Ron Paul defends Hamas, blames Israel for 2009 war and more

I’ve never believed Ron Paul is anti-Israel more than I do now. After hearing his statements during the 2008-09 war when Israel sought to defend itself from the relentless attacks by Hamas, I’m now firmly convinced that he is anti-Israel and his foreign policy is informed by that stance.

Just listen to his comments below. It is clear he blames Israel, not just for the war, but for not dealing with its problems which he says has much to do with US intervention in the Middle East. He believes Israel should be talking to the Arab League every day but that they won’t because they know America will back them up.

Thus, he feels like our blind support of them is a hindrance to Israel and that if we stop supporting them and get out of the Middle East, they will be motivated to work out their problems and, I guess, there will be peace in the Middle East. Lunacy!

He also compares Gaza, once again, to a concentration camp and suggests that Hamas isn’t the aggressor.

Here are most of his comments, all of which are in the video below:

It’s our money and it’s our weapons. But I think we encouraged it. Certainly the president has said nothing to diminish it. As a matter of fact he justifies it on moral grounds…without even mentioning the tragedy of Gaza, you know the real problems that are there. To me I look at it like a concentration camp. People are making homemade bombs – like they’re the aggressors? …

I think if we weren’t in the Middle East there’d be a much greeted motivation for Israel to deal with all the people and maybe the Arab League. Maybe they would be talking to the Arab League every single day and work out problems. But they don’t do that. They don’t have the motivation because they know we’ll back them up. No matter what happens over there, Israel knows and our government knows, Republican or Democrat, that we’ll do whatever is necessary to bailout Israel.

If Israel has a problem they have to deal with it. I don’t think it should be any of our business. It’s just that it’s our business and we will be blamed because we support Israel blindly so. And we give them the money and we give them the weapons. …

If I personally favor one side or the other side then it’s really pretty academic because politically I don’t want to be involved. If I wanna say well, you know, I really think the Palestinians have been ripped off and therefore all the blame is on Israel, then I’ve sorta stepped in a little bit more than I want to. I can have a personal opinion but politically my position is that America would be much better off if we just minded our own business

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  • OK I’m saying it this time. HOLY CRAP!! This man is beyond nuts. If Israel has a problem…. home made bombs “like they’re the agressors”?!?!!! WTH?! I would really like to introduce Ron Paul to Bill Whittle. Good Lord this is giving me fits thinking we have this or mittens to look forward to?!

    Politically he doesn’t want to be involved…. what a pathetic coward. Tell that to the little kids of Sderot you a$$- you know, those ones who have to run into a damned bomb shelter which is in the middle of the play ground!!!

    Lord forgive me for being so angry right now.

    • No reasoning will help cure his mental illness

    • Anonymous

      He says over and over that he’d just rather not be involved at all ! Has he no memory of a certain 6-day war or a Yom Kippur war ? If, there were a murder committed directly in front of him, would he just step over the body , so he wouldn’t be involved ? He’s gone completely around the bend. When the palestinians and israelis will meet as honest brokers at the table of negotiations and not demand the all or nothingness of the past, then, they’ll get somewhere.

      • Dax

        You can’t say you’re a Bible reading Christian as Paul does, and not know what role Israel plays in the future. Will he defend Israel against her enemies? I take it not.

        • Nathan Lewis

          Do you mean the Evangelical Protestant Bible with Scofield footnotes? In the Bible the rest of the world uses, the Church is Israel, not the Zionist nation.

    • blackbird

      “I would really like to introduce Ron Paul to Bill Whittle” I was thinking the exact same thing as I was watching Paul.
      Bill Whittle: Debunking the Palestine Lie I wonder what Paul would say in his defense. I would like to ask ask Paul, how can you negotiate with people that hate you because of your blood.

      • Anonymous

        Lunatics and politicians always have an infinite supply of excuses. There’s no point in attempting to reason with them, unless your blood pressure is dangerously below normal.

      • Anonymous

        “Bill Whittle” is a liar or an idiot and anyone who takes all the misinformation in his “cartoon” video as facts without doing the actually research is an idiot.

        This is an actual historian Norman Finkelstein giving a lecture on the Origins of the Israel/Palestine Conflict all based on facts he doesn’t take sides he just explains the real history of the conflict. its an hour long and no cartoons hope you guys can pay attention for that long.

        • Anonymous

          We need an unlike button for your stupid comment.

        • blackbird

          “…he doesn’t take sides…”

          I trust and agree with Mr. Whittle and I happen to like “cartoons”.

        • You are the idiot. Maybe you would like to do some research. I’ll help you.

          No Palestinians

          Palestinian origin

          No Palestinian nation

          Palestinian nation?

          King Hussein of Jordan

          On March 31, 1977, the Dutch newspaper Trouw published an interview with Palestine Liberation Organization executive committee member Zahir Muhsein. Here’s what he said:
          “The Palestinian people does not exist. The creation of a Palestinian state is only a means for continuing our struggle against the state of Israel for our Arab unity. In reality today there is no difference between Jordanians, Palestinians, Syrians and Lebanese. Only for political and tactical reasons do we speak today about the existence of a Palestinian people, since Arab national interests demand that we posit the existence of a distinct “Palestinian people” to oppose Zionism. For tactical reasons, Jordan, which is a sovereign state with defined borders, cannot raise claims to Haifa and Jaffa, while as a Palestinian, I can undoubtedly demand Haifa, Jaffa, Beer-Sheba and Jerusalem. However, the moment we reclaim our right to all of Palestine, we will not wait even a minute to unite Palestine and Jordan.”
          In 1974, the late Syrian President, Hafez al-Assad, declared:
          “It would be fitting for us to mention to the responsible Israeli authorities that we view Palestine not just as an inseparable part of the Arab nation, but as a part of Southern Syria.” In 1987, he reiterated himself at a conference in Amman, “A country named ‘Palestine’ has never existed.” Jordanian King Hussein responded, “The appearance of the national Palestinian persona serves as a response to Israel’s claim that Palestine is Jewish.”
          Arafat said this in 1970, with candid simplicity, told the reporter Arianna Palazzi:
          “The question of borders doesn’t interest us… From the Arab standpoint, we mustn’t talk about borders. Palestine is nothing but a drop in an enormous ocean. Our nation is the Arabic nation that stretches from the Atlantic Ocean to the Red Sea and beyond it….. The P.L.O. is fighting Israel in the name of Pan-Arabism. What you call “Jordan” is nothing more than Palestine.”
          “In the history of the world, Palestine has never existed as a nation. The region known as Palestine was ruled alternately by Rome, by Islamic and Christian crusaders, by the Ottoman Empire and, briefly, by the British after World War I. The British agreed to restore at least part of the land to the Jewish people as their ancestral homeland. It was never ruled by Arabs.”

          • blackbird

            Larry, thank you very much for this post, I have it saved for reference and will post it over at conservatives4palin, also I have a neighbor who needs to read this as well. Thanks again Larry and may you and your family be blessed with good health and prosperity in the New Year.

    • Anonymous

      I think God might have more of a problem forgiving you if you weren’t angry over this.

  • Constance

    Geez Louise. There is something truly wrong with this guy. Mentally wrong. How does his son support him? I know there must be an assumed support from the son, Rand Paul, but really? He wants his Dad to be President when he speaks this way? I think it’s time for Mr. Paul to be dispatched from the republican primaries and caucuses. He needs to either go democratic or libertarian and peddle his garbage in those circles. In my opinion, he is damaging the republican party, and in my opinion, he is doing so on purpose.

    • Anonymous

      It runs in the family. Remember when Rand Paul’s Christianity was questioned because he tied a woman up and forced her to worship an idol? (While in college, I think.) Instead of apologizing, being ashamed, saying he was drunk and crazy or drugged and crazy, or even saying it wasn’t true, he presented a front of extreme indignation and stalked off the interview set as if royally offended.

      I’m sure they’re both religious; I’m just not prepared to believe that their god is the God of the Bible.

      • Anonymous

        What? Rand? It runs in the family? Oh dear lord!

