Rubio’s not delusional on immigration – he’s running for president

marcorubioCan someone be genuine and sincere about fixing a problem while setting themselves up for a presidential run in 2016? Normally I’d say ‘no’ given the opportunistic and power-hungry crowd we have in DC. But call me idealistic if you want – I think Rubio can be that guy.

It’s true, our immigration system is broken and our borders are wide open – and I think Rubio really wants to fix these problems. Absolutely, I do.

Some of you, though, think he’s delusional for trying to work with Democrats to make this happen. But he’s not delusional, nor naïve. He knows Obama and the Democrats will never sign off on a plan that actually secures the border and fixes immigration. Rubio doesn’t expect this to be fixed in the next four years.

So why is he doing this? Because he’s running for president in 2016.

Notice how he’s put himself virtually mano-a-mano against Obama on this issue. He’s the Republican leading the charge and that puts him in the spotlight in quite a large way. And he’s been everywhere lately – on TV, radio. People who are really interested in this issue will take note and won’t soon forget.

So why amnesty – a path to citizenship for illegals? Honestly, it sounds more compassionate than ‘self deport’ – at least after it’s been demagogued to death by Democrats in the last election season. And I don’t think he wants to be the ‘self deport’ guy either.

I think he’s really OK with a path to citizenship as long as we never have to do it again, which means really and truly securing the border. He’s been pretty clear.

But remember, he knows this isn’t something that will happen until we win back the Senate and the White House.

So yes, I think much of this ‘bipartisan plan’ is about appearance in the here-and-now in order to set himself up for a presidential run in 2016. As I said before, I’d normally be pretty cynical of most candidates doing this. But I truly believe Rubio really wants to solve the immigration problem and get America on the right path and he can’t do that unless he wins.

I also think he wants to win back the Latino vote from the Democrats, especially considering he will be labeled the Latino candidate by the media. It would be a great power-play if he can do that.

I guess we’ll find out in 2016.

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  • Oy vey. I don’t want to be the first right now.
    Scoop- I love you, and maybe I’m just too cynical- especially at 3 in the morning. But I can’t help but see Rubio as Jeb’s boy. Maybe I’m wrong and I sure wouldn’t mind being wrong. I’m done talking about the whole amnesty/pathway/ whatever we choose to call it, because everyone knows my opinion on it already.
    Just one thing and I’ll shut up. While he and the others have been talking about “reforms”, I have to wonder how many more have poured over the borders, how many of those might be hamas, al qaeda or any other terrorist. Whether or not they do anything between now and 2016, if they don’t close the danged border, we most likely will not make it to 2016.

    That’s it. Good night Scoop-

    • Rubio is NOT eligible but why should he or any of his supporters care about the rule of law. FORWARD!

      The Constitution, Vattel, and “Natural Born Citizen”: What Our Framers Knew

      • Indiana

        He is eligible.

        • Nukeman60

          That’s a very well thought out, documented and researched answer. Could you expand on that? Those that say he isn’t refer to the “natural born citizen” clause of the Constitution. Granted, people say it’s debatable, much like they say about Obama.

          But the clause is there, it distinguishes between a citizen (that allows him to be a Senator) and a natural born citizen (which is required to be President). The Constitution makes the distinction between those two terms, but of course fails to define it (therein lies the disagreement).

          If you want a more detailed discussion of the issue, here’s a link to that:

          There of course are many other sources. Such as:

        • kssturgis62

          He is not Eligible, the 14th Amendment does not, I repeat DOES NOT take care of the NATURAL BORN element in the Constitution.

          His Actions Clearly state he is NOT beholden to the NATION. What do people think he has been doing in Florida. He also is NOT a Conservative. He also does not have any Character that is Honorable.

          6 or 7 US Supreme Court Cases have stated that you MUST HAVE 2 Citizens as Parents to be Natural Born, HE DID NOT. I also have copies of Paperwork of him trying to have HIS Father’s Citizenship Changed from before he was born. If he was NATURAL BORN why do that? He isn’t qualified.

          His Character is flawed, he took Illegal Campaign Contributions, He admitted to using the Credit Card in Florida, and He has Stood with John McCain and Lyndsey Graham on issues of Foreign Policy, and now has become the Token Hispanic to push their Amnesty Plan. He bashed Michelle Bachmann on the Muslim Brotherhood.

          His voting Record Stinks, He voted for John Kerry, He voted for NDAA, Patriot Act, He has voted for all the budget and Tax increases. HE IS NOT WHO I WOULD EVER SUPPORT or vote for. Trust me, People are Listening and Watching. They are seeing him for who and what he is.

          Put up Marco in 2016 HE WILL LOSE.

          • keyesforpres

            I just don’t understand Scoop’s infatuation with this clown.

            • kssturgis62

              I don’t know either, Maybe one day Scoop will explain it.

      • demographicallychallenged

        After reading this how did our Kenyan-American pass?

        • Nukeman60

          republicans cut a deal with the Democrats to secure the eligibility of McCain.

      • AtlEsquire1973

        Rubio was born in FL, which is in the United States and therefore he is eligible to be president of the US. Don’t get confused with the Obama thing- the argument wasn’t that his horrible, drunk, non-paying child support Dad who allegedly killed someone while driving drunk, was not a US Citizen, it was that obama was not born in Hawaii but in Kenya which he admitted to in a debate for US Senate in 2004 vs. Alan Keyes, and was on the back of his book until 2007- that he was born in Kenya. If the dude was white, he would have been impeached for all the alleged high crimes and misdemeanors committed by BO. Rubio is great, we need the Latino vote, he can get it, or enough of it, especially the Cuban vote, deliver FL, maybe NM and possibly one or two blue states as well as the swing states, but he needs to be putting together a team right now. Sen. Kelly Ayotte would be a good VP pick, female, from NH, former attorney general and now US Senator.

    • Conservative_Hippie

      AbC, please stop refering to him as Jeb’s _____ (fill in the blank)! Jeb’s disowned him anyway. At any rate, the next 4 years will shine a spotlight on Rubio and will we see even more closely how conservative Rubio is. Therefore I defer judgement on his presidential viability until further notice. But so far I like the guy. He currently wouldn’t be my first choice, but I like him. BTW I do agree that closing the border should be priority one!

      • keyesforpres

        Never defer judgement on someone not being eligible for the presidency.

        • Conservative_Hippie

          They owe us one.

    • keyesforpres

      I’m am truly amazed at how off base Scoop is about this. This would be the end of our nation. You do NOT reward invaders. Many are gang bangers,etc.

      Rubio is not eligible as well. Scoop is acting like Obamabots act with Obama. If Obama were offering the same thing would Scoop approve?

      Rubio’s blather about amnesty has indeed caused more folks to run for the border.

      What is it that Scoop doesn’t get? If you give million amnesty, they can then send for family members and 20 million would quickly become 60 million.

