Romney calls Obama’s lawsuit against Ohio military voting law an “outrage”

A statement via Romney’s Facebook page:

President Obama’s lawsuit claiming it is unconstitutional for Ohio to allow servicemen and women extended early voting privileges during the state’s early voting period is an outrage. The brave men and women of our military make tremendous sacrifices to protect and defend our freedoms, and we should do everything we can to protect their fundamental right to vote. I stand with the fifteen military groups that are defending the rights of military voters, and if I’m entrusted to be the commander-in-chief, I’ll work to protect the voting rights of our military, not undermine them.

Yesterday Allen West harshly criticized it as well calling it unconscionable:

As a retired Army officer I am appalled at the Obama administration’s actions to bring a lawsuit against the State of Ohio for the early voting privileges it extends to our Men and Women serving in uniform. To have the Commander in Chief make our US Servicemen and Women the target of a political attack to benefit his reelection actions is reprehensible. The voting privilege extended to these Warriors who represent the best among us should not be a part of the collective vision of this inept President who is more concerned about his reelection than sequestration. As a Combat Veteran, for this President to unleash his campaign cronies against our Military is unconscionable….how dare this President compare the service, sacrifice, and commitment of those who Guard our liberties not as special and seek to compare them to everyone else. Barack Obama is undeserving of the title Commander-in-Chief.

Here’s the background via the Washington Times:

The Obama campaign and the Democratic National Committee this week filed a lawsuit to block a new Ohio law that expands early voting rights for service members, allowing military members to vote up until the Monday before the election — three days longer than is allowed for the rest of the public.

In the lawsuit, Democrats contend it’s unfair to extend time to vote for one group without extending the privilege for all groups, but Republicans have slammed the lawsuit as anti-military.

Obama campaign officials told Fox News the lawsuit in no way tries to restrict the voting rights of military members.

“Along with the DNC and Ohio Democratic Party, this campaign filed a lawsuit to reinstate equal, early-voting rights for all Ohioans — rights the Republican-controlled legislature arbitrarily stripped away this past year,” Jim Messina, Obama’s campaign manager, said in an email to supporters.

The National Guard Association of the United States, AMVETS (American Veterans), the Association of the U.S. Army and other organizations asked a judge late Wednesday to dismiss the Obama lawsuit.

The Obama campaign says they are challenging the law on the basis of equality, that one group shouldn’t have more access than the other. But this our military to whom no one is equal. If they should get an extra three days to vote, so be it. They deserve much more than that.

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  • liberal343

    The only outrage here is Romney not releasing his tax returns after his father set a 12 year precedence.

    Romney is a DRAFT DODGING COWARD silver spoon prep school BULLY and a TAX CHEAT.

  • donmoffet

    The Obama campaign’s assertion they’re not trying to restrict military voting is ridiculous…that’s exactly what they’re attempting. The liberals assume that most military personnel are conservative and tend to vote Republican. From my own experience in the Marines I would say their assumption is correct.

    • Who are you going to believe, The Precedent, or your lyin’ eyes?

  • Army_Pilot1967

    Terribly disappointing, but not surprising!!! Why do liberals hate our military personnel? They’re the ones keeping this country free….it sure isn’t the politicians keeping us free!!! Yeah, I guess it’s because most military personnel prefer to vote conservative. The Commander-in-Chief should respect what our military personnel are doing for this country: they’re doing an extremely difficult job in extremely dangerous places and many are paying the ultimate price to protect our freedom/liberties. God bless and protect our military personnel.

    • p m

      “Why do liberals hate our military personnel? They’re the ones keeping this country free…”

      Asked and answered right there, army_pilot.

      Free is the last thing this bunch of commies wants us to be.
      I’ve heard the natives are restless over at the Pentagon. This would seem to be a very dangerous move for an already traitorous and impeachable impostor.
      The blocking of military votes in 2008 and again 2010 was scandalous. This ‘law’ must be overturned by those organizations asking for its dismissal.

    • Susanna958

      The country isn’t free. Our military is fighting for the freedom of other people overseas, while they strip our freedom over here.

  • Orangeone

    You posting on this great site is an outrage. Clearly you have never served in the military. I am all for re-instating the draft!

    • The draft is horrible. It’s a clear violation of the 13th Amendment (despite courts ruling that being forced to serve against one’s will is somehow not “involuntary servitude”), and it saddles the military with lousy troops.

      The all-volunteer force we now have has repeatedly kicked the asses of every conscripted opponent it’s faced.

      The only argument in favor of the draft that holds any water at all is the idea that there isn’t enough time to train people in an emergency when they volunteer, but there’s a very easy way to fix that. Make it a requirement for all voters to have completed a basic training course (ideally taught the summer before the final year of high school) under which they learn what they need to know to defend the nation against enemies. Grandfather in everyone who turns 18 before the law/amendment takes effect. Provide specialized training for those with disabilities so that they aren’t disenfranchised. (Yes, this is inspired by Heinlein’s Starship Troopers, not by the excerable movie of the same name).

      • TLaMana

        I have no problem with making military service a requirement for citizenship.

        • I’m too old to serve in the military, but I would if I could. I agree it’s a worthy idea.

        • Susanna958

          What of those that have a true religious exemption? Like the Amish etc.

        • Military service shouldn’t be a requirement for citizenship. We aren’t facing any kind of unique threat that requires us to go to draconian measures and force people into servitude (which is constitutionally questionable, according to another commenter).

        • It’s not workable in a large population. Our military is the best trained, best equipped force on the planet precisely because it is “right-sized” to be that way. (Or it usually is, when Dems aren’t trying to squeeze dollars out of defense to pay for stupid government programs.)

          Having an army of nearly 50 Million (roughly how many 18-to-29 year-olds in the US) would be an untrainable, unmanageable fiasco.

          On the other hand, restoring the concepts of a Militia would be a good idea, especially if states would provide training and vet officers. I could be happy with a state requiring each adult male to maintain a weapon and participate in call-up drills.

          • I got that 50 million number here. Even if you limit it to males only, and give them a two-year service requirement, you’d still end up with more bodies than the military needs at this time.

    • scap

      Our constitution is a wonderful instrument to provide us our freedoms. I agree that Obama and the Obama admin are contradicting their position again and again. Their assertion they’re not trying to restrict military voting is ridiculous…that’s exactly what they’re attempting. Three plus years of this admin and every day that passes the number of contradictions they provide to us increases. Easily noticed….I would have to say that the number of contradictions increases along side with how the Dems have put us into debt. Both unnecessary….

    • Army_Pilot1967

      You’re probably correct. I just can’t think like a liberal, so often times I don’t understand their mindset. I can’t imagine thinking like they do. I recall Bill Clinton while still president expressing his view that he didn’t think there should only be one super power (that being the United States). I couldn’t understand that. Look at us now…China is looming larger and larger. A force to be reckoned with.

      • Clinton should be happy that China is now another superpower. The only problem with this line of thinking is that if there are multiple powers, there is a greater threat of war. If there is just one superpower, no one poses a legitimate threat against the US. Thus, Clinton’s position is that of war-mongering and less global stability.

  • 911Infidel

    To the left, disenfranchising voters means not allowing illegals, felons and the dead to vote. But stopping military people who are pressed for time from voting is worthy of a lawsuit. Remember that military folk the next time your CIC decides to do a photo-op with you. He cares NOTHING for you.

    • kong1967

      That is a comparison Romney could and should make. Ask yourselves, Americans, what does it say about a party that tries to destroy voter fraud laws in order to get illegals to the polls, but they try to disqualify the military vote at the same time?

      I would leave the Democrat party for that reason alone. Of course, I wouldn’t be caught dead being a Democrat to begin with.

  • kong1967

    This is no surprise. Libs claim to be patriotic and support our military, but that ends when it comes to each and every election. They try repeatedly to disqualify the military vote. I don’t care what you say to defend yourselves, libs, this is a disgusting and un-American thing to do….and you do it without a care.

  • toongoon

    Oh come on where is our sense of equality, illegal aliens should get a few extra days too. Who knows maybe they will be delayed by border patrol crossing into USA, and also the terrorists who Nappy admitted occasionally crosses as well. Sarc.

    • Zombies are hurt that you didn’t include them with the aliens.

      • toongoon

        Throw em in. The more the merrier. {Sigh}

  • I saw the story on facebook a few days ago and am still outraged by it. Liberals only care about getting out the vote of the dead, cartoon characters and the illegals. They use every pathetic excuse to villify anyone who dares try to make sure those who are registered are legally able to vote, whining about rights and “poll taxes”, but whenever it comes to our military, screw ’em… they don’t need those absentee voter cards… they don’t need to be given time to get to their home states. I’m sick of the evil twisted crap.

    • freenca

      This administration has been attempting to disenfranchise the military and military retirees from the very beginning of their term. Threatening their benefits and retirements over and over. If sequestration goes into effect at the end of the year, look out for more of this kind of thing. The reductions in our armed forces in past eras have always emboldened bad guys and led to conflicts, and we were always a little behind the eight-ball, playing catch-up, to rebuild our arsenals and our trained personnel. Not a good place to be, as dangerous as the world has become of late, thanks to the BO crowd.

      • well said freenca. Seems pathetic, but very true… we do play catch up after every liberal democrat president it seems.

        • WordsFailMe

          Nd have you noticed that, since 1960 a Democrack has been elected only after the term of a dismally ineffective or easily discredited Republican– Carter, Clinton, Obama.

        • freenca

          It’s exactly WHY we need more Reps like West, that get that dynamic, people that have served the US well and understand the risks.!!

      • p m

        Agreed – and that’s why the comment to Medvedev needs to be played again and again, preferably in RNC and RM ads. Think what he’ll do for Putin if re-elected. START is already bad enough, added to which he informed the Russians of UK response plans, and God knows who else’s. 0zero’s been ripe for impeachment since year one, and the reps. have sat on their thumbs and done nothing. That fact is as outrageous as this lawsuit.

        • freenca

          I agree that the open mic incident must be played over and over. BO has been rolling over every time Putin scratches his commie belly as has Mrs. Clinton, the shopping gramma, around the world, with NO spine.

