Rand Paul slams Hillary: If I had been president I would have fired you

In a very polite way Rand Paul laid the smack down on Hillary Clinton this morning for not reading the Benghazi cables from Ambassador Stevens, calling it inexcusable and saying that if he were president he would have relieved her of duty:

(via Free Beacon)

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  • Joe

    That’s what I am talking about

    (Why am I always first? – I have to get a job)

    • Best of luck with that hunt. Clearly your not government material.

      • warpmine

        Yes, please pass the sweet and sour shrimp.

      • factsobill

        Government workers have little regard for anything American. The Inaugural parties all had the flavor of pagan orgies!

    • nibblesyble

      ahahahaha…don’t you dare get a job…we love it when you are first!

    • Don’t you know? It’s BUSH’s fault! 😉

    • sjmom

      Right at the desk in the Oval Office which is why in my comment I asked when Obama is going to testify. The Prevaricator in Chief need to answer some questions.

      • Joe

        Start with

        “Where were you born?”


        Prevaricator – I learned a new word! – Cool!

        It means – freakin’ LIAR

  • RefudiateGOPe

    I am proud of my Senator Rand Paul today. If not for the endorsement of Sarah Palin, he would be working in his Opthamology office today. Either Trey Grayson, a McConnell toadie, or Jack Conway, a Democrat, would be occupying that Senate seat.

    • Orangeone

      Too bad he’s an amnesty guy, will not get the 2016 bid because he favors illegals that vote D to Americans that pay taxes and immigrants that came her legally.

      • RocklinConservative

        From his Senate page:

        I do not support amnesty, I support legal immigration and recognize that the country has been enriched by those who seek the freedom to make a life for themselves. However, millions of illegal immigrants are crossing our border without our knowledge and causing a clear threat to our national security. I want to work in the Senate to secure our border immediately. In addition, I support the creation of a border fence and increased border patrol capabilities.

        Immigrants should meet the current requirements, which should be enforced and updated. I realize that subsidizing something creates more of it, and do not think the taxpayer should be forced to pay for welfare, medical care and other expenses for illegal immigrants. Once the subsidies for illegal immigration are removed, the problem will likely become far less common.

        I support local solutions to illegal immigration as protected by the 10th amendment. I support making English the official language of all documents and contracts.

        Millions crossing our border without our knowledge constitutes a clear threat to our nation’s security. Instead of closing military bases at home and renting space in Europe, I am open to the construction of bases to protect our border.

        • cabensg

          That’s a relief to read but I’d have to know everything he believes before I could support him for anything but a Senator, of which he’s doing a most outstanding job.

          If he was my Senator I’d be sending him thank you’s almost daily.

      • factsobill

        Do you ever deal in facts ,oh brainless one?

        • Orangeone

          Must be another worthless Libertarian that stayed home on election day and gave us 4 more years of Barky Boy.

    • cabensg

      I’m proud of him to he’s had to represent the whole of the Republican Senate. If even half of them would do what he’s doing I doubt Obama could have been re-elected because the truth would have been out there.

    • Jim809

      He’s also my senator and the best politician I have been allowed to vote for since at least 2008.

  • Loved It! Sounded like a Tea Party Worrier.


    She looks like she couldn’t care less…what a POS

    • RighteousCrow_JustCaws


    • Betsey_Ross

      And she doesn’t. “What does it matter?” Throw them all out!!!! Especially Hill and Obama. If Obama were anything but what he is, he would be gone. Can they fire each other?

      • RocklinConservative

        Really … what matters is that they LIED! to the people. And why? To hide what they were doing there which was most likely gun running. And what makes me angrier, is that there are those in the GOP that are not pursuing it. That is the same as condoning it in my opinion. Look what the other hand is doing! I like that Paul at least brought that aspect up in his questioning. The only one with a pair big enough to do so.

        • Marridge

          The big question is why were they doing this gun running? Because barack hussein obama is wanting to establish an islamic caliphate. I wonder how many more attacks we are going to have to sustain on American assets before someone finally dares to say it.

    • Also, let’s not forget, a large amount of the corruption and scandals from the Clinton Administration stemmed from this “rhymes with stitch.”