      How on earth do we assimilate that? 60% of Mexicans think the US belongs to them. In 2006 millions were marching in our streets telling us to die and go back to Europe.

      How does rewarding law breaking give you less lawbreaking?

  • aPLWBinAK

    “and I think Rubio really wants to fix these problems. Absolutely, I do.”…….so do I. I think many people are confusing ‘intent’ and ‘expected results’. I am one who doesn’t doubt Rubio’s sincerity or intentions. Like many though, I do have very much skepticism/cynicism about how our Gubmint will be able to implement any law or policy in the real world. Does Rubio want to secure the border(s)? Absolutely he does. Can our massively inefficient and corrupt Gubmint do it? Meh….maybe, maybe not, doubtful….

    • aposematic

      Enforce 1990 -, whatever, immigration Laws with border citizens’ confirmation of borders secured…problem solved.

      • warpmine

        You best clarify that the 14th Amendment never authorized anchor babies as well or you’ll never repair it totally. Those that come here for the privilege to give birth for citizenship to their offspring without legally being here or give up their allegiance to their country of origin has to stop. Diversity immigration, again, has to stop. We cannot have something so destructive to the fabric of the country just because leftist say they say it’s better, has to stop.

        • sDee

          Exactly. Taking the 14th abuse to task and repealing the 1965 Immigration Act would be honest, positive and sane “reformation”.

          But as we know, the politicians would not do that because it would solve a problem, not create a useful crisis.

    • sDee

      Rubio and the rest know what they propose is a decption layered upon a lie. They will never tell America the truth. We live under a 100% corrupt and lawless government.

      Their assault on Allen West redistricting and unchallenged election fraud is all the proof I need.

  • 1vote

    I am not so sure that “our immigration system is broken “. I am sure, however, that our rule of law is most definitely broken all to hell.

    • Sober_Thinking

      Spot on.

    • BeyondPolls

      Google ‘green card lottery’

  • colliemum

    Rubio most certainly is positioning himself for a run in 2016, and he’s doing this with the help of the GOPe and the Bush family, not to forget some of the LyingScreamingMeejah.

    One’s only got to look at this ‘Gang of Eight’ to get a very queasy feeling: Republicans Jeff Flake (Ariz.), Lindsey Graham (S.C.), John McCain (Ariz.) and Marco Rubio (R-Fla.), and Democrats Michael Bennet (Colo.), Dick Durbin (Ill.), Robert Menendez (N.J.) and Chuck Schumer (N.Y.)

    Yes, compromises are the lifeblood of politics – but there’ such a thing as being compromised by the society one keeps, and having Durbin, Schumer and above all Menendez in that group should have all alarm bells ringing at full pelt.

    If Rubio doesn’t see that he’s a tool of the libtards here, then what hope of him making a good President?
    If the GOPe is still playing the game of the Left, pushing candidates for 2016 ‘approved’ by the left, then what chance of winning in 2016?

    • Sober_Thinking

      I agree wholeheartedly.

    • I don’t know about Bennet in Colorado, but IMO, Durbin, Menendez and Schumer are smucks of the first order. The fact that any from our side are engaged in talks with them proves no good will come of this.

      As far as Rubio goes, I’m not overly persuaded right now. The GOP has broken with its base, don’t see how Rubio can keep himself principled and not end up tainted while he rubs shoulders with these guys. The GOP Establishment is thinking they can “run” Rubio, this is what we (and he) have to watch out for.

    • EchoMike

      “If Rubio doesn’t see that he’s a tool of the libtards here, then what hope of him making a good President?
      If the GOPe is still playing the game of the Left, pushing candidates for 2016 ‘approved’ by the left, then what chance of winning in 2016?”

      I’ve heard another theory actually. While I can see where you’re coming from, I have a tendancy to think that Rubio is making the smart move coming out first, and laying out his principles to the American people. Overwhelmingly, polling shows that peopole WANT THE BORDER SECURE.
      So the tactic could be to present a bill that the Dems will reject, and you know Obama’s going to, and that puts them on the record as opposing Border Security. Most people knwo the border is not secure, and when you have a President fly to Vegas, and give a speech flat out saying that he won’t support a bill with more security, you highlight how unerious they are.
      But that’s just a theory.

      • keyesforpres

        How about just put forth a bill saying “secure the border” and be done with it? Why blather about amnesty? More people are running for the border because of this.

  • Rocco11

    This guy is a squish and a half, did you hear him slobber all over Hillary at the Benghazi hearing? We tried “at least he’s not a communist” in the last election, how’d that work out?

    • trouble06

      I agree Rocco. My intuition tells me Rubio is not a Conservative.

  • PatrickHenrysBody

    Rubio for President? Thanks, but I pass.

    • Mark Smith

      Oh. Who is the anti-Rubio? Which possible 2016 candidate is out there taking the exact opposite position? Getting in front of the microphones? Posting on their Facebook? I’ll tell you: zero. They’re all keeping their mouths shut until the wind dies down and they can stick their wet finger in the air and not totally write off the entire Hispanic vote like Border Sheriff “Self deport!” Romney did.

      Rubio wil come out of this way way ahead in the end I predict.

      • aposematic

        The GOPe will pick whomever the MSM/Press tell them to pick and that hasn’t been determined at this point; but one thing that is certain is whomever that pick is it will be the one that does the most damage to the GOP.

        • Betsey_Ross

          I hear you, and I am just as cynical as the rest of you on this. However, if there is going to actually be a 2016, the USA, or even the Repblican Party by then, someone has to step up to the plate. Many, many someones. They are going to have to speak out and stand up for American beliefs. Most of the people that are Republicans that we elected in Nov. are wimps or clueless. So anyone that shows the embryonic beginnings of a spine is automatically running for Pres. Actual accomplishments and leadership is where it’s at. So far we have Ted Cruz, Rubio, and Paul. Solve some problems first and then I will consider you a contender for the Pres.

          • Nukeman60

            ‘Solve some problems first and then I will consider you a contender for the Pres.’ – Betsey


      • FutureOnePercent
      • Nukeman60

        The fastest horse out of the gate usually does not win the race. Keep that in mind.

      • PatrickHenrysBody

        There’s plenty of time until the next election to find out who throws his/her hat into the ring. The candidate who will spark my interest will stand on the side of the Constitution unwaveringly. He or she will be for strengthening our borders and against amnesty for illegal immigrants. He or she will not continually “reach across the aisle” and work with others who craft legislation and policy that does little to strengthen the country in any way and is not based on Constitutional principles.