  • butterflybesos9

    The GOP took away early voting rights for millions of it’s citizens that they enjoyed for no reason other than many democrats voted for President Obama in 2008 and they want to stop that. The idea that Obama wants to stop soldiers in Afghanistan or Iraq from voting is ludicrous. First this applies to IN PERSON VOTING.. Last time I checked you can’t vote in person in Ohio from Iraq and I don’t think that will change this Nov. So that’s one lie already debunked. Second over 300,000 citizens signed a petition objecting the the rigging of another Ohio election so the gop simply used a technicality to try to get away with denying people their rights. President Obama is simply trying to make sure the rights of millions of Ohio citizens are restored and the gop are not allowed to rig another Ohio election read the lawsuit for yourself here

    • Obama is simply trying to make sure the rights of millions of Ohio …. yeah. The dead ones, the illegals, the felons and the pets.
      You might want to investigate for yourself which “party” has had the most blatant cases of voter fraud before you spit out more DNC talking points.

      • butterflybesos9

        The state of PA admitted they can’t come up with cases to give as evidence of in person voter fraud. The bush admin wanted desperately to come up with cases and largely failed. Just because citizens vote for democrats doesn’t mean it’s voter fraud as disappointing as that might be for you Romney lied like he usually does and you suffer from Obama derangement syndrome and undoubtedly believe he’s a Kenyan Muslim who flunked out of Harvard but was given his degree because he’s black. Basically you’re a hater and would rather vote for an empty lying tax cheat who will raise your taxes and start another unnecessary war in the middle east than admit the truth. Reality isn’t your friend but you enjoy wallowing in perceived superiority. More and more people all around the world and especially Americaare starting to wake up to this nonsense. You have nothing. No plan, no argument, no way out of this conservative lead crapfest this country has been wallowing in since 1980. Instead of admitting this and coming up with new ideas & vision conservatives gave us the teaparty which Al Qaeda itself couldn’t dream up a better way to destroy this country.

        • MaxineCA

          I think you’ve stumbled into the wrong community, and clearly didn’t read the commenting rules.

          • butterflybesos9

            it’s against the rules to post facts that contradict the obvious lies that are constantly being posted? Tough. Voter suppression is real and an obvious tactic being used by a shrinking party that refuses to accept reality and expand it’s base. Everything I posted can be backed up and you know it.

        • Ah, the old, “racism” charge. When packed into so many words with so little punctuation, it just reeks of desperation. But yes, you do need to read the Comment Policy, as Maxine points out.

          Your speed-accusation style is intriguing though. At least you level unprovable accusations quickly.

          You can tell Obama’s getting the broom, right? Why else dump on a thread with such worn-out, overplayed racial nonsense?

          • I think I need tougher skin. Either that or butterfly just got the result of one too many people calling me a racist hater. Didn’t mean to cut them off so quick. Usually I like to see them make more fools of themselves first.

            • MaxineCA

              Your skin is tough enough, my friend. We just need to ban this troll who is only here to stir up trouble. Like we don’t have enough troubles to deal with! Thank goodness for Duckie tape to keep our heads from exploding! We will stand strong and not take the crap from the other side sitting down.

            • It only takes a couple of comments before they start doing the broken record form of “argument.” Once they are there, they contribute nothing to the discussion. I’d say we had enough noise from butterflybesos9.

          • butterflybesos9

            Just like in 2008… look at the electoral college, read it and weep. Most people don’t believe in the trickle down nonsense and can’t stand Mittens. BTW your nominee committed voter fraud in 2010. voted in MA even though he sold all property and moved to CA but he claimed he lived in his son’s unfinished basement to keep his residency… Let that little fact bounce around that brain of ours

            • Nukeman60

              You keep drooling over the liberal polls. Even Fox polls. You have to look into those polls to see how they got skewed. Save them for after the election. You can go back and wonder why they were so wrong, as many here already know. Watch Romney take Florida, Colorado, Virginia, North Carolina, Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan, and yes, even Ohio. He might lose Pennsylvania, but then that one will be close. I trust the voters, you trust the media polls. I’ll take mine any day over yours.

            • Tell us more about our nominee. You might get lucky and “uncover” something conservatives haven’t already found.

        • Nukeman60

          Stop into any one of your favorite Democratic campaign operations and take a deep breath. Have you ever smelled that before? Yes, you’re not mistaken, it’s that smell of decay, of rotting ideas, and dying philosophies. To some of us, it’s a smell we’ve been waiting for – for a long time. Ahh, the sweet smell of November 7th will waft over this nation. Please stop back in on that day.

          We’d love to talk.

        • I tell you to investigate for yourself and you tell me what I believe about dear leader and call me a hater? Personally, I’m not fond of mittens either, and if you were more than a troll, you’d have known that. But, since you ARE a troll, and you haven’t bothered to read the rules of conduct on The Right Scoop-
          I think you’re done here until you can come back with a comprehensive discussion.

    • Nukeman60

      …for no reason other than many democrats voted for President Obama in 2008 and they want to stop that.‘ – b

      You’re a little late on that one. Obama has already assured that many Democrats that voted for him in 2008 will not do so again – simply with his policies.

      Tough to swallow, is it? You betcha!

      • butterflybesos9

        then why is Romney getting his ass kicked in the polls in OH and PA? Even fox news polls have him trailing. It’s like in 2008 when conservatives tried to convince the world Sarah Palin was competent and America preferred her to Obama.. and we all know how that turned out!! But you keep on believing in lying robot Mittens cause it will only make Nov 6 even sweeter. I still smile at the memory of the last election night

        • Nukeman60

          I still smile at the memory of the last election night‘ – b

          Was that November 2010, or was that Wisconsin’s recall? Or perhaps the runoff election to nominate Ted Cruz? I know which one was the last for me, but I can’t recall which one was the sweetest.

          • butterflybesos9

            Nov 2008. in 2010 tea party won because milions people stayed home and the crying screamers “wanted to take back their country” and suddenly cared about spending after Reagan Bush I & II obliterated the budget. As for Cruz he got around FIVE percent of total voters…in TEXAS.. even pat Buchanan said long term it’s a losing strategy. PAT FRIGGIN BUCHANAN!!

            • Nukeman60

              You forgot to say they cheated in Wisconsin, those darn Republicans.

              Pat Buchanan? Why not quote Karl Rove?

              Face it, Obama has a record to run on now and he can’t hide it this time under the guise of ‘Hope and Change’. It’s nice to see your side sweat, even on the keyboard.

              The media has proven time and time again that they skew the polls in favor of Obama (with the margin of error, with the weighted categories, with the wording of the questions). Don’t you ever wonder why you have to dig so deep to find the demographics of these ‘random’ phone calls? You slam the Texans for 5% and then praise skewed polls that call 1500 or so people. Typical.

  • B-Funk

    Equality? I’m so sick of us letting Progressives utter that word. Equality is the last thing on their minds, and just a tactic to get those mindless bleeding-heart tools on their side.

  • Garym

    Shameless political hacks!!

  • johnos2112

    Get this a hole out in November!

  • Sober_Thinking

    As a veteran, I can tell you that many times we were deployed to remote locations where there were no voting services available. I don’t know… but I question how many locations in Afghanistan, Pakistan, or other volatile locations around the world are adequately prepared to assist our finest with their voting needs – especially if our troops are out in the field for extended situations. Many deployments are 3 months, 6 months or more.

    Obama has NEVER been a friend to the U.S. Military – the finest fighting force in the world and to whom rests the honor of protecting our freedom day and night, 24/7. This is disgusting. We’re only talking about 3 days… but that can make all the difference to these best of the best in some situations.

    Obama’s “fairness” donkey-squeeze is wrong… and he knows it. But he wouldn’t get elected otherwise without lying and cheating. He has no honor or morals. He’s a disgrace.

    • proudhispanicconservative

      Thank you for your service and god bless you and your family. This treacherous.

      • Sober_Thinking


  • ConnieConservative

    It is shameful for the CIC to limit the voting of our brave military.
    ( 2 of my nephews are in uniform now.). This makes me angry.
    In 2000 and 2008 I remember many military ballots were disqualified
    and discarded because they could not be returned fast enough.
    We must make sure our military votes are counted!

  • MaxineCA

    From what I understand, they are not trying to restrict the military from voting early….. they just want EVERYONE to have the same “equal privilege” of early voting. Hey dems, the day you put on a military uniform and risk your life for this country, I might consider you to be equal. Until that day… shut your traps – you are NOT equal to our brave military folks.

    Can they show any more contempt for our military? Geez, I sure hope our military, ICE, Border Patrol, etc. personnel will help us kick this unpatriotic, treasonous regime to the streets in Nov. so we can take our country back.


    …Mao Obama and his regime lackeys see the writing on the wall. They are doomed to the dust bin and scrap heap of History come November 7th 2012 .” (period the end , credit to Ted Cruz)

    • How did you get the facts so twisted? And how dare you demean the President of the United States. Show some respect. And learn to lose because there is no way Romney will make it to the White House.


        talk to me on November 7 2012 .(period)

  • GreenBeretWay

    “Three days longer than is allowed for the rest of the public.”

    In Obama real time that is equivalent to a day on the golf course,a high dollar fundraiser,and a day on the Basketball court.

    Three days.

    • freenca

      Good to see your back with us lately. The Dims are trying to suppress the military vote, and yet they will not allow the states to clear the dead and illegals from the voter roles. UGH! BO speaks with forked tongue!!

  • MaxineCA

    I’ve been thinking about (worried about) the military vote for many months now, and confess it boggles my mind how the ballots are handled. Perhaps some of our military pals here can educate me. Here’s a few questions:

    How do the states know where to send their an absentee ballot as the troops are deployed and re-deployed?

    Is it up to military personnel to keep their election board updated with a current address as they get reassigned?

    If they are registered in their home state, but get relocated to another state do they have to register in the state they reside? Or can they vote in their home state?

    If they are deployed overseas, can they sign a proxy (wife, parent, etc.) to allow them to vote on their behalf?

    Seems like such a huge task to ensure that every vote counts, especially for those serving our country. For those that know the answers, thanks for educating a worried citizen. There will be enough monkey business, without messing with our troops’ votes and we have to find a process that works.

  • Actually the lawsuit does nothing to restrict military voting, it is only attempting to make early voting available for everyone. It was until the republican legislature changed it this year so only the military can vote in the 3 days running up to the election. Up until this point, early voting was allowed for all registered voters.