      • Nathan Lewis

        Maybe he didn’t apologize because it never happened. The girl in question even stated it was just a joke. Got any more anti-Paul propaganda/lies?

        • Anonymous

          lol. Nice rebuttal.

          …do you perhaps have a better explanation than Ron Paul does as to why Israel is to blame for the Palestinians building home-made bombs in their homes? (Besides the fact that Israel has blockaded Gaza from arms shipments? I’ve seen enough of Palestinians’ resorts and 5-star hotels online, yes they have sites online for these bastards, to believe that Israel is keeping food, aid, and materials from Gaza. If they had been, where the hell are all the bomb-making materials coming from? —sorry, tangent.)

          I don’t understand Ron Paul’s perspective on cause and effect. Unless he ties back to the original philistines and Joshua or the king David… Perhaps he goes all the way back to Moses and the divine edict to remove all in the land… which Israel didn’t do. Where does Ron Paul assign blame first? Do actions and consequences get unassociated at any point of time? Or does he disassociate them very quickly? Either the one or the other are the only options for me, and that’s the real question on Paul: How do you see the world?

          If I understand it, Ron Paul’s foreign policy is either based on the concept that the world will leave us alone if we pretend they don’t exist/aka, leave them alone and ignore them policy-wise, or, the idea that regardless of the consequences, the constitutional ideals apply across our borders. (Statements to avoid ‘entangling alliances’ are not contained in the constitution.) While I think it is great to allow others to live as they will, I draw the line when they call for the lives of my children and my neighbors.

          Please, if I am wrong, help me out here; I really want to understand Ron Paul’s foreign policy rubric. I can’t understand where it comes from at this point.

    • BS61

      Yeah, unfortunately I will never support Rand again – better safe than sorry.

  • But… but… DA JOOOOOOOOS! *has stroke*

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    What was the supremacist group that was full of hate and especially disparaged Blacks and Jews?

    • Anonymous

      That might be the triple K (but you left off Catholics.)

      Isalm cannot be bothered with such nuance and complexity – they hate and exterminate anyone who who refuse to submit to allah.

    • Anonymous

      The Aryan Brotherhood, the Nazis, Muslims of all stripes, and probably half a dozen others. Paul keeps interesting company, don’t you think?

  • Anonymous

    Ron Paul is going to ruin Rand Paul’s political career. The more of this stuff that comes out, the less likely his son will be able to shake it.

    Too bad, I thought Rand had a future. He shouldn’t have endorsed his dad.

    • Anonymous

      I’ve seen him speak here in NYC several times and he holds the same views as his dad. Sadly, he too is anti-Israel

      • BS61

        Thanks for the heads up!

  • I wonder if Kelly Clarkson knows this

  • Dax

    Does Paul know any history of Muslim extremists? Ron Paul is going down this time. Just watch. Why don’t we ask Rand Paul if he feels the same way so we can get rid of him too, if so.

    • Hugh hewitt asked him that a few months ago and he said pretty much the same thing.

  • Anonymous

    There are people like Paul who for reasons unknown actually believe that the islamists are the victims and Israel the problem.

    There are people like Hussein Obama and Hillary Clinton who know that is all a lie and, as an active part of this decit, doom millions to murder, oppression and genocide.

    Then there are people like George Bush who seem to believe islam is merely a religion of peace and that the problems are due to a few “bad apple” muslims.

    To what end do these elaborate webs of deceit, ignorance and hatred serve when the simple truth of islam lies at our feet?

    • Well said sDee. Again.

    • Please tell me you do not idolize Obama and Hillary…. That would be the biggest joke ever…

      • How would you get that sDee might idolize dear leader and hillary by the comment?

    • BS61

      Thanks for stating that so well! Islam has been against non-believers since our country was founded and Muslim Pirates kidnapped American’s and yet people deny this!

  • Anonymous

    and moral relevancy excuses…I mean posts…start 3..2…1….

    paul sucks…deal with it people.

  • Yeah, this is one of the videos I post up to commentators / RP supporters who play ‘pretend’ that Paul is the “Top Israel” guy around *eyeroll*, and who distort his views on Iran as well.

    Ron Paul has voted in past 10 years with Hamas, rather than support US ally Israel. He has voted with Hezbollah, rather than support US ally Israel. These are Terrorist organizations.

    That’s fine, and for the 50th time (must repeat yourself often when debating RP supporters) so is it fine that someone should support him or vote for him, but the record should be clear, the twisting and distortions being put out there RE Ron Paul’s positions on many issues to make him more ‘appealing’ are beyond the pale.

    TY for posting RS.

    • He is anti-american. gee

    • Anonymous

      Please read my post below and respond. Thanks.

      • I did not mean he has voted with Hamas 10 times, I don’t know how many votes RE hamas the US congress has participated in. I said in past 10 years he has voted with Hamas when votes of support for Israel have come up to the floor, he has done the same re Hezbollah votes in 2006 war.

        He does not vote with Israel on mid east issues, he’s always alone or with kucinich, or with cynthia mckiney and the 2 or 3 odd balls voting against Israel. The reason I mentioned 10 years is because of disingenous supporters and his campaign talking point of always bringing up the single vote with Israel he ever made, back in 1981-2 re the Osiraq reactor. They always mention it, but leave out the next 29 years of voting where he consistently never votes in support of Israel, not for funding, not when terrorists are attacking, not when Israel is at war. Don’t take this the wrong way, but that record is very clear.

        Here he is on Iranian Press TV (their CNN) and he is blatantly covering/siding with the Hamas terrorist group instead of the US ally Israel, it’s black and white where his support is, and it’s not news, his views are well known, these issues came up in 2008 election as well. This is not a moral equivalency issue, this is not a neutrality issue, this is not a constitutional issue. Pro Israel Americans want their President to be siding against terrorists, and with their allies. I feel strongly that is the case for most Americans actually, irrespective of Israel issues. Ron Paul is consistent, he blames American policy, he blames Israeli policy, but the blame lies with Islamists + terrorists, not most of the time.. Every time.

        • Anonymous

          See – this is what I meant last time when I said your position is geocentric. What you perceive as being anti-Israel is not – it’s just in line with his objective of not having allies or enemies. (No governmental entangling alliances.)

          Pro-Israel Americans have not seen their objectives carried out – in fact imo they have been hindered by the relationship.

          I think that if Israel is attacked by terrorists or anyone – they should have the Sovereign ability to do whatever they need to make it stop and never happen again.

          • Geocentric, I liked your comment here because I find it a bit funny how far supporters will contort or twist to defend what are frankly very clear issues for most people.

            Voting against a US ally with terrorist organizations bombing that ally’s civilian populations (terrorism) is not geocentric. It’s frankly anti Israel. I apologize, but if you read the paragraph in grey highlighted in the post here, Ron Paul’s own words it is very clear, it is abudantly clear. We can go in circles round and round, but it’s only becuase you refuse to acknowledge what most people already know, Ron Paul does not like Israel, and never supports Israel. Anyone making the claim of the opposite is lying. If Ron paul is all about the ‘character’ – Where is his character now not standing up for positions he has taken for past 29 years, let him own his Mid East policy, not play it off as if he is some sort of ‘ultimate Zionist’ with the whole I’m the only guy who supports Israeli sovereignty nonsense. It’s taking people for fools.

            He votes against Israel, he is pro Palestinian, his own personal aide says he hates Israel, this is not a debate, as it’s well known. He is entitled to any policy position he desires, truly he is. Let him and his supporters own it, and stop running, stop twisting and stop altering reality. Either his positions are electable or they are not but they are his, and he should be a man instead of a slimey politician.

            • Anonymous

              I tell you what – I’m sincere in what I believe – and – I know you are too. I’m honestly not trying to spin anything – and to this point – I have not seen what you are seeing in Ron Paul.
              What you are saying – that “he never supports” Israel – may be true – but I don’t for a second believe that he does anything that is anti-Israel either. I also don’t believe that he is pro-palestinian either and that you are misconstruing what he is saying in this video – maybe to meet some objective of yours. I don’t know.

            • Anonymous

              FYI… Check your history. The US currently has no signed treaty with Israel. Thus not our ally.

