Rupert Murdoch backs Harry Reid on Senate comprehensive immigration reform

The owner of News Corp and Fox News Channel has voiced his support for Harry Reid’s charge that Boehner show allow the House to vote on the Senate’s comprehensive immigration reform:

POLITICO – News Corp chief Rupert Murdoch has endorsed Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s call for a congressional vote on the immigration reform bill, via Twitter.

“Sen Reid right! Boehner should allow House of Reps to vote on immigration. Lead, for country’s sake,” the 82-year-old conservative media mogul wrote in a tweet that was retweeted by Sen. Reid on Sunday.

This is not the first time Murdoch has expressed his support for immigration reform: Murdoch pushed Mitt Romney to fight for it during the 2012 election and, following his loss, expressed his support for “sweeping, generous immigration reform” on Twitter. But this may be the first time Murdoch has expressed public support for Sen. Reid and put direct pressure on House Speaker John Boehner to address the issue.

On “Meet The Press” on Sunday, Reid said that if Boehner were to allow a House vote it would pass “overwhelmingly”

“They will act. They have to,” Reid said. “This is something that the vast, vast majority of Republicans, Democrats and independents support, and John Boehner should let the House vote. That’s all he has to do. If the House voted, it would pass overwhelmingly.”


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  • Boehner, Reid, Murdoch. Whatever.
    What does Ted Cruz say?

    • marketcomp

      OnTheMark Yes! And whatever Senator Cruz says and has said is totally and unequivocally American!

  • clarkr3000

    Gee you think this has anything to do with Holder and DOJ considering prosecuting him?

  • Matt2Matt

    They got to Warren Buffet the same way 4 years ago.

  • Rshill7

    Much like England is becoming Iran and Saudi Arabia, America could become Mexico. Good thinking Rupertstiltskin.

  • Rupert Murdoch  has dementia!

    • sDee

      MadJack Robert Murdoch knows precisely what he is doing. He is no less an enemy of the Republic than is Soros.

  • Rupert Murdoch  has dementia!

  • KatyButler

    I guess that explains why FOX vetoed Rush Limbaugh from talking about this in his interview.

  • sDee

    Murdoch is a major globalist player. Unermining America’s soveritgnty, cultrue and economy by colonizing her with cheap labor and radicl islamists fits their global paly perfectly. 
    This should be surprising to no one except those who still  think  Fox News is dedicated  turning America back  toward freedom and sovereignty.

    • The Sentinel

      A moderate George Soros?

  • sDee

    Murdoch is a major globalist player. Unermining America’s soveritgnty, cultrue and economy by colonizing her with cheap labor and radicl islamists fits their global paly perfectly. 
    This should be surprising to no one except those who still  think  Fox News is dedicated  turning America back  toward freedom and sovereignty.

  • Fireplug52

    It is very apparent as more and more leaders of business come out in support for immigration reform that is currently being pushed by Harry Reid and the likes of George W. Bush, makes it suspicious that the only people who will be served with passing such legislation  is the business community.
    If a business can hire someone cheaper without applying wage laws that are in force, then the people who will be hurt in the long run will be an American citizen. It is becoming very sickening that our leaders and business people are trying so hard to make life less than suitable for those American citizens.
    Doesn’t a business have a social construct with its community or does its exist strictly to make its money for itself and investors and ensure that they can buy the politicians to write the laws that better suits that business? It is becoming evident that there is no social construct to enhance the viability of a community or its citizens and that as time marches on the ones who will benefit from such a law is only business. You Joe and Jane America are screwed and they don’t care.
    I pray and hope that Joe and Jane Citizen will wake up soon before they are swallowed by the Leviathan.

    • sDee

      Fireplug52 Major and powerful business executives have abandoned capitalism. The salivate over the monpolictic prospects of public private-partnerships.  GE is the perfect example.
      They eliminate their competition and find billions in free capital flowing to them from the pockets of the taxpayers, courtesy of the politicians like Rubio and Reid who they own.