    • buzzkill59

      Sorry Kim, but you’re wrong!The republican legislature extended the early voting period an extra 3 days for the military!Everyone can vote early,but the military gets an extra 3 days.See the 1st paragraph of Washington Times story above.

      • No, she is correct. Previously, all Ohio voters could vote an extra 3 days earlier. The Republicans state legislature nixed that, and reinstated the early voting period for just military members and their families. The lawsuit is demanding that those rights be extended to all Ohio voters.

        You know, rights aren’t finite. Servicemen don’t wind up with less rights as a result of everyone else getting more.

        • LdyDesign

          There is a reason why they stopped early voting 3 days before the election. They need that time to update the voting history and decrease the chance for voter fraud. At least that is why we do it here in Texas. In this case, yes the military personel have greater chalenges to voting and therefore you diminish there ability to vote. Rights have nothing to do with it.

          • Could you tell me why updating the “voting history” is limited to the three days before the election? I assume you mean the registration lists. As opposed to doing it, say, a month before election? The polling places are open for military service members and their relatives, why not for all voters? I imagine its a lot more convenient to be able to vote on the weekend instead of Monday.

    • proudhispanicconservative

      As a person that is not in the military i appreciate that our brave soldiers get special treatment because in my mind we should be doing more for them. And they do need extra time

  • I’m glad to see Romney calling out Obama on this. But I’m especially glad to see Allen West tell Obama he is undeserving of the title of Commander-In-Chief.

    This is important.

    They are shrinking out military to help pay for their disastrous spending programs. That those programs are drowning us in debt we all know, but worse: not only have they not spent the money where they said they would, much of it was squandered on failed “green” companies that channeled much of it right back into Obama and the Dem’s campaign chest.

    Why Obama hasn’t been impeached for his failure to observe and enforce the law is a mystery. But for the Solyndra-type frauds (there were many of them), the inaction on impeachment is incomprehensible.

    • We just saw a commercial for the US Navy while watching the Olympics.

      The Navy is losing boats faster than they can be dismantled. And they try to tell us they are guarding the waterways of the world? The Pacific has become China’s pond (Under Clinton, “W” and Obama’s watch), and our ability to wage war on three fronts has been greatly damaged by destroying the logistical superiority the Navy traditionally provides.

      This has me seeing red.

      But some O/T good news is the finish in the Olympic, Men’s 10K-Meter race today. Google it or check my site, and go read the story on that. Obama should be ashamed of himself for damaging our special relationship with Britain. This was a great moment in Olympic history for Britain and the USA. Totally amazing!

      I hope Romney picks up on it and serves it to Obama, as a little edjumacation on our close ties with Britain.

      (EDITS for better word-i-fication)

      • warpmine

        What’s wrong K-bob? DOn’t you like the new slogan “a global force for good”?
        I know it turns my stomach.

        • Really does. A global force for maintaining American Liberty, I could be proud of.

    • Sorry for all the O/T stuff, but the word on the tweeter thingy is that Romney is leaking VP news, possibly selecting Tim Pawle.. zzzzzzzz

      mff*cough* whaaa?

      Anyhoo, Stacy McCain started a “GiveUsRyan” thingy. I’d rather have West. Much, much rather have West.

      • proudhispanicconservative

        Forgive me if the pick is pawlente im not excited As matter of fact im boored. Allen West

  • Occupation is not a group. All members of the military, without regard to race, creed, etc. have the same access to early voting.

  • MaxineCA

    I see Butterfly is still posting comments. K-Bob or ABiC could you please block that IP address? Fly away Butterfly…… You are not welcome here due to your rudeness, not your opinion. Don’t go away mad, just go away.

    • Nukeman60

      I think Butterfly is still commenting because I keep responding. Sorry, my bad. I’ll stop now. 🙂

    • Just give it a couple of minutes Maxine. Then I will.

    • I don’t see anything new from the flighty butterfly, I think y’all scared them off with your wit and intelligence. 🙂 If they come back, I’ll be waitin’.

      • Nukeman60

        Why, thankee Madam Sheriff. The town is safe for all agin’. 🙂

  • Merrily Snider

    I wonder where he’s getting his information. Is it his incompetent campaign staff who secretly want him to look stupid so he’ll fair? You gotta wonder.

  • airborneaz

    I challenge anyone to say that our military heros should not be awarded every opportunity to vote in any election. As a retired service member, I only see this as another attempt by this administration to suppress the vote of a block of individuals who do not support the current regime in favorable numbers. The debasement of the office of the POTUS continues unchecked…until November that is…

  • MaroonRepublic

    We all know why. Our brave men and women vote overwhelmingly for republicans.

  • white531

    How many states has Obama sued since taking office? Does anyone know? I’m beginning to get the feeling he doesn’t want us handling our own affairs.

    • Nukeman60

      I believe he has plans to sue all 57.

      • white531

        Good one, Nuke.

        • white531

          Maybe we should start suing him back on a much larger scale.

  • 2hairs

    Is anyone really suprised by Obama do this?

  • Jerald Lentini

    You can actually read the lawsuit itself right here:

    There is nothing–NOTHING–in it that asks for military voting rights to be restricted. It’s actually the opposite: they’re trying to ensure that everyone gets to vote, not just people covered by UOCAVA.

    What should be disturbing you, and what disturbs me, is that people are willing to flatly lie about the case in order to exploit military voters and their allies. They’re fear-mongering, thinking that we can’t actually tell what this case really is about. I don’t want to think that the pro-military public can be this easily fooled by something so simple to disprove, yet here we are.

    • kong1967

      I would have to hear why the law is the way it is. I believe the military overseas should be allowed the extra days because there are always problems getting them the ballots and getting them back in a timely manner.

      I think one problem with absentee ballots is voter fraud. People went to vote and they had already been voted for absentee.

      Personally, I would like to see anyone that’s not overseas be restricted from voting absentee unless they have disabilities or something….or they are elderly and can’t get around well. I think the ballots should be filled out in person as much as possible with ID required in order to prevent voter fraud. It’s getting out of hand and it’s turning us into a banana republic.

  • warpmine

    Speaking of equality, what about the regime’s new policy referencing disciplinary measures in education. The only equality the regime is pushing for is equal misery and it’s working like a bad curse thus far.

    • kong1967

      That policy is going to be a disaster, too. If one racial group is causing more trouble than the other groups they can’t be punished more. If the Asian kids are very will behaved they will have to find ways to punish them just to make it fair. Obama can stick this “fair” crap up his ass because that’s all we ever hear about any more. The loser should get rewarded just as much as the winner. Screw you Obama, that’s the fast track to bringing this country down.

  • I keep going through the Constitution, could someone point out the section that grants special voting rights to people of a certain job title? I know its not under the “equal protection” clause. Thanks!

    • kong1967

      So are you saying the military shouldn’t get the extra three days? They get the extra days because they aren’t vacationing at a resort across the ocean. They are serving for our country and there are problems getting them the forms and getting them back in a timely manner. Someone who puts their life up to protect us deserves to vote before anyone else as far as I’m concerned.

    • Nukeman60

      You’re looking in the wrong place. Try looking under states rights.

      Once again, under right to vote:

      • That’s helps somewhat. The constitution specifies under what conditions the right to vote can and can’t be revoked. It has to be available to all US citizens who are 18 or older. The states *can* revoke it from criminals and rebels. Unfortunately, it says nothing granting the states the ability to restrict the right to vote on the basis of occupation. Many states have made voting accommodations for people who can’t travel and such. BUT, these accommodations are available to *all* eligible voters. Whether they actually need the accommodations or not.

  • white531

    Don’t forget this point that Colonel Allen West brought up in a recent speech. This is the first election in a very long time where the President and Vice President and the Candidate from the other party opposing him, have no military experience whatsoever. We don’t yet know who Romney’s VP will be, so that is still out there. Make a personal note to yourselves to watch all of Allen West’s speeches. He is closer to our Founders than any other politician in Washington. He believes in this country, he believes in the Constitution and he most certainly believes in a strong Military. A pretty good resume, in my estimation.

    • kong1967

      I would have voted for him this election. He would have killed everyone in the debates.

      • white531

        Anyone who shows up to debate Allen West is an absolute fool. His photographic memory and his knowledge of not only U.S. History, but World History, leaves his opponents no advantage whatsoever and wonder of wonders, he can speak for an hour or more without a teleprompter. I watch his speeches for the sheer entertainment value, but more than that, in this despicable Obama environment that we are forced to live in for the moment, Colonel West’s speeches give me relief from the madness and offer a window on a future absent of Obama. Am I wrong in enjoying that vision for even a moment? I don’t think so. I would have him for my President tomorrow. But all things in due time. If Romney doesn’t tap him for VP, he’s missing a big chance to save this nation. Forgive me for preaching a little. I’m sure you have your own opinions on this. I just want to save what’s left of this country where I live. I want my children and grandchildren to have a chance at a bright future.
        They weren’t born in Kenya. They were born here, in the United States of America. They have a right to a future based on the dreams of our Founders, not the nightmares the Progressives want to force upon us. Actually, I think we all do.

        • kong1967

          No, no…preach away. This site is all about opinions.

          I’m with you. West is my favorite politician by far, with Palin in second. But they really aren’t politicians because they don’t play the games. Of course, Palin is just a promoter now, but you know what I’m saying.

          Romney’s going for a safe, boring pick I’m sure. West is too controversial. Not for us but the left will freak out and I don’t think Romney’s going to look for someone that’s so point blank honest about the communism on the left. I hope I’m wrong, but I doubt it.

          • white531

            kong, we have become a nation of wimps. Most of our politicians can’t say what they want for breakfast, without first wetting their finger and sticking it up in the air to see which way the wind blows. And these are the so-called leaders of the most powerful nation on the planet, at least for now. McCain was a wimp and still is. That’s why we have this idiot for a President. Boehner is a wimp. I don’t even know why he’s there. When he opens his mouth to speak, my mouse is already clicking on something else. I like Ryan. Wish we had more like him. The absolute worthlessness of the Dems is a given. But half the Republicans are not much better. What do we have to do, as a nation, to attain a government of qualified leaders who actually represent us? Our Founders presented a great example. We just haven’t followed the example. Can you imagine Thomas Jefferson, or Madison, or Ben Franklin sitting down to dinner with Barney Frank and his lover, who recently got married? Am I the crazy one here, or is this just madness to the extreme?

