Rockland County Sheriff pleads with Journal News to take down gun-owner map

Last night Rockland County Sheriff Louis Falco was on with Greta and made a plea to Journal News to take down their gun-owner map. He said it’s endangering the lives of his correction officers and other Rockland County public servants because criminals, gang members, or others who want to do harm to the officers are searching out the maps to find where they live.


This would have never happened had the media been doing its job and not operating with a liberal agenda to intimidate gun owners. And now it seems they are willing to put America’s finest in danger just to push their gun control agenda.

I just checked and the map is still up. Journal News editors are jerks for allowing this. Let’s hope no one gets hurt because of their carelessness.

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  • objective123

    Try that in Missouri or Texas, illegal and legal gun owners would shoot first and ask questions later.

    • Haywoodjbl

      Arizona is on that list too…..Good Luck

    • Biggbear52

      Harry S. would be leading the pack in all reality

  • Nukeman60

    Cancelling your subscription to their newspaper and not going to their website, along with telling their sponsors how you feel is the best way to address this grievous act. Hit them where it hurts the most. Begging for them to do the right thing never seems to be the answer with this type of people. They just turn a blind eye, until it actually hurts them.

    • Rshill7

      I notice on the sign that this is “A Gannett Company”.

      One can check out all of their different brands here:

      • sDee

        Gannett led the way in state aligned propganda with USA Today back in the 70’s. They perfected the art on manipulation with political correctness and race baiting.

      • 12grace

        Thank you for the link.

    • 12grace


    • physicsnut

      My retort to confiscation – we should Keep and Bear Scissors, and call ourselves the Lorena Bobbit Brigade.

      It struck me last night that what the Journal News did is just what Rush says about the DRIVEBY MEDIA – they created an ‘assault map’ that sprayed thousands of law abiding citizens, and then they talk like ‘ we didnt do nuthin’.

  • JeffWRidge

    For the left, the ends justifies the means. They don’t care who gets hurt as long as they get their way.

    Personally I’m hoping that all of the law enforcement personnel in the area make a point of giving the reporters, editors, and publisher of the Journal News a little extra attention. Ticket them for every violation. Tow their cars if they’re illegally parked. Go overboard in enforcing the law when it involves the Journal News.

    • Cindy09

      All this, from the very people who allowed guns to run in the Fast and Furious program. The heap of hypocrisy!

  • Well I was ONLY trying to help protect the public from all those EVIL gun owners. I don’t care that they have them legally, I ONLY wanted to protect the innocent people from all those EVIL guns.

    This is what those people are going to say when burglaries and violent crime escalates in those areas. When homeowners come home to find that all of their possessions have moved out while they were gone, the newspaper will then say it wasn’t their fault that it happened. “We were told all the criminals couldn’t read” will probably be their excuse.

    You will probably also see a rise in gun related deaths in those areas, because the criminals that can read won’t realize that the list is only telling them about handguns. So when the criminals start getting shot with shotguns and rifles, they will probably sue the newspaper for giving them false information.

    • stage9

      I keep saying it over and over again. If you get rid of liberalism, the US will live in relative peace again because with the abolition of liberalism goes the abolition of all their stupidity.

  • People should simply advertise the names, addresses, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, property ownership status (if they own their own homes), and all of the other public information of every staff member on the newspaper. Let’s see how much they like it when the whole world knows all about their lives as well.

  • sDee

    “This would have never happened had the media been doing it’s job and not operating with a liberal agenda to intimidate gun owners.”

    Might I point out that this IS the media doing ITS job?

    • bbitter

      I want to point out this post to anyone who thinks that conservatives are intolerant.
      Even grammar nazis can find acceptance and appreciation here; the offending error was fixed.

      God bless you sDee, and if I meet you, I’ll give you an extra large sharpie to allow you to draw commas and apostrophes on signs. Keep up the good fight.

