RNC Chief: Obama broke his promise on taxing middle class and we’re gonna pound away on it

RNC Chief Reince Priebus says that it doesn’t matter that he can’t stand the decision by the Supreme Court. Obama’s lawyers argued that the mandate penalty was a tax and the Supreme Court agreed and ruled that it was a tax and therefore the RNC is going to pound away on the fact that Obama broke his promise to not raise taxes on the middle class. He says that the Democrats may have won the battle but he believes Republicans are going to win the war. Awesome!

Watch below:

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  • I think its just as important to point out that Obama and Roberts have invented a new tax. Its not an income tax, not a sin tax, not a property tax, not a sales tax, they tax you for not buying anything! This tax should be unconstitutional!

    • WashingtonAdams

      It is UNCONSTITUTIONAL, John…I don’t care what little activist game the Chief Justice wants to play with it. As Levin confirmed on Friday, there is no allocation for this type of tax in the Constitution!

      • librtifirst

        Our entire tax code is unconstitutional. If the American people are willing to live with that, then they will be fine with this.

        • Arrrggghhh

          Adopt the FairTax and repeal the 13th amendment and there would be no doubt that it is unconstitutional. It would go light years into getting back our country.

          • librtifirst

            Getting rid of the 13th amendment would destroy the central bank’s ability to collect our assets through the IRS. An across the board consumption tax would be fair and equal, therefor it would be constitutional. It would also give government the incentive to go back to free trade, because a booming economy would be the only way to fund the federal government.

            The central bank is the single biggest factor in the equation, because government is not limited in spending with this option. All other efforts will fail until the central bank is phased out, and we have a sound and sovereign currency again.

          • Sales tax is currently the only constitutional tax by which government can collect money. Income tax would be constitutional IF everyone had the same tax rate.

          • 12grace

            One of the problems with the fair tax is that with this administration we will get stuck paying all of our taxes and the fair tax, too. I don’t trust our gov’t to paint my fence let alone re-do our tax code.

        • 12grace

          So how do we fight back?

          • librtifirst

            I personally believe that we will be led to a point of destitution, in which we will either have enough people educated well enough to pick the right targets and take back control, or we will remain ignorant and be fooled into giving up our rights, property, and even our lives to the system.

            By “targets” I mean understanding who the real enemy is. Right now, most conservatives don’t seem to know who the real enemy is, so they will go a long with the next establishment guy that they put up, then give them more time to continue the shut down of our country and our liberties.

            When the people get desperate enough, they will go one of two ways. They will decide to stick with the partisan arguments and blame game, or they will see people like Romney for who he is, which is the next guy that is sold to us as the anti-Obama, who happened to be the anti-Bush, who happened to be the anti-Clinton……………………….

            Romney is the most obvious puppet shill of them all so far. He governed as a republican, but was a liberal nightmare. Now, he has the support of the conservative base. This is an amazing accomplishment by the bipartisan establishment, and only shows that the conservatives in this country haven’t made enough progress in their understanding of the establishment to be effective in changing it.

            So we wait for a collapse, and see how it plays out. Spreading the message is the only way to battle it right now.

    • Nukeman60

      Obama and Roberts created a new tax bracket. It’s called a ‘Fraud Tax’. They perpetrated a fraud upon the American people and called it a tax. If it was really a tax, it would have gone through the Congressional process the proper way, not the secret and fraudulent way that it was, and then it would not have survived. Pelosi deemed it passed through the House inappropriately and, hence, I deem Pelosi irrelevant.

      Just remember who swore Obama into office (Roberts). They flubbed the oath and had to repeat it again the next day in private. Who were the witnesses? What was sworn? Is there video of the event? Just think about that.

    • NJK

      If John Roberts labled this a tax, he broke the law, even hearing the case, because the tax had to be collected before he could hear the case.

      He has no credibility anymore. He’ll always be viewed as an idiot now.

      • Rightstuff1

        I completely agree. Roberts has turned out to be one of the most activist supreme court chief justices.

        His legacy is one of oath breaking, betrayal and lies. He will be remembered as a man with no honor !!!

      • Constance

        And, George Bush’s legacy has taken its last gasp. There will never be a Jeb Bush in the White House after this.

        • 12grace

          Yes, if obama has his way we will never have a free election again and we will be under UN aka One World Order rule.

  • conservative58

    As Americans continue to suffer in this devastating economy, the Democrats are CELEBRATING because they just passed the largest TAX increase in our history!
    This alone should be enough to throw the POS leader and his accomplices out of office in a landslide victory in November.

