Romney: I’m not taking the president out of context, he really is out of touch and he just proved it again yesterday

Romney made clear in a speech today that he’s not taking the president out of context with respect to his comment that ‘the private sector is doing fine’, that indeed he really is out of touch. He then pointed out that just yesterday the president has once again proved how out of touch he is by suggesting that he doesn’t understand why Obamacare was hurting small businesses. Romney said that’s a head scratcher and then cited evidence to prove that Obamacare was hurting business all over the nation:

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  • Obamacare is the anchor wrapped around the neck of an albatross that’s sitting on the deck of the Titanic! It is the icerock upon which the bad ship NObama will perish and sink beneath the waves forever to be remembered as that mistake that must never be repeated!!!

    • steprock

      Government control over health care is an invasion of privacy at a level that is so profound and so fundamental to your very person-hood, that I don’t even think people realize its ramifications. But, believe me, they will be vast.

      Imagine being told you can’t buy McDonald’s food anymore, being turned down for tobacco purchases, being given cut-rate meds because your usefulness doesn’t warrant more expensive drugs, it just goes on and on.

      • Rshill7

        Between govt. controlled healthcare and climate change limitations/cpontrols, the government could control EVERY aspect of your life. Those two things alone could accomplish that for them.

        • hrh40

          You do know that Romney is for both of these, right?

          • Rshill7

            Nope. Even if he were, we have those two little things called:

            1. House
            2. Senate

          • klaffner

            “You do know that Romney is for both of these, right?”

            OMG. It is hard to remain civil when this level of idiocy is in play.

      • hbnolikeee

        How about imaging if you live in NYC you can’t buy a 32 ounce soda? Oh right…

    • Rshill7

      Very nice 🙂

      • I should apply for a job at a RNC political ad maker, no? LOL!! I’m here all week!

    • Sober_Thinking

      Well said.

    • Susanna958

      replace it with what though?

      • hbnolikeee

        how about starting out by giving back the 500 billion he stole from that fund for Duh Bumbler Care?

  • las1

    Obama makes it real easy to vote for Romney. But Romney making it easy to vote for Romney? Not so much.

    For Romney it’s all about the economy. But what’s it going to take for the pony to learn more than just one trick?

    I’d vote for him… but he’s certainly not inspiring any confidence imho.

    • I think the “At least he’s not Nobama” tent has many beneath it… in the case of Romney, myself included.

      • las1

        But that’s the problem isn’t it. It’s not enough to vote for NoBama. Romney will just manage the decline. He does not grasp the cultural and social contamination that drives bad economic decisions. For all his supposed faults… I’d go for Gingrich in a heartbeat given that Gingrich understood at all levels in American Society where the problems lay. And they were not just economic.

        So what is Romney-boy going to do in a crisis. When rioting in the streets ensue because of the OWS (times ten) union supported anarchists. Or when more ginned up Trayvon Martin cases occur and the racial unrest begins. Does he understand Islam? No! Does he know the extent of infiltration by MB front groups in all levels of America’s institutions? Romney’s response… Huh! What? Does he grasp the radicalization of Academia in America and the contamination of thinking producing OWS thinking in the first place? Again Romney… Huh?

        The only counter to Romney’s feckless grasp of the society would be informed Congressional freshmen forcing him to the right. For the rest… his advocating for the economy is the easy stuff… the rational response… the bare minimum to run the country. But regarding America’s many other issues, when they com up, Romney will be like a deer caught in the headlights.

        • Sober_Thinking

          I agree with you. Romney is a stop-gap. We needed his money and connections in order to match Obama’s money as much as possible. Plus Romney is so plain vanilla moderate that he’s a little more palatable to the weak-minded. We need a leader, not a ringer. He has my vote but not my heart – far from it.

          Give me a truth-speaking and spicy Allen West ANY day!

          • badbadlibs

            Hear, hear! Well said…my vote but not my heart! And the part about West…wowsers!! Could not agree more!

            • Sober_Thinking


          • FutureOnePercent

            What’s really fun is telling my liberal friends “I doubt I’ll vote for Romney, he’s way too liberal for me.”

            You’re right Sober Thinking, it does make it more palatable to the uninformed.

          • steprock

            Hear hear! Let’s have a real, live leader! I hoped it would be THIS cycle, but no.

            My only fear is that a (R) in the White House will foul up West’s chances and make him wait until the next cycle. West, or any other true leader, couldn’t very well run against RINO Romney.

            • Sober_Thinking

              Excellent point. If McCain had won in 2008, the country would have soured on the GOP and Hillary might be running this time around (2012). More importantly, the Tea Party is a serious political force now – which was driven in part by the monster Obama. All Conservatives may not have galvanized if Obama hadn’t of cheated his way into the pResidency. So yes, even if Romney wins… we might lose overall. We’ll see.

