REPORT: Boy Scouts considering an end to ban on gays

If this is true it looks like the thug leftists have finally gotten to the Boy Scouts of America:

NBC NEWS – The Boy Scouts of America, one of the nation’s largest private youth organizations, is actively considering an end to its decades-long policy of banning gay scouts or scout leaders, according to scouting officials and outsiders familiar with internal discussions.

If adopted by the organization’s board of directors, it would represent a profound change on an issue that has been highly controversial — one that even went to the US Supreme Court. The new policy, now under discussion, would eliminate the ban from the national organization’s rules, leaving local sponsoring organizations free to decide for themselves whether to admit gay scouts.

“The chartered organizations that oversee and deliver scouting would accept membership and select leaders consistent with their organization’s mission, principles or religious beliefs,” according to Deron Smith, a spokesman for the Boy Scouts’ national organization.

Individual sponsors and parents “would be able to choose a local unit which best meets the needs of their families,” Smith said.

The discussion of a potential change in policy is nearing its final stages, according to outside scouting supporters. If approved, the change could be announced as early as next week, after the BSA’s national board holds a regularly scheduled meeting.


I really hope they stand strong and don’t fold. They’ve done so well for so long. It’s inspiring to see people stand up for their beliefs instead of folding to the pressure from leftists.

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  • johnos2112

    If you want to join the boy scouts and you are gay I have some free advice for you. You are welcomed to create your own private organization. Leave the Boy Scouts alone!

    • TexasPGRRider

      I agree a zillion percent !!! That sounds too much like Common Sense. The goal is to infiltrate and infect the moral fabric of our youth….

    • davienne

      the girl scouts did… because they didnt want she/he’s …

      • kssturgis62

        Girl Scouts of the USA accept gays. they have Lesbian Leaders. Girl Scouts Membership across the USA has dropped BIG TIME- that is why Most are joining Heritage Girls.

        I became involved in Girl Scouts because my mom was the Leader of her 4 daughters troops. When My daughter was in 2nd Grade, I became the Leader of a 3rd Grade Brownie Troop. I was all Gun ho about doing things with the girls.

        The following Year I took over running the county as the Service Unit Manager, back then it was called Service Unit Director. My first goal was Community Service, and getting the Girls in the paper. It was the small Towns of Mio and Fairview and registration was down big time. In Two Years I boosted Registration from 1 out of every 7 girls to 1 out of every 3 girls.

        I served as a Volunteer for over 10 years. I was the Troop leader for not just my daughters troop but to 3 other troops and I ran the County all Volunteer.

        In My Time from 1992 to 2003, Girl Scouts of the USA did the Following:

        Girls no longer have to say God in the Girl Scout Promise.
        Girls can be gay.
        Lesbians will be allowed to be leaders

        when that happened, membership Plummeted.

        since that Time I have watched Michigan go from 13 separate Girl Scout Councils down to 3. That is what they have done all across the USA. The Membership is so low, because GOD, and COUNTRY, Values and Morals should come first.

        BOY SCOUTS HAVE BEEN BLESSED BY GOD FOR TAKING THIS STANCE, they won their SUPREME COURT CASE !! Boy Scouts will not be what they once were.

        If Lord and Lady Baden Powell, and Juliette Lowe were still alive, they would be SICK.

        • 57thunderbird

          Exactly right.This will be the demise of the BSA.

        • davienne

          Wild Bill On the Girlscouts

        • 1endtimes2020

          The devil wants to turn every good thing that made America great into the opposite. Sheeple follow along because some jerk talked about ‘tolerance’. What eventually happens, is the people who opened the door to evil, are then the ones not being tolerated.
          Stop believing the damned lies. The old and new testaments quote God calling homosexuality ‘an abomination’ and why not? What is so pure about sodomy, for God’s sake.??
          Sodomy is a grave SIN. Let’s not forget that word.

          • kssturgis62

            Who said I am believing the Lies? Who said Anything like that. I stated what I seen happen and how Girl Scouts because of their Stance has fallen apart.

            I also stated that Boy scouts will not be the same, and they have been blessed by God for taking the stance they have taken.

            I know what God says about Sodomy and Homosexuality and he calls it an Abomination. Because it goes against his perfect plan of Creation.

            Next time PLEASE READ what someone says.

            • 1endtimes2020

              I wasn’t directing my comments at you or your comment. My intention was to add to your good comment. I guess I shouldn’t be making comments late at night, to be sure I comment correctly.
              Sorry for upsetting you, and I apologize. I liked your commentary very much, and I appreciate that you took the time to write it.

              • kssturgis62

                Thank you for explaining what you were doing:) I appreciate it 🙂 Sorry I took it the wrong way.

    • warpmine

      But.that wouldn’t be communist of them if they did that. This has always been part of the agenda in the effort to destroy the United States by first attacking the family and the B-Scouts have been at the forefront of defending it for well over a century now.

      • 1endtimes2020

        Russia has had a decreasing young population for a long time, as they defend abortions, and spread that error throughout the world.