      • sDee

        actually I did not even notice the apostrophe 🙂

        I was trying to make a point that the media is doing its job in publishing this map as a propaganda outlet for the State.

        • bbitter

          LOL… aww crap. I just outed myself as a grammar nazi…

  • ApplePie101

    Best Buy, CVS, IKEA, and Target are some of the national companies advertising in the Journal News. If you do business with any of these, send them a letter and ask where they stand on Journal News targeting families by publishing their personal information online. Indicate that if they support it, you will no longer give them your business. Then follow through.

    • burbanite223

      This is the most effective way to get to them, have their bread and butter pressure put the pressure on them.

    • BlueGood

      To be effective you must CALL and/or WRITE to the above advertisers telling them you will no longer spend your MONEY at their stores if they continue to buy ads at the Journal…..

      MONEY TALKS……especially when you take yours away and tell them you will…and URGE your FRIENDS to do same!

      • 12grace

        Will do.

  • Joe

    They should be sued out of business for being so irresponsible!

    The irony is – All the violence and stupidity is coming form the LEFT not the right

    The LEFT is now advocating shooting Alex Jones – PUBLICLY on the air

    Are the Liberals now becoming Muslims? (preach peace – but promote violence?)

    The tipping point is very close !

    • NYGino

      Right on the money Joe, It’s a liberal fatwa.

  • stage9

    Great. Now it’s coming down to PLEADING with people to act civilized…

    We just don’t get it.

    • bbitter

      …act civilized? You are right, they don’t get it.

      “Civilization” is not what they want; they want mob rule and anarchy.

      However, to give the sheriff fair treatment, what else can he do?

  • sjmom

    It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out the publishing of these names can cause injury or harm to one or more people. If I worked at the Journal News I would quit because I wouldn’t trust the employer to keep me safe.

    • Cindy09

      I read somewhere that one gun owner upset with the whole situation put a up a similar map with the addresses of most of the staff at Journal News. I’ll add the link as soon as I find it.

  • Sober_Thinking

    I agree…

    What if they posted where Muslims live? How would that be received?

    This may not be rectified until someone gets hurt or killed. Or lawsuits get filed… I find it reprehensible for this rag to get away with this. Revoke their business license.

    This media has lost their flipping minds… they are becoming criminal – terrorists in their own right. This madness really torques my jaw. Big time.

    • NYGino

      They have been criminals for a very long time, now they’re branching out into other criminal evdevours, after all, is our current government any example of obeying laws?

      • Sober_Thinking

        Nope… good example.

        And like the corrupt government, they are trying to grow bigger and reach out farther and farther.

    • bbitter

      I used to be against what I saw were ‘flippant’ lawsuits, demanding extraordinary amounts of money for the ‘damages’ caused…

      …but then I see behavior like this which openly and blatantly seeks harm to those who are abiding the law, but not the paper’s political point of view, and I think: This HAS to be stopped and discouraged with the strongest measures possible. A judge should find against them ‘with extreme prejudice’, and award every cent imaginable.

      Hey! I think I found a way to pay off the national debt!

      • Sober_Thinking

        I’m with you on that. 🙂

  • imtorqued

    It’s too late. All the thugs have already made copies of it it.

    • stage9

      That’s what I was thinking as well.

    • bbitter

      Yup. Damage is done. All that can be done now is to make an example of the paper through a suit for ‘reckless endangerment’, with a class-action suit, or seeking damages for each and every person affected by this map; armed, non-armed, LEO, and all minors present.

      Do you think we could find a lawyer or firm willing to work for a settlement?

      • jim Asherman

        “a suit for ‘reckless endangerment'”

        I would go further.
        It is incitement.
        Whether it was intended to stir up “the masses” against legal licensed firearm owners, or to publish a treasure map for criminals who want to steal guns, it was pure incitement, and should lead to court orders demanding the removal of the map from the internet and the possible dissolution of the paper .

        Otherwise, they are trashing the rule of law, and the social contract.