      • The Sentinel

        sDee Fireplug52 
        Spot on.

      • Oregonian

        It’s called Crony Capitalism (or Economic Stimulus in Obamaspeak) – but it is really soft Fascism.

    • Fireplug52 Very true Fireplugs52!  I wrote about this back in May,

      Interesting however that the gang still has not met with someone who has valid concerns for those on the front lines, yet they did work out a deal with the AFL-CIO and Chamber of Commerce according to Senator Chuck Schumer, (D) N.Y. “Business and labor have an agreement and on the future flow, which has been the issue that has undone immigration reform in the past…So this is a major, major obstacle that’s overcome. Each of us has to look at the language and approve it. But I don’t think on the business labor side, there’s any disagreement.”  While the ICE union is affiliated with the AFL-CIO, Crane said that Union boss Richard Trumka has ignored the ICE union’s concerns about the immigration bill.
      Senator Jeff Sessions (R) Ala. asks a logical question: ““If anyone should be consulted on reform, it should be the officers on the front lines…Why should Trumka and the Chamber be consulted but not”
      Again, the is all about committees set up to discuss border control issues which if the Secretary decides that “the Department has not achieved effective control in all high risk border sectors during any fiscal year beginning before the date that is 5 years after the date of the enactment of this Act, not later than 60 days after the date of the there shall be established a commission to be known as the ‘Southern Border Security Commission’.’”
      Meanwhile, how many illegals and possible terrorists have poured over our border already, and how many more will keep on coming while committees discuss border control? – See more at:

  • mder4thegov

    Amazing, two days after a report Obama and Holder are thinking about bringing charges against Murdoch and Fox News, this story breaks. 
    The whole bunch are money-hungry, sell-out weasels.  
    Memo to Gov.Palin:  resign from Fox News, YESTERDAY!!!

  • kong1967

    Oh my, I guess Obama has to stop calling Fox an illegitimate news channel now.

    • Proudhispanicconservative

      That is the hope of all liberal conservatives or republicans, “If we are just a little bit liberal on this everyone will love us”.

      • kong1967

        Proudhispanicconservative True, and the leave the rest of us conservatives behind because they aren’t conservative.

      • BearNJ

        Proudhispanicconservative They can articulate why they are Republicans, like conservatives can, so the country club set buys into the liberal and crony capitalist version of the issues. Why does the GOP accept the Left’s reasoning for why we lost based on liberal stereotypes? It’s moronic. Does the Democrats produce “autopsy reports” on why they are losing white men and married women? No they plow ahead, dig in and fight. Fighting amnesty is a winner. You can become the defender of the working poor, legal Hispanic immigrants who lose their jobs to illegal workers and defend black men who have a 15% unemployment rate. As long as the GOP listens to the mush crowd and the Rove, Mr. 97% loser, idiots they are done.

  • jgilman

    I guess we can expect our news to be written by low wage Aliens now. Journalists will reap the benefits of unemployment and then disability.

  • brjohnson

    And if my Represenative voted for the immigration bill she would lose my vote and thousands like me Mr Murdoch. Check mate pal. Hear that Cathy McMorris-Rogers??

  • The Sentinel

    “John Boehner should let the House vote. That’s all he has to do. If the House voted, it would pass overwhelmingly.” Once again, that devil Harry Reid is pouring honey into the weak-minded Boehner’s ear and poisoning him with lies and pressure. Boehner is a moron… but even this imbecile better realize that if he let’s this piece of trash go up for a vote, he will crush any remaining logic or support he might have.
    Reid is a lying monster, just like his master Obama.
    Rupert Murdoch has repeatedly shown his true colors. While FNC has done good things in spite of Murdoch, it’s days are numbered if we get this new conservative news station up and running. Murdoch ought to know better… but I guess age and socializing with moderates and leftists will get to ya after a while.

  • njmom

    Who wants to help me hammer the final nail in the GOP’s coffin should this unconstitutional immigration law be voted upon in the House????