            • kong1967

              You would be called the crazy one because you aren’t politically correct. But you are right. Our founding fathers would be disgusted with what they see now, and they would shut down 80% of government because it goes beyond the scope of what the limits were intended to be. We need reps that don’t play games….like West. That black lady that’s running for Congress that was highlighted here the other day was fantastic. Palin. Ryan. No games, just facts and doing what’s right. If we keep pushing we can weed out the corruption, but it’s so bad that it’s going to take many years to do it. The Democrat party is gone. The only thing we can do about them is defeat them.

              • white531

                Mia Love. Get used to the name.

                • kong1967

                  Ok, I will. 🙂

                • white531

                  Didn’t mean that to come off the way it sounded, kong. I just meant that you should get used to the name, because she is a rising star on the political landscape. Horror of horrors, she’s a Black Conservative and if that isn’t enough to curl your toes, SHE’S A GIRL! God help us. The country will never be the same again.

                • kong1967

                  I didn’t take you coming off in any way. I’m hoping she’s around for a long time and I am able to get used to her name.

                  I brought up a thought before…somewhere around here….about the Democrats’ selection of black representatives. Have you ever noticed how dumb they are? There are intelligent Democrats in Congress but none of them are black. They all have the wrong ideology, but that’s besides the point, lol.

                  But, why is that? Is this the image the Democrat party wants to portray of blacks. Make them look like Maxine Waters, John Conyers, Sheila Jackson-Lee, Charles Rangel, Cynthia McKinney, and etc.? They act like they have an IQ of 65 and like they grew up in the hood with the victim mentality. Do they want to push the image of black people being stupid so they can continute to use them for their agendas….like voter descrimination with the voter fraud protection laws?

                  Maybe it’s just coincidence, but it’s difficult for me to believe that when I look at the Republican blacks who are very articulate, intelligent, and have class.

  • sjmom

    The Dems are and have been anti military and let’s not forget how they want to cut the military’s budget which will put every American’s life in jeopardy. They have been doing this for years so I am not surprised but I am disgusted. Just more anti American dribble from those who dislike our nation and want to destroy it.

    • white531

      sjmom, the dems think all our enemies will just lay down their arms and be kissy-kissy if only we will dismantle our military and stop acting like the bad boys on the block. Anyone who believes that, is not only not a student of History, but is not using half their brain. The reason we are still a free nation, let me emphasize that, the only reason we are still a free nation, is because other nations fear us. I know, they don’t talk like that in Sunday School. Here’s a revelation for you. Muslims don’t go to Sunday School. A strong military is the only thing between us and them. Obama wants to change that. Even though he denies it, Obama is a Muslim. He was planted here for a purpose. It is going to take all the strength in every fiber of our bodies to oppose this major attack on our Freedom and our sovereignty as a nation.

      • p m

        You’re on a roll tonight, white, great comments. Thank you.
        Please keep ’em coming!

        • white531

          Thank you, but I am no different from anyone else here. The objective is the same. We all have a dog in this fight.

      • sjmom

        You’re preaching to the choir. Also, if you read the Bible, especially the Old Testament it is evident God is not a “wuss” and told the Israelites to, not only engage in battle, but He would give them the victory………….and He always did. At times, like in
        2 Chronicles 20 the Israelites did not even have to fight; read it.

        What I said was the Dems have been against the military for a very long time. I remember Vietnam, the likes of John Kerry and others. I also remember how Clinton cut the military and the calls to Rush’s show by military members telling of how he did it. I remember many things and, especially those who have in every generation have made the ultimate sacrifice for us.

        In 2008 I said Obama would make friends of our enemies and enemies of our friends. If people had been paying attention they would have seen this coming but they weren’t so now we’re stuck. I knew what Obama was then because I did my research and looked into the likes of Khalid Rashidi and how Jeremiah Wright and Barack Obama had ties to Khadaffi. I’m also old enough to remember Bill Ayres and the Weather Underground.

        Obama is more than a Muslin; he is a Marxist and he and the likes of George Soros and others have one purpose only; to destroy the United States. I’m with you all the way but I will also say as a Christian we will not rid ourselves of this evil unless God is on our side. The Bible says; “if God be for me who can be against me”, but we are first going to have to be on God’s side. Therefore, I will stand strong, fully clad in the Armor of God (Eph 6) and fight each battle “strong in the Lord and in the power of His might”. This way I ALWAYS win and isn’t this what any war is all about; victory? God gurantees victory if we listen to Him; my ears are open.

      • sjmom

        PS. You’re right; Muslims don’t go to Sunday school but they do educate their children in Madrassas which teach hatred and enroll them in suicide bomber classes. This is why Romney was not my first choice because he and the establishment are afraid of their own shadow. My first choice was Rick Perry because he was the ONLY veteran of the Armed Forces, Air Force pilot, who was running for president. If God answers my prayers we will see a 21st Century miracle at the GOP convention and he and/or Allen West will be the nominee.

        • white531

          sjmom, I like preaching to the choir. Actually, I like that there is, in fact, a choir in the first place. I would be disheartened if there wasn’t one. I hope to to God that Romney’s choice for VP is a military man. I would pick Allen West, but I would settle at this point for anyone Military. Rick Perry may stumble a bit in debates. God didn’t give us all the same talents. But, I would be proud to stand beside Rick Perry in the defense of our country. Because Rick Perry would get the job done. We have so many enemies on this planet and the Presidency of Obama has simply invited all of them to come and cut our throats. Sorry to be so visual, but that is what this Imposter of a President has done to ordinary Americans. And he isn’t through yet, by any measure. He has given away this country to our enemies. He has signed the papers that eliminate our future. These treaties he has signed with the United Nations are hard to reverse. Treaties are binding. The only way they can be reversed is if we go to war. At this point, that is becoming our last option to remain a free nation. One man has done this to the once greatest country on the planet. He did it in three and a half years. Imagine what he could do in four more. You have to ask yourself the question. What were you doing while he was doing his dirty deeds? Just watching? No blame game here, folks. But, we need to catch up. We need to do it soon. November is about the last chance this nation has, to remain free. Hate to put it like that, but there it is. Don’t puke on me now. Do your job. November is it.

  • proudhispanicconservative

    Folks we need Allen West, Allen West, Allen West, does anybody disagree?

  • scrubjay

    “The Obama campaign says they are challenging the law on the basis of equality, that one group shouldn’t have more access than the other.”

    There are many extra privileges offered to voters based on their circumstances. In California we have curb-side voting for the disabled. The ballot and voting machine is brought out of the polling station and carried to the disabled individual on the sidewalk. Using the democrat’s logic then everyone should be able to vote curbside. The extra time to vote for military is because they are often in remote locations and the extra time is needed to insure that the ballot can be returned in time to be counted.

    • Technically, there’s nothing in California law forbidding the non-disabled from getting curb-side voting. We have mail-in ballots for people who can’t travel far, and any voter can use them.

      And those serving in remote locations already vote via absentee ballots, early voting at the physical polling places in Ohio has no bearing on them unless they fly back from Afghanistan for the weekend just to vote. Which I doubt is common.

      • scrubjay

        The cut-off is for the purpose of allowing the registrars to create voter lists to be used at the polling stations. The military are exempted from this rule because they may be on duty. Both restrictions are reasonable.

        • Aren’t the voter lists created weeks ahead of time? Waiting to do it three days before election seems unrealistic. And military members that are overseas are voting absentee, again this early voting law has no effect on them.

          Unless you are referring to those who are on-duty and in Ohio at election time. Which begs the question, if military members get to vote on the weekend because they have to work on Monday, why not everyone else?

          • Nukeman60

            You can’t have it both ways.

            It would be nice to give our military and their families added curtesies because they have done so much for our country (you know, like fighting and dying for your priviledge to vote). If you say the curtesy we give our military must be extended to everybody else, then I guess you would also believe that the benefits minorities get, just for being minorities, should be extended to white people.

            After all, it would only be fair, would it not?

            • The right to vote applies equally to all eligible voters, yes.

              “I guess you would also believe that the benefits minorities get, just for being minorities, should be extended to white people.”

              Erm, exactly what benefits are you talking about?

  • white531

    Folks, I am sure some of you might not like my phrasing of the things that face us, but this is war. Like it or not, we are in a war against Progressives to save our country. If that seems melodramatic to you, I am sorry. It is what it is. That is the way they see it and the sooner you wake up to the fact, the better our chances at stopping them from achieving their goal.

    • RobertX

      Yeah, back in 1774 the Tory loyalists were in a war against Progressives. They lost, and the U.S.A. was born. Now Tories are again trying to suppress people who disagree with them. Funny that now the anti-freedom Tories are wearing continental regalia and claiming they represent Tea Party values, when they are actually on the side of King George.

      “Rights” and “Liberty” mean even for ideas you disagree with, and people you don’t like.

      • white531

        Unlike some of the members here, I actually like having idiots like you on the site. It makes the rest of us appear so much more intelligent. Every conservative site that I belong to, has at least four or five idiots just like you. Half the time we ignore them, half the time we just have fun with them, until we just get bored with their brainless comments. It depresses me that I am forced to call people like you Americans. But as long as we are able to maintain this country as a free nation, I have no choice but to admit that you have the same rights as any American, including the right of free speech. But listen to me, Robertx, or whatever your real name is, those of us who still believe in Freedom, are fighting for your Freedom too, even though in our hearts, we may despise your very existence and the fact that you are still breathing. That is the difference between you and us.

        • RobertX

          Yeah, pal. I spent all of one tour and a couple of months of a second before I was shipped home with a butt-load of shrapnel. Tell me again about how you’re fighting for my freedom. Probably another chicken-hawk patriot like Dick “six-deferments” Cheney and Mitt “five sons and not a member of the family ever served” Romney.

          • white531

            First of all, I am not your pal, or your bud, or anything else along those lines. Second, you have now witnessed all the attention I am willing to give to any conversation with you. If your Military service is as you state, you have my appreciation for that, but we do not agree and never will on the issues that are important to us as a country. You must feel some need to be here among us, but I don’t feel any need to encourage you to remain. There is just no point in having a conversation with you. i’m sorry.

