Romney: Obama is not a Socialist, he’s just in over his head

This clip encapsulates my problem with Romney, that he has no backbone when it comes to really telling the truth. He’d rather dance around in politically correct language, essentially trying to put out a massive house fire with a handheld fire extinguisher.

Here he is on the BillO show being asked if he believes Obama is a Socialist. He says he won’t call Obama names and believes he’s just a big government liberal who is in over his head:

So what’s he going to do when he’s asked to repudiate people in his audience who call Obama a Socialist or refer to Obama by his middle name Hussein? What’s he gonna do then?

He’s gonna fold like a lawn chair, just like McCain.

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  • As ive stated time and time again I would rather vote for the Slug that lives under my front porch over Mittens. I will stay home or Vote 3rd party if he is the nominee.

    • Anonymous

      Get the Slug a website, quick! Palin just said it’s not too late for someone else to jump into the race.

      • Anonymous

        Problem is most slugs I’ve met are liberals.

    • I know how you feel. If Mittens wins the nomination I’ll be physically ill. I might actually throw up. Nevertheless I will drag myself to the polls to vote – not for Mittens, but against Obama. America is hardly recognizable now. Five more years of Obama and we will be telling our grandchildren stories of the Late Great United States instead of passing on to them what our grandparents passed on to us.

      • PFFV

        My thoughts exactly Christi, thanks for typing how I feel… 🙂 We must defeat Obama even if it is with a RINO but I will toss my cookies too if Romney is our guy. If people would stop listening to the national media and learn who are the true conservative candidates are and then back Bachmann, Santorum or Perry. I like Michelle Bachmann and personally feel she is the most Conservative out of all of them. Some people have lashed out at Bachmann for only calling out Newt and not Romney. I don’t think there is anything to it at all though. Sarah Palin this nation needs you right now, please run.

    • BTW, if you stay home or vote 3rd party you know you’re rightfully or wrongfully giving obummer the nod, don’t you?

    • Dax

      Conservatives like people who aren’t politically correct. We like fighters not passivist. This is a risky McCain like game Romney is playing. Bill gave a better answer than Romney did. Just give examples and let us decide.

  • This is the same crap we had to endure during the 2008 campaign. MCain wouldn’t even use O’s middle name. Romney is a nightmare waiting to lose the election!!!

    “We have nothing to fear with Obama in the White House”
    -John MCain

    • “Our opponent though, is someone who sees America it seems as being so imperfect that he’s palling around with terrorists who would target their own country.” Sarah Palin

      • Anonymous

        Who’s that? Congress? The Senate? Its getting hard to tell the difference between terrorists and politicians. The terrorist want to take away our freedoms, and our government is doing it.

      • Anonymous

        This “palling around with terrorists’ line is a great example of why Palin is an idiot. We all loved it when she said it. But it hurt the campaign. It created a net loss of voters. If tradegy strikes and she gets into the race and then somehow wins the nomination, that line will be played endlessly right in front of the Obama kills Osama news bites. Then the voice over with an unattractive photo of Palin.

        “Sarah Palin. Really? President of the United States?”

    • Anonymous

      McCain threw it. He campaigns different in his state.

  • Anonymous

    Willard still running his mouth with absolutely no idea what he’s talking about OR is he just lying through his teeth again??

    Will MSM Report on Obama Membership in Socialist New Party?

    Psychiatrist: Obama corrupting America with socialism
    Book author warns economic ‘rescue’ will turn citizens into ‘wards of state’

    How Obama Applies Alinsky’s Rules
    “The late Alinsky, a trench-warfare socialist who despised American capitalism, advised community organizers like Obama to “laugh at the enemy” to provoke “irrational anger.”

    Obama Signed a Contract with the Chicago Socialist Party
    “The fact is that as recently as 1996 Senator Obama was an active member of the Chicago Democratic Socialist Party”

    Barack Obama Joined Marxist-Socialist Third Party In 1990s

    Why Obama’s Communist Connections Are Not Headlines by Paul Kengor

  • Props to Bill O’Reilly for getting this out.

  • Anonymous

    Damn TRS you sure have a way of cutting through hours and hours of noise to nail these schills to the wall with one video clip.

    That clip is all anyone needs to know about the state of the Republican establishment, Fox News, and the bed of deceit they have made for themselves with the political class.

    Romney just laid out his losing election strategy.

    • Anonymous

      He’s borrowed McLames campaign playbook.

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, and that worked so well………

      • Arggg! Love the spinach lovin’ Santa!! 😀

      • Anonymous

        And McCain’s playbook was paid for by Soros too. No matter who won in ’08 they were indebted to that anti American p.o.s.

  • Anonymous

    Romney “wouldn’t be calling him names, so much…” Good grief Charlie Brown. Talk about squishy. Romney can’t even dissent from O’Reilly without a qualifier thrown in. What a pious weak wimp.

    You don’t have to shout, throw things, and curse to be firm. You just have to be able to make a statement without covering yourself against all foreseeable criticisms.

