Romney says he’s willing to put troops on ground in Syria to keep WMDs away from terrorists

Romney said on CBS News tonight that the birth certificate joke was just a little humor and not a swipe at Obama. He was also asked if he’d go to war with Iran to stop their nuclear program and he basically said that he would if all other options were exhausted. With regard to Syria and the threat of chemical weapons falling in the hands of terrorists, Romney said that we must ensure that doesn’t happen even if it mean putting troops on the ground in Syria.

I’ve left the CBS News report on Iran and their nuclear program in the clip below. The second half of the Romney interview comes after that:

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  • m0r0

    Why hasn’t anyone made the point (as far as I have seen yet) that the fact that there are chemical and/or biological weapons in Syria is confirmation of what Israel was saying for years. That Sadaam Hussein snuck his bio weapons into Syria. Where’s the Bush Administration claiming vindication of the WMD argument?

    • Nukeman60

      If, and when, we send in troops to take control of those WMDs, we can look at the casings and find the ‘made in Iraq’ born on date stamps. That should vindicate Bush after all this time. Of course, the lefties will say, “It doesn’t matter now. We were never talking about WMDs”. Go figure.

      • If the WMDs found in Syria are found to have come from Iraq, the next question is, “How did they get there? Why did the Bush administration’s plans not account for successfully guarding the border?” And then there will be allegations that Bush should have done a better job securing the weapons.

        • Nukeman60

          It would have been a bit tough for Bush to protect a border between Iraq and Syria prior to the start of the Iraq war, but as far as getting there, this link might help:

          • Betsey_Ross

            Back in the day my husband worked for a couple of Beltway Bandits. He had many friends in the DOD. It was common knowledge that there were satellite pictures of caravans going from Iraq to Syria before the war started. They had plenty of time to get it all up there because the Democraps were doing their best to stall the beginning of the war. Then later we found out that much of it was flown out of Iraq, too. More proof that Bush was right. Every intel agency around the world said Saddam had them, we had proof he had them and yet Bush allowed the press to make up the the narrative that we know today and of course the unrest we have in Syria now.

            Obama’s actions and in-actions have cause a powder keg in the ME. The bad guys again have control over those WMD. They got the power from Obama. It makes me sick.

            • m0r0

              That is correct Betsey the Israelis were screaming about this boarder crossing of weapons relentlessly and when action was finally taken it was too late and we or Colin Powell looked like a fool because they were gone and he new they were gone because of the satellite photos you mentioned. Thank you for reminding me of that. My head has been steaming for days about this and the thought of our boys going there to ‘protect’ the syrians from the weapons putting them in the line of biological suffering. It’s more than I can stomach.

              • I think Sodamn Insane was banking on anti-war types in the U.S. going ballistic (excuse the pun) if WMDs weren’t found and knew it would sour American public opinion regarding the war. Dictators like him have the “rule or ruin” complex and they have no problem taking others down with them, if they know their demise is soon to come. As was touched upon already, even if WMDs would have been found, the left would have changed the narrative to “Al Qaeda was never in Iraq” or something else. You can’t win with the unreasonable, illogical left in the U.S. of A.

            • Yep. I remember that being discussed. The left was foaming at the mouth at the time. Even when confronted with facts, they choose to believe the lie.

      • Yes, indeed. They twist and flap around more than a windsock in a hurricane.

        • Nukeman60

          Ha. You just painted a mental picture for me of what I think the OWS crowd, camped out at the Republican National Convention, will look like. Hmmm…

    • 1mathteacher

      I have always been disappointed whenever I heard Bush administration officials saying, “We were wrong about WMDs in Iraq, but we made the best decision at the time” etc. I have never believe for a second that the WMDs weren’t there.

      The fact that the Bush admin. conceded a long time ago makes me have little hope that they will claim vindication now, but they should. Good point.

    • sDee


      Interesting that the propaganda media is now blindly accepting without question or proof that there are chemical weapons there. This is the same media that spent years accusing another administration of going to war by lying about the same assertion.

    • This was suggested a long time ago and ignored by the MSM because it didn’t fit the popular narrative at the time: “Bush lied, people died”. Any reasonable person would conclude that before Iraq was invaded, Sodamn Insane moved the WMDs to Syria and quite possibly, Iran as well. However, without any conclusive proof, it is all conjecture and hearsay. Sodamn Insane made sure to cover his tracks well before the war. When it comes to matters of the infidel interloper attacking fellow Muslims, Sunni or Shia, they’re as thick as thieves and will be willing to help each other to further their Jihad against outsiders. After the outsiders are eliminated, they can continue to fight amongst themselves and kill each other.