            Good night, Robert.

  • It doesn’t matter if other people don’t get three extra days to vote. People can easily vote on election day. For ____’s sake, Ohio already allows early voting! Scrap early voting all together, and just let people vote on election day. It’s not hard… unless you are stupid enough to want to vote for Obama in the first place.

  • Mike Lee

    Well, hell must have just frozen over, because I actually agree with Obama bringing this lawsuit. By all means, extend voting for the military – but it is not fair to give them an extra 3 days but not other people.

  • Jay

    Well, Ohio should just let fags and illegal aliens vote early too. That might keep the libtards happy for a while. Although I can’t say I’ve seen a truly happy leftoid unless they’re bashing Bush, Palin or Romney.

  • WhiteGuy2

    “unfair to extend time to vote for one group without extending the privilege for all groups”

    Obama’s entire presidency has consisted of unfair privileges extended to one group and not all groups. From the Black Panthers, to Pigford , Acorn , Amnesty for illegals, illegals receiving ebt cards and other social welfare benefits they are not entitled to. Hell Obama became president due to pandering to special interest groups.

  • RobertX

    Pardon me, but the whole premise is bullsh*t. The Obama administration is NOT suing (or trying) to take away the military’s right to early voting; they are trying to restore everyone else’s right to the same voting privilege. If the suit is successful, the military’s voting rights will not be affected one iota, but civilian voting rights will be restored.

    • toongoon

      Pretty lame argument.

      Obama sues states to continue the flow of illegals into the country, then he sues states to keep illegals from being purged from the voter rolls. He has disrespected servicemen from the time he has been in office, except of course when there is a political advantage to him. The military vote is not in his favor, so he needs to restrict them.

      Of all the acts he has done to restrict and disenfranchise Americans and give illegals free reign, including voting, I think you are going to have to work a lot harder to convince us that he is trying to “restore” anything.

      • RobertX

        Pardon me, but the whole “voter rolls purge” thing is crap. Pennsylvania election officials have acknowledged that they can’t cite a single instance of illegal voting by a non-citizen. In an interview, Heritage Foundation senior fellow Brian Darling — an advocate of the purge, was unable to cite a single verified instance of actual voter fraud. In Florida, out of tens of thousands of potentially disallowed voters, exactly four non-citizens were registered and not a single one ever voted.

        In a rare show of honesty, Pennsylvania House Republican Mike Turzai said “Voter ID is gonna allow Governor Romney to win the state of Pennsylvania,” he said at a Republican State Committee meeting. The state, which recently discovered that at least 750,000 registered voters do not have required ID to vote, is currently battling over the voter ID law in court.

        The purge is not to stop illegals from voting; that’s a non-problem, an imaginary straw man. The purge is to stop probable Democrats from voting.

        BTW, under Obama, our guards along the Mexican border have doubled, and deportations have tripled over what they were under Bush.

        • toongoon

          You forgot to add context on what Mike Turazi said my friend, he wasn’t advocating voter fraud but demanding voters show ID. You don’t need to prove voter fraud to acknowledge the potential for it. Anyone in this day and age who doesn’t have an ID likely doesn’t do anything but sit at home, and if having a photo ID is so unimportant to them they likely don’t care about elections either. In addition, I find it highly unlikely that 750,000 in Pennsylvania don’t possess a photo ID, they are probably talking about children under the age of 18.

          “The purge is to stop probable Democrats from voting.”-Robertx
          Seriously? I mean seriously? The purge lawsuit brought on by the same AG holder who dropped charges of intimidation outside the polling place in Philadelphia in the last election, that sends a message that voter intimidation is not only condoned but encouraged. Don’t piss on me tell me it’s raining.

          Since you refused to acknowledge the lawsuits Obama has against states, I can only assume it doesn’t help your argument.

          The Obama administration is moving to shut down nine Border Patrol stations across four states:

          Napolitano: “terrorists enter into the US from time to time”.
          That would be with the illegals across the border.

          Do you need more? I’ll get them for you.

          • RobertX

            “You don’t need to prove voter fraud to acknowledge the potential for it.”

            You can acknowledge the potential for a lot of things. How about requiring picture ID to purchase a lighter, acknowledging the potential that the lighter can be used for arson. How about requiring picture ID to purchase a baseball bat, acknowledging the potential it could be used for assault. How about requiring picture ID to hold a church picnic, acknowledging the potential that someone bringing a pot-luck dish might use it to poison the congregation.

            Requiring ID because there’s potential for abuse when no such abuse is documented is the first step toward a totalitarian state, NOT for the “Land of the free and the home of the brave.””

            • Nukeman60

              I think you miss the distinction. An ID doesn’t stop you from using a lighter illegally. An ID doesn’t stop you from using a baseball bat illegally. An ID doesn’t stop you from poisoning a pot-luck dish, be it at a church picnic or at home.

              However, an ID does stop you from voting illegally. It’s a direct correlation. Legal voters should have no complaints about that. And, btw, there is numerous documentation about voter fraud, but most of it goes undiscovered, due to the techniques used. It’s easy to say that no such abuse is documented, but that doesn’t make it true. Just read a few more posts on this particular thread (or ignore them, as I’m sure you usually do. That’s easier, too). They are just the tip of the iceberg.

              • “However, an ID does stop you from voting illegally”

                No it doesn’t. The other day I got an early mail-in ballot for my roommate, who moved out last year. I could have filled it out and mailed it back, casting a vote under his name, and my state has a voter ID law. Yet most cases of voter fraud are done through the mail, which voter ID laws do nothing to stop.

                But you’re setting a dangerous precedent, by suggesting that the government should pass laws before there’s any evidence of problem. There’s always the potential that you might go on a shooting spree. Sure there’s no evidence, but the potential is there. So lets take your guns away.

                Like it or not, 10% of registered voters don’t have a proper photo ID. Either because they don’t need one, or don’t have a car, or because they work 50 hours a week and can’t get to the DMV, or are too poor to pay the $20-30 fee. Advocates of voter ID laws haven’t compared the numbers, because no matter how you massage the statistics, voter ID laws will block 10 times as many legitimate votes than fraudulent ones.

                If you’re wondering how they registered to vote without a driver’s license: a social security card or birth certificate.

                • Nukeman60

                  Advocates of voter ID laws haven’t compared the numbers, because no matter how you massage the statistics, voter ID laws will block 10 times as many legitimate votes than fraudulent ones.‘ – s

                  No matter how I massage the statistics? Tell me how you came up with your statistics for the number of legitimate voters unable to vote because of voter laws and the number of fraudulent voters and how you know that number is a factor of ten.

                  Methinks you are just making up facts now. But using the number 10 or 10% always sounds logical to liberals.

                  BTW, just try to get a duplicate Social Security card and see what kinds of hoops you have to jump through.

                • No problem, glad you asked. The National Republican Lawyers Association (a pro-voter ID group) conducted a study on the threat of voter fraud. They found a total of 340 cases of voter fraud in this country, over the past 10 years. In-person voter fraud (the one that voter ID laws will stop) only made up a fraction of those cases. The rest were all absentee ballot fraud and registration fraud. Hypothetically, if voter ID laws were implemented and enforced in all 50 states, they would have blocked about 130 fraudulent votes. At most.

                  NOW, lets get an idea of how many legitimate votes that would be blocked:


                  Nearly ONE MILLION registered voters lack a government-issued photo ID. And that’s just in the state of Pennsylvania. I’ll be very generous, and assume that only 1% of them go to vote at the next election. One percent! I know that’s a comically low turnout rate, but bear with me. That means 10,000 legitimate voters, turned away, in one state, in one year. Compared the 130 or so fraudulent votes that would be blocked in all 50 states, over 10 years.

                  So you were right, my assumption was wrong. Voter ID laws will not block 10 times as many legitimate votes as fraudulent votes, they’ll block 100 times as many. You don’t have to do any math to realize how crazy high that proportion will get if you add the other 49 states to the mix.

                • Nukeman60

                  Yeah, you gotta love that fuzzy math. Just look at Al Franken’s election alone. You people who defend the voter fraud always say there is no more than 10 or twenty (metaphorically speaking) cases in the ‘entire’ US, but never look at Chicago, for example.

                  There is no state that stops someone from voting without giving them a chance to show that they are a legitimate voter. They usually give them a provisional ballot. You love to say these people just stop them from voting. Get real.


                • I’m glad you brought up the Franken election, because all of the prosecutions were included in the NRLA’s count of 340 cases of voter fraud. That one election accounted for half of the voter fraud cases to occur in the past decade. Furthermore, voter ID laws would have done NOTHING to prevent any of the felons from voting. Again, most voted absentee, and none of them impersonated another voter.

                  “You people who defend the voter fraud always say there is no more than 10 or twenty (metaphorically speaking) cases in the ‘entire’ US”

                  How am I defending voter fraud, exactly? And did you even read my post before replying? I said there was 340 cases. Which I don’t see how you can misread as “no more than 10 or twenty”.

                • 340 cases eh? In the whole country? Where did they look, in their own wallets?

                  You apparently missed Scoop’s NewsScoop, where a recent study found 1,099 felons had voted in Minnesota, in one election alone.

                • Right. The NRLA looked into that. Every time there’s some alarming headline about hundreds or thousands of illegal votes allegedly being cast, it always shrivels up on further actual investigation. In Minnesota’s case, the 1,099 number shriveled down to about 130. And voter ID laws wouldn’t have blocked a single one.

                • From the article:

                  “so far, Fund and von Spakovsky report, 177 people have been convicted — not just accused, but convicted — of voting fraudulently in the Senate race. Another 66 are awaiting trial”

                  That’s 177 CONVICTIONS. There are lots more in the process of being prosecuted, and still more under continuing investigation.

                  And more importantly for those of you who support voter disenfranchisement through fraudulent elections, the reason the haven’t already secured all convictions is because it’s difficult to prove intent.

                  The felons did vote. All of the ones in that number were found to have voted. That’s fraud, and obviously most of it would have been prevented by requiring ID checks. But we can’t “prove” they intended to commit fraud easily. We can only uncover the fraud, which has been done, in far, far greater numbers than you are reporting here.