        I’m not saying Rubio is the absolute worst person to run for President, if he decides to run. I am implying in my comment that I’m waiting to find out who else decides to run besides Rubio. As it is, his endorsement of Mitt Romney for President and his stand on illegal immigration is troubling. This picture is also a telling one:

        Who is standing with Rubio in a press conference while he discusses a “bipartisan” plan on immigration reform? Only three of the most left-of-center people in the U.S. Senate, one of whom is now in deep doo-doo (Menendez). If we were to judge Rubio solely by the company he keeps in the photograph, quite a few conservatives would be angered. Correction, quite a few ARE angered. Who was the other Republican with Rubio at the conference? John McCain. McCain is no conservative. There are two other Republicans who are with Rubio and McCain: Lindsey Graham and Jeff Flake. Graham is no conservative, either. I don’t know much about Flake, but he is not going to appeal to Constitutional conservatives as long as he supports the brand of immigration reform that is currently being considered.

        This is a very good site for those who want to look at the voting records of anyone presently in Congress:

      • keyesforpres

        What’s with the obssession with the “Hispanic vote”? I mean really, don’t you/they really mean the illegal alien vote? It’s insulting to Hispanics that immigrated here legally.

        How about we worry about the American vote?

        By the way, we lost because Obama cheated. Obama lost every state where voter id’s were required.

  • V. M.

    You’ll never win the Latino vote because Latinos want big government. It’s madness and I am beginning to really dislike Rubio. No friend of amnesty is a friend of the US. And I am willing to bet Rubio’s the next McCain – Romney, another soon-to-be-thrashed-by-a-democrat RINO.

    • BeyondPolls

      Not all Latinos.

    • Betsey_Ross

      Stop pandering to any minority. That’s the secret. It’s demeaning to that minority. Talk about American values. We have to stop this Santa Claus mentality.

  • wodiej

    I don’t know what Rubio’s long term plans are but after hearing him speak on his plan for immigration reform, it seems the most rational and feasible. The Dem’s don’t want the border secured. The Repub’s don’t want amnesty.

    The fact is we have any where from 11-20 million undocumented illegals here who are working “under the table”, not paying taxes, getting free health care and getting public assistance. Rubio’s plan is first to get them to step forward and get a green card so they are legally allowed to work. That helps us know who they are. Second, they work 5 years with good behavior and they apply for permission to stay. But they must stand in line to apply for citizenship. That is what I got out of it. Something many do not seem to understand is E verify is a joke. A friend got sent to a factory by a temp service and not a single person other than her spoke English. If these people are given legal work status, businesses cannot get away w paying them basement wages. They will demand more and then perhaps businesses will go back to hiring Americans who actually have the skills and education for these jobs. The quality of employee work has been going downhill for some time. You get what you pay for.

    There is no perfect plan to deal with this.

    • Mark Smith

      Excellent post.

    • dontdrinkthecoolaid

      Why has the immigration system, that worked for decades and decades, stopped working? Have our politicians failed to uphold the law to keep this issue alive to have something to campaign for?? Rubio acutally suggested this is one of his own speeches….these issues won’t ever go away.

      • aposematic

        How could the Pols continue to rape and pillage America’s wealth with impunity without all of these “problems” needing fixing to distract the no information fall for anything voters?

    • These undocumented workers are taking jobs from American citizens. Two things have happened. 1) The generous never-ending government handouts – welfare state – has encouraged our own people to stay out of the workforce. 2) The overwhelming numbers of illegal immigrants continue to take jobs – just look at construction, roofing, landscaping, filled with many undocumented workers, yet when my strong, athletic son went looking for summer construction work, none to be found, because they have the labor in these illegal aliens. I heard stories from people in the industry who say (especially with the economy down), guys who were at the top of the trade ladder were now doing apprentice work, and apprentice workers moved down to take any scut work they could.

      It’s a lie that we need workers to do work Americans won’t do. If we would stop letting so many able-bodied people be freeloaders living on the government dole, then there would be plenty of Americans taking these jobs.

      • keyesforpres


        We just need to tell these illegals to get the he!! out. If they aren’t out in 30 days we seize their property and deport them at least 500miles south of the border.

    • sDee

      The Republicans do not want the border secured or the illegals prosecuted under the law either. Both halves want a huge voting block who they can give Amnesty to, like a big marxist sugar daddy and lock in their votes.

      This was the same exact thing perpetrated on us by the 1986 Amnesty scam, but they blew it becuse the 1.7 million illegals-turned-voters, was too small a block, and it split too much.

      12 million should do the trick this time – for the Democratic Progressive Party.

    • Nukeman60

      ‘The fact is we have any where from 11-20 million undocumented illegals here who are working “under the table”, not paying taxes, getting free health care and getting public assistance.’ – w

      If given amnesty, these 11-20 million will still not pay taxes. They will be part of the 47% that don’t pay taxes and they will be able to actually get even more government returns without ever paying into the kitty. It will be even more of a tremendous strain on our system than it already is. That’s the plain truth.

      As you said, there is no perfect plan.

      • PhillyCon

        Not only will they not pay taxes, they will also qualify for Obamacare. This was Joe Wilson’s “you lie” moment.

    • Conservative_Hippie


    • keyesforpres

      No they won’t. Employers will just look for a new crop of illegals to hire.

      What you have just posted would be the death of our nation. They are invaders and you want to give them legal status. Unreal.

  • If Sarah Palin doesn’t run then Rubio and Christie might be who will duke it out to see who wins the GOP nomination. If Palin and Christie doesn’t run Rubio will probably get the fast track to the nomination like Mitt Romney. But just imagine if Rubio doesn’t run and Jeb Bush runs in 2016, ouch, thinking about 2016 makes my stomach hurt..

    • aposematic

      It does seem the GOPe headliners are already hard at work guaranteeing a 2016 Hillary victory.

      • Sober_Thinking

        Ugh… that left a mark.

        I have no doubt whatsoever that Hillary will be their next “annointed one”. They’ll want people to vote historically again and elect the first woman pResident.

        But you’re right… the GOP (leadership) continues to play right into their grubby little hands.

      • BeyondPolls

        Who do you suggest should run?

        • Nukeman60

          I don’t think he (or she) has come forward yet. Ted Cruz, Sarah Palin, Rand Paul, and Allen West are all good candidates, but we have yet to see anyone surge forward (this is an early date, after all). Bush, Rubio, and Christie are automatically eliminated in my book, due to their RINO tendencies.

          We will see in the months to come.

          • mike3e4r7

            Mike Lee, Trey Gowdy perhaps? Maybe someone we haven’t thought of will step forward in the next few years. At least one can hope.

            I like the idea some were throwing around last year about having a sort of conservative primary system that precedes the GOP’s primary process, that way conservatives can get behind one candidate instead of splitting their vote like they did last time. Maybe the Constitution Party could serve that purpose. It could hold a series of caucuses a year before the primary season starts, then the winner runs for the GOP nomination to take on all the RINO’s. Conservatives need to start thinking outside the box.

