Rick Perry: This administration is out of control!

A great moment from Rick Perry turning a question about the federal government being able to scrutinize voter id laws into what it really is, attacks from the federal government on states and religion:

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  • Very true and great point. Kudos to Perry.

  • Anonymous

    We’re all at war with this rogue Federal Government. The climate right now, is just like it was before the American Revolution. The colonists, called the British soldiers names, threw snowballs with rocks in them, mocked them, you know, just like we do to Congress and Obama. I have to admit, I’d love to throw something at them.

  • Anonymous

    Looks like Juan Williams is the big loser tonight, the candidates did pretty well.

  • Another strong debate performance.

  • Anonymous

    I missed it, I was at work. Thanks RS for posting highlights!
    I have FNC on & Luntz just said Perry did the best he’s ever done. Then he added perhaps too little to late. I want Perry to win the nomination.

  • Anonymous

    Perry did well in Huck’s forum yesterday as well, but tonight he was on his game.

  • Anonymous

    Governor Perry did very well tonight. He wasn’t given as much time as the other candidates but he made the most of every opportunity. I hope the people in S.C. will give him their support. He was able to speak of his record and jobs are a major issue in S.C.

    Romney was booed and that is the first time I have heard him booed. I have watched every debate and he is always smooth and well received. The audience doesn’t like Obama’s new law that allows any American to be detained or arrested in the name of national defense. Romney supports this new law and suggests we simply must trust the President not to abuse our rights. I wonder if this will affect his poll numbers.

    Governor Perry is the only candidate who has the national organization and financial backing needed to challenge Romney. He is an authentic conservative and I still hold out the hope that he will be our nominee. Ironically, given his successful record in Texas where there is a booming economy, he is the strongest candidate and the most electable.

  • Persephone

    This was another really good answer, he expanded it nicely with the segue into O’s war against Christian religions.

    Woo hoo!

    Go Perry!

  • Anonymous

    Good for Perry, telling it like it is. He has the courage to go up against the administration publicly, and say what all of us think, Obummer and his injustice department do have a war on Christians in this country. Perry 2012, standing up for the people.

  • Anonymous

    I’m glad he nailed this one home. Good job Perry!

  • Anonymous

    Even more than Perry’s correct, common-sense, Constitutionally-correct response. I LOVE the powerful cheering he got. That’s the sound of freedom.

    We hope. God give us a President with ideals like these.

  • OVER 1,000 families flee to Texas every single day to save their lives and rebuild their futures and those of their children . They are not Moving to the Amnesty Champion Newt’s history class , or pro union boss control Santorum’s big government nanny state of PA or Romney’s Romneycare MA or R. Paul’s ozone layer . They are seeking the benefit of the Unmatched, documented successful leadership of Gov Perry .

  • Anonymous

    This Administration is FUBAR!!

  • His body language is clearly stating that he does not believe a war he says. He is just saying what the audience whats to hear regardless of what he truly believes. Playing politics at its finest.