Rush: I don’t recall a VP pick that has so energized the campaign

Rush is very happy that Paul Ryan has been chosen as VP and says that he is surprised how energized this has made the Romney campaign and the Republican Party, including Romney himself. He says picking Paul Ryan will make this campaign about ideology and that’s what he believes will win minority votes.

Also, before you get outrageously outraged, he clarified to say that he wasn’t dissing what Palin brought in 2008 because it’s clear she energized the McCain campaign and the Republican Party as well. He explains that as well in this clip.

Watch below:

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  • I’m still outrageously outraged. Yes, he forgot something. Palin energized McLame like that base-drum-playing bunny on steroids.

    • Those who think that Rush dissed Palin do not listen to him often.

      • CalCoolidge

        Other than Right Scoop, I don’t listen to him at all. So far, Palin energized the campaign more than Ryan.

        And I disagree with Rush that I don’t understand what is coming if Obama is re-elected. I know Marxism, and in bits and pieces, Obama has pretty much let all the cats out of the bag. For example, he has mentioned centrally planned “pay equity,” where bureacrats decide how much people are to be paid for various jobs. He claim authority under some law to issue “regulation” for that.

        I’d be energized if Ryan were the candidate.

        • NHConservative0221

          Apparently you don’t understand what’s coming if obama is reelected. You’d only be energized if Ryan was at the top of the ticket??

          So what are you going to do stay at home, pout, and not vote??

          As Rush said, this is is, this is ballgame!!

          Fight to save your country!!

          ROmney showed alot of guts in picking Ryan to make this into an ideological race. Picking RYan shows that Romney is serious about making some serious cuts and reforming entitlements.

          • PVG

            Amen NHC! This IS for all the marbles. This standing on principle while the country drowns in debt and socialism is absolutely moronic.

          • bobemakk

            AND Paul Ryan is being compared to Ronald Reagan. This is great.

      • i listen to him everyday thank you very much and yes he did diss governor palin.

    • serfer62

      Rush has been fading in quality for several years
      1) For ma man who dispises conspirocys he has his own on OHbama.
      2)For a man who says “words mean something” he somehow can’t pronouce aso many of them
      3 I used to listen to him for politcal news & opinion but when he talks about hinself (fully 1/3 of the time), computers or Ipods, football, how great he’s doing on the golf course…somehow I find something else to do.
      To overlook the greatest asset to such a horrible campaign as MacSmuck’s is more then an insult.

    • NHConservative0221

      Get over it.

    • Lime Lite

      Stop being so precious. Palin had her time. Now it’s time to focus on what’s happening in November. This constant Palin-baiting does no one any good. Get over it.

      • Watch as the media and the Left (but I repeat myself) try to palinize Ryan. The same people who abandoned her when the full-court press started will abandon him too. Letting our enemies dictate who will represent our views does no one any good.

  • Mark Smith

    “Also, before you get outrageously outraged,”

    Oh, please. You KNOW you’re going to get plenty of outraged outrage. 😉

  • Rush is great, listening to his program in the background, he is zazzed, so am I.
    Thank you El Rushbo, your always inspiring.

    Youtube. John Moore 7.25.2012, interesting dates. one is this Friday 8.17.2012. , science and videos.

    God Bless

    • Off topic comments should go in open threads. This is the second time you’ve done this today.

      Yes, I’m not stupid.

      • thank you my friend, I appreciate your bringing this to my attention.

  • VP picks don’t matter but Paul Ryan is going to spank Joe Biden in the VP debates.

    • I think that this time VP does matter because Ryan will talk about the economy more than any other VP contender would have. And the nice part is that he can talk in minute detail and answer questions intelligently.

    • BevWKY

      You know, I’ve heard all my life that the VP choices don’t matter and, still, people argue over the selections endlessly every dang time. I suppose because it’s the first extremely public decision of the candidate that we can actively judge them on. Granted, not normally with the intensity of the last four years, but then again, we had to have something to keep our hopes up during that period for some reason…

      But, nah, VP picks have no affect at all.


    • mark1955

      I wonder if the Bushies inside of MITTEN’S campaign,will mess Ryan’s teleprompter up at the Convention for his speech,like they messed up Sarah Palin’s. Thankfully, Palin has a photographic memory and had the speech down pat before hand and didn’t miss a beat.

    • doubt if he can do it better than sarah palin did. she had him stuttering and stammering all over the place. how’s ryan going to defend his foreign policy experience when he has none? or how about his executive experience? he may be a numbers guy but that doesn’t make him an expert on anything else.

      • PVG

        And your point? If your point is that Romney should have picked Palin, you are delusional! He wants to win, not play referee to constant Palin bashing. Our ticket to beat BO and save this nation is ROMNEY/RYAN! PERIOD! This is reality.

  • GetWhatYouPayFor

    So, Romney first needed his wife by his side for energy and now he needs Paul Ryan. UGH!
    Chester A. Riely said it best, “What a revolting development”! We have to win, Mitt! Sign up the Rockettes or whatever, if you must. I will just pray and hold my nose when I pull the lever on Nov. 6th. God help us.

  • sDee

    I always temper optimism when it comes to politicians. We know exactly what we are getting with Romney and he has been consistent. Ryan however seems to just fundamentally get, not only the concept of limited government, but why it is is the only way back for America.