            • Anonymous

              Check your history saus. The US has no signed treaty with Israel. Thus not our ally.

              • There’s a 1988 agreement on mutual defense, a 1950’s treaty of friendship, dozens of other agreements in science, commerce, technology, military matters, etc. But I guess if it wasn’t written in the constitution you are right, according to Alex Jones and Ron Paul the US and Israel are not allies. Thankfully, the US public, US congress, and White House feel differently.

                Here’s a recent poll of the US population:

                “November 10, 2011. The American People Remain Strongly Supportive of Israel
                … viewing Israel as a critical ally of the U.S. and as the party most interested in peace in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict” …

                Among the main survey findings were:

                * By a margin of 63%-37%, a majority of Americans believe that Israel is serious about peace.

                * On the subject of Israel as an ally of the U.S., by a margin of 61%-24%, Americans see the relationship as beneficial to the U.S.

                * 73 percent of Americans indicate that Israel can be counted on by the U.S. as a strong ally.”

              • KenInMontana

                You need to do some research, you could start here;

                Or you could just continue or your ignorant and merry way.

          • Anonymous

            He’s a Jew Hater. Cut the crap!

          • BS61

            And yet an Iranian is not equal a Canadian! I like having allies and will never support Paul’s treating everyone equally. Plus, RP will never pass anything through this RiNO congress!

  • Press TV is the propaganda arm of the Islamic regime of Iran. Why does he interview with them? Oh well, he does it with Alex Jones.

    • Anonymous

      Do they really know what they are asking for? Who they are dealing with? If and when Hussein and Clinton intervene, they will be liberated from a brutal dictator into the into the hands of the Brothehoods’ ruthless islamofacisim?

  • Anonymous

    Ron Paul is simply the enemy of America. Where is the nearest Seal Team to deal with this Jihadist shill?

    • Forget the silly Sailors. Just send a pack of old, Jewish, female Holocaust survivors over to his house with purses filled with buckshot. About 4 – 5 minutes of them beating the everloving horse crap out of him with their purses should be enough to shut him up for quite some time. I hope one hits him so hard, he has the word “Gucci” stamped across his face for two weeks.

      • Anonymous

        Too soon, Virus. Keep your powder dry and gloves on for now. Need you fresh later.

      • Anonymous

        You’re a man with a highly developed sense of poetic justice… Bravo well played.

    • You have to be joking. Read the constitution….
      (I’m really trying hard not to hate you or say really bad things toward you)
      RP IS EVERYTHING our founding fathers were, and if you disagree with that, you are simply not someone educated enough to hold up your own end of the argument. RP is the all American.

      • Anonymous

        Hate me and understand I am your and your candidate’s sworn enemy.

        I have read more Constitutional Law, History and Political Philosophy in any given half hour on any day in your life than you have in your entire deluded existence. You’re out of your depth so back away and forget you commented.

      • Anonymous

        So the founding fathers were Jew Haters too?

      • Yeah.

      • BS61

        Then please explain the Founding Father Thomas Jefferson going to war with Muslim Pirates? Itr’s you RP supporter who selectively spout our history!

  • Santorum Nails Ron Paul To The Wall:
    “He’s Out In The Dennis Kucinich Wing of The Democratic Party”…

    Santorum also went after Paul on his foreign policy stances, calling him “far to the left of President Obama.”

    “I mean he’s out in the Dennis Kucinich wing of the Democratic Party. Don’t laugh!” Santorum said to the crowd as they began to chuckle, and they immediately got quiet. “That’s where he is. He may be left of Dennis Kucinich, okay? So that’s where he is. This country is not going to elect Dennis Kucinich to be President of the United States. I don’t care how much government he wants to cut.

  • Anonymous

    Ron Paul is not presidential material…too way out there for most folks…anti-semitism offends me and Hamas is a terrorist group.

    • but almost everything he says stands up along with what America was based off of and should be. He needs to be president. We need this change he would bring.

      • BS61

        No, yuo need to read some more history and not take RP word. Thomas Jefferson started the US Navy for a war against Muslim pirates. If I’m not mistaken, TJ was a founding father!

  • Anonymous

    It puzzles me why anyone could view the situation in the Middle East and think the Israelis are to blame. The only logical conclusion is an underlying anti-Semitism that see the “evil Zionist Jews” as the cause of all the world’s problems.

  • You wanna hear some great stuff listen to Michael Savages show from 12/28/11. He completely dismantles Paul for almost the entire 3 hours!!!

    I lost track at how many times he calls Paul a lunatic but more importantly citing he IS a liberal!

    • Thank you. Paul is a plant by Soros to get Obama re-elected. All of Pauls money comes from Soros and various Nazi/KKK groups.

      • …I’m going to let that one slide by just assuming you were high when you wrote it. Educate yourself.

        • I’m getting a kick out of the desperation that you are displaying. Type type send. Not gonna work. If Dr Paul is so fabulous you shouldn’t have to be doing this. Isn’t Glee on?

  • Anonymous

    I’ve listened to this about four times now – and I’ve come to the conclusion that you are projecting. Hear me out:

    Again – for me personally – I support Israel 100% – I personally want Israel to have all of their land and not have to worry about our government telling Israel where and when they can build settlements – etc. I feel we have been constraining Israel too long.

    With that said – and with me fully understanding Paul’s “world view” – he IS NOT saying – “I’m against Israel.”

    1. He is against Israel using our weapons and our money to do what they are doing.
    2. He is against innocent people being killed – across the board.
    3. If you listen to the very end – he indicates that his personal leanings are with Israel – but politically – he wants to meet his goal of being neutral in foreign affairs.

    Because I understand how he views things through his oath to the Constitution and from the MANY speeches I’ve listened to and his books on foreign policy that I have read – I’ve determined that in no uncertain terms – with President Paul in office – as long as the US is not supplying the weapons or the finances – Israel could do whatever they want to in/with Gaza, the Golan Heights and the West Bank and the US would not interfere (unless Congress declared war and he was directed to take action). He is that much of a stickler for abiding by the rule of the Constitution. Nobody seems to get that. THIS IS WHY he has such fervent support.

    I think giving Israel their sovereignty is a good thing and I want Israel to have peace and eliminate threats to their security. I mean – nothing else has worked. If they wanted to push everyone into the Sanai or Jordan or whatever – it would be Israel’s sovereign decision to do so at that point.

    Saus mentioned above that Paul has voted over ten times with Hamas – I want information on that. If I ever believed Paul was against Israel – I would pull my support too – but from EVERYTHING I have seen – and I have thoroughly researched it – Paul is clean and completely predictable.

    • Your sophistry is BS, and I’ll break it down to its simplest essence that maybe even a paulnut could understand (though I know you won’t):

      When you say you support someone, but want to remove all physical and fiscal manifestations of that support; whey you say you are someone’s ally, but publicly state that you will not stand by their side in time of trouble, because its too much trouble for you, the reasons for that are clear. It means you do not support them, and you are no ally.

      Paulnuts parse words to absolute BS, just like Rumpelstiltskin why said he would cut defense spending, but not touch the military. Only the most asinine people would think that statement makes any sense, and the most disingenuous, dishonest double-talker would expect people to be stupid enough to see any sense in that. As for your wanting information on something: go get it. You’re on the Internet, and asking someone else to do your work for you. I don’t see TRS doing it, and not anyone else. Finding voting records is not difficult, considering they’re public, and some politicians like trying to use those records to cast an image of themselves, real or imagined.

    • Anonymous

      I agree with you. I don’t think Ron Paul is against Israel. For Paul, if Israel would just capitulate to Arab demands for territory and sovereignty and simply join the Middle East community as a “cousin,” Ron Paul can declare, “Peace in our time,” wash his hands and go back to dismantling the military. What a strategy!

      Having Israel out of the headlines should give RP a lot of free time.