      • m0r0

        Yes, you miss my point or more to the point I wasn’t clear. I realize well it was brought up then, hence my reference to Israel and gratitude to Betsey below for her reminder about the satellite photos. All my comment is referring to is why isn’t anyone proudly making this point now. That’s all.

  • Nukeman60

    There is no evidence that Iran has decided to build a bomb‘ – CBS

    Iran’s nuclear reactor is a low-enriched uranium reactor (3-4% enrichment). If Iran were just using their uranium for commercial use, then 20% enrichment is not necessary. However, even though nuclear weapons generally have 85% enrichment (called weapons-grade), they can use 20% enrichmnet for crude, inefficient weapons (called weapons-usable). I’m sure this comes as no surprise to anyone here (or on this side of the solar system, for that matter), but the UN consistently decries that Iran is not, I repeat not, building a bomb.

    Yeah, right.

    • p m

      Must be why they threaten to wipe Israel off the map. But thse crude weapons might reach SA, which could be the real reason for a bomb in the first place.

      • Yes. Why threaten other countries with annihilation if they are only using their reactors for “peaceful purposes”?

    • orthodoxyordeath

      Did research into this. Geological surveys suggest that in Iran, there is only enough uranium for the ten or so planned reactors to run for ONE year each. That means Iran would have to be buying fuel for the plants for the rest of their lives, which makes no sense.

      • Nukeman60

        Not to mention, the nuclear plant itself is so old already that running it for any period of time will cause all kinds of accidents. Looks like they may nuke themselves long before anyone else has to, with just the potential nuclear accidents ready to happen.

      • Of course, Russia and China are more than happy to sell all the fuel the Iranians want. Why do you think they continually vote against sanctions on Iran in the U.N.? They have a lot invested in Iran.

        • p m

          Some interesting and heartening news there Chris. Putin wants a more reliable source of natural gas, and visited Israel in June 2012 to ‘talk’ to them about their huge oil and gas finds. Israel will very soon be a major source of oil and natural gas and wow, what a change that will make. Here’s a link to an excellent American Thinker article about his visit:

          Victor Davis Hansen is my favourite writer on just about everything, and he wrote about this for NRO a few months ago:

          The NRO article concludes thusly “…Arabs would be overthrowing Arabs, as oil-rich Israel idly watched…” Better than trying to destroy us IMO. God does indeed work in mysterious ways, his wonders to perform.

          VDH has his own website, easily found by a search, where one can feast on his erudition and learn a lot. (Don’t want to post another link!)

          • Thank you for the links. I like Israel’s approach. They seem to be doing the right things to save their country. Very encouraging, from what I’ve read. Now if we in the U.S. were allowed to tap even half of our vast supply of energy resources, we wouldn’t be worrying about getting what we need from those who hate us and we would be creating jobs for those who have none. Here’s to hoping…

          • Nukeman60

            By all means, keep posting the links. I loved the two that you gave us. It’s going to be real interesting what happens when Israel becomes the energy power that they can be and the US is allowed to become energy independent, not with alternative solar and wind, but with our massive fields od natural gas, both off-shore and on the mainland.

            It will also be interesting to see how Iran is affected by any type of alliance between Israel and Russia. The pressure Russia can put on Iran is immense. I see a future where Germany rules the European debacle, China fades, the US is restored to it’s former independent glory and Israel finds new sources of protection, through non-military means. I like what I see.

            However, step number one for us is the removal of Obama. It’s essential to recovery. Obama must be grumbling in his Cheerios about the Putin visit to Israel. Russia caters to Israel, while Putin makes Obama grovel in public. Obama must have flashbacks of the way he treated Netanyahu and wonders how it all went so very wrong for him.

            Keep the links coming. This was very informative.

            • p m

              Thanks Nukeman – the champagne has been bought and awaits our huge party on November 6th starting at 6pm in Vancouver to celebrate the impostor’s imminent departure! Not imminent enough mind you – I sound like a broken record, but have the greatest concern about his actions between being ousted and slinking off. As you say, getting him out is definitely job #1. Can’t wait to see the US energy independent at last. Your dollars can go towards your own country instead of providing muslim terrorists with the means to perpetuate their worldwide perpetrations against civilaztion.