    The Republican establishment tried all they could to beat Reagan yet he took the nomination. They then saddled him with Bush1 who waited patiently for 8 years to start unwinding us back to big government.

    So I will indulge myself momentarily with a John Galt fantasy, that maybe, Sarah Palin, our Capitalists, and the growing conservative politcal coalition had a hand in this VP candidate. So long as Sarah Palin has his back, so will I.

    I’ll pinch myself back to reality in a moment because our battle is going to take at least 8+8 years, and like I said we know exactly what we are getting with Romney.

    • JRD1

      I am purposely posting this link to you because I am well aware that the scales are off from your eyes just like mine and you have recognized gopE propaganda when you hear it unlike before.

      Ryan has been part of the establishment swamp for 14 years. Never forget it. He is NOT Tea Party. It’s Rockefeller Republican smoke and mirror stuff.

      • TheRedWriter

        Thanks for the link. I knew he wasn’t Tea Party, but I had no idea how un-Tea Party he was.

  • CaseyGeorge

    Cue the Palin-bots. Palin-bots..she didn’t provide the immediate jolt Ryan did because she had nowhere near the name recognition…as people got to know her they liked her, but you can’t make the argument that she was as big of a deal at the time of announcement as Ryan is.

    • Sober_Thinking

      I guess you’re right… all she did was nearly win the election for a dud of GOP nominee in 2008.

      I’m not a “Palin-Bot”, as you so elequantly and quaintly put it… Ryan is an excellent choice… brilliant with the economy being front-and-center. But Palin evoked a lot of emotion and passion that Ryan is going to need to be able to replicate… a tall order for anyone.

      Ryan is a big plus for this election. Palin was a big plus for conservatives.

    • stillgoing

      7 million raised, when she was announced, I’d say she was a big deal at the time.

    • CalCoolidge

      She moved the national polls 5 points in a week.

      BTW, I am not sure I was supposed to address this, since I am not anyone’s Bot. I would feel more of a jolt if Ryan were at the top of the ticket. But, I suppose had Ryan run, Romney woud have spent 10 million is ads to tell us Ryan is really a liberal.

    • Mtncougar

      “cue the Palin-bots”

      So … if there are “Palin-bots” you must think there are Reagan-bots too? Or Levin-bots? Since when does admiring and supporting someone become bot-ish … i.e. disgustingly robotic.

      • When you constantly disparage everybody else for not being that person and think they’ll get the nomination even though they aren’t. Paulbots do it too. Nothing against Palin, just that brand of supporter that won’t take no for an answer and trashes everybody else.

        • Every famous person has to deal with the wrong sorts of admirers. Nothing new there.

    • Stick with arguing the points and leave off the disparagement. What good does it serve to irritate and antagonize so many people?

      • NHConservative0221

        I think his point is kind of justified. It gets pretty old when every discussion reverts back to how great Palin is or in this case how Rush dissed Sarah…

        Some of these Palin supporters are alot like Paul supporters. All they do is worship that person and constantly bash everyone else because they don’t measure up.

        It’s pretty old when neither Paul nor Palin will be elected this November.

        • As long as she has her supporters, expect them to respond. Same with anyone else, really.

          • NHConservative0221

            These kind of supporters give Palin a bad name.

            I mean they act like the only thing for a true conservative to do is to support Palin to steal the nomination at the convention…. when in fact she’s not even going to be there.

            Palin has said countless times she’s supporting Romney to defeat obama, yet these supporters think ROmney is the white obama.

            These supporters are the lew rockwell- ron paul tin foil hat types.

            • I don’t see very many of them. What I do see is a bunch of anti-Palin types who’ve been trying to portray some mythical, vast number of Palin supporters as blindly loyal “worshipers.”

              It’s nothing more than antagonism for antagonism’s sake in all but a very few cases. As a watcher of Palin threads for years, I can promise that the number of Palin supporters that come close to the Rockwell/Paul hardcore fans is vanishingly small.

              I’m personally not putting up with the “worship” BS. Because it is BS, plain and simple. I hope you can see the difference between the majority of Palin supporters and most political groups anywhere. They are almost to a man, Tea Party types. So to drag out the “worship” smear is actually an insult to what amounts to the center of the right. Some would say the very heart of conservative America.

              • Figures we’d get a few of them in this thread. Ah, well. I did say there were some. Just not very many.

      • CaseyGeorge

        The disparagement is only directed towards the “worshippers”…the ones who view Palin as a cult leader just like the Paul-bots do. I was just referring to those whackos who only show up when there is a Palin post because every google, bing, and twitter filter they have sends them an alert that someone, somewhere on the internet typed the word “Palin”

        • Yeah, I get it. I just got sick of that term being applied to anyone who supported Palin at all.

    • susiepuma

      Research is your friend – facts are a terrible thing to waste but then again, when one has limited brain cells as you obviously do – then there is nothing to waste – must be a fraud supporter because they are all brain dead zombies………………….

  • Spartan4Palin

    I have to add this from a poster at HOTAIR. They are commenting on the the fact that Palin will not speak. This is just terrific!!


    It’s not nice to fool Mother Palin.

    faraway on August 13, 2012 at 1:50 PM

    • I was very disappointed when I read that. She should speak instead of Jeb Bush or McCain, both raging RINOS.