      • Anonymous

        The man is a moron, a bit and an obvious JEW HATER. What else do you need to know…

    • Anonymous

      Point By Point

      1. “He is against Israel using our weapons and our money to do what they are doing.”
      Let’s see, the Arabs have been at war with Israel since 1948 with the intent of wiping them off the face of the planet. This statement is like giving a woman a gun, and telling her she cannot use it to stop the rapist/killer having his way with her. Sorry, not going to happen in the real world.

      2. “He is against innocent people being killed – across the board.”
      Is Israel perfect? No, but they are not the aggressor Hamas, PLO, Arab League, and many other groups are. But nowhere in his ranting does he defend Israel’s right to defend themselves. The end result of Paul’s policy is peace, the peace of genocide. If he has his way, the end result will be no Jewish person left in the middle east, just bodies.

      3. ” If you listen to the very end – he indicates that his personal leanings are with Israel – but politically – he wants to meet his goal of being neutral in foreign affairs.”
      You cannot be with Israel, and then state that you are “Neutral”. If my Wife, Daughter, Family,and or Friend were attacked by another person, being neutral is not an option. You have relationships with family, friends, and countries for the purpose of mutual support. Not to be “Neutral”, when they are attacked. This is complete lunacy, and a failure to understand reality.

      Do we give money and support to Israel? Yes, we do. Should the stipulation for the money be suicide? NO! I would not do that to my friends and family, and would not do it to Israel.

      Israel is a Sovereign nation, it is only when the UN or US attempt to broker deals that they are messed with. Anti-Semitism, runs deep in the UN, EU, and in some quarters of the US, and is becoming more in-vogue by the day. The last thing we need is an enabler in the White House.

      As for Paul’s voting record, I don’t care. His words and actions are enough to tell me who he is. He is an irresponsible, deluded, unrealistic, caricature of thoughtful human being, who is more dangerous than BHO.

      • Anonymous

        Ok – thank you for taking the time to respond…

        I’ll go back through: Please bear with me…

        1. “He is against Israel using our weapons and our money to do what they are doing.”
        Let’s see, the Arabs have been at war with Israel since 1948 with the intent of wiping them off the face of the planet. This statement is like giving a woman a gun, and telling her she cannot use it to stop the rapist/killer having his way with her. Sorry, not going to happen in the real world.
        Ok – specifically: Weapons or money that we “GAVE” Israel that in Ron Paul’s mind would give up our neutrality in the issue.

        2. “He is against innocent people being killed – across the board.”
        Is Israel perfect? No, but they are not the aggressor Hamas, PLO, Arab League, and many other groups are. But nowhere in his ranting does he defend Israel’s right to defend themselves. The end result of Paul’s policy is peace, the peace of genocide. If he has his way, the end result will be no Jewish person left in the middle east, just bodies.
        I tend to agree with you on this – that Ron Paul’s policy of following the Constitution (and the spirit of the Constitution and founder intent) is to a fault. However – I would see his Presidency as an opportunity for Israel to make a decisive change in the region.

        3. ” If you listen to the very end – he indicates that his personal leanings are with Israel – but politically – he wants to meet his goal of being neutral in foreign affairs.”
        You cannot be with Israel, and then state that you are “Neutral”. If my Wife, Daughter, Family,and or Friend were attacked by another person, being neutral is not an option. You have relationships with family, friends, and countries for the purpose of mutual support. Not to be “Neutral”, when they are attacked. This is complete lunacy, and a failure to understand reality.
        Yes you can. For instance – my daughter works for me – and yet I insist that she stay arms length from me in the workplace. Ron Paul’s personal beliefs and heart are with Israel – yet his first duty according to his position is with the US and obeying the Constitution.

        Do we give money and support to Israel? Yes, we do. Should the stipulation for the money be suicide? NO! I would not do that to my friends and family, and would not do it to Israel.
        Israel is VERY powerful and would NOT be attacked. No one over there is foolish enough to take them on – and I guarantee you that our Congress would make a declaration of war and would direct the president to execute it. I have NO DOUBTS that Ron Paul would faithfully execute his duties in this regard.

        Israel is a Sovereign nation, it is only when the UN or US attempt to broker deals that they are messed with. Anti-Semitism, runs deep in the UN, EU, and in some quarters of the US, and is becoming more in-vogue by the day. The last thing we need is an enabler in the White House.
        Amen on the first part of this statement. We are in strong agreement here and is one of the main points of my sentiments. However – RP is not an enabler.

        As for Paul’s voting record, I don’t care. His words and actions are enough to tell me who he is. He is an irresponsible, deluded, unrealistic, caricature of thoughtful human being, who is more dangerous than BHO.
        The dangerous stuff is ridiculous and undermines your careful thought as does the name the name calling. No one is going to attack the US – period. Bachman, Santorum and Gingrich sound stupid when they say this. I’m embarrassed for them frankly.

        • Anonymous

          I am a realist, they are called as I see them.

          My first argument still still stands. You do not give someone something to defend themselves, and then get mad when they do. This is life and death to these people, and Israel has given land for peace, and what happens? More Death. maybe if the people that surrounded them would agree to allow them to exist, that might help. But Paul doesn’t seem to get that.

          The second argument is not about the constitution. All monies and support in hardware were provided by Congress, well within the framework of the constitution. Americans are not fighting in Israel, and thus no war needs to be declared. This is a big problem with Paul, nothing in the constitution precludes Congress from helping another country. So what is the real motivation?

          You did not address my point in part 3. If someone attacked your Daughter and was threatening deadly force, you would not be at arms length. This happening to Israel, and is especially dangerous if Iran get’s a Nuclear Weapon. The Iranian leaders are Shiites that believe in the 12 Imam. Their belief system is that they can hasten his coming by starting Armageddon. If these people will martyr themselves for Allah, what makes anyone think they won’t martyr the planet for their paradise, and messiah?

          Paul is an enabler, maybe not consciously, but effectively. To not hold the various terrorist groups and supporters responsible for their actions and rationalizing their actions, makes him a person that enables the behavior.

          As to the last point, I have worked in EMS for 17+ years, and as an engineer for over 10. This is said to qualify what I posted. There is extreme evil in this world, and it is not a safe place. This I know because I have borne witness to what man can do to man. I do not mince words or make statements that I do not believe. Paul is dangerous, and willing to sacrifice people for his beliefs. What I said was not ridiculous, but was the assessment of what I have seen and heard from Paul. I have met him in Iowa, and have experienced first hand what I consider to be a very deluded individual, who does not have a good grip on reality. That is not over the top rhetoric, but a first hand accounting of my experience of his world view. If he was more realistic on the foreign policy front, I would consider him as a candidate. How can you even think of him in a serious manor when he wants to protect the unborn, but is willing to let Hamas wipe out Israel?

          • Anonymous

            Well put RP.

          • Anonymous

            1. I can’t explain it any better than I did and I’m just guessing that you don’t want to understand what I’m saying. Israel should have NEVER given up their land for peace. Totally asinine and part of a US policy (road map to peace) that was equally asinine. I don’t understand how you support our current US policy makers on this. In fact – I don’t understand any of our foreign policy. I’m watching Fox right now – and I just saw a report that we sold 30 billion dollars worth of weapons to Saudi Arabia – the people who took out our towers.

            2. You are WAY OFF on this one. Everything that Congress is authorized to spend money on is itemized in Article 1 Section 8 – and that is it. There is NO Authority in the Constitution that allows for foreign Aid/Welfare.

            3. I did answer your point – fully on this. The equivalent of my daughter in this case is that she is fully capable of defending herself and does not need my help in any way. In fact – I would actually get in the way of defending herself.

            4. I firmly believe in the sovereignty of the Creator and there is nothing you, me or Imadinnerjacket can do to hasten or slow down Armageddon whether he thinks he’s an Imam or is going to get 72 girls or not.

            I agree with your last assessment – about what man can do to man. I do NOT believe that Ron Paul is “dangerous” (with fearsome shrill tones and wide eyes.) We’ll just have to disagree on this one too.

          • Anonymous

            Sorry for my confrontational tone in my last response last night.
            I am a little uncomfortable on the Israel thing – but I haven’t given up on Paul yet.
            On this topic – I responded to AmericanBornIC a little bit down the page here that you might want to take a look at.

