RNC: What was your favorite moment at the 3rd presidential debate?

Watch the short montage below and then vote in the poll:

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  • DINORightMarie

    You might want to fix that # 3 option: “America doesn’t dictate, it frees dictators” Not quite what we want, and of course not what Romney said. 😉

    • Orangeone

      Slight correction “The only time America has dictated to other nations is when your mouth is open Mr. pResident.”

      • stage9

        I don’t think what he was doing could be construed as dictating. He was bending over at the waist most of the time.

    • stage9

      LOL! How about, We free dictators from freedom?

      • Rightstuff1

        Great idea – may we start with the man-child ????

    • SKL53

      You are sooo correct! Mitt said we free nations from dictators!

      • Cindy09

        That’s more like it!!

  • Army_Pilot1967

    I liked all those statements from Mitt. He looks presidential, and I’m confident that he will be presidential once in office.

  • Orangeone

    I need an All of the Above choice….

  • stage9

    I don’t know. It’s between 1 and 3 for me.

  • underconstantatack

    Im with the majority~ all of the above 🙂

  • SKL53

    My favorite part of the debate was when Mitt told O “You go all over the world apologizing for America!”

  • steprock

    My personal favorite was Romney saying that attacking him is not a strategy.

    • BlueGood

      Okay….help my with this…Last night I heard Schieffer say, when talking about Pakistan…he was referring to getting bin Laden… Words I heard were:

      “O’bama’s bin Laden”….denoting ownership of bin Laden by O’Bama.

      I listened again today, because it was one Drudge as a mistake…WHAT did you guys and gals hear??

      • Seabee

        You are correct. I heard the same thing.

        • BlueGood

          Thanx Seabee…it appears those at the LSM have more difficulty than a 75 yr. old Gent…LOL

          ABC News ran a scroll on its website declaring “Obama Bin Laden Dead.

          ” Diane Sawyer’s “World News” blog reported that “OBAMA WILL BE BURIED AT SEA.”

          Geraldo Rivera said “Obama is dead” on Fox News before correcting himself.

          An anchor for Fox’s Sacramento, Calif., affiliate declared on air: “President Obama speaking from the East Room of the White House, telling the nation and the world President Obama is, in fact, dead.”

          After mocking Fox for that error, Keith Olbermann tweeted, “Mr. Bush personally de-prioritized the hunt for Obama.”


          • SoLongSong

            So funny! I’ve never seen it put together like that. Thank you!

        • Susitna

          I agree with you. This happens when you brag all the time about having killed Bin Laden. Obama virtually “owns” this terrorist……..

          • Seabee

            Ted “underwater” Kennedy, in one of his press conferences said Barak Osama, but immediately corrected himself..these liberals can’t tell which one is which.

      • sjmom

        It is being credited as a gaffe and I won’t hold it against Schieffer. Osama, Obama I believe it was unintentional. Bob is not as young as he used to be.

      • steprock

        Yeah, it’s a common screwup. You say Obama got Osama enough times and you’ll get tongue-tied. He himself has not, and he says it all the time, but others…

    • leel004

      YES ! This statement has my son repeating ALLLLLLLLLLL DAY. Anyone want a son for a week………..???????????????

  • SKL53

    Many great points Mitt made!!! Loved his points on increasing our Naval capabilities as well! We can’t stand up to China, Russia and Middle East without our Naval Ships!!! You rock Mitt!

    • M_J_S

      Dear President Romney,


      • DebbyX

        Yes we do! He is clueless and condescending, not a favorable combination for a President.

        And hey, my son and I played Battleship all the time. Great game of strategy. Something he knows nothing about.

  • SKL53

    Obama made an ass of himself…we still use byonettes!

  • SKL53

    Mitt will be our next COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF!!!! He will be loved by our military!!! Unlike this commie in the WH!!!

  • I liked when Romney said we shouldn’t kill our way out of this mess and then turned around and said that his plan was to go after and kill the people that hurt America. 😀

    • SoLongSong

      The only person boo-hooing last night was the current occupier of the white house, watching his free ride going down the drain and not being able to do a THING to stop it.

      Bless his heart.

      • Yes, because he just kept pointing out time after time how much he was being attacked instead of answering the darn question and wasting time, didn’t he? Last time I checked, that was Romney’s act. Sorry, but I don’t want a sissy in the White House. I’d like someone who can hold their own and not whine about being attacked during a PRESIDENTIAL DEBATE. We’ll see come election day who’s free ride goes down the drain. I think Romney the Robot will be in for a bit of an unpleasant surprise, not that he seems shocked by much- although he did do a good job at blinking. A bit too much for my taste. Looked unnatural.

        • RosiesSeeingRed

          He said it ONCE. I guess lying goes with being an Obama supporter. He sets the example, and you all dutifully follow.

          • Maybe you should watch the debate again, because he said it at least twice and it was very clear he didn’t want the focus to be on him despite the whole Presidential Debate thing going on. Couldn’t take the heat? A little sad if you ask me.

            • SoLongSong

              You know what’s sad? Having to defend little Barry. I feel for you, Kayla.

              • Not really. I’m proud to defend OUR President. And that’s Mr. President, Barack Obama, President Obama, or President Barack Obama to you so long as he is the leader of THIS country. It’s rude to disrespect him like that and whether you like him or not he remains our president for now. Also, if you had half a brain I’d be a little bit smarter on what you choose to believe, but I guess the rumors got to you. Too bad.

                • Orangeone

                  Are you from Kenya? And his name is Barry Soetoro. He is Kenyan born, Indonesian raised and his own family members are on record stating so and they personally attended its birth. Did you?

                  Just wait until your boy toy does this to your freedoms and gets his hands on your #LadyParts. Or maybe you are one of the “evolved ones” pretending to be a female.


                • Uhh…1. No, not from Kenya, DON’T NEED TO BE
                  2. Boy Toy? Sorry, not interested in the President like that, just to run the country. You?
                  It’s Mitt and Paul Ryan who’re going to take away my rights. I did my homework, thanks. ^^
                  Also, at your comment- at first I was laughing my butt off but then I starting thinking you were serious and I thought…”Wow…how delusional are you?” O_O
                  I don’t even want to know. And that’s funny, you think I’m going to click a link to THIS website? Why don’t you offer something a little less 1. Bias and 2. Insane? Sorry, I don’t believe in crazy demented untrue rumors. xD It’s sad that you do. That’s like me calling Mitt Romney the Anti-christ. And no, I don’t hate Romney THAT much.


                  Oh, and I’m a girl. 100% female, sorry if you were expecting something else.

            • FreeManWalking

              What President Romney said to 0b0 was, attacking me isn’t a plan.

              But attacking his opponent is the only plan that 0b0 has, because he doesn’t have a record or plan to run on.

              • SoLongSong

                He WISHES he didn’t have a record. He does, and it’s TERRIBLE and indefensible.

            • sjmom

              I have read your comments and I can think of no other reason than to cause a stir you dropped by Right Scoop. Speaking of “sad” it is just that when you are unable to find like minded people but I guess there are too many on the left who are busy drying their eyes full of tears after last night’s debate.

              • SoLongSong

                You know, with Obama there’s such easy pickin’s that I myself don’t mind. I mean, seriously, it’s like shooting fish in a barrel with him.

                In a way, Kayla’s kind of like Obama last night after the debate, feeling lonely on there with just Michelle, so he gravitated towards the Romney crowd.

                Must be lonely at the bottom.

                • I’m sorry, but that’s not quite the case. xD I’m ecstatic, just like every other democrat out there! (And Obama supporter, and people who overall thought Romney sucked and Obama killed him. ^_^) I’m anything but lonely, and so were Obama and Michelle. o)o It may seem that way here because I seem to have stumbled into a group of piranhas- Mitt Mutts, it seems, or Obama haters, but I don’t really mind. I think I’d just like to remind you guys that there’s a real world out there, and in the real world- Obama just won 2 out of 3 debates and is slowly but surely kicking Romney’s robotic ass. 😀

                • Orangeone

                  Well this Democrat isn’t happy. Maybe you should go see Obama 2016 and learn about the Kenyan


                • I don’t watch politically bias movies meant to discredit one party or another. 🙂 Especially if they contain untrue material, but thanks.