    • tshtsh

      You are absolutely correct. I finally figured what POS stands for–it could end in “c” too.

    • cabensg

      When he went easy to begin with she looked relaxed but as the accusations started to hit home her agitation became clear…..I love it.

  • Philo Beddoe

    And hitlery sits there, with a indifferent look on her face, couldn’t care less and is probably thinking about what’s for dinner.

    She’ll take the heat today, the media will bury it tomorrow, and promote her for POTUS in 2016

    • colliemum

      If she runs, and Rand Paul happens to be the GOP candidate, he’ll use the ‘what difference does it make’ remark non-stop.

      • RocklinConservative

        I sure hope so! On both counts!

        • factsobill

          Hillary, the “Original Birther”! Thanks, B-tch!

    • factsobill

      Sad, huh?

  • Orangeone

    Look at her condescending position. Made for TV ad! That’s not how you work together Hitlary.

    • sjmom

      Did you forget the Dems are above it all?

  • colliemum

    Rand Paul also got the question in about weapons being shipped to Turkey.

    Hillary tried to imply she never heard of Turkey, and generally knew nothing about anything.

    I have to say, Rand Paul has risen in my esteem.

    • Rshill7

      That was the only question that made her flush a bit. I think there’s something there, and she knows it.

      Hopefully those in the House saw that and will hammer her on it…with a, how you say, hammer. A guillotine would work too. (A little 18th century French humor there.)

      • colliemum

        Yes – hope rises eternal …
        I don’t think there are many GOP congressmen who would know how to use a hammer, never mind a guillotine: that would be too hi-tech for them.

      • sjmom

        I truly believe there was and/or is weapon sales to arm the jihadists in Syria and other places.

        • 3seven77

          I think, based on this administration’s history, that goes without question.

  • NYGino

    She looks like this is nothing but a boring waste of her time and is contemplation to herself.. . “Should I pull an Obama response here and just slyly give him the finger?”

    • Betsey_Ross

      Precisely. That has always been her attitude when caught not being truthful. You all are just peons and have no business asking her questions about anything. You bitter clingers, you.

      • factsobill

        You expected more from Billdog’s Old Lady?

    • notsofastthere

      These are our leaders, parading American values and justice throughout the world, on TV. I’ll bet AlQueda can’t contain their laughter.

      • factsobill

        Most likely ROFLTTAO! TT usually stands for Troll Tender, but in this case “their Taliban”.

    • 1endtimes2020

      Yes, but if looks could kill…….

  • SPELL9

    Her testimony requires a “willing suspension of Disbelief”.

    • notsofastthere

      Just wait until John Kerry gets in. The surprises awaiting the American people will never ends.
      Free Falling comes to mind.

      • CRUD! You just had to remind me of that….

        McCain was flat out embarrassing this morning IMO.

        • cabensg

          Thankfully I missed it. Did he kiss her hand before starting the questioning?

          • Dang it! I spewed Ice Tea that was so funny!

            Damn near. He got up there and grandstanded and ran his mouth while not saying much. Wind bag.

      • factsobill

        Falling through a hole in Ol’ Glory!

  • c4pfan

    But, he isn’t.

  • james1051

    He’s terrific. Which means the GOP backstabbers will be looking for the first opportunity to stick one right between his shoulder blades.

    • cabensg

      Rand seems pretty prepared so I’d say he’s wearing armor.

  • nibblesyble

    Wow, it was like I just had 4 shots of espresso. What a jolt! I gotta watch it again….

  • Susanna958

    My new love.

  • odin147

    Trust me, Americans in their wisdom will elect her president.

    • notsofastthere

      At the grocery store I heard a few women say “it’s time we had a woman president” menaing Hillary. I had to put my 2 cents in and say “Based on your logic ladies, I think it’s time to put a midget in for president. They are the most minority group of all”
      I damned near got killed.

      • nibblesyble

        Woooeeee…brave soul!

      • sjmom

        As a woman I have to respond: LOL!!!!!!!!

      • cabensg

        I thought I was the only one that could piss people off when the truth flies off my tongue without reviewing it first. Your retort however was better than any I’ve come up with. Welllllll done!

