RNC Speech: Watch Mia Love’s rousing speech

Mia Love gave a great speech tonight in her national debut before the RNC. Watch it below:

Mia Love is fighting hard to win in Utah and she has a Love Bomb to raise 50k. Please donate if you can.

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  • poljunkie

    Mia was great. We watched her interview with Neil Cavuto as well.

    We are going to donate a little something.

  • She is so appropriately named.

  • Army_Pilot1967

    Mia is comin’ on strong. I hope the people of Utah are paying attention to a rising star of the Republican party.

    • I am paying attention for sure. Go Mia!

  • that was way too short! i want more =(

    she is a captivating speaker even in this short clip. i really like her and hope she wins her race. but i heard that she’s not doing so well in the polls. it’s rare that i donate to a political campaign but, i’m going to donate to her love bomb.

    i hope everyone here donates even just a bit. a lot of people donating a little bit of money can add up to a significant amount if enough people do it.

    come on guys, i will be so upset if she loses this race. she needs us to help her out.

  • wodiej

    Well alrightie then….YOU GO GIRL!! We built it…Amen sister. She’s got some fire.

    These folks need to ask for a Gov. Palin endorsement.

    • DINORightMarie

      I think she did…….gotta check that. Mia Love is the type of candidate Sarah Palin endorses without any hesitation. Mama Grizzly. Check. Solid conservative. Check. Knows about REALITY, not just politics. Check. Principled. Check.

      Gotta go check – and if she hasn’t yet, make the request!

    • Is anyone asking for a palin endorsement these days? Why not get a Bush Jr endorsement too.

      • Ann Rand

        No need to be snarky.

  • Wow! God bless Mia Love. Going to donate now.

  • onegoodteacher

    Her speech: OUT – OF – THE – BALLPARK!!!!!! Now SHE is a true orator. Best of Luck, Mia!

  • I made a small donation… I hope many of you will do the same.

    • darn, she’s not even halfway to her goal yet. we need to spread this little speech around on fb and twitter or something.

      speaking of twitter… i noticed that she is almost at 10,000 followers! only a few people away from 10,000, she’ll reach it in minutes. http://twitter.com/MiaBLove

  • Cindy09

    Powerful voice!!!

  • aPLWBinAK

    “This is the America I know, because WE built it” was a great line. In your face Obama…

  • That was GREAT!!!

  • Mia – great ready you are the number #1 target of the left. You are their worst nightmare. Get ready.

    Forward, cause Hope and Change was to complicated and ATM’s were invented 20 years ago – Barack Obama

  • Tina Carson

    Another role model for my daughter!

  • PVG

    God Bless her!

  • brendawatkins

    That wasn’t long enough! lol

  • DINORightMarie

    I wish I could donate money. Mia ROCKED it. Prof. Jacobson over at Legal Insurrection brought her to my attention waaaaay back.

    She will be a FANTASTIC Congresswoman! Share the Love!

  • This amazing, beautiful, stalwart lady would be a rising star in anyone’s universe! It’s a good thing that she’s on our side! Among the best three speeches of the night. All of them by women!!

  • she posted on her twitter http://twitter.com/MiaBLove that even Think Progress said something positive about her!! i think she’s just a naturally likeable person.

    she is about $10,000 away from her money goal. https://mialove.nationbuilder.com/love_bmb_don that’s great! i think she’ll get there.

    • kamiller42


  • HarrietHT2

    Bet the RNC regrets not giving her more time!

  • EchoMike

    Why don’t videos on thnis site have the SHARE option? Everytime
    i want to post a great video to FB I gotta go look for it on YouTube and share from there.

    • there is a recommend button so i guess that’s kinda similar…

  • where are all the young “African America” youth like this??????

  • This is the America I want back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • This is the America you still live in.

      • No, it is not the America I still live in. My America was kinder, gentler, sweeter. Yeah there were problems, but I could still hold my head up. This is becoming an ugly bigoted, hate filled country. I have been around long enough to see it happen. No morals, no values, and certainly no ethics.

  • B-Funk

    Knowing full well she has to be a certain age to do it, I say, “Why isn’t this our presidential nominee?” I like this gal! She’s energetic, and unapologetic about freedom! It’s like seeing Reagan speaking again!

  • giomerica

    Mia Love is AWESOME! It’s leaders like THIS who give me hope for our future.

  • She is very interesting,,,My only comment is: i have heard beautiful WORDS before from whom now I know WAS/IS/AS A TYRANT…with EVIL in his HEART for THIS MY COUNTRY!

    He sweet talked his way into the hearts of MILLIONS of trusting Americans!
    We were so “Sucked in with his sweet talk, and we now know he is/was a LIAR!

    So I will delay my opinion of this young woman. Who seems like quite the beautiful person for ALL AMERICANS! ……………….. BUT……………………………………………………………
    We thought the same thing about Barack Obama, too…Didn’t we?

    So stand back, observe, think and then decide!
    We need to be CERTAIN beyound QUESTION who we trust and turn our country over to the next time!


    • While you sit around waiting, she’s going to lose her race for office. Stop making excuses and donate some money if you’re so worried about your country.

    • God gives you a choice every two years, and four for the national ticket.

  • Wow…. She is very motivating! The only problem with her speech was that it was too short. I pray that America is listening to what she is saying!!!!!

  • WOW!!!

  • Sober_Thinking

    I really like her. 🙂

  • rhett1_scarlett2

    i was really inspired by this young woman. i’m on a limited income, but if a small donation can help save our america for our children and grandchildren i’m sure we can all cut back a few dollars to get this wonderful woman elected. you go girl!!!