      • 1mathteacher

        Oh crap, is McCain speaking? I have nothing for him…..nothing. If he’s a conservative, I’m Albert Einstein. 😛

        • But…John McCain is a maverick, my friends!
          But, but… He’ll say we’re his friends…even though he’s done anything but befriend conservatives and his real friends are Ted Kennedy and other libs.

          • crosshr

            Macshame’s other friend are the Muslims in the gov. Weiner .

      • CalCoolidge

        It’ll be a RINO Fest. Conservatives are allowed to show up on election day with their votes.

    • Their last chance is bringing Donald Trump. They passed on Palin, Newt, Bachmann, Perry, and Cain but they’ll bring the establishment’s precious Mitchie Daniels and Jebbie Bush.

  • 4rcane

    meh, Ryan’s crowd is smaller than Palin’s

    • sDee

      Palin’s crowds were spontaneous. I am taking nothing away from Ryan but living in NC can tell you that I now understand why my phone, voicemail and email have been overflowing for weeks with invitations to come see Romney . They were timing this all for the photo ops.

      Nothing wrong with that – probably smart of ROmeny’s campaign. Good photo ops and visuals. It just simply is not what got me and millions others out to hear and support Palin in 2008 – not even close.

  • Spartan4Palin

    Has anyone noticed how much of the statements made by Romney at some of these events have the ring of Palin to them?

    He makes it a point to thank the military veterans the same way Palin does. His energy statements are like Palin’s.

    Now Rush has just stated the CBO has come out about ANWR by Ryan during a budget analysis.

    Hmmmmmmm,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,who had the most to say about ANWR??????

    • Yep! I have noticed. Just as people still do not get how much Reagan changed the dynamic in this country, including the dynamo known as Palin. She is a product of Reagan. They also don’t get how much the dynamic Palin is changing the country either.

      I love it!

    • sDee

      Did you read the Ryan piece in the Spectator that TRS posted? I was thinking the same thing – sounded like Sarah Palin. Bringing it back to the ideology and simple core principles of limited government.

    • BevWKY

      Well, I haven’t had a chance to listen to the Rush clip yet (my internet is acting up – I can sent & receive but clips are a problem at the moment) so working a little blind here but I just ran across something odd. The leader of the local conservative online forum was talking about Rush playing of Ryan clips and was all excited that Ryan “has got exactly the right message. He clearly stated this is a land of opportunity not a land of guarantees and that they weren’t trying to remake the country, rather to return it to it’s proven values. You haven’t heard a republican say that since Reagan.”


      Does Romney and company, not to mention the GOP, think most of us are so stupid that we won’t notice if they start using someone’s primary points at the same time they act as if that person doesn’t even exist, on top of not wanting the same person at the convention? Seriously, how much willful – I don’t even know what to call it.

      At this point I’m willing to give Rush a pass but that will only last so long.

      There’s unity and then there’s shooting oneself in the foot.

  • I was listening to this and I’m not outraged. Both Ryan and Palin have energized the base as VP candidates for different reasons. Rush wasn’t articulate on the point. Palin is a policy wonk but really a freedom reformer. Ryan is a numbers guys and ALL policy. Both bring great things to the conservative movement with different emphasis. I see nothing wrong with that.

    • GetWhatYouPayFor

      To each his own. McCain was clearly energized by Palin and Romney got his man. Neither would do well with the other. The only emotion Romney gets when near Palin is “FEAR”.

  • kong1967

    No, no, no. Biden boosted Obama’s ticket!! The brains of the two.

    • M_J_S

      the shared brain of the two

      • Merged into one, mighty, cubic centimeter of neuronal power, humming with energy, and so blindingly bright that it drew a couple of moths and a gnat. For a few seconds. Then it was toast.

        • KenInMontana

          Merged into one, mighty, cubic centimeter of neuronal power

          Being a bit overly generous there aren’t you? 😉

          • Heh. I may have the decimal point off by one.

        • Nukeman60

          It’s the classic definition of synergy – half a brain plus half a brain equals no brain.

  • mder4thegov

    Think about basic, but profound differences in the ’08 and ’12 elections.
    Gov. Palin and the democrat hand-picked John McCain had to run against eight years of Bush/Cheney–while an unqualified, incompetent and unvetted Barack Obama–with no record, promised the moon.
    Contrast that to Romney/Ryan, who don’t have the “Bush burden”, but do have four years of Obama/Biden failures.
    How Romney is not up 10%-15% is beyond belief. (Having said that, it’s quite possible he’s up big, but Obama’s bunch could be “buying” poll #’s or the media needs a close race–to keep ratings up. I personally wouldn’t rule out either scenario.)

    • Can’t always trust polls. Carter was polling closer to Reagan until the actual election happened and he lost in a landslide. The newspapers were saying Dewey beat Truman.

    • tshtsh

      That’s fine with me too, as long as we wake up with a “Dewey beats Truman” headline!

    • susiepuma

      Hmmmmm….. maybe because so many of us are not Republicans and are Independents instead and see no difference between the fraud and Dem-lite? the demlite just proposes a slower death of this country, our Constitution and our freedoms? Dem-lite plastic kendoll flip flopper likes the ‘global new world order’ the same way the bushies and the dems (all progressives BTW) do……. so you tell me, what’s gonna change?

  • Thanks so much for posting Rush’s reaction to the pick of Paul Ryan, RS! I love Rush and his analysis and was dying to hear his take on it. He is clearly “jazzed” about it and so am I!