    • RocklinConservative

      Probably … 🙁

  • I would like to point out, as much as I appreciate him not drooling over HC, that Rand Paul’s 9/11 remarks were incorrect and goes to his logic and deductive reasoning. Who was Bush going to fire? The mistakes made in the run up to 9/11 were that of the Clinton administration. The 9/11 Commission Report lessened the blow but still pointed to it. Also read the Duelfer Report.

    • cabensg

      There were plenty of heads to roll down the aisle without starting at the very beginning.

  • This man’s reputation just SOARED in my opinion!!!! Finally, somebody telling Hillary to her face that she screwed up. It’s about time. It is just shameful that nobody is being held accountable for what happened in Benghazi and, worse, the four people who “resigned” at the State Department simply were given other jobs inside the State Department. I guess you can’t shame the shameless, espcially in Washington. So much congratulations to Rand Paul for standing up to these lowlifes. There really may be hope for at least some people in Congress.

  • WhiteGuy2

    Hillary is wondering…..Who’s the hottie sitting behind you Rand Paul?

  • If Rand were President, 4 Americans would still be alive right now.

    • Conniption Fitz

      If anyone sane were in the WH, our young soldiers would not be bleeding and dying in Islamic hell-holes to protect heroin growing, racist, rapist, child sex slave buying/selling, terrorist Islamists.

  • Rocco11

    Rand is the only guy in the world’s most exclusive country club worth a damn…

    • sjmom

      If she’s going before the House this afternoon will Trey Gowdy be one of the questioners? That could be a real hoot.

    • factsobill

      I’d say Rand is joined by Ted Cruz! They aren’t the only ones!

  • 12grace

    The Clinton’s share obama’s goals for America. obama probably didn’t make her VP because he knew he might disappear like so many other Clinton opposes in the past.

    Bill & Hillary Clinton: Their Secret Life – #01 of 12

    Congressional Report Lists 36 Pages of Obama

    Some interesting links:

    The Great Deception: Obama and the Coming War *PLEASE SHARE*

    Micro Chip Implants Coming March 23, 2013?


  • sjmom

    Senator, that was excellent!

    My question: when is Obama going to sit in front of Congress??????????? He is the one ultimately responsible because the buck stops with him.

  • warpmine

    A charging station in the consulate of Vienna, she would have read and jumped right on it particularly if she would have made money on the deal.

  • anneinarkansas

    Hilllary does not care. She thinks she is above it all.
    Senators Paul, Johnson, McCain, and Barasso tried but to no avail.
    We are at the mercy of socialists, America.
    I am frightened.

  • bongobear

    And from looking at the picture I’d say she doesn’t give a damn about what Rand Paul says. What a sorry excuse for a Secretary of State.

  • Army_Pilot1967

    All good points, Mr. Paul, too bad it doesn’t really do anything to hold anyone liable for what happened to Benghazi. Tomorrow it will be business as usual in Ms. Clinton’s department and all of DC as well.

  • Good thing you didn’t have to walk off after that Hillary, you might decide to fall and bump your head again.

  • Once again, a Clinton in government, and a bunch of money missing!!!

  • mikeinidaho

    Finally, ONE single Senator out of 100 who doesn’t help circle the wagons around the power elite in DC. This government is as corrupt as any in history. a pox on both parties and almost everyone in DC. God help We the People because no one in DC will.

  • Biggbear52

    Ah yes the ever present F/U buddy defiant, arrogant look. Glad to see she has not disappointed me in level of arrogant stupidness I had expected. Way to go former president Clinton. You belong in a 6×9 awaiting the firing squad just like the bulk of the presumed elected at current.

  • sue-marie

    I was hooping and hollering when Rand Paul, like McCain, had the brass knuckles to let Hillary know exactly how HALF of America feels. The other half are oblivious…they are too busy keeping up with the Kardashians. Seriously though…this Administration was exposed by a few Senators and I hope the House finishes at getting to the truth.

  • Rocco11

    Leftists fail up, incompetence is a feather in their cap…

    • cabensg

      If only you weren’t correct.

