Rep. Corine Brown asked would African American lawmakers be involved in Trayvon case if he were white

Today a CNN host asked a very penetrating question of Rep. Corine Brown who is in the Congressional Black Caucus:

Would you, would your fellow African American lawmakers be as concerned about this case if Trayvon wasn’t black?

OK, I’m giving massive kudos to that host for that question. But what’s even better is what happens when Brown asserts that she in fact was very concerned when a young white female was murdered in her district, and then right before she proceeded to accuse the host of making this about race, the CNN host asks a penetrating follow up:

What was her name?

The rest you’ve got to watch. It’s brutal.

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  • SpikeT

    The Black Caucus needs to be abolished.

    Sraight out racist conglomeration.

    Btw, I don’t think the time to return to the Wig party.

    • p m

      Yeah – who knew big hair wigs were back in?

      This creature is a ‘lawmaker’ for the USA?

    • Sober_Thinking

      Agreed. It’s all about race. Period.

      They perpetuate racism pure and simple.

  • drphibes

    I’m sorry, this reminds me of MJ for some reason:
    “I love the children. I give them Jesus juice and tuck them in bed. It’s charming.”

  • Cindy09

    That’s gonna leave a mark!!!

  • M_J_S

    Correction Rep. Corine Brown and her wig asked “would African American lawmakers be involved in Trayvon case if he were white?”

  • Wow, look at that hair.

  • If she wants to see racism at its finest, all shes needs to do is look in the mirror. I am so sick of this mess I could puke

    • Rightstuff1

      This is just ludicrous. They are so pathetic they are a parody of themselves. The answer to the question of “if this were a white would they be involved?” was not answered because they know and she knows damn well that they wouldn’t. This is crap. How amny whites are killed by blacks each year? How amny? Do we ever hear a worda bout it? When blacks were rioting in the streets and beating people up did we hear anything? No we didn’t. I’m so sick to death of the hostility and out and out hatred of whites that passes these days as acceptable from these clowns.

  • The host knows she screwed up asking congresswoman what the white girls name was.

    • NYGino

      Screwed up? How did she screw up? I thought it was a brilliant example of reporting.

      • She screwed up by asking for the name in the first place… 😉 I mean, how dare this CNN reporter make a Democrat look bad! LOL

        • las1

          Well I guess there is one thing you can’t accuse Congresswoman Corine Brown of being… and that would be a name dropper.

      • stevenbiot

        Finally, huh?

  • 911Infidel

    Oh duh. She couldn’t remember the name of the kid. Well now, maybe that’s because she’s full of crap. Oh was that racist? You mean like the reaction of the Black Klan?

    What about the 6 year old Hispanic girl shot in her front yard in Chicago? Care to comment Ms Brown? Oh wait, there is no political points to score there huh?

  • mike morrison

    Ok, that was hilarious…I thought I was watching a David Alan Grier skit or something.

    • lightbearer11

      I was thinking Amos and Andy!

      • NYGino

        Amos trying to pull one on the kingfish.

        • lightbearer11

          I know you meant Kingfish trying to pull one on Andy Brown.

  • David Boyes

    some needs to follow up her story and see if she did what she says she did …. hold her accountable, hold her feet to the fire !!!! some body please ……… hold her accountable

    • Joe

      YOU hold her feet

      Not me!

  • aPLWBinAK

    Wow. How in the world did she get from ‘murdered young white girl’ to the deficit? That was embarressing.

    • Joe

      Watch this and you’ll know

      They give a course of sidestep 101 in Politician school

      It was a great play and movie

      • aPLWBinAK

        While I actually meant it as a rhetorical question, thanks for sending that, it’s great. BTW, Charles Durning is a WW2 veteran who got a Silver Star and 3 purple hearts fighting in Europe.

        • Joe

          I rarely pass up an opportunity to make OUR people laugh

  • lightbearer11

    Here they go again with the, “LIES, DENIES AND ALIBIS”.

    • Joe

      I like that one – a keeper

      Welcome to the Scoop

      Please pass it on – to nice people only

  • Trust1TG

    Obama and friends are very selective in their sympathy and support.

    There was NO compassion, NO apologies, NO condolences, NO phone calls, NO marches, NO sermons, NO cries for justice, NO expressions of outrage and NO Rose Garden expressions of concern when,

    1. In 2009, a white mother’s son was doused with alcohol and burned to death in Florida by black teenagers one of whom resembled Obama and could have been his son. http://teresainfortworth.wordp

    2. In Kansas, a white teenager was chased down and set on fire by 4 black teenagers on March 4, 2012 the week AFTER the Martin/Zimmerman incident.