                  There’s absolutely no justification for this continuing problem of illegal voting, and those who support it are engaged in anti-American actions, anti-Democratic processes, and end up supporting the totalitarian left by default.

                • A person’s criminal past is not contained on any government-issued identification. So how would voter ID laws prevent the felons from voting?

                  And how is going from hundred(s) of votes blocked due to fraudulent voting, to millions of votes blocked due to voter ID laws an improvement?

                • The poll workers (not poll “checkers” or “watchers”) have a book they look up your name in after they see your ID. Guess what they find there? Information about the status of the person you claim to be. Simple as can be.

                  EVERY vote blocked due to ID’s can be reviewed.

                  Disenfranchisement via fraud votes throws the election, which is far worse than blocking questionable votes from happening in the first place.

                  And the only way it could possibly be “millions” is if millions tried to vote illegally. Some elderly person who has trouble getting her ID will get that fixed ONE TIME, and that will be it, fro the rest of her life, just like those of us who have drivers licenses, gun registration, school transcripts that aren’t sealed for political reasons, and a host of other things requiring ID’s.

                  No, the only reason to continue trying to block voter ID’s is to permit fraud.

                • Voter ID laws don’t change how voter registries are updated or maintained. If their felon status wasn’t caught the first time, how will requiring them to flash their photo ID change anything? Nearly all of them voted under their own name.

                  Voter imitation is the only form of voter fraud that ID laws are designed to prevent. And if you examine the few hundred documented cases of voter fraud, you’ll see that only a dozen or so involved someone claiming to be someone else.

                  “And the only way it could possibly be “millions” is if millions tried to vote illegally.”

                  Millions of legitimate American voters don’t have a government-issued photo ID. Either because they can’t afford one or don’t have the means to get to a DMV. As a result, they won’t be able to vote with voter ID laws in place. This is not a hard concept to understand.

                • Sure. It’s called “exaggeration.” A very easy concept to understand. And it isn’t working.

                  It’s going to be up to the states to decide what they want on their voter rolls. Find enough cases of frau and guess what happens? The legislatures are pressured to stop it. EVERY TIME. The electorate has shown it hates fraud, so legislators from both left and right find it all too easy, and safe–politically–to make law in that area.

                  Your last point is self-correcting. Anyone who wants to vote can make sure they have an ID. Old folks, poor folks, and everyone else you are claiming will be harmed will find a way to get it done, and states will be very glad to help them.

                  Don’t worry, this will all be fixed: in a few years, all states will require ID.

                • Exaggeration? It’s a documented fact. I even posted links with the evidence showing that millions of registered voters don’t have valid forms of photo ID. Despite your assertion, legislators are passing voter ID laws with no regard to how much voter fraud goes on. Pennsylvania passed a voter ID law, despite there being ZERO cases of voter fraud in the state.

                  “Your last point is self-correcting. Anyone who wants to vote can make sure they have an ID.”

                  You’re hand-waving the issue. Most DMV’s are open weekdays 9-5, with more and more offices around the country closing and cutting hours. Millions of Americans have to work 40-60 hours a week just to make ends. Millions more lack accessible transportation. How does one justify the time and logistics to get there? And please don’t reply with something ignorant, like “How do they work if they don’t have car?”

                  This is ENTIRE reason why we have mail-in ballots.

                • More exaggeration. Make it look like there is just no way people will be able to vote, all because of an ID requirement.

                  What a load of garbage. People will get them when they are required. Same as for all the other IDs we have.

                  And by the way, in most states, you can’t get a mail-in ballot unless you provide ID, and a signature.

                  You aren’t merely hand-waving, you are banging the drum, too. All over something that will be a footnote in history in a few years.

                  ID’s will be required. People will get them. It will be incredibly easy to do. End of story.

                • I just presented you with the reality that millions of American voters live in. And your only rebuttal is “well, people will just get by it, SOMEHOW”. Defenders of the poll tax said the same thing, before it was ruled that any monetary cost to vote, no matter how small, is unconstitutional.

                  “And by the way, in most states, you can’t get a mail-in ballot unless you provide ID”

                  Right. A social security card or birth certificate, not necessarily a photo ID. That’s how we wind up with millions of registered voters that don’t have a valid photo ID. Insisting that they don’t exist won’t change that fact. And you want states to spend millions of dollars to give out free photo IDs and government carpools to the DMV, and that millions of voters jump through a hoop, all to block one or two dozen cases of in-person voter impersonation. Do you think the cost for that incredibly meager outcome is justified? Or that there is actually way more voter impersonation going on, despite the lack of evidence?

                  Wow this column’s getting narrow.

                • Nukeman60

                  There will always be fraud. That’s why the voter ID laws are being created, to diminish those fraudulent votes. I’m surprised you argue against it, since you’re so sure of, and apparently proud of, the way you can vote fraudulently so easily.

                  Why don’t you analyze the election of Al Franken to the Senate. They found that he actually was put into office because of fraudulent votes, but for some crazy reason they decided not to take it back because he was already sworn in by the time the investigation was completed. That in itself is disgusting.

                  Registering usually requires a photo ID of some sort. Using a SS card or bc usually requires some form of proof of birth, as well. You can keep taking this back as far as you want, but the idea is to prove someone is who they say they are.

                  I’m surprised you are against this. Some day someone will fraudulently use your ballot to vote and you might not be so happy.

                • The Franken election was contested in the courts for 8 months, he couldn’t even be seated in until July of that year. Republicans contested his election more out of an effort to delay the Democrat’s senate supermajority than a genuine belief of election shenanigans, but that’s besides the point. Every single vote in that election was counted, recounted, and debated before a judge. No evidence of fraudulent votes was discovered after 8 months.

                  “Using a SS card or bc usually requires some form of proof of birth”

                  Using a birth certificate requires some form of proof of birth? Are you serious?

                  “That’s why the voter ID laws are being created, to diminish those fraudulent votes. I’m surprised you argue against it, since you’re so sure of, and apparently proud of, the way you can vote fraudulently so easily.”

                  Please, explain to me how voter ID laws would prevent me from mailing out my roommate’s early ballot. Do you even know what voter ID laws are?

                • Nukeman60
                • Holy crow, do you even know what the proposed voter ID laws are? A person’s criminal past is not contained on any government-issued identification. So how would voter ID laws prevent any felon from voting? Please, read:


          • RobertX

            “Anyone in this day and age who doesn’t have an ID likely doesn’t do anything but sit at home…”

            There are literally millions of people in NYC who don’t have driver’s licenses; the take public transportation and taxi cabs.

            I live in Florida but was born in Pennsylvania. My birth certificate was lost in Hurricane Andrew. If I did not have a driver’s license for whatever reason (perhaps my family was poor and never owned a car — perhaps I’m old and no longer drive), I’d first have to apply to Pennsylvania for a duplicate birth certificate (and pay a fee); then, after a two or three week wait, I’d have to take my Pennsylvania birth certificate to a Florida Driver’s License office, wait in an interminable line, and pay another fee to obtain a state picture ID.

            Sorry, toongoon, but that all sounds like a difficult enough (and costly enough) procedure that I might be discouraged and not bother. People in situations like that are mostly minorities and elderly, demographics more likely to vote Democrat.

            • Nukeman60

              The most likely people to not have IDs are just that demographic that needs IDs for welfare and government assistance. Where was the outrage with that and how have they survived all this time needing IDs for those things and not having them. Yours is an argument that doesn’t hold water.

            • toongoon

              “People in situations like that are mostly minorities and elderly, demographics more likely to vote Democrat.”

              Yep! Of course if those Democrats wanted to go to the Democratic convention or fundraiser they would have to show an ID.

              Getting a replacement ID might be difficult but it is necessary. I don’t believe you don’t have one.

              To buy alcohol, cigarettes, get a loan, apply for welfare, apply for unemployment, or even get a job you need an ID. But to vote you can just say that you are somebody else. Get real.


              • Alcohol, cigarettes, loan, welfare, unemployment checks, jobs, a vote.

                One of these things is not like the other. One of these things is a constitutional right. Can you guess which?

                • Nukeman60

                  None of those things is a constitutional right. Scroll down this list of things not in the Constitution until you get to ‘the right to vote’. Might be a little helpful.


                • The constitution guarantees a right to vote to every law-abiding US citizen above the age of 17. It specifies under what conditions in can and can’t be denied.

        • Nukeman60

          …750,000 registered voters do not have required ID to vote…‘ – r

          Tell me just how they got registered without proper ID. A voter registration card is proper ID to vote, but somebody conveniently forgets that every time.

          If Democrats hate the fact that all Republicans have IDs and most Democrats don’t have any, why don’t they spend their valuable time getting IDs for all those poor Democrats that are cashing welfare checks, unemployment checks, obtaining food stamps all without proper ID, but yet were able to get a voter registration card without anything at all. Hmmm…

          • RobertX

            “A voter registration card is proper ID to vote, but somebody conveniently forgets that every time.”

            Now that we’ve heard your fantasy, here’s the fact: In Florida and several other states, a voter registration card is not sufficient ID to vote, because it does not have a picture. If a voter registration card is good enough, there wouldn’t be any controversy.

            • Nukeman60

              First of all, people in Florida shouldn’t be voting in Ohio or Pennsylvania. I’d call that voter fraud, but you say there isn’t any, so…

              Voter registration requires a picture ID to acquire to register in Florida.


              • RobertX

                Well, no. Perhaps you should read the things you post before you make a fool of yourself. Here’s the last of a list of rules to obtain a voter registration, cut and pasted directly from the link you provided:

                6 – Provide your current and valid Florida driver’s license number or Florida identification card number. If you do not have a Florida driver’s license number or a Florida identification card number then you must provide the last four digits of your Social Security Number. If you do not have any of these items, you must write “none” in the box or field.

                Absolutely nothing about showing or having a picture ID.

                • Nukeman60

                  I don’t know how foolish it is to attempt to diminish the amount of voter fraud out there. It’s gone on so long and expanded so far that people like you actually find yourselves defending it. I’d think you’d want fair and honest elections.

                  No, instead you decry that any attempt to clean it up is an attempt to thwart it. Any legitimate voter should certainly want to ensure that their vote is not compromised. But you try to find any way to keep the fraud going. Picture IDs are a commonplace item. You know millions that don’t have one, but I’ve never come across anyone who doesn’t have some form of it. It’s required in every aspect of our lives, but not in the most important task we have.