                • Orangeone

                  It’s his mouth reading from his own book.  So if you think there is discrediting going on, your barky boy is discrediting himself.  And his own brother calls him out for what he is.

                • My barky boy…wow. Well, that’s good for you should you choose to believe it. I’d rather not waste my time with fake crap, but the offer was nice. c:

              • Nope! I have plenty of fellow Obama supports and people who side with me. ^_^ I think I just wanted to offer a different opinion, it’s a little too…bland here. Doesn’t that get tiring? All “Romney Romney Romney”. What’s the point of discussion or anything if you’re all agreeing on the same thing? We’re all happy. I’m a little sad and shocked that you guys are in such denial. It’s scary, really. o-o We’re celebrating Obama’s 2nd win! And I guess I wanted to see what the other side was doing…celebrating a win they didn’t get…not that I expected any less. xD

                • sjmom

                  Actually, we’re quite happy and one big family who enjoys each other’s company. It’s nice and a respite from listening to those who defend the indefensible. Have you considered the reason we’re called the “Right” is because we are right when it comes to how this nation should be governed, legislated and adjudicated? Perhaps, the real reason you stopped by was because you’re thinking of joining the fight for shat is right.

                • You guys can call yourselves whatever you want to, but that certainly doesn’t make it true or “right” in my opinion. I can call myself a giant man-eating tiger- but in the end, I’m still just a human girl. But I can understand that. I just like to offer a different take on things…I don’t defend the indefensible, but promote those who deserve it and who many believe in.
                  And thank you for the offer, but I don’t think I will be switching sides. I’m quite firmly a supporter of Obama, but I think this will be a close race, I really do. And to be honest, I don’t know who will win. I can only hope, and I hope too that everyone will be happy in the end, and that whoever becomes President will do the right thing and the good thing for this country.

                • sjmom

                  I can agree on everyone being happy and the president doing what is right and good. 🙂

                • poljunkie

                  Whats sad Kayla is that after four years of Obamas failed miserable policies you are still willing to support him.It doesnt sound like you are opened minded to listen to facts.Mitt Romney is a proven business man with over 20 years experience.
                  Most of us here are are hard working, family minded people – some military- all tax payers- some small business owners.
                  ALL of us have been hit hard by the struggling economy – which has been sputtering over the past years. Yet on Jan 1 things are going to get worse. Taxes are going to go up, and with the declining housing market, poor jobs market and economy still in the tank- we are worried. There is so much that is uncertain.
                  We are looking for a change.

                • I am still willing to support him, that’s true. Because I believe that not everything’s perfect. Government is hard to change, and it’s not just the President who is responsible. I believe he deserves another chance to implement changes and that when things don’t go the way we want right away, we shouldn’t run right in the other direction to someone else, looking for them to lead us. We should stand strong and stand with them, and believe in them. I am open minded, but I want to hear actual facts. And I have heard them. I have watched all the debates. And I know what is important to me and my family, friends, and community. And I believe I know what this country could do with and without. I think we need more time to get back to our feet- and that we shouldn’t expect a Messiah- not from Romney or Obama. But I think Obama has done good for America and deserves another term. ^^ And that’s what I feel in my heart. I think he will make the changes we need to prosper and will listen to our voices. I don’t think that Romney has the Presidential experience to really know how to handle and entire country that is dwindling.

                • poljunkie

                  Hermain Cain is on televsion right now. Black Americans have lost 11% of their income/wealth over the last 4 years under Obama. Wow that is horrible.That alone would make me vote Romney. Its about 6% for Whites. Which is awful too.That is for those who are employed.

                  I have no idea what you think he has done so well.

                  Ed shultz is yelling that women are loosing rights and are going to be sent back 50 years? What are you thinking? You honestly believe that= come on you are smarter than that. If you actually buying that crap ,I dont know what else to say.

                • Of course they’re going to report on statistics of what’s already happened, but I’m looking towards the future. Honestly, if Mitt were in Obama’s place or had been, I think he’d have done a much, much worse job. I think Obama has done a lot well, and I don’t know how many debates you have to listen to to hear him repeat it over and over again. It’s pretty much in every closing speech he’s made. But yes, I am smart but I also believe that women will lose a lot of rights if things aren’t dealt with carefully and Romney/Ryan win this campaign. I don’t really want that, sorry.

                • poljunkie

                  What rights? Name them-

                • I have, OVER AND OVER. Maybe you haven’t been paying attention. Health care, abortion, birth control/contraception…those are real issues that are serious to many women out there, but maybe they’re not serious enough to you.

                • poljunkie

                  Health care: BUY your own insurance. Or if you cant afford it- there is Medicaid Absolute worst case you go to the ER, and they wont turn you away.
                  Abortion: ROE vs WADE will never be over turned. IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN. If anything Romney is more moderate than ultra conservative. But if by chance someone proposed that and it made it all the way to the Supreme Court, the absolute most impact it would ever have in our life time, is that it would go to the state – to be a state by state issue. Ie you would have to go to say, California or Nevada or wherever. BUT will NEVER happen.
                  Birthcontrol: what are you worried about? That it will be outlawed? Really? What the Republicans dont want is a Government mandate saying that birth control has to be provided for FREE. Thats reasonable isnt it?
                  They are also asking that religious facilites such as Catholic Churchs that employee people and provide insurance to their employees do NOT have to pay for birth control for their employees. That would be similar to a work place NOT paying for REHAB for their employees, or not paying for a GASTRIC band for their employees. Why should the Governmnet be able to tell employeers what they have to provide in the insurance coverage?

                  Edit: spelling

            • Orangeone

              And pResident Obama visited Israel when? pResident Obama met with PM Netanyahu when? Oh that’s right, he had to go on The View.

              • If you watched the 3rd debate he mentioned his visit to Israel to see the Holocaust museum there. And he visited a village where missiles had almost hit near children’s rooms. He did this almost immediately after becoming President. But you must not have been paying attention. ^_^;

                • Patriot077

                  No, Kayla, he has not visited Israel as President. He visited only when he was running for office on July 23, 200, most likely to make sure he got the Jewish vote.

                • And Romney hasn’t done the very same thing? It’s purely to get votes for Romney and for Fund Raisers to get money- that was not Obama’s reason for visiting. And when Romney visited, he did so in very- VERY bad taste.

        • anyonebutbarry2012

          someone spending millions of taxpayers money on 16 lavish vacations is so much better. wonder if the 200 plus killed because of fast and furious and their families embrace this corrupt administration. lets not forget Benghazi, but then what is 4 more dead Americans to this corrupt administration.

          • A corrupt administration doesn’t always mean a corrupt president, and I don’t necessarily agree that the entire administration is corrupt- but if you’re going the money! money! money! and lavish vacation route, well Romney is going to be much much worse. I don’t choose to believe everything I see and hear, as well. But Obama cares more for the middle class, in my honest opinion. At least Obama wants to make the wealthy pay more- but I guess you’d rather pay for Romney’s lavish vacations.

            • SoLongSong

              *Snort* You’re KILLING me Cayla!

              Romney donated his inheritance to charity, he didn’t take a dime (at most he took a dollar, I don’t recall) for saving the Olympics, and he’s helped people when no one was looking – non family members at that. There are plenty of examples of his generosity.

              Obama has a brother living in poverty. He’s only generous with other people’s money, and only when it helps him.

              And with that, I have to run! But it’s been fun sparring with you. Toodles!

              • It’s Kayla.
                And he has to look like a saint before the big race, right? Gotta earn those votes! Sorry but I’m not fooled. It was nice though. ^^ Have fun!
                Oh yes, the Olympics. He loves to bring that up, doesn’t he? I don’t think he’s very generous to meddle with Obamacare and Medicare but maybe he doesn’t like seniors. Who knows.

                So long. 😉

                • Orangeone

                  I hope you enjoy the gov’t telling you no to medical care because your ROI isn’t high enough. And let’s start with the welfare, foodstamp, baby mamas. Say no to healthcare for you.