    For reference – here is a photo of another boy who at age 5 was set on fire by a teenager, and lived…after numerous painful surgeries, but succumbed to a burn-related cancer 13 difficult years later.

    Nope – they save their tears for the children who look like them.

    • salabby

      And remember the huge protests after the kidnapping and sadistic torture/murders of the young white couple, Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom, by a group of black men?

      Of course you don’t. Here:

      And do we hear similar voices and rallies for the blacks being murdered everyday across the nation? Of course we don’t.

      Murders are happening everyday in Chicago, often several a night on weekends. Does Obama not understand that those victims also look like the son he doesn’t have? Of course he doesn’t. He’s a race baiter.

      • poptoy1949

        OHhhhh, what a great Post………Thank YOU !

  • is that whitney?

  • GraceKnows
  • I hate it when CNN does stuff like this. Beginning last fall when Wolfie and the reporter at the Iowa State Fair treated Sarah Palin kindly, CNN started making me think, “Oh, CNN is plaing nice. It must be trying to cut in on Fox News.” Of course, this cunundrum only worsens as Fox keeps redefining “fair and balanced” leftward.

    • Is_Sense_Common

      The truth is, you’re going to have to work for your information. There is no news organization that will tell you the whole story. Thankfully there’s enough websites with varying perspectives that you can read and discern the truth of the situation, digest it and analyze it with your God-given intellect. The time for we citizens to get spoonfed the news is over my friend.

      • Karl Rogue

        preach it!

  • If there ever was a poster child for term limits, you’re looking at her!

    • Sandra123456

      Yes sir. 19 years for Corinne and counting.

      • M_Minnesota

        And at 169 grand a year!!!!

        • PVG

          Plus GREAT healthcare!!

  • Is_Sense_Common

    Wow. That was painful. And just so absurd. How do these absurd people keep getting elected?

    • Joe

      I guess sense is not common!

  • what a moron …

  • PFFV

    Our own government is segregationist? Why do we have a black caucus? Do we have a white caucus? What is next the Latino caucus, the Asian caucus? This is the United States of America dammit! We are Americans! Stop with the desired separation and self-distinctions already, get over yourselves. We are one nation and one people. Lets love everyone equally because we share a common bond. Anyone can work hard and enjoy the fruits of their labor. We all have an equal opportunity at Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

    • NYGino

      Right, but only when it serves their purpose.

    • Is_Sense_Common

      Standing O! Well said.

    • sjmom

      It wouldn’t serve their purpose or agenda which is to divide us because that is how they retain their power.

  • Joe

    1.) No way she’s only 65

    2.) They give a course of sidestep 101 in Politician school

    • stevenbiot

      She looked like a racist deer in headlights when asked what the girl’s name was.

      • 12grace


  • stevenbiot

    I don’t remember her name, because her mother and father didn’t create patents to profit from her death, like Trayvon’s parents did. This is an issue because Slim Shady Sharpton and the other racist blacks made it an issue.

  • stevenbiot

    The congressional black congress is the conscience of the congress. If that doesn’t say it all, nothing does.

    • Joe


    • sjmom

      At least we know now what the problem with Congress is, and to think we were told it was the Tea Party. You’re right, her comment says it all.

  • less1leg

    funny how she can remember the name of a young Black man, who she says is equal in value to her interests. But she couldn’t remember the name of the dead young White girl who actually lives in her representative district.
    She can remember the name perfectly of an out of district Black kid but couldn’t get her story correct over the death of a district kid in her own area. Strange woman. then spins off into NeverLand backtracking anything to save her ass.

  • Not only was I struck by the idiocy in the answer, but by how the reporter didn’t press her on the issue of not knowing this person’s name… However, I’ll give the reporter credit for asking the question in the first place…

    • stevenbiot

      “Congresswoman, I can hear the passion in your voice.” That was the polite way of saying, ” shut your race-baiting pie-hole; I have a mani and pedi scheduled at 5 sharp.”

  • toongoon

    She’s got me convinced.

  • poptoy1949

    She is lying through her teeth. She should concentrate on all People not just Black people. PERIOD.

  • Trust1TG

    Obama and friends are blaming the wrong people for racism and hatred.

    Here is the evidence:

    These statistics show that:
    1. The greatest racism, harm and hatred belongs to the black community.
    2. The most crime and gangs and drugs and drop outs are in the black community.