            • Anonymous

              It’s the first step to the cure. Once you realize you’re ill, you have hope. Paul is a JEW HATER. If that’s okay by you then well where does that place you?

              • Anonymous

                It’s bomb throwers like you that ruin everything for everyone.

                • Anonymous

                  Spoken like a true moron. Bomb throwing is telling the truth now?!

                • Anonymous

                  As you can see – we are having a valid discussion here. Sit on the side and eat your cotton candy.

            • Anonymous


              No apology is necessary, you are defending your position passionately, and I respect that. We have different perspectives though, and those conflicting perspectives are most of the problem here.

              I was attending college in Oklahoma when the Iranian revolution was in progress (I know that dates me pretty well). I saw first hand what their perspective is and what they will to do bring about the change they seek. What you and I believe does not concerned me. However, what they believe is very important. When I mention Armageddon, it is from their viewpoint not mine. They see themselves as the true followers of Allah. They have no care for infidels or Jews, and if we happen to be in the way, and are destroyed, it is Allah’s will. The 12th Imam is their path to power and their god. The really bad part is that not all Shiite’s are with them in this quest, and it is they who will suffer most. This is just one of my big issues with Paul. Read what the Iranian’s say, listen to their speeches, hear their words. We cannot allow these wackos the opportunity to implement their stated plans. The Soviets were predictable, and not suicidal. They cared about their own lives. These Iranians do not, and that is a very big difference.

              Our country was founded on foreign aid, specifically from France. Without the help and money from France we would still be fighting for Queen and Country, sipping tea. France helped us as a way to get at the British, and it worked, for us at least. We as a country have given foreign aid since the beginning, and our founding fathers would not have meant for us not to, knowing what it did for them. I still submit that there is no support both historically, and constitutionally for Paul’s position on foreign aid. That doesn’t mean that we should not revisit whom we are giving money to, and look at the results. Pakistan, is a perfect case in point. However, I want it to be based on factual assessments of our goals and needs, not some feel good, wishy washy, liberal mindset. As I said I am a realist.

              When it comes to defense of the people I care about, I want overwhelming force on my side. I want the outcome to have as little doubt as possible. My daughter can defend herself, as I am sure yours can as well. There is no such thing as a fair fight when it comes to defense or war. The only option is to win, and not to let the aggressor have any chance. Thus, if my friends and or family are attacked, the ferocity of the response will put them on their heels and keep them there. This should apply in international affairs as well.

              As for Israel, you can’t have it both ways. Hamas and the Palestinian Authority do not want Israel to exist. They will not be satisfied with any amount of land short of controlling all of it. Unfortunately, it is people like Paul, the EU, and this and previous administrations that have enabled these barbarians, by letting them define themselves and rational people. These groups are not rational, and want the destruction of Israel, and the death and or expulsion of all Jews and Christians from the area. This is not my opinion, this is their stated goals, as read from their websites and publications. It is in the open and available to everyone, you just have to look. Israel’s right to existence, and self defense should not have any shadow of a doubt from this country. Unfortunately, that is not the case, and this weakness is what is fueling this conflict.

              Paul was reported this morning stating that “placing sanctions on Iran would be an act of war”. Knowing what I have read, heard and have seen with my own eyes this statement is irresponsible. I will not support a person who wishes to destroy another person. The same goes for countries, be they China, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Pakistan, and many others. Some countries we have to deal with, due to geopolitical reasons, others we should isolate, and others should be cut off. It is in our self interest to do so. Without a stable Middle East energy flow, and our economy suffers. Iran is a destabilizing country, and should be dealt with as one. We cannot reward their behavior, nor support it. The time has come to stop the charades, and act in our self interests. This is the world we live in, and we have to deal with it, as it is not as what we want it to be.

              I pity Paul, for he could be far more than what he is right now. His fringe views on important issues makes him a person that cannot be taken seriously as a candidate. It is truly a shame that this is so.

        • Anonymous

          It is my opinion that Obama gave Egypt and Libya to the Muslim Brotherhood for the purpose of building the caliphate to attack Israel. Israel will be attacked at some point, it is just a matter of time. Followers of Islam raise their children to hate Israel and Jews to death and it is that mindset that eclipses their sensibilities.

          Anyone who has spent time as a representative in Washington should be able to understand that. If they don’t they don’t belong there or anywhere near the White House.

          • Anonymous

            Amen – I agree WITH EVERYTHING you are saying. However – Obama is just part of the problem.. Bush was pushing all this stuff over there too and every year – we keep building up their enemies more and more. It’s insane. (Mind reference to Bush kissing and holding the Saudi prince hand as they walk.)
            You are right – Israel will be attacked once the enemies feel like they are strong enough to destroy them.

    • 1. He is against Israel using our weapons and our money to do what they are doing.

      What are they doing besides defending themselves?

      2. He is against innocent people being killed – across the board.

      If you know Israel, you know that because they KNOW Hamas and other islamic terrorist groups use civilian areas to launch rockets from, Israel flies over the areas and drops pamphlets to WARN the people that there is going to be return fire from the Israelis. Who else does that?!

      3. If you listen to the very end – he indicates that his personal leanings are with Israel – but politically – he wants to meet his goal of being neutral in foreign affairs.

      See my first comment- if Paul wants to remain neutral in foreign affairs, he has no business wanting to be president. Remaining neutral in this case is allowing over 2 million square miles of people who hate the guts of those living in the middle 7 thousand miles to attempt to annihilate them. You know as well as anyone that whenever Israel is left to defend themselves they are vilified by the rest of the world.

      Someone said earlier, that it doesn’t matter if it’s in the world, or in a playground- a bully is still a bully. We can not stand by and watch a bully wipe someone off the face of the earth because they don’t bow down to their moon god.

      • Anonymous

        Well said Duck. I see you calmed down. 🙂

        • Thanks Toon 😉 I’m a manic duck don’t ya know. Up and down, sideways… but yeah, I don’t have so much blood shooting out of my eyeballs now. Glad I always have some DUCK tape in the house.

          • Anonymous

            OH, DUCK tape, I get it, ha ha. Excellent comments though.

      • Anonymous

        Thank you for your thoughtful response. I believe I’ve addressed them all in my response to Percevil. Would you mind looking at that please?

        • I did. And I thank you for being polite. I do agree more with RPercifield though- but I appreciate your openess to dialogue with us without resorting to cussing or name calling. God Bless aPaulogist.

          • Anonymous

            Thank you – I don’t feel like it’s an us vs. me on this board. (It’s funny I use the word board as in BBS. I feel ancient.) All of us are in this together – and we need to exchange information and ideas without anger.

            To be forthcoming – I like Paul so much because he has most of the answers I know our country needs – but I’m a little uncomfortable with the Israel thing and so I’m exploring every avenue to give him the benefit of the doubt.

            On the other hand – I’m also judging his positions by the context of what is going on today – and I do not understand our current FP. It all seems so counter Israel.

            And then I see this:

            – this morning and I ask myself – why are they pressing so hard? Something is very amiss.

            • Anonymous

              The first duty of the President is Commander in Chief. He doesn’t have his head on straight for that. Case closed.

      • We do it all the time in Africa-ever wonder why?

  • Rumpelstiltskin in a villain of the deepest dye. A more dire, disgusting fiend you would be hard pressed to find. He is precisely the type of psychotic that the left paints the entirety of the Republican field as, and he is something they can hang around the GOP’s collective neck. The ravenous curs that support him, in spite of everything he’s said and done, are just as bad, and are a negative picture of Republicans (which they are not). His racism and bigotry are indefensible and inexcusable, and the people of his state should be thoroughly ashamed for putting political power in the hands of this vicious, frothing, wild-eyed lunatic that is quite obviously suffering from a massive psychotic break. This pathetic excuse for a man not only advocates the murder of blacks (seeing as to how they’re all rampaging criminals on welfare):

    …but has the damned nerve to smear and vilify AN ENTIRE NATION as being villains such as he, for the poor grace of choosing to defend themselves against nations dedicated to a political party that masquerades as a religion, and boasts that they’ll murder everyone in the world on their way toward global domination, that does not bow down to them. It is he, Rumpelstiltskin, and his buddy David Duke,

    …that are the real dangerous animals, requiring distemper and/or imprisonment.

