Rush is fired up: I DON’T CARE when Romney left Bain, I care when Obama is leaving the White House

Rush came out of the gate today with guns blazing, saying he doesn’t care a hill of beans when Romney left Bain. What he cares about is what Obama is doing to this country and when Obama is leaving the White House:

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  • badbadlibs

    Demonize, demonize, lie, demonize, lie, demonize, lie….that’s the left’s best.

    • johnos2112

      Most Americans are in tuned with what is going on. I have a lot of liberal friends that do not like Obama at all. Does that necessarily mean they will vote for Romney? I don’t know. If they do they won’t admit which does not matter to me. This country has to rid of this filth in November!

      • badbadlibs

        Sure hope you’re right that “most” Americans are tuned in. And sure hope that they don’t get worn down by the sheer number of lies that are sure to accumulate by November.

        • johnos2112

          People that have lost everything are in tuned and that is why Obama is gonna get destroyed in November!

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          badbadlibs wrote, in response to johnos2112:
          Sure hope you’re right that “most” Americans are tuned in. And sure hope that they don’t get worn down by the sheer number of lies that are sure to accumulate by November. Link to comment

          • B-Funk

            I hope you’re right!

      • Bobemakk

        I recently was on a short trip with my wife and an African American man started a conversation with me and the fact that gay marriage is now endorsed by Obama, the man said it really changes his mind and he wouldn’t support Obama again. This was talked about on FOX and I can see it is a true fact now.

  • 911Infidel

    To paraphrase a great man: A recession is when your friend loses his job. A depression is when you lose yours. A recovery is when Obama loses his.

    • badbadlibs

      Now that’s a bumper sticker, campaign ad and should be on billboards country wide!

      • 911Infidel

        Impeach Obama or where’s the real BC works too.

      • Jay

        My favorite bumper sticker:


  • FutureOnePercent

    Honestly, that is one of the most effective arguments I have found to use with libs about Bain and Romney

    “Who. Freaking. Cares.”

    And they never really have an answer for why someone should actually give a damn.

  • Obama has been a disaster

    • Lee

      Hey fellow Canuck. YOU ROCK!! Proud of you bro…..

      • There’s more and more of ye! (Just kidding, all are always welcome!) 🙂

  • Lee

    As Mark Levin states, he would vote for an orange juice can over Obama. I second, third and fourth that sentiment.


      Be careful what you wish for….just saying.

  • hbnolikeee

    we need to take them out and have them all investigated and arrested as the thieves they are.

  • NObama is trying to raise issues about Romney’s past… While hiding his own in every way he can… The MSM buy into this crapola and so we see questions about Bain… But not about Dear Leaders school records, SS#, nationality… or about the state of the economy, the unemployment numbers, or the fact that 40% of black youth (up to 19) are unempolyed or that 70% of black children are born out of wedlock… It might just be me, but you’d think a “black” President would concern himself with such failure of society more. But then, I thought he cared… Silly me!

    • Joe

      Tsk – Tsk – Tsk

      My friend you are incorrect – The MSM doesn’t buy into it –

      They supply it – They are peddling it – They are on the payroll >>

      AND “They know not what they do.”

      • That makes for depressing if not surprising reading… I was hoping the writing was on the wall and the media – knowing who butters their bread – would begin to “move” towards the “middle” just a bit… But no… Now I see the truth… Thanks to your link… (sigh)…. I still remain a glass half full guy… But some days… I”m more and more becoming a glass 1/4 full guy… But I always see the shining light ahead… And my wife reminds me that’s just the light of the oncoming train down the tunnel! LOL!! But if we fail to overthrow the NObama regime in November… I might well begin to see that glass as 3/4 empty and no chance of it ever being full again… But I continue to pray to our Lord… And I think/hope he hears all our prayers! We simply must prevail! Or Armageddon may as well come!