    “There is nothing more painful to me at this stage in my life than to walk down the street and hear footsteps… then turn around and see somebody white and feel relieved.” – Jesse Jackson

    This is heart-breaking.

    Instead of blaming anyone else, the black community needs to take responsibility to stop the blight of violence, hatred, drugs, crime and poverty.

    More black kids are growing up with addicted or absent fathers and mothers – and because of this, they are growing up poor, getting into trouble and going the wrong way.

    Without good food, stable homes, good role models and enough supervision children can’t grow, learn, become who God made them to be.

    Statistics show that if young people would do these things, they would have the best and most prosperous, stable, happy futures:
    1. Not get into addictions alcohol, drugs, violence, sex, porn, gangs.
    2. Not have sex, babies before marriage.
    2. Learn to work, get a job when they are kids and teens.
    3. Finish school.

    They need better media, wholesome character-building activities…to learn self-control, abstinence, how to work, save, study.

    They need to learn to forgive, ask forgiveness and love and help one another. They need the help of Jesus Christ. Blaming and hating white people, trashing stores, getting vengeance, isn’t going to make a bit of difference for the Trayvons of this world.

  • I always wondered what happened to Aunt Esther

  • This is freaking scary stuff

    • 12grace

      Yes, it is scary.

      But, we must not respond to them by being racist, hateful and violent.

  • Conservative_Hippie

    “Reverse Robin Hood?!” “robbing the poor?!” Is she serious?! Does she evemn realize out stupid and nonsensical that sounds?! How can you rob someone that has no money?! I yield the floor…

  • Karl Rogue

    Wow, yet another example of a Congress Critter who should be wearing clown shoes and riding a unicycle.

    The Congressional Black Congress is an embarrassment to republican government. Tribalism pure and simple.

    • NYGino

      Are we keeping a lid on these people or does the rest of the world see them also?

    • Boris_Badenoff

      They are an embarrassment to the black community, along with Jackass err I mean Jackson and Simpleton … uhh Sharpton I mean…

      All kidding aside , why the black community continues to support these race baiters is a mystery is it not?

      Do they like the plantation that much? Its a no wonder they absolutely Hate self mad men like Alan West and Herman Cain..

      Obama , the GREAT uniter…lol Biggest joke of the past 5 years.

    • M_Minnesota

      And at 169 Grand a year!!!

  • She made sure the Sheriff had the money…blah blah blah. Honest to God, people actual vote for this.

    • Boris_Badenoff

      Mind blowing isn’t it…

    • GLLee

      the ones of us that live just outside her district wonder the same thing every two years… Her area of Jacksonville used to be the nice burbs, but now it’s blighted, disheveled. Outsiders typically don’t go there, day or night.

      • MaxineCA

        Sounds like Maxine Waters district. There seems to be a common thread.

        • PVG

          Exactly!! Redistricting strikes again.

        • JerrymB

          It is a common thread in every single district of a black caucus member.

  • rjcylon

    Well that’s definitely going in her file.

  • Sober_Thinking

    She looks like she’s straight off the streets – has she been drinking?

    This is all about race with them, pure and simple.

  • MaxineCA

    Frankly, I’m fed up with this garbage about Trayvon. Anyone who has seen his picture and language from his Twitter page, acting and talking “Gansta, rapper crap”, would be afraid if this guy was in your neighborhood. The old saying….. if it walks like a duck, should apply here.

    Enough already – how about some truth from the media & politicians for a change. I won’t hold my breath for that.

    And what about that elderly couple forced out of their home after Spike Lee re-tweeted their address in error. Where is their justice?

    • NYGino

      Collateral damage, that’s all.

      • PVG

        Yeah, you know the ends justify the means. I am so sick of this.
        The whole country is outta control because of this unqualified, petulant, ideologue and his regime of thugs. They have emboldened the lawless racist fringe in this nation.
        God have mercy!!

        • JerrymB

          It is only going to get worse–we are in for a very long and HOT summer with all the crap this Marxist’s handlers from Chicago are going to stir up.

  • Linky1

    What is it with these women and their bad hairdo’s and clothes? Don’t they get paid enough as Congresscritters?

    • p m

      Far too much, unfortunately. They’re just proof that you can’t buy good taste.

    • M_Minnesota

      Only 169 Grand a Year Baby!!

    • JerrymB

      They stay up all night since they have a hard time in daylight. They roll out in public today just like you saw them yesterday. The jackass with the big pink hat and flower on her dress today all over the news looked just like one of the hucksters over at TBN.

  • Hey Soul Sister!

