Retro: Fat Al Sharpton gets knocked down on live TV!

This is your comedy fix for the day from the Morton Downey Jr. Show. Consider this a metaphor for how the America people feel about Al Sharpton:

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  • Anonymous

    It’s funny how that fat race hustler has come to be taken seriously by the bedwetters at places like MSNBC. This clip should be shown at the intro to every interview with sharpton, to allow future generations to know where he’s coming from.

    • Anonymous

      And to think he has made a career of this.

  • happypanda

    If this was how debates could be count me in!

  • happypanda

    If this was how debates could be count me in!

  • Anonymous

    I always did like Roy Innis!!

  • Debn2freds


  • i dont get this…. honestly

  • I dunno- proof of magic?! What else would explain the button on Sharpton’s suit not giving way? I know of no man made materials that can do that.

    I have no idea what that was about. It seems like they cut out what Innis said and then Sharpton starts doing his thing. Seems like it would have been an interesting show to watch if the motives were good and not meant to create a Jerry Springer environment.


  • Jamie

    not everyone in america thinks someone getting shoved to the floor is funny, regardless of who they are. simple pleasures for simple minds. what purpose does posting this clip serve in contributing to civil discourse and respectability in our current situation(s)in america? this is nothing but an attempt at cheap-shot and irrelevant distraction from what we need to be focusing on. not back to the “future”. get a grip, my friend. i am not impressed, nor am i laughing, either. classless. you are apparently one of caribou-barbie’s sheeple-worshippers. go back to school. shame on you!

    • Extremely Right

      And your point is..?

    • happypanda

      wow looks like your really into making a difference!! Congrats! Now go back to your meaningful life of clicking on videos called “Fat Al Sharpton gets knocked down on Live TV!”, watch the video, and then comment on how it is pointless, because your life sure isnt

    • you choose to come here and watch the videos. If you don’t like them, you are also free to leave.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t think someone getting to the floor is funny, unless it’s a bigoted blowhard that is doing all he can to divide the races. He’s a good for nothing piece of crap that pretends to stand up for blacks, but only cares about himself. He wants to destroy the first amendment by whining to the FCC.

      FYI, this is not the Jamie site, so it’s not important to impress you or make you laugh. No one is forced to read any thread or watch any video.

      You talk about cheap shots, then you bring up caribou-barbie. Shame on you.
      Shame on you also for siding with the man that is trying to undo the good that MLK did.

  • las

    Scoop… seriously! Chalk this up to a few neurons misfiring and go get a good night’s rest. And put this one back in the vault.

  • That’s too funny…great post sir. I hope you and yours are having a wonderful holiday season. God Bless

  • Josie

    Must be natural that everyone that hears him speak wants to beat him up.

  • Anonymous

    Al Sharpton , Hypocrite To The First Degree