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This is a great report from Ben Swann who came on Hannity for a few moments tonight to reveal that Fox 19 has identified six different people involved in the IRS scandal and they all have different managers. But not only that, all of those managers eventually report to one person and her name is Cindy Thomas. And even more interesting is that Cindy Thomas is the one who signed off on sending the confidential Tea Party applications to ProPublica.

I hope Issa saw that because it looks like she should be the next target. I wouldn’t put her in public though but I would question her on tape.


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  • YoJoe

    Ben Swann will be wiretapped forthwith!
    I say again roll up the PADDY WAGON at 9:15 – after they are all in their offices –
    Arrest 10+ then watch the singing begin 
    For the young bloods on the board 
    This is a Paddy Wagon >>>>>>>>
    Pick one (or two)

    • Political Pugilist

      YoJoe LOL… “watch the singing begin.”

      • YoJoe

        Political Pugilist
        This could be a NEW REALITY SHOW 
        The longest “singathon”!

    • lawngreen

      YoJoe You know, of course, that it got the name because of all the Irish (“Paddys”) who loved to get drunk and fight and had to be hauled off to the slammer. “Paddy” just couldn’t help being boisterous on Saturday nights.
      One wishes the MBH could experience a little – make that a lot – of Irish boisterousness.

  • davienne

    blew that theory right the hell out of the water…. KABOOM…. LMAO

  • YoJoe

    Repeat comment from a prior post > (But it is FUNNY)
    OK – Everybody sing along!

    “If you are guilty and You know it  Plead the FIFTH ” 
    “If you are guilty and You know it  Plead the FIFTH ” 

    “If you are guilty and really want to show it”
     “Plead the FIFTH”

    • lawngreen

      YoJoe LOL! Yojoe, you ain’t wrapped tight!

  • YoJoe

    I wonder where thee territories are ? 
    I am too tired to look them up at the moment!

  • chatterbox365

    Good!!!  I’m glad to see names published and let the singing begin.  These “low-level workers” have so much to lose while rats like Lois Lerner get to plead the Fifth and walk away (at least for now).

  • Rshill7

    Inspector Clouseau,”Does your dog bite?” “No”, says the innkeeper. The inspector nearly gets his arm torn off and says,”I thought you said your dog doesn’t bite!!” “That, sir is not my dog!!”

    • The Sentinel


    • Political Pugilist

      Rshill7 LOL!

  • Xcrat

    I originally thought this IRS issue was a cover for the Benghazi terrorist attack, or a cover to slide in the nutty immigration or amnesty deal…
    But, I’m beginning to think that Bill O’Reilly has it right this time – and I’m not an O’Reilly fan…  This IRS thing could be really BIG…!!!

    • The Sentinel

      It’ll be big if congress can get someone to talk and tell the truth. :(

    • cabensg

      Xcrat   It’s really big and cuts across party lines as far as the public is concerned. Conservatives aren’t the only ones who are not big fans of the IRS.

    • strangernfiction

      Xcrat There’s another big story out there: We have a tyrant in the White House and are no longer living under the rule of law. Is Bill O on to that one yet?
      I didn’t think so.

  • The Sentinel

    Showing an organizational chart is an effective way of showing the flow of information and responsibility. This Cindy Thomas crud should be next. Sadly, she may try to plead the 5th (correctly) if she’s indicted.
    There are several people who should be fired and/or jailed as a result of this criminal activity.

  • notebene

    Can’t wait to find out Cindy Thomas’ history and who her puppeteer is!  Isn’t it something that a local Fox news reporter, not a national lamestream reporter is uncovering all of this?!  Local entity doing a better job than a national entity, and doing a more effective job is an excellent example of why the federal government needs to be shredded down to size immediately!  Absolute power corrupts absolutely!

    • Political Pugilist

      notebene It sure is something to observe. Perhaps those in the cable news industry and their sources are tamped down as they are feeling the tyrannical psychosis of Obama. And, yes, it is an excellent analogy of the ineffectiveness of large gov’t and why big gov’t needs to be shredded down.

  • Political Pugilist

    This is great. It reminds me of when journalist used to be journalist.

  • M_Minnesota

    Hope Ben Swann can stay on his Fox station long enough for this IRS story before he leaves for his new venture.
    Yea Ben Swann!!!!!

    • strangernfiction

      M_Minnesota This may well be Ben’s Swan song.

  • mikeinidaho

    If Swann goes missing or suddenly is subjected to an IRS office-only audit, you’ll know why!
    (and yes, I’m yelling! I can’t get much more angry than I am.)

  • Libertyship46

    Drip, drip, drip. Start at the bottom and work your way to the top, just like when dealing with the Mafia. Well, the IRS isn’t much different than the Mafia, they only dress worse than members of the Mafia.

  • badbadlibs

    At least someone is naming names. Too bad it’s not someone in the IRS or Congress. Memorize those names folks, they soon could be telling you no to any life saving drugs/procedures for any conservatives.

    • Orangeone

      badbadlibs The Committee named five about a week ago.

  • badbadlibs

    That lerner broad (I don’t mean that in the cool way Frank Sinatra said it 😉 ), has a history of hating anything from the right or right minded:

    • lawngreen

      badbadlibs Thanks for posting that. It’s a good link to have handy.

  • tinlizzieowner

    But remember, the Democrats are going to ‘get to the bottom (not the top) of this.
    😉 😉

    • lawngreen

      tinlizzieowner Impossible. The Pit is bottomless (Revelation chapter 20) and that’s where they’re going.

  • lawngreen

    Bravo, Ben. Great work. You may have broken through a wall here.
    Of course, you’ll be audited now. Or targeted by an even more sinister group which is totally outside the law. You have offended The One.
    No, not Him. The Other One.

    • Orangeone

      lawngreen Personal emails and cell phone records will be seized too. The DOJ will do it under the “Espionage Act”

      • lawngreen

        Orangeone Oh no! I have offended The One.
        Oh well. You know what Patrick Henry said: “If this be offense, make the most of it.”

        • Orangeone

          lawngreen Orangeone Not yours silly, the reporter’s :}

        • lawngreen

          Orangeone I knew what you meant. I was making a joke.
          But it probably isn’t a joke. The Right Scoop is a very worthwhile Right blog, and I would not be at all surprised if there were snoops. If so, may their ears burn with shame. May their dogs cease to love them. May their canaries refuse to sing and this song was tailor-made for federal snoops:

        • Stehekin912

          Snoops should remember…Stalin (and other Communists) and Hitler turned on their own.  Even their most devoted followers were not safe from them.  The rights we save are also yours.

        • lawngreen

          Stehekin912 Yes.

  • yazz55

    While we’re occupied with non profits, here’s an interesting take on the bigger issue of what these type of entities are.
    IRS went after small fry, but let the big ones get away

  • Orangeone

    “I hope Issa saw that because it looks like she should be the next
    target. I wouldn’t put her in public though but I would question her on
    tape”  Excellent point Scoop, deposition under oath!  And if Issa is wise, Trey Gowdy and Jason Chaffetz would be the only other 2 questioning her.

  • poorhardworker

    Just saw this article:

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