    Oh, and as the screws tighten, and the noose cinches around his scrawny, wrinkled, old neck, Ron Paul is being forced to admit, more and more each day, that he, indeed, did write his racist, bigoted manifesto:

    How you paulnuts can live with yourselves is beyond me. You must be every bit as evil, hate filled, racist and bigoted as your false god, and your brethren ( – Though, quite frankly, I wouldn’t be surprised to find our you ALL belong to this organization of scum.) You defend the indefensible, and soil yourselves, in the process.

  • Anonymous

    Paul is much too dangerous in terms of his foreign policy beliefs to be the GOP nominee. He would never be elected in the general and would assure another 4 years of Obama.

  • Anonymous

    I prefer the thumbnail for any Ron Paul story to be the picture of him wearing a tin foil hat.

  • Anonymous

    Paul is either an anti-Semite or a raving lunatic. No other possibility.

    • Those are not mutually exclusive outcomes.

      • Anonymous

        You’re right. I didn’t think of that.

  • Anonymous

    I’m still drawn to this video of Benjamin Netanyahu apparently saying that Israel does not need any help:

    I have to wonder if it’s true that they don’t need any help. I suspect that they do have enough nukes to ensure that Israel is the only remaining country in a 1000 square mile sea of glass, but as I understand it, they are still buying arms from us.

    Another item that tends to support the claim that Paul does not hate Israel is that he was one of the only members of Congress in 1981 to NOT vote in condemning Israel for destroying a nuclear reactor in Iraq.

    • Anonymous

      Israel has all the help she needs. Israel doesn’t NEED the United States but we should be on her side. We need to choose carefully.

  • Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul praised the Occupy Wall Street movement, comparing it to the Tea Party movement. “In many ways, I identify with both groups,” Well your half right Paul. You do identify with OWS because they are your supporters. The people voting for Paul are casting a vote for Obama.

    • Anonymous

      No he didn’t – geesh. He said that he agrees with some of their positions – especially on crony capitalism and the bank bailouts. That is it. There is common ground there and I agree with him. This is one of the biggest problems our country has (next to a fiat currency)

      Paul has stated that he completely disagrees with them on enlarging the governments powers to correct these problems.

      • BS61

        It’s the anarchists, communists and socialist that we normal American’s disagree! OWS has killings, rapes, all kind of old diseases and does not respect the rule of law. How anyone, and that includes RP and Boehner could agree is beyond me!

  • Anonymous

    Home-made bombs that blow up entire busses full of people.
    Rockets are not home-made, idiot.

    • Anonymous

      Yes they do – and so do conventional bombs. And rockets can easily be home-made. I send some up with my son every year in cub-scouts.

      • Anonymous

        Yes, I know they make home-made bombs that blow up busses full of people. That’s what I meant. But Paul was making it sound as if the bombs they were making were ineffective and nothing to worry about. The bus comment was to dispute that.

        I doubt the rockets used by Hamas bear any resemblace to the rockets made in cub scouts, sorry. Nice try, lol.

        • Anonymous

          I did not pick that up from his comment – and listening to it again – I still don’t simply because I understand his objective. His comment was reflecting that their capability to wage war on the scale that Israel is pathetic.
          Killing busloads of citizens in my opinion is a reason for all out war and it wouldn’t stop until it was finished and not capable of being carried out again.
          As far as rocketry is concerned – my point is that it is easily homemade and weaponized.

          • KenInMontana

            Yes artillery rockets can be fashioned at home, however what is being fired out of Gaza into Israel are Katyusha Rockets;

            These weapons are of Russian (Soviet) origin, supplied generously across the Arab world and now manufactured by several Middle Eastern States, Iran,Egypt, and Syria just to name a few.

  • Anonymous

    Former KKK Grand Wizard David Duke Says He’s Voting For Ron Paul: He Understands The “Powers of International Zionism”…

    Hmm ….

    Will the Paul campaign publicly disavow this support and condemn Duke for being a racist and an anti-semite?

    • Anonymous

      You have every right to disagree with Ron Paul on any number of political issues.

      However, your idiotic assertions of racism and anti-semitism are despicable. Have you ever heard of the fallacy of guilt by association?

      Here is a black man relating his personal experience with Dr. Paul. Anybody who thinks Ron Paul is a racist should watch this. He is being smeared, because he is the only genuine threat to the elite.

      • Another paulnut engaging in red herring arguments.

        Ron Paul’s guilt is not by association, but due to the fact that he has committed the very acts he’s accused of committing. HE wrote those newsletters and published them. HE defended those newsletters, then later flip-flopped and said he’d never read them. HE made statements like:

        “[Martin Luther King, Jr.], the FBI files reveal, was not only a world-class adulterer, he also seduced underage girls and boys…And we are supposed to honor this ‘Christian minister’ and lying socialist satyr with a holiday that puts him on par with George Washington?” -1990 newsletter


        “Boy, it sure burns me to have a national holiday for that pro-communist philanderer, Martin Luther King. I voted against this outrage time and time again as a Congressmen [sic]. What an infamy that Ronald Reagan approved it! We can thank him for our annual Hate Whitey Day.” –newsletter, date unknown


        “We don’t think a child of 13 should be held responsible as a man of 23. That’s true for most people, but black males age 13 who have been raised on the streets and who have joined criminal gangs are as big, strong, tough, scary and culpable as any adult and should be treated as such.” – 1992 newsletter

        You can cry claiming he didn’t write them, but there is mounting evidence to the contrary:

        The bottom line is: Ron Paul’s a racist and a bigot that should be tarred and feathered, and run out on a rail. OR, he’s an idiot of the highest magnitude, because he allowed a newsletter to be published for about a DECADE under HIS NAME and doesn’t even know what was in it. Either way, he has no place in American politics, much less even SERVING COFFEE the White House. No one here is impressed with your rhetorical BS about his being a “threat to the elite”. No one here even asked about, nor mentioned, such a stupid thing, and it’s not your “elites” that are attacking Rumpelstiltskin about his decade long racist rant.

        • Anonymous

          VirusX, you are the man bro. Way to serve it up to these school boy bitches.

          • Anonymous


            Ron Paul is not a racist. Here is Walter E. Williams saying so himself just yesterday guest hosting for Rush:

            But maybe Dr. Williams’ defense of Ron Paul’s character is not enough. Here’s 14 minutes of black Americans saying the same thing:

            Then, for those who say Ron Paul’s foreign policy is dangerous and even anti-semitic, here is former CIA bin Laden unit chief Michael Scheurer endorsing Ron Paul specifically because of his foreign policy.


            Finally, if you or anybody else here doesn’t think there is a very powerful cabal controlling both “sides” of our political system, think again. They will do whatever is necessary to maintain the status quo that keeps them in control and continues the insidious process of wealth transfer that our corrupt monetary system facilitates.

            • BS61

              I don’t trust Michael Scheurer as he also has views anti-American!

      • BS61

        Sure, that’s what they said about Obama and Rev Wright or the Communist Party USA support, nothing to worry about. Except that we have a communist as Prez now!

        Please wake up RP supporters. I don’t have friends in the KKK or CPUSA!

  • Really Iowa!?!? Why on earth do you have this loon leading in the polls????

    • Anonymous

      I would not count on the accuracy of the polls in Iowa.

    • Educate yourself on RP. Im convinced anyone who opposes him either doesn’t know all of his sides or just listens to what they are told and form opinions on media statements and bumper stickers.
      (no offense intended)

      • No, you’re just convinced your Stormfront/Neo Nazi candidate is the right man to put America back on track to becoming the racist utopia those organizations would like to see. For all your cries of telling other people to educate yourself, you’ve shown yourself to be anything OTHER than educated. Once again, just like you did with Tammy P., you engage in weak ad hominem attacks and strawmen, all the while refusing to PROVIDE this so-called education on Rumpelstiltskin, and why he’s supposed to be so great. You refuse to address, in any way, shape or form, the materials that have given people reason to doubt, or even downright dislike, him, and you’ve provided no evidence to support your implication of greatness. The reasons behind this are simple: its because you can’t.