            • Nukeman60

              I really like that idea. Romney was the front runner only because the Conservatives battled amongst themselves. Even then, he wasn’t doing so well in the beginning.

              This idea of a pre-primary is excellent and must be discussed between the various groups.

          • BeyondPolls

            Eliminate Rubio at your own risk.

            • Nukeman60

              It’s always at our own risk. We are the ones who pay no matter who is elected.

              • BeyondPolls

                Well, you have a point there. Good thing we don’t always have to worry about politicians being in control.

      • V. M.

        You’re right, aposematic. The RINOs are already preparing Hillary’s office.

    • Sober_Thinking

      When I think of 2016, I think of Allen West, Ted Cruz, Sarah Palin, and a few other excellent choices.

      But I see your point. We already know the ignorant GOP will try to elevate clowns like Christie, Jeb Bush, or maybe even John Boehner. Right now, the Republican leadership is sick and infected with stupid.

    • Rubio won’t be fast tracked anywhere. He will have to win Iowa and New Hampshire. Mitt only got there after campaigning for 5 years, Rubio can’t just turn up and win. I dont think he will get very far in Iowa by supporting this amnesty push and christie will be irrelevant.

  • Rubio’s parents were NOT citizens of the US when he was born, therefore, HE IS NOT A NATURAL BORN CITIZEN! I am a constitutional conservative.

  • Barack Hussein Obama, the imperial president, does not follow the immigration laws as they exist. What makes you think he would abide by new laws Mr. Rubio?

    • Sober_Thinking

      Interesting point…

      Considering who the Democrats placed on this “Gang of 8″… proves they aren’t serious about this whole catastrophe.

    • notsofastthere

      Regardless of what congress does, we have to remember the ACLU and all the pro illegal defenders out there, who will overturn any deportation case, or attempt to close the border.
      More Leftist judges appointed daily.

      • PhillyCon

        This is so true. Hopefully, we can do the same to Obamacare.

  • dontdrinkthecoolaid

    Let all the illegals in with two conditions, no entitlements or voting rights for 20 years. Remember, they are felons. A simple fine won’t do.

    • Sober_Thinking


      Well, don’t let the illegals in.

      I agree with you in that if they push amnesty on these illegal invaders, they should have all sorts of rules and timelines.

  • aposematic

    No more Bush clan or sycophants…period. If he really wants to be POTUS, this seems to me to be as dumb as Cuomo’s NY gun grab. Ask McCain how his amnesty plan got him in the WH…oh, not there, call later I guess.

    • Sober_Thinking

      Spot on… I commented in a similar manner… these people who make up this “gang” aren’t serious… this is not a good group of people to have sitting around and discussing this.

  • With 23 million Americans unemployed or under-employed, Rooobio wants to let 12 million more illegal aliens into the workforce, perhaps calculating that he will be praised by Obama and the media, which they promptly did. Obama and the Democrats of course are counting on 12 million more Democrat voters. Rooobio can count on favorable press all the way to the Republican primaries just like Romney.
    Rooobio — just another self-serving politician willing to sell out working-class Americans, the party and the country for personal gain.

  • The key is border security. It means a lot to the people in the southwestern border states and unless something is done about it, immigration reform is going nowhere because it will simply degenerate into amnesty. Rubio knows this, so if the Democrats don’t do anything about border security, Rubio can say to the hispanics that at least he tried reforming the process (thereby getting their votes), and he can also say to the people in the border states he was not abandoning them because he was also fighting for tough border security as well. It’s a win/win idea. Let’s see if he uses it.

    • Sober_Thinking

      The border is indeed, first and foremost.

      Interesting angle. I would hope that Rubio is trying to do all of this in good faith and with the sincere intention of fixing this problem… but… if he has a “strategy” to help him win in 2016… then he’s a politician (just like everyone else) and is doing all of this for the wrong, self-serving reasons.

      You said: “so if the Democrats don’t do anything about border security”… that’s just not going to happen. The Democrats won’t cut off their nose to spite their face. They won’t turn off the faucet and stop the flow of leechers and Democrat voters… they just won’t do it. But you already knew that. 🙂

    • keyesforpres

      Hispanics vote for gov’t handouts. Even if Republicans were to give them amnesty. Not all,but most are voting for handouts.

  • Sober_Thinking

    I have high hopes for Rubio… but there has been questionable support both for and by him and that was my first yellow flag.

    Talking with the enemy must happen… it’s a necessary evil (and I don’t believe in “necessary” evil). But the big fat red flag is that he’s aligning with Durbin, Schumer, Menendez, Lindsey Graham and John McCain on this. Let me vent my concerns here…

    THE GOOD: Jeff Flake is the only other person here who I somehwat trust. He’s a Tea Party favorite and with what little I know about him, he seems like a decent guy who has his head screwed on straight. But then he got to Washington and right away, made one or two questionable votes in congress that were left-leaning or at least, moderate… he didn’t stand on his principles. Bad start for Flake right out of the blocks. Also, the same might be said of Rubio. I’m not a hater… but Rubio isn’t spotless and still has a few chinks in his armor.

    THE BAD: McCain and Graham are the moderate malaise of the GOP. Both of these “mavericks” have proven to be broken… both from original Republican principles and from sanity at times. To me, these guys are jockeys… cling-ons… who attach themselves to conservatives and try to break them of their conservatism. I don’t like or trust either of these wolves… they are not out to help America (imo)… and they certainly haven’t helped the GOP or conservative principles. They are lukewarm… they are moderate… they are the establishment… and they are NOT to be trusted.

    THE UGLY: Chuck Schumer? Little dick Durbin? Robert Menendez? Shmuck and Dick are dag nasty evil… there isn’t a single good quality about these weeds. They are top shelf crap weasels. They are both polished politicians… modern day Kennedy’s (no, that’s not a compliment). They are always seen leering from behind either Harry Reid (prepuce) or Obama (bigger prepuce). They are completely untrustworthy and don’t have ANY intention of dealing in America’s best interests. They are tools of Obama and flaming liberalism. They have no honor, only gall… only venom… only cancer.

    And regarding Menendez… there’s too much to say about this jack wagon… he’s a complete sham and so in the tank for citizenship for illegals (in violation of existing laws) that he already disqualifies himself from participating in this whole discussion. And Michael Bennet (Colo.) is a Democrat… nuff said.

    We saw how well all this “Gang” of Eight” BS worked during the “Gang of 12” debt ceiling committee from the past. Madness to expect this to come out any better… especially with this panel. Throw Joe Manchin in there instead of the other Democrat choices. Remove McCain and Graham and consider Jason Chaffetz, Darryl Issa, Trey Gowdy, Ted Cruz, Michelle Bachman or any other reasonable conservative and I’d be more optimistic.

