RNC Speech: Watch Paul Ryan’s EPIC speech to the RNC

Soon to be Vice President Paul Ryan really brought the house down tonight as he ripped into Obama’s policies to explain why he’s a failed president.

Watch below:

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  • I’m almost ready to upgrade my mood on this election from “confident” to “cocky.”

  • Amen…this man was just masterful….touching, passionate, jabbing, warm, funny, precise, fighter, father, intelligent and darn right awesome!

    • You’re right, he’s all those things! The fact is, is it’s all merely an act just like Ann Romney’s speech was an act too pull in the women voters. Don’t be blinded by false-character.

      • You mean like Obama’s Crap Hopey and Changey moron…take a hike and take the 6 trillion in new debt from your Marxist with you!! get a clue!

      • Ariadnea

        Projecting yours and DNC’s expertise, crimes, and tricks?

      • An act and false character. Hmmm. Those words describe Obama’s presidency and his re-election campaign to a “T”.

        • I agree Chris, and may I add that he has circumvented the congress and the Constitution every time it was convenient to establish his Marxist agenda.
          We are sick to death of the Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi type of representatives.
          This is America, if they love the communist way of life so damn much, go live in Russia, or China! (that is, if they survive the post election trials, for treasonous acts against the Constitution, that they took an oath to up hold)

      • Howzah123

        You’re only projecting your own insecurity you feel towards the politician you idealized 4 years ago on a false promise of Hope and Change. Obama is an empty suit. Nothing more than lies and rhetoric. Class Division. Blame. Excuses. You were brainwashed into a cult. There is still time to make the right choice in November and vote Romney and Ryan. When you sit down in that booth you need to ask yourself if you want another 4 years, 5 trillion borrowed/spent/wasted with 15% Real Unemployment.

        What you are witnessing are men of character, honor, and integrity running for office. Not a Marxist Community organizer who manipulated an unsuspecting country with the full support of the Marxists in the MSM who pretend to be journalists.

      • GEDouglas

        It’s apparent that you are not a very good judge of acting…and definitely not character. You obviously fell for Obama’s act and believe all of his lies…and…I assume the entire progressive utopian lie. That makes you a very gullible person and your comment not very credible. Not surprising though as credibility and integrity is not valued by the left. I don’t think you will have much luck swaying anyone here to your way of thinking…not with solid, fact based, arguments like the one you give above. I do hope you stay and continue representing the left. It is encouraging.

      • The village called… Best pack your bags, they want their idiot back.

      • CO2isGood

        “Don’t be blinded by false-character.”….nor 17 year olds–with puppy dog haircuts!

        • Completely irrelevant to the discussion at hand, how old are you again..12?

      • NJK

        You’re an idiot, don’t accuse us of what you did. We didn’t vote for the con man, you did. How about an apology for the mess you’ve caused by your bad judgement?

        • I’m sorry, but did you vote for Bush? I’m assuming so, I’m assuming more than half of you did judging from the pure hatred for the democratic party. Blame yourselves for the majority of shit we’ve pulled ourselves into. Where’s the apology for putting that abomination Bush in office, NOT ONCE! But TWICE! If anyone is too blame for the shitter the country has ran into, it’s yourselves.

          • larrygrant876

            We’re pulling for you but please get help. Our diagnosis is sad but treatable, you suffer from the mental illness known as liberalism

      • larrygrant876

        Cole, I did not know that Joe Biden had a daughter, wow.

      • I would guess, that you prefer the Michelle Obama speech, where she quotes Bill Ayers?

    • PVG

      He had me yelling, hitting my steering wheel, and tearing up. IT’S MORNING IN AMERICA!! Praise God!

  • Where to start!! His slam over how Obama wants everything to be free except US..I just shouted to the rooftop…HOLY TRUTH…..BINGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He slammed Obama with cunning and wit….the picture of a college graduate staring at faded Obama posters while wondering when he/she will be able to get a job and provide for him/herself was one of the best images I have ever heard!! THAT WAS INCREDIBLY POWERFUL!! Right at the HOPE AND CHANGE BS of OBAMA!! I mean I was just laughing in amazement and just cheering Paul on!