            • Sober_Thinking

              One more point. We were robbed this time around. We deserved a REAL leader to run against Obama: Allen West, Jim DeMint, Thune, even perhaps Sarah Palin. But we were robbed… so hopefully, the Tea Party (Independent) will be a real political party in 2016 and we can elect a solid candidate instead of a milktoast, moderate, establishment one.

              • steprock

                I had such high hopes for this election cycle. Now, they are dashed and I’m making due with freakin’ Mitt Romney. YUCK! It could have been so glorious.

                • Sober_Thinking

                  Dude, you’re not alone.

        • las1, just hope that the convention in Tampa yields a different result and Newt emerges.

        • RosiesSeeingRed

          I totally agree with you, but to get through this election, I try to think of him as a bridge to something better — perhaps one of the many fearless Tea Party backed people who were not yet ready to run this time but will be next time around (some of those congressional freshmen you mentioned, like Ron Johnson, Mike Lee, Rand Paul, or maybe someone like Scott Walker). In the meantime, I see Romney as a placeholder who can at least halt the destruction. I don’t know what other choice we have.

          I can only hope that Gingrich’s aggressive campaigning for Romney can only mean he’s been promised a position of great importance — perhaps one where he can effect more change than he would’ve as president. Maybe he’ll be the guy who will spearhead dismantling the EPA, Dept. of Education, etc. I don’t know, but he sure has been going all out for Romney, so the optimistic side of me wants to believe it is for a good reason.

          • MaxineCA

            I think Newt would make a perfect Chief of Staff. He could really show Romney the ropes and how to get things done. He would be a great influence.

            • klaffner

              Kind of like this idea. Only problem is that the COS has to work 18 hours a day. And Newt likes his leisure and his sleep.

          • trustintheLORDwithallyourheart

            Scott Walker would be my #1 pick for President in 2016 (if Romney is elected this year but blows his first 4 years), or in 2020 if Romney does well his first 4 years and is re-elected in 2016.

            Congressmen/Congresswomen often don’t make good presidential candidates because they don’t have executive experience. Many of them run for Congress or the Senate just so they can become career politicians and get those Government perks (free lifetime health insurance, insider trading, swanky parties, travel to exotic places on the taxpayer’s dime, etc.). Many of them don’t have servant’s hearts, but are self-serving. I suspect many of them are also unable to hold a job in the private sector, so they look to Government jobs to feather their nests. This is why vetting all candidates, local and national, is extremely important. We need to weed out the losers (those just looking for a free taxpayer-funded ride) from the true servants.

            Because governors deal with budgets and other issues one might encounter on the national stage, they are much better suited to become President. Scott Walker has already shown us courage, conviction, honesty, work ethic and intelligence — all qualities we want to see in our President. Talk is cheap (our Congressmen and women do a lot of that), but Scott Walker’s actions have cost him much and are paying big dividends for the state of Wisconsin.

            • RosiesSeeingRed

              100% agree with you, but I do think Mike Lee, Ron Johnson, Allen West, Rand Paul and Scott Garrett have demonstrated a servant’s heart and have not been afraid to go the unpopular route. They’ve voted against the establishment and have thus far resisted becoming one of the boys club in Washington. I don’t know if any of them would make a good president, and I agree with you that governors are better prepared, but I would say these men have also shown courage, conviction, honesty, intelligence and a great work worth ethic as well.

              It’s very telling that we’re all looking ahead to 2016 or 2020 already, isn’t it? Pretty sad.

              • trustintheLORDwithallyourheart

                Yes, it is sad. But at least we are now paying attention. These representatives now have voting records, and we need to watch them carefully. For instance, the Club for Growth only gave Allen West a 43% conservative score — not good! We can’t just listen to what they say, we MUST watch what they do.

                When the RNC called me looking for a donation, I reamed them out for foisting Romney on us. I told them he does not connect with the people, and is very uninspiring. I expressed my anger that once again I willl have to hold my nose when I vote in November. And, I didn’t give them any money.

            • Amy

              You can have Walker in 2020 😉 I prefer to keep him as my governor for a couple terms…

        • FutureOnePercent

          Romney was my 7th choice, but he’s still better than the liberals first choice.

          Think of Romney as the first stop in a 3 point turn. We’re not headed in the right direction yet, but we’re not driving in the wrong direction either.

          Romney will have until 2016 to make that final turn towards prosperity, and if he’s not up to the challenge, we will find someone who is!

          West 2016!

          • steprock

            At a bare minimum, I hope that Romney understands real word economics well enough to turn around our horrible economic situation. The fact that it is tied to our national security will go a long way toward helping on that front as well.

            Even the Dems will sit up and take notice if Romney turns the US economy around. One can only hope.

          • las1

            We’re not headed in the right direction yet, but we’re not driving in the wrong direction either.

            That line made me chuckle. Kinda like crossing the Potomac by way of Moscow, yet to cross the Urals and slog it through Siberia.

            • FutureOnePercent

              I’m doing the best I can to be optimistic LOL.

        • steprock

          Yes, but Gingrich isn’t running anymore. We go into battle, not with the army we want, but the army we have.