    • 1endtimes2020

      A long time group of doctors who researched homosexuality for over 35 years state there is no ‘gay’ gene. see
      The National Association of Research and Therapy of Homosexuality has been ignored, but not attacked because of the successful results coming from homosexual attendance to the research and that therapy.
      As in any sexual relationship, a bonding can take place, and it makes it difficult to break a relationship, or the habit of promiscuity.
      Recently, in California, homosexual activists were successful in preventing the therapy of young people who thought they might be
      ‘gay’. This prevention goes against the grain of homosexual pronouncements that homosexual tendencies is not a choice. If they believed that, why would they deny yong people the opportunity to find out for themselves, by an organization of experts.
      It’s because they want to grow their numbers and perpetuate their lie.
      The media, that is as much swayed on this subject as they are about politics, are irresponsible for not having provided the public with the opportunity to examine Narth’s work.
      Now this—attacking the Boy Scouts. More and more the devilish disciples attack children at the arliest possible age, robbing them of their once-in-a-lifetime innocent youth. Most are not interested in sex at all, yet are forced to study it in early years in the schools, just to satisfy those adult agendas.
      Where are the ‘conservative’ republicans to protect our children, and to defend the growing baby in the womb. So worried about losing votes? It’s disgusting.

    • clockwindingdown

      If we look at what is going on there is an all-out attack on everything that is traditional American. Our sports heros are under attack, our traditions are under attack, our heritage is under attack, our religions are under attack, our way of life is what we stand to loose!

      There is a war going on to destroy America by attacking what has made us a Country of unity and success. They divided us, they are attacking us at our core.

      Step back and look at what is happening! It is obvious we are at war, the battle is coming from within. The left is attempting to destroy us by destroying our foundations, the threads that hold us together, what has made us the most successful country in the world!

      They must be threatening people on an individual level, look at how people under-fire, those the press is targeting, are giving in and conceding, inch by inch, even though they are right!

      This war is real and it is ramping up. The left is embolden, is in full attack, they are currently winning! The election has given them more time and they are running with it.

      We need to go on the assault, stop reacting and start acting. If we don’t we will loose! We need to form our own small media militias, like the left has, to attack them at various points on our terms. To put them on the defensive, to take the narrative away from them and put them in retreat.

      We need to quit preaching to the choir! We all know what we believe and what is true. We need to go to the enemy where they lie and attack. We need to be on their websites, news, twitter sniping like they do in their faces. Making comments base on truths and facts. Do not get into arguments or discussions, just make points (sniping) and move on. Use the lefts tactics against them! Get the left to spend their energies countering our points in their spaces and using up their time!

      Go after the left on news programs, on twitter, the radio, wherever the leftist beast lies we must be, never letting them sleep, rest, or regroup. We must use hit and run tactics, battles of our choosing, of our subjects, backed up with facts.

      Watch the left, they telegraph everything, they are smug and cannot keep from bragging, they keep bringing the same old arguments over and over. We have seen this play, we have seen how to win, we must take what we have learned and do our duty or we will suffer for our apathy! Give no ground, be relentless in our efforts.

      We must be organized in small groups, as they are, this allows us to attack continuously while others are busy advancing. We are fighting an opponent that is emotional, they “feel”, rather then think, they give opinions rather then facts, they believe and deny truths. Find a few people like yourself, join together and get after the left!

      We must become the written and verbal “Continental Army” against those trying to enslave us! We must form our own small groups and hit hard and fast and move on, never getting drawn into drawn-out battles (arguments).

      • gajaw999

        Look at the tsunami coming in: the national debt. Elect who you will, protest all you want, try to save what you can. But the fact of the matter is that nothing is going to stop that wave from crashing down upon us. You speak about the liberal assault as if it were 1980. Sadly, we are well past that, and I fear have crossed the point of no return.

        • clockwindingdown

          What is our alternative?

          Burying our heads in the sand?

          A good plan today is better than a great plan tomorrow…

          I’m not seeing much action to change the course we are on. In stead it seems people are willing to let it happen thinking things will be better afterwards. Saying, “Let it crash we will build anew”. Preaching to the choir…

          To think the people that put us into this situation, are pushing it and know what it will bring, where it will end, do not have a plan for after the point is ignorant. Does anyone really think these people have a plan for better life for everyone?

          No, their plan always ends the same way, millions dead and massive suffering and misery.

          They have a plan an actions ready to go! What do we have? If we cannot organize when we are free, there are systems in place to help us, when will we plan? What will we plan? How will we act?

          To do nothing is a plan for failure…

          I’m not attacking you gajaw999, please don’t take it that way. I’m asking for ideas, something, anything, Bueller, anyone? The days go by and then outcome draws closer…

        • 1endtimes2020

          I truly believe the troubles America has is because we have a big SIN problem. I saw a woman on TV being interviewed in her home yesterday. She was explaining how she used the name of Jesus to stop an intruder who suddenly broke into her home. She was with her two small children. She said she is a person of deep faith, and owns no weapons, and the first thing that came to her mind was to call on Jesus to help her. She told the intruder “In the name of Jeus, leave my home.” He was taken back and again she said “I want you to leave my home now, in the name of Jesus.” She said he turned away from her and looked up a little and suddenly had a frightened look on his face and quickly ran out of the house. She said the whole event took a minute, and she felt a peace throughout the whole thing.
          That told me how all America’s problems would just melt away if the majority of Americans had a strong faith in God, and lived their lives with an intimate relationship with Him.
          Each of us can develop that faith just by talking to God. Someone told me a couple of years ago, to believe Jesus had already healed me, and not to allow the ‘enemy’ to distract me. I did focus on doing that, and my doctor was very surprised my 22 year old health problem disappeared. I no longer see the doctor.

