Rick Perry Speech and Q&A at Iowa Faith and Freedom Coalition

Tonight Rick Perry spoke at the Iowa Faith and Freedom Coalition and then answered a few questions from a panel. I’ve split the Speech from the Q&A and both are below.



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  • Steven

    This speech, I hope is the beginning of things to come from Perry. He has a strong record or at least in this speech he was able to effectively weave his record in Texas into his social issue message. It was a technically good speech. The only critique I would have is that it seemed the other speakers were less dependent on their notes. But to his credit, there was no teleprompter.

    His problem is still shaking how much he reminds people of George W. Bush in the worst way. That is Bush’s inarticulate manner and inability to land a punch. BTW, his Q and A was the shortest of all the speakers.

    • I did notice when I was scanning the video for a screencap, he was looking down ALOT. Didn’t really notice that while he was speaking

      • Anonymous

        He’s always done that, although more in some speeches than others. No teleprompter, just notes.

      • Mr. EMT

        Go back and look at Reagan speeches.
        Perry has a note book with clift notes.
        Im sure this is going to come up that he reads notes… but unless you have a photographic memory, or say the same speech the same way every day every time, like someone else I have seen who doesnt use a teleprompter, you are going to have to use notes.

    • Anonymous

      Good, then he’ll take obama by surprise. Most people don’t know that obama, for all the hurrah in reading speeches, is a TERRIBLE DEBATER.

      • Anonymous

        Agreed! And I’ve never thought Obama deserved any hurrahs for his reading of speeches off of teleprompters either. The MSM decided he’s a great speaker and he’s brilliant, and those two opinions somehow became fact, but I’ve never seen a shred of evidence that either statement is true. Obama is a horrible speaker (choppy, stutters), and I have no idea why people think he’s brilliant.

        • Anonymous

          1) Somehow he got into Harvard. Nobody knows how, because his records are sealed.

          2) Somehow he graduated. Nobody knows where his class position was or his grades, because his records are sealed.

          But because of 1 and 2, the other Harvard grads circle the wagons around this SCOAMF in an attempt to retain credibility of the institution.

  • Anonymous

    Very proud of Gov Perry! I thought his speach was the most heart-felt and personal of all so far.

  • Joe

    Scoop – THANKS for posting this series of speeches
    I feel a lot more confident than I did a month ago

    This is a great service and I hope everyone on this site passes around this info

    What I especially noticed is that the number of comments on each candidate anecdotally reflects the standing of each candidate
    —– I feel that Cain will knock O’blablas socks off
    —– Perry will have trouble as usual – He is not showing well
    —– Gingrich will also grind O’blabla into dust
    —– Bachman will have some trouble in a debate – Although she would be a
    “pit bull” and will wear anyone down –
    —– Ron Paul is a bit over the top in some ideas – Although I agree with some
    ideas – he is too radical
    —– Romney – a no show – is flipping too much – Where is he anyway?
    BUT any one of them could beat O’blabla because they all have ideas that make sense
    and O’blabla is imploding

    Help GET THE WORD OUT – Send http://www.therightscoop.com/
    to FIVE Republican friends today
    (please don’t bother with Democrats – they obviously won’t listen anyway
    besides being annoying)

    Great Posts – Thanks again

  • Anonymous

    When illegal immigrants are getting free tuition for college in Texas , Perry shows that he’s still a Liberal at heart . Can’t be trusted .

    • Anonymous

      Illegal immigrants are not getting free tuition in Texas.

    • Alleena

      Illegals are not getting free tuition in Texas.

    • That is patently wrong. Illegal immigrants do not receive free tuition in Texas. They pay resident tuition, like every other three-year resident of Texas. And there are conditions attached.

      I wish all of you Perry bashers would at least pretend to be legitimate.

      • Anonymous

        Illegal immigrants receive a tax subsidy of $23,000 a year (using the University of Texas as a baseline) or $115k all together if you consider that most students take more than 4 years to graduate.

        College is not free. In-state tuition is subsidized by the state, while out-of-state tuition is the full cost of attendance.

        When somebody attends a school on in-state tuition, that means that tax dollars are being sent to the school to cover the full cost of attendance.

    • Anonymous

      Hardly. It would serve you well to get educated about this before posting. A good place to start would be this most excellent post explaining the predicament Texas is in and how Perry has been tackling it:


    • Anonymous

      You shouldn’t be posting lies or you will lose all credibility. Illegal aliens do not get free college tuition in Texas.

    • Anonymous

      This post is not correct, we do NOT give immigrants FREE tution in Texas. We do allow them to pay their own way.