          I don’t much care for Romney, but there is no equivalence between he and Obama, who has proven himself to be even more of a Marxist than we might have suspected. He truly is an evil, self-serving man.

          I wanted Gingrich, but alas, I have to join the ABO crowd now as well. O Must Go!

          • las1

            Alas… Steprock… alas. Forced into service but in service for Romney we’ll be.

        • klaffner

          Don’t agree with your assessment of Romney. But don’t really care. It’s tired news by now and irrelevant. Just make sure you cast your vote for Romney.

          • las1

            It’s grand what a nice hairdo and loads of money and negative ads will get you… that as well as arm twisting operatives demanding, “Just make sure you cast your vote for Romney.”

            Check… got it.

    • The economy is the #1 priority right now for the voters. No point in discussing anything else unless he’s already covered it at the town meeting which I’m sure he did. And with Obama making so many blunders, Romney is playing this exactly right.

      • las1

        What! Republicans can’t walk and chew gum at the same time?

        Well the people can walk and chew gum at the same time… the GOP… not so much. Many comfort themselves thinking doubling down on Obama’s disastrous economic policy will win votes. Colour me skeptical.

        Expose Obama to sunlight… and not just on the economy. Romney’s clueless to anything else. And this lack of vetting of Obama by the GOP will come back to bite us a second time. Republicans lost the first time because of this. It ain’t over till the fat lady sings and I say pull out all the stops and use ALL the ammunition against this saboteur-in-chief.

  • Joe

    If Obummer Care is so good

    Why did ZERO have to issue ALL of the waivers to his buddies

    The amount of WAIVERS to the plan – speak to how bad it is !

    No more proof is needed

    • Sober_Thinking

      Spot on!

    • warpmine

      Obama is all seeing and knowing so you’ll have him that he knows better than you or I. On that note I implicitly trust him. After all, he ‘s the smartest guy we’ve ever had in the ovum, eh oval office. After a few years of O’care, you’ll see the benefits of instant population control and control over the population. Just can’t figure all the negative vibes from you conservatives but soon you’ll know your God, Apothis eh Obama.

      • steprock

        It’s true. We are one. We are one.

        We will turn back the rising tides, heal the earth, and bring peace to all mankind. Do not think. Just trust and believe.

        Obama and Pelosi are our betters – just ask them. Now shut up and eat your peas like a big boy and let Mommy and Daddy take care of us all.

    • sDee

      It is the ChiCom model of state capitalism. Obama’s strain of marxism is very close. Obamacare is going exactly as it was designed. The state must control the healthcare industry.

      Where their regulations and policies cause costs to escalate and care deteriorates, they will demonize the private sector it and take it over. RomenyCare is now entering the failure stage but the press does not tell that story.

      What they know for certain is that the resultant care will be far worse than it is now. They know they have to keep an elite healthcare system separate from what we get. It will serve the political class and those in the unions and nationalized industries who play nice with them. A single party made to look like two.

      Romeny knows this. He knows it well but he will not talk about Obama’s marxist policy – he simple paints him as failure so we do not see the real danger.

  • AnnGMorrone
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  • steprock

    Steprock is suspicious: replace with what? Romneycare?

    Let the free market work!

    – Voting Against Obama –

    • sDee


      Repeal and Replace is frying pan into the fire. Get government out of the private sector!

  • yhxqqsn

    MR must be doing mental gymnastics to be able to campaign on ‘repeal and replace’ when the thing was based so much on his own health care takeover that he still hasn’t disavowed. But I’ll take what I can get.

    • The lesser of two evils is hardly the firebrand we were looking for! That’s for sure! But we’re seemingly stuck with him… Might as well support him… At least he’s not Obama… If Romney fails… it will be not by design, like with Obama.

      • I see him as the one person in America that is actually worse than Obama.

        Romney would get Republicans to vote for things Obama could never get passed. Cap and Trade. Romney would replace Obama Care with Romney Care forced on each of the States his site actually touts this saying all states should offer equal care well in his mind that means Romney Care. The list goes on and on. Worried about Obama being a Marxist well at least he teaches but was not taught by Saul Alinsky like Mitt and his dad were.

        • KM

          If this is what you “see”, then you are acutely blind. I would take a homeless person or a prostitute, over the disaster called ‘obama’.

          • Did you study Saul Alinsky as well.

            That is one of his rules. When you do not have truth just attack attack attack.

            Romney is a Democrat just like Obama in 2002 when he ran he said his Republican Registration was just a technicality. That he was more a Liberal Moderate Democrat than the actual Democrat he ran against. I will never vote for a DemocRAT.

          • Couldn’t agree more! NObama? NOWAY!

        • RosiesSeeingRed

          Steve, actually, I’m reading a book right now called “Rules for Radicals Defeated: A Practical Guide for Defeating Obama / Alinsky Tactics” and I would have to disagree with you that Obama was not taught by Alinsky. Obama is following his book to the “t” and is well-schooled in it, as is the entire progressive side of the democrat party.

