Rush: It’s time to call Obama out. He is a pathological liar

Rush says that even though we know it to be true, it’s time to call Obama out for being a pathological liar. He says the latest example of this is Obama lying to us for over a week, suggesting that the Muhammad video that no one has seen is in part responsible for the attacks in Benghazi.


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  • SunnyJS

    The game is doublespeak. It is a calculated misinformation model, designed to immobilize the citizenry in the confusion of what they are hearing and what to believe. Pathological control freakes do this both purposefully and pathologically…as in control freak domestric abusers that keep their prey off guard, nice and lovey and suddenly violent attacks…never know what to believe. Serves to freeze the prey in their tracks. This is a known psychological ops program, used in PR, advertising and political messaging machines.

    Obama is just a personally ambitious progressive willing to use the means to get to the ends. He sold his soul a long time ago, so no trepidation using this on the American people. Afterall, he sees us as ignorant, unwashed masses that need to be controlled and directed for their own good. He purposefully amassed a large consortium of “victims” of society, gives them the message they want to hear and secures their votes with the treasury. Meanwhile the opposition is left, spinning from one statement to another, trying to answer the opposing messaging and just getting more confused and confusing.

    There is one anecdote, vaccine against this virus: Speak only to the actions of the candidate and do not address the messaging at all, except to point out that they are purposefully putting out different messages, who is saying them (not what) and what action they are doing that really counts.

    It also helps to trust us. We’re not sheeple, ignorant or victims. We’ll get it, if you respond to it correctly.

    • actionsspeaklouder

      I totally agree with this assessment. Keep the people confused and off balance. Time is getting short and the closer we get to Nov. 6, the more they will do to confuse people about Obama’s record and tell lies about it. The people who haven’t been paying much attention over the last 4 years will just throw their hands up in confusion and vote Obama because he is the incumbent.

      • When the rounds are coming in faster and harder, it only shows their desperation.

  • Preach it El Rushbo!! Dear leader is a murderer promoting, marxist, islamic pandering, economical killing, treasonous liar It’s strategic Rush, his intent always has been to bring America to it’s knees. He has no business being in Our White House!!

    • MiketheMarine

      Aha!!! The Duck was in the army, I see. Most Excellent.

    • sDee

      “” It’s strategic Rush, his intent always has been to bring America to it’s knees.””

      I agree. nothing happens around this man perchance. I think you know ABC that I have felt this stunk form the beginning, just a bit too scripted and looked like an attack on the 1st . Consider the maybe that the lying is taqiyya,and therefore as you say, strategic

      This is all looks like a sophomoric setup (please excuse me for posting this twice)
      Yesterday, Obama says this:
      The future must not belong to those who slander the Prophet of Islam. But, to be credible, those who condemn that slander……

      I noted especially Obama’s use of the word “slander”. Slander is an established restriction of the 1st Amendment. What Obama is setting up here is a case, based on our signature on the UN Blasphemy law, that religious criticism is slander.

      then Obama says:
      …..those who condemn that slander must then condemn the hate we see when the images of Jesus Christ are desecrated, churches are destroyed, or the Holocaust is denied.
      Note here that Obama also knows that out of WWII guilt of the holocaust – many European countries passed laws making it illegal to criticize Jews. Muslims now use such laws to stifle the truth about their islamofacism

      “coincidentally” we see this in the news today:
      Egypt TV owner to face trial over Bible burning

      and this today at the UN:
      On Wednesday at the UN General Assembly, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) will seek to criminalize free speech and institute international blasphemy laws

      • sDee, I just woke up from a nap. I haven’t been sleeping well at all lately, and I have a huge headache right now, that I was hoping a nap would help with. I had a dream that we no longer had any freedom of speech left. It was a horrible, HORRIBLE dream, which I guess is why I’m having a hard time sleeping lately. When I do dream, it seems they are too real and all having to do with things going on right now.

        I’ve noticed those few who have paid attention to this and dear leader’s speech yesterday say, he’s NOT trying to do away with freedom of speech, and that he included other religions, even Christianity in his speech.

        What they fail to understand, if they even want to, is that by equating the horrible atrocious rapes and murders done by muslims because they are offended at slander against their prophet, to Christians who are offended, yet Christ like in behavior towards those who slander Christ, he is trying to make people believe that all religions are the same, and that all those who are fundamental believers are the same! THERE is a BIG difference and to equate the two, which he did purposely, is an evil thing, and one to cover up his real intent.

        Sorry, I don’t know if that makes sense, I’m still tired and achy, and I have Bible study tonight. God Bless you dear sDee for trying so hard to get the truth out!!!

