Rand Paul: Why do we have to trade tax increases just to get entitlement reform from Democrats?

Rand Paul says we’re all Americans and it doesn’t make sense to him that Republicans would have to trade tax increases just to get entitlement reform from Democrats. And he’s adamant that he’s not going to vote for tax increases because unlike other Republicans who are considering it, he just doesn’t agree with raising revenue by raising taxes. He says the reason we have a revenue problem is because we have no economic growth and too much spending and raising taxes isn’t the way to solve that problem.

He also talks about defining the fiscal cliff and more:

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  • Why are republicans acting like democrats our country needs backbones and right now we don’t have any back bones in leadership positions.

    • sDee

      Elephants and Donkey – two sides of the same globalist coin.

      We have no leaders in leadership positions. The Republican Party has purged and marginalized them.

    • sjmom

      Because they have co opted their principles for a seat with the power brokers.

    • Austerity was the plan all along. It is part of shutting down the country. The same agenda has played out in many other countries. Europe knows all about it. The central banks fund government that spends like crazy to build up an unsustainable debt, then raises taxes and cuts benefits so that the interest can be paid to the banks. All the while, the other banks get bailed out to keep the fraud going. No market corrections, and no reduction in government spending, or central bank money creation. Eventually, all the real wealth ends up in the hands of a few people who reside off shore, and cannot be touched.

  • Rshill7

    It seems that the American people would have an idea that goes like this: If you can’t run this country on 2 trillion per year, we’ll find someone who can.

    What else is run like national governments are? Oh right, the US Post Office, Amtrak, etc.

    • sjmom

      As long as the govt is advertising “free” the American people are going to run for their share like they did on Black Friday to save a buck. Sick, sad and ludicrous.

      • aposematic

        Been reading about every adult in America went shopping on Black Friday…guess I don’t count as an adult.

  • SoLongSong

    Shaddup, Rand – I’m still mad at yer dad…

  • Sober_Thinking

    One of the few people in Washington who “gets it”. Lead by example!

    Once again, I don’t see how anyone doesn’t get this. Dems are either ignorant through and through or they’re deliberately trying to destroy this country along with Obama.

    Until the GOP shows solidarity with common sense solutions and sticks to their guns – no matter what – they are going to be the lackey’s and whipping boys of Washington. Right now, they are playing right into the Dem’s hands. Fools.

    • Betsey_Ross

      They get it alright. They just don’t want to solve it. They create problems that need solutions and then fight about the solution that will work. Stop spending. That is the solution, but that is just too hard for all of them. They are like divorced parents trying to make it easier on their kids and money is no object. Actually too many parents are like that divorced or not.

      It makes me crazy that the ‘fiscal cliff’ was created by Obama’s spending. He has spent trillions and what do we have for it? Nothing. Most of it went down the fiscal rat hole with no benefits for anyone but Obama. It bought him a presidency, again. Then he pretends as all of them do to want to solve the problem that he created. He can’t stop spending because Congress allows him to. No one has benefitted from Obama except Obama and he will keep it that way because we have a Senate and House full of the same kind of crooks.

      • Sober_Thinking

        Spot on… that makes sense and really may be the only possible reason why this garbage keeps going on and on… Now Republicans want some sugar.

        If we had an honest media with objective journalists, this would have stopped long ago.

        Great response… thanks.

      • aposematic

        It is increasingly clear that the only difference between the two major Political Parties are the end recipients of Government largess with many recipients playing both sides. It is now SOP on how business is done…Welcome to the New World Order.

    • 1vote

      Very good, Sober.

      I vote for: Most dems are just plain stupid and/or spineless.

      On the other hand: Obama is on a mission of destruction.

      Conservatives?: They are mostly sell-outs and spineless.

      • warpmine

        add all of those together and you get SCREWED.

      • sjmom

        Democrats are evil and Republicans are spineless which is why the Dems get away with their nonsense. Someone needs to have courage and so far its not the GOP so its up to us.

        • Sober_Thinking

          Spot on.

        • aposematic

          Dems get away with their evil because the MSM/Press loves them for it. On the other hand, the MSM/Press project evil onto Rep.s to support the Dem.’s need of an ogre to blame for the Dem.s constant policy failures.

    • sjmom

      It’s not that they “don’t get it”. They get it but it doesn’t fit in with their goals and agenda. They have an addiction to power and spending other people’s money is part and parcel of that addiction. It’s the same disease as those who steal someone’s identity to spend their hard earned money. Thievery of the worst kind because it’s legal and they have worked very hard to make it that way. They have a lot at stake. What they don’t realize is so do we and right about now the natives are very restless.

  • kssturgis62

    Republicans and Democrats have merged into one party. They have melded. Instead of using the same points over and over to make their case, they decide to join and help destroy this country.

    I am never voting for the GOP again. Unless I am guaranteed, that they are like a Michelle Bachmann.

