Romney now leading both in Florida and New Hampshire

According to this new poll by American Research Group, Romney leads in Florida 49-46 and in New Hampshire 50-46:

THE HILL – The survey from the American Research Group shows Romney with a 49 percent to 46 percent poll in Florida and a 50 percent to 46 percent lead in New Hampshire, two states that represent a total of 33 electoral votes. Another survey of Florida by the conservative-leaning Rasmussen Reports gives Romney a 51-47 percent advantage.

Romney’s post-debate gains are most noticeable among women and independents. In Florida, Romney leads 49-45 percent among independents, and now only trails the president by 3 points with women. By contrast, Romney holds an 11-point lead among men.

It also appears that President Obama’s attacks on Romney’s Medicare proposal have not yet resonated among Florida seniors; among voters over 50, the Republican holds a 54-42 percent lead.

In New Hampshire, Romney holds a similar 48-45 percent lead among independent voters, and only trails the president by a single percentage point with women. Again, Romney posted a double-digit advantage over Obama with men and those over 50 years old.

The surveys were conducted through Thursday night, and do not account for any movement that may have occurred after Thursday night’s vice presidential showdown between Joe Biden and Paul Ryan.

The momentum has clearly shifted toward Romney since the first presidential debate and even Drudge has this headline: CAMPAIGN FREAKOUT! OBAMA LOCK UNDER 10 STATES. I predict as long as Romney continues to show himself as he did in the first debate and doesn’t have any major screw-ups, he may very well win this race.

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  • Mr. Romney wins:
    40 states without DNC cheating;
    30 – with.
    God bless you, Prez. Romney!

    • latest news:

      I said Romney: 40 (FuBar Ack 10)
      It is slowly shaping ….I pray he does not attack Iran BEFORE THE ELECTION

  • It’s funny, cause these polls are weighted down with Democrats and Democrats posing as independents. Florida will be great to have.

    • Florida is RED and has been RED!! I live here and I am working the campaign…movement all over towards Romney…the debate last night…disaster for Biden with women and indies….already AP has headling moving to next debate which tells you JOE’s behavior and lies are hurting…already WH had to walk back Joe’s 1,000,000 threshold for Tax down to 250,000 already had to distance on the Libya comments today….more and more adds up…PEOPLE here are noticing…people locally talking more and more about Libya and Obama’s not offering anything to help people….The Mason Dixon poll with Romney up here….I can tell you in very close to where we see the race….between 4-7 points for Romney….

  • 911Infidel

    Once again, we should look to the UC election model. If Romney continues to do well in the next debates, he will very likely come real close to getting the numbers predicted by that model. Steve Green over at PJMedia pretty much nailed it. You can go over and read his article and make your own judgement.

    • RosiesSeeingRed

      Thanks for the link. I see NM in blue… I don’t know, but with Susana Martinez as their governor, that’s another state I could see going red in a November surprise. Some of these blue states are being totally ignored by the pundits. I personally will not be surprised if a few solid blue states go red on November 6th.

      • 911Infidel

        I saw a RealPolitics tracking poll that has alot of those Blue states only “leaning” Dhimirat. Their election model is changing. They do the same for Red states, while ignoring polls that put Romney in the lead in places like FL., Va, and NC. That UC is looking better by the day…and RealPolitics is not quite keeping up with the trend in traditional Red States.

  • iaintlyin

    How the hell can a person still be undecided? If someone is taking this long to develop an opinion you have to believe they’re doing their homework, if they’re doing their homework and are still undecided they wasted their time doing their homework and are leaving themselves vulnerable to a big OCTOBER LIE that will take one month to be proven false. Then its too late

    • RosiesSeeingRed

      I’m totally with you. One would think a trip to the grocery store and a stop for gas on the way home would be all you need to make up your mind.

      • Pittakos

        Exactly right! This current administration has done more harm to the poor and middle class than anyone else in recent history.

    • I’m with you… If someone is still undecided after all this time, they are morons and too stupid to be allowed to vote.

