Rubio may REPEAT himself sometimes but if he’s telling the hard truth, then I DON’T CARE

Rubio has repeatedly been lambasted in the press for repeating these same line in the debate four times. Indeed, even NBC News interviewed him for tonight’s show and brought it up:

If you haven’t seen the clip of him repeating himself, watch it here:

Here’s the thing. I’m not much of a Rubio fan and I’m not trying to help him win.

However, Rubio is telling the hard truth here that some Republicans want to pretend isn’t true. They like to go easy on Obama and suggest he’s incompetent or something.

We all know Rubio is RIGHT about this and I loved it when he said it in the debate. ALL FOUR TIMES.

And as far as I’m concerned he should keep repeating it because the American people love it, and he should beat down Chris Christie with it until he’s just a puddle of goo on the floor, sliming his way back to New Jersey.

Listen to Rush defending Rubio on his show today:

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