    • proudhispanicconservative

      And he does it with a smile……Lol

    • actionsspeaklouder

      I laughed so loud at the “staring at the faded Obama posters” remark! It was a total classic, and a smooth delivery by Ryan! It was perfection.

    • 3seven77

      Did all of you notice that the story of the “college grad staying the in the room where he grew up” got the biggest response of the speech? It seems Paul Ryan’s words touched a chord with the audience. I wonder how many of those in attendance have college grads still living at home…

      Personally, my favorite line was “the ship trying to sail on yesterday’s wind”. I loved, loved, loved the way Ryan continually pictured Obama as a “has been” – or even more truthfully a “never was”.

  • Paul when you talked about your father’s death and how your mother took it upon herself to educate and start a business and then became successful and that she was your role model…I was teary eyed myself….the way you started to tear up and you looked at her with such love and she look at you with such pride….was just breathtaking…there is something so special between mother and child and that just hit right to the heart!! I tell you Paul it takes a true man to show his emotions and I said this before boys adore their mothers!

    • actionsspeaklouder

      It really does “say something” about a man who treats his mom with love, respect and admiration. “They” say that he will treat his wife the same way. Mrs. Ryan is a lucky gal.

    • badbadlibs

      Well said. And what another contrast between bo and Mr. Ryan. bo threw his mother under the bus and criticized her in a vile way, painting her as a racist.
      How anyone with a beating heart could support bo over the decent men like Gov Romney and Mr. Ryan is beyond any reasonable human beings ability to comprehend.

  • This guy is impressive (and I’m not easily impressed).

  • mike3e4r7

    Michael, and Mike Kerns, I agree with both of you.



    (Mikethemarine, do you concur?)

  • Well ladies and gentlemen…we wanted Obama slapped around and I say he was knocked out in round 2….even Huckabee (who can make you mad) did a masterful job taking Obama down….Just wonderful…exposing Obama with humor, words, phrases, facts and reality…was a great feeling!! Boy I am cheering tonight!! From Huck on…tonight was wonderful…I liked Rand Paul as well!

    • Pawlenty & Huckabee were 2 speakers I was “meh” on before tonight, but they both were pretty good attack dogs.

      “Welcome to Barack Obama’s retirement party!”

  • justplainbob

    We should consider ourselves very lucky. A man with the qualities that Paul Ryan has only comes along once or twice each generation. And WE are lucky to have him on our side ! What a fantastic speech ! He very clearly made it known that it is time for the Romney/Ryan team to take over. I see Paul Ryan as an occupant of the White house some day. I really do.

    • mike3e4r7

      I do too. Paul Ryan illustrates the difference between a statesman and a politician.

  • proudhispanicconservative

    During the first day and a half of the convention, I was really pissed off that none of the speakers were hitting obama, for his policies, but then Pawlente, Huckabee, started throwing little bombs, little did I know that I was going to witness one of the greatest speeches I have ever heard. This guy is a one of a kind politic that only come once or twice in generations, At the end of this speech “Ryan made Obama look old and obsolete”

    • p m

      So was Mark Levin, phc. He said on his show that he expected Ryan to give a gangbusters speech tonight. He must be as happy as we are with the result. An absolutely masterful speech froma wonderful man.

      P.S. phc – what happened to your US flag avatar, if I may ask?
      I liked it, and you don’t seem like someone who ‘hates’ anyone
      with your heartfelt comments 🙂

      • proudhispanicconservative

        Lol thank you I am listening to mark levin right now on my iPhone, and My avatar I changed it to reflect as to how I feel about liberals, who have done so much damage to this country. I did it as an inspiration….But I will put the flag back on tonight.

        • p m

          Yay!! Good for you – I know and agree with how you feel. Liberal commies have tried to destroy the greatest country ever known, but they won’t succeed because of people like you, and are only worthy of our contempt. I love to see your flag and your comments, thank you for making so many good ones, phc!

          • proudhispanicconservative

            Thank you my friend, you are also a great patriot.

