Romney campaign strikes back alleging collusion, using Super PAC ad against Obama

Not as good as the American Crossroads ad, but a good ad nonetheless as they hit back at Obama’s character for using such a despicable ad to attack Romney. And this looks like an ad made for TV:

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  • 911Infidel

    Character? I admit that Osama Yo Momma is a character all right. But that’s about as far as it gets. The Kenyan boy-man is a troll. His “character” is the rough equivalent of a rattlesnake.

    • badbadlibs

      He even hisses when he speaks, ever notice that?

      • 911Infidel

        Yep. And so did Satan in the garden. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

  • badbadlibs

    I like it! It’s to the point, short, sweet and you don’t have to stop in front of the TV to read the rebuttals.
    This whole incident speaks volumes about the low life (no offense to low lifes) character of the head fish…from which the whole fish stinks.

    • Mtncougar

      Romney’s team is (hopefully) targeting – or beginning to target – a key point of human nature. People HATE to be fooled. I hope they buy ad for ad, strong and clear rebuttals of Obama camp’s lies. I know, I know … all the strategies point to focusing on offense instead of defense. But people HATE being fooled. Tell them and keep pointing it out. THIS isn’t defense, it’s offense.

      I hope they get better at it.

      • badbadlibs

        Maybe even the kool-aide drinkers will start thinking twice. I’d like the see the look on the face of a bo supporter re-telling that vicious lie and then being schooled on the real facts…fool me once and all…

  • I like this ad because while not as long as Crossroads it is very hitting and biting…I love the end…about saying or doing whatever to stay in power….This is a Good Start for Mitt and beginning the take down of Obama’s Phony Character. Yes it could be longer but I like the words and description. This is what we need to see from Mitt…more of this but this is good and with Crossroads…very nice indeed!

  • Rightstuff1

    Its good – but agreed – Crossroads is wayyyyyy better. Romney had better wake the hell up. The libs swine are not just lying (perfect pun) in the gutter they wallow in it. If Romney thinks he can stand back he will get massacred. This is a bare knuckles slugfest with anything goes rules. There is no level to which the Lib-Scum will not drop. Get used to it you ain’t seen nothing yet.

    • PhillyCon

      Yes, he better get used to it. Cause it ain’t going away. Just think what the Left will do if their Messiah doesn’t get elected. Bush hate will look like childs play.

      • Linky1

        This is just the beginning of the Obama/Alinsky attack ads. They probably have dossiers on all the potential VP candidates and will be ready off the mark whomever is chosen. Remember what happened to Sarah Palin?

        Mittens and the gang had better develop a backbone, and learn to fight the left with their own tactics, otherwise it will be a repeat of 2008.

        • MLCBLOG

          That’s right. Buckle your seatbelt and get your bucket ready.


      I am glad we got ’em both!!

  • Orangeone

    This is a great shot across the O’Bambi bow! Kudos to Mittens! Keep it up. Next ad: bowing to other leaders, following ad: apologizing for the greatness of America, another following ad: extortion of business owners and citizens under ObamaTax. Each one speaks to O’Bambi’s Chicago Thuggery/Bulliness character.

  • Keep it up Mitt…this is what your base needs to see, as well as, indies with guts. In other words….a LEADER….leader fight back when they need to and when they do…USE THE FACTS!!! and OBAMA’s OWN WORDS!! This need to become something America sees more and more of…THE MARXIST MESSIAH!! Undercut his Likeability Phoniness and HIS Economic Record will destroy him!! You open the doubt of his character the economy will confirm it. This is what you call a LEFT JAB with a RIGHT HOOK!!!

  • Ok Romney…Good Job! Now get back to hammering him on the issues via the economy and inform the world of his shaky maneuvers in foreign policy. The moral relativist Gen Y crowd doesn’t care about immorality in the WH.

  • marketcomp

    This is excellent because we do deserve better than this President!

  • Rshill7

    That was good. Weirdly enough, my favorite part was at the end:

    “I’m Mitt Romney and I approve this message.” Kapow!! Rabbit punch right to the mouf.


      me, too

      He has a great voice!! very sexy to us women. The voice that is, not especially the man.