    • 1endtimes2020

      Young children don’t have any interest in sex, never mind thinking they’re ‘gay’. see an organization of doctors that say there is no such thing as a ‘gay’ gene.
      I wish people would stop using the word ‘gay’. “Fag ” was more appropriate, but slanderous; and ‘queer’ is too much. It’s just better to use proper English and use the word ‘homosexual’.
      I don’t care if people think the public won’t stop using the gay word. I’m expressing what I think is the real word to be used, anyway. Sodomy doesn’t denote ‘happy’ to me, and that is the real meaning of the word. We can see old movies when people used to say they were ‘happy—and gay,’ as in ‘gaiety’.

  • John3_3


  • Big mistake.

    You will see different groups form in lieu of boy scouts.

    • Betsey_Ross

      I know one Eagle Scout that will leave scouting.

      • ElderKing

        More likely you know an eagle scout who will be pulled out of scouting if this happens because of your own personal agenda.

    • marketcomp

      You are right, Laurel. Just like the Episcopal Church branched off to the Traditional Episcopal Church when the policy was changed to allow homosexuals in the Clergy and priest.

      This is crazy because often times homosexuals use the boyscouts and organizations like them for a continous stream, like Sandusky with his foundation.

      • Exactly what I was thinking. Sad part is Sandusky wasn’t the first by any stretch either. Public schools are another favorite stomping ground.

        • marketcomp

          All I have to say is parents watch out for your sons! This is the beginning of the reduction of the human population.

  • Rshill7

    Here’s the solution for gay boys. Join the girl scouts.

    • Conniption Fitz

      No! H3LL NO.

      • Rshill7

        Ok, how ’bout this.

        Start a new group and call it “Gay Scouts”, “Other Scouts”, or “Freak Scouts”.

        • stage9

          …more like “Butt Scouts”.

          • Rshill7

            They could be limited to the Weblows.

            Ooops, I misspelled that. It’s Webelos.

            • NYGino

              Wonder what new and exciting merit badges will be offered. No more Eagle Scouts, they’ll be replaced by pink flamingos.

              • W. A. Whitestone

                Sorry – I can’t laugh – this makes me too angry.

                • NYGino

                  I’m not looking for a laugh, I’m looking for outrage!

              • Conservative_Utopia

                All your lame wisecracks are pathetic. The Scouts are a fine institution in a no-win situation. Gay groups attack the Scouts for excluding them, and pressure sponsors (church facilities) to no longer give them meeting places. If Scouts let in gays who end up being predators, they are sued for liability, and have compromised their values in the process.

                Consider cutting a check for their support instead of smart a$$ remarks.

                • NYGino

                  Chill out Conservative_Utopia. Ever hear of humor and sarcasm being used as a weapon or a way to bring out the absurdity of an idea? I was a Boy Scout for a long time, as were three of my four sons. Their mother was a Den Mother for years when they were Cub Scouts.

                  Elsewhere here I refer to the Scout Law, I didn’t have to look it up, it’s been with me for over 50 years. My father was on the Girl Scouts National Council for years.

                  I’m as upset as you are thinking about this proposition, maybe I lash out in my way and you in yours. Sorry to add to your consternation but I assure you I’m not anti-Scout, far from it.

                  If my ‘pathetically lame wisecracks’ upset you, well so be it.

                • toongoon

                  Excellent Gino!

                • NYGino

                  Thank you toon (and Irish).

                • how is it no win?
                  they are allowed to say no.
                  how hard is that?
                  wow that was easy.

                  and the wisecracks (oops I said cracks in a homo themed thread) here are great, they’re precious. I’m sooper dooper cereal.

          • GJPinks


          • 57thunderbird

            Post deleted by 57thunderbird.Somebody beat me to the suggestion;see GJPinks

        • NYGino

          Trans-gender Scouts, don’t forget them.

          • badbadlibs

            I think I will anyway, (forget them that is) 😉

          • Rshill7

            Wouldn’t dweem of it.

            We could call them “Whatever Scouts” or maybe “Doubt Scouts”.

            I’m just not sure, but neither are they, so it doesn’t matter.

        • John3_3

          Sodomite Scouts

      • badbadlibs

        The day I heard that news is the last day I stopped supporting them in any shape or form. Including not purchasing their cookies 🙁

        • NYGino

          How about tea sandwiches with the crust cut off, or perhaps some bonbons.

          • badbadlibs

            As long as you serve! 😉

      • sDee

        Yes, they are a globalist NGO. Really bad news. Spreading the sickness and moral depravity of the left through young girls.

        Girl Scouts Distribute Planned Parenthood Sex Guide at United Nations Meeting

        Just say no to feminists’ boot camp

        • 57thunderbird

          The Girl Scouts org. has been compromised for a very long time.But the Boy Scouts have managed to stay true to their values despite increased outside pressure.

    • warpmine

      Be better off joining NAMBLA

  • stage9

    Sodomites will not stop until they have forced their way into every sacred institution in our society.

    We keep dancing around this and picking at it, but it’s a rattlesnake. Homosexuals want your children and they won’t take no for an answer!

    Can We Please Just Start Admitting That We Do Actually Want To Indoctrinate Kids?
    May 12, 2011

    Assault on children in schools

  • TexasPGRRider

    NOT a good idea in my humble opinion….

  • bjohnson55

    The Boy Scout’s organization will be opening themselves up to even larger court cases and future settlements once they allow homosexuals into positions of troop leadership. As soon as there is an incident (and there will be one) lawyers will have a hay day. They will use the fact the organization supports gays thus is responsible for whatever perversion happens from that day forward.

    • stage9

      It sounds like it’s been happening already, yet despite that, like many organizations that have fallen under the spell of militant homosexuality, they’re caving like a house of cards.

