RNC Speech: Gov. Luis Fortuno of Puerto Rico address RNC

Governor Luis Fortuno of Puerto Rico gave a great speech, echoing his love the freedom that has made America great and told of how he has turned around his country with American ideas and principles.

Watch below:

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  • anyonebutbarry2012

    Very nice speech 🙂

  • poljunkie

    Luis Fortuno was really great. We visited Puerto Rico recently, and the citizens there are happy with the conservative agenda Gov Fortuno has put into place. Its been difficult to implement but they are seeing results.

  • Yep… Our hispanics, blacks, minorities are FAR better than the liberals’

  • The statement that “the citizens there are happy with the conservative agenda…” could not be further from the truth. As 12 year residents of Puerto Rico, we find that there is widespread unhappiness among the general population with the policies of Gov. Fortuno. There are segments of the population that benefit (and I am one of them!) from these policies however, weaning a citizenry from a welfare state’s benefits is difficult. All that being said I do applaud the Governor for his amazing success in smashing the deficit and lowering my taxes – as well as taking thousands of workers off of the public payroll.

    • We all will have and hear different accounts, Helena. My grandfather who lives in Bayamon has told me that there is a perceptible improvement in Puerto Rico’s outlook. Granted, whenever tough choices are made there will be a good number of people who are unhappy and need to struggle to adjust. But on the whole, it looks as though Puerto Rico has at least taken a few steps away from economic collapse. And many people of Puerto Rico have noticed.

  • michael carpenter

    I’m for statehood. The only complication, that I can see, is where to put the extra star on Ol’ Glory.

  • Excelent.

  • peg

    yes, passionate speech. Wondering….does anyone remember the name of the lively band that played right after his speech?

  • peg

    great speech delivered believably with passion. by the way, does anyone remember the name of the lively band that performed right after this speech?

    • rknowle2

      The Katinas performed after his speech

    • rknowle2

      The Katinas performed after his speech

  • 12grace

    This was a heart-felt speech, I loved it. Great job ,Luis Fortuno.

  • Fortuno is great. Does being born in PR count as a natural born citizen? Was he born in PR?

    • Jorge Bonilla

      Yes, being born in PR counts as a natural born citizen.

      • Starman535

        I hope Gov. Fortuno stays around. I think he would make a great US President as well.

    • Yes! Puerto Rico is a Commonwealth of the United States with all rights and privileges granted to them by the US Constitution. Puerto Ricans are the only Hispanics in the world who are natural born American Citizens. And yes! Governor Luis Fortuno was born in Puerto Rico.

  • That’s a bunch of canolies. He raised his salary and those of his entourage, taxes for the working class are almost at 30%, companies pay around 12%. He fired over 7,000 government employees. He preferred to pay a soccer team from Spain over a million dollars to come play in PR instead of donating that money to the only cancer Hospital in the island, and they are almost bankrupt. Luis Fortuño is a deceitful liar. Criminality and unemployment in PR is at its highest in 4 years. All puertoricans will agree with me.

  • BoricuaEnLaLuna

    While I voted for Fortuno and am a staunch supporter of the Partido Nuevo Progresista (pro-statehood party), I cannot simply accept Fortuno’s word that Puerto Rico is on a better track thanks to his policies. Puerto Rican’s are torn on his record and he is facing a tough opposition come next November. He is not a popular governor by any stretch of the imagination. However, people should understand that in Puerto Rican politics the idea of an independent voter is new and people have been divided along party lines with regard to our status as part of the greater US for decades and whole families commonly vote for or against whichever candidate their party puts on the ballot. Fortuno won because he was of the PNP not because he was a Republican and the Republican policies he later enacted were ill received even by his PNP followers. He interestingly left out the fact that during his term as governor crime in Puerto Rico has skyrocketed to embarrassing proportions and his administration has been incapable of stopping it even with the activation of the National Guard. It’s no longer safe for me to go out for a night on the town as I used to thanks in large part to the cuts Fortuno has made so let’s take his speech with a grain of salt please.