          I also totally agree with you that Alinsky influenced the Romneys (it was on display in the primary when he used those tactics against Gingrich and his other opponents as scandal after scandal ‘came to light’ just as someone surged ahead in the polls!). But in order to fight Alinsky tactics, you have to know them. While he is far from my choice for president, I still think he’s less dangerous than Obama. I do not think this Republic will survive another 4 years of a Marxist president who is not being held back by another election he wants to win.

          I linked it here on another thread, but it was very helpful for me to read this piece on American Thinker. I hope you find it helpful too, but believe me, I hear ya! I just HAVE to vote against Obama though — that is our only difference:

      • hrh40

        The lesser of two evils is still evil.

        Repeat after me: The lesser of two evils is still evil.

        The lesser of two evils is still evil.

        • So… Your advocating a vote for NObama? Right? Because your shooting down the one challenger we’ve got? Are you sure you’re on OUR side here?

          • hrh40

            What’s your math?

            A nonvote is a zero.

            It’s not a vote for someone else.

            • steprock

              Wait. You’re not even voting?

              Then why bother with this discussion? You’re just encouraging everyone to stay at home. To that I say: if you don’t vote, you don’t get to comment for the next 4 years.

        • steprock

          Yes, we know that. But it’s not just a matter of lesser by degrees. Not because Romney is a great catch, but because Obama is horrible on every level and getting worse by the day.

          Even if you think Romney’s policies are similar to Obama’s, at least he’s not a rank amateur and is not likely (I hope) to do awful things like sell out our allies and blab about national security secrets.

          Alternative to the lesser of 2 evils, is pure evil.

      • steprock

        Haha…Let’s run into battle with that as our rallying cry “At least he’s not Obama!!!!”

        Everyone will jump to their feet and cheer. “Lesser of two evils!!! For victory!!!”

        Yuck! I will dance a jig when Obama vacates. So long as Adolf Hitler doesn’t move in, we’re going in the right direction.

        Now, join me in one more cheer: “Vanilla!”

        • sDee

          The celebration should ensue if the Supreme Court upholds the decision that Individual Mandate is unconstitutional. We should celbrate because we will be given a shot – a chance to fight Central Control.

          If they judge it Constitutional, it is all over. Seriously over – the Statists will never be removed.

  • Obama doesn’t understand how Obamacare is hurting small business because he is absolute economic and business illiterate.

    • mjbarnett1123

      But he speaks well, provides hope and can sing (I guess) and that’s all that seems to matter now. Ugh. I hope his sheeple wake up in November.

    • hrh40

      And so is Romney.

      Have you seen how Romneycare continues to ruin Massachusett’s economy and business climate?

    • sDee

      Obama knows precisely what he is doing. He is a dangerous Marxist implementing radical policies that will lead to the collapse of the private sector into the hands of central government.

      Do not underestimate this man or those who put him in office. Also do not underestimate the control those same people have over Romney.

      These are dangerous times for the Republic. Romney is not going to save us but they are hoping we are fooled into thinking so.

    • steprock

      You’re only saying that because he’s never so much as run a lemonade stand or had to make a payroll. What an awful bias you have, Laurel! You actually expect the leader of the free world to have some kind of experience for the job????

      What next? You’ll want maturity and competence?? Crazy talk. 😉

  • Just like RomneyCare hurt Massachusetts.

  • E. Lee Zimmerman

    See? There it is again. “Repeal AND REPLACE Obamacare.” This guy — like Showbama — doesn’t get it.

    • RosiesSeeingRed

      I’m the last person to be defending Romney, because he was NEVER my choice, but in all fairness, the democrats accuse republicans of wanting to get rid of Obamacare but not having any other ideas about how to reform our healthcare system in this country. That is total nonsense, of course. There have been many ideas from TORT Reform to allowing competition among insurance companies across state lines. In fact, the idea to cover kids in a family up until the age of 26 if they were still living at home was actually in one of the many republican plans put forward (and it’s highly popular on BOTH sides, especially in this economy with so many college grads living at home and working part time jobs because they cannot find work). I realize he is the father of RomneyCare — that is not lost on me — but I still feel he needs to say that the republicans will not just get rid of a plan without having something else to address the problems. Healthcare reform was badly needed before Obama, and it still is!

      • E. Lee Zimmerman

        You’re NOT seriously thinking TORT reform can pass, are you? Sorry, but it’ll NEVER pass both houses of Congress. Never. Whatever could pass would be so watered down that it’d be ineffectual entirely.

        Dumbocrats who accuse Republicans not having any healthcare ideas are the same Dumbocrats who never put Showbamacare up for debate. I don’t take them seriously, and I’d encourage you to do the same, meaning don’t take them seriously.

        What was popular regarding adding “kids” (aged 26? really? really?) was the option for the parent, and that’s not quite what necessarily survived. It’s a variation of it, yes, and that’s all well and good. But 26? Kids? Really?

