 26, 2010, 5:47 AM

  • Marshall

    It doesn’t matter how much of a radical leftist the Rand Paul protestor is. The imagery of a grown man stepping on her head is disgusting, and is totally unacceptable. This is exactly the kind of thuggery that union mobs are into, and the kind of tactic that liberals will use to discredit and demonize the Paul campaign and Tea Party…probably successfully. Disgusting, regardless of partisan stripe.