Rush apologizes to Luke Russert for praising him

First here’s the complete interview:

Rush was very pleased to see real journalism happening her, especially from the likes of MSNBC. Don’t get me wrong…he’s not praising MSNBC, he’s praising Luke Russert for asking the tough questions. And I’d concur. hmmm….I wonder if Luke Russert will be the worst person in the world tonight.

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  • Luke may be working or continuing to work at NBC out of loyalty and memory to/of his father and/or that he feels he can make a difference at msnbc.

    Considering the braindrain that occurs at msnbc, I'll posit that eventually Luke will leave. It'd be the height of irony if he got on at Fox, but I'd still respect him if he went to another flagship.

    No matter what, he's showing himself to be a good journalist, and that is a positive for him, and perhaps a saving grace for msnbc which is so full of garbage.

  • Rangel sucks. Made a career out of playing the token racist victim whenever Sharpton and Jackson were busy. Time to spend more time with the family, Charlie. Michelle Bachmann has a few more questions for you in November.

  • texasgirl46

    I think Luke should go to work for Fox…..:)

  • I would hope he doesn't go to FNC. I think putting someone in a liberal environment to do tough interviewing is just what that network would need. Aside from that, working in such an environment would allow him to grow some thick skin and integrity that the other “journalists” they employ do not have. You have to lead by example, and at those networks they have no one to show them the way.

    That is the same reason I think FNC should keep Geraldo and Shep. I don't have to watch their shows, and they add a different POV for those that are interested. I just don't like the personalities.

    I do watch MSNBC Morning Joe so as to keep my perspective and to stay informed on how liberals debate their points.

  • cnerd

    The apple does not fall far from the tree. I missed Tim Russert who could ask the tough questions from both sides. I hope he can stay with “LSDNBC”. However it is refreshing to see that there is someone paid for by leftist leanings who is bluntly honest. He probably will not be able to stay, unless he is corrupted. But I plan to follow the career of this young reporter. He has huge shoes to fill, but it looks like he is making a good start