                • I think that’d be far more likely to happen with Romney as President…especially if he wants to get rid of Obamacare altogether and make cuts all over the place. Every time Romney opens his mouth, he contradicts himself. I sure as hell am not going to trust him in office! I’m not worried about healthcare- it’s been okay so far and I think Obama will work things out- he’s not planning on screwing over seniors like Mitt. Or taking away women’s rights like abortion options or birth control- and that’s NOT okay.

                • Patriot077

                  If left to Obama’s budgetary practices (non-existent except spend money & then print more) there will be no social safety net for anyone. That includes Medicare, Medicaid, Welfare, SNAP, Social Security and more.

                  Only low information voters such as yourself can believe otherwise.

                • I higly doubt that. This is Kayla again btw, but I am not a low information voter- quite the opposite. I think low information is expecting Romney to help the country by closing loopholes and deductions which there aren’t enough of in the first place, and of which he can’t even specify. I’d like more info on THAT. And he wants to give tax cuts to the WEALTHY. Yeah, that’s really going to help. And he expects to help lower the deficit by repealing Obamacare when it would only increase the deficit by $109 billion over the next 10 years- and this is all according to the Congressional Budget Office, mind you. It’s a joke.

                  So who’s a low information voter? I think that would be you.

            • anyonebutbarry2012

              barry is corrupt. what more proof does one need? romney will be much worse with lavish vacations then the obama’s, how do you know that? no other administration before this one has put the screws to the taxpayers for their vacations or the use of AF1 AND 2 as this corrupt admin has.barry cares more for the illegals, more for the muslims, more then the middle class.

            • leel004

              Kayla, you can’t project what Romney MIGHT do or NOT do. So far the points made in the string of replies are WHAT Obama DID do….or lacked doing.
              Here is SOME of the Checklist of obama’s “accomplishments”

              ….destabilized the Middle East
              ….supplied power to the Muslim Brotherhood – whose stated goal is to wipe Isreal OFF the face of the map, and the great satan (America)
              ….has given M. Brotherhood access to more Pentagon info
              ….refused to call the terrorist at Ft. Hood a terrorist that killed 13 soldiers while shouting his muslim claim of jihad
              ….removed ALL references to jihad from military language and training
              …obama said “gas prices will neccessarily need to be skyrocketed”
              …food prices much higher due to gas and regulations
              …out of the wounded and dead military personnel in the Iraq/Afganistan war, 2/3 % occurred under obama in LESS THAN 4 years than compared to BUSH with 8 years
              …forced religious organizations to legally be binded by a TAX which are against their religious beliefs — NEVER happened before because of the Constitutional protection of Freedom of Religion
              …has his advisors speaking on ‘death panels’ as was cited in the NY Times opinion page
              …Obamacare has in place 1600 new IRS positions to assist with obamacare….remember pelosi said we have to pass it to find out what is in it
              …picked and chose which car industry gets funding…..and BTW…the only American company that DID not take the massive gov. dose was Ford…and look which company is succeeding…FORD ! GM is doing GREAT with Government contracted cars and failing in the private market…….go figure
              ….did NOT prosecute Voter Intimidation when the Black Panthers demonstrated several places with billy clubs
              …is AGAINST Voter ID….this makes NO SENSE ——, we have Drivers License, School IDs, Military IDs, Government IDs, State IDs, etc…
              ….has NOT condemned the Muslim Sharia law of obedience to husband even unto death, the same law that allows women to be beaten at any discretion, and girls to be sexually mutilated. BTW, this is the law being instilled in most of the destablized countries in the Middle East since obama took office

              AND the list is longer, but I got to get back to other responsibilities.
              It sounds like you would rather have a socialist type gov or worse.

              I wish, hope and pray you would not have a position of supporting obama “no matter what” approach. America has helped more than harmed, and turning our country into a divided country, where the economy will be worse than it is now, with gas prices worse than now, leads us to a sad scenerio.

        • famouswolf


          You lefties are so blind you can’t even see what happened last night.

          Let me explain part of it to you. For some reason that I cannot fathom many of you think obama is ‘likeable’. Last night Romney finished that little meme off. Did you see the results of the many focus groups around? obama won on points and being aggressive, yet overwhelmingly the focus groups are voting for Romney. Romney now beats obama in EVERYTHING. o’s last advantage was knocked out from under him last night, even the lefty blogs can see it. Boo hoo for you, I guess.

          As for killing, Romney will go after those who deserve it and not inflict massive collateral damage, especially on our own troops as does your hero, through bad strategy, foolish choices and even loose lips. I am a veteran and I would not have served under obama-who is literally a traitor. I would serve proudly under Romney.

          Continue to twist in the breeze. Us Americans are enjoying it and will especially enjoy it come November 6. Do you have lots of tissues and vodka or the drug of your choice handy? You will need both.

          • My vision is 20/20, thanks. And last time I checked being likeable wasn’t a meme…maybe you should do some fact checking or dictionary searching, something. But truly, I’m laughing. Romney beats Obama at everything?! That’s hilarious. I don’t know where you’re getting that from but hey- I can accept that you’re living in a fantasy world, seems fair. You must not be checking many polls and are enjoying floating around in ignorant bliss of your river denial. Have fun election day when all your little hopes and dreams are crushed by someone you seem to really hate, even when he’s clearly the best choice for this country. I’m a young woman and I’m not about to lose my rights to a filthy-rich robotic fake and his boy-wonder. He just proved everything I already knew during the last debate to me and countless others. ^^ And sorry, I don’t do drugs, but enjoy!

            • Orangeone

              Check out the polls, your barky boy is howling at the moon he is so mad. There isn’t enough voter fraud in the US to save his @ss. Enjoy your last days of Obamaphones (BTW it was Bush that started that program). Justice is comin’ round the mountains.

              • Perhaps Bush started that, but there’s something called CONGRESS and BALANCE of POWERS. Ever heard of it? Obama has no reason to listen in on us, not like Bush did. He was nuts. AND a Republican, just like Romney. He’s more likely to tap Americans. Obama is quite pleased with the poll results, which I have checked. This is the only one that’s wrong! xD Every other one shows Obama in the lead. And he won 2/3 debates, I wouldn’t expect less. And please, with the barky boy- that’s quite disturbing. I am NO WHERE near his age, and he is not “mine”. I’m just a proud American ready to vote.

                • poljunkie

                  Oh I get it. Blame Bush,
                  FYI Obama has continued EVERYTHING thing Bush did. Torture. Wars. Obama took credit for “ending Iraq” wrong. Bush had already neogiatied the end date for that before his last day in office. It constantly amazes me how much Obama does that.
                  Hey you know the TSA at the airport- you know how invasive they have gotten? Thank Obama. AND if they unionize like he wants them to, it will only get worse.

                • I’m glad. They’re invasive FOR A REASON. Unless you want another 9/11. But Obama acted on his own. Bush may have made plans but he never acted on them. Obama did, and they captured Osama and killed him under Obama- not Bush. The war in Iraq was still going strong during the years of Bush.

                • anyonebutbarry2012

                  funny how you forgot to mention clinton’s roll in 9/11.
                  clinton ignored the bombing of the USS Cole and the wtc 93 attack, hence 9/11.
                  he did not got after obl. why is that? yet your all happy to blame bush for it all. clinton even knew where obl was, yet did NOTHING.

                • I’m not really focused on Clinton’s role. I’m focused on Obama’s. Clinton had his time as president. Obama did his job. Clinton supports Obama, and that’s good. But he’s made some mistakes in the past. So did Bush. But under Obama, Bin Laden was captured and killed. End of story. O_O

                • poljunkie

                  Really? I guess you havent had the “luxury” of the full body pat down yet. Good luck with that. I can tell you as a female, 5’2, 114 pounds, it was not a pretty thing to have happen. Its not fun to get full on groped in plain view of 50-60 people at security, all the while your stuff is piling up on the conveyer belt because the agent wont let you get it and bring it over to the pat down area. So your passport/lap top/money/shoes/jacket/carry on/ phone is vulnerable to anyone. YEP—sounds fun to me. NOT

                • Actually, I have had a few full body pat downs, thanks. And I get randomly chosen quite a bit and scanned- but I have no qualms. America’s cracking down and doing what they need to do to keep the country safe. Sorry it’s inconvenient for you- but there’s no room for error here. 🙂 That’s really not going to change under Romney either. The protection of the country is of the utmost priority to both candidates. So what you’re getting at I’m not quite sure.