  • Mary_RN

    had a really hard time getting past the wig. She was an idiot. Didn’t make sense at all and obviously coudn’t remember the white childs name. I was glad the interviewer asked her those questions.. it’s about time we called them out on THEIR racism. I’m sick to death of worrying about being politically correct all the time….and when the heck is white history month???? Why don’t they get this upset about how so many young black men are killing young black men…that statistic is staggering. They are all killing each other at an alarming rate, but we’re going to make a national issue about this one who was killed by a “caucasion mexican” . Very sad whenever a life is lost, but this situation is being handled by authorities, and the Black Panthers need to get out of Law Enforcement. Period. And where is Obama when these people are enciting violent…”dead or alive” language…”bounty”. REALLY???

    • JerrymB

      The idiots in this cavewoman’s district deserve the screwball they got.

  • Defytheleft

    Blowhard race hustlers like Corrine Brown need to be taken on more often. No one should be afraid to question them in fear of being called a racist. Well done by the reporter.

  • Wow that was right up there with Maxine “muddy” Waters and her “This democrat is all about socializing” comment. I love that she looked off camera to her handlers like come on I just stepped in it here help me out.

  • That’s bull crap- there were no rallies for a murdered white woman in Jacksonville or anywhere else. C. Brown is a lying racist nutjob! Thank you CNN for actually doing a decent job for a change. As for C. Brown, when I see her, all I can think about is a black version of this?

    • PVG

      Amen ABC! Love the picture.

  • yhxqqsn

    She wouldn’t know what a conscience was if it knocked off her glasses.

  • 12grace

    Rep. Brown only represents one segment of the American population and that segment is NOT white.

    • PVG

      Would that perhaps be the same segment represented by Rep. Waters???

      • GretaN

        Oh, you mean Eric Holder’s people.

      • 12grace

        Yes, the very same segment. Pathetic, huh?

  • sandyfromchesterfield

    This was a comment left on The Blaze.
    “The young lady she can’t remember is 33 year old Michelle Parker that went missing back in Nov. of 2011. Which is still missing. I live in Orange County,FL I can tell you Mrs. Brown was not at any of those rallies. As matter of fact it is not her district.”

    Michelle Parker appeared on the reality TV show, “The People’s Court,” in which Parker and her former fiance argued over her lost engagement ring. She disappeared that day. As of March 2, 2012, she is still missing.

    • PVG

      “I live in Orange County,FL I can tell you Mrs. Brown was not at any of those rallies. As matter of fact it is not her district.” Imagine that!

  • Pyrran

    Hey Corine!! Chewbacca called and wants his fur coat back!!!

  • sjmom

    If the Congresswoman was selling something I don’t think I’d purchase it because I certainly wasn’t buying her concern.

  • SaraPFan

    This is the 2nd CNN news anchor asked substantive questions about this case and didn’t just let their guest spew talking points. I guess CNN will be on Obama’s hit list after Fox if they keep this up. Whites are attacked by blacks a lot and these Congressmen aren’t dressing down on the floor and holding rallies for them.

  • Classic!

  • Ariadnea

    With a parade of ridiculous dumb deceptive democratic characters trying to grab headlines, I now know what D in DNC or DP stands for.

  • I -support Inter/racial-relationships! I believe love- has no color!
    This club is for those of us that don’t -discriminate! This is to all my people who don’t care -about- somebody’s ethnic background, just how they are on the inside.–

    If you want to find -a sincere Inter/racial- relationship. If you- are serious. Come -and join- us!

  • Jay

    Oh yes, we’re very, very, concerned about little what’s-her-name….

    I don’t think it’s about race per se. Race is merely a device the left uses to divide people. They have an equal desire to enslave you whether you’re white, black, hispanic, Innuit or Samoan. The libtards are equal opportunity all the way when it comes to consolidating their power over the people.

  • E. Lee Zimmerman

    That has to be one of the most incoherent responses I think I’ve heard in a few years.

  • PChandler

    Tsk, tsk, tsk… lets start yelling and talking about shi… not related to the question so people forget i don’t know know the name of the ‘white female shot in the hood’. Nice try(not really).

    Of course these racists wouldn’t care if the victim was non-black. Would the Black Panthers care if the victim was non-black? c’mon!.

  • tvlgds

    Is that ignorant hag for real?? No wonder we’re in trouble.

  • Wow. “When America has a cold, the African American’s have pneumonia.” That seems really harsh.

  • ZackMorris2

    I think that may be a wig on her head, but I am not completely sure. If not then she ought to comb that mop top.

  • Switch the subjects
    Ignore the Facts
    Name Call.