    I want this whole thing to be tackled and fixed – it’s the 2nd biggest threat facing America. Sadly, I believe we’ll all have to embrace some degree of compromise and though I don’t want any… there’s no getting around it from what I can see. But first and foremost… the borders HAVE to be secured. Stop the flow… stop the invasion. After that… we can talk.

    I want to believe Rubio’s intentions and goals are clean and sincere… but this group of people that have come together doesn’t bode well or make for a good start.

    • Myptofvu

      “top shelf crap weasels”…That’s a good one!

    • Nukeman60

      Very good assessment. Send that to Wikipedia under the heading of “Gang of 8”, subtitled “the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly”.

      The bottom line is that border security must occur first and foremost before anything can be done. The Democrats have flatly said NO. The Republicans have said maybe, after we reform immigration. So there we are. None of them want border security.

      Any type of immigration reform without border security is merely amnesty and any amnesty means massive border crossings in the future (can we imagine upwards of 60-80 million more?). The initial solution is obvious (border security). There is no political party that wants any part of that at this time.

      • 1972patriot

        Newt proposed a ten step solution on immigration…

        Step 1: Control the border. The United States must control its border. It is a national security imperative.

      • Sober_Thinking

        Funny Wikipedia statement… I agree with you 100% about the border and the reluctance of both parties to do something about it. Sickening. Stop the bleeding first before you work on the wounds… basic triage.

        Pathetic… they talk and talk and illegals walk and walk… right across our border, unhindered.

        The Republicans have fallen mightily. The Democrats were there to catch them…


        Here’s something kind of interesting (and a fair movie – not bad, not great). A movie came out a few years ago called: “Monsters”. An interesting part of it is that America built a huge wall between Mexico and the U.S. – seriously, it looks like the Hoover Dam. If you ever watch this movie, you’ll see what a REAL wall could look like. Enjoy!

        • Sober_Thinking

          P.S. How interesting that the wall was built to keep aliens out of America. Epiphany!

        • Nukeman60

          Two points here. Number one, even though I’m not a big fan of Wikipedia, I felt your description would be a much better explanation of “the Gang of 8” than Wiki could ever provide.

          And number two, surprisingly enough, I just watched that movie (Monsters) on Netflix last week. It’s truly a small world, eh?

          • Sober_Thinking

            Thank you for your kind words. 🙂

            I fear Wikipedia is liberal… but it would be funny to modify the definition with something more realistic. Where are the guys from Big Bang when you need them?

            That is interesting that you just watched that movie… Small world indeed! 🙂 Not great but for the budget, it was interesting.

            So you got the gist of my wall description… I also added a comment about the irony that America built that wall to keep out aliens… 😉

            Great minds…

            • Nukeman60

              However, as the wall we build is to keep aliens out, I think the wall they built was to keep aliens in, even though both situations deal with the spread of an unwanted “invasion”.

              Wasn’t working, though. I thought it was a strange ending, with the beginning and ending tying in together to accomplish no purposeful end at all.

              • Sober_Thinking


                I think the “moral of the story” was that we (the indiginous people of Earth) were the “real” monsters… or something like that.

                Yeah, the ending and parts of the movie were weak.

                • Nukeman60

                  Yeah, I agree. That last part where the aliens were communicating gave me the same impression. Too bad they didn’t expand on that.

                  I watch a lot of science fiction movies (it’s a weakness of mine). Many lower than “B’ movies are rip offs of famous or high profile movies and they are mostly made by a company called Asylum. I got the feeling this was made by them.

                  Checking into it, I find it was:


                  Scroll down and you can see the listing of what they made (avoiding them is preferable, unless you are one that likes the low budget, second-rate movies, like I do).

                • Sober_Thinking

                  Good research and I agree with you.

                  That genre is my weakness too… though I prefer better quality movies. My favorite “bad” B science Fiction movie: Plan 9 From Outer Space.

                  Many years ago, my best friend, a lovely girl I met in college and I watched this while drinking… and I doubt I’ve ever laughed so hard. Good times! 🙂

                • Nukeman60

                  I rather enjoy the post-apocalyptic movies (I suspect I’m using them as training manuals, lol) and a rather good one (in my opinion) that I watched a couple of years ago was The Book of Eli, starring Denzel Washington and Mila Kunis. I enjoyed the underlying biblical theme, although I suppose most post-apocalyptic enthusiasts may have been disappointed not to have a zombie or two running around.

                • poljunkie

                  Thats a fantastic movie. That is our favorite genre as well.

                  The book “twist” was awesome.

                  If you haven’t seen The Road- Highly recommened. Very dark. But good.

                  We watched a TV series from 2006 on NetFlix. I think it had about 20 episodes. Its pretty good, in that its believable. We live in a small town, and to us- the way it initially plays out- food shortage, communication problems etc, is very relatable. Jericho is an American action/drama series that centers on the residents of the fictional town of Jericho, Kansas, in the aftermath of nuclear attacks on 23 major cities in the contiguous United States.

                  There’s another series we liked called Survivors- There is the original from the 70’s and the remake from 2008. Both have 30 episodes. Believe or not, I think I liked the series from the 70’s better. It is on NetFlix as well.

                • Sober_Thinking

                  I saw that one too… good movie. It seemed pretty authentic in many respects. But yes, no zombies and most people won’t like it.

  • Gtrjag

    I tend to agree with Scoop. I think Rubio is being sincere when it comes immigration. However, he is naive when it comes to foreign policy. He supported the Arab Spring. That clearly shows poor judgment and a misunderstanding of our enemy. He is definitely not my first choice for President

    • sDee

      At this level, nothing happens by chance – nothing. Rubio was groomed for this and does what he has been told to do and say.

  • JRD1

    Scoop I believe that Rubio is everything that is wrong with the corrupt gopE.

    Rubio once in his life had good intentions like all politicians initially do. However, now he is drunk with power and only cares about himself.

    Just like Obama he can talk, BFD. Our country is in dire straits and desperately in need of people who care. Rubio is not one of those people.

    You are entitled to your opinion and, yes, I honestly do appreciate every thing that you do to keep us so well informed. But many of us Floridians are firmly committed to exposing the corrupt Bush machine and Marco is their poster boy. He has lit a fire under many of us to expose his greed.

    All Rubio wants to do is be rich and powerful. There is nothing wrong with attaining wealth and power as long as you care about your fellow man. Rubio cares about nothing but Marco Rubio.

    Too bad, he had so very much potential to do good.

    Rubio is everything that Bannon and Schweizer are talking about in “Boomtown.” And, that in a nut shell is what is taking America down. Corrupt, greedy politicians are the enemy within. America deserves better. Too many people gave the ultimate sacrifice of their lives to keep her free and the Rubios of the world in check.

    It’s way past time for Marco to get a real job and get off the government dole. The founders never meant for career politicians who get rich off of the backs of her citizens. Marco doesn’t know what it means to work and earn what you have got. Just like his brethren on the other side of the aisle he is a taker.