  • MiketheMarine

    Some of you know where my head was on Friday. Waking up Saturday to hear this news did wonders for my attitude. I’m back on board. Go Romney/Ryan.

    • Glad you’re feeling a bit better Mike. The only way from here is UP! Keep the faith!

      • MiketheMarine

        Did you get that email of Smokey? I sent it this morning.

        • I just checked my email and got it now Mike, and I also just replied. Hope you like our doggies too. 🙂

  • Joe

    Rush was so surprised that he was tripping over his tongue.

    (and as I recall – Gov. Palin did excite the base – that’s why the MSM beat her up )

    Why is he surprised – The “peoples” are very mad about what is happening.

    The big concern is Florida – BUT it seems the crowds in Florida are large as well

    Many had to be turned away – That’s a good thing

    All of the “talkers” like Rush should start beating the drum on this one – instead of just blabbering away –

    The choice is made! – Support it or get out of the way!

  • exodus2011

    Hmmm …. Rush, I always thought you had a sharp memory, & accurate analysis …

    • Given the hours and days, weeks, and years he’s been beating the good drum, a slip every now and again is forgivable. Even Rom introduced Paul as “The next President.”

      At the end of the day, all that matters is defeating NObama.

      • exodus2011

        well, if a slow death for America is acceptable ok (i know it is better than a fast death … I think ..) .. I would prefer that Delegates nominate a Proven Reformer who can be trusted to lower the Debt Ceiling, repeatedly, for the next 8 years and thereby rescue Constitutional America. (Sarah Palin or Scott Walker)

        Romney wants to delay spending cuts = further Hike of Debt Ceiling when DEBT already exceeds GNP ….

        I think if the Debt Ceiling hikes again, the DEBT problem will be taken out of American Hands.

        • I didn’t suggest anywhere that a “slow death for America is acceptable.” All I’m saying is, like it or like it not, Romney/Ryan are going to be our nominees and we have to get behind them if we are to defeat NObama.

          • exodus2011

            if Tampa Delegates want Debt Ceiling lowered, repeatedly, for next 8 yrs, and therefore the rescue of Constitutional America, they won’t nominate R/R but a Proven Reformer who will steer America away from destruction and not just give her a pill, to help with managing the dying process

            • NHConservative0221

              The primary is over. Romney won. It it what it is.

              Ryan is a great pick who moves ROmney to the right. Malkin, Beck, Levin, Rush, and even Palin herself have all praised the pick.

              Yet for some Palin supporters like yourself nothing is ever good enough.

              • exodus2011

                The Ticket does not represent saving Reform, just management of the dying Process.

                Many Americans want to retain their Identity and their Freedom, and want to stop the death of their Beloved America, and will continue to call for the True Conservative principled Leadership that will bring about that outcome.

                Tampa Delegates have not yet voted …. 2 weeks to go …. Romney is already distancing himself from the KEY Quality in Ryan that has attracted Conservatives in the last 48 hours – FISCAL REFORM

                For RESCUE of America ————> Palin/West 2012

                • NHConservative0221

                  Wow people like you are insane!!

                  This is why I stopped going to that other site that you’re from…

                  Ryan is the ONLY one to have proposed a budget that tackles entitlements.


                • exodus2011

                  I suppose dictionaries aren’t that big of a deal in many folks houses, nevertheless Ryan supported and voted for all the big-spending Bush items that increased debt hugely, and the deficit, and helped make America vulnerable to first the crash, and then The Destroyer

                  since then he has put out a budget that addresses the dangerous spending areas – it’s a good start, as Gov palin said when he first introduced it

                  but 28 years to balance the books? ,,,sudden and relentless is needed

                • Sudden doesn’t work. We need to axe the EPA and Dept. of Education. But if we instantly did that, the economy would get a shock quite similar to the banking disaster. All those people without jobs, all their homes walked away from. The grocery stores that would go out of business. And on it goes.

                  It took us 75 years to get here from Wilson. We can take a decade or so to dial it back down. We’re that good.

                • exodus2011

                  yes, sudden and relentless can be done – an experienced Reformer like Gov Palin knows how – managing the implosion and contraction of Govt at the exact same time as American Energy development explodes, along with the deregulation that unleashes the American Business people/entrepeneurs

                • No.

                  You do realize that certain sectors and businesses were growing like gangbusters during the banking crisis, right?

                  That didn’t do anything to stave off the recession.

                  You can’t collapse entire segments of the economy without unmanageable consequences and widespread misery.

                  But simply cutting taxes and reducing actual Federal budgets (as opposed to reducing the increases) as a first measure, and then halting enforcement of EPA intrusions and having them turn in their guns as a second measure, would fire up the economic engine, BIG TIME. We could then arrange a nice, orderly wind-down of EPA, Education, and big chunks of everything else.

                  Do the first stuff right away. Do the rest of it gradually—but do it for real.

                • exodus2011

                  I think Gov Palin has the record, experience, and most of all love for the country to apply the mechanism in the way that is needed

                  I would trust her to do it right – and she said “sudden and relentless”

            • KenInMontana

              October 5, 2011
              Wasilla, Alaska

              After much prayer and serious consideration, I have decided that I will not be seeking the 2012 GOP nomination for President of the United States. As always, my family comes first and obviously Todd and I put great consideration into family life before making this decision. When we serve, we devote ourselves to God, family and country. My decision maintains this order.