  • sue-marie

    Rep. Engel D-NY in Congress is stating as I type that their was inadequate funding for embassy funding. This is unbelievable…this administration has spent over 3.5 trillion dollars a year for four years(Bush was only budgeted for 2.5-2.8 trillion a year the last four years) and Dems are saying they need more money. We are doomed..we are scr3wed, we will implode. The Dems have the majority in government and I do not see the GOP stopping their spending. We are in serious fiscal trouble.

    • notsofastthere

      I can’t watch anymore. I never clenched my teeth or had TMJ before, but I sure have it now. I’m so sick I want to regurgitate.

    • Orangeone

      Security is funded through DoD not the State Dept. Engel is sidelining as usual.

      • KenInMontana

        Only in the cases of “proper” embassies, and then only as far as MCESG goes or in the cases of additional security for embassies in war zones, State has their own dedicated security group, funded through their own budget.

  • Sober_Thinking

    Wow… she really took it on the chin there… look at how upset she is. I appreciate Rand’s comments… a little too nice… but spot on.

    I hate to be pessimistic… but she’s going to walk away from this unscathed. Holder did with Fast and Furious. Why is this any different?

    I wish these guys squeezed one answer out of her: Who originally blamed this on a video and why did you all lie about that?

    • PicklePlants

      I like these questions:

      1. Since we know the State Department has real-time data feeds from Benghazi, when did you become aware of the attack?

      2. When did BO become aware of the attack? Did you communicate?

      3. What orders (to your knowledge)were given to the military to answer the attack?

      Simple, then one or both would be toast.

      • Sober_Thinking

        If they could ever get the answers to those questions… heads should roll (figuratively speaking)… even if that head is wearing a crown.

    • Orangeone

      This isn’t the end. The Oversight Committee has open investigations on both yet and Trey Gowdy and Jason Chaffetz are on that Committee!

      • Sober_Thinking

        True… those two are pitbulls. 🙂

      • texasgirl46

        Can’t wait to see Gowdy go after her….That will be good…

  • mike3e4r7

    Will Obama ever testify about what he knew? I know. We all know the answer to that. I was just trying to be funny. I actually can’t understand why Hillary is testifying. She could have told the committee “Scr..w you” and gotten away with it. The media wouldn’t have cared or else would have lambasted the GOP for conducting a witch hunt.

    She apparantly doesn’t realize the rules have changed from when BJ was president. Now liberals can do whatever they want without any apology or explanation.

  • kong1967

    What ever comes of these hearings? They have a committee to see what was done wrong in these types of situations, but nothing ever changes. As with Fast and Furious, these were not mistakes….they were intentional.

    F&F – funnel guns into the Mexican drug cartels because Obama and Hillary were making claims that the deaths in Mexico were the fault of American gun shops….with no evidence pointing to that. AH….then let’s create the evidence and go after gun shops and gun laws in the U.S.

    Benghazi — Funnel guns into the hands of the militants in Syria…..many of which are Al Qeda and they kill Christians. The cover was about to be blown because of the attack, so let the soldiers die and cover it up.

    Why can’t we ever get to the bottom of these things? There is too much protection for our leaders who know they can do whatever they want and get away with it.

    • Orangeone

      This should lead to an independent prosecutor like Billy Boy and Watergate and O should be impeached and both charged with murder and treason. That’s what is supposed to happen.

      • kong1967

        I agree, but that’s not what’s gonna happen.

        If this were Nixon, he would have been impeached a long time ago, and if he made it this far he would be impeached and imprisoned now.

    • Diogenes_wy

      Where’s ‘Deep Throat’? We need him/her to contact Breitbart now?

      • kong1967

        If this were Nixon, or any other Republican for that matter, I think there would have been 50 “Deep Throats” and he would have been imprisoned already. Liberals don’t care about the crimes of their bosses in Washington.

  • tinlizzieowner

    This is all just another episode of Congressional Kabuki Theater. Clinton had the questions in advance and plenty of time to get her lies straight. Nothing will come of this and the Teflon Clintons will slide through another scandal, like they always do.

  • DebbyX

    She appears awfully smug for someone responsible for the deaths of four Americans.

    • Orangeone

      A full day to kick off her 2016 campaign for potus with all the gushing and boot licking. The MSM will carry her water and NEVER ask tough questions.