                • poljunkie

                  I am hoping that it does change. TSA should be made private. The entire way they screen us should be revamped. It is such a cavalier system now- Haphazard- The employees have too much authority , and they randomly show it.

            • poljunkie

              What rights do you think you are going to lose? The only thing REALLY on the table is free contraception. The rest is BS, and just talking points from Obamas campaign.
              Abortion rights are never going to be taken off the table. If Roe vs Wade is ever challenged, which it wont be- Then it will be come a states right issue.

              What do you think is going to happen? Do you think you are going to lose your right to vote? Your right to work? Come on be serious and realistic. Romney had women working in his admin when he was Gov. He is for equal pay. even promoted flexible hours for people with children.
              Did you know the women working in Obamas WH actually make a large percentage less? Did you hear there have been many workplace envinoment complaints the conditions for women in his admin?

              When did it become “bad” to have money THAT was earned? Since Obama has become President he has pushed his CLASS WARFARE which is total bull. When I was growing up, we were taught to reach for the American Dream. To work hard and save our $$$.

              • poljunkie

                AND by the way, do some reserach, Gov Romney has donated large large amounts of money to charity, donated his inheritance to the college he attended.
                In addition he didnt take his salary when he was Gov, or when he ran the Olympics (donated that to Charity)

                Have you done that? If not, how do you get off calling him a filthy rich robot?

                • How could he have donated that much, refused to take salaries, donate inheritance, etc etc and STILL live like he does if he isn’t filthy rich? Come on now. We all know he is extremely wealthy and comes from a VERY wealthy family/background.

                • poljunkie

                  Because he worked for 25 years and invested the money.

                • Mmmm not quite.

                • poljunkie

                  There is no talking to you then. You have it in your mind what you think, from Obamas talking points memo, and those arent the facts. Look up his bio in an unbiased place.
                  He gave away his inheritance to BYU.
                  He gave away his salary as GOV.
                  He gave his salary from the GAMES to charity.
                  He worked at Bain and other places for over 20 years.
                  Did you know he has his MBA?
                  Did you know he is an attorney?
                  Did you know he graduated as speaker of his college class.
                  He is alot older than Obama. You do know he is in his 60’s right? YES he actually was a business man for over 20 years besides being Gov for 4 years and the Olympics thing.

                • RosiesSeeingRed

                  poljunkie, take solace in the fact that it is VERY common for 18 year old liberals to grow up, get a job, and move over to the right when reality hits. Conversely, it is extremely rare for someone right of center to become a liberal as they grow older and wiser. There’s a reason for that.

                • poljunkie

                  Thanks RosiesSeeing. I didnt know she was 18. I was getting a little exhausted! 🙂
                  I cant get over the fact that she thinks that womens rights are going to go back 50 years! Where does that come from, except Ed Shultz, and Joe Biden. Wow! Wow!

                • I’m sorry for having energy! It must not be common around here!
                  But I do not agree that women’s rights are going to go back 50 years, and I never stated that. I do believe that they are in danger, however. I would like not to have words put into my mouth…or rather, typed by another’s hand.

                • poljunkie

                  That is what Ed Shultz and VP Biden have been exclaiming and that is where I got the back to 50 years ago memo. But I still am uncertain as to what you are worried about. Hey, as I told you- I am a female too. I have a son- who is just a little bit older than you.
                  Also when it comes to energy, I dare say you are mistaken. I am active, and I have no idea where you get off saying otherwise. My husband and I are on “task” to climb all 7 summits- which are the 7 highest peaks on the 7 continents. We have done two. Kilimanjaro altitude 19,145 feet, which is in Africa, and Kosikoku, which is in Australia. Our third endeavor is going to take place next summer- it will be either be Mt Elbrus which is Russia, near the border of Georgia. (18,510 ft) Or it will be Mt Mc Kinley, which is 20,320 feet. Mc Kinley is also known as Denali is located in Alaska. Both are very hard climbs, and the altitude adds to the difficulty.
                  It takes a strict and rigid training regime to prepare for these climbs- both mentally and physically.
                  We did our first one in 2007 and had hoped to do the third one by now but financially we have been strapped.

                • I simply got it from your quote- “I was getting a little exhausted! :-)” But I admire you for your feats. I’m sorry you cannot afford to continue climbing mountains but maybe it’s not the time for such…adventures when the country is struggling? I can understand wanting to be able to do such things and it is understandable to want to have the money to, but when we’re struggling with poverty as a country and then some of us are complaining about not being about to do other things that aren’t fundamental…in addition to myself being certain that Romney will not bring about the proper changes to the economy to allow your trips to take place.

                • poljunkie

                  Romney wont bring us the money- but he may make the climate better to prosper.
                  We have made it thru recessions before, and we will survive this one.

                • Very unlikely- but believe what you’d like to believe. There’s no changing it, I’m guessing, since you’re probably an older person. But just since I’m not older doesn’t mean I’m not dedicated. This- what you believe- is not “the right”. And you are ignorant to believe that and tell me so. I hope one day you will see that. ^^ Until then, best of luck.

                • I have, and I think you should do the same. But I think you also have in your mind what you think, and there is no changing that. Perhaps you are a bit stubborn yourself?
                  But to me, age is just a number. Sometimes it comes with wisdom and believe it or not- sometimes it DOESN’T. People waste time- and time flies. You can try and try and not always succeed. Romney has not always been successful. Hell, I personally don’t think he really has been successful by himself- but he’s been blessed to be born into such a wealthy FAMILY. Does Romney have presidential experience? No. He actually left behind a huge budget deficit for the next governor of his own state AND strapped on more debt for Massachusetts taxpayers per person than any other state. And you think he knows how to reduce deficits and balance budgets? I don’t think so. Him being older to me just means he’s going to die sooner- and god knows what that might mean. There’s no way.

                • poljunkie

                  I may be stubborn. Possibly obsessive.

                  For you to say re the fact that Gov Romney is older means he is going to die sooner, well Kayla if that is your true response, that is silliness.
                  For the most part your replies have been measured and interesting. Saying what you did is a non answer.
                  Here’s the thing, I’ve been married 28 years. I have been balancing our check book for all that time. In the beginning we barely had 10.00 and change. Over the years, we have scrimped and saved. I certainly don’t have millions like Gov Romney, but living in a parallel type family existence I can understand how he assembled his empire purely by working hard. We’ve managed to save quite a bit—working…never taking a penny from the Government. I only wish I had the resources to be able to make such donations to charity.
                  Did he have a helping hand by having a wealthy father? Probably- but why is that an issue?
                  It’s the American Dream to grow up and be successful. It’s always been a good thing to earn a lot of money and be self-sufficient, pay your bills and take responsibility for yourself and your family.
                  If you are comparing that to Obama- he has had many helping hands from many wealthy people over the years. Not necessarily family members but political allies that were pushing an agenda.
                  Gov Romney has been married since 1969. That’s 43 years. He married his high school sweetheart. Do you know that he has never smoked a cigarette? A joint? He doesn’t drink caffeine? Never has ne had any alcohol?
                  Gov Romney has shown by his own generosity that having money was only one facet to him. He has given away vast sums of cash- both that he was to have inherited, and also money that he earned and he felt compelled to give away for various reasons.
                  You can keep saying that he received all or most of his money due to bequest and that is his legacy but that is just not the case.
                  Whether you want to acknowledge his accomplishments or not he has his MBA, and his JD law degree. (He earned both at the same time at Harvard.) He started working in the business community over 35 years ago. He was Gov for four years, and worked as the President and CEO of the Winter Games.
                  If you compare that to Obama- Obama never worked in the private sector.
                  Romney donated the 1.4 mil dollars he was salaried for the Winter Games – PLUS he and also contributed $1 million dollars of his own money to the GAMES.
                  The man has an remarkable resume. Like him or not there is no getting around that.