    I guess this means that Romney would treat obama with kid mittens, huh?

    When you cause your enemy to have a vast contempt for you, you’ve already given away half the battle. What makes people support a candy-date like Romney?

    • Anonymous

      Hear, hear.

    • Anonymous

      Candy-date! I do like that. But I really like the term “Pantywaist”. It’s just so fitting.

      • Anonymous

        yes it is. And fitting for Obama-lite as that name has already been bestowed upon Oblahblah.

        I can’t recall the journalist’s name but he writes for the Telegraph if I recall correctly. President Pantywaist.

        But that was before some had figured out that even apparent inaction on his part achieves something – though it goes against the American Way and we find it unbelievable.

    • Anonymous

      I guess calling someone out for their ideology is like calling them a bad name. Kind of like when my son thought the word “stupid” was a bad word. (Wouldn’t even say the name of the movie “Ernest, Scared Stupid”)

      And he thinks he can lead … right.

  • In case you forgot how McCain had folded like a lawnchair:

    Don’t expect Romney to be any different here.

  • Anonymous

    Here we go, Romney playing it straight. Moving to the center when addressing a broad audience. Newt doesn’t do that.

    • Anonymous

      That’s because Romney is a wimp and a RINO

  • Anonymous

    I watched that and thought that Romney looked very weak…think O’Reilly may have thought so too.

  • Oh dear Lord help us.

  • Anonymous

    Romney is a loser: pure and simple. Stop listening to him!

    • Hey unidentifiable- I’ve missed you lately!

      • Anonymous

        Aww shuks! Ur awesome. Merry xmas to you and Dan. Its just that time of the year when things get busy (for all the wrong reasons in my opinion…); shopping, get-togethers etc… All in all, I thank the Lord for HE is ALWAYS the reason for the season! Hope you’re well sis and not letting the fight get you down… 🙂

        • I know the feeling. I’ve been baking- got a late start. Merry Blessed Christmas to you and your family brother! Amen on the reason for the CHRISTmas Season! 🙂 I’m hanging in, and hope you do too!

    • Anonymous

      Maybe he just wants to go from the corporate class, to the ruling class. The two work so well together. He should have been a banker if he really wanted to be on the A list.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve got another nickname for Romney… Mitt “Milk Toast” Romney. I think it fits well!

  • Anonymous

    Hussein is a socialist. And so are you, Mitt.

    Sarah Palin, 2012


    • Anonymous

      What are you saying, that socialists protect their own?

  • We want a nominee that tells the TRUTH. No fancy footwork – TRUTH. Dancing around the word Socialist is a perfect example of why we do not want Mittens. We’re looking for a nominee with the cojones to speak what conservatives think – No Sissy Men!! Of the choices we have only Newt fits the bill.

  • Anonymous

    He is a bloody socialist who IS over his head.

    • Anonymous

      hear hear!!

  • These are my concerns about Romney…

    Mitt Romney claims to be a conservative, but his political views and his record as governor of Massachusetts, shows that he is in fact a staunch liberal…

    Liberal Mitt’s Greatest Hits:

    The Mitt Romney Deception

    1. Romney supported federal funding of abortion: After 3 years of his supposed “pro-life conversion” he signed $50 abortions into law as part of his healthcare plan that was endorsed by Ted Kennedy, Hillary Clinton, and Planned Parenthood. In 1999 Romney said, “When I am asked if am I pro-choice or pro-life, I say I refuse to accept either label.” (Glen Warchol, “This Is The Place, But Politics May Lead Romneys Elsewhere,” The Salt Lake Tribune, 2/14/99)

    2. Romney supported government mandated healthcare (Romneycare) in Massachusetts: He signed into law the forerunner of ObamaCare, and records show that three of Romney’s advisers met a dozen times with senior Obama officials to help craft Obama’s signature legislation. (Article:

    3. Romney Supported a Pro-Gay Agenda: He unilaterally implemented same-sex “marriage” in Massachusetts. He boosted funding for homosexual and transgender “education” starting in kindergarten and promised the homosexual Log Cabin Republicans he would not oppose “gay marriage” in return for their endorsement.

    4. As governor, Romney passed over Republican lawyers for three quarters of the 36 judicial vacancies he faced and nominated 2 open homosexuals.

    5. Romney claims to stand for religious liberty and freedom of conscience, however, he supports the passage of the state level, Employment Non-Discrimination Act, which would force churches and other religious organizations to hire homosexuals and transvestites or face criminal fines and prosecution.

    6. On Gun Control, Romney favors the “Assault” Weapons Ban and he favors a waiting period, before a person can buy a handgun, Romney stated, “I don’t think [the waiting period] will have a massive effect on crime but I think it will have a positive effect.” – Boston Herald, 8/1/1994

    7. As governor, Romney opposed the Bush Tax Cuts (for which he was lauded by Barney Frank) and raised taxes and fees by a billion dollars which has decimated the Massachusetts economy.

    8. Romney supported the unconstitutional and wasteful “porkulus” spending and he supported the unconstitutional bailouts of bad business.