              I only hesitate to post too many links for fear of offending Scoop’s hospitality in hosting this wonderful site. VDH Private Papers is here

              He really is the most remarkable man, a veritable national treasure, along with Andy McCarthy. They’re both very accessible and respond to emails. Andy has written another gangbuster article over at NRO. I swear that magazine would fold without these great men. Here’s Andy’s latest:

              Best to you Nukeman – love your posts and have learned more than could ever be imagined about nuclear energy, the heavens and so much more. Thank you! Penny.

              • Nukeman60

                Already saved VDH Private Papers, thanks to your last post. I cherish getting as many good sites as possible and I hadn’t heard of him before. Thanks.

            • Yeah, he’s really done a lot to restore the world view of the U.S. after G.W. Bush supposedly trashed it (which we all know is a bunch of bovine fecal matter). El Presidente has mad things worse for the U.S. diplomatically and leaders of other countries are laughing at him.

    • sDee

      So even at low grade, Iran has the ultimate WMD machinery. Is Romney willing to send troops in there to take out that?

      • Nukeman60

        I think if we got rid of Obama, we would have a foreign policy strong enough to allow Saudi Arabia to do it. Iran is a big threat to them, even though Ahmadinejad wants to nuke Israel. Given enough time (and we’ve given him enough time), he will have enough nuclear weapons to hit both the Saudis and the Israelis.

        This has to scare the bejeebers out of them.

        • p m

          Bet they’d partner up with Pakistan to get their own nuclear bomb, and so would Egypt (once Morsi’s stranglehold is tightened) if Iran does get to the point of having a viable nuclear option. After that, who knows what’ll happen? Thanks a lot, Zero.

          • Nukeman60

            Yeah, therein lies the rub. Everybody wants the nukes, but it seems like no one is adult enough to have them.

  • 1vote

    swipe??? no sir Mr. Newsman, that was a kick in the head!!!!

  • PChandler
    • sDee

      Th UN blue helmets have just pulled out of Syria. This has their fingerprints all over it.

  • piperlord

    My intuition was always that Iraq was trucking all their weapons to Syria during the time we had to rebuild our military because clinton depleted what Pres Reagan had built up. Oh yeah – all spent to TRY and distract us from his massive abuses of the highest office of the land. Pres Bush, Rummy, Cheney, and even Gen Powell and the rest were spot on when they were telling us why “we” needed to go in. During that 6-8 mos period I saw news reports showing the “trucks” and their workers busily moving about in the dead of night over there through infra-red cameras. We all know about Gen Powell now, that’s a different topic though.

    • Yes. Bush, Cheney, et al wanted to strike Iraq sooner, but they couldn’t because they needed to get the U.N. to go along with it. They finally convinced the “world community” (the U.N.); however, by the time they did and this is my guess, Hussein already moved the majority of his WMDs out of the country. It’s all a moot point now.

  • TaimeAgair

    Ground troops in Syria? Why???? I say hell no to any more of our soldiers being sacrificed in that God forsaken part of the world. I supported the Iraq and Afghanistan wars but I never dreamed it would turn out the way it has- war fought PC to the hilt.

    That just knocked Romney down a few rungs for me.

    • orthodoxyordeath

      If chemical weapons are actually at stake? Why not simply have missions to secure those? Pretty simple hit and run recovery missions.

      • Sandra123456

        Why secure? Obliterate the sites with bombs. cruise missiles etc.

      • TaimeAgair

        Especially because chemical weapons are at stake. No mission is ever simple, soldiers risk their life for every mission in war, no matter how simple it seems to civilians. 11 years of war and no end in sight. Enough. I have relatives and friends on active duty over there that would laugh at the idea of a simple hit and recovery mission in Syria. Simple for who?! Our military is war weary and our country is broke. Enough war already.

      • TaimeAgair

        Simple for who? No such thing as a simple mission in war.

    • jdbaird

      What are you a dirty hippie? Just kidding, I agree, I think our troops need a break they’ve been fighting for over 10 years and after seeing these reports of guys commiting suicide it’s obviously taking a toll on them.

  • odin147

    It is essential that your enemy know of your power and your will to use that power. Wars are averted when America wields its influence on the world. America is like the big brother of the weak being bullied by the strong. Iranian Regime should fear America.

