***UPDATED WITH POLL*** Romney calls on Akin to withdraw from Senate race

Via HuffPo:

Presumptive GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney on Tuesday called on Rep. Todd Akin (R-Mo.) to drop out of the U.S. Senate race in Missouri.

“As I said yesterday, Todd Akin’s comments were offensive and wrong and he should very seriously consider what course would be in the best interest of our country,” said Romney in a statement. “Today, his fellow Missourians urged him to step aside, and I think he should accept their counsel and exit the Senate race.”

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  • Patriot077

    I’m praying Akin listens … now I’m off to the dentist and will be anxious to see whether my prayer gets answered.

    • aquaviva

      It’s been all downhill since the drilling started.

      • RestlessLegs

        I’m going to wager your trip to the dentist was a more pleasant experience than having to listen to this selfish twit on Hannity.

        • Patriot077

          You won!

  • maynardb50

    But McCaskill wants him to stay!!

  • marketcomp

    Did the majority of the people who voted for Akin urge him to withdraw from the race? So why would Mitt Romney, who never has supported a tea party candidate other than Christine O’Donnell, urge Akin to drop out? Is that up to him?

    • A majority didn’t vote for Akin. Only 36% of the primary electorate. 10% of those Democrats.

      • marketcomp

        Sean, those are the laws in MS and obviously the voters want it that way or they would change it. So, are you saying that Akin is a plant to to set-up McCaskill as the eventual winner? Even the person who Sarah Palin endorsed came in third. So didn’t the people of MS know this? Are they that easily manipulated?

    • 2yves

      Mitt Romney should because he wants to be president, the leader of the free world. Mitt Romney should want the best for the republican party which is to gain a senate majority so that he can make the necessary reforms ie. repeal Obamacare without stonewalling from Harry Reid. This is a very important election and every senate seat counts.

      • marketcomp

        So are you saying that Mitt Romney calling out Todd Akin will cause him to not be President! That is as stupid as anything that I have ever heard. I need a little more explanation here because I try to be open minded. Clare McCaskell is a total disaster because she has been a total hack for Obama, so are you saying that the people on MO cannot see that? Or, are you saying that Todd Akin affects the entire Republican party for the comments he made and because of that will cause the elections to swing the dems way? I do not believe that for one moment and for all of you to jump of the bandwagon is really disheartening. Wouldn’t apologizing be an effort to cure what he said?

  • Sandra123456

    Akin has to step down to stifle the Dems on this issue. Maybe it is not fair, right etc, but we must win this fall decisively. Akin would be a millstone.

  • anyonebutbarry2012

    I agree, we need that senate seat. he was told yesterday he get no support from the senatorial republican committee. if he stays in its for his own selfishness, not for the good of the party.

  • Akin won’t listen to a Mormon I’m afraid. He probably think that Romney is a servant of Satan. The only ones who want him to stay in are Huckabee, Claire McCaskill and Planned Parenthood. What does that tell you, Akin? Well, so Missouri is lost but we can still take the Senate. We just need a net gain of 3 plus the VP OR net of 4. That’s doable. There is much less margin for error and we are going to lose Maine so we really need to pick up 4. Scott Brown must hold his seat. The most likely pick-up opportunities are Nebraska, North Dakota, Montana, Hawaii (surprising), Virginia, Ohio, New Mexico. We don’t have anymore room for these unforced errors though.
    Losing Missouri hurts.
    Just to preempt anyone not living in reality: if he stays in he will lose 100% guaranteed.

    • What the hell does Romney being a Mormon have ANYTHING to do with this?

      • Akin is an ultra-conservative Christian. They think that Mormons are Satanic in their beliefs and practices. He probably sees it as a point of pride that he is not only standing up to pregnant rape victims (who he all but said weren’t raped) but also to a cultist from Babylon (Massachusetts).

        • The fact that you conflated Romney’s Mormonism into this makes you sound like a loon. Just sayin.

          • tularockstar

            More a liberal loser or a RINO!

          • Bottom line, he is right. We can be against Mormonism and still like Romney much better than Obama, like I do. But any born-again Christian knows that Mormonism is a cult! If you really believe your Bibles, you know that much. We can dislike a cult but still like a Mormon person. I see nothing wrong with his comment personally and btw, I think Akin should stay in and win! Who needs Republican money. 5013cs can help him. I’ll donate.

          • Spartan4Palin

            My fear is that Akin stays in and decides to take revenge if he wins to vote with Democrats like Murkowsky did when she took revenge on Palin

    • marketcomp

      OK, SeanM, now that is crazy stupid for you to think that! And until I hear something different I do not think that Akin believes that.

