Romney: Why wasn’t there a big “hue and cry” from Obama for McCain to release more taxes in 2008?

Once again Romney was asked about releasing more of his taxes by a reporter for WMUR and as always Romney pretty much said he’s released all that he will release. But then he said something that caught my attention. The reporter asked if he feels like people should just stop asking, and Romney pointed out Obama’s hypocrisy on the tax issue by noting that there wasn’t a big “hue and cry” for McCain to release more information in 2008. He asked why, rhetorically, and answered by noting that Obama has a terrible economic record and therefore he’s trying to confuse people into talking about something else other than his record:

Here’s the full interview from WMUR:

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  • Erdnay

    All Romney has to do to get the Obama Administration to shut up about the tax records is to call out Obama to release his college records and passport records. I’m sure the subject will be dropped in a flash. I don’t understand why he is holding back on this.

    • maynardb50

      Well, then Obama could just have his birth certificate counterfeiter prepare the records.

    • E. Lee Zimmerman

      I disagree. I’m sure all of the fakes are already prepared and just waiting for Romney to make that request. Besides, don’t play their game. Just keep ignoring it, at this point, and point out the hypocrisy of the people ASKING for ’em.

  • badbadlibs

    Good response. Now, if the media would just broadcast this and it could effectly put a sock in the mouth of bo and his brownshirt….er, spokemonste… people.

    • joyfulgiver

      don’t count on the media to broadcast anything against the man. It’s time for us to rise up! Speak out, share TRS with everyone you know, especially those infatuated with O and ask them to commit to reading and watching what’s posted on this site for at least a week. Eyes will be opened.

      • warpmine

        While an amiable goal, Liberals hate reading anything other than propaganda from their own talking heads that is when in range of the orbiting communication platforms(moonbats).

  • welltempered2

    As I write this the Obama worms are nawing their way into the IRS and about 2 weeks before the election the October surprise will be how they some how “found” 10 years of Romney’s tax filings…

    • badbadlibs

      *slaps forhead* why didn’t anyone think of that sooner! Go to the head of the class, welltempered2 🙂

    • That would be suicide on Obama’s part – and highly illegal I would think.

      • Yes it is and UNETHICAL AND NOT WISE WITH INDEPENDENTS!! Sorry that would make people furious. The left would not care but the Independents would know a RAT!! They keep pushing this crap because they have nothing else. It amazes me that a Reporter (OBAMA PLANT) asks why not release more tax returns…HENCE I WOULD ANSWER…AFTER OBAMA BRINGS REAL UNEMPLOYED DOWN FROM 15 percent to 11-12 percent and increases income and reduces the number in poverty!! SMACKDOWN AND SHUT UP IN PLAY!! Hit them back…they never ask Obama about one thing…GOD does anyone think Romney’s taxes make one DIFFERENCE TO THE MILLIONS UNEMPLOYED???

        Good Job Mitt…tell the reporter to take a hike!!

      • badbadlibs

        Illegal….I’m not sure bo knows what that means. These thugs are masters at circumventing the law and making it look like some other person/org. did the dirty deed, all the while feigning ignorance and fake disgust…imo.

      • oldguyjustsayin

        Was not Fast and Furious illegal? How about HHS using $8.3 billion of demonstration project money to temporarily prop up Medicare Advantage so letters would not go out to seniors before the election informing them they had lost their plans? Is not selectively enforcing laws essentially illegal… DOJ Black Panthers/ and too many other examples to cite. See Rob the Vote at Whistleblower for a detailed look at what might be termed illegal in order to rob the vote. Not disagreeing with you…just clarifying that whether something is illegal or not does not seem to be a consideration for Obama.

        • I think it would be a consideration for Obama in this case because he’s made such a big deal about Romney’s taxes, so everyone would know he used the force of government to get his opponents taxes and that would be suicide for his campaign.

          • oldguyjustsayin

            From your lips to God’s ears.

            Although my guess is that it is just a diversion… I don’t think they care what is really found, they are just wanting to plant the seed of suspicion in people’s minds … they are keeping after the taxes thing only to try and make the idea stick in people’s mind so Romney is successfully cast as an elitist, 1%er.