    • Conniption Fitz

      There will be trouble – because you can’t tame sin.

      These disordered people will try to act out on their strong urges and will seduce and recruit boys into the lifestyle or engaging in the acts.

      Boys who do not have strong healthy relationships with their own fathers (divorced, alcoholic, absent or dead military dads) will fall for their grooming.

      • John3_3

        This is truth, Fritz

  • TickedWhiteDude

    The Sanduskys of America will be pleased.

  • davienne

    why the hell not ??? they have been taken over by the muslim brotherhood anyway…

  • Conniption Fitz

    I know some men who had a ‘gay’ boy scout leader when they were boys…he taught them some things…and their lives were forever scarred.

    NO to ‘gay’ cr*p in schools, church and scouts.

    It’s not a healthy, happy or holy life. It’s just plain dangerous.

    • Conniption Fitz

      A warrior for sanity – Dr. Miriam Grossman, a Psychiatrist, has written several books on what the pansexual activists are promoting in grammar-high school, scouts and universities:

      She worked as a physician on a major university campus and was appalled at the damage sexual promiscuity has done to young people’s minds and bodies. She has also written about the sexual ed classes in public school systems that try to normalize and promote the most dangerous homo-hetero, etc. sexual activity.

  • NYGino

    The Scout Law:

    A scout is:
    Trustworthy, Loyal, Helpful,
    Friendly, Courteous, Kind,
    Obedient, Cheerful, Thrifty,
    Brave, Clean, Reverent,
    and……………overtly sensitive?

    • Rshill7

      At least spell it right: Thenthitive

      • NYGino

        Should have checked that in a Merry Man-Webster dictionary.

      • 57thunderbird

        LOL!You are funny Rshill.

      • you owe me a keyboard.
        coffee kills them 🙂

  • aposematic

    Another crack in America’s foundation/tradition. How long can total collapse be averted?

  • stage9

    Here’s their Contact page:

  • BeyondPolls


  • NYGino

    Okaaay! New employment hopes for defrocked priests.

  • Godisright

    Can’t make a pledge (as a Boy Scout)to God when your in direct disobedience to His Word!
    No honor in that.
    Targeting the children with this gay agenda …. better a millstone be hung around the neck of the LTBGHFAG crowd pushing this stuff.
    Truly these are the LAST DAYS. Now I know what Noah felt like!

  • Biggbear52

    Not bad enough that the Catholic Churches are filled with homosexual Priests, now they are infiltrating the Boy Scouts. Bunch of soprano neo Nazi survivalists HUH ? SO MUCH FOR SANCTITY!

    • 1endtimes2020

      No way. Homosexuals who applied to seminaries said they would be able to curb their interests if they were celebite. I remember well the discussions by Catholic families about whether that was their way to infiltrate the church. It was. The vast majority of priests are not homosexuals, but it’s obvious the infiltrators left that impression on those who look to find any fault at all with the Catholic church. Those that do that are offending God. The Catholic church is a tremendous force for GOOD in the world, teaching love for EVERYONE, not lust. Shame on those who say they love Jesus, but hate the original Church He founded.

      • Biggbear52

        When the morning was come, all the chief priests and elders of the people took counsel against Jesus to put him to death:
        The above is a small excerpt from the KJV Bible that I am never without. The Catholic church has never, I mean never honored the sanctity of separation of CHUCH AND STATE. In fact they have gone out of the way to assist in global domination. At least the top personnel of said same. The Church itself is a decent place for worship. However the three or so have been I have always made me super uneasy to say the least. I simply am referring to the high priests of times recently past. Mind you that the catholic elders went to the mat to protect PEDOPHILES from PROSECUTION. When in reality the BIBLE says:
        And he said unto him, My lord knoweth that the children are tender, and the flocks and herds with young are with me: and if men should overdrive them one day, all the flock will die.
        I might also add that a roman catholic priest lied to get Jesus to the death trial and later his death. That is the same religion that allowed over 600 priests worldwide, to HIDE from justice. Fortunately they can not hide from my father in heaven. So that high horse actually belongs to the Lord as: BEHOLD A WHITE HORSE, AND UPON HIM IS DEATH!

        • 1endtimes2020

          There is no such thing as the separation of church and state. Certainly not in the U.S. constitution. (the state will not impose a religion on the people, is not the same as the separation of church and state. the founding fathers included their religious beliefs in their daily work lives) The ‘elders’ that protected pedophiles from proseution are the ones that infiltrated the church.
          Furthermore, in the early 1960s, the liberals made sure their numbers were sufficient to liberalize the church in Vatican 2. For centuries, previous Popes warned about going down the slippery slope of liberalism. At least now, finally, screening of candidates for the priesthood have improved drastically. The harm those evil elders have done to the church is horrible. Catholics, like myself, are very angry with all of that. I continue to attend mass, only because of Holy Communion, as a priority, and to hear the gospel, and pray, of course—praying for our youth, our leaders, the sick, the poor. etc and communion which the church provides to offer the body and blood of Jesus Christ, as He said we should do in memory of Him.
          It wasn’t a catholic priest . Judas, that led Christ to death. The catholic church formed more than 200 years later.
          You won’t find a catholic who isn’t a protector of children. Hundreds of thousands of priests were martyred to bring the Good News all over the world, including North America. I believe Jesus Christ would not want you to put down the whole church for the transgrrssions of a few. Throwing stones while we are sinner too, is not recommended. Protestant ministers have had their fair share of misdeeds, too, but you choose to ignore that and focus only on Catholics. We need to place our attention on the muslims who are multiplying their population while America aborts over 1 million babies in the womb each year. That’s where the big threat is today, and right up to the end. Priests are being murdered and churches burned all over the muslim world. From the way you condemn everyone who is catholic, I suspect those murders bring you some sort of sordid satisfaction.

