RNC Chief: Dems are living in fantasy land and we’re going to put this dream of theirs to an end in November

This is exactly how I’d love to hear Mitt Romney talk when addressing our problems. RNC Chief Reince Priebus went on Fox News this morning and pointed out if the Democrats had kept their promise of 5.5% unemployment after passing the stimulus that we’d have 8.5 million more people employed today than we currently do. Nice statistic. He then said we’re going to put this fantasy-land dream of theirs to and end in November and hire Mitt Romney.

Watch below:

Here’s the full interview/debate from this morning:

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  • KarlRogue

    Yes, but it is far smarter for Romeny to Take No Position, right?
    Better to leave the dirty work to Prince Pebus, uh… yeah, that guy

    • KarlRogue

      there seems to be an echo in here
      in here
      in here

  • Hey… TR what about a tribute page to Ernie Borgnine?

    • Rshill7

      Ernest Borgnine was a special person and a great actor. A prince among men too. Very nice, very respectable, and deserving of much respect himself. He enjoyed a long and prosperous life. I just saw him on Fox and friends last week! He seemed as healthy as anyone 🙁

      Rest in Peace brother. Better yet, celebrate in Heaven. I hope you’re there. Have Andy Griffith show you around 🙂

    • I read on facebook that he joined the Navy in the 30’s and was discharged in ’41. He re enlisted after Pearl Harbor.
      I didn’t know that about him- I just always loved his acting and he seemed like such a good guy.

    • Cindy09

      The very first movie where he played in that I watched was “Barabbas” with Anthony Quinn. Ernest played Lucius the Roman Centurion. His bewildered eyes struck me. He was very convincing in his role. What a giant of the silver screen!!

  • librtifirst

    So, apparently, Obama thought that he could cooks the books enough to show 5% unemployment in four years. I guess that reality kept the cooked numbers down at around 8%.

    • wodiej

      And Romney did point out the other day that the real unemployment rate is 15%.

      • librtifirst

        I have heard that if you figure it out like they did back in the great depression, it is above 21%. That seems more likely to me, but at least Romney is putting it out there.

  • Joe

    Mitt must “step it up”


    He will be “dog meat” on BO’s and BO’s table !

    Stop defending Bain Capital and

    pounce on jobs – jobs – jobs AND lies – lies – lies

  • 1vote

    DWS – get me a bag, quick!

    • Joe

      – -JUST ONE ???

      • Dukehoopsfan

        Definitely a two bagger.

  • 1mathteacher

    Is it just me or does the expression on Debbie Whatsername Shultz’s face look exactly like Debbie Downer from SNL? (Waht-wah!)

  • Sober_Thinking

    Romney needs to get out of his comfort zone and start talking tough… he’s currently hanging from a ledge and his fingers are slipping.

    America needs a leader right now. Sadly, the GOP pushed Romney on us. So someone needs to turn Romney into a reasonable facsimile of a leader before November or America is doomed. Obama, for whatever sick, twisted reason, still has great sway and influence over the weak and feeble-minded. Romney needs to step up take the reigns or it’s all over.

    And all the character assassinations Mitt did during the GOP primary will have been for naught.

    • I still find it fascinating that he had NO problem getting tough when it was Santorum and Newt that he was up against…. while at the same time calling dear leader a nice guy. Dang I wish the people would vote their conscience and thereby telling the GOP to go to he!! with their lame picks.

      • Freempg

        Some of us believe the GOP is enemy number 1. They are the enablers of all of this. Another Reagan was handed to them on a silver platter, and they destroyed her.

        • I agree. And after they destroyed her, they did the same in round about ways to some pretty good candidates. I find the GOP no different anymore than libs. They care more about their guys than the people. Don’t even get me started on the last round of the congressional elections.

          • Freempg

            Indeed, and the one who delivered the victories in 2010 was the one who shall remain nameless.

        • Sober_Thinking

          You are sooooo right!

      • Sober_Thinking

        I couldn’t agree with you more.

        It’s nice to have a dog in the hunt… as long as that dog has teeth and isn’t neutered.

        The GOP has lost what used to make them better than the Democrats. I’m hoping a viable 3rd party emerges for 2016 – preferably a Tea Party – to compete with the Democrats and GOP.

    • sjmom

      Not gonna happen; Romney was only tough on his GOP opponents. I think he is afraid of Obama.

      • Sober_Thinking

        Sadly, I have to agree… or he’s at least out of his element. Heck, he couldn’t beat McCain in 2008… Romney is not a good candidate and if he wins (cough), he’ll be a mediocre President at best.