  • 911Infidel

    Seizing WMD’s is one thing. Participating in the takeover by the Okwan and AQ of Syria is another thing altogether. Keeping WMD’s out of the hands of the Islamic lunatics is just fine by me, but let the Ikwan and Assad and his Mahdiist bretheren kill each other.

    As to Iran, the way to proceed there is to support the opposition, and undermine the nuclear program from within. There are still about 350,000 Jews in Iran. They can be tapped into to assist, along with the Persian patriots who hate the regime.

    • p m

      I think there’s more like 20,000 Jewish people in Iran at most, and we can be sure that they have little, if any, freedom of movement. But we can deduce from their Persian exodus that they’re persecuted at least as badly as the Baha’i community there.

      • 911Infidel

        You can argue the numbers with Michael Ledeen, who should know, since he is an Iranian expert. Just because they’re Jews, doesn’t mean that they have exposed themselves as such. These people are Persians and they have assimilated into the culture and can easily hide their true nature. They exist in much larger numbers that people think. Just like the Christians who are now something like 10 – 30% of the population of Iran. The Persians hate Islam. They are dominated by the 30% that don’t. Yet they are leaving Islam in droves or adopting their historical beliefs whether that be Zorastrian, Christianity or whatever.

        • p m

          No argument here, I assure you, 911. I assumed you meant declared or known Jews rather than those who’ve assimilated.
          More power to them in that case, and agree the better the chances of them assisting. I know from Persian friends how they feel about the arabs.

          • 911Infidel

            Man you just hit on a great point. All Persians hate Arabs, even the Mahdi-ists resent them for conquering their land. Which is why the chief rival of the Mahdi-ists isn’t Israel but Saudi. Once the lunatics in Tehran get the bomb, you can bet that the Shia in Tehran will use it first on Saudi, as revenge. Then Israel will be attacked; this time by the whole Muslim world, led in large part by Tehran and Ankara in the largest convential battle in all of history. It will again be Gideon’s mighty men against the Medianites. It won’t be 300 vs 100,000 this time. It will be more like 6 million vs 3 -400 million. The teaser is that just like in Gideon’s time when his enemies turned on each other, so too will Shia and Sunni turn on each other in the last battle for Jerusalem.

  • AustindPowers

    i just wish mitt would’ve stood up for conservatives there… the reporter saying his joke was somehow red meat thrown to the conservative wing of the party… Mitt should’ve said no, real conservatives don’t really believe all that. the birthers have just been magnified and highlighted by the media to discredit and paint all conservatives as crazy.

    • mitt is not a conservative. that is why he doesn’t stand up for them. go back and look at his records in ma – that is if you can find any. he and his staff destroyed them when they left the governorship. and I’m no obama fan or supporter either.

      • stevenbiot

        He’s not conservative. But, he’s not a Marxist. That’s how I sleep at night, knowing I’m voting for ol’ Mittens.

    • REHLV

      Sorry, I have to disagree. I think he handled it very well, no panic, no fear, just straight up conversation tone. Do you really think if he would have responded in an attorney like attitude, defending the conservatives, that he would have accomplished anything positive. I think not. I wish people would stop trying to create class warfare between the conservatives & moderate conservatives. We do ourselves no good. Mitt is the best choice we have right now, and if he continues to make decisions like he did for his VP, I think he is a positive for America. Thank You.

  • jdbaird

    I’d like to do a survey of democrats and ask them “If Barack Hussein Obama went on national TV and admitted that he isn’t a citizen of the United States, would you still vote for him?” That’s what’s scarier to me than the whether he’s a citizen or not, the fact that the majority of them would say yes.

    • sDee

      Americans do not understand citizenship. We no longer know the difference between legal immigration, illegal immigration, or colonization. Our media ensures it stays that way.

      The US Government has deliberately disposed of the Constitution’s Natural Born Citizen requirements, and the vast majority of Americans are ignorant of its significance.

      So of course, they would still vote for him. Some out of ignorance. Many because they or their families are illegals themselves or stand to benefit enormously from the elimination of America’s sovereignty and our states’ sovereignty.

      The end game is in sight and our government has abandoned all defense of our sovereignty and Constitution.

      • Don

        sDee, you have hit a major point in what is happening to our country with this attack by our present administration. Since the majority of Americans don’t have a clue what you are describing, it is not a matter of stopping it, but slowing it down so the loss of our sovereignty will not be a fatal blow to our country. Slowing it down can allow a transition from a life of freedoms to a life of liberties being selectvely granted by those who, in their minds, are so superior to the average citizen.