                  I have to tell you- Mitt Romney wasn’t my choice in the primary. I am merely stating this information. honestly feel he is a better choice for our Country than Obama, I believe he has the better foundation to build upon and policies to help reorganize, and strenghten our economy. We have over 20 million people either out of work or under employed. We have a staggering debt/and deficit mess. In addition we have a horrible housing crisis. Our monetary system is near collapse. These are not just talking points. As an example these are true problems that a large percentage of us are living every day. I cannot tell you how many store fronts are for lease in my community. How many homes have foreclosed. How many people I know that have kids or family members how have been laid off. Whats of even more concern is that on Jan 1st taxes are going to go up- Across the board. Capitol gains on investments goes up. Death taxes goes up. That means if your mom or dad dies and they left you their house- Taxes on it. Fed tax on your cell phone bill- goes up (this is what pays for the free phones that the welfare people receive)
                  Why should we have to pay the Government all these taxes? AND what if you don’t have the cash on hand for that?
                  So its not just the social issues. Our economy is a big part of the equation. Obama saying he wont tax the middle class- well these examples show differently.

                • Patriot077

                  He doesn’t waste the money he earns. Even though they could have afforded nannies and housekeepers, he and his wife raised their family and did their own household chores. Fancy that.

              • I do not want to risk abortion rights becoming an issue or abortion becoming illegal as well as birth control, or risk Paul Ryan becoming President or having more power. Their stance on homosexuality also bothers me. And to be honest, I think religion and government should have a bit more distance when it comes to Romney/Ryan. I don’t have to worry about women’s rights with Obama, and I feel good about Joe Biden as well and their stance on homosexuality. I have strong opinions that I don’t want compromised under Romney. And with him, I’m afraid anything could happen since he is not always clear.

                • poljunkie

                  Look, Kayla- someone just pointed out that you are 18. Its great that you have passion and enthuasiam. I get that. But honestly, The rights that you are afraid of losing are NEVER going to be taken away. The things like womens reproductive issues the ‘left’ is scarying you about is a fantasy. Birth Control is an issue for the reason of it being free and for having to be offered by religious institutions such as Colleges with religious affliations (thru their health insurance). As far as the gay issues, what do you think a Romney admin is going to do- make gay men/women live on an island somewhere? It is just a issue of actual marriage. I think a large percentage of gay people really just want to be left alone…..anyway- but I think Romney proposed the issue to be a states right agenda item.

                • I pointed out earlier that I was 18 actually, because I am not afraid to state so. But I feel that you are mistaken…they will and can very well be taken away, and this has been an issue for a long time. If no one does or says anything about it, women’s right will be taken out of the people’s hands, and they pretty much have been already. It’s become a political issue- I’m sure you’ve been watching the debates. I’m confident you’re not blind or deaf, but forgive me if you are. The vice presidential debate made Obama and Joe Biden’s stance of this clear, but Romney and Paul Ryan’s stance…it’s questionable. Paul Ryan’s especially. And I’m not as concerned about gay rights I suppose, since I do believe it to be more of a states issue. But women’s rights is not as untouchable as you may think. o_o I’m not scared like a child is, but concerned. And it’s not a fantasy. I’m going to vote to ensure that nothing I wouldn’t want as well as my family and community will come to pass.

        • SoLongSong

          Sissy in the White House? ROMNEY a sissy?!

          Right now we have a limp-wristed (not that there’s anything wrong with that) guy who cannot accept any responsibility, only assign blame.

          On Topic, favorite moment, Romney: “I will work with you.”

          SO refreshing, after a president who used his political capital in the first two years of his presidency to ram through Obamacare, when America was screaming at the top of its lungs that it DIDN’T want it.

          Yep, a limp-wristed deaf man with big ears.

          Also, he didn’t blink at all, just stared at Romney, wondering why oh why wouldn’t he burst into flames and stop spewing truth.

          • Yeah, I think so. People attack each other during a debate- Obama wasn’t trying to change topics by complaining about it because he had everything about foreign policy down-pat.
            And Romney doesn’t assign blame?
            Deaf…Romney seems to be the deaf one to me, avoiding answering questions and swerving back to earlier topics when he’s supposed to talk about foreign policy. I didn’t see Obama afraid to tackle any questions that were actually asked. Deaf…what a ridiculous assumption.

        • 3seven77

          “Sorry, but I don’t want a sissy in the White House.”

          Sorry, but you’ve GOT a sissy in the White House. A big, flaming sissy who doesn’t take responsibility for ANYTHING. Part of being an adult is taking responsibility. Who is taking responsibility for Fast and Furious? Obama is hiding behind executive priviledge so no one will find out who ordered the operation that killed over 300 Mexicans and at least 2 American Border Patrol agents. Is that taking responsiblity?

          Who is taking responsibility for the economy? For the unemployment rate? Obama has blamed those on 1. Bush, 2. ATMs, 3. The Tsunami, 4. Republicans/Tea Party. Even though he had a democrat-majority in BOTH the House and the Senate. Obama’s never even passed a buget. In FOUR YEARS! You call that taking responsibility?

          Who is taking responsibility for the massacre in Benghazi? Obama blamed a video, the intelligence agencies, and then the video again, before HILLARY finally stepped forward and took responsibility. It was only after Hillary took the blame that a day-and-a-half LATER, that Obama took responsiblity.
          “We’ll see come election day who’s free ride goes down the drain.”

          Come election day, Obama’s free ride is going down the drain. And yours with it, sweetie.

          Thanks for playing, but you lose. Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on your way out.

          • I don’t need a free ride to the White House, sorry hun. O_O I don’t need any kind of free ride, but good job trying to sound cool even though you failed. I’m not a politician, but I can smell rotten ones, and bullshit, and Romney reeks of both. And last time I checked, Romney isn’t, and hasn’t taken responsibility for any of the things you just mentioned. All he knows how to do is nod, smile like and idiot, blink like crazy and AGREE WITH OUR PRESIDENT. Yeah, that’s real leadership. Obama HAS taken responsibility, has a plan that actually makes sense, and that adds up and can be computed MATHEMATICALLY. All Romney can do is blame Obama. Doesn’t sound like responsibility to me.

            • SoLongSong

              “Obama HAS taken responsibility”

              Good one! Hee!

              • Nice response! You’re so clever to reply to one thing I said!

                • Orangeone

                  Go get a job. Oh that’s right, employers are much too smart to hire boot-licking obamabots.

                • Actually, I’m still a student. And last time I checked, no one had a problem hiring people who supported our President. But when I do get a job, so long as Romney isn’t President, I’m sure there will be plenty available and I will have the proper education to get one- since Obama knows what he’s doing and all and is actually concerned about education. ^^ You should do something a little more productive yourself instead of being shot down time after time by an 18-year-old~

                • Orangeone

                  I’ll put the word out to all biz owners nationwide to be on the look out for you and NOT hire you.  BTW, Romney is live in CO and the audience is filled with Dems stating their support.

                • LOL, yeah, THAT’S going to work. Don’t hire her because she supports Obama and is sensible! Oh god! Good luck with that, but I’m afraid some senseless nonsense from a random internet username isn’t going to change anyone’s mind about anything- especially concerning HIRING someone like me. But, go ahead. O_O I’m certainly not afraid. You’d go about doing that how exactly? You don’t even have a rhyme or reason. I’m smart, a good worker, have a great personality, and I think people are looking to hire rather than not. But good luck!
                  And guess what!? There are plenty of Republicans who support Obama and who will vote for him! 😀

                • Orangeone

                  Get a clue. The vast majority of businesses are owned by Conservatives.  We do not hire obamabots that vote to destroy what we have worked, risked and sacrificed for.  Already tweeted the US Chamber of Commerce about you…

                • OMG HAHA I’M SO AFRAID.
                  I’m sure Romney Robots are much, much better.
                  I’m thinking…they’re going to laugh at you just like I did. xD

                • Orangeone

                  Keep laughing.  I’m a well-educated very successful business owner and I am part of a very large group of business owners that omit Obamabots.  Ask yourself one question, why only 50% of college grads were hired?  Smart business owners didn’t hire the Obamabots who voted in 2008! We are the smart ones.  Enjoy your deficit, your tax rate will skyrocket under Barky Boy.