  • actionsspeaklouder

    Romney was brilliant to chose Ryan as his running mate. I thought Ryan was just another wimpy, boring white guy – boy, was I wrong, wrong, wrong. He’s anything but. Romney and Ryan are America’s future.

    • mike3e4r7

      Romney and Ryan are going to hammer that wimpy, boring black guy in the White House this November.

      • actionsspeaklouder

        Into the ground, I hope.

    • Ariadnea

      I may yet have questions on Romney’s conservative conviction, but my heart is at least at ease with Paul Ryan as VP. I just hope that there would be a better wonk to replace Ryan in the House Budgetary Committee. Hearing and watching him tonight, was like witnessing history in the making!

  • The line up tonight was exactly what we needed to galvanize those in our country who have worried for the future of our great nation, and what’s more, the future of our children in said nation.
    I am actually curious how the left will respond to such a landmark evening as tonight has been. Will they have cut to commercial when Condi spoke, as they did to Mia and Artur? Will they start frothing at the mouth a’la Mathews after Paul Ryan’s masterful discourse? Tomorrow will tell.
    Now, if Romney can step up and deliver as well as his running mate Paul, or his literal mate Ann, this convention will be the best in history.

  • PVG

    Soon to be vice president and then PRESIDENT!!!

  • 911Infidel

    Obama isn’t sailing the ship of state on yesterday’s wind. He’s tried to sail it on the whirlwind. As a result he has gone aground. There are gaping holes in the bow and stern and sea water is washing over its decks. That ship needs to be taken to the salvage yard, repaired and refloated in November.

    • actionsspeaklouder

      It will – with Captain Romney at the helm for the new launching of America. For someone who’s not a sailor, you sure use sailor jargon.

      • 911Infidel

        I got all my sailing experience crusing streams, creeks, an ocean and a canal in an LST, an Amtrac, sevveral LCMs and many RB15s. Credit goes mainly to the USMC Anphib School in my first NG tour.

  • PFFV

    WOW! What a powerfull speech! Ryan is the new Sarah Palin! Vote Romney / Ryan to save America!

  • WOW!

  • MaxineCA

    He not only knocked it out of the ball park, it was a GRAND SLAM. Great line up tonight leading up to his speech. I thought it might be a snoozer until Ryan, but boy was I wrong. Great evening for the convention and all of us! (Gosh I even liked Huckabee’s speech.) And to think they had to compress everything into 3 days. Great job!

  • searchingforsanity

    That was such a powerful speech and hit Obama in all the right places! Mitt did a wonderful job in choosing Ryan as a running mate! Ryan know his history, he is confident in his beliefs an who he is, he has an uncanny way of being able to clearly state the issue at hand and with a smile on his face….the true meaning of a leader is being able to surround yourself with people that are strong, and at times, may even upstage you…a clear contrast…Ryan vs. Biden!!!!! Let’s roll R2!!!! Oh, I can’t wait for the VP debate.

  • chatterbox365

    After Ryan’s speech, Romney better deliver.

    • proudhispanicconservative

      Lets all pray that he does, but nothing will overshadow this speech. and like mark levin says start mentioning his name and tie him to his record

      • sDee

        This was a conservative speech. He said we have to shrink government. Without that core principle, nothing else they say matters.

        So now we have to wait and see what Romney does and says. Is Ryan on the ticket to simply tell conservatives what we want to hear, or is he on the ticket to do what he said needs to be done?

  • Steven

    We have hope! America we have hope! What a rousing speech! There are no more tears for America’s decline in my eyes but tears of joy for a brighter future!

    Thank God for the leaders he sends to us at the right time! Paul Ryan will be vice president and president in 2020. We need that many years to get this country back away from the socialist path paved by FDR, LBJ, Clinton and now Obama. In 4 years Obama has put this country on the brink of collapse, but the Tea Party rose up! Starting with Palin in 2008 to Ryan in 2012! We will win! Romney/Ryan 2012, We CAN DO THIS!

  • A_Trueism

    Awesome, awesome speech! Together, we can do this.

    I love how Mitt Romney already has a record of success as governor of Massachusetts to prove he is capable of being president, and what do O have? 0. Incredible, just incredible.