      • BS61

        We are educated on RP, perhaps he needs to be educated on Islam!

        Honestly, now I would never vote for any Paul’s because of their supporters insults to me.

  • Anonymous

    True True he does sound very very anti Israel………. and does seem to have very unfounded and uninformed sympathies towards those poor home made bomb makers…….
    but come on now thats not his biggest problem……
    his main problem is hes a NUTJOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I am embarrassed for the paulbots who keep defending this assclown. There is no amount of spin or smoke blowing that will ever convince me that this nutjob should play any role in American politics. Hell, I wouldn’t even trust him to pick up dog crap in my yard. Seriously, if you are still a Dr Paul groupie at this juncture in time, there is something wrong with you. Generally, I am a very compassionate person but I can guarantee you that I will be rejoicing in the Paulbots agony when this freaks loses his a$$ in this election.

    • How about you make a somewhat creditable political statement instead of talking yourself up, because from what you just said i would bet almost anything you know nothing of politics…

      • Typical paulnut. She attacks an issue, which happens to be connected to Rumpelstiltskin’s character (or lack thereof), and since you don’t have the ability to intelligently defend it, you resort to tactics of deflection and personal attacks. As opposed to addressing what she was talking about, you immediately change the subject to her. Only a pathetic paulnut would think that’s an effective argument: a strawman. Try to act like an intelligent debater (something I’m not accusing you of being), and address the issue to which she was referring. If you can’t understand it, then ask her to clarify what she was talking about. Don’t worry though; I know I’m asking too much.

      • You are a real annoyance.

      • BS61

        TammyP can make any COMMENT that she want’s on this board! She is not a journalist.

  • Anonymous

    While I have no love lost for Representative Paul’s foreign policy views, setting aside the snark, this story is priceless:

    Ron Paul’s Lonely Breakfast of Champions

    On another note:

    Former KKK Grand Wizard David Duke Says He’s Voting For Ron Paul: He Understands The “Powers of International Zionism”…

    Will the Paul campaign disavow the support of Duke, a known racist and anti-Semite?

    Ron Paul: Yeah, I Wrote Some of the Newsletters, Just Not the Bad Stuff That’s Causing Me Problems Now

    The story keeps changing.

    Ron Paul Sides With Iran

    Hmm … On July 31, 2006 the UN Security Council passed a resolution telling Iran to stop enriching uranium or else.

    Iran has refused.

    On Jun 9, 2010 the UN Security Council passed a resolution imposing further economic and diplomatic sanctions against Iran because of its refusal to stop enriching uranium.

    Yet, Representative Paul considers the imposition of these sanctions due to Iran’s failure to honor its obligations and to stop enriching uranium to be an act of war, justifying Iran in blocking the flow of oil through the Strait of Hormuz.

    Right. Of course. How silly of us.

  • Anonymous

    Paul has a MAJOR mental issue. Israel can take care of those Arabs if need be. He is nuts and should join the ranks of Carville from Louisiana. God Help him. Maybe we should let Hamas terrroists kidnap him and I think he might change his mind about Hamas. They kill the very Palestinians who elected them. Paul is a fruitcake.

  • Anonymous

    Inasmuch as the U.S. is currently giving more foreign aid to Israel’s enemies than to Israel, wouldn’t we be helping Israel if foreign aid was cut off to all countries?

  • You are all looking at this one sided. Its not just one country, its all of them. He is completely right that countries have become way too reliant on us. We shouldn’t be involved with Israel… sorry.
    We as Americans should stop worrying about any other country (not on a human/natural compassion level) on a government level. I don’t want to see us in any other country unless our public hunger is fed, our poor are taken care of, and our society is to a point where we CAN worry about someone else’s, unless of course it effects us first hand not to be involved, which in Israel is not the case.
    He said it well when he said, ” We need to stop slapping people on the wrist as a precautionary task”. Half or our problems are caused by us guys. WAKE UP! Things like the patriot act need to go! Never shall we have to sacrifice freedoms and rights to gain protection, because we’ll lose both, beside the fact that if we did we don’t even deserve protection, or liberty for that matter. At that point you may think about even considering yourself a true American.

    • Maybe we should apply the same criteria to you. When you’re in need, no one should even look at you. When you’re hungry, we should just laugh at you and have another drumstick. Someone beats your ass, we just turn up the music. Someone accuses you of a crime that we know you didn’t commit, we’ll just look the other way. That’s the same kind of crap you’re pushing, paulnut.

      • And are you WILLING to help your CHRISTIAN brothers and sisters that are Palestinians? OR do they not count?

        • Show me Christian “Palestinians”, and I’ll think about it. So how much have YOU helped your Christian brothers and sisters in Israel?

        • Anonymous

          The point that should matter is, who is the aggressor and why are they resorting to violence? The palestinians and the arabs have sworn to wipe Israel and US off of the planet. So, the palestinians, reguardless of religion, are the problem. Besides, I’m fairly certain that the palestinians WEREN”T there first. Moses didn’t lead the palestinians to safety.

          A dead enemy is a peaceful enemy. Blessed are the peacemakers.

          • Arafat said this in 1970, with candid simplicity, told the reporter Arianna Palazzi:
            “The question of borders doesn’t interest us… From the Arab standpoint, we mustn’t talk about borders. Palestine is nothing but a drop in an enormous ocean. Our nation is the Arabic nation that stretches from the Atlantic Ocean to the Red Sea and beyond it….. The P.L.O. is fighting Israel in the name of Pan-Arabism. What you call “Jordan” is nothing more than Palestine.”
            “In the history of the world, Palestine has never existed as a nation. The region known as Palestine was ruled alternately by Rome, by Islamic and Christian crusaders, by the Ottoman Empire and, briefly, by the British after World War I. The British agreed to restore at least part of the land to the Jewish people as their ancestral homeland. It was never ruled by Arabs.”

        • There is no such thing as a “Palestinian”. They’re Jordanian Arabs. Do some homework.

        • BS61

          There are no Christian Palistinians! Where the heck did you learn that lie?! Go to Israel and see the truth.

    • Explain to us how your rights and freedom were violated by the Patriot Act. You’re still squawking.

  • Anonymous

    Paul is a lunatic! He needs to lose his senate seat AND the presidency.

    • Anonymous

      Ron Paul is a member of the House of Representatives, not the Senate. He is not seeking re-election to that seat next November.

  • Anonymous
    • good grief. “western sanctions against Iran are “acts of war” that are likely to lead to an actual war in the Middle East.” I hate to break it to him, someone who has admitted to being a Christian- war will be coming to the middle east, in a big way. Now I happen to believe God will protect Israel in a miraculous way, but because that is His people (and a host of other reasons) I will choose to stand with Israel. We could look at Iran with a smile- but they’d still not think twice about dropping a couple of dirty bombs packed in suitcases around some of our main cities, nor would they blink while dropping an EMP on the heartland.

      • Anonymous

        Don’t worry. Ron will change his mind about 3 months after Iran perfects a nuke and a mushroom cloud rises over the middle east somewhere. Anyone who doesn’t see this isn’t just naive. They are an huge threat to our safety and will be accessory to the crime of mass murder.

        • BS61

          I agree, but it’s not naive! RP and his supporters refuse to believe that muslims hate us. They refuse the facts of the Koran and Thomas Jefferson fighting muslims.

  • Anonymous

    Great debate everyone! After reading all of the comments here’s my summary (for what’s it worth):

    Paul supporters seem to be very passionate and truly believe in their positions. But they don’t seem to be very educated in the history of the ME region or Islam, nor do they seem to be concerned about Israel or any of our other allies (if we have any left after Obama).

    Those opposing Paul, well let’s just say, you guys did a great job with facts and were respectful in stating your opinions. I really didn’t have to add anything. Clicked on a lot of “Likes” on this string. Smack Down!

