Rep. Issa questions Holder, Democrats turn hearing into circus

The meat of what happens here is that Issa questions Holder about the wiretaps and Holder essentially blames Bush, justifying their handling of the wiretap applications based on how the Bush administration handled similar applications. But during Issa’s intense questioning of Holder, Democrats Sheila Jackson Lee and Mel Watt ran interference for him, constantly interrupting over Issa’s refusal to allow Holder to use up his time filibustering. Democrat Ranking member Conyers steps into the fray after the questioning to object to Issa’s style of questioning.

Basically the Democrats turned what was legitimate and necessary questioning of Holder into a circus:

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  • So corruption shields corruption. The two that ran interference should be investigated.

    • HarrietHT2

      Where was Issa’s back-up? Two can play this game. Be prepared to be jumped by sleaze-bags that pass as congressmen and women and have your team ready to out-maneuver them. Issa is confronting evil; he’s going to have to be supremely diligent and fearless.

    • keninil

      I think Conyers was drunk.

      • G_unitttt

        he’s marble-mouthed like race-hustlin Al Sharpton

      • no he is just 84, so thats normal for that old bastard

  • Holder has to be nailed for the death of Brian Terry.

    • Amy

      As well as the death of ICE agent Zapata in Mexico. One of the weapons used in his murder is linked to an ATF gun walking scheme as well.

    • Trust1TG

      There are a million things to indict both Obama and Holder. This administration is a prosecutor’s smorgasbord or ‘all you can eat buffet.’

  • Stehekin912

    At what point/what needs to be done or what needs to be in hand to charge contempt of congress and get the legal ball rolling ?

    • E. Lee Zimmerman

      It would appear that it’s increasingly unlikely.

  • Watching Holder being grilled and smacked down like that is like watching Conservative Porn! LOL!

  • Hank Yip

    Just a bunch of clowns with power and no morals.

  • Issa is like a terrier dog! He must be very frustrated at this stage. Holder filibustering and those other muppets running interference to prevent proper interrogation. Issa needs to charge Holder with Contempt and get the legal ball rolling seeing as he won’t answer questions any other way.

    • keninil

      Working amongst all this bullshit would drive me nuts. I really commend Issa and company for sticking to it. Hopefully the Ethics committee will be as dogged with Maxine Waters ethics violations.

      • Joe

        and the key word here is

        NUTS! –

        (they really are)

    • TJinNJ

      Problem is RINO leadership will use the excuse of not rocking the boat prior to election and will do nothing. Same thing will occur when Debt Ceiling comes up again and Boehner and McConnell will roll over.

    • brendawatkins

      Muppets or maggots?

  • NJK

    These people realize that over 300 murders have occurred here?

  • Sandra123456

    5:12 was all I could take.

    Wouldn’t we be better served by a committee made up of some of your neighbors and mine, some of our pastors, some of our fathers and mothers etc who would be temporary representatives of US (us) and then go back to their fields of work, than this bunch?

    OF course this committee probably wouldn’t be needed if the Attorney General was my sheriff or yours or Sheriff Andy from Mayberry.

    Somehow we have to take this country back from professional politicians.

    • Term limits… Make them work for comparable wage (to workers outside of politics) and make them use the same health care as the rest of us. No more special privileges.

    • Joe

      Great idea — Wait – The TEA PARTY!

    • lets make a committee up of the Family and Friends of Border Agent Brian Terry and ICE Agent Jaime Zapata. also killed with guns smuggled out of texas

  • Coming Apart

    Who in this administration tells the truth!?!

    • WordsFailMe

      Bill Clinton, but only during his recurring brain farts.

    • Joe

      What’s that?

      Not in their lexicon

  • Joe

    This is a joke

    Issa is being held back for some reason and by someone (Boehner)

    Holder is making a mockery of the proceedings and has good cause to

    Holder has nothing to lose – because he and ZERO are GUILTY and knows it

    Scoop is correct –

    The libertards ARE simply running interference

    Holder has a permanent smirk on his face which will be erased only by impeachement proceedings

    He will never see justice – but Issa must step this up right before the election

    • WordsFailMe

      These genealogically degenerate bastards will slime their way back to Chicago as heroes. There will be commie parades for commie scum in commie city.

      And the White Sox will be renamed as the “Barack Suks” or the “Holders Ho’s.”

      Obama and Holder can go to work attracting the “down-low” olympics to Commie City.

      • Joe

        PLEASE –

        Don’t be so subtle!

  • 1vote

    “Who’s on first?”