                  Whether you talk about a driver’s license, a ss card or a bc, it requires proving that you are who you say you are to acquire these. That is what people are starting to demand. You can’t eliminate voter fraud, but you can try to diminish it.

                  Other than that, I grow weary of your drivel, as you are looking for an argument rather than a solution.

    • WhiteGuy2

      Pardon me,… would you have any Grey Poupon?

  • LdyDesign

    RobertX, you must be a member of Obama’s “choom gang”. There are Acorn employess who have gone to jail for voter fraud. Maybe you should just scroll back through this site and actually see all the latest news on Obama’s destruction of our border policy. But then again….your mind is so closed. You probably see the facts as a conspiracy.

    • RobertX

      There are ACORN employees who have gone to jail for registration fraud, and ACORN themselves are the ones who turned them in. Not a single one of the false registrations resulted in a vote or an attempt to vote.

      Here’s what Fox News reports on “Obama’s destruction of our border policy”:

      U.S. Customs and Border Protection says it’s closing the stations in order to reassign agents to high-priority areas closer to the border.

      “These deactivations are consistent with the strategic goal of securing America’s borders, and our objective of increasing and sustaining the certainty of arrest of those trying to enter our country illegally.”

      • toongoon

        “These deactivations are consistent with the strategic goal of securing America’s borders, and our objective of increasing and sustaining the certainty of arrest of those trying to enter our country illegally.”

        Examples of Obama “strategic” goals:

        Illegal immigrant rearrest rate at 16 %. This means they are put back on the street, if they being sent back, we’re not doing a very good job of watching them come right across the border.

        An ICE agent arrested an illegal immigrant who was driving without a license and had a string of other traffic violations, but was told to release him because he wasn’t a “priority” under the new unconstitutional rules of Obama’s enforcement plan for illegal immigrants.

        ICE refuses to investigate:

        Illegal Aliens Getting Bigger Tax Refund Checks:

        Executive overreach:

        — Legalize 12 million illegal immigrants. Just giving these 12 million potential new citizens free health care alone could overwhelm the system and bankrupt America. But it adds 12 million reliable new Democrat voters who can be counted on to support big government. Add another few trillion dollars in welfare, aid to dependent children, food stamps, free medical, education, tax credits for the poor, and eventually Social Security.–overwhelm-the-system-95716764.html

        So pardon me.

        • It’s also 12 million new taxpayers. But your anecdotal cases aside, Obama has been tougher on border security that any president, by every measure in which you can possibly measure border security. In 2009, he signed a bill funding to the border patrol. To date, its the only branch of the federal government that increased the size of its payroll. There’s now more active border patrol agents than at any point in the nation’s history. Obama’s “unconstitutional” plan for enforcement prioritization involves focusing on deporting violent criminals and drug cartel members over lawn workers. Since 2009, the majority of deportees fit that category, which is a first for the border patrol’s history.

          But contrary to gut instinct, focusing only on hardened criminals hasn’t left the border patrol with their hands tied. In sheer quantity, 2011 was an all-time record for deportations. The second biggest year is was 2010. The third biggest year? 2009. You might see a pattern here. And despite the civil war going on in Mexico, property and violent crimes in the border states has been declining across the board.

          • Nukeman60

            You might see a pattern here‘ – s

            Yep, I see the pattern. 2011 was an all-time record population for the US. The second biggest year was 2010. The third biggest? 2009. I’m seeing the pattern. Are you?

            In a year when ICE officers can and will get publicly reprimanded, suspended and fired for doing their job, Obama has declared the borders wide open. Call yourself a dreamer and you have carte blanc.

            It’s going to get ugly before it’s over. I’d stick my head back in the sand, if I were you. At least your head will be safe, but not the other end.

            • Ah, well since the US population is increasing every year, we can ignore every statistic that shows increases in successful arrests. Nobody gets credit for being tough on crime! Anywhere!

              I gotta say, putting more troops and agents on the border seems like a backwards way of declaring them “wide open”. Especially since 2011 was the first year in over 40 years that we kicked out as many illegals that came in. Yes, I believe “nobody getting through” is a very odd definition of “wide open”

              Out of curiosity, what president has a better record on border security? In your opinion.

      • toongoon
        • Nukeman60

          Wow, toon. That was awesome. Where’s it been hiding since last November? Don’t waste it on a flyby troll. You should post it on a new open thread.

          • toongoon

            Nuke, you probably know by now that John Frank linked to it on a newer thread. I just wanted to tease Bobbyx a little. 🙂

            • Nukeman60

              Ahhh, I see. It was the first time I had seen it and I just loved it. Kudos.

              • toongoon

                I know. That really is a cool video, I have been putting all over the place.

        • RobertX

          That was great. Here are some Reagan facts for ya:

          In 1982 Reagan signed a package of tax increases that dwarfed anything Obama ever signed.

          In 1986, Reagan signed the Immigration Reform and Control Act, which legalized close to 3 million undocumented immigrants.

          As governor of California, Reagan signed the Mulford Act, which prohibited the carrying of firearms on your person, in your vehicle, and in any public place or on the street, and he also signed off on a 15-day waiting period for firearm purchases. After he left the presidency, he supported the passage of a nationwide, uniform standard of a 7-day waiting period for the purchase of handguns.

          Thanks for reminding us that Reagan was far to the left of Obama on a number of important issues.

          • toongoon

            The thing is, when Reagan ran for reelection the economy was in great shape.

            Obama’s economy is in the sh!tter, he doesn’t deserve to even run for reelection.

            There’s a fact for ya!

            • RobertX

              Here’s another fact for you. Bush bankrupted the country with two discretionary wars and massive tax breaks for millionaires — all off the books. When the bills came due Obama was president, but the debts were incurred by Bush.

              Meanwhile, immediately after Obama was inaugurated, McConnell announced the number one priority for congressional Republicans. Was it jobs? No. Was it the economy? Hell, no. It was seeing that Obama becomes a one-term president, regardless of the cost to the American people.

              Since then, Democrats have introduced no fewer than 19 separate jobs bills, including several that would provide incentives for companies that bring jobs back to the U.S. and penalize companies that export jobs. The Republicans blocked every one of them. Meanwhile, you know how many jobs bills the Republicans introduced? Exactly ZERO.

              I agree… the economy’s in the shitter. The Republicans have voted in lockstep to keep it that way. To hell with what’s good for the country. The country can go to hell as long as we can keep Obama from accomplishing anything worthwhile.


              • Nukeman60

                It was seeing that Obama becomes a one-term president, regardless of the cost to the American people.‘ – r

                I’d like to see that quote. Don’t make up stuff (oops, too late). If Hitler was elected and stated his goals for the country, my number one goal would be to defeat him. Obama’s socialist ideas were known to be bad for our country, yet he was able to institute them with the help of a supermajority, and guess what – it proved right.

                Coming out of a recession in the 90’s, Japan instituted the exact same policies that Obama has done. They have their ‘lost decade’, and thanks to Obama, we now have the start of ours. Try to learn from history, whether it be German, Japanese, or American.

              • toongoon

                Bush was not a conservative, I have no argument with you about that. But it is worth noting that everything went downhill after the Democrats took the House with Pelosi as Speaker. Between Bush and House Dems,everything went downhill quick.

                Reagan had a successful presidency, what he did worked. Obama has a horrible presidency, everything he touches goes bad.

                I am a little bored with you now, see ya later.

            • p m

              Aaarrrggghhh – sorry toon, clicked on the wrong like above, thought it was your comment. Hot damn.

              • toongoon

                Say three Hail Mary’s and go to bed without dinner!

                Funny, I didn’t mean to give Robertx a like and when I tried to cancel it I gave him another one. But that’s OK, Bobby’s a good guy, misguided to be sure, but a good guy.

              • Nukeman60

                You can ‘unlike’ by clicking it again. No harm, no foul, no fingerprints, lol. 🙂

  • jimmie smith

    since when did the current commander in chief respect the constitution? Only when it suits his agenda? Mr. Obama has no regard for the laws of this country or the people, but however, if you give special rights to one group of people, then it needs to be extended to all citizens! All of this smacks of voter disenfranchisement. Something the left so despises, they actually practice!…. Tea Party…

  • detectivedick

    Well, I read this Blog last night and saw the first comment before it was deleted by TRS. That deleted comment as well as the other “new” commentators, most likely from Organizing for America, should be taken as a badge of honor.
    The LIAR will stop at nothing to maintain the Transformation of the USA. A comment to the “new” trollers, good luck with your illegals voting and remember you are free because of the Second Ammendment and the hard work of your parents. Also ckeck to make sure there is no black mold in your basement

  • Nukeman60

    The big hubbub in this lawsuit deals with the ability to vote ‘in-person’ up to 3 days prior to the election. I see two issues here.

    One, we should be giving our military every opportunity to vote. Extending them 3 extra days is a curtesy that is the least of which we should do for them. Our military, time and time again, get their votes cast to the side when they’re overseas and so it wouldn’t hurt us to give them a couple of extra days while home, due to their potential for being shipped out at any time. Let’s try to honor these people, not disparage them. They fight and die for our ability to vote, as it is, so let’s give them every curtesy possible. I’ll guarantee that there are no fraudulent votes with the military. Their respect for the Constitution is unquestionable, in my opinion.

    Secondly, as to anyone else having these three extra days, it’s not costing anybody any votes. They can still vote absentee by mail any time they want. One would think they would prefer that to ‘in-person’ voting. The big issue with the lawsuit seems to be that election day is overwhelmed with potential voters and these people need to be able to vote ‘in-person’ three days ahead. Wouldn’t it be easier for them to vote by mail, but it’s so important that they vote ‘in-person’ early. I smell a rat here. Do they already have some scheme set up with people voting ‘in-person’ early, so that they can also vote on election day, and possibly vote early by mail as well. The fact that it’s in Ohio, the most important swing state and one Obama is afraid of losing, tells me volumes about their secret intent here.

    Methinks they doth protest too much. I must look at what their other hand is doing before I accept the reasoning behind this lawsuit.

