Rep Steve King: I could build a border fence that even a cockroach couldn’t cross

Rep King says that since he is from the construction background, he decided to figure out what it would cost to protect the border with a fence, a concrete wall, and a road. For 2 million per mile, he says he could make it happen and it would still be cheaper than the 6 million per mile we are spending right now in enforcement.

I love this guy!

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  • KeninMontana

    Amazing what a bit of real world experience can accomplish when it comes to problem solving,ain't it? Too bad there is so little of this “common” sense in Washington. If I were in charge he'd get the contract.

  • with so many lawyers in congress, of course they have no idea how much it would actually cost. i still say we just make a 1/2 or 3/4 mile border with the middle of that area for weapons training and experimentation day & night(aircraft,tanks,missiles,personnel) and just tell mexico we start on such & such a date tell your people and of course have signs along the southern section in english and spanish only; i'm sure it'll take at least one death for people to learn(yes even one death would be terrible- but people die on a regular basis from all sorts of stupidity). it would cost more than rep king's idea, but would be the most effective. thoughts anyone?

  • Jojode

    Can someone please make sure this clip goes to the bone heads in DC. They probably won't watch it though because they need support for their Amnesty Bill.

  • ndes

    This borderfence issue just reeks of nationalism to me. The only valuable purpose I can think of is preventing WMD's from entering the united states. However it is highly questionable wether a fence could stop somebody who could not be stopped by intelligence gathering.

  • han_solo

    A 500 yard thick strip of anti-personnel land mines would be cheaper and probably work even better.

  • It's not about the means, it's about the ends- This will never happen because it is not in alignment with the ends of government.

    In every situation, we have to be cognisant of the the goal- If what they claim their goal is does not match up with the most prudent action, then we have to assume that their goal is different- Sadly, it is a fact that most people are so self-involved that they do not get into the details, and instead choose, to listen to lip service and lies- and then take them as truth.

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  • KeninMontana

    A nation that cannot establish it's sovereignty is not really a nation, so yes it is a form of nationalism.Establishing and enforcing your borders is part of being a nation and in the case of our southern border a fence is a big part of securing that border especially considering the conditions south of that border. Intelligence is merely a best educated guess following extensive analysis of the information at hand,sometimes it's right sometimes not,but only a fool relies on intelligence alone when it comes to security. Think on it this way, in the case of your home,do you observe the goings on in your neighborhood,and base your security decisions on that alone or do you get to know some of your neighbors then combine the two and make your decision based on the combination of both(I do both and still lock up my house along with other precautions). I'd be interested in hearing your thoughts on just how we should deal with the issue of securing the border.

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