Rep. Peter King: Al-Qaeda a bigger threat than they were on 9/11

He’s not blaming the president for Al-Qaeda being a bigger threat, but Rep. Peter King says it’s certainly counter to the president’s message Al-Qaeda has been decimated. He says that’s one reason he believes the administration lied about Benghazi because it’s proof that Al-Qaeda is far from decimated.

When asked why he says they’ve become an even bigger threat, he says they’ve spread out across different countries and become much harder to identify as they now have even more affiliates in other countries like Ansar-al-Sharia and Boko Haram.

Here’s the full video:

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  • Nukeman60

    The President and Vice President certainly wouldn’t be knowledgeable about specific decisions that are made by security professionals‘ – Clinton

    This is total bunk and Obama must be asked about it tonight at the debate. Any request for increased security would be in Obama’s National Security briefing within 24 hours of the request. If he didn’t know, then maybe he should attend more than 40% of his briefings, and less of his fundraisers such as in Vegas.

    Total incompetence, high level cover ups, and no idea that Al Qaeda is a threat in the world are all good reasons for not only Clinton to resign, but Obama as well. Rope-a-dope that one, Mr. (soon-to-be ex) President.

    • Sober_Thinking

      “maybe he should attend more than 40% of his briefings, and less of his fundraisers such as in Vegas”

      I’d love for Romney to say this tonight.

      Great post.

      • NYGino

        No need for that when, through his superior intellect and all seeing, all knowing majesty, he can be brought up to snuff by just reading a few scribbled notes his minions gather for him. (Steve, place a few million of our taxpayers money on black for me would’ya).

        • The cliff note version? Just like he’s trying to drive us off of?

        • Sober_Thinking


    • At this point, my stance is that Obama can’t have it both ways as far as I’m concerned. Quit bragging about about bin Laden if you don’t accept responsibility for mistakes when they happen. And no, it doesn’t matter what you say tonight at the debate, 4 weeks later doesn’t count.

    • bobemakk

      They asked for additional security after several attacks prior to the Sept. 11th attack in Benghazi and they were refused. The president lied at the debate and said he did not know about their request….he has to go. Romney/Paul on Nov. 6th is my choice.

  • WordsFailMe

    And, now al-Qaida have better weapons and ammunition since getting them delivered by the First, almost completely Black President, Barrack “Dung for Brains” Obamarrhoid.

    • sjmom

      The weapons need to be mentioned more.

  • I always enjoy Rep. King’s stance on the issues of foreign affairs. However, would it not be true that the biggest threat to the US is in the White House, encouraging us to be as Levin stated, “post-Constitutional”. When will King and his buddies in the House start writing up the impeachment papers and demonstrate some real backbone?

    • King & McCain criticized Romney’s September 11th speech lets not forget that. They really need to grow a backbone too often they bow to the leftoid media. But atleast he stuck up for himself here against this itch.

  • Don

    Just one of very many reasons to remove the most incompetent administration in our history. The stakes are too high to take a chance on four more years of decline. The world is watching what we do. Unless there is a leader of the free world, there will be no free world. 2010 was just a step in taking back our country. Vote as if your life depends on it, it does.

  • Why Republicans continue to go on her show is beyond me. Look how she puts words in Rep. King’s mouth then cuts him off to ask her buddy to comment 7:17. She’s a witch!

  • King is sharp and he’s right. The attack in Libya could be a warning, just like the attacks on our two embassies in Africa were a warning prior to 9/11/2001. But now stop and think about that. We now have to clarify which 9/11 attacks we’re talking about, the one in 2001 or the one in 2012. All I know is that for almost eight years after the attack on 9/11/2001, Bush and Cheney prevented a major terrorist attack on American soil, and an American embassy or consulate is American soil. Under Obama, we’ve had the Ft. Hood killings, the attack on 9/11/2012, and very near disasters with the “underwear” Christmas bomber and the “Times Square” bomber, to name just a few. So, tell me, who was more successful keeping Americans safe? You make the call.

  • and WH is OK with a criminal not coming in front of the judge:
    “Mohammed, who has previously said he planned the Sept. 11 attacks, gave no reason for his absence but on Monday he dismissed the military tribunal with scorn, saying “I don’t think there is any justice in this court.”

    Just like that. What’s next – US citizenship, 12 wives, free housing, food stamps, obamaPhone, etc.?

  • Philo Beddoe

    obama funds Arab Brotherhood. Arab Brotherhood funds al qaida. What’s so hard to figure out?

    And the politicians just go along, some are permitted to speak out, others stay silent all in the effort to either gain power or maintain it.

    All at our expense.

    • Galatiansch2vs20

      Isn’t it the Muslim Brotherhood he funds?

  • 4Hoppes2

    Of course Al-Qaeda is a bigger threat now, our abilities to infiltrate them have been curtailed, Obama telegraphs our intentions and the terrorists sit quietly planning their their next move while this regime deconstructs,and defunds our capabilities and denies their existence.

    Good thing there is an edit function!!