          • Biggbear52

            You have taken this way too far. Meaning that the Catholic higher archy have never believed in separating themselves from the presumed powers that be, In fact until the dawn of the 19th and 20 centuries, the Vatican is the richest single entity on the planet. There is a reason for that. They, and they alone actually, still to this day DICTATE what can and cannot be preached inside the Cathedral. Fortunately most of the priests ignore the high bishops and cardinals and preach what they fell the perish requires to their own personal agenda I might add. The Catholic higher archy has always sought power through politics since it’s conception. Now you and I are pretty much on the same page here, with minor exception. I do not care to upset you or throw doubt on Catholic faith, JUST THE EXCESSIVE POWERS of the top brass! Much like any other entity on the face of GOD’S GREEN EARTH!

            • 1endtimes2020

              I’m not ecstatic about the present Pope, but for a reason I don’t want to get into. Hopefully the next Pope will be the one. I won’t hold my breath. I rely on Jesus who said his church will prevail, and that’s good enough for me. I live my life and include God and Jesus, and–the Holy Spirit in most of what I do every day. It brings me a lot of peace and removes anxiety the devil wants to throw my way.
              We, individually, have a responsibility to obey God’s commandments—the ten Jesus said were not burdens, but knew would bring us peace.
              The one commandment Jesus gave us is to love one another. The hardest.

              There’s nothing I can do about the Vatican, except pray for them.

              But I can do something for myself. I associate with like-minded people, and I’m very pleased with the direction my daughter has been leading her family life. That’s where my focus is.

              • Biggbear52

                That my friend, was and is precisely my point. The Church is mostly the people but the Higher archy of the catholic Church, cannot be trusted by any means.

                • 1endtimes2020

                  I understand. I am no longer going to be making comments on TRS any longer. I have been spending way too much time on my laptop. I have learned a lot, taken a couple of hits, and hope I was able to make some worthwhile contributions. I wish everyone well, keep up your good work, and hope to meet with you all after the End Times. God bless you.

                • Biggbear52

                  Sorry to hear of you departing. Go with God.

  • Conniption Fitz

    There is a BIG difference between a boy or girl having same-sex attraction (SSA) and a hunger to be around men because your Dad/Mom was absent, addicted, abusive and/or his.her parents had issues or they didn’t get along… this is normal under the circumstances. It’s called a need.

    Just because a person has feelings, does not mean it is wise or healthy or good to act on them.

    But to believe these feelings are his or her identity or orientation is a MISTAKEN IDENTITY.

    And when a political activist tells you you are ‘gay’ and these feelings comprise your ‘sexual identity’ and you believe their lies, you have been scammed and deceived. That’s called an ASSUMED IDENTITY.

    When a sexual predator takes advantage of a boy’s need and hunger for a father, and seduces, molests or assaults him – that’s a STOLEN IDENTITY.

    The difference between SSA and gay is that gays feel entitled to act on their feelings, consider their feelings their identity/orientation, and want/demand everyone else agree with them. Gays also feel entitled to recruit others of their same sex into the lifestyle.

    The problem is, they can’t make it normal and they can’t make it healthy.
    It isn’t normal or healthy…it’s a symptom.

    Homo-bi-sexual activity is very high-risk, dangerous. The CDC reports 44 times increased HIV, 46 time increase of all other STDs, increased incidence of mental health disorders, suicide, violence, murder, injury, cancers, early death.

    Following and acting on feelings is not a guarantee of good outcomes, most often it predicts negative outcomes. .

  • TMZ2

    Two words: Canteen Boy.

    Canteen Boy is a recurring Saturday Night Live character played by Adam Sandler. Canteen Boy is a naive, childlike assistant scoutmaster with an acute attention to detail. He is always seen with a full scout’s uniform and a canteen around his neck. Canteen Boy is routinely mocked by other characters in the sketch, who are well aware that their jokes will be lost on the character. It appears he lacks self-confidence.

    Although the word ‘boy’ in the character’s name suggests he’s a child, it has been made clear that Canteen Boy is actually 27 years old. Nevertheless, an episode where host Alec Baldwin played Mr. Armstrong, a scoutmaster who made overt sexual advances toward Canteen Boy, stirred up much controversy due to its implications of pedophilia and many gay television viewers complained to NBC that they felt that the skit was homophobic. Canteen Boy had clearly understood what was happening or was ill at ease with the attitude, as he runs off into the woods. The infamous sketch became the subject of Baldwin’s monologue the next time he hosted on December 10, 1994.

    In the VHS Best of Adam Sandler release, a disclaimer is added to make it clear that Canteen Boy is an adult.

  • Conniption Fitz
    • sDee

      a familiar approach pattern

  • Jim_McCarty

    Does this mean that “Don’t ask don’t tell” isn’t working?

  • toryshane

    They probably will cave but try to protect their commitment to integrity by allowing local chapters to not admit gays. Of course those local chapters will then be labeled hate groups and will be further persecuted by the gay agenda.

  • As a Scoutmaster with three boys in Scouting (one working on Eagle requirements), if the policy is changed, I cannot allow them to continue. For more than 100 years BSA has provide a much needed moral compass for America. To see them enable an immoral choice and lifestyle, tears at the very stitching that holds a society together, and I cannot be apart of it.