    9. Romney believes in the international hoax of man-made global warming.

    • Anonymous

      9 good nails for the coffin! Thanks for posting this Southnsoul.

    • Anonymous

      I think most everyone here has seen this movie before. They can read the signs, and they know betrayal and bitter regret is the future if Romney is elected. I can predict with confidence he’ll renege on any previously taken commitment or policy position at the drop of a hat, and be so preoccupied getting the approval of the usual “movers and shakers” they’ll have him house trained in no time. Just another re-run of “Mr. Pibbs Goes To Washington”, and once again a lot of people asking themselves how come nothing ever seems to change in that town. The reasons are as dispiriting as the outcome is predictable, and once again some will belatedly discover Romney, like others before him, has about as much substance as a loaf of Wonder Bread.

      • excellently said!

      • Anonymous

        If he’s such a RINO, why did Romney work on his conservative agenda in MA? I mean he was surrounded by liberals (75% liberal legislature), he could have just run as an FDR, Wilsonian Republican sitting on a couch with Nancy Pelosi (oh wait, that’s Gringrich).

        No but seriously, he balanced the budget, turned billions of dollars deficit into a couple billion dollar rainy day fund, he vetoed hundreds of bills, he flipped to PRO-LIFE, vetoing bills that compromised the sanctity of life, he fought gay marriage that was being pushed by the liberal courts ALL the way, he enforced immigration law, he never pardoned anyone.

        You need to look at his record and see what he writes, esp his recent piece on opportunity society versus entitlement society. He is no moderate. Thanks for listening.

        Romney 2012!

        • Anonymous

          Romney is a gentleman, and I have no doubt a good man, and in ordinary times that’s good enough. But these aren’t ordinary times. The Titanic is on a collision course with an iceberg, and a place sitter at the helm isn’t going to avert an epic disaster, regardless how good a man the captain may be.
          His tendency to avoid necessary confrontation or offend (unless your another Republican) tells me this guy can be rolled, and if I can see It you can bet the Democrats and all other interested carnivores see it too – and like sharks converging on a bucket of bloody chum they wont be so gentlemanly.
          If he folds now, just wait till he’s in office and the opposition really ratchets up the pressure. Sorry to be blunt, but we need a Patton, not a Sad Sack.

          • Anonymous

            Amazing. I was thinking of Patton just the other day. His character and temperament fits the need of the hour.

    • StNikao

      The LIBERAL Iowa paper supports Romney.

      The CONSERVATIVE Iowa paper supports Gingrich.

  • Uday Krishnan

    romney is too damn safe…and has no fire…but he will be the nominee because conservatives can’t get their act together and get behind the ‘not romney’ candidate.

    • I can get it together. What’s wrong with the rest of you? C’mon people!

  • Mitt Romney’s reluctance to call obama a ‘socialist’ makes a lot of us queasy.

  • just gave an endorsement to Perry that’s pretty impressive. So did Now that Newt is collapsing and panicked voters are running to Crazy Ron Paul it’s time to take another look at Perry.

    Perry/Rubio 2012 because the pre-game show is over, the clowns have entertained us and now it’s time for the main event.

    • Anonymous

      Perry will not make it past South Carolina. He’s a nice guy, but waay too many people think he’s lucky if he can walk and chew gum at the same time. The added bonus is that for some, he sounds eerily like George W. Bush. And yes, there are people who will not vote for him just because of that.

      • grizzlybear71

        There are a LOT of people who won’t vote for Perry just because of that.

        • I hope your not sitting there in your Sarah Palin sweat shirt, drinking out of your Herman Cain coffee mug, and putting up Newt Gingrich Christmas tree ornaments.

          Please tell me you’re not doing that!!

      • Are you kidding?? Another 4 years of George Bush would be great right now compared to the Marxist in the White House. I’d take Bush over One-bama in a heartbeat.

        • Anonymous

          As would I, but realistically speaking many, many people didn’t understand how Bush got re-elected and wrote it off as “the devil you know is better than the devil you don’t know.”

      • I agree that many think of him as not too bright. It is a stigma that he will have to overcome, never entirely, but with enough people to win in the general. I believe he can and so support him. NO candidate is perfect, but he’s the best we got. Impeccable personal life/credentials + successful governor and honest conservative.

      • StNikao

        Actually – PERRY looks, acts, talks and thinks politically almost exactly like RONALD REAGAN.

    • Anonymous

      I went to the link, and you’re right, it is impressive. It contains a statement that bothers me, though. They concur with Perry’s statement that if you “penalize children for their parents’ mistakes, you have no heart”. That’s the statement Perry made early in the debates that caused those who fear open borders and unrestrained illegals. Softheartedness may look good in theory, but in the real world it destroys you.

