‘RIGHT ON!!’ – Rush Limbaugh just LOVED Trump comparing our media to Nazi Germany

El Rushbo could hardly contain himself he was so full of glee and happiness at the press conference from Trump that turned into more of a gatling gun attack on the media.

Listen below:

At one point you can hear Rush chuckling as Trump absurdly compares the media landscape to that of Nazi Germany. I guess that makes him a persecuted Jew, or something.

I understand that the media is considered our mortal enemy, but the lengths to which some are willing to excoriate them seems a bit extreme. There are some very good journalists at these mainstream media outlets, even though there is a lot of bad, and a lot of bias. And what is our alternative? Most of the news that is regurgitated by Trump-humping sites is still that which is first produced by these mainstream outlets. And Trump has shown that without ANY gate-keepers, we descend into chaos, stupidity, and conspiracy theories. I guess Rush will love that too.

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