      • XXIIFan

        I have no idea what Akin believes but you can rest assured that there are many ultra conservative Christians who believe exactly as SeanM stated.

        • marketcomp

          Ok, so even if Akin has that belief system a majority of the people still voted for him. Moreover, Toss Akin did not rape anyone and if Romney did not call out Scott Brown for posing in playgirl magazine then nothing should be said to Todd Akin. HE MADE A MISTAKE PEOPLE!

          • XXIIFan

            He did make a mistake and many people can let it go but maybe not enough people for him to win the election. Those calling for him to drop out want the Republicans to win that seat and they want to be seen calling for Akin to drop out. Otherwise, the left will relentless bring it up and insist that any Republican who didn’t call for his withdrawal must be of exactly the same mindset. It’s yet another way to draw attention away form Obama’s stellar job of stimulating the economy, reducing unemployment and instilling confidence in the American people.

    • tularockstar

      Servant of Satan? REally? You really need to get out more and stop snorting, dufus!

  • ChesterWalton

    I am disappointed in Romney and was suspicious of his lack of conviction when he won the nomination. When the MSM and republican elite make a decision, he check the which way the wind is blowing and then falls right in line, often time a day late.

    • Actually, Romney and Ryan issued a response before anyone else. They were lightning fast on this.

      • 2yves

        They were not lightning fast on asking him to withdraw from the race. Romney waited until the RNC pulled all their funding first. That is NOT leadership.

        • You think the RNC isn’t in contact with Romney?

  • HuffPO Right Scoop…come on you can do better than that….it was all over TWITTER 10 minutes ago…not HuffPo

    And Romney now up in Michigan 48/44 percent!!

    • Sorry that’s where I saw it. Also I never got a tip from you so you can only blame yourself. 😉

  • WILLARD needs to mind his own business, and concentrate on his own run for further political office. In any event, I see Jennifer Granholm’s got her mouth running on this issue, too, which is nothing shocking.

    Granholm: she’s so stupid, she makes it too easy.

    Jennifer Granholm: “As I said on The War Room with Jennifer Granholm last night, Ryan, Romney and Akin are cut from the same cloth: http://bit.ly/NiCkOo This morning, Republicans voted to include in their party platform a ban on abortion w/no exceptions for rape. Sounds a lot like Akin, doesn’t it? http://bit.ly/PSYYmd

    Ibjr Non Smith: “I guess the thought of letting the People of the States decide their own laws is abhorrent to someone like yourself, Granholm: a Canadian Fabian socialist. You may not know this, but States are sovereign. That means they have self determination, and can make their own laws. The federal government (the thing Fabian socialists, like yourself, erroneously believe to be the answer to all Humanity’s woes) has no Constitutional authority to even have a say in abortion law, BUT, the Constitution has never been much of an impediment to leftists, like yourself, who hide on the Internet, as opposed to confronting the people they talk about from the shadows of obscurity. Oh, by the way, what’s your opinion on this, JENNY?:”


    Does your false outrage cover statutory rape? Probably not.

  • Joe

    Akin is simply waiting for the right $$ offer to come along

    He has nothing to lose by waiting for more $$ to be offered

    This is a “holdup” – nothing more nothing less

    I hope the RNC digs up some dirt on this jerk before the DNC does

    He is risking a lot for his “beliefs”

    A$$hole (He will go – but the damage will be done)

    • keninil

      The problem if Akin resigns the party will not pick Steelman or Brunner, but a “none of the above”. That is how Alan Keyes was picked to run against O for Senate in IL. Likewise in IL-13 when Tim Johnson quit after winning the primary, they picked a party hack or party “elder”. It’s horribly unfair that the people who come in second aren’t given a chance.

      Akin should go, but only if Wagner, Steelman, or Brunner are picked as a replacement.

      • Joe

        I don’t know any of those – but anyone else would be better – just to change the conversation

        • keninil

          The MO Senate primary came out Akin 36%, Brunner, 30%, Steelman 29%. Ann Wagner got 66% running for Akin’s house seat.

  • tularockstar

    Akin is not staying in for the party, but more for his own selfish self! We need this Senate seat and overturn that PO$ Reid!

    • cathmom

      Well it will definitely turn over to the Dem now because GOP is causing such a stir about it.

  • Joe


  • smmy33

    Greedy ambitious pol, the opposite of what the conservative ethos is, this guy is not only greedy but a fool, he can’t win, he can’t self sustain his own campigne so without outside money without the republican party money without the republican senatoral money who’s going to bank roll his election, McCaskill and democrats , like they did he the republican primary….. And from what I’ve read , democrats will find a lot more stupid quotes and kill him off in the next 2 months. Mike Hukabee should pay a praise for pushing this loser in the primary and now.