        • PFFV

          Islam is pure evil and so is the left (National Media/Hollywood/Obots) with Obama as their Marxist Messiah in Democrat Affirmative Action Clothing implementing the ‘Cloward and Piven’ strategy.

          You have good reason, as do most of us concerned enlightened patriots, to be having trouble sleeping ABIC. We fear our nation and our freedom will be lost if Obama gets re-elected.

          The liars on TV paint Obama as a great guy while stomping on Romney with repeated narratives of lies and comments taken out of context. If they repeat their lies often enough and on every channel the sheeple will believe it to be true.

          Our enemies are Obama, the Media, Obots, and the entitlement class. Can we defeat all those that will turn out for more government cheese? Even though our U.S. Dollar is on the brink of collapse the takers don’t care, keep the free stuff coming they say!

          Conservatives (not RINO’s) live in reality. Liberals/Democrats live in their fantasy world built on lies and deception. Can we fix the house of cards before it collapses? I too am praying we can. I pray for you and your family and our gravely injured republic.

          Hang in there and don’t get discouraged. I know its hard not to be with all the liars flooding the airwaves with filth. We need you and your wisdom to fight the battle of our lifetimes! 🙂

          • I’m not discouraged PFFV, although if America falls, it will be the hardest thing for us all to see. I know who wins in the end, so I am not discouraged, but I do pray for America and am constant prayer.

            Thank you so much for your encouragement and your prayers, and I’m starting to feel a little less headache 🙂 God Bless!!

      • When we elect Romney/Ryan, I want them to try to inforce their so called laws here.
        This nation will live under the constitution. If they don`t like it oh well, to bad.
        These terrorist think we will apologize for our freedom, they are crazy…..

  • I am surprised they didn’t try to spin it as a flashmob.

  • Sandra123456

    Who should be called out for lying is the MSM. You expect politicians to lie, especially Democrat politicians.

    The MSM as it is today is worthless, a waste of time. Can you imagine how uninformed we would be without the internet and Rush? Scary thought.

    I still don’t understand why the MSM wants to be in the tank for Obama. The MSM would have far more power if they reported the truth. about both sides and let the “chips” fall where they may.

    • Don

      I agree, Sandra1-6. If it wasn’t for the internet we could well be on our way to being a dictatorship. Every dictator must control the message through his mainsteam media. Their lies and deceptions are so obvious that any sane person that would believe anything being reported as fact by the mainstream media is too ignorant to vote. There is no difference in the relationship betweem a pimp and his prostitutes and that of a progressive editor and his journ-o-lists.

      • p m

        Seems to me that as the fifth estate, that is, us on the internet, becomes more powerful, the lamestreams have to take off their masks to a greater degree than before to try and counter the effect of our distrust in them. Not thinking it through, they don’t see that this will just hasten their end. It’s also why zero has to have the ability to switch the internet off when it suits him.

    • Is_Sense_Common

      I agree with you too, yet it makes me wonder how Jimmy Carter got ousted so handedly. I’m sure the media during that time loved President Peanut & promoted him heavily, yet the American people recognized failure and voted him out anyway. (I can’t remember; I was only 10 at the time.) I still want to have faith that our fellow Americans have some sense of reality… I guess we’ll see.

      I’m very thankful that I live in a time where I can hear other perspectives than the alphabet soup channels, but even if I didn’t hear those perspectives, I think I could discern that Brian Williams was peeing on me, no matter how convincingly he told me it was raining…

  • It is hard to know where to start. His pathological lying or his malignant narcissism.

  • MarkLeisNjConservative

    Rush brought up our exposure the the BUDGET BUSTING increase in INTEREST RATES that will definitely come – we just don’t know when. Imagine if interest rates only go up 2%. When you apply that to $16 Trillion of Debt you get increased Federal Spending of $320 Billion of Debt Service. NO NEW SERVICES – JUST MORE DEFICIT SPENDING.

    • sDee

      The behavior of our governments and the central banks does not correlate to reality. So what do they have planned?

      No one, including Romney/Ryan, has really explained how to close the massive gap between income and outlays, nor the massive increase in outlays when, as you say, the rates double to even 2%. There seems to be no way out besides some type of default.

      This blogger suggest that Japan which nwo sits on a 240% of debt-to-GDP, is going to do something like that….maybe make a move that bonds cannot be redeemed at maturity.

  • Landscaper

    Mark my words Obama will lose in Nov and when that happens, his moocher followers are going to be ticked off big time. The free rides better end and Romney better have the balls to end it. In some places, it will be Rodney King all over again. Sharpton and Jackass will be back on the tv, whoooh is the pooooor!
    The funny thing they riot and burn down “their own neighborhoods” It’s like me getting mad at a client and crashing my own work truck into a tree. Duh !