    America, please ‘WAKE UP’; before it’s too late!

    • 12grace

      The gov’t has called war on the American people.

  • odin147

    Obama keeps leading by small margins in the polls of the swing states, why are there so many socialists in the swing states like Ohio, pennsylvania, I think it may have something to do with unions. I think to win this election there needs to be a mass conservative exodus from the south to these swing states, Is this possible ?

    • Nukeman60

      Obama keeps leading by a small amount in these swing states for one reason, and one reason only. The Media has skewed the polls to tell us that Obama is ahead and is liked. Talk to your friends, neighbors, families. Do you see Obama’s policies being liked by a majority in your areas?

      They believe that if they skew the polls just enough, they will get the undecideds to lean their way and, by doing that, win the election. Don’t be fooled by the polls. Think for yourselves and tell your neighbors to think for themselves. Do Obama’s policies make sense to you and them? Does it feel comfortable what the government is doing right now, in all areas?

      Fast and Furious wasn’t even very well known by the vast public until Obama tossed in his Executive Privilege and forced the Media to address the issue. That alone should tell us something about why the polls still see Obama as favored. He’s nowhere near favored. Vote your hearts, people. Don’t keep listening to the Lame Stream Media.

      I can’t stress this point enough.

      • Its not only to sway the undecideds but it is to also to help cover up the massive voter fraud AGAIN. If the doctored polls lean D then MSM has a bigger rug to sweep under.

  • toongoon

    Obamacare has officially been changed to obamatax, please make sure all of your stationary has this change.

    • So, how does Obama get by saying it’s not a tax ?

      Definition of Tax – A sum of money demanded by a government for its support or for specific facilities or services, levied upon incomes, property, sales, etc

      • toongoon

        The old fashioned way; HE LIES!

        • Rightstuff1

          The old fashioned liberal way 🙂

    • nibblesyble

      looove it toon!

  • 911Infidel

    I don’t care how they parse the words. Call it whatever. In July the Republican Congress will have its say. In November we will have ours. No matter the outcome in Congress, we WILL prevail.

  • G_unitttt

    “the Democrats are celebrating now, but we will be celebrating in November”…..that is exactly right!

    November cannot get here fast enough

  • librtifirst

    Penalty vs a tax? Really? We have a choice to pay or not? So, what the libs are saying is that you have a choice to pay, or be penalized financially in such as way that could result in the confiscation of your real property or other forms of wealth.

    Nice choice.

    Why doesn’t the RNC just come out and make this point? All they have to do is argue that if you are low income, but own your home, you may very well lose your home because you don’t qualify as low income due of your asset. (home)

    The republicans won’t make this argument because they agree with the power of government to take all that you have and cause you to live in destitution while handing over the wealth of this country to a private central bank.

    • Rightstuff1

      You can be a Conservative and Republican. However a Republican does not a Conservative make. There are way to many big government repubs dancing to the tune of the libs.

      • librtifirst

        No doubt. If you take away the rhetoric, such as that which Boehner is famous for, you don’t have two parties.

  • It’s not a tax because you have a choice.. Jay Carney —

    Are you kidding me? Hey Carney, you moron I have a choice not to work – no income tax

    Carney you tool, I have a choice not to own real estate – no property tax

    Carney you c sucker, I have a choice not to buy junk, no sales tax

    Carney, you melvin, I have a choice not to buy gas, no gas tax

    Carney, you axelrod licker, I have a choice not to invest, no capital gains tax…

    Hey I guess they are all penalties… Hope and Change….

    • librtifirst

      There is no place, in the US, that you can go to avoid government tyranny. The system forces you to sign up and draw off of it, or work and pay into it.

      Property taxes make sure that you cannot sit still and do nothing. This was the case before Obama care. The larger question is: “Is America free”? My answer: “no”.

    • kong1967

      They tell us it’s not a tax, then they tell the Supreme Court that it is. Now they tell us (again) that it’s not a tax. Talk about speaking out of both sides of their mouths. This is a perfect example of how shady the Democrat party is. No, not shady….downright corrupt and criminal.

      • Rightstuff1

        and all the while our insipid, supine lame-stream media say nothing……

        • kong1967

          No doubt. The government watchdog has become a government lapdog.

  • Sandra123456

    Don’t give the American voter a dog and then call it a cat. Payback to the Dems should be terrible.

    I am so disgusted. I thought justice was blind. I was wrong.