    • Joe

      Apparently Holder

  • WordsFailMe

    More racist activism by know, infamous racist scum. Pat yourself on the back, if, as a youth, you supported civil rights legislation in this country to provide a toilet stool for racist traitors to stand on.

    This is the lowest point in history for our country. I expect the fat head Shebitch Jackass Leak to wear a black hoodie to future meeting along with the rest of the ignorant commie scum and gold toothed, brigade traitors.

    • Joe

      STOP –

      Holding back – Tell us how your really feel!

  • Sober_Thinking

    Fire those fools or remove them. America deserves to get to the bottom of this and Holder must have his feet put to the fire. Remove these racist bastages and let’s finally get to the bottom of this tragedy. The more those A-hats speak out and disrupt this the more contempt and anger I have towards them. They don’t want the truth, they just want to protect a black man… no matter how wrong and criminal he may be. This is so damn wrong.

  • Sober_Thinking

    It’s funny, they fought harder to get to the bottom of the Treyvon situation… racism on parade. Fire those ignorant clowns! They remain on the wrong side of everything.

  • I’m sorry, but I can’t listen. I can’t listen when liberal ideologues who care about cronies more than humans make a complete mockery of a serious inquiry. This is a disgrace, but then again, if there was real justice left in American politics, Holder and a whole lot of others would be in prison by now. Innocent people including a border patrol agent have been murdered as a direct result of this administration’s actions, and these families have to watch these a$$es making a mockery of it?! This pi$$es me off more than I can say.

    • badbadlibs

      holder and co. truly believe they are justified for anything they do, they hold themselves to no standards. he believes he is above the law because he holds America in contempt, we’re cowards, remember?
      As much as I detest bo, I loath holder. he’s hateful, spiteful and should be led away in cuffs.

    • brendawatkins

      In every single one of these hearings it’s been the same.. democrats taking up valuable time so less time is spent on asking/answering serious questions. Not to mention how much time the democrats have spent trying to blame the lack of gun control laws on this stinking operation. As tho MORE gun control laws would stop this kind of CRIMINAL ACTIVITY taking place at the DOJ! I’m with you… TICKED!

  • Amy

    Ugh… I’m listening to this live – whoever this is rambling on right now is obviously trying to drag out his time and ask ignorant questions only benefitting the AG.

    I think CSPAN should pre-empt any and all day time programming thereby forcing voters to view the absolute idiocy that takes place in our legislative halls.

    • Galatiansch2vs20

      While we are dreaming, how about pre-empting during prime time on every television station with a replay of it?

  • Rocco11

    I thought we gave Republicans the numbers? Why are they still playing paddycake with this criminal?!

    • actionsspeaklouder

      I think the answer is – NO GUTS.

      • Joe

        and no .UTS

    • boehner might not have the votes in the house to win this vote if taken, OR he is asking Issa to be more specific in the charges

  • E. Lee Zimmerman

    I’m not defending Holder but I will say that what he’s doing at this point in the questioning is simply defending the status quo. Legally, I’m not certain that Issa went down the proper avenue of get to the answer he wanted. I think it’s pretty clear that Holder is obstructing something by his own recitation of the facts here.

    • an attorney goes down all avenues, no matter where it takes him to get the answers that he/she wants.

      • E. Lee Zimmerman

        Uh … you do realize that Issa is NOT an attorney, right?

  • 911Infidel

    So Mr Axlefraud was wrong, its the Demoratz that can’t handle the truth. And I see a little “gangbanger politics” being applied here by the interupters. You know, something between critical race theory, and “I cannot prosecute my people.”

  • Josh

    Wouldn’t it just be better to have Holder arrested. They could take him to a holding facility and water-board him. Freakin’ traitor.

    Sorry for the outburst there, but anybody else in the US would be in jail for withholding information for 18 months…

    • Joe


      Let it ALL out !

  • I’m still not understanding why an independent prosecutor hasn’t been named for this. The Department of Justice is obviously doing nothing about this, so the only way anybody is going to force their hand is by getting an independent prosecutor. Since the Republicans control the House, can’t they just name one? If Issa now has proof that high-ranking members at DOJ knew about this, isn’t it time to start pressing criminal chargers for at the very least perjury? I’m just not understanding why the Republicans don’t just act on this on their own.

    • freenca

      The Senate has to try an impeachment, so that would not go anywhere with Snagglepuss Harry in charge.

