Romney’s right: Obamacare cuts Medicare by $716 billion. Here’s how.

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  • There is a big distinction between “cut” and “stealing”.In this case it’s stealing.

  • stage9


  • There was never any doubt. The cuts came up during the healthcare debate and Obama admitted them.

  • Rshill7


  • Earthforce1

    CBS news (i know…i know…) actually talked about this on their evening news. They basically said the same thing (quoting the CBO letter), but tried to weasel out of actually saying that Romney was right by also stating that medicare would make up the difference by being more efficient.

    I thought, “Yea, so efficient no doctor will accept Madicare patients due to the red tape and low re-reimbursement. “

  • Goldni007

    Hey Scoop. You need to take this down. The headline from WAPO is false. Go read the article. They are essentially defending Obamadoesntcare.