    • Galatiansch2vs20

      And leaks things such as the name of the doctor who helped the U.S. in regards to Osama bin Laden. As far as I know, that doctor is still in prison? Who wants to help us infiltrate with that kind of pay back?

  • Joe

    WHY does anyone

    give this piece of crap an interview

    No one watches CNN anyway?

  • “Boko Haram” Hmmm…. Didn’t they sing a “Whiter Shade of Pale”? 🙂

    • I think the title was “A Wider Shape of Veil”

      • LOL! My dogs think I’m nuts. All quiet and I burst out laughing and they look at me like “What? Why did you wake us up? You better have a good reason… Or a treat” 🙂

        • That’s what’s missing around here. Dogs.
          Time to think about it again. I could use some company out in the woods when I’m tracking.

          • Allen West tweeted this message a couple of hours ago. You might have already seen it.

            “@AllenWest: Marine Corps Dogs Need Homes! See here for more info to help

            Except from linked page: (which is a Facebook page)
            The United States Marine Corps has around 400 IED (Improvised Explosive Device) sniffing dogs that are being decommissioned and need forever homes.

            They all need forever homes. Most of the dogs are breeds such as: Labradors, Belgian Malinois, Border Collies, German Shepherds & Rottweilers.

            These dogs are all incredibly well-trained. Many of them have served in war zones and are responsible for saving countless American, NATO and foreign lives. The dogs are based in the District of Columbia (D.C.). Adoptive families must be able to travel to D.C. to pick up the dogs or arrange transport at their own expense.

            You, or anyone else interested can visit the site:
            for more info.

            • Thanks, Wolfie! Looks like the link is to a missing FaceBook page. But that gives me a place to start if I decide to go for it! I’ve owned or spent a lot of time around almost all of those breeds, and they are great animals.

              • Ah darn! It was there this morning. Sorry. 🙁

                • I really hated having to get up early to take the dog out when she got old (before she had to go in the house).

                  I really miss seeing the sun rise, though.

                • You probably wouldn’t like my dogs. They get me up around 3am-4am for their 10 minutes out back. Then between 6am and 7am I have to get up because they jump on me and bark to wake me up and I get up and let them out again. Luckily, we have a fenced in back yard so I can let them out there unsupervised but they are house pets for the most part.

                • Sounds like fun.

        • colliemum

          A treat will work fine!


          • 🙂

            My wife tells me the dog training is going great… They have me almost totally trained now!

            • colliemum

              That’s what they’re here for, and some of them have their training of us down to a fine art, especially the females of the dog species!


              • Hmmm… Just like all women then! 😉

                • colliemum



  • sjmom

    Here’s the bottom line. Obama should have known but he was too busy with other things to find out, needed a scapegoat and the movie seemed like the perfect one in a fix. Susan Rice did not bother to check with State who knew there was no protest and Biden, the foreign policy expert, showed his ineptitude in this area. Hillary took responsibility but should have done it at the beginning.

    Good for Peter King who did not allow Soledad to ruffle him or deter him from speaking the truth. After listening to this it shows how blind and deceived the libs are to believe AlQaeda died with Bin Laden and just because Obama said it. They are true sycophants being led by the nose down the road to destruction. As for me, I am NOT going with them.

    I would like somebody to remind Soledad about Obama’s UN speech well after the attack because everyone seems to forget about his apology for the movie.

    Finally, I am waiting for the intel community to have their say and something tells me it won’t be long until we hear from them. Let’s see who falls on the sword there.

    • NYGino

      James Clapper, the Director of National Intelligence did. The administration was hoping that would take this problem away from Obama but it didn’t. Now we’re seeing pawns closer and closer to the one taking the bullets.

      The problem for the White House is that the ultimate responsibility rests with the President and he’s not going to take it, too negative politically. Therefore the evolving cover-up.

      Clinton taking the blame is a somewhat last ditch effort to remove Obama from the firing line but that’s not going to work either. Another reason for Clinton to “accept” responsibility is to give the impression to the American people that she has the qualities needed to be President, in other words, she will take responsibility, unlike her boss. The Clintons are ALWAYS thinking down the road politically.

  • Rocco11

    Soledad is clearly incapable of handling the truth.

  • Haywoodjbl

    Why would Clinton be smiling when talking about taking the blame when we have DEAD AMERICANS? She does not care….they all do no understand these are people.

    Obama and Biden both knew what she knew and when she knew it….If I were president she would be FIRED if she did not instantly brief me so as to not look like a fool…..

    This is a cover up…pure and simple

    • gunclinger

      Knowing how the Chicago gang works, Obama probably promised her a couple billion of the dollars he has stolen from us…

      Why else would she fall on her sword?

    • Galatiansch2vs20

      When you start to devalue human life in your mind, like pro-abortion Democrats do, the corrosion of character to one of not caring about other lives is a continued careening down that slippery slope.

  • anyonebutbarry2012

    i like peter king and he has been correct from the get go, on what is going on worldwide and in the US. wish we had more like him speaking out.

  • AmyInWI

    The names, the faces & the locations may have changed over the years – but the underlying threat to our way of life is the Muslim religion. Period. It doesn’t really matter if they call themselves the Muslim Brotherhood, the PLO, Al Qaeda, Hamas, Hezbollah, Boko Haram or the Bozo’s of Muhammad – the religion of peace is the threat.