  • Rocco11

    The appeal to Latinos must be made through the prism of what the democrat party has done to the black family. Detroit, Watts, Gary, Compton, Anacostia, Bronx, South side Chicago, the case must be made to Latinos that this is their future as well if they continue to vote democrat.

  • Sandra123456

    Ted Cruz for Prez, 2016/ Marco Rubio VP.

    • RefudiateGOPe

      Imo, here’s an example of how foolish the American people have become. It seems that every time a fresh face appears who articulates the things we want to hear, we immediately try to elevate them to run for POTUS.

      Rubio has been in the Senate two years. What exactly has the man done so far?

      I love Ted Cruz. He’s been a Senator of a month.

      • So says the Palinista.

        • RefudiateGOPe

          A little touchy aren’t we? Everyone knows you’re all in for Rubio, and that’s fine. I think your snark here is beneath you. BTW, Palin has twenty years of experience by which we can gage her accomplishments. I’m certainly a Palin supporter, but I’m not pushing for her to run in 2016, nor to I have a website where I can promote her if I was pushing for her.

  • conservative58

    I remember how impressed I was when Rubio first came on the scene! Wow! I really thought he was pretty amazing. It wasn’t long after that it seemed he was promoting his book with every public appearance. For me, his ‘appeal’ was greatly diminished by his constant ‘self-promotion’.

  • ryanomaniac

    Its blanket amnesty. Period. Any thought other wise is naïve. No offense to anyone who disagrees. If anyone thinks the border will be closed before amnesty kicks in needs to wake up. History has a way of repeating itself. We should learn from past situations like this.

    Rubio is a sucker. The media will give Democrats all the credit that Rubio is hoping will help the GOP. Rubio is a sucker because he actually believes this will help Republicans in the future. The media isn’t gonna have any part of that. Republicans fall for this crap every time.

    Republicans need to inform the public that it isn’t only Mexicans crossing the border unmolested. Terrorists. I think I read a study once that said for every couple hundred thousand illegals they caught about five thousand people were from Arabic nations and most were from countries where there is known terrorist activity. That’s just the ones they caught. Remember 9/11. 18 guys killed 3,000.

    Americans need reminded more than taught.

    • keyesforpres

      Also remember that the first World Trade Center bombers got amnestied in under Reagan’s amnesty and because of that they could travel in and out of the country freely to plan their attack. They went to Mexico,learned some Spanish, got Hispanic identities and snuck in.

      Of course, let’s not forget that 25 Americans are killed everyday by illegals (mostly Mexicans). Since 9-11 around 100,000 Americans have been killed by illegals (mostly Mexicans). That is an act of war if you ask me.

  • he will be labeled the Latino candidate by the media

    I’m sure the Legacy Statist Media will do everything in their power to avoid labeling him as anything other than a hateful Nazi plantation owner and/or sellout.

    I’ve said before I hope he’s being very shrewd in this pursuit. I remain optimistic, but very cautiously so.

    I also remain unconvinced of his ‘natural born citizen’ bona fides. It will never be an issue, though. The GOP will overlook it because he’s one of them. Statists and other Democrats will overlook it because enforcing it would require retroactively nullifying everything Obama has done.

    • keyesforpres

      We must hammer it though. Call his office and remind him we know he isn’t eligible and he needs to do the decent thing and admit it.

  • RefudiateGOPe

    I don’t think Rubio is running for POTUS. I think that right now, he is a proxy for Jeb Bush and he is running for VP on a Bush ticket. I think this is being carefully orchestrated. The Bushes desperately want Jeb Bush in the White House, but they know that the name Bush is still poison. Over the next two years, they will work hard to rehabilitate the name. Rubio will somehow bow out of the mix for POTUS2016 and the GOPe will push Jebbie on us. You just watch.

    • Guest

      Bingo! Nice to see that somebody gets it.

      The family also expects him to act as place holder after Jeb for the next Bush generation.

      It’s time for us to draw a line in the sand and tell Jeb that the Age of Bush is over instead of Jeb throwing in our face constantly that the Age of Reagan is over.

      We are very organized in Florida and between the progressives and us neither Jeb nor Rubio will win Florida (politics makes strange bedfellows) no matter how much disinformation and propaganda the Bush crime family puts out there. We learned plenty of lessons in the last Florida primary.

      The first step in taking this country back is beating back the corrupt Bush crime family who never were on our side.

      • poljunkie

        Its very hard to relate to your comment when you arent willing to keep your “name” attached to it.

    • sDee

      Marco Rubio Bush the Third

    • Jeb Bush has no chance of beating the democrats. The media would love the see him be the repub nominee. IMO

      • RefudiateGOPe

        That’s not the point. Don’t you think that the Bush family and much of the GOPe aren’t already convinced that Jebbie can beat whoever the Dems nominate? You know it and I know it, but the Bushes and the GOPe don’t give a damn what we think.

    • poljunkie

      Why does everyone think Jeb Bush is desperate, and frantic for a Presidential run and the White House? I haven’t seen him do anything to show that? He’s done very little on the National stage since he left the Governors office.

      I have to admit your predictions about the 2012 election and Romney not fighting was correct, but I just cannot foresee Jeb Bush “wanting it” much.

  • misterlogic0013

    so obvious .. Rino 100% his only life line for good is in Sarah Palins pocket .. will see ..

  • sDee

    Nice headshot TRS

    Big surprise? He is sincere alright. We all know immigration is a problem caused by those who want to usurp the power to solve it. And Rubio leads the charge.

    Now do we all see why the Republican establishment won’t expose Hussein? Rubio is yet another politician who cares more about his next election more than the complete and utter destruction od the Constitution by a lawless marxist government. America’s greatest decline is just a “convenient crisis” being used to to wrestle power away from those who created it.

    Michael Reagan tried to tell us the 2012 election was a fraud –

    Mitt Romney’s advisers are not looking to a 2012 paycheck, but are looking toward their 2016 paycheck

    Now do we see how the Bush cabal set things up for the installation of Hussein?

    Do we see why the Republican machine targeted, chewed up and spit out Palin and West.

    Do we now see why we got the birth certificate smoke screen to hide Obama’s self-exposed ineligibility under Article 2 Section 1? And why no Republican politicians or pundits would touch it? Why the Supreme Court would not hear it? ….Rubio too is ineligible under Article 2 Section 1 – neither of his parents were US citizens when he was born. The Republicans intentionally remained silent on the one issue that could have lead to immediate impeachment of an anti-American marxist – just to protect their chosen one

    Need anymore proof that these men think the Constitution is just a “g’ddamn piece of paper”?

    America is run by two corrupt powers R and D.