    My opinion: Paul’s approach to world affairs is absolutely frightening to me. In addition, I think he’s nuttier than a fruitcake and I can’t figure out how the heck people in TX (of all places) keep electing him!

  • Anonymous

    I suppose it’s just A-OK with Ron Paul that ALL of Israel’s neighbors are using weapons with “Made in Russia” and “Made in China” (and unfortunately some say made in the U.S., like Saudi and Egypt) stamped on them. So Russia and China have every right to sell their weapons to whoever they want, thats none of our business. If we sell weapons to anyone though, we’re bad and immoral meddlers and we should just stay out of it. Yeah that’s a coward’s foreign policy.
    Then to speak again and again with such solidarity to the poor, poor, poor oppressed Palestinians, and those oh-so-reasonable Arab states. If only Israel would negotiate it’s total surrender and suicide, the Middle East could have peace. The Jews should just throw parades for the mooslim suicide bombers and line up to be slaughtered.
    I have no patience for RP, he is in the wrong party, he IS the left’s operation chaos and an OWS friend and a friend to Obama. Iowa is an OPEN primary, thus it is open to democrat operatives.

    • Anonymous

      Cowards foreign policy. That hit the nail on the head. Well said.

  • Anonymous

    “concentration camps” ?? Are you freakin’ kidding me??
    -‘Roots’ high-end restaurant in Gaza strip:

    yeah. Concentration camp… only gruel and prisoners performing slave labor…
    Ron Paul should know better. This clip was old, sure, but there is no way that Ron Paul is unaware of the ‘plight’ of the Palestinians. Gaza suffers from the same problem as most Arab nations; government and ‘aristocracy’ hold most of the money and power, and use the rest as pawns in war, and most of the money is spent on ammunition and arms.

    concentration camp my…. You know, I think I’ve had enough of a President who speaks before he knows what he is talking about. Especially when that President believes that he is saying what the people want to hear.

  • Anonymous

    Why is it that Paul fans can read his mind? Every accusation made against him you hear the chorus ring “well what dr. Paul really meant was…”

    • Anonymous

      Sounds similar to the obamites prior to the last election and we all see how right THEY were.

    • BS61

      Yes! And that includes his son!

  • Paul again shows his extreme views and cowardliness to stand with a friend….A vote for Paul seems to be a vote for for Islamist extremists.

  • StNikao

    Here’s a really helpful article on Libertarianism aks Right Wing Utopianism and Ron Paul by a former libertarian:

  • StNikao

    You have to admit that Paul has a point – US foreign aid and defense policy is schizoid and dishonest to say the least. That does not excuse despicable acts of terrorism on civilians.

    We promote gay rights with one hand when gays have 44 times higher risk of AIDS and with the other hand fund AIDS research.
    We give aid and arms to our enemies and the enemies of Israel.
    We install a dictator and then either turn our backs on or remove him later on.
    We are attacked by a group of terrorists with ties to Saudi and Iran, so we attack a few mountains in Afganistan.
    We invade Iraq and Afganistan, but don’t fight to win.
    We give aid to Pakistan and Afganistan when they do not show the least loyalty to the US.
    We install a president and commander of our armed forces who is not qualified to do so and could not pass a classified security check.
    We watch Obama’s management of our troops cost them the largest loss of life since the campaign began.
    We watch Obama use our troops and resources to intentionally and calculatingly promote the spread of malevolent, brutal anti-Christian, Jew-hating Islam across the world and in our own country.
    We watch Obama open our borders, arm so-called Mexican gangs which are really Hizbollah insurgents and sue states for defending their citizens and economy from this alien invasion.

    Here is a quote that perfectly expresses the US public and media’s complete disconnect from reason and reality where Obama is concerned:

    “You have to pinch yourself. A Marxist radical, who all his life has
    been mentored by, sat at the feet of, worshipped with, befriended,
    endorsed the philosophy of, funded and been in turn funded, politically
    promoted and supported by a nexus comprising black power, anti-white
    racists, Jew-haters, revolutionary Marxists, unrepentant former
    terrorists and Chicago mobsters, is on the verge of becoming President
    of the United States. And apparently it’s considered impolite to say so.”

    (Melanie Phillips, Spectator, UK -11/02/08)

    Carolyn Glick has just written an article on Obama’s foreign policy, but she does not tell the truth. She calls Obama’s Middle East foreign policy failures and mistakes, and does not dare to call him out on actual treason and collusion with the free world’s (our, Europe’s and Israel’s) sworn and rabid enemies.

    How could this man ever be allowed to seek office or to become POTUS – one could almost be justified to say that 9/11 was not an attack but an announcement of victory and taking ownership of this country. The defense of Islam has been so adamant from GW Bush and every liberal pundit, cleric and academic. It has been Christian/bad, Islam/good from every liberal mouth in the land increasingly since 9/11.

    After a little research on Obama’s history, you will realize the reason for his actions and it will cause you to either take up drinking to forget it or take on Newt’s battle cry, Victory or Death.

    Death will come either way, so let us who haven’t drunk the liberal kool-aid choose the good and honorable way, first repent and pray, then speak the truth in love. Violence and hate must not be our way. We must not be like them.

    He has shown thee what is good and what the Lord requires, humility, justice, mercy, the way of love, truth and life, righteousness, peace and joy…this is the most excellent way.

    • Anonymous

      Well said, and I can’t wait till the world finally calls out Chris Dodd and Barnie Frank for setting the stage for the world wide economic mess we are suffering right now. During the clintoon admin, the fair housing act was the beginning of their world wide redistribution plan. Saul Alinsky is probably very proud of them. Fortunately, he is roasting in Hades.

  • Anonymous

    Ron Paul looks more like Frank Purdue everyday. Clucking like the chicken he is.

  • Anonymous

    Did anyone notice that he was speaking on the Iranian state-run news network Press TV? That’s absolutely ridiculous.

  • Dr.Paul forgets the series of war Israel had to fight before Hamas, beginning in 1948 and continuing until this very day.

    Dr.Paul should also find and read the Charter of Hamas, Hezbollah, and the Muslim Brotherhood, all of whom call for the destruction of Israel.

  • Iran Paul!

  • IRAN Paul!

  • Poor old Ron. He’s just been beaten to a psychological pulp by 77 years of life on the left. Nothing to offer.

  • Anonymous
    • KenInMontana

      And your point is?

      • Anonymous

        The point is that Scheurer knew bin Laden as well as anybody and has an intimate understanding of terrorism and Middle Eastern politics. His is an opinion to be considered seriously.

        • Go listen to Alex Jones and spray vinegar to stop those Contrails errr I mean “Chemtrails” and the lizard people. We in Mossad are watching you!

        • BS61

          You are correct! We should abosolutely accept Muslims the same way that Eurpope has, right? Their non-interventionist policies are really working! /sarc

          • Anonymous

            It is Europe’s socialism that has opened the door to their demise. We are headed down the same path. Scheurer believes in a strong America first.

        • KenInMontana

          He failed.

    • Wonder if he smokes pot and wants it legal.

      • Anonymous

        I’ve never smoked pot in my life, but it should be legalized. Unless you like to Incarcerate blacks at a disproportionate rate of course. Prohibition = epic fail

        • Legal heroin equals more children dead

          • Anonymous

            You just changed the subject from marijuana to heroin, but if either were legal they could be taxed and regulated at the state level. Legalizing drugs would result in less death, not more.

            • Less death huh? magically Heroin or Meth become less dangerous to you cause they make it legal? LMFAO

    • BS61

      Oh sure, let me take apologist for the US Scheure as proof that RP is right! BWAHAHAHA!

      I’m sick of Obama and his hate the US – why would I ever vote for Paul, who will no doubt be bowing to every foreign leader?!

  • Anonymous
  • People think Paul would get the independent vote….He wont cause independents are not libertarians. Independents wouldn’t consider their family being killing as something they brought on themselves. Ron Paul is a angry dangerous little man that doesn’t have the backbone to lead the country safely. He is worse than Obama in the blame America game.

  • If Paul gets elected they are going replace the red phone in the White House with the batshit phone.

  • since he is a leader he must be involved in every way how can people rely on him this is so disgusting