                • 😀 I’m shaking in my boots. Last time I checked, people weren’t “omitted” because they supported one president or another. You must be living in another time or on some other planet, but hey- I’ll humor you. You sound real smart right now. And crazy.

                • Orangeone

                  Wanna bet?  Employers are smarter than you kid.  We have easy methods to trace your social media.  I hold the power and you hold the debt.  Ask Barky Boy how you’re going to pay it off 🙂

                • I know…isn’t it easy to find people nowadays? But I’m not afraid of you! Who are you to threaten me? Nobody. And employers may be smart, I’m sure some are smarter than me, but you certainly are not. Who do you think you are, God? I HOLD THE POWER! Wow. Try asking Romney how to pay off the debt- oh wait! He has no idea how! Loopholes and deductions that he can’t specify!

                • Orangeone

                  Here’s a clue kid.  All conservative business owners are smarter than you are.  Your entitlement attitude is going to haunt you forever.  I do have the power and control as do the other business owners in this country because we take the risks, we build our businesses and we choose whom to hire.  We have your number and the number of your obamabot ignorant friends.  We so easily track your social media.  Do the math, but try not to use Barky Boy’s math because he doesn’t realize $10 T + $6 T doesn’t equal his $5 T promise.
                  50% of 2012 college grads did not find a job.  Those obamabots voted in 2008 and biz owners are intentionally leaving them unemployed. And the real joy?  They cannot collect unemployment either.
                  Enjoy your student debt, enjoy your share of the national debt $50,000 is yours because of Barky Boy, enjoy paying for Medicare and Social Security for others because it won’t be there for you under Barky Boy.

                • You are so frickin’ hilarious with your little God complex. THAT’S going to haunt YOU forever. I’d love to know how your business is doing. What’s my number, I’d love to know that too! And of my friends! Oh wait- you probably meant that in a lame metaphorical way in an effort to sound high and mighty. Didn’t work! And I don’t have student loans. 😀 Not planning on having any either, but you sound like you’re hating your life right now and I’m not thinking things are going to go much better for you, especially under Romney. You seem like such a whiner. You can’t control me or anyone I know- heck, you can’t control much of anything. And you have power over so little, but it might take a while for you to realize it, so take it a bit slow- about as slow as your brain can process. You seem pretty certain that Obama will win and they’ll be more of him in the future!

                • kong1967

                  Obama hasn’t passed a budget in four years. No Democrat has voted for any of Obama’s budgets to this day. Obama has bloated the deficit to the extreme, and you want to complain that Romney can’t balance the budget? You have no credibility because you give your hero a pass. He has done more to hurt this economy than Carter could have done in 10 terms…..and Carter used to be the worst President ever. Not any more.

                • kong1967

                  There aren’t any Romney robots. He was not conservatives’ first choice. He was the choice of the moderates and the Independents that voted in our primary. The conservatives you find here wanted someone else but it didn’t happen. We support Romney because he’s what we are stuck with. However, he’s doing a pretty darn good job.

                • kong1967

                  Businesses are not looking to hire. Many have said they will not hire anyone until Obama is gone. Obama makes the environment so unstable and the Obama EPA is passing regulations that change the cost of doing business faster than Roadrunner doing crack cocaine.

                  If Republicans told you they were voting for Obama, they aren’t Republican. Obama is a Marxist and represents nothing that even a moderate Republican will support. RINO’s even gag. I’m more inclined to believe you are making that up.

                  On the other hand, I have seen multiple focus groups of undecided people that voted for Obama in 2008, and most of them are voting for Romney this time around. Even the undecided Democrats.

                  The polls are skewed. The Democrats are being oversampled using the 2008 election turnout as a model. The enthusiasm is switched this time around. Dems will have lower turnout and Republicans will have a higher turnout. And you libs bitch when the polls don’t match the results. That’s becase the polls are wrong.

                • kong1967

                  I don’t know how often it is done, but businesses do check the social media to find out information about people they want to hire. People are fired and people are declined for hire. I’m not going to comment on whether it’s done along political grounds because I think it would be more focused around attitude and behavior. They do check, though.

                • anyonebutbarry2012

                  people now hire people who support the president? really?

                  your a student and so not work, so how do you pay for school? let me guess barry’s free schooling for illegals?

                • Uhh…yeah, duh? Unless you live around a bunch of racist scumbags.

                  Illegals wtf? You have no comebacks, do you?

                • anyonebutbarry2012

                  well how you going to pay for college hot shot?? you going to get some barry free schooling? last I checked you needed money for college, unless your a illegal then you get free college. so you have no job, yet your going to go to college.
                  you maybe asked to repeat hs, seeing your remarks are immature, and have no facts to them.

                • My remarks are a hell of a lot better than yours, and I’m guessing I’m younger! You must be embarrassed…awwwh. But I’m going to get what they call a GASP! Scholarship, since you probably can’t tell how smart I am since you don’t seem too bright yourself. See, it won’t be a problem for me, but I know better than to just “borrow money from my parents” because not everyone can do that! 😀 And what’s wrong with free college? I’m not an illegal immigrant, but last time I checked, free education was a good thing. You sure are picky!

                • RosiesSeeingRed

                  Another youngster who thinks money grows on trees.

                  Sorry Kayla, you may think you’re smart — and maybe you are — but you are VERY naive.

                • I’m sorry, but to think money grows on trees would be asking your parents for money to go to college, not working for a scholarship. I’m not sure if you’re on the right page here.

                • RosiesSeeingRed

                  I was referring to your “free college” statement. No such thing, unless you think money grows on trees.

                • I wasn’t the one who made the comment about the “free college” in the first place. It was your fellow Romney supporter. 🙂 I plan to work for a scholarship. Helps to read. But if it can be done, and it is FREE, then obviously the illegal immigrants will benefit from that education and it will be helpful. I don’t even know if such a thing exists, but then again, I didn’t bring it up. One of you did as a shot against Obama. ;D Guess that failed.

            • poljunkie

              I guess you missed the first debate when Obama was taking a nap.

              If you call blaming Pres Bush for four years taking responsibility, then you are on to something, But I dont see a leader with an agenda promoting prosperity.

              • Well I guess Romney evened it out by snoozing during the last debate, huh? 🙂
                Either way, I think Obama won the majority last time I checked, nap or not. Oh, and I didn’t exactly see Romney doing any less blaming or prosperity-promoting with his “closing loopholes” plan that makes zero sense.

                • poljunkie

                  I dont think so. Romney got momentum at the first debate. That was all it took.
                  The other two were a draw. And the Al Smith Dinner went to Romney.

                  But in addition to being a draw last night, Ronney finished the season on a high note, looking dignifed, where as the President looked like he was petty and itching for a fight. Dont get me wrong, I would have liked more fireworks, but I think there was a plan.

                • I don’t get where you’re thinking these last two debates were draws when the second was a close Obama win and the last was a pretty clear one…

                • Patriot077

                  Closing loopholes and broadening the base makes a lot of sense to me. But last night’s debate was foreign policy.

                • Not when-
                  1. The math doesn’t add up OR make sense
                  2. All of these loopholes and deductions don’t even exist
                  3. These loopholes and deductions have not been specified
                  Seems a little fishy. o-o

                • kong1967

                  You didn’t listen as to why he hasn’t specified which loopholes. He said he wants to include the Democrats in the process and not come up with a final plan without them.

                  If you remember, Democrats locked Republicans out of the building when they were working on Obamacare. Obama said Republicans had to sit on the back of the bus. Dems didn’t include Republicans in on anything for the first two years. Even after that, he told Republicans they had to agree to his jobs bill “as is” with no input or changes. When they said no, he blamed Republicans for stopping the bill.

                  Just because you don’t understand Romney’s plan doesn’t mean it won’t work. You are just listening to Democrat talking points and you think you know it all. You libs also believe that in order to raise revenue you have to tax the rich to death, when it has been proven that doing the opposite puts more revenue in the treasury. Romney has been in business for 25 years, he knows numbers like the back of his hand, and he has made a lot of money from knowing his numbers. Additionally, Obama hasn’t even passed a budget in four years because his proposal was so outrageous and spent so much money that not even a single Democrat voted for it. Does the vote 99 – 0 sound familiar to you? That was the vote that shut down Obama’s budget. Until Obama actually passes a budget, stop complaining about Romney’s proposal.