  • freenca

    The linguini president, the more and hotter the water he’s in, the more flexible he becomes. Able even to step on is own wagging tongues. At a certain point, the sauce will not even save him and he must be tossed into the trash can.

  • I like the ad but @MittRomney has to hit harder. These #LIBTARD liars need to be exposed for what they are. #BARRYOMUSTGO

  • Joe

    No close AGAIN

    It should close with

    “If you want a lying – corrupt – low life – despicable – obviously evil and soulless empty suit – sleazy preezy – who may not even be a citizen – Vote for Obama”


    “If you want a respectful proven leader – who will bring jobs BACK to the USA – and sincerely LOVES the USA – and wants to make AMERICA PROUD again – Vote for Romney”

    “Remember – YOU will have to live with your choice as AMERICANS”

    I am Mitt Romney – and I approve this message – BUT the choice is yours

    And may G*d have mercy on your souls!

    Now – THAT’S a close!

    (I am available as an ad writer to the Campaign)

  • actionsspeaklouder

    I truly hope that the despicable way Axelrod & Co., is running Obama’s dishonest, anything goes, scorched earth campaign backfires right in their faces – just like the Occupy “movement” has done. Notice how they all stear clear (on the outside) of supporting OWS now that everyone sees and is appalled with their unAmerican and unlawful antics. Most Americans are peace-loving, law abiding and take offense to blatant damaging lies, smears and bullying. How anyone can support Obama, if they are paying attention, is shocking. America’s heart is breaking and Obama flips us the bird every chance he gets.

  • Sober_Thinking

    Character? You can’t use the words: honor, character, truth, respect, etc. when talking about Obama. He’s the Liar-and-Chief. He has no character or honor.

  • MaxineCA

    I thought it was an excellent ad. They made one strong point, which was great and easy to understand even by useful idiots. I’m glad they are using the MSM quotes instead of just FNC.

  • jackl92

    I am the bottom and I very much resent you putting Obama at my level.

  • WordsFailMe

    It’s possible that Romney didn’t pay his taxes for ten years.

    It’s possible that if you work for a Bain-financed company which fails, your wife will die of cancer within 6 years.

    It’s possible that if Romney had paid his taxes, there would not have been a TARP program nor a Stimulus program and that GM stockholders woulds be the richest people on the planet.

    It posible that the next Obama blow will coin a new excuse for his failures–“Romney did it.”

    It’s possible. It’s possible that millions of block-headed, gullible, easily-manipulated, do-gooder, pissant, guilt driven, moronic white people (a******) would take some kind of secret pride meant to hide their own racist tendencies from themselves in electing a “token” black commie dipshit simply because “he doesn’t look or talk THAT black” and that they now realize that if he’s re-elected they will move into the the trailer-house next door to their greatest fear–their poorest relatives.

    I s’pose anything’s possible. Frankly, if that abortion survivor is re-elected, I am going to take great please in watching these stupid racist worms crawl into holes with the rest of the Obama slime.

  • 12grace

    More about obama’s lack of character and evil intentions:

    ’666′ Every American To Be Microchipped In 2013 Per Obamacare
    By Paul McGuire
    July 23, 2012

    A major news story broke on AOL and countless other mainstream news media outlets, this past week, that the Obama Health Care Bill will require all U.S. citizens and babies to receive a microchip or Medchip by March 23, 2013. Whether or not the microchip requirement in the bill is implemented by 2013, remains to be seen.
    In 2010, my book “Are You Ready for the Microchip?” was released, and I asked the question, “Is the microchip implant hidden in the Healthcare Bill? Are newborn children starting in 2013 going to receive a microchip shortly after birth?” Then in the book, I wrote, “ In the massive US HEALTHCARE BILL, which your elected representatives voted for without reading, there is a section titled: Subtitle C-11 Sec. 2521 – National Medical Device Registry which states:Continued below.


    I like this one better. It’s got more class and can reach more people. Simple and to the point.

  • Army_Pilot1967

    Nothing that obama does should surprise anyone. Underhandedness is a integral part of the way obama conducts himself. Lying is also part and parcel of the obama personality, and I, for one, am sick and tired of everything about him. After he leaves the White House in January 2013, it will need to be fumigated to remove the awful smell that is sure to be hanging in the air after his departure.