  • marketcomp

    I love Mia because she is a runner and a conservative! But I just hope that she can withstand the verbal insults that she is about to get hit with! She gave a fantastic speech!

  • GetWhatYouPayFor

    There appears to be a little bit of Sarah Palin in this gal. Better than any prime time speech, I heard. She made me want to get up and applaud. Prime time put me to sleep except for Ann Romney, when it was Juan Williams who made me want to get up……and smack him!

  • stage9

    Forgive my colorful words but, OMG!

    THIS IS THE TRUE FACE OF CONSERVATISM FOLKS! THIS is the FIRE that Obamney does NOT have and could never conjure up! This is the vision our FOUNDERS had! And THIS is what I vote for….nothing less.

    You can keep your good for nothing RINOs, give us a couple hundred PATRIOTS like this and liberalism will once and for all be thrown into the dustbins of history for good.

  • What a firecracker! She seems to have a super bright future in the party.

  • BFVoss

    Isn’t it amazing how us accused racists admire and welcome great Americans like:
    Mia Love, Star Parker, Allen West, WC Watts, Aurtor Davis, Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams, Shelby Steele, Armstrong Williams, Larry Elder, Ken Blackwell, Herman Cain, Justice Thomas, Condoleezza Rice, Tim Scott, Martin Luther King…

    To us the crime is those people that want to hold people down by making them dependent on daddy government rather then helping them achieve their own God givin abilities…

  • Mayor Mia Love is a rising star! Listen to her speech at the RNC last night, following a short video about her life and candidacy for Congress. I’m impressed…how about you?

  • Mayor Mia Love is a rising star! Listen to her speech last night at the RNC, following a short video about her life and candidacy for Congress. I am impressed! How about you?

  • msverde1

    My selfish moment here: God Almighty, please tell me that there are two of a kind roaming this beautiful planet and that she is available for this single man. Pardon my shameless toot!! I normally do not emote on a public social medium in this style and manner, but, man, I am in unrestrained love!! (Btw, you can also throw in a Nikki Haley or two for good measure. I am highly indifferent at this point.)

  • russell hicks

    “OUR LOVE”

    Just a slip of a girl, with a 1,000 watt smile,
    But her picture’s in everyone’s sight.
    Though her speech was quite short, she showed grace, she showed style,
    When she spoke “truth to power” that night.

    She had come to Convention, to learn and to speak,
    Most there never had heard her before.
    Others thought her “provincial”; still others “too weak”,
    But her presence they’ll no longer ignore!

    She’s now Mayor of a town, but she runs for the House,
    From a state oft’ maligned and despised.
    But the patriots of Utah commended her courage,
    To refute Captive Media’s lies.

    So we bid you assist this young “slip of a girl”,
    With the heart of a champion within,
    And contribute your time, funds, and prayers
    To her cause; to assist her to garner the win.

    Then, next year, if successful, you’ll be part of her team,
    And you’ll know that you helped us stay free.
    By electing the one some have nicknamed “Our Love”,
    A clear voice in the new House to be.

    8-29-12 No Rights Reserved.
    “We love you Mia”. We support you. We will pray for you.

    • DebbyX

      That was beautiful!

      I love her too, all the way from CT.

  • chas615

    Just donated to Mia. What a dynamic personality! I urge you to donate at ‘love4utah.com’

  • Shame on Mia Love she is a blamage for the black folk

  • KM

    Finally got to see this speech after hearing so much about it.

    I now understand why MSNBC purposely did not show it. Wonder if Chrissy-poo had another tingle up his leg? LMAO

  • Orangeone

    Funny how she refers to Rosa Parks and MLT but not the pioneer of the woman’s suffrage movement who without her courage, Mia Love would not be able to vote let alone run for elected office.

    • WHAT is your problem? Seriously? In a two minute speech you have a grievance over who she did not mention? Get a grip. She also referred to the Greatest Generation, but not the minutemen with out whom our country as we know it would not exist. So what? Sheesh.

      • Orangeone

        She mentioned 2 blacks but not the woman who lead the charge for her to run for office?  Notice how there is no holiday for a woman?

        • You are kidding, right?

          • Orangeone

            No I’m not kidding. Rice did the same thing.  Both of these women could have paid tribute to the women’s suffrage movement because without it, they would still be property of men.

  • Gotta Love Mia Love!

  • So inspirational.God Bless Mia Love.

  • Two comments. We are doing better than we were three years ago, and it is the role of government to ensue that all citizens that want to work has a job for them to do. Everything else that Mia said agree with. I noticed she did not endorse trickle down economics.

  • I agree with what Mia Love said, except that we are not better today than we were three years ago after the total financial collapse that happened while the republicans were in office, and that it is not the role of government to ensure it’s citizens have a job to do. i would love to debate anyone on those two issues. The first one is fact based, the second one is morality based.


    A welcome breath of fresh air!! go, Haiti.

  • Mia was fantastic! This country was given to us from our Creator for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Government should work to serve the needs of the people and not the other way around.

    Great Job!

    Go Romney and Ryan please “Restore America” to the country that we love. Let’s start with restoring the leadership in this country first!

  • Mia Love was fantastic! This country was given to us from our Creator for us to pursue life, liberty, and happiness. Our government should work to serve the needs of the people of this great nation and not the other way around.

    Great Job to all who participated in the RNC this week.

    Go Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan please “Restore America” to the country that we love. Let’s start with restoring the leadership in this country first!

  • Ann Rand

    Another BRIGHT star in our heavens… If God didn’t want us to win, he wouldn’t send people like her to us.

  • Great speech! Also, unbelievably short considering the amount of attention and controversy it received. If I lived in Utah, I’d vote for her! It’s exciting to see politicians that are passionate and who stand for something! 🙂