    • Joe

      I did that once and then said

      WAIT ! – WHAT ?
      (no I didn’t )

    • MiketheMarine

      People have used that very reasoning to try to get me to pipe down. They say,”Do you want to see our cities burning?” My answer has been, they are going to burn because Maobama’s found to be a fraud OR because he loses an election, OR because we put the kaibash on entitlements. No matter how you look at it, the cities are likely to burn. No skin off my nose, I stopped going into big cities about 6 years ago. Let the ghetto rats burn their own homes. Who cares? They’ve been crapping where they eat for decades. Quite frankly, the best looking parts of Baltimore are the sections that were burned down about 10 years ago. Now they are rebuilt and clean and vibrant. I say, let the cities burn. It will be doing us a favor.

      • doodledandy

        Semper Fi Marine – thank you for your service. I have been reading your posts and I love them. Straight and to the point thanks for your honesty. I’ll be watching for more.

        • MiketheMarine

          Awesome, thank you. This really is flattering. Who would have thought that a knuckledragger could have something to say worth hearing?

          I really am blown away, thank you.

    • Well we do need some urban renewal where we can chase the druggies out.
      We can then put the working people into better housing.

  • Joe
  • MiketheMarine

    Treason, pure and simple. Arrest Maobama, prosecute Maobama, then punish Maobama.

    The penalty for treason is a nice, fashionable execution.

    • As I said in a comment on facebook when I saw this:

      “We have an administration who are nothing less than traitors. If there was an ounce of patriotism instead of progressive globalism in our Congress, these bastages would all be serving hard time in Leavenworth by now, awaiting execution.”

      h/t Linky1

    • opinionatedhermit


      I think you ideas are some of the best around. I never miss the opportunity of reading them. I’d like to thank you.

      But, if you don’t mind, the actions of Obama are not “Treasonous” by what I understand the definition to be. (FYI, I’m not a lawyer and I’m also wrong a lot.) I just do not think that executing Presidents is a good idea. Honest. I really don’t.

      All this said, I think your deeper point is excellent. Even more, after all this fiasco, I see absolutely no way President Obama can govern – even, if he were to win.

      • MiketheMarine

        Thank you for the compliment.

        I don’t think Maobama or his handlers intend to govern, anyway. They intend to rule, as he is doing now by fiat. That is the treason I refer too.

        Again, thank you for that. Even cocky, opinionated Marines like to know they’re appreciated.

  • What I find stunning is that we have one dead ambassador and three more dead Americans and the mainstream media is treating it like a traffic accident. The mainstream media is saying, “Oh, what a shame. Nothing we could do about it. Let’s move on.” Never mind that this actually happened on the anniversary of 9/11. And we still have not been told what the ambassador was doing in Benghazi, probably the most dangerous part of Libya, on the anniversary of 9/11 with no bodyguards. Would be nice to get some answers to those questions as well.

    • Yeah, well… you say those thing because you’re a sane person with common sense. Good luck finding sanity from liberals or the media.

      • “Good luck finding sanity from liberals or the media.”

        You probably don’t mean that literally, but there have been studies done on liberals. They may have mental problems. If they weren’t so destructive to our country, I might even feel sorry for them.

  • Don

    Obama is a pathological liar and anyone who says different is either too stupid to determine the truth or a pathological liar too.

    • That’s terrible!

      I wish it wasn’t true.

  • JeffWRidge

    When the truth makes you look bad, the only option you have left is to lie. Obama cannot tell the truth because it could harm his chances to get re-elected. Well that, and his ego won’t allow him to tell the truth about his own failures. It’s a mix of self-delusion and a desire to hide his inadequacies from the people.

    • MiketheMarine

      That’s the reason he has the largest limo of any president ever. He’s over compensating for SOMETHING.


  • menschmeyer

    Obama’s serial lying is obviously a result of a personality dysfunction he developed in childhood. It’s called Reactive Attachment Disorder. A major symptom of this disorder in children is compulsive lying, and the only time they really look you straight in the eye is when they are lying to you. Otherwise, they are detached and distant.

    Barry Obama is obviously suffering the effects of being dragged all over the world as a child by a neurotic mother, following various exotic men, and then dumped with grandparents as an adolescent. No one, including the guys, ever really cared too much about him, and he never really bonded with anyone. He was a sitting duck for the perverse likes of Frank Marshall Davis, and others.

