Romney: Obama’s policies have created “an extraordinary record of failure”

Romney responded to today’s unemployment numbers by saying that we’ve been over 8% unemployment for 42 months which is the longest stretch of high unemployment this country has ever seen. He says it’s “an extraordinary record of failure.”

He went on to say that he can get America working again:

“And so the time has come for a plan that will actually get America’s workers back to work, that’ll create more jobs and take-home pay. And I know how to do that. This is not a mystery for me. This is not theory. This is practice!”

Watch below:

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  • 4Hoppes2

    I believe Mr. Romney does know how to turn this economy around, I hope the majority of those long term unemployed Americans still have the pride and moral foundation in place to seek work and become successful productive citizens.

    • sDee

      Good point and it is far deeper than the unemployed who want to take work when it is available. When will we hear about the rest of the iceberg?

      We also have a large and permanent entitlement population that could enter the work force but will not because combined local/state/federal entitlements pay far more than entry labor or factory wages. Our unions have inflated their members out of the market. We have a MASSIVE government work force that adds absolutely nothing to the nation’s bottom line. Our “College for All” mantra has created a significant number of college graduates with degrees that provide no marketable skills.

      • They can be incentivized to do so.

  • p m

    To those who love America, yes, it is an extraordinary record of failure. To 0zero and his gang it’s been a roaring success that won’t be stopped until January 2013.
    Just hope there will be a wholesale repeal of every single business-killing law and every oppressive governmental department.

  • UrbanScorp

    Say what you will about him on other issues. The simple fact that he understands what is involved in the creation and running of business in the private sector is more than enough to earn my vote.

    If the one and only only good thing he does in office is to but slightly lower the burden government places on citizens looking to create a business it’d be well worth it.

    • Jim Botts

      Too many people believe Romney is from the establishment. I can see why they would believe it. But you gotta remember, Romney wasn’t the first pick of the establishment. They got on their hands and knees to beg Mitch Daniels to do it. They were planting stories about John Thune trying to gin up interest. The establishment was talking up Christie.

      When all of their other choices decided not to run they got behind Romney, not necessarily because he is just like them. They just thought he would be the most benigh boring candidate and that it wouldn’t affect down ballot races in congress. In other words, as of late 2011 the GOP establishment didn’t think they had a prayer against Obama in the general election. So all they were concerned about was making sure whoever was at the top of the ticket didn’t affect their congressional election. They actually believe that conservatives are a fringe minority of voters. The thought of a Palin or Rick Perry at the top of the ticket scared them.

      Does this mean Romney is a conservative? Heck no, but seriously. He isn’t the inside establishment pick. The establishment had to settle for Romney, they just wanted someone as bland as possible to they could keep their jobs. That’s the way they think.

      Too many GOP congressmen are totally happy being in the minority. They get the platinum benefits, they get to grandstand, they get to complain. They trade bi-partisan support for bad bills in exchange for pork for their districts, etc.

  • Joe

    I believe that Romney can turn this around


    He is now on the record (many times) about social issues

    He seems to be sincere – and hopefully will follow through

    I believe that “his feet will be put to the fire” and will keep his word as best he can!

    ONLY 94 DAYS ’till the election.

  • IDSprout

    When Mitt Romney becomes president, all the venture capitalists and others holding money to invest will be there – they are businessmen and assurances that their earnings will not be subject to burdensome regulations, excessive taxes, and O’Barry care will bring them out in full force. The rest of the world will stop trying to take advantage of the US because they know Mr. Romney undertstands how global currencies and trade works. A focused leadership in Washington that is behind the American citizen instead of their own political careers will bring this great nation back. @IDSprout

  • Redford1974


  • StrangernFiction

    Not failure, destruction.

  • dierardo

    Excellent piece Jim. You’ve exposed a much broader dimension of the state of civic affairs in contemporary America: a picture of just how really rotten the whole Capitol edifice really is.

    To this we must add the seismic failure of modern media, to stay independent of, and ratting out the various elected / appointed buccaneers in the Nation’s capitols, state and federal.

    When I think of the integral self- destruction of the NY Times etc. by their own prior generation’s shameful Duranty episode, (and first romance with the Marxist aphrodisiac). And now the second, with our mysterious black neo-Marxist unvetted presidential poseur, bidding to destroy our way of life.

    Here we have proof of the plague of journalism’s failure in the hands of a corrupted process of journalism education. (Nota Bene – the Mess-iah’s Columbia / Harvard/ U of C community roots.

    The Republic must thank and fertilize the competitive expansion and distribution of the FOX’s and of on-Liners like the Examiner, Caller, Pajamas, Powerline, Am. Thinker etc: a community of heroic information sources which have already earned their patriotic spurs, just in time to deflect the destruction of our great country.