        What is next ?
        Maps of houses owned by wheelchair owners ?
        Locations of licensed SUV’s ?
        Pushpins on people with prescriptions ?

  • Marridge

    No. Read my lips, no. They want a fight, they’re gonna get it.

    As obama says – “they bring a knife, we bring a gun”. Get used to it.

    • Nukeman60

      As obama says – “they bring a knife, we bring a gun”.

      And if Obama brings an Executive Order, we shoot holes in it.

  • Vigil Ante Reporting masking as Journalism. Nothing more than Political Activism hiding behind the so called press. Shame on them

  • Constance

    Why is the Journal News still selling enough subscriptions to remain in business? That’s my question. The name and address of everyone working at the publication should be made public, along with an interactive map showing where each of those people live. Time to start playing dirty.

  • physicsnut

    why doesn’t the Journal News publish a MAP of FEINSTEIN and SCHUMER and NADLER and CUOMO and all the rest – and all their staffers and employees. What is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.
    This whole idea of ASSAULT MAPS sounds pretty good to me. I wonder if it is covered under the Second Amendment.

  • davienne

    sue the crap of the liberal media

  • physicsnut

    google “when prophecy fails” – the thing on Cognitive Dissonance. There is a wiki page on it describing how loony kooks double down on their weird position. It fits the nutcakes at the Journal News to a Tee.

  • WordsFailMe

    I guess he doesn’t understand that the race war has already begun. I’m sorry they started the war without sending the department a memo.

    Guns are not just for “show and tell” any more…. Defend your selves a-holes and shut up! These people are trying to kill go using someone else’s stupidity! Do you not see that? The Journal wnats you dead or, better, cowering, whining and writing your letter to your congresswomen.

    Act like men and stand up to these commie pricks. That’s why you own guns, you moron.

  • Never plead with communist anti American a-holes, you kick there @ssets.

    Tea Party Patriot

  • Biggbear52

    Lets see. Aiding and abetting, conspiracy to commit mass dismay towards a peoples of an entire county. Conspiracy to commit mass assault on uniformed officials (officers of the law) commission of a terrorist act by way of placing a populous in harms way. I can continue but what would be the point

  • celestiallady

    If someone gets hurt will they take the newspapers away?

  • Ray

    It is interesting that those who say they listen to the common man, who claim to be the party of the people, seem never to be listening to what they say, instead they listen to those smaller voices and do their bidding. The loudest voices right now are speaking, and they are doing it through the power of the purse, and that message is, leave our right to self protection alone. If those who occupy the halls of government do not listen, it is likely that those voices will not only speak with the purse strings, but might soon strike with a vipers sting. You cannot molest a sleeping bear for too long before it finally rises up, and in doing so swipes with it’s vicious claw.

  • white531

    I’m sorry. I fail to see the point of this. I want everyone in my immediate neighborhood to know that I have guns. I want them to know they are loaded and ready for use.

    I guess I’m missing something.

    Is that not the point of owning guns in the first place? That you own guns and you are proficient in their use?

    How stupid is this, really?

    • NYGino

      It’s wrong for many reasons 531, Someone wants to steal a gun, they know who has them; someone wants to commit a crime they know who doesn’t have one; someone wants to get revenge on a law enforcement employee they know where their family lives.

      The ideal situation in lowering crime is the assumption that everyone could have one.

      • white531

        Okay, I see your point.

    • Skullf15

      Yes you ARE missing something…rocks, bottles through their windows, drive by shootings…all these can happen with the criminal element.

      Also, they can target the homes of the individuals that DO NOT have guns (easier targets).

      Way did this map get published?…Because an intolerant Liberal (newspaper author), who hates anybody who owns a gun, wanted to identify law-abiding citizens, and hopefully embarrass or ridicule them.

      In this regard the emotional Left/Democrat/Liberals are a bunch of crazy wacko’s. And I’m being nice!