  • WhiteGuy2

    I warned that this Bain issue was going to be a source of infinite ammo for the Obama campaign. They will distort and deceive the public who is already hell-bent against big corporations for outsourcing, million dollar bonuses, takeing bailout money while the average working man is being kicked off unemployment.

    Romney had better get out in front and address these issues head on instead of letting talking heads in the media do it for him.

  • BikerHoop

    Libs have made it quite apparent that they are throwing chit at the walls hoping beyond hope that something will stick. They don’t have anything else.

  • B-Funk


  • sjmom

    Romney better start making this election about Obama instead of the other way around. The GOP needs to get tough. Maybe they should hire my governor; Chris Christie.

    • NYGino

      Christie has his faults, as everybody does, but as a fellow North Jersey guy, I have to say I agree with you sjmom. He has no fear and once focused on the goal he is a relentless pursuer. He get’s the job done and wouldn’t even know how to spell political correctness.

      • sjmom

        Maybe we should tell Romney to hire Rocky’s boxing coach. What was his name??

  • exodus2011

    I am concerned that further digging by the Left could uncover a document that clearly associates @MittRomney with profiting from aborted fetuses THIS FALL, when it will be TOO LATE for America, if he has been HIDING SOMETHING.

    If he released more Tax Returns from last decade now, it would DISPROVE what the Left are saying & put this matter TO REST.

    I don’t think the Left are gonna back off these demands that Romney be transparent about how he has earned his $. If there were no Bain documents later than Feb 1999 with Romney’s signature on , or disclosure statements indicating that he was still an Executive at Bain AFTER he officially left, there would be no suspicion that would warrant the current demands to see more of his Tax Returns.

    • Jay

      Sure they’re not stretching the truth about this juuuuust a little? I have a lot of criticism for Mitt but he’s not a baby-killer like O, who voted against the Babies Born Alive Protection Act when he was an IL senator.

      • exodus2011

        there is a grey area wrt Romney and Bain. In one SEC disclosure document he filed in MA in 2003 he declared that he was ‘100% owner of Bain Capital in 2002″‘

        Bain was investing in Stericycle at that point and the 1st document proving Stericycle was including aborted fetuses in their ‘waste management’ was dated 2003

        In the end, The Lefties will hound Romney for his Tax Returns challenging him to DISPROVE his profiting from investment in aborted fetuses (they will probably hope to save that ploy for late October)

        or else, Romney could avoid revealing his Tax Returns if someone else came forward proving that *they* owned Bain Capital in 2002 and the MA disclosure form is falsified

        • hydrangea1

          I’m not concerned with the “grey area” of which you speak. What I AM concerned with is the information that is “sealed” concerning the Kenyan. He has spent millions of dollars to have this hidden from the American public. WHY? If he applied for foreign student aid, I believe this is a felony. Why wasn’t the governor of Hawaii, Neil Abercrombie (Obama’s friend) able to find a long form birth certificate at EITHER hospital in Hawaii for Obama? Lots of “grey area” there, wouldn’t you say, that is much more serious than Romney’s tax returns.

          • exodus2011

            we can’t afford to run an UNVETTED Romney past Tampa – if there is something to drop on him wrt profiting off aborted fetuses, (Bain dealing with Stericycle) we need to know NOW, BEFORE Tampa

            the GOP should have vetted him fully during the Primary Process – Peter Schweizer asked for his Bundlers List -ignored. Gov Palin asked for Tax Returns – ignored

            if there is something hidden that will suppress the socon vote we need to know BEFORE it is too late for America

  • freenca

    Once again the libs are telling the aware what they really fear. The vetting and investigation of all, that’s ALL, of Obama’s past and records of all ilks. So, once again they are projecting onto their opponent what they themselves are in dire fear of having to answer honestly and openly. BO’s record(s)!!!!!!

  • Sober_Thinking

    Rush is right. Stay on target and kick the monster known as Obama out on his butt.

  • aZjimbo

    Rush was fired up.