    Mitch McConnell from Kentucky is the only one who seems to be standing firm.

    Watch Rand Paul he stated he is willing to compromise on Amnesty.

    I don’t trust any of them and they wonder why their approval rating is so low, and they wonder why so many are saying enough is enough with the GOP.

    with the power grab that Boehner just did, I am so done. I havent’ been a registered republican in years, but i am really pushing people to look at the conservative party.

    • Rshill7

      Here’s the thing. Republican Senators will not be able to affect anything in this debate, but by their power of persuasion, which with Reid in charge of the Senate will be zero. This is between the House and the executive.

      • kssturgis62

        I get it, but they shouldn’t be making deals with them either. McCain and Graham love to work with Schummer and others and make deals with them. they should stand against them.

    • Conniption Fitz

      Can’t lump Bachmann in with them.

      • kssturgis62

        No your right I love Michelle Bachmann and Sarah Palin. But I can say I won’t be voting GOP for the one they push, I will vote if it is one that I can agree with and there are several, Louis Gohmert, Huelskamp, Labrador, Amash, Bachmann, Palin, West, Trey Gowdy, Marsha Blackburn, the list goes on, so I think you get what I meant though.

    • I agree… We are ordinary people, getting ready to do extraordinary things… come see what we’re about! http://tinyurl.com/constfreeparty

      • kssturgis62

        Thank you for that Link Wolfie, I will be sharing that and Posting it. That is something I can get behind.

  • aPLWBinAK

    “doesn’t make sense to him that Republicans would have to trade tax increases just to get entitlement reform”……..Finally!! Somebody says it. The fact that this statement isn’t being screamed from the rooftops by every single Republican, shows how far down the the tubes we’ve fallen. It should be blatantly, in-your-face obvious to any sentient being. We do not have a ‘revenue problem’……Washington rakes in plenty of $$$$ off the backs of us producers. The problem is spending,spending, and MORE spending…..

  • ryanomaniac

    Republicans are the weak sticks of the century. Its mind boggling that Boehner, Chambliss and my favorite piece of crap Graham are the ones that get sent in there to negotiate anything. They never call anyone’s bluff. These guys are dead wood…they don’t bend, they just break. I forgot about the Maverick McCain. Maverick my a**.

  • Haywoodjbl

    EXACTLY WTH does one have to do with the other? All games to them

  • Don

    The Senate is run as the White House is run. Intelligence and common sense be damned. It is their way and any semblance of representing the interests of the American people is not a prioritiy. They look at things from a global view and the exceptionalism of the United States must be brought to its knees because we have succeeded while the rest of the world is mired in mediocrity. Instead of leadiing we are being punished by redistribution of wealth to those who do not understand how it was produced. Reproducton of wealth is imperative to make a free economy work. Failure to understand that means lowering the standards of living for all.

  • Conniption Fitz

    Rand Paul makes sense. May many hear and heed him.

  • Learnedsmtn2day

    I cant get past my love-hate relationship with this guy!!!!

  • mikeinidaho

    As happened under Reagan, the spineless traitors in the Republican Party will trade tax increases now for never-to-be-seen spending reductions “in the future”.

  • Nukeman60

    Congressional approval was at an all-time low, and yet this year we voted it back to the same status as it was. Heck, even more Dems were voted into the Senate despite the fact that they don’t have any idea how to create, let alone manage, a budget.

    It’s all about the LameStream narrative. No matter what Republicans do, they will be castrated whether they are for or against something – anything. We never hear what will happen if the Democrats do something, even though they are the ones in control.

    Break the LameStream and maybe then most Republicans won’t be running for the hills, grabbing their privates like a herd of crazed Turkeys the week before The Turkey Testicle Festival.

    It’s common sense to say raising taxes has nothing to do with excessive spending. But then common sense isn’t very common, is it?

  • detectivedick

    Th best GOP plan is to say and do nothing until the USA falls over the “fiscal cliff”. Then blame the LIAR, he is now setting the stage for the mid-term elections for the Progressives to take control of the House in 2014.
    Every morning the GOP needs to text it’s members the message….”we are waiting for the Presidents Budget and spending plan before we can write a Bill”
    That is it! just remember to only answer questions you know the answer to and shut up!

  • colliemum

    Rand Paul can talk because he and the other republicans don’t have any power in the Senate. They’ve been comprehensively outplayed not just by Reid, but by their own GOPe, who prevented the election of more conservative senators.
    As for the House – well, it’s the permanent political class in action, as shown by Boehner: it’s about their own power, and the people who voted for them can just go and stuff it.

    The crash will come, and I hope that also means the crash of both establishment parties.

  • BHliberty

    Sequestration ($1.2 Trillion over the course of 10 yrs) is great but will hardly make a dent in the sea of debt and deficits! And watch, instead of cutting spending where it is necessary, ie. Medicare/social security, they will put the nix on military spending where we can ill-afford to do so.