  • Nukeman

    “This is something that the vast, vast majority of Republicans, Democrats and independents support…” – Reid
    The vast, vast majority??? Interesting lack of ability to count, there Senator Dumbo. You include all 300+ million people as wanting something done and call THAT support for your idiotic bill. Typical politician. Let’s start with you resigning. That would help ANY reform.

  • marketcomp

    First of all, Harry Reid needs to pass legislation that will help create jobs in this Country to give boost to the economy, so sheeple have jobs instead of protesting! Next, who cares what a non-American olda** whiteman says, about our immigration system. If anyone votes for this immigration legislation they should be hung, period! Next, the Congressional Black Caucus should be protesting against this immigration bill because what we know for sure is that it will hurt people in low income brackets, like the one Trayvon Martin came from, the worst of any economic legislation to come down the pike.

    • joyfulgiver

      marketcomp How about passing a BUDGET first! Murdock only sees $$$$$ signs.  Because all I’ve heard says there is absolutely NO illegal hiring reform in the bill the senate passed.  Which means it’s cheaper for employers to CONTINUE to hire illegals than to hire US CITIZENS.  It’s a sham and Murdock knows it!

      • joyfulgiver

        “No official response” regarding immigration for my congressman, Scott Peters.  His office last month said he was “so new to the office, only been there for six months” and he was “still evaluating” the circumstances.  To which I said, “he’s lived in California for years, in a border city, what more does he need to evaluate? Secure the borders!”

        • marketcomp

          joyfulgiver Now that is a sorry excuse for a representative on so many levels and sounds incompetent. He needs to be fired!

  • mikeinidaho

    1) Is Murdoch a US citizen? If not, he should sit down and shut up.
    2) Now we know why Fox News is leaning to the Left so badly.
    A pox on DC and the media in general.

  • DeborahClemence

    me… does the UK, Murdoch’s home, have open borders? Absolutely not!
    You cannot go there to live unless you are independently wealthy or
    have a profession that they NEED… and you have to guarantee that you
    will not require government benefits!

    So… change the UK before you try to change America, Mr. Murdoch!!!

    • applepie101

      DeborahClemence EXCEPT, if you’re a member nation of the EU. Then you can pour over their borders into the UK and plug into their social services, and there isn’t a thing they can do about it.

  • ellebb

    Cheap Labor !

  • fireme

    Another reason to not watch FOX and cancel cable.

    • DawnCrawford1

      fireme We should rally a boycott of Xfinity/Comcast and millions of people should cancel on one day, so they would really feel it!! Say September 1

  • lawngreen

    Listen to this liar. “…the vast, vast majority of Republicans, Democrats and independents support” immigration.
    So finally it’s unequivocally out in the open. Fox is owned by a Leftie. Murdoch, may the fleas of a thousand camels infest your armpits.

  • Laurel A

    Of course he does. People mistakenly think he is conservative when he is a raging progressive who also happens to be a capitalist.

  • Well since none of the proposed law will affect his sorry old butt, I can see him not giving a rat’s caboose about the rest of us. Strip him of his wealth, all of it, and force him to wait in lines for his medicine, doctors and food as well as contend with a whole slew of people that don’t read English but have no problem driving a vehicle on the road with him behind the wheel, let me know. Otherwise, STFU!
    Should I mention all the other items that cost us all? Ruppert has an opinion but then so does every other loon that is clueless. I was born here Mr. Murdock, I like them Spanish folks just fine and would like them more if they came across legal, embraced our culture instead of taking handouts regardless of which a-hole politician doles them out.

  • cnanyc


  • applepie101

    Connect the dots. Fox News is not conservative, Rupert Murdoch is certainly not conservative. They’ve been on the wrong side of many issues during the past 6 years, with illegal immigration being only one of them. If they don’t pass the smell test, don’t trust them.

  • juliana1962

    I have been saying for the past the few years, how Fox has just has turned into another Liberal-Rino talking match…they elect Romney…someone who who also passed Obama Care…Now, we have O’Reilly pushing amnesty down our throats…I refuse to watch Fox News…