RNC Speech: Gov. Susana Martinez speaks to the RNC

Gov. Susana Martinez gave a passionate speech to the RNC about success and the American dream, something her family knows all about.

Watch it below:

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  • actionsspeaklouder

    Martinez was incredible. The woman is a rock star. I could put it some other way, but, in this day and age – “rock star” resonates and she resonated with me big time. She is a natural. She has it all. I think she will surpass Palin in the likeability and va-va-voom categories. I really do. Martinez will be the new “it” girl – I am convinced of it.

    I don’t know if my spelling is too great tonight – I apologize to all you wizards of spelling out there!

    • Ariadnea

      This is the first time I heard of her and yet she made an impression on me. This convention brings so much potential and personalities within the conservative house. I never thought how much potentials there are, the future just looks brighter!

  • anyonebutbarry2012

    never heard her speak . was so impressed, very nice speech, good lady !

  • Mark Smith

    Do you know what ABC did? George Stephy muted her entire speech, and instead of listening to the United States of America’s first Latina governor in history, on why she and her parents left the Democrat party and became Republicans, he interviewed a Univision liberal anchor hack who Republican bashed the entire time.

    • anyonebutbarry2012

      thank goodness for places like right scoop who post most the speeches !

    • actionsspeaklouder

      C-Span has the best coverage. You can see/hear all the goings-on without interruption. The alphabet “media” (cough, cough) – are pathetic. I was even getting fed up with FOX. Try C-Span if you get it – it’s really worth it to see it all without bias and stupidity.

      • actionsspeaklouder, I too was really annoyed by this. I had to work tonight, so I DVR-ed the coverage, on FNC. I was really angry when I got home only to discover that instead of the speakers on the podium, all I could listen to throughout much of the evening’s proceedings was Sean Hannity and all the other self-impressed talking heads. I had also recorded PBS, but it was the same over there. On Thursday, I will be watching C-SPAN, even though with Dish Network, it is not in HD. The hell with FNC. Shut up already, and let us hear the speakers! Do you suppose they will be yammering straight through Romney’s acceptance speech, too?

    • michael carpenter

      F*** them! Our world view, our political philosophy and our theology is superior. Witness the death throes of American liberalism.

    • Spartan1975

      that’s why many Americans do not even watch the PRAVDA networks anymore, any person who wants the real truth must go to primary sources or fair commenting! More and more people are doing that and what is left for the so called objective media are the “useful idiots” or sheeple!!!

    • That’s why I don’t watch ABC, CBS, or NBC.

    • GeneralSpecific

      They did it with almost all of the minority speakers. I created an account to express my disgust with that, and with the way that they parroted the lies purported to be fact-checking in the side commentary. I was worried that Romney might be ready to run to the so-called center before, but I am now genuinely excited for the prospects of America. We all know that this is not the “new normal”; and we also know that however dire things have gotten since the last presidential election that this country has more than enough going for it to pull through and break the despicable assault from the left in its tracks. Time to roll it back and hold their feet to the fire.

  • theDUHgeneration

    Dang! That was good!

    We have a much deeper bench in the Republican Party now. My, how things have changed since 2008!

    • wodiej

      Indeed. I don’t understand why some TP people are so upset. Lots of TP people got to speak at the convention.

      • not the most popular one and the one who is most instrumental in getting these others elected. and yes i’m talking about former governor and vp nominee sarah palin.

  • Nukeman60

    I loved her line about guarding the parking lot – “at 18, I guarded the parking lot… I carried a Smith and Wesson 357 magnum”.

    I bet the liberals cringed over at MSNBC.

    • actionsspeaklouder

      Pure poetry, wasn’t it?

    • wodiej

      “that thing weighed more than I did!” LOL

  • MaxineCA

    She was great! I particularly liked the part when she describes how she went from a life long democrat to when she and her husband realized their conservative views actually described them republicans and they switched.

    I’ve noticed a great theme that is being woven in the last few days. It’s OK to be black, hispanic, a woman or a small business owner and be conservative, even if you have been registered and voted as a D in the past. It’s OK to switch to the R side of things. I think it’s a brilliant strategy! (and it’s not an “in your face” approach, but very subtle)

    • michael carpenter

      “i’ll be damned, we’re republicans.” One of the best lines of the night.

      • unclesamnephew

        the reason is, as magnus Reagan once stated, “i did not leave the democrat party, they left me”

    • Nukeman60

      I agree with your assessment about the overall theme so far – very subtle, but very effective.

      I’ve been looking at the interactive map that Joe shows us on occasion and I see an easier path to victory for Romney than previously. It’s obviously in the swing states, but all Romney needs to take are 6 of them (Colorado, Iowa, Wisconsin, Virginia, North Carolina, and Florida). These will put him over 270 and they are all easily doable.

      The next four swing states that are still up for grabs are Pennsylvania, Ohio, New Hampshire, and Michigan. These four can be in Romney’s column with a little work, but surprisingly no longer need to be.