  • I hope he’s right. I know I’ll do my bit to get out there and vote for Romney. Now I just need at least 51% of the population to agree with me. No problem.

    • sjmom

      The American people are getting to know Romney and they are not impressed. His weakness is evident.

    • wodiej

      Despite romney’s flaws, he’s still much better than obama. The main concern w voters is jobs and romney knows business. Case closed.

  • WordsFailMe

    14.4 % Unemployed among Africans? Nice try, Obama, but I don’t think staggering increases in productivity, attendance and morale is going to be enough to get the rest of us out of recession.

    • Cindy09

      Words, his own brother lives in a hut out there in Kenya!!! Now if he treated his own blood like that, what are we to him?? Dust?? I guess so!! He blew off trillions of our money!!!

  • Boris_Badenoff

    Obama’s big kick lately is trying to blame outsourcing on Romney.

    Is outsourcing really that much different than Obama letting millions of illegals into the country to take American jobs?

    I know it is different in some aspects but the end result is less jobs for Americans.

    Obama is full of s#!t..

  • Dream? I guess so. But here’s a nightmarish aspect to it. (H/T @RDBrewer4 on the tweeter)

    (RDBrewer linked directly to the debt chart for the real wowser effect of it. Nightmare, indeed.)

    • Nukeman60

      You can check the updated numbers anytime, if you don’t mind getting dizzy.


      • Always reminds me of the “Post Raisin Counter” commercials. Remember that guy?

    • librtifirst

      There is no post WW2 industrial revolution coming to save us, either.

      • The way they keep sticking it to Germany to bail out the Eurozone makes me fear that some Germans are thinking Great-Grandpa may have had the right idea. So your comment is scary as hell for both reasons.

        • librtifirst

          Isn’t this quite the turn around for them? Back then, they were funded by the big banks, and now they are bailing everyone out. I guess that I had this impression of Germany as being a kind of Switzerland now. Not a financial safe haven, but rather, neutral. I thought that they were still neutered militarily. I suppose they don’t appreciate their wealth being spent to bail out Europe any more than we do. (at least, “I do”)

          • That’s why it’s so scary; I don’t think any of us really knows.

            • librtifirst

              As the world’s currencies and economies collapse, I can see Europe, North America, and Israel joining together to form a NWO, as Bush 1 and Obama put it. I see Russia, China, Iran, and maybe even India, coming together for the same purposes, but opposing the western federation. We have been fighting proxy wars with them for some time. After the Euro goes, we will go down. This will be all that they need to make it official. They will replace the US constitution with a new document that closely resembles the Communist Manifesto, but will be signed by our government putting us under international law. Their answer to the currency issue will be a new fiat world reserve controlled by the IMF.

              Our military bases around the world are strategically placed toward this end. Our recent increase of military presence in Australia, which ticked off China, is a good example. Libya also had trade agreements with China. We ended that. Russia is trying to expand back into the old Soviet system by taking back control of countries like Georgia, in recent history. We funded the Taliban to fight the Russians for the same reasons. We are fighting wars for control of territory that is strategic to the end game. I believe that our military has been in Germany and Japan for strategic reasons that most don’t understand.

              As we conquer these nations, the oil companies move in and take control of the resources. The NWO doesn’t care if Muslims take control in the country, as long as they are doing what they are told, which is to allow the oil companies to control the oil flow, and that they are subservient to the banks. The Muslims are happy to have have carte blanch power outside of the prerequisites. As we have seen, they are given free reign to kill off their religious enemies and proceed with genocide, as is happening in Egypt, Libya, and Syria.

              Russia, China, Iran, and India now have bilateral trades agreements, and they are pulling out of the dollar in trade. They are trading in their own currencies and are even using Gold. They have been buying up Gold for some time now, while we have little to none.

              The UN has been pressuring Iran through economic sanctions to give in to the world banks, but they refuse. We have them surrounded with forty some odd military bases. I believe that Russia will fight back on the Iran issue.

              Gold won’t be needed in the end, because the NWO will have control of all other resources. There will be no private sector economy or stock market. The new world currency will be used to fund the military and police state, and the people will just fight over the scraps. Everyone under the top tier will literally be slaves to the system, and will work (as a right) to build the new system for the global controllers and supply their minions.

              Christians in the middle east are acceptable losses to the NWO. So are the blacks in Libya, Christians in Kenya, and all of the genocide happening for decades in Africa. This is why we don’t bother the Muslims in non-resource rich countries, because the NWO already has that territory.