              My decision is based upon a review of what common sense Conservatives and Independents have accomplished, especially over the last year. I believe that at this time I can be more effective in a decisive role to help elect other true public servants to office – from the nation’s governors to Congressional seats and the Presidency. We need to continue to actively and aggressively help those who will stop the “fundamental transformation” of our nation and instead seek the restoration of our greatness, our goodness and our constitutional republic based on the rule of law.

              From the bottom of my heart I thank those who have supported me and defended my record throughout the years, and encouraged me to run for President. Know that by working together we can bring this country back – and as I’ve always said, one doesn’t need a title to help do it.

              I will continue driving the discussion for freedom and free markets, including in the race for President where our candidates must embrace immediate action toward energy independence through domestic resource developments of conventional energy sources, along with renewables. We must reduce tax burdens and onerous regulations that kill American industry, and our candidates must always push to minimize government to strengthen the economy and allow the private sector to create jobs.

              Those will be our priorities so Americans can be confident that a smaller, smarter government that is truly of the people, by the people, and for the people can better serve this most exceptional nation.

              In the coming weeks I will help coordinate strategies to assist in replacing the President, re-taking the Senate, and maintaining the House.

              Thank you again for all your support. Let’s unite to restore this country!

              God bless America.

              – Sarah Palin

              Just which part of this letter are you “earthquakers” having difficulty comprehending? If you and your ilk are the Palin supporters you claim to be, you should respect her wishes and let it go, focus on the down ticket races like the Governor is, and stop carrying on like so many tantrum throwing, foot stomping children (because that’s how you’re perceived).

              • exodus2011

                Americans who want to rescue Constitutional America through DC Reform that will walk America back from the DEBT Abyss, will emulate their Forbears at the Founding and in 1952 … they wouldn’t accept ‘no’ from the eventual first POTUS and in 1952 Americans didn’t accept ‘no’ from IKE either.

                Without sudden and relentless reform America will continue to die – only a Proven Reformer with the WILL and a Steel Spine can lead the rescue – Sarah Palin, or perhaps Scott Walker

                G-D Bless America

                • KenInMontana

                  She has pointed “the way”, the down ticket races, it’s painfully apparent the Governor has a better grasp of the US Constitution than you possess.

                • NHConservative0221

                  I have many of the same stuff in my 912 group- as Paul supporters. These types of Palin supporters are just like the paulbots.

                  Everyone else sucks except for Palin or Paul. Nevermind that one didn’t run and the other lost.

                  Somehow the only way is to “support” them for 2012 for President!!

                  These types are nothing but tin foil hat wearing clowns.

                • exodus2011

                  (do you have a satisfactory pain-killer, or will you staunchly endure? )… Gov Palin is addressing the down ticket races which is most needful, but unless there is a Reformer as next POTUS, the Debt ceiling will be hiked again, (Romney wants to DELAY spending cuts)- and the Debt problem will be taken out of American hands (DEBT now exceeds GNP …tipping point is here … )

                  Many of us will continue to call for the Leadership that is needed. We do support Gov Palin but that doesn’t mean we are Robots … the First Amendment Arena is the place to debate these things, and the current fiscal position of the USA is perilous …. we must continue to speak out- do all we can to get the situation turned around – get the Reformer who can lead the Rescue of Constitutional America

                • Supporting her doesn’t make someone a bot, putting words into her mouth and not respecting her wishes when she makes clear over and over she isn’t running and trashing everybody else does.

                • As I wrote elsewhere, I’m glad there aren’t really very many of those types out there.

                  I’m not even sure they qualify as “bot,” because “bots” tend to take the words of their objectification quite literally. Witness, for example all of the folks who still think Obama is some sort of genius.

                • exodus2011

                  America’s future is more importrant than all else

                  The Leader needed at such a time of peril is a Proven Reformer – that is whom the Delegates should be seeking, drafting, nominating

                  Gov Palin said she would do all she could to help at an Open Convention, and that an Open Convention is a good idea (that was earlier this year)

                  She would serve if asked to do so – many of us are calling for this outcome

                • Ex?! I sure have missed reading your encouraging posts! SO glad to find you here.

                  Yep, we pray for MIRACLES, believing in a God of miracles.
                  Help us, O Lord!

                • exodus2011

                  Amen Mountain! ———> ^5!


    • mark1955

      Paul Ryan has some major things he has to be concerned about and i’m not talking about Obama and the dems. I’m referring to the Enemy within. It was annouced today,that Bushie Dan Senor,has been assigned to Paul Ryan as his Handler. Dan Senor got entrance to the George W.Bush inner circle through his former employer,Willam Kristol. He entered the Bush White House, to become Assistant Deputy Press Secretary to Scott McClellan.His boss,was none other than,Nicolle Wallace,who was ‘Director Of Media Affairs’ for Bush. Wallace was the mole planted inside of the McCain campaign by the Bushies, as Palin’s assigned Handler.Wallaces job,was to undermine and destroy Palin from inside of the campaign,to help make sure McCain would win and no one would get in Jebbies way as the next repub President.Senor,then became the face of the Bush administration during the Iraq War.First working for retired General Garner,Bush’s pick to lead the post War reconstruction effort in Iraq. Then when Bush replaced Garner with Paul Bremer, Senor went on to work for him. Senor later accompanied George W.Bush,as one of his personally selected delegates,to Israel on it’s 60th Birthday in 2008. These aren’t incidental ties to the Bush family. Senor is also the husband of former CNN anchor Campbell Brown.

