Reagan V. Obama

I don’t know if anyone listened to Mark Levin tonight, but he played an interesting video someone posted on Youtube of audio clips from Ronald Reagan and Obama.

It was debate-like. You can see the contrast between the great conservative Ronald Reagan on issues such as health care, America’s greatness, socialism, and the constitution versus Obama’s views on these subjects. It is worth your time:

h/t: Dan Riehl and Mark Levin Show

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  • ecosse

    out-freakin-tastic! every once in a while ya need to do a little compare and contrast.

  • ecosse

    ok, “out-freakin-tastic” isn't a word. but this is the obama nation… we make reality as we go. 🙂

  • Tyler

    Blarg. The sky is yellow, the grass is blue, and the clouds are green…oh…and all citizens are purple now. What a wonderful SEIU we live in. Haha.

  • jackjward

    Nonsense. You can get the same kind of false equivalencies by watching Stephen Colbert make Sean Hannity his newest “working girl” in a recent episode of “The Colbert Report”.
    Reagan is speaking from a 1960's recording which has NO bearing on what's going on today. The idea that doctors, for example, will be prevented from moving and working where they wish, is pure paranoid fantasy.
    I live in Canada, and that has never happened with our entire BELOVED Health Care (and yes despite what Fox News says Canadians have voted time and time again our Public Health care to be a treasure, and its architect to be “the greatest Canadian”).
    Please stop propigating fear. The current Democratic (As its not Obamacare because he didn't originate it) is a terrible watered down bill, and still you fight it.
    If you want something to fight about… Encourage them to go Single-Payer.
    At least that's an honest fight filled with something that would actually help the American People.

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