  • bobemakk

    This is an outrage just like most all of the proposals that this administration is pushing. You can fight for our freedom but not vote because they require extra time because of combat or other assignments. Obama has to go and so do all the dummycrats. This country was brought about by our forefathers who gave US freedom that we couldn’t have elsewhere and Obama and his cronies are trying to strip it away. Everyone must wake up and get rid of the Obama administration and his followers. I just cannot understand why the presidential race is reportedly so close. Anyone with any common sense has to be able to see how Obama is ruining US.

  • virginiagentleman1

    Interesting isn’t it. The commander in chief and his administration seek to remove from our brave men and women in uniform their right to vote by using the hated ‘equality’ gambit against them. EQUALITY, used as a tool of undermining the Constitution is gathering speed at a breakneck pace.

    Once again, Obama has turned his sights on the very people who are our last line of defence and serve as the guareentors of our freedoms, often at the cost of their lives or horrible injuries from combat.

    Politicians, regardless of the office they hold, take the same oath of fealty to the Constitution that our warriors do.
    At that point all simularity ends.
    The oath of office to a politician appearently is nothing more then a means to an end, a nessessary evil in order to take office and wield political power.

    The Warrior on the other hand takes it as a sacred oath of service to a cause much greater then himself/herself and willingly place their lives and health in harms way.
    There are key words in the oath of office that sum up the Warriors responcibility;

    Notice that the Warrior does not swear an oath to any mortal man or woman, such as the oath of fealty sworn to Adolph Hitler by the German armed forces of WW2, or the Roman leaders of antiquity.

    No, our Warfighters swear their fealty to an old piece of parchment, a set of ideals set forth by the Founders of this Republic, who in their wisdom, avoided any oath to a mortal leader. Their experence with the Armies of King George and their absolute allegence to him were still fresh upon their minds. They vowed to never allow that to happen in the new Republic.

    With the most unique principles of an open and free government in history set down in ink upon parchment, our nation was founded, and to continue our unique experiment of government, we REQUIRE that our Warriors swear their fealty to a document, the Constitution, and NOT to a king, a prince, a president, or a senator or congressman.

    Now, in this day and time we have a president, his admin, a congress and a court system that would elevate themselves above the Constitution, in essence, become kings and princes OVER the people, RULE rather then serve, ORDER us rather then seek our approval.

    Is this the America you want? Are you content to be a serf, a ward of the state rather then be a free citizen?
    Can we as a free people stand by and watch as our very bravest, our own sons and daughters, lose their basic rights, to the marxist tenent of “equallity” under the law? A tenent that has wrought such upheavel and disaster in America? Are you content to sit idly by and watch as illegals are granted the rights that your sons and daughters in uniform are losing?

    If we as citizens, as voters, as parents, and yes, as warriors, stand by and do nothing, the Constitution and our way of life will die. Just another failed nation in a long history of failed nations committed to the dust bin of history.

    This outrage being committed against the sons and daughters in uniform in Ohio, has alarmed those wearing the uniform throughout the Armed Forces of the United States. If it can happen in Ohio, it can happen in any state!
    And my friends, if it can happen to our Armed Forces, it can happen to YOU and me!

    I would caution our leaders and politicians, and advise them to remember to WHAT AUTHORITY our Armed Forces swear their fealty to. It isn’t THEM!

    Something to consider? In the long history of the American Warrior, not once have they failed to uphold their sworn duty to UPHOLD, PROTECT, PRESERVE, and DEFEND the Constitution of the United States! NOT ONCE!
    They will ALWAYS carry out their sworn duty. It is their reason for being. And they have never failed!

    If I were a politician, I would think long and hard about the foolishness of removing any of our Armed Forces basic rights.

    The Armed Forces of the United States have never once mutinied against civilian authority.
    At least not YET.
    But they are very angry at what is happening in Ohio and in our federal government. Their rightous anger frightens me to the core of my very soul.
    America is in the balance. Are we “MARXIST AMERIKA”? Or are we still “CONSTITUTIONAL AMERICA”?

    Commonsense tells me that if we as free citizens and voters do not change the make up of government and restore it to its constitutional foundations; then there is a force, a war machine greater and more powerful then any that has ever been scene in the history of the world, watching, and waiting, for us as citizens and voters to do our duty as American citizens, and to reclaim our governments, federal and state.

    Should we not do our duty to remove socialism and marxism from American and state governments through the ballot box, I am reminded that the American Armed Forces has never once failed in THEIR duty to Uphold, Preserve, Protect, and Defend the Constitution.

    • toongoon

      Hear, hear, my friend, Well said.

      • virginiagentleman1

        A happy and beautiful Sunday to you and Miss Oyl my dear friend!

    • RobertX

      “Interesting isn’t it. The commander in chief and his administration seek to remove from our brave men and women in uniform their right to vote by using the hated ‘equality’ gambit against them.”

      Interesting, isn’t it.The commander in chief and his administration are not seeking to remove the right to vote from ANYBODY; they’re seeking to leave the military’s access to the polls exactly as they’ve always been, and restore the same rights to civilian citizens (in the name of equality).

      It’s right-wing blogs that equate giving back voting rights to non-military citizens with stripping rights from military. It ain’t so — no one is trying to curtail the voting rights of any military personnel.

      • virginiagentleman1

        Your mindset precedes you. I read through your profile and activities.

        So you think the world of Obama is your Utopia? You are pleased with the direction he is taking the country are you?
        Right-wing blogs? Just what one would expect you to say judging from your previous comments, street fighter for peace. How’s the OWS movement working out for you?

        If you have such a low opinion of ‘rightwing’ blogs, why do you bother visiting them? You will change no ones point of view here with yours.
        Face it, there are two very distinct political ideaologies playing out in America. They are such polarized viewpoints that neither one will persuade the other. In the end, we will still have exactly what we have now, division. Yet, you will still advocate for yours just as I will advocate for mine.

        We will never see eye to eye.

      • You like Barack base things on the premise that everything about this country is on an uneven playing field and you need to even things out. It is time you studied world history and learn that when government runs the majority of things in the country that is where you will find oppression and inequality! Obama needs to work on protecting our borders and preserving our freedoms. Instead all he wants to do is to become mommy and daddy to the 300million plus people in this country and IT’S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!

        • toongoon

          Good call Cheryl.

      • white531

        Actually, the only voting rights I would like to curtail are yours, because I believe anyone who votes and therefore has the ability to change the future of our nation, should have at least, half a brain. I have looked at your profile and your comments and you don’t seem to achieve that mark.

  • Rob

    It’s no wonder the spotlight is on Ohio. Ken Blackwell ran such a disaster in Ohio four years ago. I think there are still people waiting in line to vote!

  • Allen West is right on the mark! Obama is undeserving of the title of President! He must go in November!

  • Landscaper59

    I am no longer surprised at how low this man-child will go. Send him out and we can wash our hands of him.

  • white531

    Gonna make an off topic comment here this evening. In the late summer in Southern Arizona, we enjoy what is called the, “Monsoon season.” It’s a name from India, because they have the same tropical rains there in the summer, hence the name. Monsoon. It’s an intense electrical storm, with lightning, thunder, and maniacal winds. Did I mention the rain? More rain than you can believe. A week’s worth of rain in one hour. Cools down the desert, washes away all the dust, and gives relief to all the animals who live here, including humans. I often think it is God’s way of showing Hollywood what a real show is. It is mesmerizing. I sit on my patio with a glass of Chardonnay and enjoy the spectacle of it all. It reminds me how insignificant we all are in the big picture. Not that we don’t have influence in the game. Just that we have to be careful to not take ourselves too seriously. God has a plan. May not be the one you were thinking of, but a plan, nonetheless.

  • white531

    I think Obama just proved himself to be an Idiot all over again. The large majority of this country have been in the Military Service of this country, or have family members who are currently serving. In his arrogance, he thinks he can attack the Military families of this country and still get re-elected. What an incredibly stupid human being. He has one of the lowest ratings of any President in History and in the few remaining weeks of a difficult campaign against a strong opponent, he decides to take on the Military families of this nation. Well, nobody ever said the man had any brains to begin with. I have looked at the problem and I have read the comments of others who say the Military voters should not have any advantage over ordinary citizens, regarding early voting. Really? Equality and all that. Let me ask you this simple question. How many of you ordinary citizens stand out there every day on the front lines facing America’s enemies? You don’t think, just maybe, that might be worth three lousy days of early voting for our brave soldiers, who stand watch out there where you don’t stand? Give me a Goddamned break! This illegal immigrant who wormed his way into being President of the greatest nation on earth, doesn’t think these soldiers are any different than other Americans? Please excuse me, but I gotta go find a place to puke.

  • Jan

    Okay, let’s do this slowly. The Ohio legislature passed a law that took away voting rights from citizens who are not military. The Justice Department sees that as inherently unconstitutional (which it is – military are not exempt). They want the new law declared invalid, thereby opening up early voting for everyone, including military, once again, as it has been for a very long time until GOPs decided to screw around with it this year.

    Are we clear?

  • TAbMJb7726

    Obama is afraid of losing the great s the of Ohio and will do everything in his power to limit access to the vote as possible. Officers tasked with assisting our servicemen in combat are limited and the opportunity to have access to them has to be scheduled and coordinated. When serving in a combat situation where it is, go on patrol for extended hours or days, return to your base, repair and receipt yourself, rest and take care of personal Huygens, it’s almost impossible to keep track of what month it is, let alone, “what day am I supposed to vote on?” give these guys a break! Help them to have a voice in who gets elected.
    It is quite obvious that key members of this current administration have not served in any military service, except maybe the black panthers.

  • Servicemen who are serving overseas vote via absentee ballots. The dates of in-person voting in Ohio has no bearing on them.

  • Hmmmmm, extending voting for all…. How does this criticize the military?

  • the military members should get 2 votes each, since each is offering up his one life for this country.

  • tigerlily78

    Why isn’t there any weekend of late evening voting in Ohio? …because Republicans there reduced early voting by three days and intentionally scrubbed times that are more convenient for working people without job flexibility.

  • tigerlily78

    The lawsuit aims to reinstate extended early voting for everyone, not JUST military personnel. Of course no one on this site probably can bear to acknowledge the reality… that you LIKE discriminatory practices against poor people and minorities and you love lies that support your political agenda even better.