        Besides — and I’d imagine you agree — Showbamacare ISN’T healthcare reform; rather, it’s the institutionalization OF the health care industry. Sorry, but that’s wrong, on all fronts.

        Look, I do agree that there are definitely ideas that could pass muster for serious healthcare reform, but the biggest reformation to healthcare would be to get government out of it entirely. Return it to the private sector FULLY, and you’d see massive reforms on the part of the industry because, in order to survive with only market-driven factors, they’d have to, or they’d go out of business with lawsuit after lawsuit.

        Go pick up and read GANGSTER GOVERNMENT’s section on the healthcare bill. (I got it on Kindle the other week for only a couple bucks.) It’s a great dissection of this bill.

        • RosiesSeeingRed

          I totally agree with you E. Lee. I’m just pointing out for the “uninformed” who have not thought about it on the level that you have, or do not understand how far ObamaCare goes, they’re looking at it at a very simplistic level.

          I’ve already had quite a number of parents of 23-25 year old unemployed college grads tell me they will vote for Obama because they can’t afford to pay $300-$400 month to insure their kid, and their kid won’t pay it themselves because kids that age think nothing ever bad will happen to them. Except the parents know that one catastrophic thing — a car accident or a major illness — would force them to choose between their child or their retirement, and they’re not going to be put in that position. So for that ONE reason, they are voting for Obama. I can’t believe it myself, but I’ve encountered it a number of times. Two of my 3 kids are in that age bracket so I know a lot of parents with kids that age, and yes, I still think of them as my KIDS. 😉

          So is that what we want? People choosing Obama over one very little thing like that? But that’s what people do. Seniors will vote for Obama because they think republicans are going to take away medicare or end their social security payments, and 40-50 somethings are voting for him because they want to keep their unemployed 24 year old on their family insurance policy. Republicans have to offer some solutions, but I agree with you the thought of REPLACING it with another government-run plan is NOT the answer.

          I don’t know E. Lee… I guess I just can’t stomach another 4 years of Obama, period. I think I can tolerate Romney for 4, and I think republicans can hold his feet to the fire a little, but another 4 of Obama — we’re doomed. 🙁

          • sDee

            People vote for free stuff. Romney will promise different free stuff or make people think his free stuff is better than Obama’s free stuff. When is a politician going to have the guts and integrity to break it to America that free stuff is so damn expensive that it is bankrupting the entire nation. Not Romney – that is clear.

            Health insurance will be a third of the cost if we just get rid of government controls.

            I saw an advertisement today for Lasik surgery – $800. It was the same doctor my daughter went to 6 years ago and paid $5000. Free market enterprise. No artificial insurance gimmicks. No price control. No government subsidies.

          • E. Lee Zimmerman

            Well, I can agree that we’re doomed. Glad to see that you’re so attached to your kids; I grew up in a semi-broken home, but I have great respect for parents who truly watch out for their young’uns.

      • steprock

        Yeah, I can’t say I disagree with that. I just hate to have Mitt “Romneycare” to be using the word “replace.” The system needs reforming, to be sure, but not with another government program.

        The health care industry is so badly screwed up that desperate people accept government rule by Obamacare. We really do need an alternative. Free market solutions, tort reform, medial co-ops, etc. NOT a government program.

      • sDee

        Reform was never needed. All of the problems in healthcare are government caused. over the decades.

        Who is “we”? And what is “reform? Let me decode these leftist terms……

        “We” = Federal Government
        “Reform” = Government Regulation and Control of private Industry.

        Throughout history those always lead to loss of liberty, increased taxes and bigger governmetn.

        Healthcare is an industry where many of us make a living. I do not know what industry you are in but just wait until some statist politician stands up and says “WE need to REFORM your industry..

        It is hell – let me tell you – the government destroys all it touches.

      • sDee

        “”In fact, the idea to cover kids in a family up until the age of 26 “”

        Thomas Sowell is warning us. Take heed, you are about to lose you liberty and freedom with this kind of liberal thinking.

      • K-Bob

        No. It wasn’t. It was SOLD as badly needed, just like Man-Made Global Warming was sold. And Republicans drank the koolaide and started coming up with Government solutions to a problem that only got noticeable, and then worse, when government got involved.

        Allowing insurance to cross state lines is effectively REMOVING a government-caused problem, so that’s great. REMOVE them all, and stop trying to play doctor to people for free. Let the states take over the entire problem, and let the Fed stick to prosecuting fraud.

        • RosiesSeeingRed

          I think the terminology is getting in the way. We needed to fix the healthcare problem. Does that sound better than “healthcare reform was needed”?

          I don’t know who started calling it healthcare reform, but allowing the states to each handle it, and allowing insurance to cross state lines to open up competition all seems to fall under the heading of “healthcare reform” so that’s why I used that terminology.

          And I suppose if congress voted to allow these changes, one could say they reformed the way we handle healthcare in this country, no? 😉

    • sDee

      He gets it. He understands this perfectly

      The Statists will never give up on government healthcare. It is essential to their absolute power over us.