        • sDee

          It will take time to recover Don, and yes we start by slowing to a stop and then rebuilding. But the first step is for the citizens to realize we are committing national, cultural and generational suicide.

          To even slow it, I would think we would have start the following at minimum.

          – Immediately enforce immigration laws with no leniency.
          – Deny all benefits and rights of citizenship to non-citizens.
          – Repeal the 1965 Immigration act, eliminating diversity based quotas and returning to needs-based immigration of people with core values of liberty and capitalism.

          I see no politicians willing. Any citizens willing to force them?

      • jdbaird

        Indeed, no national pride, no American exceptionalism shown from our leaders by and large.

  • Philo Beddoe

    British National Archives release birth registrations. 1 son born to obama Sr between 1961 and 1963. Who could that be?

  • How’s that different from Obama’s stance? Absurdity knows no bounds. We should have bombed Assad when he was letting terrorists into Iraq in 05 to kill US troops

  • sDee

    It is not deja vu, we really have been here before.

    “”the u.s. is worried about syrian chemical weapons …. now, just where in the hell did they come from””

    So what does Romeny think is going to happen after American forces go in there and oust another dictator? Let the Muslim Brotherhood take over? “Install” yet another failed “democracy”?

    There are only two steady states in a mulsim country… brutal dictatorship to control the islamists, or brutal sharia control by the islamists. Everything else is a transition in between.

  • Suzyqpie

    No American blood or treasure should be expended on Muslim internecine warfare. I am vehemently opposed to American boots on the ground in any muslin country. Have we learned any thing in Iraq and Afganistan, where it now seems to be open season on our military personnel. Where is the Arab League and the Gulf Cooperation Council? They can adjudicate the warfare in their tribal community. Running the global constabulary is not financially feasible.

    • sDee

      Isn’t it about time the Saudis cleaned up their own backyard?

      Saudi Arabia ranks in the top 10 in the world in government spending for its military, representing about 7 percent of gross domestic product in 2005. Its modern high-technology arsenal makes Saudi Arabia among the world’s most densely armed nations.

      Army: The army is composed of three armored brigades, five mechanized brigades, one airborne brigade, one Royal Guard brigade, and eight artillery battalions. The army also has one aviation command with two aviation brigades

      Air force: Over 300 combat aircraft…..newly acquired Eurofighter Typhoons and upgraded Tornado IDS, F-15 Eagle and F-15E Strike Eagle fighter planes. Saudi Arabia has a further 80+ F-15 Eagles on order and an option to buy another 72 Eurofighter Typhoons

      Navy/marine: Western Fleet has bases in Jeddah, Jizan, and Al Wajh. Eastern Fleet has bases in Al Jubayl, Ad Dammam, Ras al Mishab, and Ras al Ghar. The marines are organized into one infantry regiment with two battalions. 11 principal surface combatants, 65 patrol and coastal combatants, 7 mine warfare vessels, 8 amphibious craft, and 7 support and miscellaneous craft. Naval aviation forces have 19 helicopters (armed) serving in naval support

      National guard: three mechanized infantry brigades, five infantry brigades, and one ceremonial cavalry squadron

      • Suzyqpie

        Tks, sDee, Terrific display of economic mutual dependancy. US/Euro buys Saudi oil, Saudi buys US/Euro armament. So are these weapons a collection for display and saber rattling or might they actually be used to build “peace” in the Saudi sphere of influence?

    • stevenbiot

      Let them kill eachother. And if it gets out of hand and threatens our security, lob a nuke in their direction. But, none of our men and women need to die anymore for “democracy (bullshi%)” in the Middle (7th century pedophile worshipping) East.

    • This may sound cold and calloused of me, but I always thought that we should have gone into Iraq and Afghanistan, bombed them back to the Stone Age (very easy to do in Afghanistan), and then left afterwards. They have nothing to offer anyway. Let them clean up the mess and see that messing with the U.S. means very bad things for them. But we’re so worried about what the world thinks about us that we have to do the politically correct thing and fix everything after we break it.