      The problem with that attitude is that it makes you captive to other people’s willingness to break the law: “Oh, poor kids, their parents were so desperate that they broke the law to come here. But we don’t want to penalize the children! How could we shatter their dreams? Take away their hope? etc. etc. blah blah…”

      Poof! Another batch of illegals becomes de facto legal. And the problem with that is the reason we have – excuse me, HAD – limits and conditions on immigration. Just as we CAN NOT be the world’s policeman, we CAN NOT make life beautiful, or even better for the entire world.

      Remember the old saying, “If you’re not a democrat until you’re 25, you have no heart. If you’re not a republican after you’re 25, you have no brain.”

      Perry must still think he’s twenty-five years old. Unfortunately, if we put Perry in office, I have to think he’ll take his soft heart with him.

      • Here’s a little dose of reality: neither party is going to stop illegal imigration. No candidate is serious about illegal imigration. Even Ronald Reagan granted amnesty. This is a “carrot and stick issue” that pols use to get throught the primaries and then once in office they never follow through.

        • Anonymous

          Thank you. That is an excellent example of precisely why we need a third party and a conservative candidate. We need to stop accepting the garbage choices the standard-issue politicians are offering us.

  • Anonymous

    ah,here we go, another example of why we don’t need another RINO. Rick Perry called Obama for what he is, a SOCIALIST. Rick Perry isn’t afraid to say what needs to be said and do what needs to be done. We also get many bonuses with a Perry presidency, one of many is a conservative first lady. Anita Perry also calls it like it is, she says Obama is a socialist as well. Perry 2012!

  • Anonymous

    Seriously, what can you expect from a jellyfish?

    • Anonymous


  • ApplePie101

    For destroying our nation, Romney will make Obama sit in the naughty chair.

  • B-Funk

    Game over, Romney! Save face. Quit now.

  • It should have been titled: Romney: Obama is not a Socialist, I am!

  • Anonymous

    Spot on, Scoop. This is the exact reason I cannot vote for or support Romney. Obama is in over his head AND he IS a Socialist. Period. Sheesh.

  • Philo Beddoe

    I give up.

    There is no hope. A bunch of Pixies are running for POTUS.

    obama is a leninist purposly ruining the country. If Romney actually comes out and to be politically correct says obama isn’t a socialist, I don’t need a politically correct POTUS. This crap started with Clinton the abuser and ever since then everyone is walking on egg shells.

    Go home Mitt, go play with your grandchildren and help them find their toys. Maybe they’ll help you find a backbone.

  • Anonymous

    Romney flips faster than you can flip Pancakes, he is not conservative, and he is running for election of course he is going to say all the right things. meet slick willie two. Except he is slick mitt.

    • Anonymous

      Slick Willard.

  • Eve

    That’s funny, a lawn chair – great analogy, fits him well. Again, here he is trying to be the all around everybody like me guy, whatever fits the atmosphere at that time. Oddly enough, he will not call O names or call O out, but does it to his opponents. His character is all to familiar. And that is only the start of the reasons not to vote for him.

  • Yea Scoop. I agree, and it doesn’t help with Bill O feeding him the answers.

    • KenInMontana

      It will probably be worse tonight when he parrots the top ten for Letterman tonight.

  • He is gutless.. Like Obama…

  • President Obama is in over his head precisely BECAUSE he is a Marxist ideologue.

  • Anonymous

    Well, for the record, R-O-M-N-E-Y and C-O-W-A-R-D are both six letters.

  • Anonymous

    McCain lite

    • K-Bob

      McCain lite like


  • Anonymous

    Let’s get this straight. Glenn Beck can call Newt a ‘progressive/soicialist/facist/marxist/devil’, but says he CAN vote for Mitt Romney or Ron Paul in a 3rd party. …. what?,…. what?? nothing inconsisitent there right? Mitt can’t even dare to say the word socialist, so brave and so bold.
    Newt on the other hands takes the fight to Obama with every chance and never hesitates to call obama what he is. A REAL marxist/soccialist.

    • StNikao

      Beck has praised Bachmann or Santorum.

      I have not heard him recommend Romney or Huntsman, though, in spite of the Mormon connection.

      Beck may be coming around on Gingrich because of the fact that Newt is willing to take on the activist liberal bullies in the judiciary.

      However – Beck and the rest of the pundits and media people from Limbaugh to Drudge are only fallible humans with good intentions, and a love of God and country.

      Beck is a wild man of fierce enthusiasms, who likes to be an opinion leader and influence the public and sometimes unwilling to admit mistakes.

      Glenn Beck is not to be our guide or prophet any more than Joseph Smith, William Miller (of the 1843 Great Disappointment), Oral Roberts, Jim Bakker, Mohammed or Jim Jones should be.

      At the very center of the Bible has Psalm 118:8-9 is a strong admonition/warning: Don’t trust in man or in princes. Don’t trust in their man-made ideologies, philosophies, political systems or religions.

      There has only been one Law carved by the Hand of GOD throughout all time. It is simple and evidence in science and history supports it.

      There are Ten and Two Great Commandments and the spiritual principles or laws throughout Scripture: Reaping and Sowing; the Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you; Forgive as you would be forgiven; Give and it will be given unto you, Seek and You will find when you seek with all your heart…the Royal law: Bear one anothers’ burdens – all are congruent, in unity and agreement with one another.