      • E. Lee Zimmerman

        Precisely. It’s a huge “in” to the next big round of tax revenue. The govt. — especially Romney — will NOT give up on this dream.

  • mjbarnett1123

    Why do people talk about socialism like it’s in the same family as quantum physics? You don’t need a PhD to see the (Marxist) roots of Obama’s policies. Socialism is two things: a low gradient in wealth distribution, and government run industries. Is there anyone who can say Obama doesn’t believe 100% in each facet of socialism? Call a spade a spade.

    Romney 2012

    • hrh40

      Romney is a socialist.

      Do you know ANYTHING about his governorship of Massachuestts? Do you understand that he governed as a socialist?

      Do you understand that’s why he’s TRYING to run as a private sector genius?

      Even though the closest match on his resume to the job he is currently applying for, i.e., public sector executive, is Governor of Massachusetts?

      Think. It. Through.

      Romney governed MA in a very similar fashion to the way Obama governs the U.S.


      Green company crony funding?

      Appointment of liberal activist judges?

      Fill in the blank …

      • Romney is a socialist? I stopped reading at that point…. Come on! Your joking, right?

        • hrh40

          You shouldn’t have stopped reading.

          Apparently you haven’t looked at (what’s left) of Romney’s record as MA governor (after he destroyed records.)

          You can stop reading and hide your head in the sand if you want, but it doesn’t change the reality.

        • sDee

          Romney’s record is clear. He believes bigger government is the answer at the expense of the private sector. He believes that more, not less, regulation and control is the means to achieve it.

          Did he say turn the healthcare industry over to the private sector? No, he wants to control it.

          Healthcare is the pillar of all forms of marxism, fascism, socialism etc throughout history.

          How much more evidence do you need of his core belief system than RomenyCare? That is socialized medicine and a particularity nasty form of it: government control of a huge industry based on government mandates, regulations and penalties. That is how they do, the fascists, socialists, state capitalists and their ilk.

          That IS how they do it.

      • steprock

        hrh40, I think you are way off base. Nobody here loves Mitt, to be sure. The problem is that Jesus just isn’t running this election cycle. This turkey is the best we’ve got, I’m sorry to say. Bashing our only realistic option is not helpful to you or the country. One step at a time here.

        • sDee

          We got Obama and immeasurable damage to the Rebublic and the Constitution because Americans did not know a Marxist when he stood in front of them and preached pure Marxism.

          We have to recognize Romney for what he is whether we like him or not, vote for him or not.

          America does not have much time left. Romney is being sent in to restructure the Cloward-Piven collapse that Obama was sent in for. We have to know that and fight him.

        • hrh40


          It’s called telling the truth.

          You see what the problem is here when telling the truth about “our” candidate causes you to retort that I’m “bashing.”

          That’s a big problem. With “our” candidate.

        • hrh40

          What’s your point?

          Jesus wasn’t running when the Founders created our country either.

          Or when they wrote the Constitution.

          But the nation’s people looked to God much more than they do today.

          I still maintain that we need a spiritual revival.

          We the people looking to God for our sustenance and not the government by way of politicians is what will turn this nation around.

          • steprock

            I do not disagree with that. I agree entirely. My only point is that what we are having here is a political discussion about the benefits and shortcomings of a political candidate. I am merely stating that there is no perfect candidate. We’re making due with what we’ve got.

      • Guest1776rcp

        Romney is worse than Obama in this sense “Romney knows how to run the economy”.
        Good luck with that! I’m voting ABO and writing in Daffy Duck.

      • hrh40, I think it’s pointless to try and convince this group of people that evil is still evil. We don’t have to accept Mitt Romney and that’s the bottom line.

    • K-Bob

      Quantum Socialism?

  • hrh40

    Romney just needs to stop calling out the president on being out of touch.

    Pot, kettle.

    IOW, Romney is EVERY bit as out of touch.

    That’s the reality.

    • and your alternative solution is?

      • hrh wants SP to sweep her off her feet and carry her off in style at the convention.

        • hrh40

          hrh understands that a spiritual revival is what is needed in this nation.

          No politician will ever sweep us off off our feet.

          My alternative solution is to urge people to stop focusing on politics as the solution.

          The Founders understood that the people are sovereign and we need to restore our nation.

          Put enough conservatives in the Senate to unseat McConnell for someone like DeMint.

          Put enough conservatives in the House to unseat Boehner for someone like Steve King.

          Then restore the proper checks on the executive branch.

          The presidential election is a wash this year. Neither Obama or Romney have a clue about the sudden, relentless reform that is needed.

          That is the best we can hope for regarding political solutions.

          Turning back to God as the Divine Providence behind the success of this nation and humbling ourselves before the Eternal Presence will be the salvation of this country.

          Or not, if people continue to look to political solutions.

          The Founders themselves did not:

          John Adams: “This Constitution is for a moral and a religious people; it. will. work. for. no. other.”