    • Mr. EMT

      Sorry, they have to pay, same as everyone else.
      Try to avoid talking points from romney, you wont look silly after people have read

    • Anonymous

      Illegal immigrants DO NOT get free tuition in TEXAS. QUIT LYING! They get it at the same cost as instate students. Quit Lying. I live in Texas and until you move here SHUT YOUR PIE-HOLE!

  • Shark Hunter

    Where’s Ron Paul’s video?

  • Anonymous

    I am a perry fan but I think he is done…Cain has stolen his thunder and looks like he is not getting it back…he needs more clarity when he speaks…unfortunately voters are too superficial

    • Anonymous

      Clarity? Sorry, but I’m not sure clarity is the issue with Gov Perry.
      If any candidate is having trouble right now with clarity it would be Mr Cain. I believe he is prolife all the way – but it is his own words and his explaination of his words that is causing people to question where he stands.

      • Anonymous

        So what if other people have caused the MSM to get themselves confused?

        Herman Cain’s Pro-Life, Pro-America, and Pro-Business message and resume is crystal clear to anybody who spends 2 minutes researching him.

        • Mr. EMT

          yep, clear as mud.

    • Mr. EMT

      Over the hostage issue, the abortion issue and his 999/909 plan.
      Cain is standing on shifting sand and getting deeper with each comment.
      His poll numbers are going to decline, and the faster he speaks the faster they will go down.
      We shall see where those numbers go to in the weeks ahead.

  • Anonymous

    That’s the best speech I’ve ever seen Perry give. Too bad he just doesn’t have the fortitude to express his passion and ideas off the top of his head. The Q&A was OK. For him. But by the end of it I was just as skeptical of him as always. He can’t count to three.

    At 4:50ish he starts off with four principles. He doesn’t make it to number 3. He gives up.

    This guy would be an absolute disaster against Obama.

    • Anonymous

      Nonsense. I just listened to it twice. He named 4 things, one right after another:

      1. keep taxes low on the job creators
      2. over-regulation
      3. legal system gone awry with over-suing
      4. don’t spend more money than you bring in.

      I don’t think you’re listening with an open mind because apparently you’ve already decided he can’t count to 3. And personally, I think Obama is already a disaster, regardless of who he runs against.

      • Anonymous

        For cryin’ out frigging loud. WATCH HIM. He starts to count them with his left hand and GIVES up before he gets to 3.

        You can’t possibly be stupid enough to not grasp that he lost track of his own points before he got to 3.

        Watch it again you moron.

        • Anonymous

          Always fun reading your posts. Is “take no prisoners” your motto?

          • Anonymous

            No, my motto is most people, on average, are stupid. We are a doomed country.

            • Anonymous

              Losing count because of a lack of fingers puts you in which camp, on average?

            • Mr. EMT

              This from the person that can’t count to 4 with out someone holding their fingers out for them.
              Stay on sesame street.

        • Anonymous

          HUH? You mean YOU lost track because he put his fingers down.

    • Anonymous

      Here are his exact words, from 4:50ish:

      “Four simple principles:

      You keep the tax burden as light as you can on job creators

      You send a clear message on the regulatory front that you’re going to have a fair and predictable regulatory climate,

      You have a legal system that doesn’t allow for over suing, and

      You don’t spend all the money.

      Truly it’s that simple.”

      I thought he was very strong in this Q&A and if he speaks like this in a debate, he would best the stutterer-in-chief with no problem.

      • Anonymous

        See my reply to Rosie below. Anyone with two brain cells to rub together can see that he lost track and stopped trying to count them.

        For crying out loud. Try to see it as it really is and not what you want it to be.

        • Anonymous

          Sorry Jaynie, but he named 4 succinct points, one right after another. I’m sorry you couldn’t count to 4 because he stopped using his fingers. My two brain cells grasped it, yours did not. And you call ME the moron. Amazing.

          And by the way, I usually don’t get testy with commenters, but there is no need to insult a commenter because they don’t agree with you.

          That’s a direct QUOTE above, by the way. Let me do it again for you, this time I’ll number them for you:

          1. You keep the tax burden as light as you can on job creators

          2. You send a clear message on the regulatory front that you’re going to have a fair and predictable regulatory climate,

          3. You have a legal system that doesn’t allow for over suing, and

          4. You don’t spend all the money.

          • Anonymous

            I am sick and tired of people like you who reply to one of my comments with the accusation that I either haven’t read it, haven’t seen it, or didn’t grasp it. Idiots like you operate just like liberals. You think you’re so superior and spew your passive aggressive bs and then pat yourself on the back for being more informed, more observant, and smarter. No, you didn’t call me a moron. You implied that with your comment.

            Watch the video. Rick Perry starts to count using his left hand. He, himself, lost track of where he was before he got to his third finger.