      After that Minnesota, Nevada, and Oregon may well swing into his column once all the others start to fall, to give him the landslide that I’m predicting. I’m seeing a bright November, so keep your spirits up.

      • MaxineCA

        I feel more optimistic every single day. I saw an interview with Michelle Bachmann earlier and she was very excited that Tea Party ideas have been incorporated into the R platform. So that’s another good sign.

        So far I think it’s been a great convention. I can’t wait until tomorrow to hear Romney speak. (and find out if, in fact, there will be a surprise speaker)

        Now that Romney is the official nominee, his campaign will kick it into high gear. Can’t wait to see what happens when they “bring it on”.

        Down deep inside, I know we must win, but I really, really would love to do it in a landslide. Take that dear leader, now get the heck out of town and take all of your communist and union thugs with you and PLEASE LET the door HIT you in your “collective” backsides!

        • Nukeman60

          I mentioned all the swing states, but the one state that has me bothered is Missouri. It was a lock up until Akin made his idiot comment and if Missouri falls to Obama because of it, then we need Ohio (but I still see that landslide, anyway).

          As to the mystery speaker: I see Clint Eastwood in the crystal ball. He’s coming to Tampa for one day and then back home. It should be interesting.

  • It was an exceptionally well-crafted address, expertly delivered. I live in New Mexico, and I voted for her, but I don’t think I have fully appreciated her political skills until tonight. I predict the governorship of our state will not be the apex of her political career.

  • wodiej

    Excellent…love it.

  • rgolich

    While Martinez was fine, she’s being heralded because of her “ethnicity” and she is just another GOP cheerleader for more immigration. It is now become the accepted norm, thanks to the Bush family, that “America” is about one thing: every human being on earth has the God-given right to “come to America”.

    Immigrants, especially Latino immigrants, especially illegal immigrants are to be worshiped.

    Even though the majority of Americanos (I mean, Americans) favor strict enforcement of immigration laws and reducing LEGAL immigration, they do not matter.

    Mexicans, Indians, Chinese, Arab/Muslims, Filipinos are the ones that matter to Washington DC. Native born Whtie & Black Americans will die off one day…..

    Viva Americano!!

  • 12grace

    She did a great job on this speech.

  • denbren52

    I thought Martinez was outstanding! Her down to earth, calm, delivery made it feel like you were having a conversation with a neighbor. And yet, she delivered a powerful message that is sure to bring border-line liberals to our side in time for November.

  • I LOVE HER!!! And we’re related!!! probably.

    • Siobhan7

      I predict she’ll be the first woman President of the USA.

  • I just love this convention, and all the minority speakers who have come out with their amazing stories and achieved their American dreams. Governor Susana Martinez gave a heartwarming and uplifting speech. What does this say about America…. where we have people of color running states, are in the halls of congress and in our supreme court.
    What it says is that we have become a colorblind society, and no excuses shall ever be made again, about ones color, ethnicity, gender, or sexual orientation in achieving the American dream.

  • rgolich

    To see if so called “Hispanics” are really conservative, ask they if they support reducing legal immigration and deporting illegal aliens?

    They will hem n haw……..

    In reality, most (native born) Americans, white and black, favor what I asked above. Why not so called “Hispanics”?

    • I can tell you that this so-called Repubican Conservative Hispanic believes in Legal Immigration not Illegal immigration.
      Their are many Hispanics who are citizens of this great republic believe in Legal Immigration. I agree that many believe in amnesty, and have circumvented those who have gone through the legal process to citizenship. I and may Hispanics do not agree with, and have let our voices known as to the unfairness of amnesty, and the divide it is causing among ourselves as well as America.

      • rgolich

        Only one problem. For every one of you, there are dozens and dozens who side with the Dems/liberals and amnesty and increased immigration.

        Plus, so called “Hispanics” (really Mexicans) whose families have been in this country for generations are not the problem. The probem is never-ending family unification through legal immigration AND mass illegal immigration (approximately 1,000 each and every day).

        When it comes to immigration, most latinos go soft. They say they are against illegal immigration, while also saying they favor increased legal immigration and some form of “reform” (amnesty) of immigration laws.

        Never heard one who supports the real solution: deportation.

    • proudhispanicconservative

      Please stop painting us all with the same brush, as I am a hispanic and I do not support ilegal immigration, and I am not a “so called hispanic” I am an american
      stop measuring us with our ethnicity and start judging us on our character, You sound like the left, and the liberals that want to put eveybody in little boxes……………
      did you even listen to what this lady said?

  • conservativemama

    Loved her speech. Very impressive woman. She’s one the watch in the future.

  • lindamaddox

    Another star of the Republican Party that I didn’t know about! I’am so very proud to be a Republican!

    Great speech!

  • Mary_Linda

    Phenomenal speech from a phenomenal lady!