    • you better rethink that about mobster mitt. he’s a con man and you are buying right into his phoniness.

      • A_Trueism

        Ironic that I can say the exact same thing to you of Obama.

        I am always willing to learn and discuss issues by one whose arguments are clear, intelligent and well informed. I have read about Mitt Romney’s tenure as governor and his record is as it is being proclaimed, successful


        Obama, even while campaigning, allows the national debt to grow by thousands and thousands every MINUTE without seriously addressing the issue, AT ALL, in any interview, on any network or media outlet.

        But how is Gov. Romney a monster or a con man? Even Juan Williams said (albeit he meant it as a criticism) that Mrs Romney looks like a woman whose husband takes care of her (I have to giggle when I think of that because what sensible person would take that as a bad thing? Man or woman?). And it’s not hard to see that they have raised a strong and sound, healthy family, and they’re now grandparents of 18 kids! If a man can do that with his household, backed with what he’s done as governor, wouldn’t you want to see that kind of man take the reigns in the White house?

        Please consider not just the image of the candidates chasing the presidential goal but whom you know has proven results as a leader and caretaker of a people or nation. Image can be such a distracting thing from what’s really important.

        • las1

          “that Mrs Romney looks like a woman whose husband takes care of her. I have to giggle when I think of that because what sensible person would take that as a bad thing? Man or woman?

          I like your comment on what should be purely obvious. But then again… they don’t have a grasp of the plainly obvious. I giggle with you as well.

          I was always leery of Romney as being a RINO. Even Bill Whittle admitted it… but a different Romney has emerged in his choice of Ryan. Having said that… there was an obvious lack of Tea Party folk feature in the RNConvention. It was carefully staged managed by the “establishment”, though beautifully managed it was, we will still have to hold Romney to the fire, especially when it will be Tea Party types who will usher in the landslide for the Republicans.

          If they had ANY respect for the Tea Party, they would have featured Allen West as speaker. But they didn’t and they don’t. So in the glitz of confetti and drifting balloons, I still don’t trust them. Not one bit.

  • His speech was…EPIC.

  • Luzmark1

    Obama won’t let Romney/Ryan win as he will make an executive order. Ha Haaaaa! Not.

  • proudhispanicconservative
    • El Presidente would love nothing more than to silence his opposition. He can try to float the idea of getting First Amendment rights removed, but it will get no traction in Congress. This is another attempt to get his base (like the Obamatons at MSNBC) fired up and distract them from shedding light on his terrible record.

  • mder4thegov

    An excellent speech, but nowhere near Sarah Palin’s–in ’08.
    Let’s not be prisoners of the moment…with Obama and Biden’s four years of incompetence, Romney should be up at least 10 points. What’s the problem?

  • keninil

    Excellent Speech. It is really obvious why Ryan was picked over Portman or Pawlenty. Portman didn’t seem to have his heart in the speech or was giving someone else’s speech not his. Portman’s presentation sucked.

    TPaw seemed like he was auditioning for Al Franken’s old job with the number of “1 liners” in his speech. His delivery was milquetoast Pawlenty.

  • Great speech, and I knew he would deliver.

    • not necessarily. a lot of us conservative and tea party voters will not give rino romney our votes after he kicked us in the teeth and stabbed us in the back with the delegate rule change. i want him and the bush dynasty to lose and then the third party under sarah palin will begin.

      • REALLY Carolyn? You are so hung up on being a “Tea Party Conservative” that you won’t vote for Romney/Ryan? A “no” vote for your RINO is a vote for Obama.

  • My beloved Ronald Reagan would have been so proud of Paul Ryan last night. To me, Paul Ryan is a young Ronald Reagan….warmth, strength, kindness, dedication, sincerity, loves America, funny, classy and real!! When you see the effect that Reagan has had again it looms everywhere…these YOUNG GUNS grew up under Reagan, like me, and we know what he stood for and what he loved!! When I listened to Paul for a moment I stepped back closed my eyes and thought I was listening to Ronald Reagan!!!!!

    Ryan, Rubio, Palin, Martinez, Walker, Cruz, Mandel and many others….all YOUNG REAGANITES!! Just outstanding!!

