Rick Perry speaks on his behalf at Iowa Caucus


Really great speech from Rick Perry on his behalf at one of the larger Iowa Caucuses tonight. It was an impassioned plea for a vote and we’ll see if it was effective:


UPDATE: The returns have come in to Fox news for this caucus that included 2 districts, with Mitt Romney winning both districts handily, Santorum coming in 2nd in both districts, and Perry coming in 3rd in one district and Gingrich in 3rd in the other district. Not a good showing for Perry. Looks like his speech fell on mostly deaf ears.

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  • Anonymous

    Hope it does but I’m convinced that the majority of Iowans, just like most of Americans, feel they are very politically informed when they are sadly mistaken. They are just part of the American Idol electorate.

  • Anonymous

    He got a lot of mentions in a short speech, defense, illegal immigration, size of government, states’ rights, the economy, jobs, and the role of government in our lives. Good pitch!

    • Anonymous

      Yes it was. But if he’s spent all that money to get 5th? Maybe 4th? Don’t get me wrong, he’s my guy so my opinion is jaded but I just feel that most folks are so ill-informed and have such short attention spans that they buy the “most electable” argument and don’t really look into governing records. Presence trumps ideology not unlike the Dems last year where race trumped gender.

      • Anonymous

        I look at it this way.

        Santorum finishes top 3. Why? Because he has essentially lived there. If not an honorary citizen, he should be. Tons and tons of hours of campaigning which he won’t be able to replicate in the states to follow. He better hope it gives him momentum, because his campaign will need it. Without it, let’s consider him out.

        Romney finishes top 3. He’s the establishment republican. His finish is not unexpected. He better hope he finishes at least a strong third.

        Ron Paul… Iowans will sadly have Ron Paul in top 3 it seems. Must be something in the corn. I can’t see sane people voted for the one who aligns with bigoted ideas. He won’t get the nomination and certainly won’t win the general. Not even Ron believes he will get to the White House.

        Newt… finishes fourth or fifth. He has damage control to do and is still left with lots of baggage.

        Perry is still in damage control, but has money and organization. He has also improved in presentation and a good record.

        Bachmann & Huntsman… out.

        When you distill it all down, I think it comes down Romney vs Newt vs Perry. I will throw Santorum in the mix if tonight’s election gives him the momentum he needs.

        • Anonymous

          Agreed kamiller42 & I really hope things can turn favorably for the TX Gov. Wonder if GOP will ever go to regional primaries and get this Iowa media circus?

  • I though that was EXCELLENT…until the last 15 seconds or so! He really dragged that ending on too long (it was kinda awkward :-D) Other than that…I’m REALLY REALLY REALLY liking Rick Perry!

    • Anonymous

      Too bad we’re not in an Iowa caucus right now.

  • Anonymous

    ** Romney can-not pro-cess these prin-ci-pals ***

  • Anonymous

    At 8:25 CT, Rick Perry is not doing as well as I would have liked. I thought he and Gingrich would be neck and neck.

    If he hangs in there, and people realize he has been a successful chief exec in a very large state, I still think his time will come (back).

    I don’t really understand all the fuss about this caucus. They don’t pick up delegates from this.

  • Anonymous

    There are very few votes separating the top tier candidates from the second tier. This is no way to determine that anyone should drop out.

    This sucks.

    • Anonymous

      I will be interested in the votes when we hit about 60% or more reporting. The returns you see now are going to be the smaller counties. Larger counties, I would think, hold more votes and can dramatically shift already small tallies.

    • I’m pretty sure the way this works is the top couple candidates get all the funding from millionaires. This is their primary, and thus they ARE voting for the Presidential nominee, but the reason Iowa is so important (as well as New Hampshire) is because it tells the big-money sponsors who to campaign for and donate money to. No one is OFFICIALLY excluded from any other state until our GOP Nominee is chosen (after ALL states have voted). I could be wrong, but I think that’s how this works.

  • Anonymous

    I will be voting for him. What bothers me about Iowa, Democrats can come in, register as a Republican right there, vote for a Republican, and walk back out tomorrow and change right back.

    Steve King talked about this on Mark tonight. People do realize Perry is the Governor of Texas, don’t they? They act as though he’s a novice.

    Go Perry, you still have my vote. I think he’ll do very well in the South.

  • I was there, great speech.

    • Really? That’s cool. I loved it and I hope he continues this. It will work for him in the long run.

  • Anonymous

    In regards to the update, I saw the numbers at Google. True, fell on deaf ears. I guess the applauses were to be polite. Grrr….

  • Best outcome for Perry is Paul winning with Romney second and Santorum a close third. As long as Perry is close to Newt for fourth, it’s not over for him. Think how far Newt has fallen since Thanksgiving. The same could happen to Santorum. Iowa has not cleared anything up. Ironically for Perry, more debates will only help here on out (assuming he performs as he has in the last three).

  • Joe

    Great speech

    Is this Rick Perry? I heard of him

    WHERE has he been?

    If he keeps this tempo up and continues with the good ads

    He may have a chance to kick IRAN’S butt once and for all.

  • Anonymous

    We cannot be discouraged by Rick Perry coming in fifth, Santorum is the last of the not-Romney candidates to lead, but the media had no time to ruin his lead.
    120,000 people, more or less, do not make or break a candidate. Rick Perry will be the not-Romney again in SC and he’ll trump Romney.
    120,000 caucus votes will not discourage us from Governor Rick Perry!

    Michele Bachmann is on now, she’s still waiting for that miracle. I liked her but I am sick of her 5 children and 23 foster children, enough. Michele is good as a rep, keep her there, The US has not voted a rep for POTUS since Buchanan.

    • Anonymous

      The most positive sign to come out of the results for Perry is how close to Newt he is. Remember that Newt, as the best debater, was supposed to have this in the bag. That was until he was raked over the coals. Rick Perry had his moment on the coals and went down. Ditto for Newt. Not, it’s Santorum’s turn. Let’s see how well he survives.

      This leaves Romney and Paul. Romney is Romney, and he’ll have his 25%. That leaves Paul, and he won’t be the nominee.

      This means if Santorum takes a hit like Newt or simply never bounces from Iowa, then the battle is effectively Santorum vs. Perry vs. Newt.