      • MiketheMarine

        They shouldn’t breed, either. LOL

  • TRS…Mason Dixon…has Romney up 51/44 in Florida..Publish that Poll in Florida as well!!…It was up on Drudge!! ARG is not as good as Mason-Dixon…. I like 49-46 but Mason Dixon is better polling group

    Publish the McCaughlin Poll in VA where Romney is up 51/44 and Allen 49/46…among Likely Voters!

    Great to see NH as well moving in Romney’s direction…it is happening everywhere…and Joe’s Meltdown and Bombastic behavior was a mess…Women and Indies were turned off Big Time…How stupid…women the group Obama needs the most thought Biden was Awful!

    Libya…WHAT A MESS and it gets worse and worse! Biden blantantly LIED!!

    Eli Lake at Daily Beast has VIDEO FOOTAGE on the night of Sept 11th that SHOWED A MILITARY ASSAULT taking place!! Video Obama?

    Drip….drip…drip….FLOOD…FLOOD…getting to DEVCOM 5 on Disaster Meter on Libya!

  • RosiesSeeingRed

    Call me crazy, but I think Romney is going to win NJ — and it’s not even a swing state! Just my sense of things here on the ground in NJ. I have no facts to back it up, but I see what I see and hear what I hear…and I don’t think they’re even polling in NJ to know anyway. I think there will be a few other surprises too. While everyone is focused on swing states, no one is looking at what’s going on in these supposed locked-down blue states, but I see comments all over blogs from people in blue states saying there is absolutely no visible enthusiasm for Obama.

    • PhillyCon

      Let’s hope, PA as well!

    • BeyondPolls

      Interesting. I’m eager to see some reliable NJ polling.

  • wodiej

    More good news for conservatives.

  • It will be interesting to see how Obama goes after Romney in the next debate without looking as unhinged as Biden did the other night with Ryan. Right now I think the only thing Obama and Biden have left are lies and more lies, and when this whole mess in Libya gets sorted out, you’ll see that Biden and Obama are two of the last people you would trust with the national security of this nation.

  • Rshill7

    I’ve been predicting a Romney landslide for months. First you have the polling gaps widening (getting more accurate) and we still have a huge advantage in voter enthusiasm. Folks would crawl across broken glass to toss these bums out.

    My early prediction was based mainly on my renewed faith in the American electorate after the 2010 shellacking, coupled with Obama’s dismal failures on every front. Just couldn’t imagine Obama winning again…not in this country. You don’t hoodwink the same folks twice. They are not yet that stupid, suicidal, or socialist

    Feeling smarter by the day 🙂

    • Rshill7

      Posted this on Dec. 6th 2011:

      I’ve been toying with the word “Landslide”. Saying it, thinking it. Singing it even, along with that gal named Stevie 🙂

      It’s a word that rolls off the tongue. It’s a word of vindication. A word that says to the one run over by it…you may be excused…a simple, cacophonous directive, towards the door.

      You must pay the piper Mr. Obama. His name is history, and your name must be changed to something like mud, and be deposited into the books written about it.

      You will be the person that would’ve destroyed this great nation, if only the people would have allowed you to. If you want to stand up to the rest of us, you go right ahead. We are also part of a collective, albeit completely different than the one you would usher us into.

      We are that collective voice that is going to kick your keester back to that windy city you’ve wallowed in.

      Take the class warfare with you. Take Marxism and progressivism, his cousin, with you too. You are merely a festering canker on the inner thigh of America. A few million units of penicillin will take care of you.

  • B-Funk

    Virginia is going Romney too!


    …forget about the POLLS just remember the results of the mid terms of 2010 . A replay is coming but with a greater number of CONSERVATIVE VICTORIES as in keeping control of CONGRESS the removal of Dingy Harry Reid as the Senate Majority Leader and most important of all the REMOVAL from the Oval Office President Barach Hussein Obama replacing him with an ADULT who has FAITH in God , MITT ROMNEY ,”

  • gunclinger

    When my son was deployed to Afghanistan, since we could not be told what he was doing we didn’t know how to SPECIFICALLY pray for him.
    I started asking God to CONFOUND our enemies, to cause their evil plans to fail every time.