      LOOK to the One Lawgiver and His Law, to the One who has been given all authority – Jesus Christ – and to His Word (the Bible and Commandments) and One Holy Spirit that is to be our ultimate guidance. These are all in agreement and do not contradict one another and they are the true guide. Repentance and returning to congruity with GOD’s Law is the only way to save the US.

      Currently, we have laws that promote sin and enable us to break all of GOD’s commandments and we have some that force us to do so with the help of the courts, legislators, lobbyists and lawyers. Thus what we now have is lawlessness from the Biblical point of view. Sin IS Lawlessness (I John 3:4)

      The liberal left elites with big big money and the radical agenda groups demand abortion, anything goes sexuality, fiscal irresponsibility, socialism/totalitarianism, violations of conscience, and they are even moving to control human thought and speech and to forbid worship and peaceful dissent in public and on the airwaves. They are in fact, promoting Biblical lawlessness.

      Perry, Santorum, Bachmann and Gingrich have all pointed this out – and they are being reviled and ridiculed by the liberal left.

      • StNikao

        WHY does the Liberal Media LIKE Romney?

        WHY do they demonize all the Conservatives? (Despite the fact that Liberal states and cities are bankrupt?)
        Why do they call the Tea Party terrorists? (Yet love the Occupiers?)
        Why do they call Ryan’s plan evil and a lie in today’s news? (Yet love every costly wasteful crony-beneficient plan of Obama’s that history has shown to fail?)

        There’s a long history of this. This Spectator article traces the history of this battle and gives a long, but not complete list of conservatives the liberals and their press have attempted to sideline and discredit.

        And the author says why this is so.
        That it’s the same old battle and the same old choice:
        “To choose the individual and freedom over collectivism.
        To choose faith over atheism.
        To choose God over Man.”

        Romans 1:18-32 shows us the progression of the choices that lead into lawlessness and perdition.

  • Anonymous

    Flip Romney: Poll Tested and voter approved!

  • Anonymous

    Actually, In all seriousness. I don’t have a problem with Flip refusing to call him a socialist. This plays into the Coulter theory that all of us on the right want a fire breathing, angry, lunatic who’s willing to call Barry a kenyan marxist.

    I think there is room to have discretion in the things that you say. We all know that he doesn’t want to say the word because he doesn’t want it used against him later. Everything is calculated and precise with this guy.

    Which is perfectly fine when running. BUT, the huge problem with Flip is that he may possibly believe every squishy librul thing in his core. Having a moderate tone is fine with me, I expect that from a Paul Ryan, Sarah Palin, Allen West, marco rubio (people whom I actually have enthusiasm about becoming President).

    But this moron has a moderate tone AND moderate beliefs.

    And for those of you Romulans who disagree with me, I ask you?

    How much does he expect to cut from the total budget?
    Is he for a radical tax restructuring of Fair or Flat?
    Is he for personalized social security accounts?
    Is he fully against a national takeover of healthcare?
    Is he for radical restructuring of all entitlement programs?
    Is he for a national right to work legislation?

    These are all issues that make me hungry. Flip, probably not.

    • I think Romney is a classical liberal with no strong political principles – more driven by the direction of the day’s political wind. Politically speaking, he’s more pragmatic than ideological. He’ll espouse the policies he thinks he needs to in order to be elected. That’s not all bad. He would never have been governor of MA if he was a conservative purist.

      The problem I have with him is that he will not stand on principle when public opinion is weak or clearly wrong. That’s how I view his involvement in MassCare. His state clearly wanted a single payer system, so he helped give them one. If he was more principled, he would never have participated in crafting the legislation and would have told the legislature they would have to pass it over his veto.

      We need a real leader now. Not a weather vane.

      • Anonymous

        You’re mostly right, except for the “direction of the day’s political wind” part. This is what I really don’t understand about Flip. If he’ll say anything or do anything to get elected, as is his M.O., then why the hell doesn’t he pretend to be conservative…….right now.

        The 2008 version of Flip Romney was far more conservative than this current version. Did you listen to his RNC speech? The guy actually passed for a conservative. But now, for 2012, he’s running as a moderate-centrist? This makes no sense whatsoever.

        Right now, the base is looking for a red-meat conservative who’s solid to the core. Someone who’s willing to make some radical changes to DC. If there was ever a time to run as a credible conservative, it’s now.

        Why the hell would someone be so oblivious to that open fact. It’s truly strange.

        • Anonymous

          I think he is kissing up to the establishment. They are the only ones that support him – and even they are getting scared that he can’t pull it out of the bag. And he shouldn’t. We need strong honest leadership at this point in time or we are just … toast.

        • As the establishment front runner, I think he’s taking the nomination for granted and preparing for the general election. He’ll look a lot more consistent and will leave fewer land mines for Obama’s team to dig up if he doesn’t have to make a big lurch to the right after the primary.