  • I’m still not understanding why an independent prosecutor hasn’t been named for this. The Department of Justice is obviously doing nothing about this, so the only way anybody is going to force their hand is by getting an independent prosecutor. Since the Republicans control the House, can’t they just name one? If Issa now has proof that high-ranking members at DOJ knew about this, isn’t it time to start pressing criminal chargers for at the very least perjury? I’m just not understanding why the Republicans don’t just act on this on their own.

  • badbadlibs

    Why can’t holder be held in contempt? He holds America in contempt.
    I’ve come to the conclusion that democrats should be banished to another planet.

    • brendawatkins

      LOL! and AMEN!

    • the speaker has not brought up the contempt charge yet because
      they might not have the votes to win. and if you dont have the votes and still bring it to the floor and Lose, you are not going to be looking too smart.
      There is also a report that Boehner wants more specifics into the contempt charge

  • brendawatkins

    Holder has done this in ALL of the hearings they’ve had on this topic.. taking up time, so that they can ask LESS questions .. questions that he won’t have to answer, CONVENIENTLY! It’s NO mistake on Holder’s part and Issa knows that.. he has EVERY RIGHT to lose his patience with this piece of crap! If I were on the committee they’d have to throw me out of there! I would’ve have lost my patience a LONG TIME AGO and there wouldn’t be any hiding that fact. In my opinion Issa is being NICE!

    • actionsspeaklouder

      Too nice. Nice guys finish last.

  • FutureOnePercent

    Sheila Jackson, the professional loud-mouth.

    • Joe

      She actually has a shingle on her office door!


  • Captain_Maynard

    As great as Mr Issa’s line of questioning was, I’m convinced there are no two ways about this matter. Holder belongs in the highest-security prison we have in this country and for life! His DOJ is a devilish sham! Holder is a murderer and guilty of attempting to subvert the US constition’s 2nd amendment right to bear arms. And the Democrats who have being helping Holder stonewall in these hearings should be sent to the same prisons, for being accessories to Holder AFTER THE FACT!


    • badbadlibs

      Well said, Captain! Again! I like your style.

  • Trust1TG

    Corruption is spelled: H.O.L.D.E.R.

    Alternative spelling: O.B.A.M.A.

    Third alternative spelling: R.O.M.N.E.Y.

    • kong1967

      Romney isn’t even in office, so how is he corrupt? You don’t like him so you just as well get the accusations going before he even starts?

      • nibblesyble

        I think Trust was lumping Romney in that bunch because of how he conducted his brutal campaign. He is not being let off the hook by a lot of former Newt/Rick supporters…nor should he be either.

        • kong1967

          Lol, but that’s not corruption…..that’s politics. I’m not excusing him by any means. I hope he is just as brutal or even more so with Obama, but it appears like he’s going to take the gloves off for him. He got it backwards. It would have been better off to save his brutal attacks for Obama.

    • badbadlibs

      holder and bo have no equals.

  • I can’t stomach this. This chicago thug is crooked to the core.

  • Nukeman60

    This is why he has had to be brought before Congress on eight different occasions. Eventually the questions will all get asked and he will be forced to answer or be forced to admit he cares little for the law. Either way, he will get outed.

    The likes of Sheila Jackson Lee, Conyers, and Watt are just putting their agendas out in the open for all to see here. One would think that it would serve to have them defeated at the polls, should their constituents ever get a clue.

    • he has not really been brought before Congress all those times.
      The hearings with the Judiciary Committee in both the Senate and House are required to have 2 meetings a year with the Attorney General.
      Only One meeting with Issa’s Committee has been exclusively for Fast and Furious

      dont forget Quigley from Illinois who said F&F started under bush

  • Hologram5

    So it appears with the birds of a color flocking to protect holder that holder can’t even hold his own under questioning. How pathetic is that? Sheila jackson lee needs to be run out of the country like the effing pathetic traitor she is. Women like her make me sick and make a bad name or honorable black people world wide.

  • bindare

    Maybe it’s time for all elected Republicans to clamor for a Independent Prosecutor, (a real independent). There are crimes here that go to the core of this administration and the Democrat Party.

    • actionsspeaklouder

      People have been calling for an Independent Prosecutor for a long, long time. I have written my congressman at least 3 times asking for such (first 2 times I asked, the 3rd time I demanded). I am very disappointed with how this is being handled. Issa is too patient and it appears that nothing is going to happen to these liars and murderers. All we get is a despicable dog and pony show – to appease the masses. It’s not appeasing – it’s a joke and infuriating. Either do something about these liars or shut up. They all look like fools.

      • Galatiansch2vs20

        Your name sums it up eloquently.

    • Galatiansch2vs20

      High time and overdue!