    • actionsspeaklouder

      Yep, I agree. His confused – bruised mind, low self-image and damaged ego were ripe for the picking by the likes of Davis, Bell, et al. I place almost 100% blame at the foot of the lying left wing media for the predicament we are in. Along with the Socialist Democrats (Reid, Pelosi, etc.) and complicit RINOs. Let’s face it, America is in the fight of her life to get rid of this traitor and those that support him.

    • rich wojcik

      it is called pathological lying – looking you straight in the eye, lying, and believing it.
      Then going to another group and saying something diametrically opposed, and doing the same thing – looking you straight in the eye, lying, and believing it.
      Mental sickness. One of many he espouses.

    • PVG

      You are on to something! That’s BO’s bio to a TEE!

  • Rocco11

    Communists lie, it’s what they do.

  • colliemum

    It’s not only a battle against Obama and his minions, it is a battle against the corrupt media, the talking heads who all are drunk on their on ‘cleverness’.

    Just ask anyone who quotes those talking heads to exchange ‘Obama’ for ‘Romney’: would they keep quiet about the lies coming from the WH about Benghazi if it had happened under Romney or Bush?
    Would they talk incessantly about ‘gaffes’ if they’d been made by Obama?
    Would they keep quiet if their President (Romney, Bush) were visiting talk shows instead of meeting with the world leaders at the UN GA?

    That makes at least some of them think …

  • loriannringold

    I am sick of this presidency. I want a President who is tough, proud of America, and who will stand up for this great country. Obama should not be able to get away with this. Don’t be surprised if something happens to stop the elections. 6 weeks to go. I feel as if our hands are tied. We speak and get called racist. He speaks and everyone in the MSM think he is God and everything will be fine if he is re-elected. Well, it’s not fine now and it will not be fine next month or the next or the next. Our country is being taken over and Obama is handing our country over on a silver platter. Obama, you sir, will burn in hell for betraying God and Country!!!!!!!

  • rich wojcik

    our MSM journalists had become red urinalists…………………………………………………….with their heads you-know-where….
    Mentally sick imbeciles, hoping that iron fist of FuBar Ack will spare them…Naive oafs.
    Just look at Cuba…..

  • lostnspace

    rush is eight but there are some that will still believe his lies including the news media. he is a crook a lier and just plain evil.the devil in the white house.

  • This is precisely the reason a one-world government can NEVER work. By definition, in a one-world government, we would theoretically live under one-world economy and live by the same laws, world-wide.

    Now think about this; in the U.S. we still have freedom of speech, although it is quickly fading with the over-reaching rules of political correctness. It is no longer just “insulting” to say certain things but many of those things can be deemed “hate crimes”. Now imagine, with the amount of diversity throughout the world, how many different sects and special interests, and religions and races we would have to bow to in order to not offend anybody!

    It’s simply mind-boggling. The entire world would be essentially “gagged” from saying anything because under a one-world government, every little fringe group would be protected and somewhere, somebody would get offended by something. The freedoms we would lose, in fear of offending somebody in the “world community” would create a society where people simply didn’t talk to each other or even look at each other. Right here in the U.S. we have a local government where they can no longer use the terms “Mother” and “Father” because it discriminates against gays.

    This is only the beginning folks. We’ve allowed the government to stifle free speech with so-called “political correctness” and you simply can’t put the genie back in the bottle. We then allowed “hate speech” laws to be passed, propelling the problem even further. So-called “hate speech” is essentially criminalizing you for what you think; in other words, it’s not the act you commit but rather what’s in your mind when you do it! That is downright scary.

  • PIG LIMBAUGH back on the street drugs again?????

    • hbnolikeee

      Putz Stalker: – Who said he did blow and weed in college and spent the last two years of High School in a drunken alcoholic stupor? Need some help answering that?

      You must be doin’ sumpin’ too.

      • B-Funk


    • Is the troll back from his parent’s basement?

      • NYGino

        They kicked him out so he’s stumbling around trying to find some place to infest.

    • Welcome to TheRightScoop.

      So long.

  • anyonebutbarry2012

    rush is right about barry. sad that besides allen west, no one in congress comes out an holds barry responsible for the bad things him and his administration have done. we need to clean house on both sides.

  • Gaddafi (Khadafi, Kaddaffi, you name him) would still be firmly in charge in Libya if Obama was not the President.

    • A pogrom against Christians wouldn’t be in full swing in Egypt is Obama was not the President.

  • B-Funk

    I’m just happy Mitt is finally slamming Obummer’s ideology. Even if we get Mitt, though. We’re still going to go through hard times. We have to pay for what’s been done. :-/

  • Sober_Thinking

    WAY past time for calling this liar out.

    Ann Curry is a shill… she’s a clown.