          Obama’s has a dedicated army of loyalists and we already know he’s willing to cheat to win. To beat him and put to rest any pending lawsuits contesting the election, the Republican will have to win in a landslide.

          Pleasing the conservative base could win Romney the primary, but our next President will be the one who most appeals to the mushy middle. I think they are his target.

  • Mike Lee

    This is why the GOP should nominate Perry. The election needs to be about socialism/progressivism vs. capitalism/individualism. Romney and Gingrich, while articulate, cannot make the case that needs to be made. Neither of them are for small govt. Perry, while not the most articulate guy I’ve ever listened to (lol), has the bonafides. He can show a model that works – Texas – versus the current state of America. He can bring the case against Obamacare. Against over-regulation.

    I’m not a Perry booster. I have concerns about America wanting another Texan POTUS. But it has become clear to me that Perry makes the most sense given the current situation and candidates. I believe that Romney or Gingrich would both be better than Obama, but you’re going to get muddled, politically centrist, government-based policies from them. They are both squishes.

  • Anonymous

    Romney is a RINO and needs to look up the word Socialist.Although I consider Barack Hussein Obama a Statist. Word came out by the RNC not to attack Obama, so Mitt is probably following that edict. John McLame took the same approach and we all know how that ended up.

  • Linky1

    C’mon, Mittens, you know you wanna say it…go on, show some backbone and call Obama what he is-a socialist, a raving socialist. There, it isn’t so hard to say, is it?

  • Anonymous

    Everybody loves a hypocrite

    Jesse Jackson – If there were an award for hypocrisy, Rev. Jesse Jackson would be strong contender. During the dark days of Bill Clinton’s Monica Lewinsky sex scandal, Jackson bravely dove into the media storm and paid a visit to the President to offer moral counseling. Jackson brought along staffer Karin Stanford, who was visibly pregnant.

    It turned out later that Jackson was the father of that child. To try to cover up his “little error,” the good reverend used organizational money to arrange for his playmate to live in a home worth $345,000 and to receive $10,000 per month. Because Jesse Jackson is a darling of the liberal media, the magnitude of his hypocrisy was quickly lost by the press when it declared the whole affair resolved.

    Jesse Jackson is an American civil rights activist and Baptist minister with a net worth of $10 million.

    Audit Jesse Jackson and his Rainbow-PUSH “Charities”

    Jesse Jackson Should Come Clean

    Jackson’s organizations/ Rainbow Pimp organizations

    Jackson Defends Finances – ABC News › US
    The Rev. Jesse Jackson today defended his financial dealings, explained the … with the IRS alleging Jackson has used his various non-profit organizations to … Jackson acknowledged he should not have omitted his mistress from tax returns. … when the reverend acknowledged Rainbow/PUSH paid a $35000 severance …

    Jesse Jackson | Rainbow/PIMP Coalition | Organizations
    Jackson’s family also has two for-profit companies related to Jackson’s nonprofit activities. Other nonprofits tied to Jackson but no longer active include Operation … Jackson is president of Rainbow PUSH, and the board is co-chaired by Rev. … it is not required to file reports or pay taxes to Illinois or the federal government. …

  • Anonymous

    McCain was super weak. He told us to “Fight, fight, fight!” at the convention and then when it came down to it he told us we couldn’t mention Rev Wright, we couldn’t mention Obama’s radical ties, we couldn’t even say his middle name.

    Romney is already taking the fight to Obama based on his policies (did you watch the last debate?), Romney will take it to Obama as much as we need to in order to win.
    We just need to contrast the conservative vision of America vs Barack Obama’s record.

    Romney will be able to win the middle, the independents, etc. Something Gringrich cannot do with his rhetoric. Also, women will never vote for him. I asked my lady friends what they thought of Gringrich and his philanderings. And they HATE him for that. He will never be able to win female voters, period.

    • K-Bob

      Sure. As much as we need to win.

      Exactly. Like. McCain.

      He’s a loser.

      • Anonymous

        K-Bob, how is he a loser? Romney is a master of the turnaround. He turned around failing name brand companies, he turned around the state of MA after they were sinking in billions of dollars of debt, turning the deficit into a several billion dollar surplus, he turned around the corrupt SLC olympics.

        Romney is no McCain or a RINO, read his recent piece on Opportunity society versus Entitlement society, he’s a genius and will own Obama this fall.

        • K-Bob

          Here’s what you’ll get with Romney as your candidate. Over, and over, and over:

          Obama: “Once again, I’d like to thank Mitt Romney for having the courage to come up with the model for The Patient Protection and Affordable Healthcare Act. Thanks to his hard work, we were able to finally give Americans the heathcare they need.”

          Romney is a guaranteed loser, right out of the box. We may as well nominate Olympia Snowe.

  • Anonymous

    I know the narrative being pushed by some people is that Romney is a RINO, but if he’s such a RINO, why did Romney work on his conservative agenda in MA? I mean he was surrounded by liberals (75% liberal legislature), he could have just run as an FDR, Wilsonian Republican sitting on a couch with Nancy Pelosi (oh wait, that’s Gringrich).