      Senor’s total loyalty is to the Bush family,not MITTEN’S. Look for one week after the Convention and one week after Ryan has had his day in the Sun,for Senor and the other Bushies such as MITTEN’S Campaign Manager, Matt Rhoades,who was Co-Head of Oppo research ( Dirty tricks ) along with his best friend,Steve Schmidt’s,of George W.Bush’s re-election campaign,to bury Ryan in Obscurity. Senor,Rhoades and company,Ain’t letting anyone get in Jebbies way.

      • exodus2011

        yep looks already as if Ryan is merely window-dressing

        only Romney Status Quo message allowed (delayed spending cuts preferred) no Ryan budget talk – in fact senior Romney Advisor has said entitlement reform is ‘irresponsible, …. a bad idea)

        so – I wonder how long Conservatives will retain their enthusiasm for this Ticket … without a raging Base, R/R cannot defeat the 3 opponents ahead; DEM Ticket + DEM Fraud + Media

        Delegates should nominate a True Conservative Ticket = Saving REFORM = Palin/West

        • mark1955

          By the way,miss you at C-4-P!

          • exodus2011



          • BrianusBerkleianus

            Amen, Mark–we miss you, Ex!!

            God bless!!

            • exodus2011

              BB —————–> HIGH FIVE!


              (your uplifting posts at C4P are being emailed to me reqularly, thank you for your writing from the heart, American Patriot!)

              • BrianusBerkleianus

                Thanks, Ex!!!

          • cathdan

            Yes we do, I am the unicorn over at C4P!!! I love it! KTF!!

        • Palin is 100 percent behind the ticket. If you support her, why attack her friends?

          • exodus2011

            which friends are they?

            • She’s said Ryan’s a good pick and she’s gotten behind the ticket over and over. She’s also made it clear she’s not running and focusing on down-the-line races.

              • exodus2011

                Ryan is probably the best ‘biddable’ person with a measure of conservatism that Romney could get

                but neither of them can get the job done= rescue Constitutional America from the perilous position she is in … neither have reform experience, nor steel spine, nor unwavering conservative principles

                we continue to call for the Leadership that can meet America’s needs at this moment – not accepting ‘no’ just as Americans in the past have not accepted ‘no’ when the need has been too great to acquiesce to 4th or 5th best

                • She’s said over and over she isn’t running and has gotten behind the ticket. She also said Ryan was a good pick.

                  If you love her so much, respect. her. wishes.

                • exodus2011

                  The future of Constitutional America is more important than any one American – this has been demonstrated a multitude of times in the past, and continues to be demonstrated, every time an American gives his/her life in America’s service

                  “By G-D, we will not squander what has been given us!….”

                • patriot173


                  Miss you very much on c4p….your uplifting words….your predictive statements on Sarah’s a conservative president will come back 2013!! Blessings of God be upon you and yours!

                  XXXOOOXXXOOO Patriot173

                • exodus2011

                  and His Blessings be on you also 173 —-> ^5!

                  #KTF = Keep the Faith!

                  (It won’t be long now **__**)

      • It’s not just the RINOs we’re used to that are the enemy within. Another enemy within is the self-martyring RINOs who won’t vote for the ticket.

        • mark1955

          “Self-martyring RINO’S”, There Ain’t no such thing!

          • People who won’t vote for the Romney/Ryan ticket against Obama. Those RINOs. These RINOs wallow in self-pity and aid and abet Obama and don’t mind him getting another term to satisfy their temper tantrum grudge.

            • wodiej

              That sure helps elevate the conversation to insult the people you want to vote for Romney doesn’t it?

              • Hey, I insult the McCain/Boehner/Rove/Lugar/Snowe/Frum/Brooks RINOs too. Why should aiding and abetting the enemy be a stance one needs to toady up towards and pretend is legit when it’s not?

          • wodiej

            no kidding. A RINO voter will love this ticket.

            • A RINO voter doesn’t mind Obama getting another term. A RINO voter won’t vote for this ticket.

  • Spartan4Palin
  • keninil

    Rush is right as usual. Romney himself seems energized by Ryan. Palin brought crowds but did nothing for McShame. Palin seemed like window dressing, not part of the team that would govern (not that she couldn’t). Romney and Ryan seem to be speaking with one voice, finishing each others thoughts as it were. McShame and Palin did not have that synergy — Not Palin’s fault, but the Rep handlers that “knew it all”.

    • Mtncougar

      Yes, also most of us KNOW Paul Ryan – and in a good way. Almost none of us knew Palin, even though we liked her and were impressed. Palin helped McCain with her energy and spark. Ryan is helping Romney with that and also – we are familiar with his strong profile in conservative fiscal responsibility.

      • wodiej

        is bailing out the automakers conservative fiscal responsibility? Don’t think so. Ryan voted for it.

    • mccain stiffled palin and would not let her speak against obama. his advisers are the onese who now work for romney who stabbed her in the back. get your facts straight before make claims she didn’t do anything for mccain. heck, his loss would have been greater had she not been out there stumping for him. and she was and still is more qualified that paul ryan or obama put together.

      • keninil

        I agree with everything except your last statement, the jury on whether Ryan is more or less qualified than Palin is still out. They are both more qualified that O & B & McSame combined.