    I think Rep. King gets it (although his willingness to trample on our Constitutional rights is troubling!). I wish more elected officials got it. That goes for the bean counters & policy wonks in the Pentagon as well.

  • las1

    Bin Laden is dead. Al Queda is not!

  • Rocco11

    Obama offered up Ambassador Stevens as a sacrifice to his prophet muhammed.

  • proudhispanicconservative

    I just can not watch soledad (soledad in spanish means loneliness) that is how she is going to be one day, even though I dont like this person I pray for her that she will one day see the light.

    • colliemum

      Same here!
      Her pseudo-intellectual, pseudo-concerned grimaces and her gotcha-attempts with a sort of superior sneer just turn my stomach.

  • Michele Bachmann doesn’t live in a “safe” district, but she speaks out like this all the time.
    King has been working the hearings on radical islam for a while, but he’s not up for re-election this year. What about the rest of the GOP Congressmembers? Why can’t they join the call for her to resign?

    The drones at thinkprogress are hilarious. They put up this same vid as some sort of proof that King is a bad person. It’s a win for King, because the majority of people in the US agree with his take on the creeping shariah and jihad. They even bold the quotes where he says stuff we like to hear. Heck, here it is, so you don’t have to give them traffic:

    O’BRIEN: Never once in that speech, as you know, which I have the speech right here. that was — he never once used the word “apology.” He never once said “I’m sorry.”

    KING: Didn’t have to. The logical — any logical reading of that speech or the speech he gave in France where he basically said that the United States can be too aggressive. […]

    O’BRIEN: Everybody keeps talking about this apology tour and apologies from the President. I’m trying to find the words ‘I’m sorry, I apologize’ in any of those speeches. Which I have the text of all those speeches in front of me. None of those speeches at all, if you go to which we check in a lot, they all say the same thing. They fact check this and they say this whole theory of apologies…

    KING: I don’t care what fact check says.

    O’BRIEN: There are fact checks. You may not care, but they’re a fact checker.

    KING: No. Soledad. Any commonsense interpretation of those speeches, the president’s apologizing for the American position. That’s the apology tour. That’s the way it’s interpreted in the Middle East. If I go over and say that the U.S. has violated its principles, that the United States has not shown respect for islam, that’s an apology. How else can it be interpreted?

    O’BRIEN: I think plenty of people are interpreting it as a nuanced approach to diplomacy is how some people are interpreting it. So I don’t think that everybody agrees it’s apology.

    Emphasis theirs. HaHaHa! They are losing even when they think they are winning.

    • I almost pity them… Almost!

    • colliemum

      From ‘plenty of people’ to ‘some people’ in one sentence: Soledad sure shows how her little mind is twitching and turning, and trying to unsay what she said a few seconds before.

  • mike3e4r7

    Yeah, Soledad, the president mentioned the word ‘terror’ one time on 9/12. He didn’t say the attack was a terrorist attack, but the word ‘terror’ crossed his lips one time. Awesome point! What a comeback. You really want to dig down there and find the truth don’t you?

    I guess at some point even she realizes if she continues to parrot the party line 100% she will have lost any credibility that she still has left with some people, but she’s going to go down kicking and screaming.

  • Susitna

    So we have parallel Worlds: The administration, Hillary’s Travel Office and the Security Professionals……..and they don’t necessarily have to work together. AMAZING! This women is willing to trade her soul for power. Hillary, please forget about 2016, 2020……and nobody will ever read your memoirs: “Dreams from my secretary Huma” or “Hillary and the Muslim Sisterhood”……

  • Susitna

    So, Soledad is here on Mission Impossible to proof that there was no cover-up from Administration. How much money is she getting for that? A Bonus?

  • BayouCoyote

    AQ is now equipped with 10-20K MANPADS. That’s more than enough reason for them to be more of a threat to the entire region.

    • famouswolf

      Pardon, but what are those? Some form of munitions I suppose, but could you describe them or provide a link?

  • Suzyqpie

    Mr Peter King had an islam “inquiry” on Capt Hill recently. It wasn’t serious. Keith Ellison and some other street level hoodlums appeared. When Rep King calls Andrew C McCarthy, Cliff Mays, Robert Spencer, Pamela Geller, Geert Wilder, Steven Emerson, Daniel Pipes, and/or Mosab Hasan Yousef, then I will interpret the investigation as a serious endeavor.

  • maynardb50

    Her daddy did not spank her butt enough.

  • SKL53

    New York Times tells all about how this administration is LYING to the American people about what is going on in Syria! The latest scandel about to unfold! Seems Biden and Obama were briefed about Al Queda surging in Syria. Biden LIED during the debate!!! He knew before the debate that Al Queda was on the move to take over Syria!They are now an easy target thanks to this president! Obama/Biden has done NOTHING to stop them!!!! Biden knew he perfectly well that he was lying!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ryan was the one with the true information! We must get these two buffoons out of the WH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • WordsFailMe

    You’re the best Pete!