    No but seriously, he balanced the budget, turned billions of dollars deficit into a couple billion dollar rainy day fund, he vetoed hundreds of bills, he flipped to PRO-LIFE, vetoing bills that compromised the sanctity of life, he fought gay marriage that was being pushed by the liberal courts ALL the way, he enforced immigration law, he never pardoned anyone.

    You need to look at his record and see what he writes, esp his recent piece on opportunity society versus entitlement society. He is no moderate. Thanks for listening.

    Romney 2012!

  • K-Bob

    I think you folks should stop by the thread over at the Philip Klein article at The Examiner, where he does a very good job of expressing THE main concern over Romney as a potential President.

    There are specific reasons why we should doubt Romney will manage to repeal Obamacare.

    Klein is absolutely correct. The folks at The Examiner need to understand why.

    (It’s a Disqus-powered comment system, so you can jump right in.)

  • Jim Botts

    Paging Dr. Coulter……. Paging Dr. Coulter

  • “He’s gonna fold like a lawn chair, just like McCain.”

    you can count on it.

    i’ll vote for romney if he gets the nomination. but i’ll be voting for a prog who may well lose to the worst president ever.

    • Anonymous

      He’s not the worst President ever. Didn’t you get the memo? Obama says he’s the 4th best President in history. Obama needs to get a grip on reality.

  • Anonymous

    i don’t get it… this is the one thing that makes Romney a million times better than Newt. Romney has a filter when he speaks, he’s not a lose cannon who spouts off his mouth making enemies with everyone. i don’t understand how you think we can win by mudslinging and trying to paint obama as a socialst, communist, secret muslim, kenyan… whatever. You want someone out there saying that crap? that’s how you plan to convince all those people who voted for obama last time to change their minds and vote republican this time? you’re gonna convince people obama’s an evil socialist trying to destroy the US economy and impose a welfare state? how is that not calling him names? where’s the substance? you can’t prove that to people. obama’s motives are unknown… you can only show the harm his policies have done. it makes you look pathetic, stupid and weak to throw around names, and try to scare people into agreeing with you.

    Romney will beat obama over the head with substance not namecalling. That’s what Herman Cain calls SINing. Shifting the subject, Ignoring the facts, Namecalling… Liberal tactics. It’s pathetic to read most of these posts.

    • Anonymous

      I like your mention of “ignoring the facts”. Ignoring the facts that Obama is a socialist is what Mittens needs to beat him over head with.

      Pelosi calling the Tea Party Nazi’s was name calling. Identifying Obama’s political mindset is “substance”. The inability to do that will turn off conservatives to a man who is already thought to have his own tendency toward socialism.

      The GOP will not thoroughly go after Obama, they have made that clear. Romney is the GOP front runner. He is telling us exactly how he plans to run his campaign, he didn’t learn anything from McLame’s failed run.

      Obama is not going to hold back on anything, no matter how underhanded and petty. He will use whatever means he thinks is necessary and it is important that whoever runs against him has got to be clear to the voters exactly who this man is and make them understand where he plans to take country if he is reelected.

  • Stop twisting Rommey words: Obama is a Socialist. He says he won’t call Obama names and believes he’s just a big government liberal who is in over his head yet, the press is on to talk trash. Let’s make sure on this campaign trail we get the issues of what is wrong with America and how it is being ran. If we be come derailed by words that will not change the minds of the American people of how Obama is not the right man to turn this country around we will distract away for what we are trying to do.

  • Anonymous

    Call Obama a socialist and the liberals get all pissed off. They get so offended as if you just called him Hitler or something. “Socialist” is not name calling. It’s telling it like it is. It’s an ideology which the liberals are hell bent on transforming this country into, so why do they get so offended with the accurate label?

  • Anonymous

    If Mitt won’t identify why Obama is a failure, then he is completely useless.

    Obama is a failure not because he is from Chicago, or was born in Hawaii, or because he is thin, or has brown eyes, not because he can only speak coherently when reading someone else’s words off a teleprompter or because he didn’t stay a Holiday Inn Express last night.

    Obama is a failure because Obama is a doctrinal Marxist/Socialist. And if Romney is a afraid publicly state the reason Obama is a failure, then how can he effectively combat Obama in the general election?

    Why are so many so-called Conservative pundits, publications, and leadership pushing this guy with such vigor. Ann Coulter being the most surprising at least to me. I know, they say he is the most “electable”. Well I say next to Huntsman and Paul, he is the least “electable”. He is the proverbial Machiavelli. He has no discernible principles. His weak stances change more often than the direction of the wind. He is rudderless. In the typhoon America is facing we need a strong rudder and even stronger hand on the tiller.

  • Anonymous

    How can he be most electable? He lost every race he ran save one.

  • Anonymous

    RICK PERRY2012!!

    • Anonymous

      Perry 2012!