            • leel004

              ……..And last time I checked, Romney isn’t, and hasn’t taken responsibility for any of the things you just mentioned. …………..
              FROM YOUR QUOTE
              How can a civilian (Romney) take responsibility for a strike that is a President’s responsibily like Benghazi is, AND FAST & FURIOUS. These ARE decisions MADE and APPROVED by a President. Come on — be honest in your replies.

            • 3seven77

              “And last time I checked, Romney isn’t, and hasn’t taken responsibility for any of the things you just mentioned.”

              I guess you can read, you just can’t comprehend.

              The unemployment rate is OBAMA’s responsibility and has been for FOUR years. The deficit was doubled by OBAMA’s policies. There has been NO US budget either submitted or passed during OBAMA’s presidency.

              The massacre in Benghazi happened under OBAMA’s watch. Fast and Furious was started by the OBAMA administration.

              Who is supposed to take responsiblity for these things? OBAMA. Who’s not taking responsibility? OBAMA.

        • Orangeone

          Fact check = Romney 100% correct, Obama = 100% lies

          • Yeah right. Nice try but I think Obama was the 100% correct one, but each party will try to state that, won’t they? Either way, Obama won the debate, so I can’t complain. 🙂

  • ChicksLoveRight

    Europe exists the way it does BECAUSE of brave Americans. I think its not Romney , but Obama suffering from Obamanesia if he thinks America is a derisive dictator!

  • The_Q_is

    I cheered when Mitt said we freed nations from dictators. Then I laughed by the look of Obama’s face when he knew he’d been pwnd! Weeeeee!

  • DebbyX

    I loved the comment about Putin. It was barely covered by the media, if at all! It felt so good to get it out into the light, finally!

  • sDee

    For me hearing Romney not just stating Hussein apologizes for America, but actually using his own words to back it up, was a rare moment.

    Not that this is either news, nor the worst crime of sedition by Hussein, but because for once an elephant shows a glimpse of courage to at least hint at Hussein’s true philosophy and not care what the press will say.

    • poljunkie

      I totally agree, and I loved that he said, and by the way- Israel noticed you skipped them on your tour.

      • Patriot077

        Not only did Israel notice they were skipped, but Israel’s enemies noticed that their “friend” passed her by …

  • poljunkie

    This is more related to the second debate- but Did anyone notice that Bob Shiefer had a binder? hahahahahah

    • SoLongSong

      Hee! Good catch!

      Here’s another one: Did anyone notice that Obama and Michelle looked kind of scant and bereft after the debate while Romney was surrounded by his family, so they kind of insinuated themselves into the fold so they wouldn’t look pathetic?

      And the Romneys were gracious, as always. They don’t kick a man when he’s down.

      • poljunkie

        Yes I saw that. On one site- liberals were complaining that Romney had too much family- and said he should have been more thoughtful and left them at home.

        • Thoughtful to who, I wonder.

    • BHliberty

      Yeah, probably a binder from China!

    • Full of women?

      • I’m guessing he just came from a trip to Kansas City.

        They have some pretty little women there.


    …the best part was the ending because it has brought AMERICA that much closer to November 6th 2012 ,so you all can go to the polling booth and remove President Barack Hussein Obama from the Oval Office
    Romney 56 %,
    Obama 44 % .”

  • Landscaper

    My sons first deployment USMC was with a 3 group of Battleships that went to the Middle East. He was on the USS San Antonio. (sp)

    His words; “this thing (the ship) is death delivered by water” Later added, it never sleeps and we are stuffed in here like sardines.

    • I have a buddy who served on a battleship. From the stories he tells, “sardines” is right.

      • famouswolf

        On troop carriers like I was on, bunks are stacked four high. Four dozen guys in a 30 by 30 foot compartment.

        Crew did not have much better. Stacked three high.

        • toongoon

          That’s right, 3 high, the bed lifted up to expose an approx. 8″ deep locker. The space you slept on was about two feet high under the upper rack. I was on the top bunk and was able to sit up if I kept my head between the I beams. I remember my first days on the ship laying on my rack thinking that if the ship went down I’m finished.

          • famouswolf

            LOL Well, it was better on the Shreveport than my first ship, the USS York County. She was an old LST (troop ship without the fancy LPD stuff). That one still had the old WW2 style canvas and rope bunks with a thin mattress. And a canvas belt to hold you in the bunk in rough seas. LSTs are flat bottomed for the most part and are wild rides out in mid ocean. I had a top bunk for a while too, on that one.

            What ship were you on? I was gator navy my whole time, except boot and a couple of schools, about three years out of four before the mast.

            • toongoon

              USS Hector AR7, home ported in Mare Island, Vallejo CA. I was on her from 77 through 78. Two west pacs. She was sweet.

              They told me she had a huge hole in her hull but it was never a problem.

              In the Phillipines I went on a work party to some mothballs which had those hammock type bunks on it, I was thankful for those flat tight racks that I had after seeing them.

              • famouswolf

                Tahiti and Japan. Sweet.

                My best liberty was Denmark and Greece, if I remember correctly I was on one North Atlantic, three Mediterranean, and four Caribbean cruises. And assorted errands up and down the East Coast. The closest I got to Vietnam was the Galapagos Islands. In fact that was the only time I was in the Pacific, at all.

    • famouswolf


      Unless they changed the naming conventions, USS San Antonio would be a Landing Transport Dock, LPD. I served on the USS Shreveport. See, name of city. Anyway, they are troop carriers (usually a battalion+). Crew is 400-450, plus a population of Marines of 1200 or so max. They carry three gun mounts (we had 3in50s), probably somthing else now, a landing platform with several choppers of various types, and the ship also carried a selection of watercraft in her bowels and could fill ballast tanks to lower the ship and launch said watercraft, usually filled with marines and support materiel.

      Unfortunately, after the marines are launched along with gear, the LPD is pretty useless. And in the days when I was in, a big fat juicy target for whole bunches of missile armed Soviet destroyers and cruisers. (We operated in the Mediterranean a lot).

      It does deliver ‘death by water’ though, the US Marines. As a fighting ship, not so much. We always were escorted by an umbrella of frigates and fast attack submarines in those days. Even so, in one operation in the Med in 1973, we (including NATO allies) were outnumbered by the Soviet Navy 2 to 1. Our one included amphibious ships like the Shreveport and a carrier group against Soviet destroyers, cruisers, submarines and flocks of backfire bombers.

      The good old days.

      • Landscaper

        Cool stuff wolf, I know nothing about the Navy. Much of what you said is what he told us on what it would hold, a lot, plus deploy Marines, etc. Besides the various choppers, he said they had the jets with vertical take-off capabilities. Guns above 50 cal.? I thought he said some cannons and surface to air missles.

      • Landscaper

        I pulled up this line from a google search: Our son was on/with:

        San Antonio has 2nd Battalion, 6th Marine Regiment, 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit (26 MEU) cross-decked from the USS Iwo Jima (LHD-7)…….

        You are right famouswolf, did a quick google. San Antonio is not classified as a battleship. Very good sir.

        • famouswolf

          I thought San Antonio sounded familiar, but I didn’t realize why until you mentioned the Iwo Jima. Chopper carrier that was also in my squadron. That means your son was transported in my old squadron, Landscaper.

          Missile launchers now, wow. They upgraded some. I looked at some photos of the San Antonio and the pyramidal structures were not there in my day. The gun mounts are probably some sort of anti aircraft mount, like the Phoenix. The LPDs use to mount only three twin mount 3 inch 50 anti aircraft cannon. Thats about 88 mm, I think, like a tank gun. Even in the seventies pretty useless for the stated purpose.

          Well, hope your son enjoyed the hospitality. Our marines use to get a bit testy after a couple weeks.

          • Landscaper

            He sent us photos from below deck, the bunk area and such. How they didn’t all kill each other from being so cramped.