  • sDee

    What ever aligned to get this guy through the primary, to make that idiotic statement, is not going to let him back out. Romeny is going have to swing a bigger club than this.

    I’d say this is his first test of leadership.

  • RestlessLegs

    I’m listening to Akin on Hannity right now, and it’s aggravating. Akin’s talking as if he’s the ONLY Republican who can bring conservative ideas to the race against McCaskill. He cites the PPP poll that shows him one point ahead of McCaskill now (although the PPP poll had a +9R advantage!). (Hannity doesn’t appear to know about that poll’s bias either…) PPP set the trap, and Akin fell right into it. If this self-serving idiot costs us the Senate…grrrr…

  • cathmom

    This is just plain stupid. He is going to stay in the race, but now voters in MO will be affected because everyone in the GOP wants him to step aside. So now the Republican voters in MO won’t even bother voting for him at all. This is just bringing discouragement for the voters in MO. GOP needs to stand by their man in MO so the voters can be excited to vote for him. Dems do so much worse!!

    I am not saying I agree with him staying in the race, but now that he has decided that he will, GOP needs to get behind him.

    • sDee

      Kinda looks like a well executed plan – no?

      The corruption runs deep.

      • cathmom

        That is exactly what I was thinking — are they doing this on purpose???? Makes one wonder……………..

  • Your prayer was answered and the answer is NO!

  • Game over for Akin.

    • marketcomp

      Not yet.

  • B-Funk

    Idiocy and stupid comments is a trait of the Democrat part. We hold our people to higher standards because we don’t lower the bar for anyone!


    Republicans are calling for Akins to drop out, NOT because they think his comments are offensive or degrading.
    They want him to drop out, because they want to win the senate seat.
    Talk about scre wed up priorities.

    • B-Funk

      Very good comment! Did you hear Rush today? He said this election is different because it IS about winning the senate and the presidency. Anyhow, very good comment.

    • A lot of people think Akin’s comments were really stupid and because those stupid comments can cost the that vulnerable senate seat. Yes it is about winning and Akin can’t do it, not now, not ever because of those comments.

    • HopeHeFails

      Akin’s comments are offensive and degrading. The definition of “career limiter.”

      He’s already served 6 terms. Time to take one for the team.

    • PhillyCon

      So, what happens if Republicans don’t take control of the Senate b/c of this race? What do you think will happen to repeal Obamacare? What about confirmation of SC justices? Other appointments?

      See the big picture here?

  • Philo Beddoe

    From what I’ve heard about him, he’s one of the last people republicRAT leadership wants to have to deal with. He doesn’t always follow the party line.

    Sen. Blount, Ashcroft, McConnell all partisian politicians, all responsible for why we are where we’re at today as a country, are calling for him to quit- he should stay. Aiken may keep people like this honest.

  • joyfulgiver

    I think it’s time for Duluth voters to demand Representative Gauthier to step down immediately. His actions, oral sex with a 17 year old male in a rest stop parking lot, is far worse than the words spoken by Mr. Akin. The fact that Mr. Gauthier actually solicited sex through Craigslist is appalling. Our representatives should be held to a higher level of scrutiny than they are receiving these days. A public offical can solicit sex and still stay in office? that’s disgusting! Where is the outrage from the citizens of Duluth? This is an egregious action that requires removal of this individual if he doesn’t step down on his own. Where is the media on this one? Silent again! Double standard!

  • conservative58

    Akin sounds like a self-centered idiot!
    I think the GOP Tea Party needs to start a WRITE-IN campaign!!!

  • JudyPaulette

    If he drops out, wouldn’t that set the precedent for the next person who says something stupid. Dems to repubs…’you forced Akin out so now you need to force (Cruz, Mourdock)
    out for their remarks’. Be it abortion, immigration, Obama, Biden or whatever.
    They play games and the republicans always cow to them.

  • HopeHeFails

    Had this not been on the eve of a giganormous Presidential election he may have been able to ride it out, but that’s not the case. There is blood in the water and Akin has already served 6 terms. It’s time to spend more time with his family.

  • Michael Travis

    Todd Akin is up in the polls and Mitt Romney has NO business asking him to quit the race. Todd Akin apologized by saying he misspoke. What he should have done was to simply clarify what he meant by his words. Honestly, I think Republicans are blowing this whole thing way out of proportion.