    • Rightstuff1

      Justice today is arbitrary Sandra. You might receive it or then again you might not. See how the Thief in Chief and his LapDog Holder pervert the very meaning of justice.

  • nehemiahreturns

    Again, “Stupid is as stupid does.” Even Obama’s lawyers are stupid and we are depending on Romney and the RNC to “pound” this thing all the way to November. Let’s show Obama that only stupid people will vote for him, and the majority of Americans aren’t stupid. We also need to pound the issue here that staying home in November because Romney really isn’t our 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or even 4th choice is not only stupid, but dangerous, and will give us Obama for another four years. Did we not learn that lesson with Ross Perot? Let’s get Obama out and then immediately get REALLY serious about a unified conservative third party!

  • kong1967

    Can’t let them get away with saying it’s not a tax. They argued to the Supreme Court that it was a tax, and they tell us that it’s not. They are blatant liars one way or the other.

  • Fillip65
  • forgetyoutooo

    Half of this country have no idea what a tax is. They don’t work for a paycheck or pay federal income taxes. They blame the cashier and the grocery store when their beer and cigarette prices are increased. And these are the same people Obama “got out the vote” with and is now begging them to send in three dollars to his re election campaign.

  • Reince Priebus is a putz! How can the Republicans effectively argue this point when RomneyCare did the same dang thing.

    There were taxes galore with RomneyCare. I said this a long time ago that when the time came for this argument, the Republicans would lose. Joseph Farah has a great column at World Net daily today about Romney. It’s spot on and thanks to the GOP and the inside the beltway elites who had to have Romney, will get their butts handed to them.

    I’m done with them!

    • oldguyjustsayin

      The Repubs can’t argue the the specific point, as you mention, without getting hammered back… seems they should focus on the lies that Obama told to ram the thing through…. make it about his lying more than the issue of affordable care act… fact is his lying is more important anyway because it impacts EVERYTHING he does not just health care…

  • Sober_Thinking

    Implement the Fair Tax and we defang the cobra and will finally be able to stop them from screwing around with America.

    It’s a tax because the highest court in the land said so – which sucks big time. They changed the case and the verdict and allowed bad legislation to remain. Now it’s time for the Democrats to swallow this jagged little pill (pun intended) and live with the consequences of their votes and actions. November can’t come fast enough!!!

    Pray, fight, vote.

  • This will undoubtedly be a big club with which to pound the Democrats this fall. But the economy is still the main issue this year, as well it should be because it’s doing so poorly. But this certainly will remind people that Democrats are nothing but the party of spending and taxation. And a pretty powerful message it will be.

  • Landscaper59

    I hope Obama enjoys his long vacation out of Washington and back to Chit-cha-go. It’s time to GO…… Obummer.

  • Constance

    An interesting board game? Really Greta? Sometimes she gets on my last nerve.

  • aZjimbo

    I like what I have heard from this guy so far. He better stay on message and NASTY to the libs.

  • VIDEO:
    1) Show Obama clips making his “this is not a tax” claims,
    2) Voiceover: “Why does this sound so familiar?”
    3) Show GHWBush clip of “read my lips, no new taxes.”
    4) Voiceover: “Hold Obama accountable!”

    • oldguyjustsayin

      Yes Valerie..If lying about taxes is reason to not vote for elder Bush, it should also be sufficient reason to not vote for Obama…errr… wait that makes sense… sorry, nevermind.

  • Boris_Badenoff

    And that’s important but everyone has to understand it is all about ideology now.
    The fact that obama lied about taxes is not that important to the leftist. Hell obama lies about almost everything every day, they don’t care about that, it is all about the ideology now. That is all that matters to them….

    There is a distinct line in the sand now. It divides Them from Us. And “They ” are not allowed to and they do not cross that line for any reason.

    It is plain to see this is heading for all out war, that is unless the right continues to concede and make concessions to the left.

    The left will never make concessions .. So recognize the situation for what it is..

    The only way for conservatives to survive is to vanquish the enemy.. And have no misunderstanding about it, they are the enemy.. All that talk for all those decades about lets fight them over there instead of on our own soil is for naught.. They are here. They are here because we concede and compromise on a daily basis.. They have used one of our greatest attributes to practically defeat us before we even recognize we are in a fight..

  • 12grace

    The GOP better do all in their power to get the dictator thrown out of the white house.

  • November!

  • bobemakk

    Keep it going Reince Priebus. Pound away at the Supreme Court betrayal.