            Now. If you want to say that maybe Perry is one of those people who has one of those ring fingers that just won’t move independently, then I would agree with that. I can’t do it. Try it yourself. Maybe you can. I can’t. I cannot count to three using my ring finger. Well, I can do it with my left hand but I can’t do it with my right hand. Which is sort of bizarre since I’m right handed, but that’s beside the point.

            If you want to argue that Rick Perry just couldn’t get that third finger to stand up then I won’t argue with you. To me it looked like he couldn’t remember which number he was on. Which makes him look stupid.

            Are you happy now? Did I give you enough of an explanation to satisfy your innate need to call someone a moron without coming out and calling them a moron?

            You’re welcome.

            • Anonymous

              You watched, I listened. He listed his 4 principles without hesitation. I don’t think he lost his place.

              I didn’t call you a moron, but if you felt like one, I do apologize.

            • Anonymous

              Jaynie, why don’t you just go lay down by your dish, ok? The rest of us could care less if he moved to more expansive hand gestures and ruined your day. Looks to me like the only one in this thread with an ‘innate need to call someone a moron’ is you.

            • Mr. EMT

              Run off to romney’s camp and tell them you got the fingergate video that will sink Perry.

            • Anonymous

              Sorry Jaynie, Rosie’s correct. Perry outlined 4 points. He never lost his place, he never “gave up” and he never stopped trying to count.

              You can dislike Perry for many things, but this is “issue” is pointless.

            • Anonymous

              Go over to Rino Romney’s Comments, Please. Leave us alone!

      • Mr. EMT

        I got a list of about half a dozen speaking engagements he has been in with Q&A’s.
        He has been doing great after his second debate.

    • Anonymous

      Hmm, I believe he did give all four.

  • Anonymous

    Sorry folks but no real surprises here. The man still lacks substance.

    • Alleena

      Really, I think your reply lacked anything to back it up.

    • Mr. EMT

      Voter ID, multiple Tort reform bills, Castle Law, removing state funds from planned parenthood, sonogram for abortion bill, multiple bills protecting Texans from the EPA, tax cuts to franchises, property tax cuts, spending cut (First governor since WWII, lowest taxes, highest jobs…list goes on and on

      Yeah no substance compare with… who?

  • deo heerai

    Too much baggage. A few thoughtful words cannot overcome, hero in texas pariah everywhere else, too dangerous to make him the republican nominee. he feels like a timebomb that can explode in your face at any time. I was a staunch perry supporter but then i got to know him and the more i saw the more wary i became

    • Anonymous

      They all have baggage, but to me, it all pales compared to Obama’s 3 years of baggage.

  • Rick Perry was reading his notes during the question and answer part.

  • Anonymous

    Here is just a bit of Perry’s RINO Record:

    1. Raised Taxes billions of dollars on businesses and consumers, Increased spending 85%, Increased the debt 4 times over. i.e. he Grew Government in a very BIG way.

    2. Executed health mandates against the will of the legislature and the people of Texas

    3. Forced the citizens of Texas to pay for the college education of illegal immigrants…giving them benefits that other US Citizens can’t take advantage of

    4. Engaged in the abusive use of eminent domain

    5. Attempted to sell Texas roads to foreign interests

    6. Pro Amnesty (in the recent campaign cycle he has taken to reversing this stance as the Tea Party has become more of a threat to him than the Hispanic caucus)

    7. Engaged in wide scale cronyism by signing contracts for Texas projects to companies that give him campaign cash or for which is his former staff now work.

    8. Misused the resources of Texas by having sizable security details travel with him at all times (abnormal for a governor)…even on foreign trips…all at the expense of Texas taxpayers.

    9. Misused (i.e. stole) Texas taxpayer money by spending over $600k on housing over a 2 year period.

    10. Stole well over $100k of the taxpayers’ money by going on a Middle East excursion that had nothing to do with the business of the State of Texas to meet with a convicted drug user.

    • Mr. EMT

      Finally changed the format of your lying claims you spam around everywhere waiting for someone as gullible or more stupid than you to buy I see.

      • Anonymous

        How has the format changed?

        The facts remain the same, my friend, young paid Rick Perry Staffer.

        • Sorry CPA, you lose. You need to regroup with DNC. We are all wise to you. Go to DNC collect your $400.

  • I don’t trust him. “He came under sustained attack from his rivals at last Thursday’s debate in Florida for signing a 2001 Texas law granting in-state tuition rates at state universities to illegal immigrant students.

    One of the memorable lines of that debate and perhaps of the 2012 campaign will be Perry’s attempted rebuttal of his critics over the Texas law: “If you say that we should not educate children who have come into our state for no other reason than they’ve been brought there by no fault of their own, I don’t think you have a heart.”