            Whatever it takes for people to wake up, I am in favor of—including forced reading lists of books revealing the truth about Obama and viewing of the movie “2016” … then a test afterwards to make sure comprehension was gained. Then you have to show the document with your passing grade until you are allowed to eat or drink again. Well, probably could not… but on the other hand, this veteran has gotten in a jam which will not be so easily resolved as passing a comprehension of reading material test: Brandon J. Raub claimed the FBI was concerned about his “calling for the arrest of government officials.”

            What a radical idea. Arresting people for breaking the law.

      • E. Lee Zimmerman

        They’ll be found along with Sarah Palin’s invite to speak at the Republican Convention. Besides, Showbama’s already shown us what he thinks about following the law.

        • warpmine

          …and Jimmy Hoffa.

      • warpmine

        Are you kidding? Is there, was there anything this commie hoodlum has done that wasn’t illegal thus far?

    • bjohnson55

      And when they do won’t it be ironic when they discover Romney made tons of cash (called success) paid his taxes (a ton of them) and gave a ton of cash in donations to help the poor. The only question left to ask at that point would be exactly how thick is that mud stuck on the faces of all those Progressive, character assassinating, so called Democrats.

    • joyfulgiver

      that would be illegal! But, who would know that, since even the man in charge at the IRS has commited the crime of tax evasion, he even got caught but that didn’t keep him from the position.

    • Jeff Carlson

      they’ll come up with a big nothing burger so let thyem try

  • Obama wants Romney to release his records so he can co-opt the Occupy Movement and unleash his class warfare.

  • sDee

    Well they donkeys did go after McCain’s elitist status (remember the hype when he cold not recall how many houses he and his wife owned).

    I think this is all a grand distraction. The debt bomb and the out of control government growth and spending are essentially being ignored by both candidates and both parties.

    “”The claimed debt of the federal government ($16 trillion) is enough to threaten its viability and that of the U.S. economy. The current glide path of spending and revenues ensures that debt will increase. Explicit and implicit Treasury guarantees will require additional debt to bail out failing public and private agencies. The situation becomes hopeless when the unfunded liabilities are taken into account.

    Buckle up for a very scary ride.””

    The Government Is Bankrupt and Will Destroy the Economy

    • joyfulgiver

      I agree with the DISTRACTION part. That’s all this is about. They want Romney to stop talking about the economy. Every time Romney has to defend one of these stupid requests, it’s time away from the REAL issues. All he should say when these questions arise is: “It’s the economy stupid, now get back to work!”

  • NYGino

    Things are different now. He has no hope to offer, he certainly doesn’t want change and he has almost a full term of disaster that he doesn’t want to talk about so the only thing left is personal attacks, lies, innuendo and diversion.

    • kong1967

      Lol, I’d like to see him run on “hope and change” now. He has taken away everyone’s hope and any change would be an admission that he wasted our time for four freaking years. Well, in reality he did, but that’s besides the point.

  • Sober_Thinking

    Decent response.

    It’s a Catch-22 here. If he does as I would have done and simply say to the press in definitive terms that HE WILL NOT release anymore tax information, period… then the media will keep hounding him because they may perceive he is hiding something. But if he keeps allowing the media to focus on this irrelevent distraction, then Obama slithers by with keeping the attack and focus on his opponent.

    So, this was an answer that was about as balanced as possible… say it, and then move on to the relevent topics.

  • joyfulgiver

    Uhhh, the reason Obama didn’t draw attention to McCain’s taxes in 2008 was because of the fact that ALL his records were under lock and key and still are. He didn’t want the scrutiny back then and I’m sure he doesn’t want it now.

    The Romney campaign or someone else needs to come out with ads that are hard hitting and demand O to put up or shut up. Also, an ad to Harry Reid “Harry were does your money come from?” That man has never worked a job other than a government job and he’s a multi-millionaire, what’s up with that?

    I think if someone started hitting back with these types of ads, the issue would go away. Maybe there would also be some residual eye opening of those on the left that still think their candidate is what is best for America. That’s my opinion, for what it’s worth.