  • marketcomp

    The MSM are just insane sycophants. There are 100+ polls showing Obama ahead ranging from 4-15 points and we all know that none of them are even close to accurate. I see article after article on Yahoo asking stupid questions like: “Criticism of Romney’s Campaign Grows; Six in 10 Rate His Efforts Negatively”; Romney vs. Obama in Ohio: With superior ground operations, the president widens his lead; Americans say Obama’s ads are more honest, but expect both sides to lie, Esquire/Yahoo poll finds; Can Romney still win? Of course—just not the way things are going. And these article are all in the last 3 days after all the Benghazi rape and torture and after Obama lied to and cover-up his incompetence. We have to be much more aggressive and vigilant. I just stop reading the headlines because it makesno sense to me. How can the MSM ignore the obvious neglect and incompetence of this President and the Secretary of State and all of the miserable economic news showing that this President is clearly destroying the country. It’s like living in twilight zone. I mean you can’t make this stuff up. I can’t wait for the movie.

  • shadowwarlord

    such a blatant show of the media doing their best to cover for this mythomaniacal president !

  • PFFV

    Has anyone watched SNL or what once were good shows to watch on TV of late? Everything on TV is leftist brainwashing filth! Other than sports I don’t watch TV at all anymore. We have a state controlled media and boob tube just like most communist dictatorship nations do! They have crossed a very deadly line and they can never be trusted again! If we don’t win in November we will have no choice but to take matters into our own hands! It won’t be pretty but I will not sit on my hands and let these Anti-American bastards take my children’s freedom away, NEVER! I pledge my life on that!

  • drphibes

    Every day at noon, if I can break away from work and meetings and such, I tell myself with urgency, “Rush is behind the golden E.I.B. microphone.” Thus, I challenge myself to get to my car by 12:06 to hear another brilliant monologue by the King of all Radio.

    Today, it was good to hear him don the verbal brass knuckles. They were still wrapped in the velvet glove of his delivery as a highly trained broadcaster, but they were there and their impact was felt. I trust the media is duly tweaked.

  • armyvet10

    It has been said before by many including myself; that Obama is just pandering to the audience in which he is speaking to. I would wager that had his speech been in an Islamist state / country, he would have never mentioned Christianity or Jesus. I would further speculate that the only reason for his inclusion of any form of Christianity was to make himself appear to support all religions equally. I know that President Obama wouldn’t have the intestinal fortitude to tell the leaders of these offended Muslim countries that their actions have been a 100 fold worse than any actions or films by anyone here in this country. A doctrine of fairness will never be offered by Obama or leaders of countries like Iran.

  • sjmom

    All this shows is how deceived the media is. Will they now understand they have been led by the nose by Obama? Rush is correct as usual; Obama is a pathological liar.

  • Army_Pilot1967

    A dyed-in-the-wool could call obama and tell him it was a pre-planned terrorist attack…and obama wouldn’t admit it to the American public. What a hack!!!!

  • besht2003

    He needed breathing room after the Benghazi disaster so he stalled and had his people deliberately lie, shifting the focus, with the craven assistance of the suck-up media to Romney’s supposed gaffes. After he put a fire brake against the debacle combusting into a major scandal he gradually walked back the lies to an waveringly approximate facsimile of the truth as he cut losses in non-securable embassies and finally rushed military personnel to those he needed to keep open and could secure for now.

    But of course he lied. He lies routinely to suit his needs.

  • UselessGit

    I don’t get it why liberals just don’t come out and say that they want the elections suspended. I don’t get it why liberals just don’t come out and be honest for once; that they are tired of this facade of a “Democratic Republic” and that it’s high time we appoint Obama as Lord and High Emperor of Amerika. It’s sad to say, but I think most Americans would rather be subjects of a socialist dictatorship under Obama; promising them other peoples money than try to grasp some of us disagree with Obama because of his feckless socialism. Any cogent argument made by republicans is automatically either dismissed or lied about, and there is no possible way we can “win” the hearts and minds of people that are dedicated to government servitude. What is the point of democracy if you can’t have intelectual honest arguments about human motivation, human needs and the role of government in the lives of subjects.

    If Mitt is elected, I suspect that he won’t be allowed to swear in. I suspect that Obama is going to do something to make sure we never have another presidential election while he is alive. I also suspect that at least 47% of Americans and 100% of the liberal media will be perfectly fine with this. Like Rush said, can American survive with a populace that would choose Obama’s plan for America.

  • AnarchyRules

    Joe Wilson was being prophetic when he yelled “You Lie” during that State of the Union address. Not only does Obama lie to the people, he lays down before our enemies.