    – bottom line is: If he wins, I’m not voting.

    • Anonymous

      Chris, I saw this post on another website written by a Texan who supports Perry, and if you take the time to read it, you will see it’s not as black & white — or as simple — as you want to make it:

      “Instate tuition is a drop in the bucket compared to what Texans spend for healthcare and P-12 education. A member of my family worked in the maternity unit of a large hospital and when illegal moms come in to deliver a baby, they usually have had no prenatal care, she has had none of the required immunizations, she is often anemic to the point of needing transfusion. Babies are low birth weight and require newborn intensive care. The costs of treating all that are enormous. While still in the hospital, the govt requires that a Spanish speaking staff member get mom and baby signed up for Medicaid & WIC. She is counseled on where to get housing assistance because now that she is the mother of a US citizen, her fortunes have just increased greatly. She is NOT counseled on where to sign up for English classes or where to get a job. The baby goes home w/ a ‘free’ car seat and beginning layette, lots of diapers and formula if the mother can’t provide it. Many of these mothers are mere children themselves; 14, 15, 16 years old. Hospitals are going broke providing this care and service and then get pennies on the dollar reimbursement from the govt. Schools also are burdened w/ free breakfast and lunch and teacher’s aides to help teach ESL (English as a Second Language). Without social security cards, the fathers of these families get day work and are paid cash. It’s a state’s problem because the fed’s refuse to touch it because of political consequences. Now we have a governor running for president and this entire fiasco is on the national stage. What happens? Pundits, network programmers and fellow candidates attack HIM for ‘doing too much’ or for ‘giving incentives’.

      In Texas and in countless other states (all 57 of them, in fact) honest business people have complained loud and clear to all levels of govt. about illegals standing on street corners waiting for day work. I know a 7-11 owner that was getting fairly close to retirement that just closed up because they stood on the sidewalk outside his business in the mornings hoping for construction and labor bosses to come in for coffee. It eventuallly ended up being a crowd there all day long. The city wouldn’t do anything about it because they were on the sidewalk. His customer base complained to him because some of the guys would ask for spare change as people were coming and going. Just like this Occupy Wall St. mess, the govt. at all levels shrinks and wimps out when it comes time to crack the whip, enforce laws and take on a tough politically charged issue. Mayors, police chiefs, sheriffs and governors are hog tied by the federal govt. SOME try to find some type of solution; others sit on the sidelines and attack them as we’ve clearly seen in this primary.

      There was a very large group of small business owners in Texas that came together and started talking to their state legislators about what could be done. Communities don’t feel safe when vagrant people wander around. We already know they are illegal but we can’t seem to do anything about it. By the time the children of these folks get to high school age, there is a very high incidence of gang involement and they too start roving the streets looking for a way to get some money in their pocket and as we know, its usually not a good way. Communities want something done and the fed’s sit up there in Washington and ignore us. Texans decided let’s get the motivated, bright kids that have great potential to contribute to society and instead of giving them govt. hand-outs, let’s give them a break on tuition and try to keep them in school so they can become legal and contribute. Education may be the only way to break this cycle of entitlement mentality.

      Too many people also think that these recipients of instate tuition in Texas and the host of other states that offer it, including really red states like Nebraska, get a ‘free’ education. They do not. They must find their own financing. Marco Rubio supports this program too.

      For those that found ‘heartless’ offensive, I happen to agree with the gov. and I don’t think it was a poor choice of words. What’s heartless is expecting taxpayers in Texas to just keep giving the handouts and never figuring out ways to improve the impossible situation the fed’s have plunged them into. It’s also small minded to continue to throw money at a problem and never do the hard work of sitting down with business leaders and trying to hammer out a better way.

      We have candidates in this race that are serving or did serve in the US Congress. Bachmann, Paul, Santorum, Gingrich. What can any of them put on the table as evidence they used their power and influence to help solve this situation? Nothing. They have nothing to show for their time as elected officials. Michelle Bachmann has never done anything to secure the MN border, but claims as president she’ll build a fence across every inch of the southern border. She never talks about what she’ll do with the ones already here, does she? She doesn’t explain how she’ll manuever the political land mines of trying to build on private property, across national parks and next to a river. Its rather amusing to hear people casting stones at someone that at least is trying to provide some relief to the people in his state that pay dearly for all the freebies that the fed’s require be handed out. Heartless, indeed.”

      And then we wonder why Perry can’t articulate this in a 30-second soundbyte. This is a very complex issue, but if you want to keep it simple, then all you need to know is the NONE of the other candidates have dealt with this issue AT ALL.