              The middle east was under British control until the League of Nations decided to split it up and create the Arab Nations. After the UN was formed, it became a hot battle ground of control between Russia and China, and the US and Britain. Those are the four nations still battling for control. The old world banks funded Hitler. What came out of that was the UN and eventually the European Union.

              I know it all sounds crazy, but it lines up perfectly with end times prophesy and current events.. China has the 200 million man army from the east, and Russia is the bear from the north. The anti-Christ will come out of the New World Order, or from the old Roman empire. Since we are being conquered by the old world banksters, we will be a part of the old world empire. There is no mention of the US in end times prophesy.

              We will serve this system until the end of times, which won’t be long, as we are in the last generation.

              • I like to think of the end times as a metaphor for what could happen if we screw up too badly. I mean, if it really is “end times” nothing we can do will stop it, so why not go ahead and think of it as something else? Hey, if we’re wrong, we’re wrong.

                Besides, as a writer and programmer, I assume transcription errors probably crept into the writing of the Book of Revelations. *People* were involved, and people screw up—it’s part of the design.

                I also like to think of the long-range concepts you just outlined as “potentials.” Too many folks think it’s crazy talk from the conspiracy nuts. But somebody has to be looking at the next hundred years. A lot of what you wrote could happen. It’s no stranger than stuff that has already happened.

                The good news is none of it is cast in stone. At least, not the stuff where people are involved. So I’m not letting it get me down.

                Plan for prosperity,
                presume there will be hardship,
                prepare for the inevitable wars.

                • librtifirst

                  We definitely need to recognize it, and push back. I would like to have a few more years to live in peace.

                • I’m with ya there.

  • G_unitttt

    they want more records from Romney????? i still want to see Obama’s records!!! how about his grades from undergrad? law school? just to name a couple

    • I’d like to see his passport- you know, the one he used to go to Pahkeestahn at a time when US citizens were banned from travelling there.

      • Freempg

        I would settle for his birth certificate.

    • librtifirst

      How about his college applications as a foreign student? Or an original birth certificate that isn’t doctored and copied?

  • Dumbass Wasserman-Schultz never fails to impress with her relentless stupidity.

    • Boris_Badenoff

      She really is a dumb ass …

  • sjmom

    Romney needs a plan, one that is not Heinz 57 Varieties, but he won’t do that.

    PS. Where is the “hatchet” team that destroyed the other GOP candidates? Guess that was just to secure the nomination. The election itself is not important.

  • Susanna958

    The auto makers DID go bankrupt! Why are the Repubs not pointing this out?

  • wodiej

    I skipped the 2nd video-I just don’t want to waste my time listening to people who make no sense. The 1st video said it all anyway.

  • Talk show host Bill Cunningham said on his show last night that Romney can’t even get an audience in Ohio. That’s supposed to be a swing state.

    Reince Priebus and the RNC are dreaming if they think they can deliver Romney to the people when Mitt can’t even sell himself. Sending out the troops will not work. Delegates are upset and bolting from the candidate.

  • WhiteGuy2

    Romney and his pac’s where willing to play hardball and use deceptive ads against his Republican opponents. As predicted, I have yet to see these same aggressive tactics against Obama. I have yet to see any aggression at all.

  • RosiesSeeingRed

    I’m no fan of Romney’s, so let me say that right up front. But one thing I noticed about him during the primaries was that he would just sit back and wait for the right time to strike, and then his strike would be lethal to his opponent. He would allow someone else to surge ahead in the polls before finding just the right time to attack. It was one of the cut-throat qualities about him that I resented during the primaries, but I have a feeling his surprise-attack strategy will be much more appealing to me when the victim is Obama.

  • CG patriot

    Romney was not my first choice, if not at all– however knowing Corporate types and how they roll, Romney’s super pacs are going to smear these Dem’s/ King “O” six way’s to Sunday. Slow and steady, and then comes the boom, hammer down and your gone.

    I’ve sent Newt’s campaign a few to handful of e-mails in regards to being a “surrogate advisor” to Romney and his team, and “IF” Romney wants to win this election, Romney “must start courting” the TEA PARTY. I received a few replies back stating: they agreed, and Newt is working in sequence with them, coordinating strategies and possible cabinet positions.

    Like many of you, I loathe lip service, I just want to see some hard hitting blow back’s now……. I guess it’s time to direct my e-mails to Romney’s camp– where’s that cattle prod’ ‘ ‘