    Meet the pretty face who the cabal has chosen to ascend to the throne so well buttressed by Barack Hussein Obama.

    Will we now swallow this and become slaves under the Red King, or wake up, or, expose them for what they are, defend the Constitution and become free men?

    • keyesforpres

      Do you have any idea why Scoop is so infatuated with this dude?

  • M_J_S

    Rubio is a snake, the next generation of RINO and should he run he WILL NOT HAVE MY VOTE!

  • sDee

    But I truly believe Rubio really wants to solve the immigration problem and get America on the right path and he can’t do that unless he wins.

    You cannot solve a problem by ignoring its root cause. 12 million foreigners occupying our soil wiht the grace of the government, is not an an immigration problem, it is a political corruption problem.

    When America needs the hard cold ugly truth that our government intentionally created this “problem” we get more of the same political deception that created it. Rubio has proven he is part of the problem. Just like Bush2 who kept the borders open, prosecuted border agents, ignored immigration law enforcement and also proposed “immigration reform” legislation.

  • sDee

    I also think he wants to win back the Latino vote from the Democrats, especially considering he will be labeled the Latino candidate by the media

    The Bush’s barely pulled that off with Reagan’s 1986 Amnesty votes. Now it is absolutely impossible because the Progressives have ensured the 12 million here now are subversive, marxists, islamists and all sorts of entitlement voters.

    If Rubio and the Bushes actually believe these subversive illegal colonists will vote Republican, they are absolute fools. These 12 million will vote 80% Democratic. They may vote for Rubio if he got them Amnesty…. but after that, all Democrats, all the time. Delusional fools.

    The media controls the narrative

    Rubio will be labeled the Latino candidate by the media just like Sarah Palin was labeled the woman candidate and Allen West labelled the black candidate.

    • stage9

      Liberals have taught the lemming voters in this country to hate America and bleed her dry of all her resources. And liberals have convinced them that they will give the voter anything they want if they would just vote for them.

      From the perspective of a parasite, that’s akin to winning the lottery!

      • keyesforpres

        What these parasites don’t get is…parasites eventually kills its host.

  • BeyondPolls


  • sjmom

    Scoop; I’m with you!

    Surprised; NO! I knew Marco was a political opportunist and Rand Paul is not far behind him. Last year I supported Rick Perry and yesterday I read he’s giving money back to the citizens of Texas; that’s a good thing but is it just because he wants to run again in 2016?

    Am I being too cynical????? Not sure, but with what’s been going on is there any other way to think?

    • sDee

      They are all opportunists and have to play a dirty game in tanks of sharks, to win.

      But they have crossed a line now. Their dangerous games have escalted and devolved so much that they have eliminated the Balance of Powers, created a rigged Judicial, concentrated their power in the Executive Branch, sold their souls to globalist funders, and see the Constitution as little more than a paper towel to wipe the filth from their hands.

      For example here, they have turned colonization of America by 12 million foreigners into a political board game skirmish, while American citizens pay a dear and permanent price.

      F’em all, the SOBs.

      • sjmom

        All I know is right about now they are ticking me off BIG TIME!!!!

    • keyesforpres

      Perry’s bad news. He’s trying to get that trans corridor highway going again…and that white washed version of Islam he allowed into Texas schools….

  • Conniption Fitz

    Like Obama – Rubio’s father was not an American Citizen at the time of his birth – so he is NOT QUALIFIED TO BE PRESIDENT.

    NEITHER of Obama’s fathers, his alleged biological nor his adoptive father were EVER US CITIZENS.

    Some say it is not certain whether Romney’s father was a US citizen at the time of his birth.

    Even so, Rubio is a Romney Bush sort of politician.

    Rubio is not a Ted Cruz, Rick Perry, Newt Gingrich, Sarah Palin, Tea Party Constitutional Conservative.

    • 1972patriot

      This article and follow up research on the issue makes a reasonable thinking individual conclude that the reason the Republicans in the House have ignored Obama’s eligibility is because they are just as guilty of constitutional malfeasance.

      In the decade leading up to Obama’s crowning, there were eight proposals to hit the House floor attempting to redefine ‘natural born citizen’. These were proposed by Republicans and Democrats alike and they all failed… the failures made ‘Birthers’ out of millions of us.

  • MadAsHellJack

    Any amnesty for illegals is a reward for breaking the law in America. Is that all we are anymore. A place that rewards failure?? There is no longer such a thing as an honest politician. Rubio’s short time in the political limelight has already tarnished him. Give it 10 years and America will be a third world country.

  • Orangeone

    I think he’s really OK with a path to citizenship as long as we never have to do it again, which means really and truly securing the border. He’s been pretty clear. Rinse and repeat. 1986 all over again, we were told the very same things, we’ll seal the border, it will never happen again. Given the same percentages, in 28 years there will be over 100 million illegals and America will do it again.

    Doing the same thing over and expecting different results!

    Running for potus promising those that have violated our borders, the sanctity of our security will cost the reps not just the potus but the senate and the house because the base will simply not vote.

    • “But remember, he knows this isn’t something that will happen until we win back the Senate and the White House.”

      • sDee

        Yup – crafty tactical politics. Kick the can down the road. Win a game at the price of truth, principle, integrity and our sovereignty… the loss of those is the long term strategic game the Progressives always win.

        A good game of checkers.

      • 1972patriot

        @rightscoop There is a great point made in this WND article I’ve linked… The GOP fights to keep ’em here, then what happens once entitlement cut proposals hit the floor. You think they’ll vote Republican?

        Dane (from the article) is right, “they’ll import themselves right out of office, b/c the overwhelming majority of illegals are govt-dependent”.

        Do you really think that the Republicans can pick up votes among those they grant amnesty to? Was it not you than just published an article in which Mark Levin explained how history has proven that Republicans have never won a majority vote among illegals granted amnesty? Not even Reagan in his second run after he issued a blanket amnesty.

        The Republican party cannot do enough to win the illegal votes without insulting the base enough to lose theirs.

        http://www.wnd. com/2013/01/amnesty-still-amnesty-even-if-its-from-gop/

      • Orangeone

        Mornin’ Scoop. I know, I’m just saying the Americans were given this line of bull in 1986 and look at how that didn’t work out for taxpayers. Repubs will not win Senate in 2014 if he and Paul keep up this illegal amnesty talk, especially with 23 million American unemployed and food stamp recipients growing at a faster rate than the national debt.

  • 1972patriot

    @RightScoop… if I am understanding your article correctly, that you desire a Rubio pres run, you’ve lost me as a daily reader. As a natural born citizen, and as a member of a native tribe, the nbc clause for presidency is important to me for obvious reasons. Anyone or any media outlet that supports the circumvention of our Constitutional process of law will do so with me as their enemy. I do hope that you reconsider your position… Rubio is as un-eligible to president as Obama is. And by the way, in case you’ve been asleep at the wheel, Rubio has been shed from Tea Party support, outed as a RINO.