    It’s truly sad to see BSA give in to the minority because “times are changing”. They are not changing for the better. They need to stand up and say “No, we will not compromise our moral foundation in which all previous Scoutmaster, leaders, parents and Sir Baden Powell started and built for more than 100 years”.

    Far too long we the majority let the whining voice of the minority sway popular opinion.

    • 57thunderbird

      Absolutely right!!!!!!!

  • Without adherence to the Boy Scout oath, what’s the point?

    • NYGino

      Guess in a liberal’s mind the Boy Scout Oath is like the U.S. Constitution. Merely a set of suggestions that could and should be changed based on the whims of the times and whatever works best for the Left.

    • 57thunderbird

      There would be no point.

  • Islam_Sucks

    to keep myself physically strong
    mentally awake
    and morally straight…

    so every former boy scout is now a betrayer of his oath to be involved with boy scouts now?

  • sDee

    The goal is not to give gays the opportunity to join the scouts.

    The goal is to force the Boy Scouts of America to swallow a poison pill.

    Same method behind women in combat. destroy the values and the institution. Weaken America.

    The left cannot operate in the truth and light of day, t must sneak and gnaw away at you in the dark of the night.

    (btw They will eliminate or pervert BSA. The Girl Scouts of America is already UN NGO. Subversive.)

  • Army_Pilot1967

    I wouldn’t let my son or grandson participate in Boy Scouts if the pack leader was a gay male. I’ve read too many articles about bad things happening to children when in the company of gay adults, especially gay male adults.

  • 57thunderbird

    If this happens,I will advise my daughter to immediately withdraw her son and discontinue her position as a den mother.I spent 20 years serving in various voluntary positions within the Boy Scouts,and it is a marvelous organization.I have many friends that are still serving,and I guarantee that they will leave if this happens,and will withdraw their sons as well.

  • 57thunderbird

    Gays in this country comprise between 2 and 4% of the population,yet they are catered to as though they are a major portion of our population.When asked,many Americans believe a full 25% of the population is gay due to the media hype that is built around this miniscule group of people.

  • 57thunderbird

    The Scouts receive a large portion of their funding via the United Way.I would be willing to bet that they are putting pressure on the Scouts to make this move.Stop contributing to United Way charities.

    • T4Ut

      They also receive a LARGE chunk of their funding from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, who will be absolutely opposed to making this type of change and would likely pull all support and association if they did it.

      I don’t see this change happening.

      How can a scout be CLEAN and be involved in this type of behavior?

      • 57thunderbird

        They can’t be clean and allow this perversion to invade their ranks.This will put the kaibosh on the organization.

      • Conniption Fitz

        Hate to say it, but the LDS has been sliding toward the left… and nowadays some of those 2 by 2 partners are, you know.

        Remember, Romney enacted gay marriage in Massachusetts via executive order when it violated the MA constitution – shades of Barack Obama.

  • Kelly60

    You mean the “scoutin of boys in America?”

  • It’s times like these that I’m proud to be a conservative. Since it is a private organization, and not public, those folks that donate to the Boy Scouts can kindly keep their money to themselves until the Boy Scouts get with the program. Money can change a lot of opinions in a heart beat. If you don’t like the B.S. because of their policies, then don’t join. I don’t know why the media has been forcing this issue for months now. Leave them alone!

  • tsturbo

    I was a boy scout many, many years ago, still have my merit badge sash. And I still remember the boy scout law, have it memorized forever-
    Trustworthy, Loyal, Helpful, Friendly, Courteous, Kind, Obedient, Cheerful, Thrifty, Brave, Clean, Reverent.
    Tolerant and Politically Correct ain’t on the list.
    What an insensitive and hurtful standard for young men to aspire to.

  • Sober_Thinking

    Lol… nothing is safe from the left is it?

    I hope they don’t cave. There are very few good things in civil society that remains uncorrupted… this is one of the few places where kids can be left alone by the pollution of the left.

    • martha chandler

      It’s true what Mark Levin says. The left never rests and it never stops.

      • ryanomaniac

        Problem is the Right does both those things.

        • 57thunderbird


      • Sober_Thinking

        Neither does evil… good point.

    • 57thunderbird


    • stage9

      satan is relentless, and so should God’s people be. We’re in a war for the soul of our nation. If we as believers don’t find our knees soon (collectively) we’re going to lose our civilization.

      • Sober_Thinking

        Amen brother!!! Spot on!!!

        That is always the BEST answer.

  • Joe

    It is called the BOY Scouts


    the “whatever you are” scouts


    The change will lead to trouble

  • Islam_Sucks

    Let the boys decide

    Would you rather have gay scouts and scoutmasters

    or have scouts and scoutmasters that happen to be Hooters Girls?

    see… problem solved

  • 57thunderbird

    I will stop my ranting now,but the Scouts hold a very dear place in my life and this story,if true really makes me angry!Grrrrrrr!

  • Conniption Fitz

    This is crazy.

    Many homo or bisexual sexually active males who are infected with HIV do not know they have it.

    “It has been over 30 years since the first gay men were diagnosed with what would later be called AIDS. Since then over 300,000 men who have sex with men (MSM) have died of AIDS, and 6,000 are expected to die this year and every year for the foreseeable future. In 2008, 17,940 MSM were diagnosed with HIV infections, an increase of 17% from 2005. MSM accounted for 53% of all new infections. It is estimated that one half million MSM are currently infected with HIV. According to a report from the CDC, one in five sexually active gay and bisexuals is carrying the AIDS virus and nearly half of those infected don’t know it. MSM are 44 to 86 times more likely to be diagnosed HIV positive than men who don’t.