  • bindare

    Maybe it’s time for all elected Republicans to clamor for a Independent Prosecutor, (a real independent). There are crimes here that go to the core of this administration and the Democrat Party.

  • Calling Shelia Jackson-Lee a lady is an insult to ladies.

    Issa was right to interrupt Holder because Holder was trying to not actually answering the question asked, he was trying to spew BS. Conyers needs to be voted out ASAP.

  • nibblesyble


    • badbadlibs

      That about sums it up!

  • The ENTIRE OBAMA REGIME needs to be arrested and indicted for crimes ranging from Treason to violating their Oath of Offices.

    • badbadlibs

      Nice site! Loved the youtube video on the Walker win! That should have been George Soros playing the part of hitler!

  • Joe

    Get a load of this

    Holder Claims Emails Using Words ‘Fast and Furious’ Don’t Refer to Operation ‘Fast and Furious’…

    Issa is being played for a Big Fool

  • It’s quite apparent why corruption runs rampant within the halls of Congress! We are ruled by a criminal syndicate.

  • Smith Smith

    something I always thought of but never see. When we win in Nov, will we not have full access to all of the documents with our side in control? They can’t run and hide forever or is there some on written law says you can’t do that?

    Seems stuff like this from both sides happen and when other party takes control it is never heard of again and I hope this doesn’t happen yet again!!!!

  • bannie2

    Where is this streaming online?

    • go to c-span website and you can watch most of it there. the whole almost 4 hours has not been posted yet

  • I can’t imagine what the hold up is now that Issa has the damaging evidence of wire taps.

    He isn’t going to get any further information now that Holder has his cronies running interference.

    • Galatiansch2vs20

      More pressure from citizens on Congress to do try Holder for treason?

      • destroyer_of_moonbats

        this country is toast as long as we keep electing ppl like shiela jackson lee and eric holder.

        • Galatiansch2vs20

          Wasn’t Holder appointed by President Obama? Sad he and Lee were ever elected.

    • the wiretape paper work was given to Issa from a mole inside the DOJ

  • ApplePie101

    Stay on the offense and keep democrats on the defense.

  • Quite frankly, I can’t feel much sympathy for Issa and his frustration, nor anyone else on that panel that is actually trying to get to the bottom of this (meaning anybody but DNC members). They should’ve threatened him with Contempt of Congress charges, the first time he failed to produce documentation, then gone through with it, in short order. HolderCo. should’ve been arrested and left to cool their asses in JAIL. Split them all up, so they can’t synchronize their stories, and make sure they’re in a cell with somebody with a name variation of Bubba or Bertha. Furthermore, a warrant should’ve been sought by a special investigator (possibly a former DOJ attorney) for full access to Holder’s email, every paper in his office, associates’ email and paperwork effects, all flash drives, laptops, palmtops, text messages, instant messages, phone records, etc. Anything that could’ve been utilized to communicate with anyone else, in reference to this case.

    As for Conyers, I wish I’d’ve slapped his stupid face, the last time I got into it with him, at the Novi Public Library. The leftists continually interrupted Issa, and we all know why: to help Holder stonewall. As for Conyers, he pissed away valuable time opining about how ‘poorly’ Holder was treated, when he could’ve been asking questions, himself, to get to the bottom of this. I don’t have much more respect for attorneys, and think they should all, pretty much, be drummed out of government as the majority of them have shown what lying, conniving snake oil salesmen they really are, but that aside, Conyers has schooling as an attorney. That means he should’ve known what kinds of questions to ask. He’s just as corrupt as his promiscuous wife (and I know, because I’ve got somebody that knew her pretty well), and hopefully less than one step from stepping into an orange jumpsuit, himself. Just like when Clinton was being impeached, the DNC stepped forward, not because they believed an injustice was being done, but because they were condoning the actions of one of their peers, if only tacitly, in some cases.

  • richarddonna

    Lee, Watt and Conger’s all celebrated the death of Terry. They love it when cops are killed. So does Bill Ayers and all his friends.

  • NCHokie02

    Issa was awesome there. I think I liked his smack down of Sheila-Jackson Lee more than anything. He didn’t miss a beat when she interrupted him. He jumped right at her. I’m still amazed at how she continues to get re-elected and how Issa is from CA.

  • Tim

    Though I don’t agree with Holder on many fronts..
    I see clearly this is a Circus Court to Hang Holder out by One Bastard Neocon..
    This is about sh–ing on the Obama Administration…
    The Obstructionist are in gear and full speed ahead…