        My first point was that Romney, personally, seems more invigorated, more relaxed, more willing to take it to Obama than he did when he was campaigning before. Palin didn’t do that for McCain, after her pick, he was still McSame. I think he regarded her as a sideshow, he being the main event. He still does. Somehow Palin drawing 3x the crowds that he did never registered to him or his staff. He was and is wrong, Palin points the way to the future.

  • BevWKY

    Okay, people. I have one simple question. Everyone has been saying for months that Romney is basically Obama-lite. And that he runs a well-oiled machine. So how do we know that this isn’t all just as much political theater, just like what Obama did in ’08?

    Which could explain a lot about why they want Palin as far away from it as possible, now that the thought has entered my head. Oye.

    • crosshr

      Bev, you are so not alone. Yes we have to get the man-child out of office, my dismay is that we get one out and replace it with another of same kind, sort of.

      Rush may be a bit so excited for the Ryan pick,and I like that a lot, still the #1 is Romney. Now, it is the syndrome of an abused partner that causes me the hesitant.

      I’ve been watching Romney with an open eye, He’s been saying all the things that tickles my eardrum, although, Bush2 is said to be a great honorable man, still the deficit through conservative watch mounted as high as mount Everest from the wars.

      During 08 campaign, Obama all of a sudden talked like a conservative in many serious issues. Millions fell for it. Much damage has done. Today for us conservative movement, no choice, just given whom to vote for with one of the big reason is to get rid of the Incompetent in Chief.

      Awwwww ! That is Damn Insulting !

  • McCain would have lost in a colossal landslide if Palin wasn’t on the ticket. As it was he still lost, but at least it wasn’t a landslide. Palin raised and rallied support on a grand scale! But now she’s not on the ticket, and we’ve got Romney/Ryan. The only thing that really matters is that we get behind them 100% and support them and rally for them! If I may use a Star Wars analogy here: “Help us R&R you’re our only hope of defeating the evil dark Empire of Socialism! You are the only ones that can SAVE America!”

    We must unite or die!

    Vote R&R 2012!!!

  • tx_gold

    This is a very important pick and I’m happy about it. Palin was great and if she had run with anyone other than McCain, they would have had a good chance. This time I have hope that we can get obama out of the WH, and it’s a good feeling.

  • Landscaper59

    On a lighter note; my 80 year mom thinks Ryan is “very handsome.” One vote for the GOP and I need to get mom a boyfriend (?).

  • I realize this seems like a slam at Palin, because she brought pretty much ALL of the energy to McCain’s dry, wheezing campaign of weakness. But Rush realizes that, too.

    Palin brought a near-dead thing back to life, which was clearly a form of “energizing” of major significance. It was like turning a spotlight on a dark stage. Bright, hot, and startling.

    But Romney’s campaign was actually humming along fairly well. He had a tremendous advantage here, in that he has raised a lot of money, and has been able to campaign as the nominee for several weeks. Adding Ryan to the ticket was like taking an already well-lit stage and cranking it up even brighter. So the percentage change was less in Ryan’s case, but the overall effect was still greater because there was more to work with in the first place.

    Add to this the feeling that we can crush this horrific stranglehold the left has had for six years, a feeling of energy already present in the Tea Party and in the incredible election successes of 2010, and all the special election since then, including Governor Walker’s recall election, and we have a very energized electorate on the right.

    Palin was a ray of sunshine when we needed it.

    Romney And Ryan are running in her arena, thanks to all the Tea Party candidates she helped elect. And she is putting the spotlight on them now. So I’ll correct Rush only slightly: It isn’t just that Romney named Ryan, it’s that we got Ryan and Palin’s charged commentary in the same weekend of news.

    So yeah, this is a much more energized moment than anything we’ve seen in ages.

    • toongoon

      Well said K-Bob, I’ll add that Palin is energizing people all over this great land.
      I have no problem with Rush’s statement, we need as much illumination as we can get to expose the campaigner-in-thief.

    • no, they are not running in her arena, they have snubbed her time and time again and this time didn’t want her at the convention. they are not going to get my vote now for the manner in which they have treated gov palin. rino romney doesn’t have what it takes to beat obama nor does the insider ryan.

      • idesign2

        The Romney camp was attacking Palin before the 2008 election was even over.

        • they sure were idesign2. and it continues. the same advisers who trashed her with mccain are now working for romney.

          • mark1955

            As much as i have no use for MITTEN’S and believe me,i don’t,we can’t ever forget that the head of the snake,is the Bush family. The main underminers inside of McCain’s campaign were Nicolle Wallace and Steve Schmidt’s. Wallace was Jeb Bush’s Ptress Secretary in Florida and was hired from there,by George W.Bush,after the re-count,to be his Director of Communication’s. Steve Schmidt’s, was Karl rove’s top aide and was co-head of Oppo reearch ( Dirty tricks ) for George W.Bush’s 2004 re-election campaign. While MITTEN’S has been making attempts at trying to undermine and destroy Governor Palin,he’s a mere ‘Piker’ compared to the Bushies.

            • What happened to Palin from Steve expletive was dirty, but the narrative that the Bush campaign used dirty tricks against Kerry was a lie.
              I don’t even like Bush. They weren’t unfair to Kerry.

        • NHConservative0221

          Are you going to vote for Romney?