    When Todd Akin made his “legitimate” rape comment, he meant that if it really was rape, then women do in fact have options to avoid pregnancy. Hello! It’s called the morning after pill! So if a woman was indeed raped she wouldn’t become pregnant because of the option(s) available to women. That is what Todd Akin was trying to convey during his interview. He wasn’t saying rape was legitimate. Rather, he was saying is if it really was an actual rape, then women have options to avoid pregnancy.

    The Republican hierarchy need to start thinking ‘outside the box’ and quit trying to play “political correctness” cop and doing “knee jerk” reactions before they actually know what it is they’re reacting to. The Republican leadership is making a mountain out of a mole hill and it gives the impression that Republicans are more than willing to stab a fellow Republican in the back and abandon him before they actually understand what it is Todd Akin’s really meant by his words.

    If Todd Akin’s loses the race in Missouri it will be because the Republican leadership stabbed him in the back and hung him out to dry because of a “knee jerk” reaction that is usually reserved for desperate Democrats trying to destroy the Tea Party at the drop of a hat, etc.

    Shame on Reince Priebus! Shame on Mitt Romney!! Shame of Mike Huckabee!!! Your “knee jerk” reactions are providing more fodder for Democrats to paint Republicans as “fly by night” politicians who abandon their own at the slightest of reasons. Illegitimate reasons at that!

    • he said “female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down” he wasn’t talking about the morning after pill. On Hannity’s radio show he said he heard that from a erroneous medical report.

      • marketcomp

        Can you give the man the benefit of the doubt that he simply mis-spoke? That’s it, simple. He didn’t rape anyone and would would bet you that he absolutely support legislation that would protect women against violence. Afterall, he has two daugthers and a wife.

        • Can’t give him the benefit of the doubt about women having the ability to reject getting pregnant if they are raped because he really believed it. He didn’t misspeak about that.

          Hannity confronted Akin over his medical claim that rape victims cannot get pregnant because of biological mechanisms that prevent insemination. The embattled congressman conceded his science was wrong, adding that “People do get pregnant from rape…. I was just medically wrong on that.”

          “You accept now that the medical claim you made is simply wrong?” Hannity challenged. “And you don’t believe what you said yesterday was correct?”

          “I’m not a medical expert. I don’t pretend to know percentages and things like that,” Akin replied. “It was just an article — or a couple of articles I read. They were probably in error.”

          “Are they?” Hannity questioned.

          “I don’t know the percentages,” said Akin.

          “You do understand this is discredited?” Hannity said in response. Akin conceded.

          • marketcomp

            And your point is what? Let’s not forget that MO voted for him now they can get him elected in MO.

            • If voters heard him say that before I don’t think he would have won the primary. So there could many in MO that don’t want him anymore.

              • marketcomp

                So that tells you that it was a mistake. Moreover, if he even said anything similar to that then he would not have been elected.

                • Well I hope he steps down because it’s important that McCaskill is defeated and I don’t believe Akin can do it because of his mistake.

                • marketcomp

                  Do you see something that says that he want be elected? There are polls but we know that they are to influence the vote. This is so stupid and just people jumping on the bandwaggon.

            • I also don’t want to be on the side of Planned Parenthood and McCaskill wanting Akin to stay in the race.

              • marketcomp

                But, that’s beside the point Steven! He was elected in a legitimate primary, right? And if the people of MO thought that the election was rigged then wouldn’t they have changed course?

                • It’s not about rigged elections, it’s about correcting a mistake in Akin.. But only Akin can correct it, but it’s up to the people demand it, if they want it, and i think the people MO do.

                • marketcomp

                  Does anyone know that the people who voted for him wants him out? From everything I see the people who voted for him are not calling for him to step down.

    • marketcomp

      I completely agree, Micheal! They brought, all those mentioned in your post, highlight this more than anyone in the media. I mean you would have thought that Todd Akin actually raped someone. I am so disappointed in Romney and others for telling him to resign. I think there needs to be an opposition in place, in particular those who voted for him, saying that they still support him and they understand what he was trying to say.

  • MaxineCA

    Well, I guess since he decided to stay in, this is a mute point. As Mark Levin said yesterday, if he stays in the people of MO should support him. Think of it as a vote against McCaskill.

    Now it’s up to the good people of MO to do the right thing. Hold your nose, if you must, but do anything you can to vote McCaskill out.

  • smmy33

    After this am really starting not to care what happens in this election , if republicans don’t have the ability to get this guy out of the race when they have all the power. Democrats would have had his guy out the first day ,
    they made dozens of members in congress and Senate vote on bills even thou they knew they were career ending votes .
    With all the tough votes coming up if republicans did win, what’s the point if you can’t even play tough with our side , how the hell will you be able to play tough with the other side, besides the rest of the world… Weak ass.