    I am ever thankful that my son is home, safe from those who would seek his life.

    I now am praying this very thing for the existing enemies in our federal government.

    Please, join me…

    • Thank you and your son for your service!

  • deeme

    I have to believe that the tide is turning, people are tired of the lies and divisiveness…but more importantly the arrogant attitudes displayed as if we can do anything and get away with it ,with the help of the msm…..I have to say I liked Jim letting them talk, over Martha stopping them from making points..Paul was about to explain the HHS mandate in regards to charities and churches and was shut up..This clip gives me hope for CBS anyways…

    • RosiesSeeingRed

      Wow, thanks for linking that, deeme! My jaw almost dropped open listening to that! The only thing that got me mad was the comment that Mitt has failed to paint a narrative about the rich NOT being evil. No…. the left painted the narrative that rich people are evil, period, and they’ve been doing that for decades with their class warfare stuff, and the media has had an important hand in spreading that meme to the detriment of society. To blame this on Romney is ridiculous. But overall, that was definitely a sign that the tide is beginning to turn.

      • deeme

        You know what I do, when people start that crap with me, I ask them if you had rich family members and they wanted to leave their money to you, but the government is going to take it all from them, to pass out to their new illegal dependents, would you have a different take on this..they always do ,because now we are talking about them..not only that but the point Romney makes often is those so called rich could hire you ,I have many hispanic and black friends and they say, I’ve never had a poor boss….obviously you know they aren’t voting for thing we need to stress to the younger kids voting for Obama , is you do know you will have no future ,with this kind of mentality and it will all be on your backs and your kids backs..

  • WordsFailMe

    I really don’t care how the popular vote and electoral vote go on Nov 6 , 2012. Obama and the foul, lying Democrats and their racist stooges must go.

    These thieves, racists, liars, welfare pigs and sexual deviants will be removed.

  • gothicreader

    Another Reagan-Carter election…………………

  • GOP, read this:
    “It’s not the people who vote that count. It’s the people who count the votes.”
    (Josef Stalin)
    …and do something about it.

    In USA, it is in hands of the left, isn’t it?

  • SaraPFan

    Wow. Hasn’t New Hampshire always gone to the Democrats in Presidential elections? I wondered whether Romney could take Massachusetts or New Hampshire. I’m so happy for him. This is great news. I hope Obama is packing his bags and making plans to move in January.

  • SKL53

    Mitt is leading in more states than media wants to admit! Obama holds seven states right now…not enough to win…and I dought the seven! I give him the drank the coolaid states…New York…New Jersey…Washington…Maine…Rhode Island!

    • puma_for_life

      don’t forget California

      • Suzyqpie

        Great, don’t forget California! California is great! California is proof positive that generous welfare and open borders is a totally winning combination. We in California are helping, we are good and generous. What? What are you saying, we’re broke? California is prosperous and wealthy. What? $16B deficit? We are the 9th largest economy in the world. We in California subdized poverty and failure and we call it “helping.” What? We are attracting parasites and looters? What, Mexico has exported their poorest most disgruntled constituency to California? The ones we don’t subdized, we incarcerate?

  • SKL53

    America we can win this! It’s a cakewalk!

  • It is going to get really ugly as the MSM tries to force an error on Romney/Ryan, they better be on the ready.

  • Nukeman60

    These numbers show how the pollsters skew the polls, even when showing Romney in the lead.

    Florida has Romney up by 4 with independents, up by 12 with seniors, up by 11 with men, only down by 3 with women, yet only winning overall by 3?

    The same with New Hampshire, up by double digits with men and seniors, up by 3 with independents, and only down by 1 with women, yet only winning overall by 4?

    What’s important to watch with polls is the trend. The trend shows that Romney is gaining no matter what the pollsters do. More and more people are talking landslide and Obama better quickly learn how to swim on his own, ’cause he’s gonna’ get wet.

  • 12grace

    Let’s pray Ryan/Romney get in and G-d is the center of their administration.