          • RosiesSeeingRed

            So you don’t think if we accomplish putting conservatives into the House and Senate that having Obama as the president vetoing everything they pass would be counter-productive? I just think your plan would work a lot better if they had a republican president. Even if he’s a republican in name only, he’s at least expected to act like one, and I highly doubt putting a stop to bills that a Republican House & Senate pass would serve him well or get him elected for a 2nd term. At least he’ll have THAT hanging over his head. What will Obama have? Absolutely NOTHING to lose, and a lot more Executive Orders to move forward his agenda.

            • sDee

              Just different fights, President Romney or President Obama. It is Cloward-Piven.

              Obama’s job was to collapse America and mortally wound or neutralize the Constitution. He was supposed to have 8 years to do that before they sent someone in to “restructure” the government into a more centralized state capitalist model.

              If Obama wins we will fight him but he will do more damage. If Romney wins, he does not have as damage much to work with as he’d like, but the restructuring will commence and unfortunately we may not see it or try to stop him.

              Pick you opponent – it is a fight for the Republic and the Constitution either way

              • RosiesSeeingRed

                I still don’t get what you and hrh40 think you’re going to do about it and how voting for neither accomplishes it.

                • sDee

                  Who will win has been decided just as it was in the 2008 Democratic Primary and the 2008 general election. I do not take this Wrestle Mania seriously.

                  I hope and pray people take off the rose colored glasses and see what both of these men are, because our Republic and Constitution are in grave danger.

                  Only we, the people, can save America. I place my hope and effort there, not in Romney.

                • RosiesSeeingRed

                  removing duplicate response (Disqus error)

                • sDee

                  My money and my time is going to local, state and congressional candidates who are true conservatives. And efforts like the Walker recall. Not just in my area but wherever I can afford the cash or the time. I donate to Allen West, SarahPac and Ilario Pantano.

                  I give zero time or money to the RNC, Romney, or the Republican Congressional funds.

                  It is hard. I wasted a lot of money and energy foolishly thinking the Republicans would realize they could nominate a Conservative. My block and local Republican groups are run by liberals and progressives – sickening.

                  It is going to be a long hard battle – decades – that we will never start and damn sure never win if we place false hope that Romney is going to return to to limited government or defend the Constitution.

                • RosiesSeeingRed

                  I understand that. You’ve said the same thing several different ways.

                  What I want to know is what you’re going to do about it.

                • sDee

                  My money and my time is going to local, state and congressional candidates who are true conservatives. And efforts like the Walker recall. Not just in my area but wherever I can afford the cash or the time. I donate to Allen West, SarahPac and Ilario Pantano.

                  I give zero time or money to the RNC, Romney, or the Republican Congressional funds.

                  It is hard. I wasted a lot of money and energy foolishly thinking the Republicans would realize they could nominate a Conservative. My block and local Republican groups are run by liberals and progressives – sickening.

                  It is going to be a long hard battle – decades – that we will never start and damn sure never win if we place false hope that Romney is going to return to to limited government or defend the Constitution.

                • RosiesSeeingRed

                  sDee, I don’t think any of us here — so many of us who were ardent Gingrich supporters (or supported other candidates along the way) — think Romney is the answer. But he’s not going to “go away” just because you don’t want to vote for him. We’re stuck with either him or Obama, and none of the energy you waste on trying to get us not to vote for him is going to change that.

                  Really, we’re more in agreement on everything than you think. I gave to Gingrich (and voted for him in the NJ primary last week), I sent money to Scott Walker, I’m focusing on congressional elections, and I’m unaffiliating from the republican party in protest of the crappy choice they made for me, but I’m still casting my vote against Obama, because I still feel we’ll be able to pressure Romney more than we’ll ever be able to pressure Obama. Maybe we can slow down Romney’s agenda to make him benign until we can get a true small-government, fiscal conservative in there. But with Obama, we don’t stand a chance.

                • Amy

                  Well said Rosie ~

                • sDee

                  I have never even implied that anyone who wants to, should not vote for him. Of course you should. Again, I just want to stave off false hope and false trust in him.

                • hrh40

                  I’m going to work to get Reformers elected to the House and Senate.

                  McConnell and Boehner have to go. We need leaders who will not raise the debt ceiling. Who will balance the budget in 5 years. Who will pay down the debt. NOW.

                  Who will restore the right balance of power between the Legislative and Executive branches.

                  The Romney/Obama race is a wash.

                • The convention in Tampa will settle it.

            • hrh40

              And this is why the BIGGER fight this year is taking back the Senate and displacing Mitch McConnell:


              Romney/McConnell/Boehner do NOT represent sudden, relentless reform.

              Obama’s attack has been so all-out that many of his programs are in place – and won’t be stopped unless the GOP pulls them back.

              Romney/McConnell/Boehner have NO record of EVER reforming anything.

              They are all go-along to get-along career power politicians.

              And make no mistake. The ONLY reason Romney has not been in office for DECADES is because he couldn’t get people to vote for him. He left his ONE term in ANY kind of public office with such a low approval rating that he didn’t dare run again.

