ROUND 2: Smug Piers Morgan takes on Larry Pratt AGAIN

I watched this interview last night because I like Larry Pratt and I think he handles himself well against a very smug and elitist Piers Morgan. He doesn’t threaten 1776 all over again if people take away our guns like some, but he does get in a few digs a Piers Morgan as he’s being called a liar for citing something that Piers disagrees with. In fact that’s the central focus of this 21 minute interview.

Larry Pratt dares to challenge Piers Morgan’s statistics on gun murders in England and Wales and instead of Piers telling him his data is wrong or even inquiring about where he got the data, Morgan just reverts to his one and only defense of calling Pratt a liar, liar, pants on fire. Now to be fair, I’m not sure where Pratt got his number of 970 gun murders in England/Wales for 2011. He said it was in the Telegraph after his last interview with Morgan but I couldn’t find it after several Google searches. But regardless, I wouldn’t insult the man as if he were intentionally trying to deceive people. And admittedly 35 gun-murders does seem very low for a population in the 10s of millions.

All in all it is an interesting interview. I love how at one point Pratt nails Morgan on a ‘circular argument’ when he insisted that of all the mass murders on the books, none have ever been stopped by ‘a good guy with a gun’. To that Pratt simply replied that if it had been stopped by a good guy with a gun early enough, then it wouldn’t be recorded as a mass murder. Ha! So true.

Watch the end to hear how Morgan ends the interview. I think he really, really hates Larry Pratt:

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