          • idesign2

            thinking obout it…..

            • Terrenceor

              Please watch and you will be dragging people to the poll in November, not to vote for Romney, but to vote Obama. Not overstating this.

              • I will vote for Romney, IF he’s the nominee, because he’s better than Obama.

                Then we conservatives will hold his soft little foofies to the FIRE, if he does NOT govern in a proper, fiscally responsible way thereafter (IF he wins)…….

                I would MUCH prefer that the convention vote in a different REFORMER as nominee!

                • Terrenceor

                  I think this will be the last gasp for the Republican Party. Romney will be the last Republican President. Any party that holds its base in contempt and is fundamentally corrupt cannot continue. I believe there will be a Freedom Party by 2014.

      • She supports the ticket.

      • Oh, yes, they definitely are in her arena.

        All you have to do is compare her track record of success in endorsements and in her appearances alongside candidates—campaigning for them—to realize a LOT of sitting Congressmen and Women know Palin was part of their success.

        That makes it her arena. When she speaks, people listen.

        You might be correct about Romney being unable to beat the incumbent, if they were running against anyone else. But it’s Obama, and he’s got the worst record of any modern President.

  • misterlogic0013

    Rush wants OB out, he said what he said, then tried to walk it back. He knows you step on Sarah,s toes, your toast. He is doing what he can do for Ryan / Romney .. So is Sarah. Rush gets the benefit of the doubt. lets move on

  • The self-martyrdom of some people is so pervasive and counter-productive. To paraphrase Ryan from last year, “With friends like that, who needs the left?”

    Obama is so scared he’ll have to face this ticket.

  • stage9

    Me either Rush, so why can’t we nominate him for president instead?

  • mder4thegov

    Rush, Rush, Rush. Too many rounds of golf this weekend?
    7 million dollars was raised in the first 24 hours after Sarah Palin’s VP announcement. 3.2 million dollars was raised in the first 24 hours after Paul Ryan’s selection.
    60,000 people showed up to see Sarah Palin in FL in ’08. 10,000 people came out for Ryan AND Romney in Paul’s home state of WI.
    I thought you were better than that, Rush.

  • Ryan helped put us in this mess. Palin never would have voted for all those bailouts and spending. So she is also more conservative.

  • mainelysteve

    Let’s see if Ryan pulls Romney up 16 points in 10 days like Palin did for McLame!

  • hongryhawg

    He did short Palin but covered it before he was done. It’s okay. Now, I ordered my Romney Ryan bumper sticker Saturday and I’m not a bumper sticker kind of guy. But, I believe it’s very important that we show solidarity, visibly. This current farce has a lot of voters shy about voicing their choice. It’s beat down a lot of us. I’m showing my colors.

  • MiBones

    Rush spent all weekend and couldn’t remember how Sarah Palin excited the crowd? He dissed Sarah. Too bad. This is not the time to forget your base, Rush.

  • PAWatcher

    Romney, Bush and company, and the GOPe started their campaign against Sarah Palin in 2008 and as soon as she represented the TEA people she became their major target along with US. They fear her for what she was able to do in Alaska, she will clean house in DC.
    Paul Ryan doesn’t know how sudden and relentless reform should be our motto……..his budget will get US to the same place obama is taking US only by a longer route. And poor mitt just wants to be President, not a heart to serve, but to win the seat. He’s running against the worst president in history and can’t garner enough enthusiasm to fill a shot glass, except from maybe Rush today and the GOPe.
    Romney/Paul will get the votes to oust obama, the TEA people will see to it because obama must go.
    IMHO Paul Ryan does not represent the TEA people, his voting record speaks for itself.

    • crosshr

      Paw, thanks for clarifying this fundermental motives of the Bushies ,Romney and Palin. For many that point finger at Palin-pot, I see it more like as Constitution-pot. I am a proud Palin Constitution-pot.

  • wodiej

    I don’t listen to Limbaugh. I think he’s so full of himself he could fill a thousand hot air balloons and still have some left over. If he likes Ryan then he likes RINO’s. Ryan’s votes on Bush unfunded mandates like No Child Left Behind, Medicare part D and voting for obama’s automaker bailouts is proof. This ticket is obama lite. To make it out to be the second coming of Reagan is simply fantasy land.

  • BevWKY

    Well, I have another question – and please don’t take simply asking a question to mean that I’m not going to vote AGAINST Obama – but so many people keep talking about how we all have to show solidarity. Um, why? When the Romney campaign is acting like it doesn’t even need our votes? Or even want them?

    I can even say that as someone who didn’t vote for any of the Republican candidates in the primaries because I live in a late state and everything was already decided before it got to me so I figured what was the point. And it wasn’t just that I was pissed. There was barely any campaigning or publicity around here to help anyone remember when the primaries were. Now, here I am being made to feel the exact same way by the exact same people in the exact same party about November in August – that my vote doesn’t count. Just get in line and do as you’re told. We’ll tell you what to think and even who we want you to like now.

    Really? Solidarity behind that? Give me a freaking break. That’s different from Obama by how many degrees exactly?

  • mder4thegov

    The Bushies, and by extension Romney, got to Rush a long time ago…it’s quite sad.
    He has to be shamed or pressured into mentioning Gov. Palin, which is something I never thought I’d see.
    This probably explains Sarah’s respect and admiration for Mark Levin…he didn’t sell her down the road.