    Remember for Rush, Sean and Mark Levin….all love and adore Ronald Reagan…..

    Just stop and think who is the most influential politician of our time…RONALD REAGAN!! There is no one even close!! What he did lives every single day!! The Tea Party, the grassroots and love of America….THANK YOU RONALD….last night, as with when I listen to Rush, Sean or Mark…I remember and miss you!!

  • NotSoPerfect

    I almost wish it was the Ryan-Romney ticket now!! Excellent speech!! He did good!

  • GEDouglas

    Conservative principles roll of his tongue effortlessly, extemporaneously, and effectively. I see a Ryan/West ticket in 2020

    • sDee

      As Sarah Palin said we must have Ryan’s back – the system will work to surround and destroy him – like white blood cells on a virus.

    • he will have to run against governor palin first.

  • WordsFailMe

    The Obamerrhoid ,”..puts promises on the record, then calls that the record.”

    He could not have encapsulated the liberal approach to truth any more clearly.

  • 12grace
  • “That’s freedom… and I’ll take it ANY DAY over the supervision and SANCTIMONY of the ‘central planners’!”

    …best line of the night.

    • rich wojcik

      he could have added:”…………….. (central planners)…like in Cuba, North Korea, bankrupted socialist Soviet (forced) Union”

    • sDee

      Channeling Reagan.

      Does Romney believe this, or does he believe in smarter bigger government? We will see.

      • Guest1776rcp

        Romney’s past indicates he believes big government can be used more efficiently. Romney will expand upon the powers of the executive branch not curtail them.

        Good luck with that!

    • Guest1776rcp

      Except that he said that after he blasted Obama for not keeping his promise to keep the Jainesville plant open. Kind of Orwellian if you ask me. You can’t be for smaller government, free markets and such and also support auto bailouts, government choosing winners and losers then say what he did. Something doesn’t jibe there. The fact pf the matter is that plant was one of the oldest of those considered for closing. I’m not defending Obama here just presenting facts. Ryan sounded like one of those “I know better than Democrats which big government levers to pull” type establishment RINOs.

      Other than that mistake a great speech.

  • rich wojcik

    where are those prostituting for left?
    Where are the commies?…… Not spitting here?
    The saliva dried up in their open snouts? Listen and learn the facts!!!
    More about FuBar Ack to come!

  • Not a home run, a grand slam.

  • B-Funk

    I’ve been hoping, Rush has been hoping, so many people have been hoping, that Mitt/Paul would start ripping bho’s record apart! Yay! More, please.

  • TomGMS

    Led Zeppelin!!!!!! Everything else was ok, but still…Led Zeppelin!!!!!! Paul Ryan FTW!

  • After watching Ryan and several others speak, I believe we WILL WIN the election! I believe I was watching the next Vice President making history last night! You know, after Romney’s second term, We might be blessed to have President Ryan! The future is looking much brighter recently. The darkness shall pass and the light shall shine! America will be free again!

    • he won’t win with conservative and tea party voters after the kick in the teeth back stabbing he did with the power grab. many of us are not going to vote for him.

      • I’m not happy about that either, but we simply MUST get rid of NObama! The very idea of him having 4 more years to finish his job of destroying this great nation is enough to drive one to depression… deep depression. So I urge you and other Conservatives who are rightly pissed off about that power grab to hold you nose if you must, but vote for Romney. He needs all the votes he can get and the nation needs a change of leadership (or lack of leadership in NObama’s case).

        • Peggyoh1

          Carolyn, Whitewolf’s comments are wise and reflect good counsel. Do not be so bitter to spite your own face. We need patriots like you and other conservatives to keep up the good fight. Rules can change again with enough support and a loud voice. Just do NOT give in to anger. Be productive and vote for the Romney/Ryan ticket so that the despair we are experiencing now can turn into a hopeful situation, which we can influence after the election. President Obama MUST be voted out and the Democrat Senate must change for the good of our country and its citizens.

  • GetWhatYouPayFor

    What about Chris Christie? Ann Coulter wants to know!

  • mder4thegov

    Think about basic, but profound differences in the ’08 and ’12 elections.