  • Marridge

    Rand Paul would have fired her had he been president. Well Rand Paul would have been a regular president. That POS that we have now is on the side of the enemy. Big fricking difference.

  • cabensg

    Wow! Smack her down, again and again and again.

    Facts are a wonderful thing when their used this effectively against a liberal Muslim loving incompetent like Shrillery I’m going to watch this again because I haven’t had this much fun in 4 years.

  • StandProudNow

    zi-zi-zi-zi-zi- …ZING!!!

  • Great picture of the Hillary Howl (I just made that up) over at Weasel Zippers.

    Reply to this comment with your captions, only! Winner gets a no-prize and the most likes (don’t click like on this one, dang it!, just on the captions people put up here).

    (EDIT: I added a caption, as an example. You guys can do better!)

    • …and I took that giant pork chop, and held it like this, and then…

    • “It’s SO not fair! Dear leader looks better in mom pants than I do!!”

  • Diogenes_wy

    I watched her testimony and must say I haven’t seen such and admirable display of tap dancing since Fred Astaire’s days of performing. It’s a wonder she hasn’t been nominated for an Oscar for her ‘performance’.
    Why Susan Rice? Because Hil probably told the oreo in chief to flake off when he asked her to jeopardize her career to save his behind.

  • FreeManWalking

    The look on her face it one of total disinterest, bored and disconnected in what is being said.

  • RevIdahoSpud3

    I would like to call to the stand……Vince Foster?

  • texasgirl46

    I like him a little more every times he opens his mouth….

  • marmo43

    you just have to appreciate rand paul. he has a backbone and ethics. not very many do in washington anymore. far too many are being bought off by lobbyist. i would like to see a paul-cubio ticket myself.. get back to following the constitution

  • Ray

    I have not seen ONE TIME why, when asked for, no help was given to those brave men from a C-130 gunship flying overhead. Instead they were told to stand down, who told them to stand down? That is just, inexcusable.

    • Ray

      and no one will be punished for it, for the main stream media will not hold this woman, nor Obama responsible for anything, I mean, they let their media women get raped by muslims and hush it up, sweep it under the table. They are EVIL, EVIL, people.

  • Thank God for Sen Rand Paul, who hammered this inept incompetent liberal fascist ideologue with the Truth, with facts, with common sense, for her failed leadership !!

    This is her job, it is what she is supposed to do, supposed to be there to ensure, to oversee the priority and critical aspects like the security / safety of US State Dept Ambassador’s and the US Embassy Consulates around the world as the US Sec. of State.. Not act like some low to mid level bureaucrat.

    The deflecting, evading, excusing, ie; the bull crap from her is so pathetic, so outrageous, so insufferably disgusting, it makes your blood boil, just like it does with Obama, her same like ilk Boss-the head anti-American liberal socialist marxist islamist traitor-in chief.

  • aZjimbo

    How low can hillary go? What a beatdown.

  • I’m liking Rand Paul more and more.

  • It will make no difference. She will just lie to continue to cover up what really happened and the media will continue to cover it up.

  • The posture of Hilary during this speech was insolent in and of itself. This whole investigation is beyond ludicrous. EVERYONE knows it wasn’t a video. We all know our government sacrificed Amb Stevens and the three others. We know they watched in real time and did nothing. Hilary knew and she lied through her teeth. When she asked, “What does it matter now?” the questioner should have been prepared to respond with the smack-down of all smack-downs recounting how lies to the American people always matter and that she’s proved herself untrustworthy to work for us any further by her capricious attitude about the loss of American lives alone. When she screeched and performed histronics of faux-indignation, the questioner should have been prepared to cry and yell back at her refuting her fake outrage with facts.

  • amaimbourg

    Kudos to Rand Paul for standing up!!!!! Every word he says is so true!

  • jrt1031

    Evan Rand seemed to tip toe lightly with Hillary. I wonder why it is that this administration get such a free pass. God will set things straight as is always…

  • jrt1031

    You’re wrong in that everyone thinks this . Only those that voted for Romney believe this. The rest of the counter thinks we are making a mountain out of a mole hill. Denial is a sad and weak way to go through life and yet more Americans are comfortable with letting government take over. What is the answer…I guess alienation from the left helps… and of course prayers to God