  • Spartan4Palin

    It was an arrow in their quiver. But because McCain decided to suspend the campaign and go back to Washington, fate was sealed and this is what we got.

    Remember, Obama wasn’t as rich as he is now. So, now that his finances have risen, he gets to use the ‘I’m a 1%’ crap and his base of low income supporters think he is one of them. He’s been in their shoes. Somehow he is living ‘their idea of the American dream’ for them. But, we all know he isn’t.

    Obama gets to frame the message; ‘I was poor like you and look what became of me. But Romney was always rich. He doesn’t understand you’.

    • HopeHeFails

      Anyone born and raised in Hawaii is, by default, a one percenter.

    • kong1967

      Paul Ryan’s family had to go on welfare for a while, so he can also say he’s been in “their” shoes.

      • Spartan4Palin

        But he’s not on the top of the ticket.

        • kong1967


  • kong1967

    No doubt about that. Sooner or later Obama will be faced with questions about his record whether he likes it or not.

  • Arrrggghhh

    Romney should just unilaterally release his college transcripts to draw attention to Obama’s lack of college records disclosure. I’m fairly sure that there is info in Obama’s college transcript that is at the very least extremely damaging.

    BTW, Obama admits in his own words that he was drunk and stoned throughout high school. How in the hell does a degenerate high school student get into an Ivy League school? I’ve heard of valedictorians from very competitive high schools that were not accepted to Ivy League schools.

    • As a foreign exchange student named Barry Soetoro…

    • Jay

      Affirmative action.

      • Arrrggghhh

        Exactly. The sad thing is that he took the seat of that kid who got their ass out of bed every day who:

        – didn’t smoke pot
        – didn’t get drunk
        – joined every extracurricular activity possible
        – participated in community service
        – earned a 4.0 GPA
        – aced their SAT’s
        – dreamed of getting into an Ivy League school

        And had their dreams shattered by bureaucrats that wanted to make sure that things were “fair.” It’s no wonder that we still have racism in this country. Who could blame that kid for being pissed?

  • brendawatkins

    Because MCAIN wasn’t as BIG a threat as Romney is.. PERIOD!

  • doowleb

    Romney should announce that he is releasing his college records immediately. Watch the MSM shut up and crawl away.

  • I’m afraid the worst is yet to come. After their convention, they will crank out even more lies and distortions. I really wonder what else they have up their sleeves. They are desperate. Pray that they don’t destroy the country before the next president is sworn in. I remember how they trashed the White House after Clinton left. I wouldn’t put it past this group to do even worse.

  • Yazz55

    Romeny’s tax returns isn’t an issue-just a diversion.
    The unemployment rate is an issue.

  • I suspect that the reason that the Obama Campaign is so obsessed with Romney’s tax returns is that they have already illegally accessed them and have found something there that they think they can distort to smear Romney. However, until Romney makes those returns public, they can’t implement their plan without exposing their criminal activities. This would be consistent with prior Obama election campaigns.

    There is nothing that I would put past this group of thugs from Chicago.

    • ConnieConservative

      I think you’re right!
      But it is probably something innocent and legal that they would like
      to smear and exaggerate. That’s the Chicago way. Also dead voters.

  • I suspect, since they have a habit of looking in the mirror and slinging what they see at the GOP candidates, they are making an issue of the taxes #1 as a distraction from the real issues and #2 because Obama doesn’t want to address the issue of his college transcripts, etc. I would like to see Mitt and Paul go after him on his lack of transparency and request the release of all papers Obama has refused to release.

  • Yep, distraction is the game. Anything to take the focus off of El Presidente’s terrible record (except for the bin Laden decision? Yeah, right). Remember what Axelrod and Obama did to Hillary Clinton ( )? If El Presidente’s re-election machine keeps up the negative campaigning, Our Esteemed Leader will lose his big visor cap, “O” armband, red “Forward” sash, and fancy green-grey tunic. He will get to keep his jackboots, though. Prez O’s career path after he is not in office: 1) Magician. 2) Comedian. 3) Singer….but not necessarily in that order.