    Gov. Palin and the democrat hand-picked John McCain had to run against eight years of Bush/Cheney–while an unqualified, incompetent and unvetted Barack Obama–with no record, promised the moon.

    Contrast that to Romney/Ryan, who don’t have the “Bush burden”, but do have four years of Obama/Biden failures.

    How Romney is not up 10%-15% is beyond belief. (Having said that, it’s quite possible he’s up big, but Obama’s bunch could be “buying” poll #’s or the media needs a close race–to keep ratings up. I personally wouldn’t rule out either scenario.)

    Another story the media will NOT tell.

  • After Ann’s and Ryan’s speech, Mitt Romney really needs to bring it tonight… He needs to have the best speech of the convention.

  • Finally someone taking it to Obama and letting the American people know the record of his failed administration. I guess Paul Ryan listens to the great Rush Limbaugh. Rush mention that we are not taking it to Obama in regards to the worst record of any president towards the US economy on his radio program yesterday.
    Thank goodness that Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney listen to the highest rated and most listen to talk radio program in the United States…The Rush Limbaugh program.

  • RefudiateObama2012

    Geez people, take a breath. Ryan gave a good speech that was written by the same guy who wrote Palin’s speech in 2008. Yes, he delivered it well. Yes, he’s probably the best choice Romney could have made. That being said, don’t forget that he’s the same guy who has served in the House for fourteen years and rubber-stamped all of the Bush spending sprees. Don’t forget that his budget which made him famous didn’t really contain cuts, it just simply slowed down the growth of federal spending.

    I don’t really have a problem with Ryan, but I’m not ready to declare him as our next best Presidential candidate until he shows he’s worth the accolades. A few speeches during a campaign means very little to me. His record of the last fourteen years speaks much more to me than his campaign rhetoric. I’ll give Romney/Ryan a chance to stop the destruction of our Republic, but I won’t hold my breath waiting for sudden and relentless reform from them. I suspect that after two years of the RR administration, the grassroots will rise up once again and it won’t be pretty.

  • anyonebutbarry2012

    His speech was great, no other word for it, he got out the facts. barry needs to go nov 6th,, to me that is a fact. Romney and Ryan can stop the destruction that has been going on since 2008. There were others would have rather seen run, but they did not, am supporting Romney/Ryan. Great speech Paul !


    Terrific speech!

  • I’ll have to admit this guy is good!

  • President Ronald Regan is very proud of you Paul ,ALL true Patriots will Salute you!

  • Ronald Regan and ALL True Patriots Salute you Paul Ryan!

  • NJK

    You can’t get any better than Paul Ryan!

  • rshoupe

    Not just this video or speech made me switch my allegiance to the Republican ticket, but all the others leading up to it. Every one has appeared confident and persuasive in their quest to change the environment in the convention center and I hope in the political atmosphere in the White House. We’ll see how many hurricanes disrupt the Democratic Convention?

  • Jean_A

    I can’t believe you call this epic. Go back and watch Palin. Palin’s speech is a one in a life time.

    If Palin was giving that speech than it would be epic. Just think about it.

    Ryan was giving a speech like he was in congress talking to all the boys.

    The spin smells so bad.

  • msverde1

    A man after my rock-n-roll heart, from the rip chords of AC/DC to Led Zeppelin, mixed with a sprinkle of Rage Against the Machines. The boys are definitely back in town. Let the economic engine be primed, ignited, and ready to roll back to prosperity, man. Oh, pardon me, did I fail to include Pink Floyd (“Money”).

  • You have to love someone like Paul Ryan, that gives you hope that there is still light at the end of the tunnel! What a great American!

  • Danielle Rolfes

    If I wasn’t already a Republican, I would be after this speech.
    Favorite points:
    “The greatest threat to Medicare is Obama Care and we’re going to stop it.”
    “We have to stop spending money we don’t have! It’s not rocket science.”
    “Obama assumed power 4 years ago. Isn’t it time he assumed responsibility?”
    FANTASTIC job. I have never seen a better speech.

  • I refuse to watch the DNC convention, but I felt the urge to watch Paul Ryan’s speech again. Just loved it!