    • W. A. Whitestone

      RE: HIV and homo/bisexuals:
      ■People often lie about past sexual behaviors and HIV status.
      ■This occurs with higher frequency among men who have sex with men (MSM) and men who have sex with both men and women (MSM/W). One study indicates that between 33% and 75% of bisexual men don’t tell their female partners that they have sex with men.
      ■People often do not disclose their HIV status. One survey of HIV positive individuals found that 42% of those who were MSM or MSM/W reported having sex without disclosure of their status. Among those who identify as heterosexuals, the rate was lower, but still high.

      More deceptive than out-there homosexuals, and just as dangerous, are bisexuals who appear to the world to be happily married fathers/mothers, but they have secret lives.

      One bisexual male created an epidemic of HIV among SENIOR CITIZENS of a very prestigious retirement community in SFL.

  • c4pfan

    Then it’s the end for the Boy Scouts.

    • 57thunderbird

      I agree.

  • We are doomed. When the left won’t even leave the Boy Scouts alone, we are doomed.

  • tinlizzieowner

    This country is going down the krapper quick. 🙁
    Paul Harvey nailed this a long time ago.

    This was 47 years ago. April 3, 1965. An amazing prediction. Do you remember the famous ABC radio commentator Paul Harvey?
    Millions of Americans listened to his programs which, were broadcast over 1,200 radio stations nationwide.
    When you listen to this, remember the commentary was broadcast 47 years ago on April 3, 1965.
    It’s short…less than three minutes. You will be amazed.

    • Landscaper

      Spooky words from Mr. Harvey. We listened to him regularly growing up.

    • 57thunderbird

      I used to listen to Paul Harvey every chance I got.Wow do I miss him.You might call his words prophetic.He undoubtedly had very clear foresight.

      • tinlizzieowner

        I listened to him too. That was back in the days when Journalism was still a professon.

        • 57thunderbird

          When journalists actually existed.There are no more journalists.Nothing but a title now.

          • tinlizzieowner

            I have a degree in Telecommunications/Journalism. The profession I was one in, simply does not exist anymore.
            There are no more Woodward & Bernstein’s any more, even though Bob Woodward still exists. There are no more ‘Journalists’ willing to take on (especially) this administration, head-on.
            Fortunately, we still have conservative talk radio and the Net, (for the time being).

  • chatterbox365

    I thought the Boy Scouts was a Christian leaning organization…why the hell are they even considering this?? Do they not realize how many families will yang their kids out of this organization if they cave?

    We all know dictators like Hitler started with the youth.

  • gladalad

    I would be surprised if they allow this to happen since a large majority of the chartered units in the US and Canada are funded by the Catholics and the Mormons as executors for these units (more commonly known as Scout troops, teams, and crews). These churches must have a say in the outcome, i would assume.

  • Ray

    This is how it ought to read “If adopted by the organization’s board of directors, it would represent a PROFANE change on an issue that has been highly controversial”
    This is very disheartening, and could have only occurred by infiltration by liberals, just like the American Psychological Association was infiltrated by wacko’s in the late 1960’s who changed the definition of homosexuality from deviant to normal. From that point on, Kinsey who studied sex fiends and deviants in prison made inroads further and further. I am sure there will be other scouting programs that will arise to take it’s place if it succumbs to this travesty.

  • Pyrran

    We’ll have the Boy Scouts, the Girl Scouts, and the Gay Scouts.
    Pink uniforms and designer scarves. Can’t wait to see the merit badges!

    Sheesh, what a world we live in.

  • armyvet10

    I had a brief moment at work and wanted to comment about this, but seeing as I was executing lesson plans for a test and grading, time constraints kept me from doing so. I am sure that many here, commenting, have probably stated the obvious reasons as to why this is just a bad idea all around.

    The BSOA (Boy Scouts Of America) is a private organization established for the strengthening of young boys into more capable men, founded on the principle of Christian faith guidance and leadership (web site for BSOA motto below)

    “On my honor, I will do my best
    To do my duty to God and my country and to obey the Scout Law;
    To help other people at all times;
    To keep myself physically strong, mentally awake and morally straight.”

    The Gay community refuses to accept that their calling in sexual orientation goes against what the Boy Scouts teach. Since the belief structure of the BSOA and The Gay community are in no way similar, a well reasoning logical thinking adult can only come to the conclusion that the Gay community has alternative motives to accomplish their goals. Since this isn’t an equal employment opportunity issue one may conclude that the alternative motive, in reference to the gay community, is and remains personal in nature. The BSOA has no need to open its doors to everyone, only those they feel comfortable in granting membership to, and those that the BSOA organization wishes to employ as counselors.

    The choice of allowing Gay counselors into any Private organization may well be decided by law, but this is where the faithful must remain strong, the parents of children must be armed with the knowledge of who is leading their children. The only reason a convicted child molester is required to register is so others will know they are a convicted child molester. The only perceivable reason for this is to allow parents a fighting chance to defend their creation (their children). Of course to Obama and his administration, parents “didn’t make that, someone else did.”

