Rush Limbaugh: Awarding a professed Marxist the Presidential Medal of Freedom tells us who Obama really is

Rush Limbaugh took time in his first hour to note that yesterday Obama awarded Dolores Huerta, a professed Marxist, the Presidential Medal of Freedom. While he says it’s a small thing in the news, he believes it is quite telling and said we have still have a lot of work to do to in educating the country on who Obama really is:

UPDATE: Fixed to ‘Presidential Medal of Freedom’

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  • GJPinks

    Marxist? That’s a Dog Whistle for CommieSlimeTraitor

    • G_unitttt

      ha, hilarious…..and amen

  • Being from the Central Valley I would like to punch her personally. Perhaps Obama can ask her to explain the beatings and disappearances of those that disagreed with Huerta and Castro. Have them explain the violence!

  • Watchman74

    This sort of thing should get front page news, but no one care about ideology anymore. The focus is so much on the economy and fixing it that ideology is ignored. This is what enabled Hitler to come to power. Ideology does matter.

    • Conservative_Hippie


  • Not surprising. The US Navy just named a ship the USNS Cesar Chavez (T-AKE-14), a Lewis and Clark-class dry cargo ship, the first ship operated by the United States Navy to be named for a labor leader and civil rights activist. Ships are usually named after either war heroes or town, cities, or states. But there is a disturbing trend the last few years of naming ships after political figures, usually far-left political figures. Now we’re naming ships after labor leaders? Along those lines, when is there going to be a Navy ship named after Jimmy Hoffa? If we’re giving medals to marxists, don’t be surprised if more political hacks and labor leaders get their names on ships. Disgusting.

  • AZ_Author

    Can we please get rid of this jerk in November? Good God there might not be much of us left by then, but we have to boot him out.

    I just read the piece on his speech with calling the death camps “Polish death camps” and Poland is quite teed off. BO’s team says he “misspoke” and they regret it. oh man.

    Why can’t we have Allen West?

  • deanrd


    You guys really believe that? Seriously? It’s one thing to hate the guys policies, like health care for Americans, affordable education and a clean environment. But name calling? Really? Seems like juvenile behavior.

    • MerlePearl

      Are you joking? Huerta is a professed Marxist. That means she says she is a Marxist. Marxism is all about taking money from those who have and redistributing it to those who don’t. That money is redistributed for that “free” healthcare, “affordable” education and whatever environmental project the govt chooses.

      Marxism is not a pretty thing, but the definition fits Fuerta and the president who gave her this honor. Unfortunately, Marxism does not lead to anything but lack of freedom.

      Really, were you joking about the name calling?

    • I can see now you aren’t going to last long around here if you think describing the president’s ideology is name calling.

    • PVG

      Juvenile is questioning others without educating yourself. Good thing this site is civil and loaded with informed folks.

  • Sober_Thinking

    Heck, they were just giving away the Noble Peace Prize when he was elected… He has NO value on things of importance and these distorted, clutzy mis-steps further illustrate what a complete A-hat this clown is. Disgraceful!!!

    • You are right. Obama lied, loafed, toked, charmed, took advantage, bullied and intimidated his way through life. I read he had to give up his Bar license because he lied on his application and rather than explain or prove his claim he just let it go. He has never done a real day’s work in his life. He has no idea how to reward someone truly deserving because he wouldn’t recognize if they bit him in the ass.

      I have lost all respect for Noble Prizes after their action. How did he get that? Was it based on affirmative action or talking a good game because he had done NOTHING by the time it was awarded to him

      • Sober_Thinking

        I couldn’t agree with you more. He farted… and they gave him the Noble Peace Prize for not pointing his butt their way.

        Sickening! There used to be a time when that award meant something. Obama was among the LAST people to deserve it. Ticks me off…

  • NHConservative0221

    Yet another reason to vote for Romney!

    I don’t care about how much you hate Romney for being a big gov’t Repubican. He’s NOT a Marxist and doesn’t give the Medal of Freedom to an American hating socialist!!

  • yeah Americans, the communist and the marxist do have their great reward, it’s called becoming a skeleton to those they rule and sadly to many people are under that rule.

    We Never Forget
    impeach obama

  • Again, thanks to Rush for getting us to focus on “the little things,” since we can’t expect the MSM to do it. “Birds of a feather flock together” is an idiom that has withstood the test of time, to say the least. And anyone naive or partisan enough to dismiss or ignore Obama’s previous and current associations is a true “flat Earther.” The woman is a hero in the president’s mind, as is Saul Alinsky and Karl Marx. Were they alive today, I have little doubt they would have made the cut as well.

  • NikitaAnne

    Of course Obama awarded that shrew the Presidential Medal of Freedom. His mentors have been and remain Marxist anti-American traitors. Nobody who values what America stands for would ever do such a thing, nor would they appoint Muslim Brotherhood terrorists to key government positions, blatantly ignore and deride the Constitution, gnaw away at rights and freedoms, disarm the military and refuse to defend borders, embrace enemies and show immense hostility to allies. It is the little things, in every aspect of what makes America America. I wonder what the big things will be if this wretched excuse of a president is re-elected.