            Never understood the whole Army/Air Force and Navy/Marine, etc testy rivalry. I understand with sports teams, is that the same with the military famous?

            My son’s best friend in Afghan was a Navy Corpsman and they still talk today 1-1/2 years after their enlistment ended.

            • famouswolf

              Well, you get used to anything. Really.

              Oh yeah, a *usually* friendly rivalry. I have stories, but won’t bore you with them. It’s sort of like a big bunch of brothers, fight like cats and dogs but gang up on any mutual threat. Most of the actual scuffling I saw between sailors and marines was over bars and women. Not necessarily in that order.

              Same thing exists with the British. I almost got into it with some SAS guys in Naples one time because they insisted on calling the USA ‘the colonies’.

  • SaraPFan

    There was one point when Romney divulged that 38 Democrats signed a petition to try to influence Obama to do something. I can’t remember what that petition was for. Does anyone else know? That was a good part. Obama interrupted then.

    • Hardnox

      38 Dims demanded that Zero stand with Israel.

  • aPLWBinAK

    I don’t need to watch the montage to know what my favorite moment was. It was when ObuttHead gave the retort about our navy, and ships that planes land on and the boats under water etc… Why? Because he showed the world what a cheap, small, childishly petty little chickensh!t jerk he is, and how totally unworthy of the office he currently ‘occupies’ he is. Sane people have known it all along….now the world does too….

    • famouswolf

      I think he was trying to ‘school’ Romney and make him look small and/or immature, as Romney did to him effortlessly several times during the debates.

      To me, it just make obama look like a malicious twelve year old.

      • aPLWBinAK


  • I liked when Romney told Obama: attacking me isn’t a foreign policy strategy. And when: Romney Hammers Obama’s Apology Tour: ‘America Didn’t Dictate To Nations, We Toppled Dictators’ http://t.co/chdDiLd0 …this was one of Romney’s best remarks&strongest moments

    Here are more of my thoughts on the debate, as well as others in the twitterverse, including Ann Coulter, David Limbaugh:
    Overall I thought the final debate was boring&Romney could have done better,but didn’t do worse http://sco.lt/8V4s7t

  • I liked that ad a lot. Shows that Romney has some backbone, and we sure do need some in a hurry.

  • I love it when Barry just lies as he goes. After nov I would imagine it will be a long time before we see that crap again.

    • toongoon

      I hope you’re right but I’m afraid dumb takes a long, long time to wear off of the liberals.

  • sjmom

    Number 3. This blows apart the message of the Left that America is a terrible country when we have freed so many from despots and dictators. Romney delivered it exceptionally well and if I remember my husband and I clapped when we heard it.

    • famouswolf

      I’ve been wanting to hear that from someone like Romney, in a very visible position, for so long.

      He really did channel Reagan at that moment. Sounded like West too.

    • Patriot077

      The only land we have ever taken in war is that required to bury our troops that saved their bacon.

  • BikerHoop

    Romney’s presidential appearance, responses and reactions to the jabs from DuhOne definitely put him in the driver’s seat. Obama looked like a petulant child trying to tell the teacher his dog ate his homework.

  • Kansasrose

    Obama was peddling. desperate and pathetic. His jaw betrayed him. Tried to be tough–but wow–stoner!! He was in over his head !!

  • warpmine

    Favorite moment when Owe’s head exploded and his brains got all over Scheifer. Er wait that was a scene from the movie “Scanners”. I thought something was weird about that debate. Never mind.

    ———— ” HE WHO LAUGHS LAST ~ LAUGHS BEST ” ————–

  • RosiesSeeingRed

    My favorite moment was Romney telling Obama that attacking him was not a strategy. Obama has a habit of avoiding his own questions by deflecting to Romney’s plans, and then criticizing them.

    Except for his stupid sheeple who blindly follow him, did he really think we haven’t taken notice over the last 3 debates? I know his minions squeal with joy when Obama seems to “best” Romney, but the last laugh will be on them.

  • leel004

    This is hard to choose….AND….MY FAVORITE one ain’t even in here (explaining the apology tour where Mitt 2xs says zingers starting with the phrase “oh, and by the way” –regarding bo NOT going to Isreal AND enemies NOTICED the action), so with that great clip I have to go with #3, cuz it includes the longest ‘stare”….happy halloweeny bo boy !

  • RosiesSeeingRed

    Why is everyone arguing with a girl who was 14 when Obama got elected?

    • poljunkie

      Now thats just some kind of funny right there. But whats even better is she said she is still in high school. Now, I have to give her credit- she is passionate. I just wish that Kayla would take the time to read more about Gov Romney or even just some conservative positions besides what the Democrats have told her.

      • Problem with being in high school? You were in high school once, weren’t you? And like I’ve said, I have. But I simply don’t agree with their positions, what they support, or their plans. I don’t think it will be good or do good, sorry.

        • poljunkie

          And I responded back to you that it was great you were passionate, interested and enthused. Its terrific that you are passionate for your first election. I just thought maybe you could take a step back to check out some of the other candidates positions. You might find you like them. Its not hard to think it’s a possibility.

          • Thank you. I appreciate your words. And you know, I truly have looked at the other candidate’s positions. I do admit that some of them are not all bad, but that’s where I compare. And I look at what I feel is the better choice. That is who I will vote for. In my opinion, there are a lot of points in which Obama and Romney seem to agree. But on the ones they don’t, I happen to feel very strongly about. I’m sure you do as well, which is why I know you are backing Romney. ^^ I am, on the other hand, leaning more towards Obama. But I do not think Romney is a terrible person. I do admit getting ahead of myself at times in the heat of the moment when there is a lot of bashing!

            • poljunkie

              Thats great. Keep an open mind. I know that we all want what is best for America.
              As I said Romney wasnt my guy in the primaries. But now, we have all come together in support of him. I just want to see the Country back on track, people back to work- thats what is of most importance to me. That and our National security.
              Anyway- have a good night. I am always interested in talking to you.

    • Because I happen to be a very smart girl who cares about her country. As to why you guys are arguing, I’m not sure. I thought it was amusing banter.

      • RosiesSeeingRed

        Don’t flatter yourself. Snark is not smart. Sorry.

        • And you’ve proven yourself to be oh-so-intelligent with your weak attacks at my age and ignorantly assuming that I don’t know anything. You’re so shallow it’s not even funny.

          • RosiesSeeingRed

            If you really want to have meaningful discussions with people of the opposite view, and you come on our turf to do it, you might want to try a little respect. But you made a conscience decision to use sarcasm and snark to present your arguments/views, and now you seem indignant that your intelligence isn’t being respected. Huh. How about that.

            I’ll join poljunkie in giving you kudos for being engaged in your first presidential election. Good for you. Good luck in college. I’m sure you’ll be the professors’ favorite — stirring up conversation in the classroom, and of course siding with the professor’s likely liberal point of view — unless, of course, you have the conviction and fortitude to think for yourself and seek out the truth on your own.

  • My favorite quote was actually when 0 shot himself in the foot with his snarky, snotty and sarcastic comment about the bayonets and horses. We have aircraft carriers? You mean boats that those new-fangled flyin’ machines can land on? Whah thank you mister president, Ah can’t wait to get back to flyover country to tell all mah kin folk.

  • Apology Tour proof (see the details) – those ones our disgraceful MSM “cannot find”:


  • I voted for #3, but it is written incorrectly. I know you are short on space and you had to wordsmith it to get it to fit, but “America doesn’t dictate, it frees dictators” is not what Romney said. It should be “America doesn’t dictate, it frees countries from dictators”. Just a slight difference in meaning 😉

  • searcher0

    actually my favorite part of the debate was whenever o’bama shut his pie hole.

  • bobemakk

    Right Scoop, The moment in the video you posted was the best point in the debate where Romney shined. Also, when Obama tried to embarass Romney when he spoke back about the Navy. Obamas facts were wrong, it was proven on FOX this morning. Romney must win.

  • kong1967

    All of those comments were A-1 fantastic. He made Obama look so small. I can’t really choose, but for the sake of the poll I chose the Putin comment. It really made Obama look like a fool in foreign policy. Well, not just look like a fool, he is a fool.