    I have no faith in the current crop of politicians who make promises they can’t/won’t keep. None!

    • stage9

      Sequestration will utterly kill our Defense Industry. Where I live, this is the ONE THING preventing hiring and corporate forecasting for next year. I’ve been to numerous briefings by high-ranking generals and none of them even seem to know when/if this thing is going to happen. The mood is very somber around here from a contracts perspective.

      • BHliberty

        Yeah, I’m in the Ventura County of California which is home to the SeaBees, Navy, and I believe Navy Seals! I’ve heard that these bases could be on the chopping block and no doubt, this have a serious economic impact on the county! At a time when California is suffering from one of the highest unemployment rates and economical demise, this will only cause more pain! Neo-keynesian theory should now be thought of as a four-letter word!

    • BHliberty

      And they thought Sarah Palin was stupid? Ha! From my vantage point, she is the smartest person in the room!

  • sjmom

    Kudos Senator Paul. You promised the people and will not violate that promise. You are a glimmer of hope in what is otherwise a very dark and dreary news cycle. It’s a shame honor doesn’t live in the halls of Congress except for a few like Rand. May God bless his efforts to bring the light of truth to DC.

  • deeme

    Anyone who thinks they want to increase taxes to pay down the debt is living in la la land..they just want more of our money to hand out to their future voters. What’s really sad is we are evil for wanting to keep hard earned dollars and they aren’t for allowing future generations to be born with debt..pitiful..

    • deeme

      Come to think of it, it reminds me of another scheme, whereby we would give them money from our checks and they would save it for U.S. for when we retired…yeah that worked out didn’t it..???? Unless you happen to be 55 or under..

  • stage9

    I don’t think either thing he described is the “fiscal cliff”.

    The “fiscal cliff” is when your debts outweigh your revenue to such an extent that you can’t recover economically and you wind up bankrupting the nation.

    THAT’S the “fiscal cliff”!

    It has JACK to do with WHICH approach you take to solving the economic problem -whether cutting spending or raising taxes!

  • aposematic

    Because if you don’t agree to go along with the Democrats bad policies you will be blamed for all of the bad Democrat policies…Oh, never mind! Just read about a poll saying the majority are already blaiming the Republicans for all of the Democrats bad policies.

    • cabensg

      For only one reason. The liberal Main Stream Media is the enemy of liberty in America and until we find a way to turn them around the uninformed will continue to believe their lies.

  • That’s absolutely right. We can’t afford to spend more money than we have. I wish more of them got that.

  • He is correct. Why do we have to accept tax increases when we have a spending problem. Yes it’s entitlements but it’s alos the tons of nickle and dime spending that has to stop. Like studying gulf shrimp on treadmills. Really? That’s the stuff of infamy.. It needs to stop and the only way is to vote out the congressman who support this crap.

    • syvyn11

      Great, first we do a year of spending cuts then we’ll work on ‘revenue enhancements’.

      No more tax increases and then spending cuts that are nothing but accounting tricks.

  • Alborn

    Shut it down. No more money for the beast we call government. We live without the services every weekend and many holidays. We do not need the government. Shut it down! No compromise on increasing taxes. Republicans better learn how to get dead people to vote in those corrupt blue states or they will never win in those states again. The Democraps bus in illegals and non residents with fake water bills and such and win elections with votes by people who do not even live in the state. I am still in favor of a third party. Are there any groups working on this that sites are available to get involved with helping combine the tea party people and the libertarians. The Rs are dead to me. Go Rand stand for common sense and the constitution. I will vote for you any day.

  • Arrrggghhh

    I like this guy. He understands what really needs to be done and has the ability to articulate it fairly well. I remember seeing a clip of him on Letterman and he really gave Davey boy a schooling. I’m keeping an eye on him for 2016.

    I also agree with his thoughts that the republican party has to do something to appeal to more people. I would much rather that that “something” be to become more Libertarian rather than more liberal.

  • cabensg

    To answer Rand’s question. It’s what Democrats call bi-partisanship.

  • Stehekin912

    Thank heaven SOMEONE is standing.

  • Which is why Rand Paul will get the vote of every conservative out there in 2016 for president. He has that great principle that this isn’t a tax issue, it’s a spending issue. Why is it that we have to raise taxes on anybody? Why not just try spending less. But for a bunch of Democrats who won’t even cut money for Big Bird, who is part of corporation worth $250 million, do you really think they are going to agree to cut anything? I doubt it. The only way large cuts will be made is if the Republicans somehow keep the House and gain the Senate and the White House in 2016. Until then, let them all fall off the fiscal cliff and see what real fairness is all about.

  • In answer to your question Senator Paul…

    Because Democrats are dumb.

  • Why are Republicans not united with this sound minded policy that lowers taxes, increases job growth and cuts spending?