    Newt says it best here: “I don’t trust anybody in either party when they go into secret meetings”

    Btw… Newt had the most concise and reasonable immigration plan. Contact and demand your congressmen and senators use it to model common sense reform:

    • sDee

      The elaborate well coordinated smokescreens to deflect, obscure and marginalize the Article 2, Section 1 eligibility issues with McCain, Obama, Jindal and Rubio started emerging in 2007. It came from both parties, all the conservative pundits, and the media.

      That to me has been the litmus test. The corruption and collusion runs deep.

      • 1972patriot

        Exactly: This article and follow up research on the issue makes a reasonable thinking individual conclude that the reason the Republicans in the House have ignored Obama’s eligibility is because they are just as guilty of constitutional malfeasance.

        In the decade leading up to Obama’s crowning, there were eight proposals to hit the House floor attempting to redefine ‘natural born citizen’. These were proposed by Republicans and Democrats alike and they all failed… the failures made ‘Birthers’ out of millions of us.

  • wallwatchman

    I do believe Rubio is sincere and wants border security first. I just think we’ve made the mistake, again, of letting the democrats define the problem and answer.

    The problem is security and the goodies luring folks here. The dems screaming we want to deport everyone is a ruse too. Deport of course the ones committing crimes. Then, stop giving welfare, jobs, etc., to illegals and I believe they’ll self-deport. But, and it’s a big one, right now we can’t count on dems to do any of this! Americans have been burned on this security promise before. I wish Rubio luck and hope he can do this, but I’m not holding my breath.

    • sDee

      It is not just the democrats who we, the people, have let “define the problem and the answer”, it is the republicans as well.

      They all use the same Progressive catch phrase “immigratoin reform” instead of “immigration enforcement” or “defending our sovereignty”.

      • stage9

        EXACTLY! Very, very good point sDee!

        • sDee

          thanks stage9. We always let the left define the words….

          “OMG – you’re against Immigration Reform!? Immigration is good. Reform is good, so you are clearly an anti-America bigot”

          “Oh no no never! I am a strong believer in defending America’s sovereignty. That is our strength. But strong immigration law is only a small piece of that equation. Wouldn’t you agree?”


  • Nukeman60

    It may not appear naive now, but in hindsight, Reagan was naive to allow amnesty for a couple of million without actually securing the border first (granted he was lied to). That subsequently turned into 11 million (or more, depending on who you talk to). If we don’t secure the border first, that 11 million will turn into 60 million (or more) until the voting ranks are completely controlled by the Dems and their illegals turned Democrat.

    I don’t want a candidate that “sounds and feels good”. I want one that actually does good.

    Sure looks to me like the Republican party is setting up yet another RINO for us to say “Okay, one more time. But this is the last time, alright”.

    • TerryinFL

      ….and wasn’t amnesty given another “one time shot” in 1986 then tried again in 2006 – 2007? Here we are again with the same tired out excuses!

  • PhillyCon

    RS, I’m glad you are bucking the trend and providing a dissenting opinion without descending into RINO land.

    However, I hope that everything you are writing about or forecasting comes to fruition. I would love Rubio to “outDemocrat” the Democrats on identity politics, and kudos for him for trying.

    Alas, the cynic in me doesn’t see it playing out that way. If it does, that’s great.

    • sDee

      The elephants always lose, even if they win, because the media controls the narrative.

      The truth in the shape of sophisticated counter-propaganda based is alll that will stop the the mortal bleeding. Then, an offense based on the principles of limited government.

      The marxists, in the form of America Progressives, took over the Democratic Party long ago. They are playing a one hundred year game of chess. The elephants, checkers.

      Our only option now is to change the game while we still have the Constitutional freedoms to do so.

      • PhillyCon

        That’s why I’m skeptical of trying to “outmaneuver” them using their tactics. It’s usually doomed for failure precisely b/c of their control of the narrative.

        I also don’t think running a “Latino” or whatever fill in the blank will allow us to have the positive press so many people are banking on. It’s playing chess according to their rules.

        • stage9

          PR! PR! PR!


  • If he could not get hispanics in Florida to give him the majority of their votes, then how is he going to do that nationally?

    • 1972patriot

      ….and that my friend is why the Republicans continue to fail. Any illegal granted amnesty will in the future vote for entitlements. And unless the Republicans intend to hand out goodies in the manner the Democrat party is famous for, they are DOA. Leaves them in a pretty sick spot after they’ve lost our vote pandering to illegals… the illegal will vote left and the base will stay home or vote 3rd party.

      As someone who has been a lifelong, faithful Republican voter, I hate to say it, but I am beginning to think that there is not going to be a need for a third party. A party of conservatives will rise as the second party to replace the Republicans after they commit suicide.

      • Nukeman60

        Much like the Whig party was replaced by the Republican party, and within 4-6 years of creation, they had a man in the White House (Lincoln).

  • We all saw the damage Christie’s preening did to Romney just weeks ago. Now Rubio is doing the same thing on a different topic were supposed to be so proud?

    BS. Rubio’s plan has ZERO chance of going anywhere, and feigning support for a faux-plan, backed by John McShame, that your Party would actually like to have implemented but cannot do at this time or the next 4 years is not helpful. It’s patronizing as H3ll and I’m sick of it.

    • c4pfan

      Thank you!

  • crakpot

    So I guess Rubio’s plan now is to come out against Obama’s amnesty without borders. No one will hear him above the fray of the media and the Democrats. Idiot.

    If this guy, in his avarice to become President, opens our country to full-scale invasion, he will have demonstrated again the wisdom our Founders. They sought and got consent of the governed that no one born to foreigners should be eligible to be President, as that might decrease their care for Americans.

    Rubio is throwing American sovereignty on the table like some kind of poker chip in his game with a guy who has all the cards. Neither have consent of the governed to even play.

  • c4pfan

    I could care less what Rubio wants in running for President. He can shove it!

    Why is it 4 years worth of this bs while our jobs, economy & other more important issues ignored?

  • Right Scoop I think your observation is a good one but the trouble is Marco Rubio is playing with an outdated playbook.

  • sDee
  • n4cerinc

    Chuck Schumer is involved in this, people. The Democrats are framing the argument and the silly Republicans are falling for it. There are an abundance of burning issues right now. The plan is no different than what has been spoken about and tried for the last 30 years. So it is just a distraction. Middle class Americans are not losing sleep over immigration. They are concerned about taxes, economy, healthcare laws impact on small businesses and even the 2nd.

  • John_Frank

    Erick Erickson: I Don’t Like Marco Rubio’s Plan

  • NONE of the illegal aliens are going to vote for the GOP. Some Hispanics will, but the ones our elites pander to are never gonna reward the Republicans.