  • gilleysuited

    Some where, some how conservatives are going to have to quit giving ground. Stand up for what is Right. This is as good a place as any. We are not going to have many more chances.

    Abortion can not be condoned in any form. When it happens, it takes a life given by God.

    Who are we to say the baby of a rape victim is a cause for abortion. Have any of you people, suggesting this man should get out of this race, ever talked to a Human Being that was born of a rape. There are some out there. You can’t tell it by looking at them. They look just like you and me.

    That child had no say in the manner he or she was conceived, but let’s execute the little bastard anyway!

    What sick, selfish society we live in.

    This man was standing on the high ground defending those babies. Ya’ll have become just like the dems, let’s win. screw principles.

    • Have you ever talked to a woman that rejected a pregnancy from being raped? He said women could do that and that’s my problem with his comments. So damn stupid.

      • Then he turned around and immediately retracted that, or doesn’t that count in your world?

        • Only retracted after people called him a friggin idiot.

          • stevenbiot

            Dude slipped up. No harm, unless we live in utopia.

            • It’s more than just a slip up… he actually believed it what he said. Making a mistake is one thing but getting something completely wrong is another. My only concern is he can’t beat McCaskill and that’s why I think he should step away and let someone else.

              • He can’t win because Conservatives are metaphorically gang raping him.

                He said something stupid, get over it. For that one comment his life a career should be laid to waste? I don’t think so.

  • What kind of idiot goes on at length about rape victims in a 2012 Senate campaign ??????

    You sit down with some interview and act like your sitting around a campfire with friends and y’all have the answers to everything ?

    I’m a custodian in California and I could be a better candidate than this jackass !

    ALL you had to do was drive around Missouri and talk:

    1. Obamacare –repeal in toto
    2. The debt and budget deficits mortgaging our grandchildrens future.
    3. Bucking up the economy with low taxes
    4. Strong military and resolute unapologetic foreign policy to promote freedom.

    Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

    Now you have to f!!! it up for our side, [email protected]$$, cos you have to give us all the answers to life, the universe, and everything.

    I hope you win but as far as I’m concerned After you do, you can go to hell.

    • stevenbiot

      Chris, he’s what we got. He’s not much to brag about. Although he’s better than Obama. But, if anyone doesn’t need to talk about being a bone head, it’s Romney. Romneycare is so utterly peasant. Also, bashing Reagan doesn’t sit well with me, Romney.

    • The same kind of idiot that attacks private Christian organizations for little boys and advocates they be put in harms’ way. The same kind of idiot that says he’s for raising taxes on the rich, while criticizing Obama for saying the same thing. The same kind of idiot that creates un-American social medicine programs, then criticizes Obama for making his own program, based off his. The same kind of idiot that champions the non-existent right to murder unborn children, and then pretends he never said that. Guys like you prove Rush right: Republicans like you don’t circle the wagons. You circle the firing squads.

    • Gaffe aside he is still a damn site better than McCaskill.

  • stevenbiot

    Oh, Romney. We support you; but Romneycare is worse than the old slip of the tongue made by Akin. So shut your pie hole and focus on Obama.

  • celestiallady
  • JoelDick

    What will happen if he steps down? Will Steelman be the nominee, and is she likely to lose to McCaskill? The convention has already been held. Could the party replace the candidate after he’s been chosen? Would Steelman have to appear on the ballot as a write-in, or will her name appear?

  • What a bunch of wimps. Republicans and Conservatives are more responsible for Akin’s “presumptive” loss than his dumb comments.

    I’m disgusted with the whole bunch.

    Hey Reince, how ’bout making lemonade out of lemons instead of just letting them rot in the crisper.

    I think they’d rather lose the seat than accept Akin’s apology and then work to get him elected.

    Geez, you’d think he’s the one who actually raped someone.

    I don’t care how many Conservative icons dump on him, I forgive his blunder and support him.

    • kong1967

      Apology accepted, now get out. I think he might be a good conservative, but that comment will hang around his neck forever and it makes me wonder what else he believes. Democrats will eat him for lunch.

      • Amy

        and it makes me wonder what else he believes

        ^^^This is exactly it. I’m tired of dumb arses in elected office…

        • kong1967

          You and me both.

  • How come Conservatives rallied around Rush for his Fluke comment, but don’t even wait for Akin’s apology before asking HIM to resign.

    I wonder what they’ll say if he wins. I pray that happens. That’ll be one big fat Conservative omelet.

    Fight on Todd.

    • kong1967

      Apples and oranges. Rush was being facetious, Akin wasn’t. Rush was just making a point. Akin was trying to state a so-called ridiculous fact.