Rep. Shimkus exposes partisan hack writing reports for non-partisan CBO office

This is great. Rep. John Shimkus exposes what amounts to a greenie partisan hack authoring reports for what is supposed to be a very independent, objective non-partisan CBO office. Shimkus describes the report author as a “partisan environmentalist ideologue anti-fossil-fuels individual.”

Watch below:

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  • That was fun!

    • MaxineCA

      I think I need to get my Duckie tape so my head doesn’t explode! I have a suggestion to make things easier for the dear leader – Next time just ask Michael Moore or Al Gore write the CBO report. That would save a lot of time.

      Geez, we can’t even trust the CBO now.

      • I’m sure algore could do it well, but michael moore would be more fun (for them- not us). Yeah, can’t trust the CBO…. who would have imagined it. Pass me some of your duck tape please Maxine. I seem to be all out.

        • Rightstuff1

          When supposedly independent offices are no longer independent we have big problems. This is where I just cannot abide the Left. They would be up in arms and I would say rightly so if this situation was reversed. But, and yes there is a but, Conservatives would not allow this situation to arise. They would know to recuse themselves or whatever, the Left don’t care as long as they advance their agenda. Witht he Left it is hypocrisy first, second and third…..

          • I agree. While we have to expect that anyone working anywhere would have some bias toward one political view or another, this is a blatant case of putting in one of their own on the part of liberals, one whom they knew would argue their case strongly. It’s pitiful how many intitutions the left has infected.

  • keninil

    Shimkus represents COAL production in IL

    • MaxineCA

      Good for him. We need coal, oil and natural gas and it’s about time people starting speaking up. Oh wait, I believe the Dems in WV did in their primary.

  • AllantheK

    Exposure is Good. Now will he be removed? Let’s hope so.

  • MaxineCA

    My goodness, we already knew that every dept. that falls under the executive branch continues to issue regulations (based on their agenda) that are crippling this country. Now, we can’t even trust the CBO?

    Forget about draining the Pelosi swamp, we need to send in more alligators in Nov. to clean up this mess.

  • Keep calling them out!

    WTG Rep Shimkus!

  • badbadlibs

    Anti fossil fuel and doesnt want gas production, dang, morons like this guy were born too late…there’s a dinasour who missed a tasty little meal…raw.
    Just how far back in time do these idiots want us to go….

    • “Just how far back in time do these idiots want us to go….”

      Oh, I imagine the time of mohammad would be sufficiant. :-/

  • Why do environmentalists hate poor people? Why do they want the poor to pay more for gas? Why do they want the poor to pay higher electricity rates? Why do democrats hate the poor?

    • I wish I could give this post 1000 likes… 😉

    • nehemiahreturns

      Population control – it’s all about eliminating the expendable.

  • Joe

    At this point – I MUST ASSUME — ANY and

    ALL information coming from the government is BALONEY

    I surely DON’T BELIEVE the labor reports because

    they have LEAKED information to their friends in NC

    I certainly don’t believe Ben Bernanke because of all the nonsense they hid

    I won’t even get into the administration BS – Too much to handle!

    They are all full of crap

    WHERE IS THE MEDIA – OH! I forgot – They are on the PAYROLL


  • Sober_Thinking

    They infest everything don’t they? Like green weeds festering between slabs of capital concrete – causing rifts and cracks… weakening the foundation of America. The sooner that these moles, liars, partisan hacks, etc. get weeded out, the better… THEN America will finally see more green (U.S. dollars) going to the American people where it belongs.

  • lilium479

    Actually this is a good reason to get rid of the CBO. The job can be done by a private firm for much less and more ethically.

  • Spartan4Palin

    Praise be to God our 2010 election of Tea Party folk is starting to pay off. Some of the Republicans with character are finally starting to show it and it’s finally gaining traction. We can beat this ideology if they understand how to fight back, point at the hypocrisy and laugh at the insanity. It’s trickling through, KEEP UP THE FIGHT.

    There’s been a heavy fog over this great nation. The call has gone out. The warning bells are ringing. We can finally come together and light the fire to make this nation once again ‘a shining city on a hill’ for all the world!!

  • Why in the world would anyone need the CBO to file a report to confirm or deny such a basic and obvious reality as supply and demand?

  • Why in the world would anyone need the CBO to file a report to confirm or deny such a basic and obvious reality as supply and demand?

  • Yep, sounds like all the standard nut jobs who surround the crack head from Kenya.
    I wonder what they all do after the lights go out? maybe a cocktails or twos.

    Tea Party American

  • NYGino

    Under this administration corruption has permeated every area of our government. It is so pervasive that most times they don’t even bother to hide it anymore. Start with the liar in the oval office, go down the hall to the Department of (cough cough) Justice, step on over to the CBO, look into the EPA and it’s anti American and anti business dealings, examine the House and Senate, has there ever been such a collection of incompetence gathered in one place at one time?

    We could go on and on bringing up examples of malfeasance and out and out criminality. The bottom line is the MSM is covering for this and rather than exposing the truth to the vast unwashed they have become the major reason this is allowed to happen.

  • stage9

    Well they can whine about it all they want. Republicans are great at whining. They’re horrible when it comes to ENFORCEMENT! That’s when they cave and cower.

  • wmath44

    Tree hugging hack

  • Yazz55

    Gee…a partisan obamessiah supporter in an allegedly non partisan position.

    Please try to act surprised!

  • marketcomp

    These partisan hacks are throughout Government and if Romney is the next President he will absolutely need to find away to fire these people or else his policies will not be realized.