  • Anonymous

    Please call a spade a spade! The guy ain’t just in over his head, the guy ain’t a socialist…..He is a full out Trotsky Stalinist! He studied it in the Universities and thats what he is and what he is doing to our country one industry and sector at a time is 100% proof!!
    Why is it that when the liberal Dems call a spade a spade we get upset, but then people in the GOP are so wimpy to state the plain hard facts??? This guy is for nothing less than reducing America to shambles so that everyone will submit to the great “statist” ideology!! Please people, lets not be afraid to call him what he is Stalinist who worshiped at the feet of Lenin and Stalin and thinks that the State is God and should be all powerful!
    Shame on us if we allow Romney to get the call to run against this wrecking ball!!!

  • His parents were both communists with Muslim roots. He studied socialism (communism) and Islam both in school. He joined socialist associations and hired devout communists in his cabinet all the while he and his staff praised him and them for such a great choice for hire. I’m not going to vote if Romney is our guy. I don’t like Newt much at all. You guys aren’t too serious about putting out any fires.

  • The commies are joining forces on our side so we can have the closest guy who resembles Obama.

  • Gene S

    and lets not forget the “I think President Obama is a really nice guy. It’s just his policies are bad for the country” were in trouble if this guy gets the nomination!!!

    • Anonymous

      Yes, and also did you see the post a couple days ago from back in 2010 when Romney said “we don’t need to get rid of all Obama care, just the parts that are not good”…….I tell you if this guy gets the nod, its just a brisk walk over the edge to destruction compared to Obama’s 100mph pace there! Either way we are screwed!

  • Anonymous

    I didn’t have a huge problem with Romney. This interview shows me that he doesn’t remember history, like from three years ago when McCain juggled everybody’s bean bag(sorry) thinking he could elected that way. Stupid.

  • How can we expect a man who fails to recognize and follow after the true Christ to not recognize and follow after a false one? Bearing a false light only tries to hide and protect the darkness of socialism.

  • Anonymous

    Romney’s reply should have been to say “No, Bill, O has clearly demonstrated with his policies that he’s in fact a facist and then proceded to explain the operation that proves it. It’s not like he had to call him Adolph Hitler, just needed to call him what he is.

  • Anonymous

    If it looks like a duck and walks like a duck… then it’s a duck.

    • Is_Sense_Common

      And Barry is a Quack!

  • Anonymous

  • LOL! “I’m probably not going to be calling him names so much as calling him a failure.” That’s very considerate. I’m sure Obama is much less offended at being called the name ‘failure’ than he would be at being called the name ‘socialist’.

  • Anonymous

    if you nominate McRomney, expect the same result you got last time, and you deserve what you get.

  • Anonymous

    As long as the conservative base behaves predictably they will have the MSM choosing their candidates for them by way of their predictable behavior.

    If conservatives really want to see liberal heads explode within the MSM then nominate Newt and enjoy the show as the talking heads explode and demand conservatives play by their rules and behave predictably.

  • Anonymous

    Obviously obama is not the only politician that lies.

  • Let us measure someone after prolonged actions. Otherwise he can deliver if given time.

  • Anonymous

    Will he also be afraid to use the term “Islamic Extremist”?

  • Anonymous

    When someone believes that the government is (or ought to be) the prime economic driver, that someone is a socialist. He may not understand that he is a socialist, but that only makes it worse. Could Romney at least have the spine to say that Obama’s policies are socialist? Guess not. The Washington insiders play kissy-face once again. “Obama isn’t a socialist, he’s just drawn that way.”

    Yes, I’ll vote for yet another good-looking middle-aged white guy in a power suit because I want Obama out, but let nobody be deluded that Romney or Gingrich is going to lead any kind of conservative surge. The only conservative left in the field is Rep Bachmann; she has shown considerable grit and capacity for growth and I look for her to be a leader in the conservative movement for years to come. If she’s on the ticket in the primaries she has my vote.

  • Anonymous

    I really have to take issue with your litmus test for our candidate. First of all, it was a strong interview. It is telling that you have to reach so far to find something to dislike. Second of all it was a BS gotcha question. If he says, “Yes, he is a socialist, he looks like a loon to independents and a lot of Republicans. If he says no, people like you start with the ‘lack of conviction’ stuff. In my mind, it is way more important to avoid falling into a trap question, than to pander to those of us who want idelolgical purity. Romney did that.

    BTW: Obama is simply NOT a socialist. Socialism is defined as government ownership of the means of production. A bailout is bad news, but it just isn’t socialism, so Romney is right. I have strong suspicions that Obama wishes we were socialist, but I am an ideologue like everyone else on this board. Anyone who isn’t an idealogue won’t even understand what socialism is and will see it as an unecessary attack on Obama.

  • Anonymous

    He’s such a FOOL and a coward,he doesn’t have the guts to even speak the truth in criticizing Obama and you watch if he ever somehow gets the nomination he won’t lay a finger on Obama and will get HIS BUTT KICKED! He is a good representation of what’s WRONG WITH THE REPUBLICAN PARTY,that the GOP elites are pushing this LOSER on us!