    Child protection laws make sense and child molesters should be required to register. If the Gay community is allowed to be counselors in the BSOA, most likely due to PC or legal requirement, then they should have no problem in allowing parents to choose a different counselor based solely on preference of parental beliefs. We must face facts on this issue. The federal government has done everything they can to educate our young that only by acceptance can you be a good person. The federal government has the power of the education system in propagating this philosophy under EEO, NLRB, NPR and other organizations that go over the top in teaching the only people who are wrong in this world are those that claim to be God Fearing Christian, Heterosexual Living, Hard Working solid citizens. Forget all the bad that radical Muslims have done, you Christians caused the crusades. You heterosexual living people are too concerned with chastity; why the Gay’s are only trying to convert a few of your children. All you hard working people did nothing; it was all done by someone else. All of you law abiding citizens need to give up your rights; the criminals will leave you alive so you can be robbed again later. The pathetic hypocrisy of the federal government is a light leading us all to hell. To be afraid is not cowardice, all brave men and women have fears, it is the brave men women who fight through their fears to embrace truth and justice, something that too many politicians refuse to do today.

  • ArizonaPaul

    The Left has always been about being Bullies and Thugs. It’s sad if the Boy Scouts cave on this issue.

  • wodiej

    I expected a column like this to be on your website. No tolerance for anyone different. If someone is gay it’s automatically considered bad. But don’t worry. Parents can still choose an intolerant scout troop if they don’t want their kids mingling w the “unwashed masses.”

    This is one of the things wrong w the world. Conservatives wonder why the world is in the state it’s in. It’s because people who can show what is true Christian love are getter fewer and fewer.

    • Landscaper

      I sincerely ask you this. Are you a parent? If so, would you be comfortable with your young impressionable son being around someone is openly gay? TRUST them they are volunteering their time only from an altruistic stance?

    • chatterbox365


      What a crock of sh*t. Just because a private group, such as the BSOA, incorporates Biblical teachings into their organization it shouldn’t automatically be considered bad either. Tolerance swings both ways, but people with your thinking don’t want that. Folks like you want to infringe on the rights of people who don’t subscribe to your opinion and that is the worst type of intolerance today.

      Many conservatives and Christians are tolerant of homosexuals even though the the lifestyle is against Biblical teachings. Good churches tell their members to love and respect each other, but that’s not a green light to accept the behavior. The problem is when intolerant homosexual/liberal groups use the legal system or public pressure to force religious groups to disobey God’s word. Where’s the tolerance of those who want to honor God and the Bible?

      If you don’t agree with an organization’s creed, don’t join or participate. It’s that simple. Instead of trying to destroy the Boy Scouts, gays should start their own scout organization.

      BTW, before you criticize Conservatives about being intolerant, why do I hear crickets about other religions who commit some of the most inhumane acts on homosexuals.

      The next time you want to open your pie hole about intolerance be sure to stand in front of a mirror.

  • I believe that if they vote for this, every parent should pull their boys out the scouts and let the organization implode. Liberals are never happy with their own groups, they have to infect other organizations because on their own, they can’t survive. They have to feed off of non-liberal organisms which, eventually die because liberals are parasites killing the healthy host.

  • drphibes

    Men and boys. In the woods. What manner of men would you have with your boys? (In the woods.)

    By the way, I just saw Deliverance recently. Great film.

  • notebene

    The left has a war on men that is even more insidious than the war that they have on women. If the Boy Scouts cave to this I can assure you that the organization will lose members quickly. Confusing the gender roles ensures the collapse of the nuclear family. The left hates family…unless it is somehow perversely put together with two fathers, or two mothers. When the real nuclear family is destroyed, and they stomp out God…then all they will give the people is the government. We know how this works..we have seen it before. Too bad we have to many ignorant fools that don’t know their history and think history is irrelevant. The left love the ignorant, it feeds their propaganda machine.

    • NYGino


  • Who’s going to send their son on a boy scott outing to sleep in a tent with a homo. Forget it.

  • hongryhawg

    The Boy Scouts of America should stand by their principles and disband if they are pressured to fold their integrity.

  • 1endtimes2020

    This is how the slippery slope works; Get the foot in the door by saying there will be ‘units’ parents can send their children to so they won’t be affected. Then, it becomes mandatory across the board.

  • Conniption Fitz

    FACTS ABOUT POLITICAL CORRECTNESS and those who proclaim it:

    1. The PC crowd has done this to any and every person or group that stands in their way, even when it is ludicrous to do so. For example, Christian organizations on college campuses, are now required to take in people who were gay and atheist and allow them to hold office (Vanderbilt University, a formerly Christian University).

    2. The PC crowd demand tolerance and diversity, but cannot tolerate difference or dissent.

    3. The PC stance has NOTHING to do with evidence, facts, logic, reason, science, Scripture or statistics or reality – it is based on politics and pressure. THEY determine the correct narrative and others must conform to it or be subjected to Alinsky terrorist tactics, even jailed or assaulted.

    4. There is no fixed or consistent PC standard, quite the opposite. The same people who screech and weep about a ‘war on women,’ female genital mutilation, pansexuality (any/every kind of sexual proclivity) and violence will screech in support of Islamists. The same people who want to save baby seals and whales screech in support of abortion, even third trimester and post-birth abortion.

    5. PC really stands for Punitive Conformity and they mean to enforce it by any means.

    6. Finally, from the best bumper sticker of the year…Politically Correct Isn’t.

  • tshtsh

    What does sex have to do with the Boy Scouts mission and motto?

  • ElderKing
  • Erinomally

    @Cathy are you kidding me !!!! You don’t sound very educated ! I hope you aren’t a mother !!!