      • white531

        Thanks for the info. Makes sense.

  • NYGino

    “Revenge is a dish best served cold”

    Once this information is out there, it’s out there forever.

  • bbitter

    Want to make this problem ‘go away’?

    Simple; don’t require registration of weapons. Don’t keep public records on this.

    There is NO reason why citizens should be required to inform the government that they have guns, or have them serialized, registered, and tracked. Registration doesn’t prevent crime, and it doesn’t significantly make investigating crime any easier.

    …but it does dissuade gun ownership. Want to prevent crime? Arm and train.

  • jondos

    Come on, are you kidding? If a Police Officer got shot it would only prove further to the Journal News that gun control is necessary! I lived in Rockland County for years! Believe me when I tell you that The Journal News could care less if anyone’s life was in danger because of their antics. Ideology trumps EVERYTHING!

  • chatterbox365

    I believe this is going to backfire against these libtards. I have read some bloggers are striking back and publishing the names, home addresses, emails, numbers, facebook pages, etc., of the newspaper employees. Everyday the media continues to sink to a new low. I doubt they even teach ethics in journalism anymore…it has been replaced with Thug Journalism 101 Chicago Style.

    It is a disgrace when the Enquire and TMZ has more credibility than your local newspaper.

  • 12grace

    Instead of begging them to stop, perhaps, someone should make the names and home addresses of those that made this map, public knowledge.

  • 911Infidel

    The map also implies that the other homes don’t have weapons. Yeah way to identify the potential crime targets in these communities idiots. If one cop gets killed because of this irresponsible newspulper, I hope their editors and reporters get prosecuted or get sued for big $$$ and put out of business.

  • “If hiring guns is good enough to protect a newspaper from their readers, then owning a gun is good enough to protect free people from their government.” ~ Anthony Mele


    “The actions we expect of our elected representatives and tax paid public servants are they should be better custodians of our privacy and tax dollars. Nothing less than a unanimous resolution that they would pass no law that would further infringe on our gun rights will cool this fire.

    We politely ask our good Sheriff pledge and assure us openly, he would refuse to enforce any regulation that would offend the Bill of Rights in spirit or word.
    Of us, the people, I suggest we exercise our purchasing power as consumers to any newspaper or advertiser compelled to abuse their public trust or assume they be Lords over us.

    We tax payers, must flex our voting power to un-elect every single official who does not abide by their oath of office, in spirit, word or deed.

    To the Editors of the Rockland Journal News, be reminded of the wisdom that says; “security without freedom is called jail.” “

  • Jazzee

    watch Hannity friday night he is having some of the gun owners on that were exposed by this ignorant newspaper

  • BlueAngel124

    The Journal News is without a doubt revealing illegal and sensitive information to further their agenda of creating more news in order to then report on the repercussions of their actions. Their greed is so great they forgot one very important fact; they did not envision becoming part of the news they so negligently created.

    It is very disturbing to see how a media outlet abuses legal and law abiding folks information plus promotes a venue for the criminal element to strike out against them. Unfortunately this violation of ethics is backfiring in the worst way. No compassion here.

    This newspaper should be charged with violation of the Journalism Code of Ethics and imposed a fine or closure.

  • pugnacious2

    This is preposterous and senseless. No one should buy or read their newspaper anymore, then they will realize the awful mistake they have made. They should be ashamed of themselves. Aren’t they concerned about the safety of others, and of course themselves?. What goes around, comes around in the long run.

  • pugnacious2

    This is so ordinary and down to earth. Why are they stooping so low? What benefit are they deriving from this publication of gun owners names and addresses?

    What goes around, comes around.

    This one person who killed twenty seven people, and of course himself, has caused negative elements in our society to castigate people who are not responsible for the harm that he did at Sandy Hook school.

    This conflict is man vs society. There is definitely a problem. The story is now at a climax. I do hope that as a society, we can find a denouement.