              In fact, he didn’t even govern his last year in office, when he was out of state 212 days as of December 2006.

              This is not bashing.

              These are facts.

              McConnell and Romney together do not have the guts to dismantle the gravy train in DC.

      • steprock

        Yeah, I’ve been waiting for that. So far, I’m hearing “Romney sucks, he’s the same as Obama, I hate Romney, etc.”

  • hrh40

    And what’s with the lie plastered on his podium?

    His transition team director wants state pools to stay – while he profits from them

    Romney wants preexisting conditions to stay.

    Romney ain’t about repealing nuthin’.

    • sDee

      The truth hurts. People do not want to hear it.

    • sDee

      Speaking of the little propaganda slogans on his podium, am I the only one noticing that he is running his campaign just like Obama did in 2008? Right down to the RomBots and the $3 lottery tickets for “Dinner with Romney”.

  • drphibes

    I like the disciplined on-message, on-issues Romney campaign. Do you hear that rumbling under your feet? It is the tremor just be for the landslide.

    • marketcomp

      I hear, drphibes! I cannot wait until November 6, 2012! This has been a very long 3 1/2+ years. I think the longest on record, in my mind.

  • I like Romney’s plan to repeal Obamacare. But what does he mean by ‘replace’ Obamacare? Makes me nervous.

    • sDee

      I should. It should indeed.

      We work in healthcare including services for RomenyCare patients. The government has ruined healthcare and health insurance – badly, intentionally.

      And now the very same statists who did it, like Romney, are telling us we need to trust them, give up more of our choices, money and liberty to let them “fix” it.

      • marketcomp

        Yea, I know but I would trust Romney to fix this before I trust Obama.

        • sDee

          Our liberty does not hinge on who can provide better government healthcare solutions. The battle is if Healthcare remains a private industry with free choice – or a government regulated controlled industry with no choice.

          The only answer is to get government out of healthcare. Repeal not only HusseinCare but all of the federal regulations that have created this mess.

          If Romney was saying this and that Romneycare was a big socialist mistake, I would open my checkbook and signup that instant to get him elected.

          • marketcomp

            sDee, you are preaching to the choir! I completely and whole-heartedly agree with you. But given the choice this November I would trust Romney more to handle this than Obama. I understand that Romney has done similar in Mass. but I think Romney will listen to the people so we will have some influence in the decision making process.

    • K-Bob

      Pablum to serve to the “undecided.”

      Right now we have Obama on the run. It’s time to stop with the pablum and get to the tough measures.

  • E. Lee Zimmerman

    Romney didn’t need to say, “I’m not taking the President out of context.”

    What he should have said is, “I’m not taking the President out of context. I’m taking the President out of office.”


  • sDee

    How about “Repeal and Get the Federal Government the Hell Out of Our Way”.. Romney?

    Another big government statist. Repeal and Replace are words that should scare us to the core.

    The government knows better than we do how to run an industry right Comrade Romney?

    • K-Bob

      I agree about the “replace.” I’d like to see some real research done to determine who is actually harmed by our system.

      The fact is, we pay so much money for healthcare Because We Want To. End of story.

      But I’d lay off the “comrade” stuff. It’s pointless now. Let’s just shove him to the right as best we can. (and that’s not “moderator” talk, it’s just my opinion).

  • Even if the Supreme Court srikes down part of ObamaCare, Romney and the Republicans will still have to formally repeal it. There are a lot of new taxes on the books (aside form the personal mandate) that I think will still remain in effect unless they are repealed. If ObamaCare is only partially struck down, you could actually be stuck with the WORST of all worlds, no insurance coverage but a lot of new high taxes still on the books. Regardless of what the Surpreme Court does, the new Congress in 2013 is going to have to repeal the ENTIRE law and start from scratch. Romney, as well as the other Republicans in Congress, should remind people of that from now until November.

  • I hope and pray that the Roberts supreme court overturns every aspect of Obamacare. Enough said!

  • Jay

    I’ve come to believe that “Out of context” is Orwellian libspeak for, “Damn, you caught me accidently telling the truth again.”

  • refreshing!

  • klaffner

    Romney has an outstanding health care plan. Here’s hoping his team is dusting it off and putting a communications plan together to roll it out the instant SCOTUS rules ObamaCare unconstitutional.

  • klaffner

    Romney does need to keep harping on the Obama understanding of the economy. I have a fantasy where Romney pulls a Gingrich and sets the rules in advance of each debate. To wit: “In these debates, time is limited. The stakes are high. The decision for the voters is critically important. So to that end, I am only going to address the following issues: Jobs, the general economy, government spending, the deficit and the debt. To the moderators. As you engage in your preparation, keep this in mind and make sure the questions remain on these issues.”

    Then at the beginning of the first debate: Romney says, “I am giving my time to the president so he can explain to the voters how a job is created in the private economy. He can take as much time as he needs. We all need to know if Barack has this essential understanding of how the economy works.”