  • When Gaddafi fell in Libya, literally tons of weapons disappeared from storage facilities inside Libya. Where did the weapons go? Nobody knows. We also don’t know what type of weapons were taken, but certainly some shoulder-fired anti-aircraft missiles must have disappeared from those facilities. So let’s think about what al Qaeda could do with some shoulder-fired missiles at a local civilian airport. That wouldn’t be such a happy outcome, would it? So imagine what would happen if a terrorist organization like al Qaeda or Hezbollah got their hands on chemical weapons, weapons that are known to be in Syria right now. A terrorist goup would automatically become a major power simply because it had some weapons that were capable of killing thousands of people within a few minutes. If that doesn’t merit sending troops into a country to prevent that from happening, I don’t know what does. The only thing I would have to say is that we had better have excellent intel on where these weapons are before we go in. We don’t want to have to go searching all over Syria for WMDs like we did in Iraq.

    • badbadlibs

      After all the leaks from this adminstration, is there a chance we could have excellent intel?

  • Don

    Romney drawing a line in the sand will only increase the financial backing from the Islamic Middle East to their ally in the White House. I know there are restrictions on political contributions from foreign countries, but what law has Obama ever obeyed if it wasn’t in his best interests.

  • Yazz55

    Seems like we learned nothing from supporting alqueda vs the USSR a few decades ago in Afghanistan. Now, I’ve come across some things alleging that alqueda is somehow involved with the Syrian rebels. What extent is unclear. Point is we know very little about who these Syrian rebels really are. We ought to know something about who the US chooses to support.

    US threw Egypt’s former leader Mubarak under the bus & look what is the end result. The muslim brotherhood is in charge. While the Assad regime is no friend, learning from the Egyptian experience, we can certainly be alot worse off than the current situation.

    On a personal note, as an American born Jew, currently living in northern Israel, I view the Syrian civil war as – so long as they’re shootin’ at each other – they’re too busy and preoccupied to be bothering us. And that aint so bad.

  • stevenbiot

    Great! Another chance to go to fight in a 7th century pedophile worshiping country, restricted by Rules of Engagement. Hey, it might work this time.

    • Landscaper

      Amen brother! Son was there in 2010 deployment, USMC. The region is a waste of effort by boots with ROE restrictions.

      • stevenbiot

        Your son is a true patriot. Too bad he couldn’t do what he should have been able to do, due to a bunch of congressional red tape. I say we shouldn’t waste one more American over a bunch of backwards, pre-historic cretin squabbles. Oorah!! Bet you are a proud father.

    • kong1967

      I’ve gotten to where I think brutal dictators are the only way to keep peace in the region. I’ve also gotten where I don’t care if they kill each other night and day and if there’s oppression. Releasing the muslims, so to speak, is a threat to the rest of the world (and it will come about to haunt us). Let them live with the oppression they deserve under a secular dictator that keeps them under control with threats of killing their whole family. I really don’t give a crap any more. Just stop putting our troops on the ground because we can’t help them people. Give them a chance for freedom and they choose Sharia Law. The one nation that has young people that want to go to western ideals and Obama wouldn’t support them. Yet, he supports a movement that has elements of Al Qeda leading it. What a jackass.

      • stevenbiot

        Agree completely. We’ve got poor in this country to worry about. I get a kick out of people who say that Americans are too dumb to locate these despotic hell holes on a map. I think to myself, ” Why the hell should we be able to locate those backwards hell holes on a map?”

        • kong1967

          ” Why the hell should we be able to locate those backwards hell holes on a map?”

          Lol, that’s funny. It is still of utmost importance to kill the threats and stop the plots for worldwide terrorism, but no more boots on the ground to try to uproot evil dictators that kill muslims. Screw the muslims.

  • sDee

    ummmmm…wait a minute, we are supporting the terrorists err…rebels. errr…..

    …..anyone else noticing nothing ever seems to change?

    “”Even as war rages, Syrian group plans for “Day After” “”

    “The United States and its allies are hoping for a new government that can bridge sectarian divisions and unite a country that includes majority Sunni Muslims and minority Alawites like Assad, along with Christians, Kurds and Druze.”

    “About 50 Syrians, some participating from inside the country via Skype, worked on the project which sought to develop recommendations based on the principles of tolerance, transparency, and accountability”

    “Secretary of State Hillary Clinton met Turkish officials in Istanbul two weeks ago to coordinate efforts on Syria and set up a joint working group.”

    yeah, that’ll work

    • kong1967

      What? You don’t trust Hillary? 🙂 (big smile)

  • BTW, how did they acquire so many WMD and from whom did they get them?

    • I mentioned it in my post.

  • rich wojcik

    …………………… do “the Algor” on those leftist moderators – whatever the question is, ignore it and talk about your agenda/plans/ideas. The audience will love it!